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I was tagged by @narika-a Thank you for the tag dear! I really enjoy doing things like this tbh

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NAME: Beatrix

NICKNAME: Beatrix itself is a nickname actually 😂

GENDER: Female


HEIGHT: 181 cm (And no that’s not a typo I promise.)


LAST THING I GOOGLED: Audition 1999 (Been meaning to watch that movie for a year now and still have yet to do it.)

FAVORITE BANDS: As far as kpop goes, groups like NCT, 24K, Monsta X, VIXX, EXO, L.A.U/LU:KUS, Got7, U-KISS, B.I.G, Block B, etc. Non-kpop I’d probably list HIM, The GazettE, SID, Lord of the Lost, Turisas, Misfits, etc.

LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Silent Hill In the middle of watching it really

WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: This blog, winter of last year. My main blog, however, was made in like 2011. 

WHAT DO YOU POST: Mostly scenarios with the occasional random post thrown in the mix

WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH ITS PEAK? Ya know, good question.



WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: There is honestly no actual reason behind it, I just thought it was clever 😂


POSTS: On this blog 146, on my main 20,108


POKÉMON TEAM: I never played Pokemon Go 

FAVORITE COLORS: Red, purple, blue, and black.

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: Anywhere between 4-8 hours

LUCKY NUMBERS: 8, 6, 5, and 1

FAVE CHARACTERS: My favorite character for over ten years has been Dr. Reid from Criminal Minds. You better believe that if he leaves the show, my TV is going out the window hahaha.

WHAT AM I WEARING NOW? Pajama pants and a tank top


DREAM JOB: Film Director/Producer I really just wanna make films okay

DREAM TRIP: All around the world, my dream trip is to go everywhere that I can.

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honest thoughts on your batbros?

oh god, here we go. I guess i’ll start with Jason and go from there. Jason can be handful sometimes and yes he’s done many reckless things but i don’t blame him. i know it’s hard for him to live with the fact that his killer is roaming free so i try not to give him such a hard time but he’s still my brother, therefore he’s my responsibility. Tim has always been the best robin in my opinion, and he’s easily the most easy going of the bunch, not to mention the smartest. He’s still a giant dweeb though. Damian….i really love Damian like a little brother. I know his childhood hasn’t been the easiest and it kills me sometimes that he was robbed of that. i’d do anything for my brothers, as you can see, and i love them all the same even when they’re being pains in the asses

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What would Seventeen be like if they're in high school? Which members do you think will be the quiet, the smart, the troublemakers, the popular, the loud and the sporty? You don't need to do all if you can't do it. Sorry if there is too much😕

It’s fine bby!!

Seungcheol and Jun would be the popular, sporty boys. They’re the heart breakers. Insanely gorgeous, great at every sport, know literally everyone… Everyone either wants to date them or be them. The only downside is that they can be overly confident at times.

Jeonghan and Joshua would be the nice popular kids; the ones who are popular for the right reasons. They’d have the highest grades and always have a plan for what they’re doing. For as cool as they are, though, they’d be very sweet, and would get along well with everyone. It’d be impossible to dislike them. okay but consider: class president/football team captain Jeongcheol au omg fEATURING DISAPPROVING JOSHUA WHO ALSO HAS A CRUSH ON JEONGHAN OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD

Hoshi and DK would be the class clowns. Hoshi would be more of a troublemaker than DK, but they’d both constantly be making everyone laugh. Having the two of them in class together would be every teacher’s worst nightmare; alone, they’re noisy enough. Together, they can’t be stopped. All the students love them, even if they give the teachers headaches.

Wonwoo and Mingyu would be in their own little world. If you’ve ever seen Ouran, think the Hitachiin twins in middle school, only a little less weird. They wouldn’t really go out of their ways to talk with anyone besides each other. They wouldn’t particularly stand out to the teachers; they’d behave pretty well and get average grades. All the students would be fawning over them, though; they’d have a long list of admirers. not that they’d care tho they’d only have eyes for each other

Woozi would have everyone a bit scared. He’d work really hard, and wouldn’t really talk to anyone. Just the look on his face would be intimidating, though. He’d keep to himself for the most part. He’d get along decently with everyone, though, from Seungcheol to Dino, he’d fit into any social group.

The8 would essentially be as he is now; quiet and sweet. Very shy, he wouldn’t talk much, and probably would be to uncomfortable to branch out and try to make friends. So while no one would know him very well, everyone would just assume that he was cool since he seems so genuine. He’d probably frequently get secret admirer notes but would be a bit oblivious and not know what to make of them. and then jock Jun would take a liking to him and would always flirt with him and Minghao would be so embarrassed and everyone’s like wait why is Jun going for this shy guy and jun won’T GIVE UP BC HE JUST LIKES MINGHAO SO MUCH IM ONTO SOMETHING SOMEONE WRITE THIS HIGHSCHOOL AU I S2G

Seungkwan: Surprise surprise, Seungkwan would be the preppy boy. Always dressed well with his hair styled perfectly, getting high grades as well. He’d be the choir teacher’s favorite student, and he’d be very aware of that fact. He wouldn’t give other people the chance to forget it, either. Students would probably think he was a bit too full of himself, but he’d be really sweet and a good friend.

Vernon and Dino would be considered the weird kids. In real high schools, these are the kids who bring their pokemon cards to lunch or play minecraft when they go him. In the case of Vernon and Dino, they’d be the kid obsessed with Michael Jackson and the one who’s just flat out strange. No one would have anything against them, really; they’d be nice enough. Everyone would just think that they were really, really weird.

Vernon and Dino’s sounded kinda mean so lemme just clarify I love them I really do I’m not trying to hate they’re just dweebs

I was thinking of Les Mis and then I had a realization that hit me in the face like a brick. (Ha, get it? *cough cough* *gathers what’s left of my dignity*)

Cosette is the most important character in the entire Brick.

Let me explain. People say that she’s just there for Valjean to have a simulacra of character development and to be Marius’ love interest. But it’s so much more than that.

Remember that at the very end, Valjean gives Cosette the story of his life, of her mother, and probably his account of what happened at the barricade. Addition that to what Marius has told Cosette, so she basically knows about the whole story.

And what is Cosette going to do with that? Transmit that story to her children.

You’ll probably tell me: “Yeah, but Marius will do that too.” I personally don’t think so. Now, it’s not that I don’t like Marius – I love that dweeb, I really do. But Marius seems to me like the kind of guy who doesn’t like to talk about painful memories. But on the other side, I think Cosette is really going to take this whole transmitting thing really seriously and will make sure the stories of her father, of her mother, and in addition, of the people who surrounded Marius are never forgotten.

And since they will never be forgotten, someday, a new world will rise.

All that thanks to Cosette never forgetting, and telling the story of those who fought for liberty.


D.Gray-Man | Lavi + Allen 

…for Rowan who’s an amazing person and writer and I wish you the best for your birthday!
I hope you like these two dweebs I drew for you! :D

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