i really love this photoshoot!


playful and touchy cuties


❣️Because of the thorns
A beautiful rose 🌹 can bloom
Dark red flowers 🌺 it means I love you
Even if I bleed everywhere I wanna know you
Cause I think about you err-day
I’m already addicted to you❣️🎵🎵🎶

i hate this fucking meme because i think about it with REGRET every day. this meme comes from a vanity fair photoshoot. i had an interview for a social media position at vanity fair, and when they asked what about the magazine i liked to read the most, i fucking blanked and said some random bullshit. what i SHOULD have said was “im a huge star wars fan and i really love the photoshoots that come out before each star wars movie, especially the one that came out during the prequels era. fun fact: one of the pictures in it became a hilarious meme that most people dont even know is from vanity fair”. instead i said some generic bullshit and didn’t get the job. i could have rocked them with the most hilarious story encompassing my meme knowledge and its connection to their brand, and instead this meme haunts me every day when i wake up.