i really love this scene ;u;


-The Secret History

shows on netflix u should definitely be watching
  • Crazy-Ex Girlfriend - ITS A COMEDY MUSICAL, GUYS, CREATED BY RACHEL BLOOM (who won a golden globe?? YES HER). get to the 3rd episode at least. there’s an OPENLY BISEXUAL CHARACTER (later on in the season) and its such a good representation of love & what it actually is and growing up and letting go?? such a good show
  • BoJack Horseman - just a really, really good & cleverly written show about an anthropomorphic horse. 7000% animal puns. 5000% describes exactly how u feel about life and sadness.
  • Jane the Virgin - CUTE!! mock telenovela that deals with lots of social issues, like immigration, etc (the last episode i watched had the narrator checking every scene for the bechdel test omg) ALSO, arrested development level narration, fam, get on this. gina rodriguez will slay ur ass
  • Bob’s Burgers - such a good lil family show about a burger joint. watch this when you need to laugh or just to lift ur spirits. also, we are all either gene, louise, or tina. don’t lie
  • Lovesick (prev. Scrotal Recall) - adorable show prev. suffering from a truly tragic name. cute & british, about a man who finds out he has chlamydia and has to tell all of his previous sexual partners. you’ll fall in love with these characters by the end of s1, they’re all so dear to me
  • Master of None - aziz ansari’s show. each episode is basically a lil movie. the love story is ridiculously cute and it talks on some subjects rlly well
  • Jessica Jones - !!!!!!! if you haven’t seen this, GET ON IT. esp. if you’re a girl, cause this is SUCH A RELATABLE SHOW FOR WOMEN. grizzled neo-noir female detective? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. also, watch daredevil if u wanna be caught up for Marvel’s Defenders, which is gonna be sofuckinggood
  • Sense8 - HOW HAS NOBODY SEEN THIS ONE? god, it’s so good. it’s got some problems but overall it does well @ showing other cultures and also some kickass sequences and wow main the characters interacting is just A1
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/The League - this is. so funny. get past the 1st season and its such a good garbage show. the characters are such assholes, dude. they’re horrible. super dark humor, only watch if ur into that/ funny show abt a fantasy football league. both garbage shows and i love them w all my heart
  • Arrested Development - just in case u haven’t seen the best show ever written. basis of basically every comedy show u love. watch.
  • The Office - how have u not binged the office?? binge the office.
  • Comedy Specials - comedy specials are an UNTAPPED GOLDMINE on netflix. some of my fave comedians are John Mulaney, Bo Burnham, Ali Wong, Chelsea Peretti, Donald Glover, Jim Gaffigan, and Aziz Ansari.

BONUS - non-netflix shows u should also be watching

  • You’re The Worst - messed up characters and darkkk dry humor, but the second season does such an EXCELLENT job at portraying depression!! also, a dysfunctional relationship that is not necessarily unhealthy (sometimes, tho, sometimes)
  • Community - ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS. Gets emotional so quickly. S1-3 are some of the best moments on television. skip S4. S5-6 are good but S1-3 are amazing. characters will become all of ur faves
  • Westworld - my expectations for this show were sky-high and it has oNLY PROVED THEM RIGHT! half sci-fi, half western fantasy VR, all badass. i have no idea what’s going on and i love it. literally Robots With Anxiety #relatable

pls add to this if you have any great shows, and i’ll update this list whenever i find something else wonderful that i don’t hear people talking about

i’m really emotional right now cause lena wasn’t even barely in any scenes in 2A but katie’s performance blew us all away so much she’s getting renewed as a regular in season three and like…shes really struggled w the non-committal side of acting or so she’s said and im just so happy for her i love her so much she has my love and respect and im just so thankful she brought my favorite character to life. i love katie mcgrath


Hey guys! *w*  
It’s been a while  I hope you’re all alright!

My sister catched a a really bad cold so I decided to do a scene redraw from one of her Johnlock fan fictions! I couldn’t stop changing the perspectives.. so I drew more ^^ I can only recommend her fics they’re always so beautifully written ;w; so for all my german followers/watchers you should really check her stories out!   www.fanfiktion.de/u/Misheruu

I really loved how she wrote this scene.. Sherlock and John going to the sea and John finds out that it’s the first time for Sherlock to be this close ;w; I don’t want to give away to much.. you should really read it c: It play’s after s1 and is full of fluff and stuff <33 www.fanfiktion.de/s/5812336a00…

@playchoices Can you maybe give us another way to get gems? Because I really want to unlock some of the special scenes but I can’t afford to buy diamonds. Maybe we could watch an add for 5 diamonds? Or if we play for two consecutive days, we get 2 gems, for three days, we get 4 and and for four days we get 6 and so on until maybe 7 or 10 days? This would be really cool! please do this. What do you guys think? 


I have no excuse or much context for this but basically McCree and Fareeha are both Native American and they like to troll Morrison. Based on this scene from “Dance me Outside”.


Tron (1982)


#i just want to know if the way she pushes his hair out of the way is something talia probably did for them as children #some sort of comforting small touch to make them feel better when they felt sick #or was it just instinct for cora to touch her brother in a very simple but comforting way because he needed it or maybe she needed it #to make sure her brother was okay #im just very emotional and i wish they would have explored their relationship more

some post-reveal adrienette because they would be sickeningly cute

a happy birthday gift to @reyxa !!!!!!! HOPE YOUR DAY IS AMAZING REY I LOVE U

(i originally really wanted to draw a comic of a scene from one of your fics but unfortunately time was not on my side ;w; )


oh look another oliness fic
actually, this is more of a scene that would fit probably pretty nicely somewhere much later down the line. it’s cute fjflksfd and it doesn’t really have too much direction but its CUTE

this is completely sfw btw!!!! also a couple notes:

-PDA makes nessa so embarrassed lol
-Oliver speaks Aelish, a language from the country of Aelia, which is where this takes place

i think that’s about it lol i hope u enjoy it!


She wonders how Oliver would kiss her if there was no reason to hold back.

Nessa draws forth the memory of how he looked today. He’d been wearing a loose, white shirt with short sleeves and a slight v-neck to give him better mobility as he swung his sword around to parry off Adam’s blows. He’d carried a smug air of confidence and it was incredible, she thought, how he was able to hold his own so well against someone she knew was military trained. His slick brown skin had been warm with the flush of exercise. Even now, she can still hear the chorus of his laughter as he stumbled and narrowly missed being cuffed by Adam’s sword.

She shivers. He hadn’t known she’d been watching - Nessa hadn’t even meant to stop and stare. She was merely passing the training yard on her way to the stables when she saw him. He was mesmerizing and he’d made her weak. All she could do was remember how good it feels to kiss him, how he graciously responds to her touch, the way he chases after her even as she pulls away to breathe.

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That’s Why We’re Actors

Dylan O’Brien X Reader

Word Count: 408

Requested: Anon

Request: Could u do a Dylan obrien imagine where the reader and him met and they both insulted each other and now they DESPISE each other and then time skip and they have to film this really intimate scene with each other and Dylan says the readers name instead of her characters and kisses her and then it stops and he goes ‘what I was improving I still hate her?!’ And everyone is so confused. And u can take it from there but just want them to end up together love ur imagines💗💖😘

Originally posted by dylanobriengirl

You walked on set and was amazed by the things that you saw. “(Y/N)!” You looked over at Jeff and waved. “You want to meet everyone?” 

He leads into a room where people were talking you were introduced to everyone and then a guy run through the door and spilt coffee all over your top, you hissed as you jumped back.
“Who’s this?” You asked jabbing a finger in the boy’s direction.
“Excuse me?” he asked. “Who are you?”
“That’s Dylan.” Jeff said stepping in the middle of you “This is (Y/N).”
You both glared at each other, little did you know that you would be spending more time with him that you’d like.

*A Few Months Later*

You knew that you couldn’t get on with everyone but you hadn’t expected that hate someone quite as much as you hated Dylan although you’d insist that you just didn’t see eye to eye. The fans wouldn’t know that, though, your character (C/N) what so close to Stiles Dylan’s character that they thought that you were both good friends. You were sitting around waiting to film.

You had recently received the script which said that (C/N) and Stiles were supposed to have this whole intimate scene. “(Y/N)!” Jeff called as he approached you. “You’re okay to do this?”
“Of course. It is my job after all.” You smiled.
“You can continue to pretend to get along?” Jeff asked smiling.
“Well, that’s why one of us is an actress.” You smirked as you went over to make up to get ready.

You walked on set ready to start, you sighed twisting your neck and standing on your mark. Action was called and you walked into Stiles room “Hey! You called what’s wrong?” You asked walking up to him and taking his face in your hands.
“I-I did something,” Dylan answered as Stiles.
“Hey, you can tell me anything… What happened?” You asked.
“I killed someone,” he answered. “Donovan.”
“Hey it’s okay, we’ll fix.” You smiled. “But why tell me and not Scott?” You asked.
“I trust you (Y/N).” he smiled before leaning forward and kissing you. You were shocked, to say the least and then there was yell behind and you pulled away. “What improvised and improved the scene, I still hate her.”
“You said her name,” Jeff smirked.
You rolled your eyes before leaning forward and kissing him again “From the top?” You asked.

Requests and general question!

anonymous asked:

ima watch beauty and the beast now. do you think it was a good movie? also, can u tell me ur favorite part?

yes it was so good!!! i really loved all the song scenes + gaston and lefou were great (lefou is literally my new favorite character in the movie)

What a PERFECT episode my friends.

1st of all, I loved to see everyone that was complaining, actually enjoying it in Twitter… Is like I said: NEVER JUDGE before watching.

Super Flash Isn’t the best bromance on tv or what? LOVED all their scenes.

I knew this episode was going to bring some light into Kara and Barry. What I think is: with both shows having so much going on, so much trouble, so many villains, they had to resolve the relationship part fast so they could focus on the rest of the story. Karamel had drama, with the whole Mon El secret (Kara couldn’t hold a grudge on him forever, it would be really hypocritical of her, given everything Supergirl stands for) and WestAllen couldn’t be forever on this “I asked u to marry me out of fear, we are shaken cause of it”. This episode dealt with it perfectly, it was fast, it was easy (musicals are easy, Barry said it), and now both shows can move foward.

I already knew they were talented (that last scene….MANNNN…. Barry is soooo cute <3 Were can I find one of those?)

If u hate WestAllen and Karamel, sorry to break it to u, but they are strong again, maybe they will have minor issues from now on, but it will be ok, them both were deep in huge drama and worked it out.

I for one decided to deal with haters the same way I still deal with Clois haters from Smallville. Yes they are STILL mad even if the show ended in 2011, season 11 had HQs that showed us Clois happy together and married. They still wait for Clana to happen (guess that’s a good thing fanfiction exists). So yeah, the same way i ignored them from season 4 ‘til today, I will ignore WestAllen haters and Karamel haters.

And please folks, stop trying to change people’s minds. U can hate, u can call them names, u can be mad… but u can’t change our minds… we don’t try to make u like them, don’t try to make us hate them ;)


WIP snippets from The Force Awakens / Avatar AU (because of course it was only a matter of time before this happened…. I am sorry

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞  ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)  

You Gotta Be Shittin Me, Right?

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Request: Hey, idk if this has been requested but I watched a behind the scenes thing for TWD and the director was talking about Daryl’s sexual situation and he said he thought he was a virgin bc he felt he wasn’t the type of person to get close enough w someone to have sex w them so if u have the time could u please write a smut where it’s Daryl’s first time and the reader takes his virginity and he’s like shy and nervous bc he doesn’t wanna be bad at it?

Summary: I really loved this idea. Can you imagine? Daryl is a virgin and the reader takes his virginity. Season 3. Prison. This one got long, enjoy!


You looked over and watched the man that was the center of all your thoughts since you had joined Rick’s group at the prison. You watched as Daryl’s strong arms pierced a steel rod swiftly through the chain linked fence and connect with walker face, on the other side. You stare at his determined clenched jaw and his eyes focused straight ahead at the task in front of him. He heaved his body back and then forth again, piercing another. You watched him as he worked in the steaming heat, although it never seemed to slow you him down, he was hard working man.

You had had feelings for Daryl since nearly the minute you had arrived at the prison. You had been rescued from some walkers by Maggie and Glenn and taken in to the prison. You had only been here for a few weeks, but you had wasted no time at all getting to know people. Maggie and Glenn made sure to introduce you around to everyone and always invited you to eat with them and the others. You were used to being a loner, but you thought it was nice that they tried to include you.

Every meal the entire group would gather around a large table in the middle of the cell block. They would all laugh and talk merrily with eachother, Maggie had told her that things had become peaceful for the group again after setting up the prison encampment. It had been a long time since any of them had a chance to relax a little and call a place home again. You had never had much of a home even in the old world, you were orphaned as a young girl and spent most of your life in the foster care system. You learned real young how to protect yourself, you had had to.

You look back over at Daryl working the fence and rub your neck, peering at the man questioningly. You had been here nearly two weeks and the man had barely said a word to anyone, he worked his ass off and was one of the most respected from what you had gathered, you wondered why he was so silent. You wondered if he had had a similar life, you had known kids who simply, “shut off,” after being in the system so long. He seemed like such a good guy and in this world that was rare. You smile a little to yourself, taking him in and letting your eyes wander gratuitously up and down his gorgeous frame. He was so damn beautiful to look at, you thought as you bite your lip and roam his unsuspecting body.

“I wouldn’t go workin’ too hard on that crush of yours, Y/N.”

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anonymous asked:

if u look closely, everytime james and kara talked (esp when they were still into each other & not being fucked up by the cw) and when kara and lena talk, kara smiles not only with her lips but with her eyes as well, like her eyes literally light up when she was talking with them, but when she talks with mon el (esp when they're in romantic scenes) only her lips smile, her eyes look like she's in pain like omg, idk abt u but i see melissa's acting VERRYYYY appropriate in this

yes!!! YES!!! Kara shows so much open love for James that just isn’t present in her scenes with Mon-El… I think it’s a really deliberate acting choice on her part can’t wait for her to fucking stab him