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Michael Clifford - "I love you, but I really wish I didn’t.“

Ashton Irwin - "I hate you.”

Michael Clifford - “I need a drink.”

Calum Hood - “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Michael Clifford - “You. Come. Snuggle. NOW!”

Ashton Irwin - “You’re pregnant and it’s mine.”

Calum Hood - “You could have died!”

Luke Hemmings - “For you, I would stay forever.”

Michael Clifford - “I want to try this thing I read in a book.”

Luke Hemmings - “Marry me?”

Michael Clifford - “Make me.”

Calum Hood - “I want you. Naked. In my bed. Now.”

Luke Hemmings - “I’m bad for you.”

Michael Clifford - “That’s the cheesiest pick-up line I have ever heard.”

Michael Clifford - “I could kill you!”

Ashton Irwin - “No, that can’t be my baby.”

Calum Hood - “I’ve never heard that one before.”

Luke Hemmings - “I’m pregnant and it’s yours.”

Luke Hemmings - “Don’t let me die.”

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What is your favorite S&L quote about each other that isn't heavily quoted or referred to?

Hmm. I have a lot of quotes I really, really love. These are ones I don’t see TOO much of but I find really telling. 


I think there’s an inherent care and love there that will never really go away. (1984)

The fact that Stevie and I can have this ongoing attempt to still find each other in whatever way is still appropriate at this point in our lives - to mutually acknowledge that, even in front of 15,000 people or on a CD - that’s the difference. (2003)

You have a clearer kind of picture, this exchange of songs between the two of us, which becomes the subtext of the album, the sense of how circular this little journey has been, and now here we are at the beginning of a phase that if hopefully we keep making each other happy, there is this sense of promise. (2003)

I think there’s also kind of the comment that you can go your own way, you can always find somebody new, but you know, you’re still you and certain things are going to be the same no matter what. And I think we all found that to be true, you know, years later. (2007)

Each of our journeys has never been not a little about the other. ‘Miss Fantasy’ is more of the same thing. It’s a look back on…. it’s talking about having a dream, recalling certain events that occurred years and years ago. The chorus is talking about ‘Miss Fantasy, it may be that you don’t remember me, but I remember you.’ That’s addressing all that’s happened over the course of time. You remember the person you were and the person I was back then? Is there any way to find any of that? Do we want to? Is it important to? Those are songs about Stevie and me. (2013)


Lindsey was never quite able to understand what had happened to us, and that in itself had to make day-to-day living very difficult for him, and it did for me. (1990)

Because we did have fun. We did – we did live in our little house and watch movies and sit and play music and sing and practice and I cooked for him and I loved him. I loved taking care of him. I wanted him to be beautiful. I did everything I could do to make him happy. And that’s why it was hard for him when I left, because in Lindsey’s mind, all the other women that came after me were all going after rich rock & roll star Lindsey. Nobody was looking into the heart I had looked into. (1998)

Then Lindsey and I, we climb into this little lift to be hoisted onto the stage, and he clasps his hands behind his back and I hold onto them, and for those 40 seconds we’re united. It feels like we’re in love again. (2003)

It’s still the same fire, oh yeah, because Lindsey and I, you know, we have that everlasting love affair, that though, he’s married and has 3 children, can you believe that, he has 3 children - and he is a total dad, you know, he has been taking little girls to ballet lessons - but we still have that dynamic, that just is, that just exists, and will still be existing when we are 90 years old. (2005)

…of course Lindsey and I write about each other constantly because even though it has been 300 years since we broke up - and he has a wife and three kids - we feel totally right about each other. (2006)

Q: Is there always going to be part of you that’s in love with him [Lindsey]?
SN: Of course, absolutely. (2011)

It’s like Lindsey and me: no matter how many children or grandchildren you have, Lindsey, I’m always gonna be there. (2011)


First it was too much about the fame, then it was too dark and monsterous, then I put out Born this way and it was so gay, now ARTPOP and I’m too artsy. I want to be remembered for all those things. I want to be remembered for how uncomfortable I made the world. 

When the moon sets, people say that the moon has disappeared; and when the moon rises, they say that the moon has appeared. In fact, the moon neither goes nor comes, but shines continually in the sky. Buddha is exactly like the moon: He neither appears or disappears; He only seems to do so out of love for the people that He may teach them.
—  The Teaching of Buddha
Sometimes recovery is waking up early to write in coffee shops and practicing yoga and eating lots of fruit and chocolate and sometimes it’s staying in bed all day and hiding from the world until you can stop crying. All of this is ok. What’s important is that you take care of yourself no matter what kind of day you’re having.

“The idea of soul mates actually originated with Plato. His theory was that, humans originally consisted of four arms, four legs, and two faces. Zeus was threatened by their power and split them all in half. Condemning us all to spend our lives trying to complete ourselves” -TB


“I’m telling you.” Alby sounded like he was begging—near hysterical. “We can’t go back to where we came from. I’ve seen it, remembered awful, awful things. Burned land, a disease—something called the Flare. It was horrible—way worse than we have it here.”
“If we stay here, we’ll all die!” Minho yelled. “It’s worse than that?”
Alby stared at Minho a long time before answering. Thomas could only think of the words he’d just said. The Flare. Something about it was familiar, right on the edge of his mind. But he was certain he hadn’t remembered anything about that when he’d gone through the Changing.
“Yes,” Alby finally said. “It’s worse. Better to die than go home.”
Minho snickered and leaned back in his chair. “Man, you are one butt-load of sunshine, let me tell you. I’m with Thomas. I’m with Thomas one hundred percent. If we’re gonna die, let’s freakin’ do it fighting.”
“Inside the Maze or out of it,” Thomas added, relieved that Minho was firmly on his side. He turned to Alby then, and looked at him gravely. “We still live inside the world you remembered.”


Winter will never come for the likes of us. Should we die in battle, they will surely sing of us, and it’s always summer in the songs. In the songs… ” - Brienne of Tarth