i really love this sequence

Huevember Day 3, my favourite fight sequence. I really loved the animation in this part. I was trying out having a low contrast/low saturation background with high contrast/high saturation figures. At some point I’ll stop drawing Teruki… maybe.

In regards to what happened today… I am sorry. The world failed a lot of people today and it is not the way it should be. I support everyone that will be impacted by it. I hope those of us in other countries are paying attention because this is what hate looks like and we are not immune to it.

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Nicknames: Pretty much only Fate online. 
Star sign: Cancer, but with the new astrological sign it’s Gemini. Still not sure how that works. 
Height: 5’ 10"
Time right now: 4:07 pm
Last thing I Googled: a reference picture for a drawing :3
Last movie I watched: A Monster Calls. I didn’t love it but the watercolor sequences were really pretty. 
Last TV show I watched: Mob Psycho 100 <3
When I created this blog: I created it on Undertale’s anniversary: September 15!
Why did I choose my URL: I love rain and I love drawing~
Gender: Female
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Pokemon team: Instinct for life
Favorite color: Red
Lucky number: 13
Favorite character: I have a lot of characters I love. Can’t pick just one. 
Number of blankets I sleep with: Just one of those fleece blankets.

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Not sure if anyone brought this up already, but something I really loved about the last ending is how the first sequence of images showed all the GoM being alone, with their faces obscured or otherwise expressionless -in Aomine’s case you can’t even see him, since he’s lying down, and with the exception of Midorima, all of them have their faces turned away from the camera-. They’re on their own, detached from other people , even Akashi, who appears with Reo and Kotaro is clearly in a different  “layer”. The frames are empty, vacant, just them, alone in their own world, with no one to trust or play with.

But then the special eye-catches show them surrounded by their teams, having fun, their smiling faces perfectly visible. It’s literally a before and after and a very subtle way to show us how much they’ve changed for the better thanks to Kuroko’s influence. The new frames are lively, colorful, crowded. They’re normal teenage boys having fun with their friends now.

Of course, Kuroko has his own before and after too.

Just look at them, look how happy they are and how much they’ve grown, look at how they’ve managed to get new friends and love their teams. I’m so proud of them.

*I’m running with the theory that the rooftop represents Aomine because there are no shots of him in the first ending sequence and the rooftop was his favorite place to laze around before he was beaten and decided to practice again.


eene-fangirl  asked:

Which invention of Edd's is your favorite? Where do you think he got his inventing charisma from?

I think, similar to how Ed has his model-kit-building hobby we hardly see, Edd’s just always had assembling/disassembling projects since he was a kid, and occasionally gadgets would be invented.  If he picked up the interest from one specific parent, I would guess Father?

I don’t think I have a consistent favorite invention, or else I’ll be very disappointed in myself when I remember it…  I have trouble keeping track of which scams have actual inventions and which scams just have props.  But three things popped into my mind as really impressing me:

I love the whole “morning routine” sequence in ‘Out With the Old, In With the Ed’, but to narrow it down, I’m very impressed with this tinker-toy elevator he’s built by completely destroying his family’s staircase. It really drives home the point that Edd is the most prepared human being on Earth and yet it raises so many questions… Do Mother and Father use the shortcut as well or has Edd weighted these cover-up rugs to safely hold two adults?

And Edd’s makeshift vehicles are my other two picks, I’m always excited when Edd gets to have fun and participate in a chase:

Re-watching The L Word, and despite its problems, there are some scenes I really love. Before they ruined Jenny, I loved and related to a lot of her writing scenes (although I found some of them kind of wanky), particularly Abraxas, the Demon of Lies

This is where Jenny is cheating on her male, honest and loyal fiance with Marina, the beautiful but manipulative (co-!) owner of the Planet, and writing her guilt.  

The writing is a bit wanky, but I really love this sequence. It details how every single relationship shown there is going to fall apart. 


PUNISHER v BATMAN, by Dana Obera (Nov 2014).

This one-shot was made as a tribute for Chuck Dixon and John Romita Jr’s PUNISHER / BATMAN: DEADLY KNIGHTS. It was the best Punisher book I’ve read sitting behind Greg Rucka’s series and Jim Lee’s PWJ. This story was already in the back of my mind for a long time. I’m glad I finally had the time to put it into a six pages one shot in November 2014.

My Photoshop is still very amateurish, I know. I have much to learn :b

This one-shot got me the honour to be interviewed by CB Cebulski in Nov 2014, ITGCC. His comment was, “I love how you draw the action sequence, it’s really flowing. You Probably got that from the manga. Expression and gesture are all there. You’re not shy on drawing hands. But there is one minus point: Frank here looks too manga. Batman and Joker don’t look manga, but Frank? Too manga.”

I’m taking the advice very seriously, and I’m planning to improve my facial characteristic in my next study/practice. I hope you’re sticking around for the ride :)

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