i really love this hairstyle

I really like the theory that Rose is Luke’s last surviving padawan, hiding from the First Order while working in the Resistance

tbh I just like the idea of Rose being Force Sensitive … with Rey and Finn they would make an awesome Jedi Team


eliza in historical dress?? sign me up

Other War Portraits


└ Aiba x Male Cheerleader Collaborative Cheer

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 20.05.2017


just take my money already

“i didn’t steal it from your garden this time!”


All done with S1 of The Clone Wars~
Onward to season 2!!!

anonymous asked:

what kind of hairstyles do you think Lance would try out while in space? I mean eventually it could get too long n such? do you think he'd grow it out a bit, or have an undercut?

it seems like lance expresses himself physically a lot, so i think he’d have A LOT of different hairstyles through the years,,i feel like lance would be one of those people to grow out his hair pretty long and then just cut it all off out of nowhere bc he “got tired of that style and is moving on” haha

fire-star12  asked:

Hello! I'm not sure if you're still doing the palette challenge, but if you are would you be alright doing Undyne in Sylveon? Thank you!

Here ya go dearie (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) a blushy and a bit flustered fish waifu~

And this turned out ok, only thing that bothers me is her frikking hair, as the hair brush I use didn’t want to work like I wanted it to so it looks weird at least to me, but can’t be bothered to try to fix it, otherwise I am happy with this :D like those teeth’s, they look like candy!

Also, just wanted to say thanks again for that little fic you wrote, it is glorious! and also thanks for commenting on some of my stuff, makes me very happy <: