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Link's first make out session? (headcanons or scenario, I don't mind >u<) Sorry need fluff lolz, love your account btw ❤

Don;t be sorry, it’s a cute ask!

And thank you!

-Mod Pinks

First Maekout Session (Link)

  • Too nervous to make it really hot and heavy
    • So worried his s/o won’t like his kisses
    • That thought doesn’t last long.
  • Depending on the height of the s/o, Link will either be in their lap or will be sitting next to them.
  • Shy, eager kisses- too afraid to make them really deep, but they are really fast and have a lot of energy behind them.
  • Eventually has to pull away because of the amount of blood rushing to his cheeks at such high speeds.
  • Can’t look s/o in the eye for a few minutes after from being so flustered.
  • Please don’t catch him making out with s/o- he’ll be unable to speak to anyone or even look at them for a week.

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I really love Lapidot. Platonic or romantic, I really like the healing-relationship between Peri and Lapi o\\\o Lapidot's helped me much in many of my down time. Your blog is one of the Lapidot blogs I love most U\\\U Your passion and love for Lapidot really inspire me (sr if I made mistakes 'cuz English is not my native language, just know that I really love you and appreciate all your hard work)

Aw, thanks so much for your lovely message, I really appreciate it :)

(Your English is absolutely fine, please don’t apologise!)

be sure to understand ur s/o’s way of showing affection and make them aware of yours.. some ppl show affection by buying u things and some ppl will say I love u a million times and some will make u breakfast some will leave u the last ice cream, but it’s really important to know about these things bc u could not notice them and feel unloved while your s/o feels taken for granted and it’s just all a big misunderstanding so please talk about these things


Tron (1982)

Harry Potter Preference – Bad habits

- T R I O  E R A -

H A R R Y: Emotional Shopping. Harry’s always emotional. Harry’s rich. Harry’s an emotional shopper.

R O N: Swearing. Ron has such a dirty mouth omg.

D R A C O: Drinking coffee. Boys’ gotta get his caffeine is all.

F R E D: Humming. Fred loves to sing and hum is all.

G E O R G E: Biting his pen. when he thinking really hard he bights on his pen. It’s kinda cute tbh.

- M A R A U D E R S    E R A -

J A M E S: Playing with a snitch. It’s like he showing off. It’s annoying, but kind of endearing.

S I R I U S: Constantly playing with his hair. But you kind of love it because it’s adorable.

R E M U S: Biting his fingernails. Remus is always a nervous wreck so it’s just a natural reaction.

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How would the vets and cadets react if they were given a present they don't really like?

Mikasa: … thanks…
Reiner: Wow hey,,, thenk u 
Bertholdt: Is genuinely happy about getting a present in general 
Annie: thx *puts it away*
Eren: D: thanks
Jean: What the… thank you?
Marco: Doesn’t care if he likes it or not
Sasha: Wow I wasn’t expecting that! hahahaha…ha…ha…
Connie: Uhm… okay…
Historia: o__O
Armin: Thanks! I’ll make sure to find good use for it!
Ymir: Lol this sucks, dude!
Levi: Not my thing really, but thanks anyway…
Hanji: Hahahaha this is bad, I love it!
Erwin: Interesting choice of gift!
Nanaba: Hm.. Thanks…
Mike: *nods but looks confused*

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Can I have a scenario where tendo has an s/o who's friends don't really understand why she likes him and he over hears them asking her why his s/o is even dating him in the first place and she starts to list the multitude of reasons she has for liking Tendo and at the end she's like "and that's why I love him" but this is the first time she's ever admitted it out loud? Idk how it would end but I guess you could end it however you want, my only request is that u make it really fluffy? Thanks ILY!

He knew her friends didn’t like him.

He could see it in their eyes when they first met. Frowns were casted upon their faces and out of the corner of his eye he saw them mouth, ‘why him?’ At the time he just ignored it, he knew the way girls were. His older sister had always complained that guys in her class were good-for-nothing, backstabbing, sonuvabitches who, to quote her directly, “were an abomination to female kind.” Girls were supposed to despise guys at first sight, weren’t they? He was honest they would call him a ‘fuckboy’ or ‘douche bag’ or whatever else behind his back once he walked away. He was sure it was just their natural instinct to protect their friend. He was sure they would get used to him eventually. Although, he soon learned to never trust his instincts.

He should’ve known after four months of them dating, their petty little hate parade on him wasn’t just a feeble attempt to protect their friend. It was elementary school all over again when he heard, ‘monster’ slip past gloss caked lips for the first time. Half of him wanted to die, right then, right there, because the people that meant most to the person that meant most to him, loathed him. He knew he shouldn’t let them bother him, because his girlfriend would always assure them they were just being ‘girls’. Although, after the fifteenth time one of them had passed by him and coughed, ‘freakshow’ under her breath, he knew they weren’t just being girls. They were being bullies, and it seemed like such a childish thing to say. They were tormenting him to break up with her, and god knows what they say to her, but in that moment, Tendou knew somebody was out to get him.

His obsession with finding out the truth came crawling up on him one month later. The mocking never ceased to end, and with all his power did he try to suppress the pettiness they produced. She had started growing a bit more distant, he noticed. Late night conversations were cut short by nine o’clock, greetings in the hallway were becoming shorter and shorter, soon they were just small waves in his general direction before she was pulled away by a menacing hand. He didn’t want their relationship to end, not like this at least. He wished she would just stand up for herself, or something, but she never did. Unless someone did something, anything, their relationship was going to be an endless cycle of ‘dump him’ and ‘stay with me’ until all came down in shambles.

It was the Friday night before mocks week, and Tendou knew he had a million and one things he should be doing. Although, like an idiot, he found himself wandering around campus at eight o’clock at night, doing nothing in particular except letting the steady raindrops fall onto his now matted hair. The entirety of this scenario was miserable, hell, he probably looked like an Andy Biersack stan to anyone who dare caught him wandering around like this. The rain started pouring down harder, claps of thunder and lightning illuminating the sky. His shoes began to get sloshy and drops of rain began to fall into his eyes, and he began to thank whatever god he prayed to for the library just twenty feet away from him. With a slightly awkward jog he darted into the facility, the old woman behind the front desk giving him a curt nod upon his arrival, muttering something about closing in an hour, but he didn’t really care. He didn’t find himself in the library much, not since volleyball practices became more and more extensive. Although, he remembered there was a nice pod up on the second floor, a reading corner, as it was called, with bean bag chairs and fairy lights and he was sure he would destroy the place with his soaking wet being, but nothing was stopping his from going up there anyways. The old lady could kiss his ass if she told him otherwise. Although, all his plans had backfired the moment he stepped foot on the top floor, catching a glimpse of an all too familiar, acrylic nailed hand, and the chime of a giggle he loved so much. His heart was in his throat, then, as he darted behind a bookshelf barrier. Curiously, carefully, he peeked out, only to find his girlfriend, and the entirety of her friend group, huddled around in a circle. He wasn’t sure if it was sweat dripping down his forehead, or rain, but he knew he was nervous, and really had no clue why. He could abolish each and every one of them if he wanted to, in every way, shape and form they were weaker than him, but even then, he was nervous, and he had no idea how to escape his refuge from behind the bookshelf.

Twenty minutes past and he sufficed to sitting down, carefully pulling a book out from the wall up behind him and skimming through its pages. He was in no way interested, just passing the time as the girls conversation droned on, the occasional mentioning of a boys name or a giggle catching his interest, though. Although, it wasn’t until he heard his name being choked out with such malice did he put the book down, all attention gravitating towards the conversation happening behind him.
“I still don’t get why you’re with Tendou.” Came the remark, quick and fast and out of nowhere. “If you could have anyone on that team besides Tendou, who would you go for?”
There was an elongated pause, the only noise to be heard was the rapid beating of his heart.
“I’d still go for Tendou.” His girlfriend sighed. “I’d find a way to get him.”
“You wouldn’t go for Ushijima-kun?”
“What about that Semi guy? I hear his casual attire is atrocious, though.”
Comments kept spilling out everywhere, but Tendou couldn’t quite catch them all. He had to suppress a giddy giggle upon the words she had said. He knew it was pathetic of him to get so excited over such a thing, but after a month of doubt, to hear that he was still wanted was just music to his ears.
“I really don’t get what you see in him, still.” Came a sigh, and the clatter of something being set down.
“What isn’t there to get?”
“I mean, doesn’t he just seem… standoffish? You’ve seen him play, we’ve all seen him play, he’s a freak. He doesn’t get along with anyone except Ushijima-Kun, who I’m sure is just tolerating him for his reputation…”
The insults just kept pouring on, and on, and on, until Tendou could feel himself on the verge of tears. The last thing he needed on this godforsaken night was his insecurities to be dug up and laid out in front of him after three years of digging a hole and laying them down six feet under. The last thing he needed was for his girlfriend, the one person he trusted above all else, to just sit there and take it, embarrass him while they just kept talking.
“Are you done yet?” Came a sudden peep, through the ruckus of calamity. All went quiet and a throat was cleared, and Tendou physically braced himself for what was to come.
“What you said isn’t false, Satori is the weirdest guy in the school, or whatever.” She began, and Tendou could feel his heart drop from its former place in his throat. “Although, have you ever stopped to consider maybe that’s why I like him? Maybe I’m sick and tired of the status quo, tired of a photocopied generation with limited options to choose from. He’s different, and I love that, and if that makes him a freak, so be it.”
There was another elongated pause, Tendou, his girlfriend, all the girls in the circle, and even the old lady sitting at the front desk downstairs, were dead silent.
“I’m done with you guys bashing on my boyfriend like this. Every single time I see him you have to say something. Why do you always have to be so negative? Can your sad little pea brains even articulate that he makes me happy? That ‘freak show’ has been a better friend to me than all of you since the day I met him, and if you’re just going to sit around and disrespect him all the goddamn time, I’m not going to sit here and respect you.”
There were whines, protests, feeble attempts at apologising, but Tendou didn’t hear them. There were tears dripping from his eyes and he didn’t even attempt at wiping them away. There was shuffling, the dramatic zipping of a bag, and aggravated footsteps. She barked something t him again, and he wasn’t sure if the pounding he heard was his heart beat or her footsteps getting closer. Suddenly, she stormed through the set of bookshelves he cowered behind, and she didn’t even notice him. She didn’t notice him until he swung out an arm and grabbed her ankle, causing her to jerk backwards and gasp.
“Satori?” She whispered, her voice nearly broken. He stood up from him place on the floor and smiled, her worried expression something he didn’t like to see. Her face was red and fuming, eyebrows scrunched up in a concerned manner.
“You’ve been crying.” She muttered, her fingers quick to wipe his cheeks. Tendou just kept smiling, his eyes desperate to meet hers. “How long have you been here for?”
Without saying anything, he kissed her, his hands desperate in her hair and his mouth, voracious. She let a giggle slip in between them, and boldly shuffled out of the protection of the bookshelves. A chorus of gasps erupted, and Tendou couldn’t help but feel like he was in some cheesy, American high school rom-com. Confidently, he flicked the group of girls off, beginning to kiss his her in a way that was far too lewd to even be considered kissing. He didn’t care, though, because she seemed just as into it, tongue and teeth and all, tugging at his damp hair and lower lip. Suddenly, she broke the kiss, grabbed his hand, and darted towards the exit of the library, laughing the entire way.
“I love you, Satori.” She announced, once they were dancing in the open rain. “More than I can articulate out loud.”

He knew her friends didn’t like him, but all that mattered was that she did.

Black Tie Affair ft. T.O.P

Genre: Gangster au! angst later

Word Count: 2,224

Pairing: ReaderXT.O.P

A/U— My loves I hope you like this official first part of this most likely 2-3 part series! I’m really going to miss my Tabi oppa I’m not going to lie guys. So this is me coping with his enlistment.

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I’m dead inside and shiri knows it, btw i really love ur ask pls never stop, and bsd, i also have a problem with the scaner and it only scanedshiros but like, omg r u srsl?

A.N. this is awesome. And Its okay, we’re all a little dead inside o-o

It’s hard to read cause text so I’ll translate
Shiro: miss, are you okay?

Miss who is ‘dead inside’: give me as much coffee as you got

Astro Reaction: To their s/o feeling insecure

Request:  hello!! could i maybe request astro reacting to their s/o feeling insecure?? hope this is ok! thank u, have a great day!! :^)

A/N:(aww have a great day too, love!) Gifs are not mine.Credits to the owner. Send requests! Hope you guys like it!


MJ would be so confused because he really thinks that you’re flawless and perfect. He’ll find a way to help you be more confident (even if you said that he should just drop it). He’ll shower you with compliments every.freaking.day. He’ll back hug you and whisper, “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, you do know that, right?” Maybe he’ll write poems about you and it will make you feel so jolly that you’ll forget about all of the things that you’re insecure about.


Jinjin would notice how you started eating less. He would be really upset, but quickly understand (knowing that it’s normal to feel insecure sometimes). That doesn’t mean that he would let it go though so when you woke up, you were surprised because he filled the refrigerator w/ your favourite food and drinks. He’ll prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for you. “Promise me that you’ll never starve yourself again, Jagiya! ~ now, eat up!”


You could say that you were a little bit jealous when you saw Eunwoo w/ Doyeon. “She looks like a goddess!” You said to yourself. It was ridiculous, but you started having thoughts like “what if I’m not enough for him?” and stuffs like that. When Eunwoo found out that you’ve been insecure (probably because Moonbin can’t shut his mouth) he started writing little love notes w/ compliments and he slips it into your coat pocket before he leaves.


You hate how curly your hair is. You always try to straighten it every day. Moonbin would be suspicious as to why he hasn’t seen you in your natural hair. You told him that he’ll find it hilarious if he sees your natural hair, he quickly shushed you. “It’s a lot of work if you do this every day! ~ I like you just the way you are, Jagi. You don’t need it especially with me. I want you to be comfortable.”


You would be really insecure about having stretch marks. At first, he was so unhappy about it, he would feel guilty for not making you feel confident.  He thinks having stretch marks is natural. He would show you his own stretch marks saying that he has it too and you don’t need to do anything about it because it’s what makes us human. He would say a cheesy line like “Your flaws aren’t flaws to me ~” You would make a silly expression and he would be embarrassed about it.


He would notice it when you’ve been mindlessly staring at the mirror while mumbling criticism at yourself. He would hug you from the back, will place his chin on top of your shoulders and will whisper sweet things to you like “You’re so gorgeous, I hope you know that and stop beating yourself up.” You would probably end up giggling because he rarely says things like that. He would kiss every part of your face and say that he loves everything about you.

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How would gaara react if his s/o kiss him in front of his friends/family (naruto, temari,kankuro,lee, the kages!!..) or if his s/o would be pretty loving (u understand 😜) and how friend/family react??! Also:I really like your headcanons



  • Gaara has never minded that you are a loving person, your spontaneous romance has always lifted his spirits. that being said, he’s still never quite used to it. 
  • Gaara is certainly embarrassed and the color of his cheeks is no less a violent red than that of his hair. he’s a private person so public displays of affection never fail to get him squirming in his seat. you can definitely notice the way he swallows heavily and starts looking the floor with rapt attention, sometimes even going as far to turn away from everyone so they don’t see the blushing glow he has. 
  • Naruto refuses to let it drop and goads him like he’s expecting some soft core porn to be acted out in front of him. the other kages couldn’t really care less, most mildly humored (or annoyed) but Naruto’s childish behavior and somewhat pleasantly surprised that Gaara has a love life of any sort. it’s one thing to hear about it, but an entirely different thing to see it. 
  • Kankuro and Temari just find it hilarious. the first time they got a look at the two of you blushing like mad after brushing hands over a mission file they lost it. Kankuro was sure he almost ruptured his spleen from laughing so hard and Temari makes sure to bring it up to as many people as she can. 
  • bonus: Lee thinks the two of you are positively darling (#relationshipgoals) and could be expected to hide in the bushes singing “ Shalalalala, my oh my, looks like the boy’s too shy…” 

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otayuri as they are now would be pedophilia. yurio says his body hasn't been through changes yet that would affect his skating (puberty). and it would be gross for beka, who's a 19 y/o adult, to be interested in a kid. plus their friendship is lovely. its really sad to me that people value a romantic relationship above friendship. i don't think yurio and otabek would ever become interested in each other romantically. they really don't have that kind of chemistry from what canon shows us, anyway.

aaa well, if u dont think that theyd be interested in each other romantically or u think they dont have that kind of chemistry, then thats ur opinion and no one should judge you for it :o

but tbh, i have said that i dont like the thought of otabek and yuri going into a relationship right now. like all of my fics depict them going into a relationship when yuris 17-19 lol

and uh,, who said that we value relationships over friendships? the fact is, we think that after a few years, these two could develop a healthy and happy relationship, but getting into a relationship with someone doesnt erase the friendship you had with them beforehand :’)