i really love this ship man

*Bruce arriving back on earth at Stark Tower*

Bruce: Tony, you’ll never believe where I’ve been! I went to two different planets Sakaar and Asgard! On Sakaar they worshiped Hulk like a god and I lived in the house of this guy called the Grand Master, he was some ‘Elder of the universe’, I don’t really know the details, but everyone loved me! But then Thor showed up and I learnt to fly an alien spaceship and flew it through a collapsing neutron star called ‘the Devils Anus’ and it took us to Asgard. Then I jumped out of the ship and landed on my face and everyone thought I was dead but I transformed into the Big Guy and fought this giant wolf thing. We didn’t get to spend long on Asgard though because it was destroyed by a huge fiery demon man, who I punched in the face by the way! So much happened, I have so many PHD’s to start writing! What have you been doing!?

Tony: Oh, you know… stuff. 

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Phil can I ask you something, please? It's about Clalec... I mean, I saw that you made some very funny art about it and I saw other people talking about these clalec shippers but I don't understand why this is even a thing? I mean alec is gay, in love with Magnus and i don't really get what clary has to do with anything. Maybe I'm missing something

Dear Anon,

You and I both, you and I both…I can’t wrap my head around this… I’m all “???” and very confused that this ship exists in the first place ? I mean Alec is a gay man as you so very well pointed out so to me this instantly throws red flags and should stop anyone to ship him with a woman because he loves men and to be more precise loves Magnus Bane. 

So yup, like you dear Anon, I think I’m missing something as well hence my artwork of Alec discovering about Clalec smut turning out into a “horror like” story telling !

Let me now share a Malec gif because yup, our archer boy Alec Lightwood is gay ! Voilà ! 

Much love to you dear Anon and I wish you a lovely evening ! <3

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bonus : His reaction when Iris Rouse assumed he was Clary’s boyfriend. 

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What about The Avengers? c:

  • favorite male character: Bruce Banner! 
  • favorite female character: I really like Pepper Potts
  • least favorite character: As with most of them, I infinitely prefer the comic version. But in the movies, I get bored of Clint and Steve when they’re not being sassy
  • prettiest character: Bruce Banner. I really love him. 
  • funniest character: Tony Stark! I also love him
  • favorite season: I like the first Iron Man movie and Ragnarok more than any of the others
  • favorite episode: Really trying to figure out a way to answer this with a movie series. I like that scene at the start of age of ultron when they’re all hanging out trying to lift the hammer. More scenes like that please. 
  • favorite romantic ship: Bruce and Tony. Give me my science boys. 
  • favorite family ship: Tony and Peter Parker in some weird pseudo father son relationship that is wholly loving and dysfunctional
  • favorite friend ship: Tony and Steve. Also Bruce and Natasha cos I like his utter fear of her and her comfort around him
  • worst ship: Thor/Loki cos I don’t care if Loki was adopted, they were raised as siblings and if anyone ships that I’m telling you right now that they are an only child

get you a man as supportive as scott mccall

Harry Potter and the Neural Network fan fiction

Or, what happens if you train a neural network on the titles and plot summaries of over 100,000 works of Harry Potter fan fiction.

In the decades since the Harry Potter books were published, fans have written literally hundreds of thousands of Harry Potter stories of their own, and shared them online. Can a neural network join in on the fun?

In a way, everything a recurrent neural network writes is fan fiction. A recurrent neural network looks at an example dataset (such as the complete Sherlock Holmes stories) and teaches itself the patterns and conventions that it sees. So, if it’s given Sherlock Holmes stories, it will become obsessed with Holmes and Watson, and if it’s given knock-knock jokes, it will spend all day telling awful knock-knock jokes of its own.

Thanks to an idea by a couple of readers, some heroic work by @b8horpet in scraping (with permission) hundreds of thousands of Harry Potter fan fiction titles and summaries from AO3, and a flexible new recurrent neural network implementation by Chen Liang, the neural network’s latest obsession is Harry Potter.

The Perfect Party by iamisaac
Draco has been left alone, and Ginny confused must learn and who has his best friend. They were breathed by a love that didn’t become his grounds and the flowers begin.

This is a typical example of the neural network’s fan fiction - romantic pairings of two or more Harry Potter characters (called “ships” in fan fiction-speak). In this case, it even has chosen a plausible author: iamisaac is a real and fairly prolific fan fiction author whose works do tend to be of the “romantic” variety. 

The Garden by perverse_idyll for lexigilite
Ron and Hermione move after a man party. What did her best things go and has to deal with people she loves? How many imperfect love really belonges them and needs to be a person? Or will they learn and more than the war?

Mirror Thing by Queen_Elexhan
“Are you there for a relationship? I was a sad future for your love.”  Harry and Ginny find out the meaning is.

Shatters by Kis [archived by TheHexFiles_archivist ]
Based on the Spot Are It Falls Into A Heir by NextrangeOnTheThree
Draco and Hermione share a whole indescribbening.

Again, “perverse_idyll” and “TheHexFiles_archivist” are fairly active authors. (Hi, if you’re reading! The neural network seems to like your writing, and is writing fan fiction of your fan fiction!) Those familiar with Harry Potter fan fiction will not be surprised to learn that the neural network really likes to generate ships; pretty much every combination of characters is represented (some of the more unusual combinations being “The Snow/Voldemort”, “The Ministry/Draco Malfoy”, and “Voldemort/Random Quidditch Child”).

By turning down the neural network’s creativity setting to near-zero, we arrive at its vision of what the quintessential Harry Potter fan fiction would be like - and we also learn its favorite ship:

Persuading by theladyblack
Harry and Draco are still a second chance at the end of the war.  Will they be able to do with the fairy tale of the first time they were a strange stranger to the street of the war and the war is over?

It turns out the neural network is obsessed with Harry/Draco, although in a pinch, Sirius/Remus will also do.

The neural network also seems to really like stories about Professor Snape trying to do rather ordinary things:

New Moon Boys by Dungoonke for Loki_Kukaka
Severus Snape comes back to a night’s politics.

In the Reason Is Blinders by LittleRoma
Severus has been through his lost remote.

In The Alteri Silence by Forest_of_Holly for roscreens41
Snape receives life after plants to do by work over whether they get into. Just Hell.

A Second Chance by DarkCorgi
Snape had a second thing, and that is better than anything for for the rest of his life.

Mirror by orphan_account
Severus Snape tries to get a lot of dragons and that was to be more than he didn’t expect to continue. He has always been a bit of an old and a baby to stay the way he’d been the brother at Hogwarts and he keeps the chance of meeting…

Deception by FlyingEyes
Snape is a British Robes of interesting things and worrys like a little fun and sees the pretty battle for a while.

Another thing that happened, which is pretty much my favorite thing ever, is that the neural network apparently encountered some fan fiction stories that were not in English. As a result, it learned to do this from time to time:

The Secretary Of the World 
Challenge inspired by GoF and la mating resigns de la mill colors per mereple beruit carteur la pelete el wert rardo completing and herillo intus den una a des rush sentines kelta an transoles… 

Between by Cheyangel13
A series of fivers are unexpectedly depressed and controlled by the bed, with least more from una perfemale erpensa de the maesse akai suidadium dela vida call de la los se terriuus do form en sou dies de fasurard il resisted de for dogs la sementu sein prong colors itu dee adte se sige natard…

The neural network has also learned to employ capital letters:

Les finds love by violet_quill for starstruck1986
Severus Snape wanted him to be more and she likes Draco.  The person he wants an energy to him.  WHALIDE NO GEATIRE SOURR INSPE AHARMANABLISH ALL SOME TO VERY THE RERIDE!!!!!!!

secret Quidditch by snapsleert
Collapse and find the second worst and very different. See Gain and Descent motivate surprising death. Unbusing one of the months: should make more bumo.choooshots. HUGULATED

And the neural network occasionally uses content warnings, although it seems to have a rather fuzzy idea about what to warn its readers about:

Better With The Broom Complicate by Margyn_Black
Tonks gets more than the best girl of creation. (Rated Maturisle, mark, a violence, contract) (slash] part of themes) ferret.

Art for the Sun a Scary by disillusionist9
A collection of warnings: characters and situations of silence.

Some of the neural network’s stories, though, are just plain weird.

Harry Potter and the Painful Eyes by dark_pook
A Birthday drabble about the problems and a woman who shows up a lot less than she checks at Hogwarts in the destiny to the infamous adventure of control of the Art of The Good Boy Kings With Hermione.

Harry and the Blue Special Delicious by apolavia_scg
An unexpected potions messaged in the world their lives are to find friendship following the day of different pagers. James and Lily come to the summer before the war.

The Perfect Cow by alafaye
Severus and Hermione start a horcruxes

Art: Let Draco roll the light of the moon, and means. by Dangelanne
What happens after the war. Not drawn to Draco Malfoy jumpers. Originally written in 2008.

Birds of a Saturday by SasuNarufan13
Harry Potter is drunk and discovers he is an alternate universe.

Holly theody by yesIpxdishoftlyGrinli
What would be dangerous! Side Voldemort Jones does all lord off the sunshine show.

Lily Evans and the Ravenclaw of a Christmas Surprise by ci
Severus angst the truth of a frighten situation for the wink.

Persuasion by Samanthian
The Sorting Hat is fighting in one of the houses.

lily’s family by sharkle
Harry woke up in searching after a werewolf Sherlock’s picnic. He is furious.

As a bonus, I leave you with some fairly-plausible screennames the neural network invented, which appear not to be taken (yet):



Finally finished some older doodles I had made of these guys! So here ya go, more doodles of the Hyperion dorks! (Many of these were inspired by this song)

Being Justin's best friend and dating Zach would include...

•Justin is very close with your family because obviously his isn’t great

•He’s introduced you to some of the best people in your life. (Zach being one of them)

•Justin hugging you constantly

•Play wrestling is a constant with you two

•Everyone thinks you two have hooked up, but you never have.

•You’ve kissed playfully though.

•All of his girlfriends have gotten insecure about you. Including Jess, who’s your friend as well.

•People think it’s weird that y'all cuddle but you guys have been doing it since you were five so???

•When Zach first met you he saw you at your most comfortable. You were hot tubbing with Justin at Bryce’s.

•Plus Justin was Uber protective.

•Zach had classes with you at the middle school you both went to but he’d never noticed you really

•Back to the first time you met, it’s middle school, hormones are high, and you’re in a bikini

•Long story short, Zach has to leave the hot tub after just a few minutes.

•Even after you get together, and after high school, no one ever lets him live down that little Zachy had to leave because of an unwarranted boner

•After you break up with Montgomery De La Cruz, for his cheating and his constant need to get into fights. Justin sees how lonely you are.

•He’s always wanted you to date Zach, the purest of his friends.

•"Ya know, Zach’s single. I think he’d take you on a date.“

•"As a favor to you? No thanks.”

•Zach starting to talk to you and sit by you at random times during the school day.

•"how much is Justin paying you?“

•"paying me? Think higher of yourself, Y/N”

•Zach convincing you to study with him at his house after a week of this.

•Justin’s right, you two hit it off

•Justin ALWAYS crashing your dates

•when you say things referring to “your man” from the stands at basketball games, they both look up.

•Justin shipping you two even more after Zach shuts Bryce’s comments about you down.

•Zach being the kind of boyfriend that wants to know fun facts and opinions you have.

•"I really don’t think Zach will ever know more about you than me.“

•"You have a ten year advantage”

•Zach’s mom repeatedly talking to Justin about your relationship. She’s protective, like him. They get info from each other.

•"he’s in love with her, Justin.“

•"good. Because she loves him”

•Justin looking like the third wheel

•But you, justin, and Zach all think of yourselves as the third wheel when it’s just you three hanging out together.

•"Id do anything for her, Justin"

•"Better stay that way, Dempsey"

AHHHHH hope you guys liked these. Keep requesting :)

Today is InuKag! (InuyashaxKagome)

OK, I’m really proud of this one, I think they look a lot like a fusion between the Manga and the Anime version. Inuyasha and Kagome pairing was my teen years ship. To be honest, I find them a bit problematic now. I mean I still love them with all my heart, but yeah, Rumiko Takahashi wrote a lot about funny relationship quirk like jealousy and guys being insensitive or womanizer while girl are overly bitchy. It was a 80s-90s theme it seems. Now, I’m not shitting on this anime/manga/pairing/author, really, I love Inuyasha, It got me through my teens. But It made me love the problematic crude bad boy at a younger age that now I see as toxic because I’m older… WHAT I REALLY LOVE is when we see that soft side of Inuyasha, the side that’s vulnerable and we understand why he acts the way he does. <3

AND MAN, did this ship create a lot of BAD (and good) Fanfiction. AND I’VE READ ALL OF THEM.

Sasusaku and the popular shipping tropes

1.First love

The most common trope. No one can deny the fact that Sasuke’s first love was Sakura and Sakura’s first love was Sasuke. So cute.

2.Love triangle

Poor Naruto. I always hated love triangles because in the end someone’s heart has to break. Most of the love triangles does more harm than good to couple. But in case of Sasunarusaku it was handled perfectly. It displayed the extent of each one’s feeling especially Sakura.

Unlike other series where the rejected guy turns into villain and tries breaking up the couple Naruto supported sasusaku. I love Naruto for that.

3. Passionate lovers

The EYESMEX is more of a proof of how much of a passionate lovers SS are.

Just standing and staring into each other’s eyes can feel alot more intense and intimate than any kissing scene. The novel and gaiden already proved this trope.

4.Dangerous drama

Sasusaku and the drama goes hand in hand. The amount of drama and angst literally made our shipper heart to rip into pieces. Yet at the end it made us to love them even more.

The struggles were real and how they came back to each other inspite of the drama is admirable.

5.Long distance relationship

Sasusaku in a nutshell unfortunately. They have spent too much time away from each other yet their feelings are always connected. End of each separation they come out even stronger. Love them for that.

6.Different worlds

Sasuke an uchiha and Sakura a civilian. Uchihas are proud clan. I always wondered if they were still alive would they accept Sakura getting married into uchihas easily.

Just an uchiha name kept sasuke and Sakura into different world. I always got this Romeo Juliet vibe from SS.lol

7.Friends first

Before falling for each other they started off as friends and comrades. They learnt about each other’s weakness and strength as friends and then transcended into lovers.

Who wouldn’t love this idea of besties turning into lovers?

8.Protagonist vs Antagonist

The final boss aka sasuke uchiha and our female lead Sakura. The trope of good girl falls for bad guy never gets old.

Sasuke’s journey as an Antagonist and Sakura still loving and wanting to save him. It was depicted perfectly.

Sasuke’s struggle to choose between a beautiful future with Sakura in village and his revenge will never get old.

9.Opposite attracts

The cool and calm sasuke falling for cheerful and friendly Sakura. Everybody loves the idea of good girl falling for bad guy after all.

Honestly they both balance out each other perfectly. Sakura isn’t too cheerful and dense . Sasuke isn’t too stoic. They both are capable of showing their love in their own way.

The end page of gaiden where Sakura wanted the poke and Sasuke getting embarrassed. Only SS can make that panel look amazing.

10.Long term lovers

Inspite of not getting together until later in the series no one can deny that sasusaku had feeling for each other since a long ago.

Starting off as an innocent infatuation during academy days to turning into crush during early days of genin to falling for each other during early teenage Hood to evolving into unbreakable bond during late teenage hood to becoming a couple and proud parents to our adorable sarada-chan. Sasusaku had a really long journey.

I’m glad that I was on the deck of the ship which could fill in the role of so many shipping tropes.

I can’t believe SS still has haters.i mean it’s a complete package man! Love SS forever.

platonic soulmates are important, all encompassing friendships are important, and it’s okay to feel intense amounts of love for your friends without 1) harboring romantic feelings for them, 2) wanting to get in their pants.

i’m really (really, really, really) not hating on people’s ships when it comes to the raven cycle (you do you), i just feel like expressing how much i personally love that each platonic friendship in the books is treated with just much value/care/respect as each romantic relationship. they’re different, but they matter equally. to me, that’s a huge part of the beauty of the books.

I can not translate it word by word because neither of them are my mother language but I understand it more or less, so I can explain you what they say ^^

The fan (woooww a Spideypool fanboy!!) says that Spider-man is really womanizer, you know, in each issue he has a different love interest (Tom here is like: damn right! and nodding a lot). Then the fan says that there are parallel universes where many fans ship Spider-man with Deadpool (here Tom is shyly laughing) and he asks Tom if he would like to do a movie with Deadpool, being partners, like a couple (the fan asks it in a romantic way).

Then Tom says that f*ck yes, if there’s an opportunity to do a movie wih Deadpool it would have to happen because it would be really fun. He don’t know if they can be in a couple but definitely friends.

hey!! @ the good place fandom!!! ya don’t have to ship chidi/eleanor if you really don’t want to and i too love eleanor/tahani but maybe before dismissing chidi/eleanor as “just another gross het ship :///” stop and consider that it’s an interracial romance involving a nuanced, sweet-natured dark skinned black man which is at the forefront of the show. which is. y’know. SUPER important and a big deal and a GOOD THING

wanting more wlw rep is great but you can do it without being racist

Okay, but Bokuto and Akaashi already dating in current canon timeline makes a lot of sense. Bokuto is always asking Akaashi if be saw him do something cool or if he looks awesome. Akaashi is always responding with a dead pan affirmative. But if he was genuinely uninterested, wouldn’t he just ignore his senpai? Akaashi knows all Bokuto’s moods and goes along with him on whims.They hang out in school and are rarely seen apart. Man, I just really love the idea of excitable senpai boyfriend wanting to impress his beautiful kouhai boyfriend, and the setter who admires the ace.

Prompt #158

“Is there a reason my bathtub is filled with a full gallon of blood and glitter?”

“Okay. I have a really good reason for the blood but I have no idea where the glitter came from”

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May I point out that Harry has been best mates with Nick Grimshaw, an openly gay man, for years. Tons of people generally speculate about their relationship. Many ship it. Many write fan fiction about it. Harry has never distanced himself from Nick. His last tweet to Grimmy was a thank you with 'I love you'. Harry Styles would never drop a friend because of 'gay rumours'. (Neither would Louis)


me: im fine

also me: the closer you look at franky and his backstory, the more horrifying it gets. i mean, he turned himself into a cyborg using old scrap metal, on a dirty abandoned ship with no medical knowledge or tools, without any help. he was gone for four years. is that how long it took him? not to mention the cybernetics themselves. most of franky’s body is metal. but after getting hit by the sea train he was still mostly intact. this means, at some point, franky cut off his own arms and legs, his stomach, his nose, and at least one eye. like he wasn’t just adding metal to broken parts, he flat out replaced them. he had to make working nerves. he had to make veins that could transport cola. he had to cut out one of his own goddamn eyes. he had to, at some point, cut out his own stomach and replace it with a fridge. what the actual fuck.

You know what boys with stretch marks are awesome

You boys got marks on your hips, thighs, tummy, arms, waist whereever well guess what -freaking awesome.

You got rocket ships and battle scars on your body man. Those are goddamn flowers on your hips man - they’re badass.

You guys are awesome and so are your stretch marks.