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Hi, I’m Jack and I play guitar in a ‘90s cover band. I have a son named after Jason Todd and if you know that reference, you’re fucking awesome. i’m not sure what else to say, really. Currently sorting out a handle you can reach me at, but until then i’ll be on the dash periodically. :) I don’t bite, and i love friends so feel free to leave messages for me. :)


Voltron Seasons 1-2 except it’s just Hunk Garrett being smart and important

I spent around 10 hours getting this done, half rewatching and gathering scenes from Voltron and the other half compiling and rendering, because I believe that Hunk deserves more love and appreciation for how intelligent and talented and overall amazing he is.

Out of a total of approximately 597 minutes excluding intros and credits, I’m kind of disappointed that this doesn’t even add up to a regular episode’s length so I’m really hoping he gets more spotlight in future seasons ♥


ᴀᴄʜɪᴇᴠᴇᴍᴇɴᴛ ᴜɴʟᴏᴄᴋᴇᴅ ᴡᴀᴋᴇ ᴜᴘ ᴄᴀʟʟ
ᴘᴏʀᴛᴀʟ 2

Survive the manual override

being an ambivert (intro/extrovert at the same time)...

1. I love the idea of being in social settings, meeting new people but sometimes small introductory conversations are not my cup of tea.. I end up stuttering & saying dumb shit like “I really like the shape of your head, really nice, defined..” So I’ve just given up seeking out new friendships. 

2. I’ll dead ass wake up in the morning feeling like “hummm.. this is a good day to hibernate & not to see humans, imma sleep in, pamper myself, read a book, cook, smoke myself up tonight, etc.” but by 12pm, my soul is craving a party, a  kickback or something of the sort.. 

3. I can go from binge watching Netflix for 2 days straight with an introverted friend to hitting that milly and shaking my ass at the club with a bunch of extroverts and have just about the same amount of fun with both. 

4. I can easily read people, put myself in others’ shoes and understand multiple points of views. 

5. I can do some wild, versatile shit like chop off all my hair, or dye it blue, have bodacious makeup on, dress a little out of the ordinary, perform in front of 100s of people etc. but standard conversation with strangers makes me extremely nervous/uncomfortable. 

6.I’m  Indecisive as fuck! 

7. I’m the person that will make plans with you, be hella excited to finally step out, hit the town and just have a great time but if you happen to cancel? Better believe I’mma enjoy this bed of mine just as much. I got Netflix && Hulu plus, faack you mean? 

8. I’ve questioned wether or not I’m bipolar several times. 

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills because I’m not seeing people upset about the scene in BotW where you get the cute Gerudo outfit

Mod: Look, I am alive!! This is a collab with @lonelyopal

I did Tweek’s part and they did Craig’s! It’s the intro of the song by Rin and Len: Electric Angel! 

(I might make an extra picture to go with these I love this thought so much, Lonelyopal are the ones who came up with it!!)

This is one reason I haven’t been active, so I apologize! (that and holidays are coming up really, really fast so there is that too)

(@lonelyopal also posts a lot of creek stuff, check them out. They are really cool and super nice!!)

original song is by Yasuo-P ft Miku/ Rin/Len arrangement is by Giga-P (Thank you anon)

What your preferred Legendary skin says about you: Offense Heroes

slipstream- you are insanely good with tracer and have been using her since launch. chances are we’re going to be seeing your potg-a pulse bomb triple+1 stray kill- with either the hurdle or laughing intros.
punk/ultraviolet-also really good, tend to be the friendliest breed of tracer despite your questionable fashion choices
track and field/sprinter-you love everything about tracer and wish you were her girlfriend. PARADES these skins around in skirmishes, overall just here to have a good time.
jingle-you’re those tracers one never actually SEES in combat, you’re only given away by the the sound of her gunfire and the occasional ~dashing through the snow!~ also you’re probs overjoyed about the reflections comic.
mach t/t. racer-you might be really competitive but surprisingly good-sported despite it. nobody uses these though, so i’m not too sure.

young genji/sparrow- you consider genji your actual son. an asshole in matches, though a good player for it. rarely gets killed while ulting. generally friendly in skirmishes. also, you have the sit emote and use it around nepal and by zenyattas whenever possible.
bedouin/nomad-good genji players, silent and serious. probably doesn’t even care about the skin, but you figure you have it so may as well use it. you kill people in skirmishes.
oni- you Actually Main genji. aspiring to be that progenji[tm], but not nearly as much of a dick as they tend to be. that, or you’re a collector.

Soldier: 76
strike-commander morrison- a friendly guy. goes up to enemy spawn say hello before matches. uses the “get off my lawn” voice line, or something similarly cheesy.
daredevil 76- you’re good at soldier but you’re just here to piss off the opponent.
stunt rider 76- daredevil’s less skilled, less annoying cousin. always gets killed when ulting.
commando 76/night ops 76- honestly idek, i get nothing from these. they’re rare, and if i see you with them i’m targrting you because they’re shit.
i notice these getting potg if they’re around, you probavbly came from some other, more generic fps game.

pumpkin- you’re the cock of the block wherever you walk, but only an average reaper overall.  might not have used reaper a lot prior to getting this skin. if you have the matching intro, you’re probs pretty good but you’ll get your potg stolen so we don’t see it.
el blanco/mariachi-what the fuck are you even doing honestly. ironically, you seem to be the more serious and effective of the reaper players.
blackwatch reyes-you like didn’t even have to practice to be good at reaper.
plague doctor/nevermore- honestly people sporting these skins are a wildcard. could be anything.

los muertos- you definitely bought this day of her release, both in ptr [if applicable] and main game. but you gradually realized sombra wasn’t super great so you stopped playing her in most situations. [you still love her though]
azucar-a lot less hasty and more dedicated than los muertos. will definitely pick off many enemy stragglers and potentially turn the game around with a well-timed EMP.
cyberspace/augmented- you are doing your best. good chance you’re a memer. cyberspacers are shyer than augmented and lowkey gay.

mechaqueen/raptorion-good pharahs, but you’re very quiet and never emote or anything; basically the pharah parallel to genji’s bedouins, but slightly more prone to ragequitting.
security chief-most likely just showing it off bc they have it and only uses pharah as a filler. HOWEVER, there is a rare and distinct strain of them that are UNSTOPPABLE, they’ll have a  kill:death ratio of at least 7:1
raindancer/thunderbird-i don’t see these ones much? they’re usually pretty dang good. probably rather dedicated to fareeha’s character too.
sidenote: if you use jackal or anubis you’re Probably Actually A Furry. anubises especially are gay furries.

gambler/riverboat-dedicated mccree main and good-natured memer. everyone questions why you even use these skins, but you know better than to let them get to you.
mysterman-i have no idea. probably using it ironically.
vigilante- if you use this skin you don’t play mccree

Offense | Defense | Tank | Support

Companions react to sole always joking about their death when really they're really considering it because they hate themselves but always joking and playing off like nothing is wrong

Thank you for this ask, anon. I’m hoping this one might give people who are dealing with this some hope and comfort, maybe even to talk about it to someone they love and trust. These characters would believe in you, and one way or another so do I ❤️

Intro: Sole was not doing nearly as well as they pretended to. Being in the ravages of the commonwealth, losing what they lost… they felt useless, hadn’t been able to stop it all. Sole couldn’t shake the thought that nothing would change that feeling. They hated themself for not being good enough, never feeling happy enough so faking that it was to the outside world was the next best thing. Joking to hide it, just one day at a time, as long as nobody found out about it. That was until the day, in spite of the smile still set on their face, something must’ve shone through in one of their jokes. They were looking into the very concerned eyes of their Companion. “ Hey… are you alright?”
 It took Sole a fraction of a second to regain their composure, to get back to the façade and the fake smile. “Yeah, of course! I was just joking, let’s go.” Their companion held them by the arm, not tightly, but just to get them to turn around and stand still. 
“ Sole… What is really going on?” The worry in their voice made Sole cave in entirely. They had hoped never to have to explain this… not like they would understand it anyway. But they couldn’t evade it anymore. Tears welled up in Sole’s eyes as they admitted that maybe they hadn’t just been jokes. 

He felt like something had been going on for a while now, noticing the difference between the Sole he used to know and the way they acted now. He never could quite place his finger on what was going on , but as soon as Sole poured their heart out to him he recognized what Sole described. The feeling was somehow familiar to him. He had felt it too, once. He held Sole’s hands and told them they were not alone. “ I have felt lost… for all those years without you. I hate to admit it but… mum/sir I have thought about it too, it was so very lonely. But I held on to the thought that maybe I would see you again. And when you were there… oh Sir/Mum… I was so happy to see you again. You gave me a reason to live and to fight again. I felt better talking to you about it. About how I felt… I have learnt that bottling up past trauma can lead to inadiquate coping strategies in later life. We can help each other Sir/Mum. I am here for you.” His heartwarming smile wasn’t enough to fix the feeling of emptiness instantly but some warmth seeped back in, tears still running free. “Okay.”

Danse felt a slight sense of panic at Sole’s words… he tried to envision a world without them but felt his chest tighten every time he did.  He knew what it felt like to no longer care if you lived or died, but to consider taking your own life… he couldn’t wrap his head around that. He desperately wanted to help but he didn’t know how. “ I know what it feels like to feel like an imposter… but you helped me back up. Through all of this, you are the one thing that has kept me from giving up, from turning it all off. I would have been dead without you and I have devoted my life to protecting you, even if this means protecting you from yourself. So that is what I shall do, in every way I can. “ He pulled them into a very tight embrace and kissed the top of their head. “ You can tell me how you really feel. Your secrets are safe with me. The dark thoughts and the nightmares… I probably have had them too… maybe I can do for you what you do for me. Give you a reason to feel alive again.“ 

Deacon was dumbstruck, his own jokes falling away entirely. He had no idea what to do but not taking Sole’s words seriously was the last thing on his mind. He pulled Sole into a hug. “ Shit Sole, you’re more worthy to be alive than me. You’ve saved so many lives, helped so many people. You have no idea how amazing you are.” Sole shook their head. “ Doesn’t make me feel any better Deacon. It’s not about how worthy who is. I just feel… lost. All the time.” He stroked their hair until Sole cried a little less. As he wiped away some tears from their face he inhaled deeply.  “ I’m not gonna pretend I know what it’s like. I’m a pathological liar with a bad past but I can’t imagine how you feel right now. And that’s okay… as long as you talk to me. You can’t fight your demons alone, I’ve tried doing that myself and it’s only been working since you’re around and since I told you about my past. I can’t… ‘fix’ this. I know that. But I will fight with you if you let me. And until the threat is passed, just to be safe, I won’t be leaving your side. I won’t bring it up unless you want to talk about it but I won’t leave. “ Dacon looked down. “ Because it’s worst when you are alone. “ He grabbed Sole’s hand. “So please know that you’re not. I can be an idiot but I won’t let you get lost in yourself, okay?” Sole was trying to ease their breathing, wiping away some tears. “I… I think I can do that.” Deacon smiled at them, a little smile. “Good. Now get over here.”
He pulled them into a hug again. “ Oh, does this mean death bunnies as a nickname is off the table or…?”  Sole chuckled a little, while Deacon reveled in the sound of their laughter, vowing to get them to smile genuinely, every day, again someday.

Nick didn’t look at Sole with the pity they expected to face, but with a look of determination. “ Listen’ up kid, there’s one thing you need to remember; we’re not gods, we’re men. Human or synth, all of us. You’ve been trying to take on the world, one injustice at a time and you’ve found out that you can’t save everyone. It hacks in on ya, I know. But damnit, you make this damn hellhole a little brighter. So hang in there and rely on others when you need to. If you feel like you can’t handle it, come to me. You’re not the only one who feels lost sometimes, don’t get lost inyourself. You’ve got too many people looking out for ya to do that.” He grabbed Sole’s hand. “You don’t have to face it all alone.” 

Hancock smiled at Sole. “ Looks like we got more in common than I thought.”
“ You mean aside from the deadpan and the sarcasm?” 
“ I’ve almost done it a hundred times over. I’ve considered it, justgoing out on a high, ya know? Literally. And to be honest, if it weren’t for you maybe I woulda done it, too. But you gotta find yoruself somethin’ that makes you excited to wake up in the morning. It doesn’t matter what it is. And if you let me, I’ll do whatever I can to be that thing for you. Or die trying.” 
Sole scoffed, eyes still puffy. “ I’m not sure it’s a good iea to make those kind of jokes. Or to put any kind of pressure on me to be happy.” 
“ Oh, I’m not doing that. You’re a grown-ass (wo)man, I’m not gonna tell you what to be or what to do. But I ain’t going anywhere without ya. But this ain’t the kinda thing you tell people unless you hate that empty feeling. Keep talking to me when you feel it and I’ll help ya. You’re gonna be alright. I’ll keep you safe.Cause you’re the most important thing to me in this whole goddamn world.”

Maxson felt hopeless, felt some sort of unfamiliar panic wash over him. If ther was one thing he wasn’t used to being it was helplessness. He wanted to helo but didn’t have a clue how. “ Sentinel… I would kill for you.” He walked closer to them, looking Sole straight in the eyes. “I would die for you if it came down to it.” He grabbed Sole’s hands. “ But I can’t let you die. Cause I’ve lost a lot of good soldiers, a lot of friends, and I cannot lose you.”
Sole looked at their feet. “But I’m not sure if I can keep going on, Maxson.”
He gritted his teeth. He wasn’t angry at Sole, not dissapointed, just concerned and frustrated by his lack of ability to do anything.
“ Whenever you feel lost, come to me. I know now and I’ll drop anything if you need me to. You can do whatever you want, tell me whatever you want and I won’t use it against you or judge you for it. As long as you don’t do it. “ He had a pleading look in his eyes as he grabbed Sole’s hands in his. “ Please. I am no longer sure if this this world is worth saving for me if it no longer has you in it.”

Preston sighed and asked Sole to sit down on a nearby bench with him. 
“ When I first started all of this I was, um … scared as hell. You know that I often barely managed to hold my head above water. Sometimes I just wanted it all to stop. I’ve seen so much death and misery walking through the commonwealth… it rubs off on you. But I kept going because the people around me needed me. Sometimes I felt some genuine happiness again, in the little things, you know? When I noticed some kids could still be happy, when I saw lovers reunited,… when I saw my guys like Sturges with his eternal optimism. It made me push through. And then you came along and I wasn’t the only one with the weight of the world on my shoulders.There was some hope again, among the pain and the suffering. I’m still not completely okay but I try to go by the little things… you are a reminder that sometimes things get better. But when it all gets too much… “ He gabbed Sole’s hand in his. “You can come to me. I know what it feels like to feel like you’re not enough. As it turns out talking about it helps best, and for me focussing on the little things that make me happy. Like you. Like coming back to the settlement and knowing you’ve given these people a new home. Like the look of relief when we help a settlement and those people realise that they haven’t lost everything. The bravery to start over. You know the story of Pandora’s box right? Once all the misey is out, hope is left. Anyway… just know you can come to me when you want to okay? Cause… I don’t want to lose you.”  

Sturges can’t even stand to see Sole cry, let alone deal with the fact that they’re contemplating ending their life. After they barged in at the Museum of Freedom he felt like he owed them his life but now it came down to it he didn’t know how to return the favor. He looked at them with such hopeful eyes and said “ Hey… I don’t really know how to help but I’ve got your back. You’ve helped us out back at Concord. You saved our damn lives… I wanna do the same for you. You’re one of akind Sole, and this world would be a whole lot darker without you in it. So whenever it gets to much you know where to find me. Same team, remember? “ His heart broke to see Sole nodding their head while they still were having trouble stopping the tears and he pulled them into a hug, holding onto them tightly. “I got you. You’re gonna be okay.”

“ I told you I once thought you looked lost and confused, that you might not be able to handle this life… and how you proved me wrong. How tough and determined you are in spite of all you’ve lost. I told you then you could accomplish anything you set your mind to. I still believe you can. You will overcome this.” He tried to maintain his more composed way of speaking intact but seeing Sole like that… something was hitting a nerve, making him feel something he didn’t usually feel.  
“ X6, I’m not sure if I can. You also told me you were worried I might slow you down and I am doing that now. It’s overwhelming, too much to handle.”
“ I am sworn to protect you.” Sole inhaled deeply, tears still streaming down their face because they were saying goodbeye to their support system. But Sole knew he was probably doing all of this out of a sense of loyalty to Father, a sense of duty.
“ I relieve you of that. You can leave. Nobody will hold it against you. You no longer need to be my bodyguard.You will always be welcome in the Institute but no one will command you any longer.”
“ With all do respect, ma’am/sir, I refuse to leave your side as long as you are in harm’s way.” 
“ This isn’t helping. Knowing I’m a burden, an annoyance to you.It makes it all worse, okay? Just leave.” 
“ Damnit…I am not leaving because I have to protect the one thing that I can’t live without. That’s you.This is no longer just about the Institute. I respect you and I want to be by your side as you take on the world or whatever idiotic thing has gotten into your head that makes you feel insecure. “ He clenched his jaw. “ You do? ”
“ I do… sir/Ma’am. I will aid you in overcoming this in any way you can. I refuse to let you destroy yourself.”

Haikyuu!! Fanfiction: A Summary

Kagehina: cute, humorous, and super sweet, 70% chance of smut

Daisuga: the most tooth-rotting fluff ever with amazingly cliche situations but are still enjoyable, married couple trope forever stuck in the honeymoon phase

Tsukkiyama: adorable character tropes interacting, cuddles, and blushing!

Asanoya: creative hook and intro, super funny and engaging

Kiyoyachi: lots of blushing and really romantic settings and dates, cutest and most creative ways to illustrate romantic situations

Iwaoi: P A I N, crazy aus, VERY EXTREME hardcore super enjoyable smut, humor, and death, childhood friend trope, secrets, makeouts, uber hot iwa chan 

Bokuaka: lots of beauty and au’s, oWL PUNS AND HEYHEYHEY

Kuroken: more childhood friends, smut, unreturned cat puns and  C U D D L I N G SO  MUCH CUDDLING

Bokuroo: actually amazing chemistry and good for feeling better, awful hilarious puns and shenanigans

Levyaku: love in the form of kicking and dense Leg Lev, lots of egging on by team m embers and MOM YAKU EVERYWHERE

Kyouhaba: smut, pretty intense love, hot ripped kyoutani, very passionate

Kurotsuki: also cat puns, sighs, smut, and really adorable situations 

(i’m not sure if this has been done before)

Everyone’s always talking about English professor Kenobi. Considering his love of research and tendency to take notes in the field during the show, I propose: 

overenthusiastic field biologist/zoologist/archaeologist Dr. Obi-Wan Kenobi, who teaches when he’s not off doing research, and has become somewhat of a myth at the university because he’s always out in the field. (And when he’s on campus for a semester, everyone tries to get his classes because not only is he a great teacher, he’s just so damn fun)

Dating Ethan Nestor

-matching coffee mugs
-falling asleep in weird places together
-saying I love you
-and then saying ‘no homo’ right away
-he would try to plan a surprise for you but fail and tell you before hand because he’s so excited
-you’d be in a lot of his videos
-tons of fanart of the two of you
-you’d do his intro really loud and high pitched
-“what’s up my craaaaaaanky crew!!”
-“that’s not at all how I sound”
-he’d compliment you all the time
-like “you’re hair looks really nice today” or “your jokes always make me laugh!”

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I have so many strong feelings about everyone in bts !!!!!

Taehyung??? Amazing!!!! Actually a puppy and so sweet, very smart and knows exactly what to do, his brain works in very mysterious ways that will only amaze you!! He has such a beautiful voice and a round baby face, his existence is so contradicting you’ll only become more interested!

Hoseok??? Actual sunshine!! Loving, caring, but he’s only human so he gets really sad and has issues with anxiety! He needs space to breathe and a lot of love and support!! Amazing dancer and always works hard, finally got to do his intro and was very proud of it, he works so hard and deserves a lot of attention and love!!!

Seokjin??? Beautiful! Actually god! Extremely talented, loves food deeply and wants us to know about it, still a small child but that’s okay it’s what makes him cuddly and lovable! He’s also the perfect man for anyone! Is a gentleman at all times, his kisses can kill!

Namjoon??? Brilliant! Deep, thoughtful, extremely caring. Never puts himself before others!! Wants us to see ever facet of him through his writing so please pay attention!! Very soft and lovable and very very pure. Honest and open minded and has a lot of love and insight for this world, even when it gets bad.

Yoongi??? Genius!! Excellent composer and producer of music, gets called lazy but is very very hardworking! He cares for everyone close to him but has a very quiet way of showing his admiration and love! Isn’t really at peace with himself and the universe yet but he’s learning and he’s working very hard, he’s gaining courage to share his troubles!

Jimin? Sweet angel!!! Practices really long and really hard!! Feels like he isn’t good enough but he’s so talented and true! Very soft and lovable, everyone falls in love with him because he’s so very sweet, let’s hope he rests and realizes he’s enough soon.

Jungkook! Baby bunny! Really!!! Round, cute, soft!! Very talented, owes every thing to his brothers and loves them and respects them so highly! He works so hard and has worked so hard to do what he does. Is called the golden maknae cause he always doing the most, but it makes him sad. He wants to do the best for his hyungs and make them proud of who he’s grown to be.

Sing It To Me

Intro: So this was requested by the lovely @eenterprise!  Thank you so much!  This was so fun to write!

-I was wondering if you could do a piece about BonesxReader where the reader gets a weird disease where they keep singing everything they are saying and everyone thinks it’s really funny but Bones keeps trying to act annoyed but really he thinks it super cute. 

Pairing: Bones x reader (but like not reallyish)

Word Count: 1884

Triggers: None, lots of hiccupping and fluff, bad music puns at the end

Summary: See request above, that’s exactly what it is.  Just fluff!


The hiccuping had started around dinnertime, which you assumed was normal, until you went to bed, still hiccuping.  It kept you up all night and seemed to get worse as the early hours of the morning dawned.  

You tossed and turned until finally you had enough.  Pulling on regular clothes you strode purposefully down the hall, arms swinging, probably looking like a crazy person as every other step you took you let out a high-pitched hiccup.  

Reaching the medbay you stomped in, the floor quiet except for a few nurses milling around. 

“Do you - hicc! - know where Dr. - hicc! - McCoy is?” You asked to one of the nurses who approached you.  

“In his office, I believe.” She responded, giving you a weird look.  

“Thank - hicc! - you.” You rolled your eyes at yourself as the hiccups interrupted everything you were saying.  

You walked over to Bones’ office door and knocked, though you were sure you didn’t need to as he could probably hear your hiccups echoing through the door. 

“Come in.” You heard faintly and swung the door open.  

You must have looked crazy, standing in the doorway, hair a mess from being up all night, shirt buttoned up wrong, hands on your hips, hiccuping.  

“Y/N?  What are you doing up so early?” Bones raised an eyebrow and looked slightly amused at your distressed appearance. 

“I - hicc! - have had the hicc - hicc! - ups since last night and they d - hicc! - on’t seem to be going away - hicc!” You explained quickly, trying to get words in in between hiccups but failing miserably. 

“So you decided that 4:30 in the morning was the right time to come in?” Bones grumbled but got up from his desk and strode over to you. 

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new studyblr!

hello! i’m mina. i wanted to join the studyblr community so that i can have a constant source of motivation and be more productive 🌱

about me

  • i’m from the us and i’m junior in high school (class of 2018)
  • i’ve actually been on tumblr for a while but i was never really active
  • currently learning spanish and i want to learn tagalog and korean
  • i love minimalism, aesthetic, and pastel colors
  • i die of cuteness whenever i see an animal ;-;
  • really scared of heights but i want to face my fear one day maybe by bungee jumping or skydiving
  • i like kpop!

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i totally stole this concept from @meredithstudiess, but i thought i would make a lil post to really get this blog started!!!


hi everybody, i’m lara!! i’ve been following a few studyblrs on my other blogs for a few months now, so i decided to jump into this world for myself!!

about me

i’m 16 and a junior in high school! i love history (especially art history), english, and politics, and am still trying to figure what kind of career would allow me to combine those passions. i’m very organized and quite a perfectionist, but i’m also a procrastinator. outside of school, i love running, yoga, baking, music, and reading!

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