i really love this ship man

Thoughts on the episode in no particular order


“Girl, put on some underwear” God bless wynonna

Wynonna is so jealous of rosita and it’s adorable.

Mercedes is so gay for wynonna.

It kinda seems like the demon is having more control over Waverly as time goes on.

Also, Mercedes dying is fucking tragic. Who knows what tucker is gonna do with that money?

Wynonna is so in love with dolls, holy shit. I’m sorry doc.

If it weren’t for the next to last scene, I would literally be shipping doc and dolls right now because holy shit did it seem like doc really cared for that man.

Gooverly is so thirsty.




Tucker seems mentally ill. Idk. When he hit that wall it seemed clear he was.

Nicole’s backstory where???

I feel like Nicole has dealt with some pretty intense homophobia. The way she reacted after Waverly kissed her was kinda irrational.

Nicole and wynonna discourse needs to STOP… Also kinda don’t.

Wynonna needs to stop using men as coping mechanisms. Also, are we ever gonna talk about her alcoholism? Or is it just a running gag? Idk.

So… Is the possibility of wyndoc being endgame over? I dunno, man.




This episode was really good.

I’m super gay.

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Hiii sweet tea I was wondering if you could recommend me a aruani centered did with a dash of eremika? I always see the opposite so I wanted something different.

“sweet tea” is such a cute nick name what the heck thanks

Well I will be a slight whore here and self promote because that’s exactly what I write so here’s my AO3, and a really great fic written by tumblr user @aruani titled Wir Werden Uns Wiedersehen that is what you are looking for exactly! I would also recommend @jellyjay‘s amazing Harry Potter AU series

I feel ya though, aruani is most commonly a side pair to something like eremika, reibert, or jeanmarco WHICH ARE ALL SHIPS I LOVE  but man I have such a thirst for aruani centered fics and I am dying

Being Justin's best friend and dating Zach would include...

•Justin is very close with your family because obviously his isn’t great

•He’s introduced you to some of the best people in your life. (Zach being one of them)

•Justin hugging you constantly

•Play wrestling is a constant with you two

•Everyone thinks you two have hooked up, but you never have.

•You’ve kissed playfully though.

•All of his girlfriends have gotten insecure about you. Including Jess, who’s your friend as well.

•People think it’s weird that y'all cuddle but you guys have been doing it since you were five so???

•When Zach first met you he saw you at your most comfortable. You were hot tubbing with Justin at Bryce’s.

•Plus Justin was Uber protective.

•Zach had classes with you at the middle school you both went to but he’d never noticed you really

•Back to the first time you met, it’s middle school, hormones are high, and you’re in a bikini

•Long story short, Zach has to leave the hot tub after just a few minutes.

•Even after you get together, and after high school, no one ever lets him live down that little Zachy had to leave because of an unwarranted boner

•After you break up with Montgomery De La Cruz, for his cheating and his constant need to get into fights. Justin sees how lonely you are.

•He’s always wanted you to date Zach, the purest of his friends.

•"Ya know, Zach’s single. I think he’d take you on a date.“

•"As a favor to you? No thanks.”

•Zach starting to talk to you and sit by you at random times during the school day.

•"how much is Justin paying you?“

•"paying me? Think higher of yourself, Y/N”

•Zach convincing you to study with him at his house after a week of this.

•Justin’s right, you two hit it off

•Justin ALWAYS crashing your dates

•when you say things referring to “your man” from the stands at basketball games, they both look up.

•Justin shipping you two even more after Zach shuts Bryce’s comments about you down.

•Zach being the kind of boyfriend that wants to know fun facts and opinions you have.

•"I really don’t think Zach will ever know more about you than me.“

•"You have a ten year advantage”

•Zach’s mom repeatedly talking to Justin about your relationship. She’s protective, like him. They get info from each other.

•"he’s in love with her, Justin.“

•"good. Because she loves him”

•Justin looking like the third wheel

•But you, justin, and Zach all think of yourselves as the third wheel when it’s just you three hanging out together.

•"Id do anything for her, Justin"

•"Better stay that way, Dempsey"

AHHHHH hope you guys liked these. Keep requesting :)

Okay, but Bokuto and Akaashi already dating in current canon timeline makes a lot of sense. Bokuto is always asking Akaashi if be saw him do something cool or if he looks awesome. Akaashi is always responding with a dead pan affirmative. But if he was genuinely uninterested, wouldn’t he just ignore his senpai? Akaashi knows all Bokuto’s moods and goes along with him on whims.They hang out in school and are rarely seen apart. Man, I just really love the idea of excitable senpai boyfriend wanting to impress his beautiful kouhai boyfriend, and the setter who admires the ace.

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May I point out that Harry has been best mates with Nick Grimshaw, an openly gay man, for years. Tons of people generally speculate about their relationship. Many ship it. Many write fan fiction about it. Harry has never distanced himself from Nick. His last tweet to Grimmy was a thank you with 'I love you'. Harry Styles would never drop a friend because of 'gay rumours'. (Neither would Louis)


one of the Greatest things about markhyuck is just how they balance each other out physically, like they’re so even in that sense. mark’s broader than hyuck and his hands are bigger too but he’s skinner so it doesn’t look like it. and hyuck’s got the Legs™ and the long limbs thing going on while mark’s got his even proportions n small face like, one of them isn’t small and the others tall , they’re both just yanno, as they are. even.

Someone requested me to draw Raven some time ago and when I was going to post it I came across with the people shipping him with Blueprint xDU

I really love all the AfterDeath children, specially Goth and Raven uvu)

Hope you like it Anon! And sorry if It doesn’t look very good. I spend the day looking trhough the Naj!AU cuz I love it so much and I drwe this half asleep ;3;) Man, I wish I’d see Printy there someday! 

Raven @ask-the-gothfamily

I am shook af at the fact that Mon-El left Kara to die just because she said so when he never fucking listen to her, but now he choose to leave and save himself like wtf ? The writers really want us to ship this? Like *sarcastic voice* oh yeah i can clearly see the love now! *end of sarcastic voice*
The straights are so weird man.

Ps: Lena would’ve stayed btw because she’s our badass little human. Hell even James and Winn would’ve stayed or make Kara leave. And dont even get me started on Alex bruh.

Prompt #158

“Is there a reason my bathtub is filled with a full gallon of blood and glitter?”

“Okay. I have a really good reason for the blood but I have no idea where the glitter came from”

I just visited some old family friends and they have two adorable dogs, and one that is really loud and hyper and the other one is just the complete opposite and was even described as “a grumpy old man”.
Apparently, the grumpy dog loves to hide under the bed and stay there away from all civilisation while the hyper dog loves to bark at him and get him to come out, to which he would get pissed off by her barking and chase after her to bite her but she’s really happy because she succeeded in getting him out anyway
I find them adorable together and I stupidly imagined my OTP as them now the actual dogs are fast becoming one of my OTPs someone help me I’m shipping dogs


Finally finished some older doodles I had made of these guys! So here ya go, more doodles of the Hyperion dorks! (Many of these were inspired by this song)

My Top 10 Favorite Comics of All Time

Hi guys,

I’ve been getting asked a lot on and offline what are my favorite comic books? That’s a loaded question. I had to think about it. There are some great runs in comics. Some great story arcs. But I had to dig down and see what I really liked. What books have I read over and over and over. These are what I enjoyed the most, I’m not saying these are the greatest comic books ever, I’m just saying they appealed to me. So here are my top 10 favorite comics.

10. Identity Crisis
The DC Comics crisis events. Mostly just okay stories. Too much going on and not enough time to invest in any one character. But Identity Crisis stands out above the rest. Instead of a multiverse changing, massive story, Identity Crisis focuses on the mystery of who killed Sue Dibny. The wife of the Elongated Man. More and more of the heroes civilian loved ones are attacked and the heroes have a ticking clock to solve the mystery before another loved one is murdered. Written by Brad Meltzer this book focuses on the cost of living a double life. Highly recommended.

9. Young Avengers: volume 2
Not to be confused with Young Avengers volume 1. Volume 2 by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie is nothing short of awesome. A multiverse hoping, teenage super hero daydream. It’s a really great story about teenage love, magic, pop references, LGB, and Loki. Lots and lots of Loki. So if you ship Wiccan and Hulkling, love Kate Bishop, and cannot get enough of America Chavez, you’ll want to read this book.

8. Superman American Alien
A lot of people have mixed opinions on this book, but I really enjoyed this unique take written by Max Landis. Focusing on the early years of Clark Kent, it felt more grounded in what Clark would actually be going through on his journey to becoming Superman. Each issue has a different artist which is fitting because each issue focuses on a different year in Clark’s child to teenager to young adult to man journey. It’s a mini series that should be pretty easy to find and I highly recommend it.

7. DC The New Frontier
A book paying tribute to the Silver Age of DC Comics. Focusing on the Macarthy era, A time where America couldn’t be less trusting, the story focuses on the super heroes once praised for their services, now find themselves ridden off as outlaws. Multiple perspectives from Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc, as they fight for truth, justice, and the American way, accumulating to the upcoming battle with “The Center.” Darwyn Cooke tells an amazing story that you all should check out.

6. Scott Pilgrim Vol 1 through 6
I cannot recommend these books from Bryan Lee O’ Malley enough. 6 graphic novels in total, focusing on Scott Pilgrim’s desire to date Ramona Flowers, his journey to defeat her 7 evil ex’s, and the challenge of being a responsible adult. This book is filled with post high school confusion, punk rock, video games, anime style action, and heart. If you liked the movie, I promise you, you’ll love the book.

5. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man volume 2
My favorite super hero is Spider-Man. In 2011 when they announced they would be making a new Spider-Man of color I was ecstatic. As a person of color it’s been great to have a Spider-Man that fills that need for minority characters. Obviously just having a minority character isn’t enough but Brian Michael Bendis’s run on Ultimate Comics Spider-Man makes you really love the character of Miles Morales. The story of what happens after Peter Parker dies and a new clueless Spider-Man must fill the void, is nothing short of great. It puts you in the shoes of a new character trying to figure out who he is, all while trying to keep the memory of Peter Parker alive. 

4. Paper Girls
If you like the show “Stranger Things,” you’ll love Paper Girls. Taking place in the 1980s, 4 middle school girls, on their morning paper route get caught up in the strangest day of their lives. To ninjas, dinosaurs, time travel, clones, to apple products, Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang hit you with a sci-fi nostalgia story that will keep you guessing where the next turn is.

3. Justice League International
The late 80′s had one of the greatest Justice League runs of all time. Keith Giffen and J.M. Dematteis pumped out some of the funniest and most entertaining comics to date. Focusing on the Justice League as a work place comedy, this massive run follows the adventures of a newly formed Justice League made up of mostly second string characters. The satisfaction of Batman punching out Guy Gardner, the comedy duo of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, GNORT! If you want your super hero books to be fun and hilarious, this is the book for you. Starting in Justice League #1 through 6 and transitioning to Justice League International, then splitting between Justice League Europe and Justice League America.

2. New Avengers
This comic book run written by Brian Michael Bendis is what got me back into comics after an 8 year absence. 6 months after the Avengers disbanded due to the Scarlet Witch killing some of her fellow teammates, a massive prison break, orchestrated by Electro forces Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Sentry to come together to put an end to the riot. The book follows the newly formed team on their mission to track down the 42 escaped prisoners, all while trying to solve the mystery who hired Electro and why? New Avengers also brought some of the best characters in Marvel including Wolverine, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and more, to join the team. The book became the center stage for Marvel Comics from 2005 until 2012 running through events like House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion, all the way to Avengers vs X-Men. It’s a fun super hero book that really throws you into the world of Marvel Comics.

Black Science
Sex Criminals
New Teen Titans (Marv Wolfman)
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey
Uncanny X-Force (Rick Remender run)
Batgirl: Year One


1. Saga
If you’re not reading Saga, you are missing out. A Romeo and Juliet story set in a sci-fi fantasy space adventure. In the middle of an intergalactic war, Alona and Marko leave their worlds behind to risk everything for the survival and protection of their newborn Hazel. Hunted by both sides of the war, the two travel across the stars and encountering creatures from all over the galaxy who either want to help them or want them dead. Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples take a story about the ups and downs of parenting and throws it into a cosmic and crazy story of awesomeness. Look out for Izabel, Prince Robot the IV, and Ghus. You will smile every time they are on the page.

GOT7 REACT: To you wanting a lot of hugs because you missed them

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact:
Got7 react when you ask them for lots of hugs because u miss them

LOL in my last reaction with BTOB, it was them reacting to you being short and not being able to reach the cookies on the top shelf and I read it as BTOB reacts to you being shot and not being able to eat the cookies on the top shelf and I asked myself why there were gifs of them laughing when their girlfriend just got shot and can’t eat any cookies lmfao. I’m a mess.

JB: When your arms wrapped around him, and you gave him little squeezes he wouldn’t be able to hold back the smiles. He wouldn’t even complain about you ruining his image because he had missed you just as much -if not more.

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Mark: He would adore your cuteness. When you glanced over, he’d pretend to not know what you wanted and when you give a little pout and tug at his sleeve he wouldn’t be able to stop the laughter as he pulls you into another hug.

She’s too cute.

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Jackson: Leave it to Jackson to be extra. He’d have missed you so much, and the hugs in the beginning would just be natural but after a while when you were constantly hugging him he would take the opportunity to make jabs at you.

“I know I’m irresistible y/n, but I was only gone for a few days.” he’d try his best to hold in his laughter at your offended expression, earning a smack from you when his mouth twitched just slightly.

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Jinyoung: He’s a pretty deep thinker. Your constant affectionate hugs might have him think that maybe he wasn’t giving you enough attention and time and he’d get a little sad and maybe even apologise for not being around often.

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Youngjae: He’d be a little flustered and embarrassed with the sudden increase in skin-ship from you, but also really loving the cuteness.

“Y/N that’s the…I even lost count, how many hugs have you given me now?”

Y/N: “I misssssed youuuuu.” *spreads arms wide for another hug*


Asahasldjaslkfhaldhfakljaskld, she’s so cute but also I think I’m hugging her more than I’m breathing.

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BamBam: He wouldn’t mind the hugs since he missed you too, but he might suspect your intentions.

“You’re just hugging me because you missed me right, it’s not because you think I’m a huggable baby right? Because I’m not, I’m a grown man.”


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Yugyeom: He would find you adorable, but also be really embarrassed when you were out in public.

She’s too sweet to say no to, but also the hyungs are watching…can’t show them how happy I am.

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here is reyes vidal’s writer courtney woods confirming he is latino! since there has been an unfortunate amount of “but is he really?” in reyes’ tag lately

I love the Shakespeare fandom because there’s like 0 drama at all. like you’re a freshman who read Romeo and Juliet so now you wanna get into Shakespeare more? fuck yeah man that’s great. you grew up on all Shakespeare’s comedies but never really wanted to read the tragedies or histories? sweet yo good for you. you don’t ship hamratio? that’s cool that’s cool whatever floats your boat. you’ve never read a single sonnet? great they’re all mushy romance shit anyway. plus its literally just a bunch of history nerds writing fanfiction about centuries old plays so I mean I guess if we’re all lame as fuck there’s no room for bullying

The Way He Writes His Name

ships: eruri
words: 2592
ao3 link

Levi is the Humanity’s Strongest, but Erwin respects him for more than that. Levi is a man, a complexly elegant man, and he expresses his admiration and respect in the way that he writes his name.

Written for @lenacs​ for winning second place in my giveaway! Prompt was “Levi recognizing his feelings”… And of course I made it sad.

Levi watches Erwin more. Takes a seat to Erwin’s right, uses the end of the desk for his own workspace that Erwin never asks him to return. And he watches how he writes, sees how heavy his quill strokes can be depending on the name, the report, the time of day. He watches how he writes Levi’s name, how there always seems to be a beat to it, gentle and steady, deliberate. He starts the ‘L’ with a loop, like he does his own name, a loop at the angle, the end of the stroke folding back into the open space. The ‘e’ is open and loose, the crook of the ‘v’ sharp and defined, the ‘i’ dotted carefully and always immediately above the stem. He has no last name, never cared for one, doesn’t take a fake one, and Erwin respects it. Erwin writes his name exactly the same every time. Levi takes it for his own, having studied the scripture of Erwin’s writing as if it is the printing press to his identity.

“What is it?”

Levi blinks slowly, drifts his eyes up and shakes his head. “It’s nothing.”

Erwin looks at him, and he feels strange inside his chest. Levi is a collection of feelings that he tries to repress, but Erwin opens him like a sewing box, pulls out his threads and detangles him, finds beauty in everything that he is, tugs on the thick red string he finds until Levi feels it scar his heart. “You have been staring for a rather long time.” His voice is quiet and measured like it always is.

“You should be quicker if you expect to get any of this done tonight.” Levi looks down at his own paperwork, presses his lips together in order to keep the feeling inside.

Erwin tilts his head slightly, the candlelight revealing the quaintest of smiles in the pool of shadows on his cheek. “Some things are worth the extra time.”