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I glanced at your art just once and I started following you, it's super cute!! Can I ask something, though? What do you think about Alm/Lukas? Idk I think it's just me ;/

Thank you so much kind Anon!!! I’m glad you think my art looks cute!!


Their relationship has so much potential for great support– Alm can be the very enthusiastic fighter who charges head-on during battles while Lukas can be the mom who tries to hold the kid back (and fails every time). 

In the beginning Alm proposed the idea of joining the Deliverance in place of his grandpa to Lukas, and Lukas replied “that might actually work out” if I remember correctly. Hence when Alm was going through all the hard times in Act 4 I wANT….. LUKAS……….. TO COMFORT THE BOY OR AT LEAST JUST /SAY/ SOMETHING about it. He can be like another family member to Alm when Alm is losing many in the process. 

I’d been craving Alm/Lukas support so badly do you feel m e


AKB48 48th Single - Negaigoto no Mochigusare Live Performance


Crisis - S2 E21


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Lady Lunafreya Headcanons

Working on getting more girl power content on this blog. <3 I really love Luna.

I love all the FFXV ladies.

They’re all perf.

Enjoy some random facts about Sailor Luna :3

  • She’s very athletic.
  • She’s pretty skilled in all sports.
  • Especially tennis.
  • She’s at pro-level in tennis.
  • Her least favorite sport is soccer.
  • She doesn’t like relying solely on her feet in a sport.
  • Luna is all about being on teams.
  • So she almost always plays doubles in tennis.
  • I imagine Ravus would be her teammate most of the time.
  • She really loves her brother more than anything.
  • Of course, they have their spats and disagreements.
  • Some more severe than others.
  • But ultimately, she loves him.
  • He’s her only remaining family.
  • Umbra and Pryna give him a run for his money, though.
  • She’s such an animal lover.
  • If anyone tries to hurt Umbra and/or Pryna… Lunafreya will more than likely kill a bitch.
  • Firm believer that animals are better than humans
  • She has more guy friends than girl friends
  • Platonically
  • She just finds them easier to talk to
  • She doesn’t like the drama that comes along with girl friends
  • Of course, she still has girl friends.
  • Just more guy friends
  • If she ever tries to lie, she comes clean like 5 minutes later in tears
  • It’s impossible for her to lie
  • She is good at tricking people though… #Kingsglaive am I right
  • Super book smart.
  • She reads when she’s bored.
  • She’s a major book worm.
  • She carries around a book or two or seven with her while traveling around Eos to fulfill her duties as Oracle
  • She can read a novel in a full day
  • She won’t ever quit on a book
  • If she hates it, she’ll read it all the way to end
  • It deserves a fair chance, in her opinion.
  • Has bad motion sickness.
  • Super claustrophobic.
  • She enjoys night time more than day time.
  • Yes, of course she loves looking at the moon.
  • I mean… it’s her name sake.
  • Put she just loves the silence and peace that comes with it.
  • She has a lovely balcony in her bedroom that she sits out on each and every night to destress and relax.
  • Prefers baths over showers.
  • It takes a while to gain Luna’s trust.
  • But once someone has it… she’s loyal to them forever
  • One of those kind of friends that never stop loving others… no matter how long they go without talking or seeing one another
  • She doesn’t have a cell phone.
  • Which explains why Noctis and her only communicate through the journal
  • She lowkey hates technology
  • Feels as if she was born in the wrong century
  • The closest thing she owns that’s “high tec” is a staticky radio that plays only a handful of stations
  • She really loves old style music
  • *really tempted to make playlists for each and every FFXV character now*
  • *would you guys listen to them?*
  • She also owns a really, really, really old record player.
  • It’s really old.
  • Takes her like a day and a half to understand a joke.
  • She definitely will wake up in the middle of the night like “OH I GET IT! THAT’S HILARIOUS.”
  • Canon: Lunafreya is great and everyone wants to be her bestie.
  • Well, I wanna be her bestie at least.

— Oikawa has a sense and doesn’t lack effort but when you compare him to the mass of talent named Kageyama, that’s two years younger than him, Oikawa is an efficient player but not a genius. I can say with confidence that, at this moment in time, the one who is a better setteris Oikawa.

Lazy dates w/ Taeyong
  • hjgfkeñ this is going to be so cute and fluffy i can already tell
  • woah, i didn’t realize how much i missed writing about this baby boy damn
  • i have a soft spot for ty in myheart, what can i say…
  • well maybe they’re like two but hE’S SO PERF HOW CAN I NOT
  • ugh, i really really love him he makes me saddddd
  • but let’s just start with this right i’m being boring
  • okay so, first thing first, let me tell you that ty track loves lazy dates
  • he l o v e s them
  • also, since both of you are super lazy y’all are in heave basically
  • and, i mean is completely understandable, everyone knows that lazy dates are better than actual dates
  • the idea of staying home, in y’alls pijamas with messy hair and just being really stupid together sounds like perfection
  • and y’all never get bored because of all the different things y’all do together
  • and if it happens, y’all can always start cuddling and talk about different things or just take a nap together, it’s not a big deal
  • y’all probably have them so often that y’all don’t even realize when y’all started to get all cuddly and clingy w each other, lol
  • but okay, let’s go to the story
  • so, y’all actually did have a few things planed for that day
  • taeyong’s schedule was over and he had a few days disoccupied
  • and since he was getting tired of his members faces he decided to spend those moments by your side, lol
  • and normally, after his schedules finishes he’s always really tired bc of all the performances and broadcasts and all the practices he had
  • those are the moments when you just koala hug each other till y’all end up sleeping in each other arms
  • fshghjksña <3
  • but, surprisingly, this time he was feeling really energetic and happy
  • and, sorry but did y’all notice how happy all the members are in this era??? i haven’t notice hem feeling tired or sad and I’M SO HAPPY
  • my babies should feel be like this every. single. day.
  • anyways, the thing is that he decided to invite you to one of those cute dates when y’all do crazier stuff instead of cheesy stuff
  • things like idk going to a amusement park or something similar
  • but guess what happend,,,,
  • rain happened
  • i’m gonna be a bad bad boy i gotta be a bad boy
  • and you actually were kind of sad bc you really wanted to go to the amusement park
  • and when ty saw you all melancolic and sad while looking at the raindrops and listening to the sound of the rain he kinda smiled bUT FELT SO BAD
  • he slowly placed his arms around your waist and backhugged you tightly as he caressed your skin and placed kisses in anyexposed skin he saw
  • millions of kisses in your cheeks, shoulders, neck and eVERYWHERE BASICALLY
  • jESUs okay
  • give me two secs
  • “aw, don’t worry by the rain babe, there are a lot of fun stuff we can do here”
  • “like what?”
  • “there are lots of fun things to do in the bedroom baby girl ;)))))))”
  • and you were like 
  • “ ah ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) really? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) give me an example ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
  • and he goes to his bedroom and like five mins later he comes back with a gigantic pile of board games and blankets and soft pillows
  • “strip chess? strip poKer?? sTRip moNOpOLY ¿¿¿¡?”
  • “wha- no wtfwe have to babysit the dreamies later y/n”
  • and he would softly hit you with one of the pillows and ofc you hit him back i meAN
  • and both of you started to laugh and hit each other softly with the pillows i’m
  • but even if you were dissapointed™ you still made u & ur man some coffee while he organizaed the place to make it more comfy and cozy
  • y’all played monopoly and yeah,, that was,,, interesting
  • he actually loves to see how competetive you were being und ugh u’re just so cute
  • “since you’re all grumpy.. what about some kisses, a romantic movie and some cuddles?”
  • “go away i don’t want your cuddles”
  • he got closer to you anyways and placed his arms around your figure but when you took them off he started to tickle you
  • “gO AWayYYyY!!”
  • “no until yous aid that you accept my cuddles”
  • “nEVer”
  • and you started to run around the whole place and you ahd taeyong running behind you and trying to catch you
  • and when he finally catched you, he holded you in his arms and started to spin you around while both of you were laughing and smiling a lot
  • in the end, he placed on the floor softly and stayed over you still smiling widely
  • “seems like you don’t have escape now, hmm?”
  • and you just rolled your eyes but he giggled and then started to kiss your cheek and the corner of your lips but never actually kissing you
  • “why are you making me suffer?”
  • he would laugh with that beautiful laugh of his and then softly press his lips over yours, kissing them with pure sweetness and softeness
  • and, as always, he made your heart beat at the speed of light and feel millions of butterflies flying around your stomach
  • “let go cuddle now, y/n, okay?”
  • and he probably stealed a few kisses more before letting you go

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Prepare for one long-ass post.

I’ve been accused of hating Aang before just because I ship Zutara, and let me get something straight.

Aang is one of my favorite characters in the entire show. 

He’s fun, adorable, and inspiring. He’s someone that I can cheer for, a hero, everything a protagonist should be. And he has depth to him that a lot of TV characters lack these days (in fact, almost all the ATLA characters do), but that doesn’t mean I automatically pair him with the main girl of the show.

I don’t ship him with Katara simply because I don’t believe they are a good romantic match for each other. Honestly, they are, other than Iroh and Toph, my biggest BROTP of the series. I think Aang’s wisdom and Katara’s compassion compliment each other very well. But just like Katara’s compassion isn’t perfect or infinite, Aang’s wisdom does not always translate to his own characteristics. He may have a very high awareness of morality, but he is also very immature in his own sense.

He didn’t know how to back off and let Katara find herself, find what she wanted. He was blinded by his own infatuation, his own love, and he could not let her go. (See episode: Ember Island Players)

Strictly going by what I saw in the series, I don’t think  Aang was very good at taking his own advice. Yes, he is human, and yes, he is still growing, but that’s just it. He’s a kid. He’s young, a little naive, and tiny bit unreasonable. Katara at that time was learning how to become a woman, while Aang had yet to become a man. It’s not that Katara didn’t have her fair share of mistakes, because she definitely did. It’s that Aang didn’t understand her mistakes, and I think that’s because they just didn’t connect as well emotionally in that way.

They are best friends, but that’s all I can see them being.

Zuko and Katara on the other hand… Well, the reason I ship them is not just because of the chemistry (although damn, Dante and Mai were perfect) but because they help each other grow. Forget about the whole opposite elements and tragic backstory. Think about how well they fit together, how well they support one another. 

We, the fandom, always joke around about Zuko and honor, but really, it was a huge part of his character. His entire story was about redeeming himself, finding someone who saw past his flaws and scars and mistakes. And Katara was perfect for that.

Zuko’s character complex was that he didn’t just need forgiveness, he needed redemption. When he joined the Gaang, Katara refused to let him off the hook. She made him work for it; tested him, pushed him. And even if it wasn’t her brightest moment, even if it wasn’t the best way, she unintentionally saw right through to him, to his core.

She gave him hell, but he fought like hell right back.

And he found a way to earn his forgiveness. Zuko was used to fighting for what he wanted, what he needed and deserved. I personally don’t think he ever would’ve felt worthy of being accepted into the Gaang if he didn’t have to achieve it in some way.

Zuko always struggled with his own battle between choosing good and bad. Katara may have been a bit bitchy to him, but it was a challenge that forced him to discover the raw truth to his intentions, to strengthen his own determination.

And Katara, she was her own basket case. She’s sweet, pretty, strong; the picture perfect girl. But perfection is always dangerous territory. That kind of title paves the way for arrogance, entitlement, and ignorance. Katara almost seemed to be going down that path for a while. She was quick to judge others and forget to see the flaws in herself. 

Then, Zuko came along.

She had shown him her infamous compassion only to have it thrown in her face. Zuko’s betrayal was the turning point in Katara’s character, the catalyst. After the season 2 finale, there’s an identifiable shift in her character. She grows up, loses a bit of that childish innocence, learns to think for herself. She still carries that hope with her, but she’s become less careless with it.

And when Zuko came stumbling back to their ragtag group - that’s when she began to find how ignorant she was. She picked Zuko apart, revealing to not only herself, but everyone else, the vicious bitterness that had been brewing in her from the moment her mother died. She was mean, threatening, and hard hearted. But as Zuko and her went on that life-changing field trip, she was finally able to let go.

She let go of her hatred, the pressure, her need to be perfect. Above all, Zuko had shown her something she needed to know; that she is in charge of her own actions and choices, that she has the freedom to choose. It was something Aang didn’t understand she needed.

Katara is a very strong character. Her personality is not a timid one to be shoved into the background. She’s naturally fierce, stubborn, driven, and she demands attention. She doesn’t deserve, nor does she fit the role of a submitting woman who stands secondary to a man. But she would never want to stand in the way of somebody else’s success either. Her being with Aang, the freaking Avatar, caused her to stand in his shadow (see: Legend of Korra).

That’s why she and Zuko are the perfect match. They are each other’s equal. 

Her, a master waterbender, him a master firebender. She was Aang’s teacher, just as he had been. Both helped each other grow and strengthen, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Both taught each other how to recognize and work against their greatest weaknesses. Both were incredibly important to the salvation of the world. And so many more parallels. 

They just work.

Not to mention the fact that they work damn well together and are both hot af. 

Anyways… I’m sorry, this was not supposed to be so long. That’s my rant of the day. All in all, GO ZUTARA.