i really love this one omfg

“Okay look, I know I have royal duties to attend to Ignis, but rescuing the Chocobos comes first.”


Hairstyles with R!Genji! And a bonus canon Genji because he is beautiful and I love him


Soldier: A dozen roses, Gabriel?  Really?

Reaper: …That’s what you’re supposed to do, Jack.  But you got me just one.

Soldier: That’s because you’re my only love.

Reaper *blushing*: YOU…cheap…bastard.

Soldier: You’re my one and only.

Reaper: WAIT - 

Soldier: You’re my ONE true love.

Reaper: NO - 

Soldier: Love is a numbers game, but you’re the ONE for me.

Reaper: omfg

Soldier: My heart and SOLE.

Reaper: STOP

Soldier: I may be Soldier: 76, but you’re Number: 1 in my heart.

Reaper: *wraiths away*



*rises from the void with an unearthly scream*



I also ship Dazai and Atsushi a hella lot. I am in constant shipping hell with these two.

I was going through tumblr and there was this otp meme where one of the questions was “who wraps the other up in a duvet just to annoy them and who struggles to get out of it?”

Dazai. It will always be Dazai who does this Atsushi. Multiple times.

God, I love these two dorks.

I have one last part of this comic I’m still working on but I’ll post it later. Sorry @lunaxxre, I’ll be done with the last page soon. Hopefully.

I hope you guys like thissssss

*slinks back into the void*

Update: I made the last page~!


This woman, this character one of the only highlights of this series.

Sians amazing acting and matching the character omfg fangirling attack i dont have words… she made perfect Holmes, didn’t she?


3 characters and we really didn’t saw it at first…AMAZING.

And then there’s Eurus i again dont have words, Sian truly fits this role and creates so real Holmes. Thank her and creators for this.



Spare Thoughts™  for Hairspray Live
  • Derek Hough was great and all, but they had Sean Hayes in this cast and didn’t have him playing Corny Collins. This is maddeningly confusing to me. Sean Hayes is Corny Collins??
  • Maddie Bailo was adorable and so talented I love her BUT she did a pretty bad job controlling her breathing. She had a breathless sound in like half her songs because she wasn’t hitting the breathing marks, she really needs to work on that.
  • Kristen Chenoweth is better than 97% of the world’s population. I already knew this, but she went hard trying to reiterate it last night.
  • Garret Clayton was a PERFECT casting choice for Link omfg. I love him I wish they had let him do more.
  • I know people were torn over Ariana Grande as Penny but I had FAITH in her and she didn’t disappoint. Like, not my favorite portrayal of Penny, but she still killed it omg
  • Seaweed J. Stubbs is one of the great fictional loves of my life and he was outstanding last night I was so happy
  • Confirmed: I’m officially stanning Dove Cameron. Girl is crazy talented and I feel like they didn’t take advantage of her enough
  • Okay I genuinely don’t remember if they changed the ending when it went play –> movie, but wasn’t Inez supposed to win the pageant with a bunch of write in votes??? And that’s what officially integrates the show??? I liked that ending a lot better and I was kinda disappointed it didn’t happen
  • Inez’s actress was PRECIOUS though who is she I’m adopting her
  • During “Timeless to Me” when a camera got in the shot and you heard someone offstage say “30 seconds till-” lmao
  • Why was everything so dark???? Like what was up with the lighting guys omg
  • Billy Eichner did not scream once. Why did they deprive him of reaching his full potential
  • When the original Tracy’s had a cameo and I scREAMED
  • Kristen Chenoweth’s bow got cut off and it was a travesty
  • When Link said “I’m not gonna throw away my shot!” my hamiltrash mother snorted so fucking loud guys it was so funny
  • Harvey Fierstein was way too iconic for me to put into words
  • During “Without Love” when Penny’s mom was flipping out and just rolled over her bed??? What was that??? I’m still laughing omfg
  • “Our very own Link Larkin is now going to dedicate a song to newcomer Tracy!” *Link proceeds to flirt with every single girl on stage before Tracy jumps in his face and steals his attention*
  • Penny’s entrance into ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’ I am DECEASED
  • Also I fucking want that outfit Ariana was rocking omfg
  • Martin Short!!! Was adorable!!! As Wilbur!!!
  • I got a little annoyed at the commercials bc they had so much product placement for whipped cream and oreos but??? No promotions for hair products??? Really??? Just feels like a wasted opportunity for some companies lol
  • The girls had me WEAK during “Mama I’m a Big Girl Now”
  • Hold Mommy’s waffles.”
  • Penny throwing all fucks out the window and straddling Seaweed during “Without Love” like honestly same girl same
  • Dove Cameron singing “Cooties” God Bless America my skin is cleared I love her don’t touch me
  • We got a lot of side profiles for Link and I’d like to imagine Garrett did that and struck poses on purpose to give America a quality view of his ass
  • Why didn’t the Special Ed kids get gym uniforms
  • Kristen Chenoweth in that green dress during “Miss Baltimore Crabs”. Award worthy.
  • “I Can Hear the Bells” will always be one of my favorite songs because it’s so overdramatic and also 100% me every time I remotely like someone
  • I’m gonna start telling literally everyone that I hate that they have “acne of the soul” lmao
  • In Maybelle’s shop like…did they just have those protest signs ready and waiting for a little white girl to appear with the dream of revolutionizing television? lol
  • Penny’s mom randomly having a change of heart at the end of the show was…unneeded, honestly. I felt weird and insincere
  • Costumes we’re g r e a t
  • I was caught off guard by Darren Criss hosting and suddenly I had to face all of my repressed love for him holy shit
  • Tracy ripping the prison bars right off the wall in her quest to get some hunky boy’s dick. Relatable.
  • “Welcome To The Sixties” was LIT that might’ve been their best number of the performance
  • Tracy declaring her college plans on tv was gr8
  • I think I’m gonna give the show an 8. Specific people were completely fantastic, but the overall performance felt like it was lacking something??? I’m not sure what, but there was definitely something missing. Plus, it didn’t feel high-energy enough. Great performance, but not outstanding, you feel?
  • !!!

Inspo: [Nekoma X Love Live Crossover] by @pyayaya

This is the moment I have been crawling out of my skin all week for.

You all literally cannot fathom how excited I was to put this on and take selfies in my poorly lit living room. I just love this crossover more than life and now all I need is a super cute Kenma :’)

I really wish that I knew what it was like to be 100% in love with Sims 4 :/ I love how smoothly it runs, I love the cartoon-y look of it and I absolutely adore the way CAS is laid out. But OMFG it’s quite possibly one of the most boring games I’ve ever played. The only way I can ever keep myself interested is by having a story line for my sims. I can never just go in and want to mindlessly play without getting bored within a half hour. I want to love it, but I honestly can’t.

And on the other hand, I’m 100% in love with the Sims 3 but I absolutely hate how laggy it is when I have just a little too much cc in my game, and how glitchy it is. If Sims 3 had the smoothness and stability of Sims 4, I’d never go back. Ugh, it’s so infuriating!

I have a problem and I just had to rant a little.


@shallowseamermaid OK LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. I secretly have a really big thing for drarry+cars. I love when they are just like

“Omfg Draco you don’t even have a license!”
“How does this thing even work? WHY DO MUGGLES DO THIS?”
But then they drive around and have fun and sometimes like in that one fic I last read and loved they just go on long quiet trips and it’s just so good.


(n.): reparation for a wrong or injury; amends.
yoongi x reader
genre: angst

prologue | part 0.5 | part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9 | part 10 (FINAL)

  • part 10: “Yoongi made me promise that i’d spend the rest our lives making it up to him. It’s funny how the world works itself out. I had spent so long trying to find happiness. Turns out he was it, all along. He was happiness.” day one/forever.

A/N: omfg wow its over what a journey wow hello goodbye wah. I know a bunch of you were rootin for a happy ending and i didnt really have it in me to break all your hearts (my bestfriends’ heart too) so i obliged. thank you so much for all your love and feels and theories throughout this journey. I’ll be doing some random one shots and scenarios the next couple weeks before releasing my next project [i’ll reveal which member focus it is next week]. I may or may not open my requests too temporarily- for some inspiration and change of scene, so keep your eyes peeled for that as well :) 

i love you guys. as always, thank you for everything you are all such a blessing. xo

Goblin: The Lonely & Great God, I'm not ready to say goodbye.

Hmmm…I don’t really know what to say. Goblin ended and I feel empty but I also feel glad in a strange way. I don’t know I might be losing it. Am I the only one? 2016 was filled with craziness for me as a kdrama addict. Firstly when Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo was announced I was elated. I counted down the days, I prayed 29th August would come sooner. But even before Moon Lovers aired, on 9th August it was announced that Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo would be doing a drama together! 

LIKE OMFG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE KIM GO EUN. I have watched every movie she was in and of course Cheese In the Trap too. Anyway I was glad they were gonna air it after Moon Lovers, I was so freaking excited. But Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo broke me and left me devastated, like I’m not even kidding. Even after the drama ended I would wake up in the middle of the night and cry or as I’m going on with my day suddenly I would stop whatever I’m doing and just cry. It may seem a little silly to people but I loved that drama with all my heart, with everything I had. 

The characters were real to me, I laughed with them I cried with them, I fell in love and loved with them. I shared their pain, their misery, and their heartbreaks. It was real, it was raw, and it was remarkable. 

But my excitement for Goblin kinda decreased cause I was scared to invest my feelings and time into another drama and not just any genre but a fantasy genre drama. I was looking forward to it though so while waiting, 15 days after Moon Lovers ended, Weightlifting Kim Bok Ju was aired. Though I felt a sting whenever Nam Joo Hyuk was on the screen (My Baek-ah otokaeee), overtime I started loving the story and the characters. It was everything I needed after Moon Lovers. A light, fluffy, coming of age drama. While it was airing, 16 days later Goblin was aired and OMG it was amazing and perfect since Episode 1. I fell in love and I knew, I just knew that I was gonna invest everything I had into the drama and I did. The devastation, the emptiness that Moon Lovers made me feel did not matter. I wanted to give everything I had emotionally to Goblin. But as I was focusing on Goblin, I was watching WLFKBJ too and before I knew it, it ended. I experienced withdrawal symptoms but it wasn’t as bad. I recovered within a week. It doesn’t mean I loved the drama and characters any less though. I learnt so much from each of the characters, I was upset when it ended but I had Goblin. 

The combination of being destroyed by Moon Lovers and experiencing withdrawal symptoms, I depended on Goblin like there was no tomorrow. I watched every episode live and I re-watched each episode at least 4 times. Again I laughed, I cried and I loved with the characters. I loved every moment of the drama and I do not regret investing my time and feelings. I do feel a sting now that it has ended but I’m glad we were blessed with such an amazing drama. The cast and crew were more than perfect, they worked hard and I hope they achieved their goals and whatever they wanted to through this drama. Kim Shin. Ji Eun Tak. Wang Yeo. Sun Hee. Deok Hwa. Secretary Kim. And the deities. You worked hard. 

Every episode, every minute, every second, every character, everything shined. Everyday and every time I watched Goblin, it shined. Because the characters were in love and happy. Because the characters were heartbroken and wrecked. Every episode shined. 

I’m already looking forward to the cast’s next project. I will continue to support them and love them in my own way. Goblin ended, but it’s not really goodbye now is it. (I’m crying, as I’m typing, aigoo). Now excuse me while I curl up at a corner and bawl my eyes out as I try to blow out candles.

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Hardships of a Fangirl
  • Me: *reads a fanfic on my phone in public*
  • Fanfic: *cute scene happens*
  • Person: she's really interested in her phone I wonder what she's thinking
  • Me: *internally screaming* my otp omfg what even gave you the right stop that I can't handle omfg adskjfa;sklf STOP THAT I CANT EVEN I JUST CANT UGH MY FEEL GOD DANGIT stupid dorks I hate you but I love you guys too ugh wtf I WANNA SCREAM ABOUT MY OTP AND SHARE MY FEELINGS WITH OTHERS NOW BUT I CANT
  • Person: yea she's really interested in it, I wonder why she can't stop smiling. It must be something really funny.

Season two of Shadowhunters already looks sooooo much better than season one. Don’t get me wrong, I loved season one but holy shit the sets, the acting, the props, everything looks much more professional this season! And OMFG the chemistry between Clary and Izzy!!! I don’t think I ever really completely shipped them until I saw the sneak peek scene! Every time I think about it, I start giggling uncontrollably.

Also, where the fuck is Luke? I mean, yeah he was in the trailer but I need more content with him! And him with Jocelyn as well!

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"I miss working with you." "The truth is, I like getting the chance to work with you again." Harvey just getting real comfortable with telling Mike how he feels. What's next? "Well, hey, I love you, and I want to spend every day with you."? Like, damn.



can you fucking imagine.

He’s getting that comfortable with expressing his feelings (towards Mike, I might add!) that he ends a phone call one day with “I love you”, and doesn’t even realize, but Mike’s sitting in his little shitty-ass clinic (soz Mike ily) staring at his phone like “….What the fuck did he just say to me?” but he assumes mistake, so ignores it.

But Harvey keeps doing it. These adorable little confessions that he’s thinking nothing of because he really isn’t noticing them, he’s just so open w/ Mike now that it’s like natural conversation.

And then he says it one time after Mike’s about to leave and Mike’s like okay, hold on, time out. Did you know that you’ve told me you love me 56 times since we worked that case together? Is there something you need to tell me, Harvey?

So Harvey, being a smartass, just smirks at him and says. I have told you. 56 times. Nice of you to start noticing.

#teammarvey xo