i really love this quote


I really love you but,
I don’t know how to show it
and I think you won’t like me
I really care about you but,
I’m afraid if I bother you with that
I’ve been keeping this feelings to myself
for a long time, I hope you can recognize this
because it’s hurting me to keep this all on my own


I look the way I look. As you get older, you don’t care that much. I am who I am. The military had something to do with that, because you get torn down so much, you grow thick skin. I know I look odd. I never think I look cool! [Laughs].
Because of what I do, the way I look is on the forefront, but you can either let it limit you and go down the rabbit hole of, “Oh God, why don’t I look like that?” or use it to fuel you, like, “What’s wrong with being different?” 

- Adam Driver

When the moon sets, people say that the moon has disappeared; and when the moon rises, they say that the moon has appeared. In fact, the moon neither goes nor comes, but shines continually in the sky. Buddha is exactly like the moon: He neither appears or disappears; He only seems to do so out of love for the people that He may teach them.
—  The Teaching of Buddha

“I’m telling you.” Alby sounded like he was begging—near hysterical. “We can’t go back to where we came from. I’ve seen it, remembered awful, awful things. Burned land, a disease—something called the Flare. It was horrible—way worse than we have it here.”
“If we stay here, we’ll all die!” Minho yelled. “It’s worse than that?”
Alby stared at Minho a long time before answering. Thomas could only think of the words he’d just said. The Flare. Something about it was familiar, right on the edge of his mind. But he was certain he hadn’t remembered anything about that when he’d gone through the Changing.
“Yes,” Alby finally said. “It’s worse. Better to die than go home.”
Minho snickered and leaned back in his chair. “Man, you are one butt-load of sunshine, let me tell you. I’m with Thomas. I’m with Thomas one hundred percent. If we’re gonna die, let’s freakin’ do it fighting.”
“Inside the Maze or out of it,” Thomas added, relieved that Minho was firmly on his side. He turned to Alby then, and looked at him gravely. “We still live inside the world you remembered.”


“The idea of soul mates actually originated with Plato. His theory was that, humans originally consisted of four arms, four legs, and two faces. Zeus was threatened by their power and split them all in half. Condemning us all to spend our lives trying to complete ourselves” -TB


“You asked me if I believed in eternal love. Love is something way too abstract and indefinable. It depends on what we perceive and what we experience. If we don’t exist, it doesn’t exist. And we change so much - love must change as well” 

Blue is the Warmest Color (2013) dir. Abdellatif Kechiche


Winter will never come for the likes of us. Should we die in battle, they will surely sing of us, and it’s always summer in the songs. In the songs… ” - Brienne of Tarth