i really love this christmas special

In this way, I would like to say goodbye to you and look forward to Christmas.

I am really looking forward to celebrating Christmas together with my family and Dexter. Since I was a child I dreamed of Christmas with a dog. For some people it is quite normal and not special. But for me, it will be the most beautiful Christmas for years.

I wish you and your loved ones a merry, peaceful and blessed Christmas. :)


— Yves Navarre, Friends Gone With the Wind

Thoughts on Marinette after The Christmas Special

Obvious spoilers like woah, i’m tagging this as #mlspoilers, #ml spoilers, and #christmas special spoilers so that you guys can blacklist!

But anyway, can I finally get something off of my chest about Marinette please? Because I love this girl with my entire being and whenever I learn something about her in the show I have to scream and share it with people because she is such an interesting character to me. 

Marinette is a cocky little shit. 

Like, let’s please get this whole image of Marinette as this insecure little girl out of our heads. When she knows she’s really good at something or when she thinks she’s right, this girl gives no shits. She will let you know. She will prove to you how good she is. She will prove to you how right she is. That is a girl who has confidence in droves

The fact that Adrien “Love of Her Life” Agreste was standing right there telling her that Santa Claus wasn’t trying to hurt him and she just flat out said “look, I know an akuma when I see one, I know better than you, so just let me handle this” is just so indicative of the fact that Marinette is completely unafraid to flaunt her prowess. Like she clearly sees herself as an authority on akumas (rightfully so, I mean, she’s Ladybug) and is personally invested in this mess because she thinks that this man kidnapped Adrien. So of course when a) she thinks she’s right, and when b) the things she cares about are in jeopardy, she’s gonna shut you the HELL down. 

Marinette takes pride in what she does. That’s passion. That’s a good thing. She’s also very ambitious in the sense that she wants to defend what she’s good at and she wants to defend what matters to her. And she’ll do whatever necessary to make that happen. The problem with her is that she tends to overdo things and inadvertently hurt people or refuse to see other people’s points of view. 

She didn’t think about what it would mean to embarrass Lila. Like granted, lying isn’t okay, but hey, Lila’s a new girl at a new school trying to make friends. She probably had her reasons that weren’t necessarily malicious. But Marinette doesn’t take the time to think through that possibility. She’s more concerned about preventing her from muscling in on Adrien and shutting down liars because she doesn’t like them (especially when they lie about her). Lila’s feelings were last priority. Same with Max. She didn’t think about the fact that this video game tournament was Max’s dream until much later. At the moment, she was only concerned with beating Max to spend time with Adrien. And the Christmas Special further drove this point home. Her priority wasn’t taking the time to listen to Adrien’s point of view or listen to Santa. Her priority was to stop this akuma villain from kidnapping Adrien because she was so damn confident that he was an akuma. In fact, it took her a hella long time to realize he wasn’t. That’s how blinding her confidence can get. 

Marinette is an overthinker. She doubts herself and freaks out when things don’t go her way or have the possibility of not going her way. Like look at that small moment where she couldn’t find Adrien’s present. Freaking out. Overthinking. Oh my God. Where is it? How could this be happening? What am I going to do? But the moment she finds it? Right back to normal. Races downstairs and out into the cold to make sure the present is delivered. Business as usual. 

She’s not insecure. She’s a perfectionist. A confident, cocky little perfectionist who is learning how to get better about seeing past her goals and considering the bigger picture, i.e. other possibilities and other people. So it annoys me to see people portray her as this girl that doesn’t think she’s good enough for people or thinks she’s not deserving of things. Like that’s just not the Marinette we get in the show. And maybe it’s because people are afraid to admit that the protagonist of our show is flawed and capable of making mistakes (like hey, let’s talk about the fact that this is not the first or even the second akuma Marinette has inadvertently caused). 

Like, yes creative liberties are allowed, but I also get sad when I see people disconnecting from canon too much. Marinette is super fascinating. Don’t take her confidence away from her. 


And here is third entry for the christmas special!

I really wanna make cute Johnlock comic, especially since the new Sherlock trailer brought the fandom a lot of hell, so a little fluff might help :’D

Sorry that this is a long post…you can press J to skip it!

Next comic : VICTUURI!!!

This is what my most excited face looks like. Working with @j_corden and trying to be very cool about it. Sadly though I’ve failed and gushed to him about how when I was pregnant I used to watch the Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special and act out little lines from it. I said this really quickly and blinked a lot as I did. It wasn’t as bad as the Kylie Minogue incident but I didn’t nail it. GOD LOVES A TRIER. http://ift.tt/2gsE9xm

this episode was a beautiful christmas gift. we are blessed
  • “I say we do it and I’m the boss, so meeting adjourned.” holt omg
  • they have matching ugly christmas sweaters. amazing
  • “merry christmas and…… don’t think about the bomb. bye.” HOLT
  • I laughed so hard at charles beating up that mob guy while saying “I love you, my son. you’re a special boy” in Latvian
  • “my rapping is still on the table.” “it’s not even in the dining room.” holt is KILLING IT tonight
  • “curse my perfect bubble butt” jake……..
  • are they really going to take down this mob in their boxers?
  • yes. yes, they are.
  • “you’re not a father and you never will be!” “yes i will!” JAKE WANTS TO HAVE KIDS WITH AMY #CONFIRMED
  • “turns out it wasn’t a bomb, it was a clock made by an overachieving minority student” HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT SHOTS FIRED!!!!!!!
  • “you guys look more upset than aaron burr, sir” so many Hamilton references!!! I’m delighted
  • “i’m sorry i said you’ll never be a father. you can make that happen tonight” charles once again is the voice of the fandom
  • did jake wrap that present himself?? aww
  • the caroling!!!! what a nice heartwarming episode :’)))

@ww-n-double-d mentioned something really interesting in this post about how, in the final fight scene of the Christmas special, Wolfgang and Sun are shown simultaneously fighting two separate thugs, which brings into question exactly how the sensates’ connection really works.

Even after two years of watching the show I’m still having trouble understanding the mechanics of their connection. When they visit each other it sometimes seems like they are simply inhabiting the “host’s” body and only see each other distinctly in their minds (ie. when Wolfie opened the door to Lito’s apartment building, which Dani and Hernando saw as all being Lito); but other times it seems like the visitors really do occupy their own space and are able to interact with the host’s environment, like the various fight scenes we’ve witnessed - I’m fairly certain almost every one of them features something like described, especially because outside characters have made note of how impossible it seems that one of the sensates could do everything they do alone (Jela and Volker Bohm both say this in the special alone).

But then there are more ambiguous moments, like the snowball fight between Kala and Wolfie, where Kala was clearly manipulating the snow like she was there, throwing it at Wolfie from a distance, but then when Felix came around it looked like Wolfie was just throwing snowballs at himself.

idk, up until now I’ve just sort of decided to suspend my disbelief and accept the nature of a sci-fi show like this sometimes comes with little loopholes or things that can’t entirely be explained logically, but I’d really love to hear everyone’s opinions on how this whole thing works.

Not in the least because I really want to know what exactly happened in the scene where Kala was trying to have sex with Rajan and ended up on top of Wolfie as he was having sex with that other lady because, well… body parts must have ended up in places, is all I’m sayin’.

Let’s just get into the full Christmas spirit by looking at some of the sweetest moments from pieces of Jaspar vlogmas 2014 which was when love happened

Can you put on the present I bought for you?

Joe and I are about to film our special scene

It looks like a romantic scene because I got my arm like this

“looks like a romantic scene”

sure, it only looks like this

ain’t no love in the air here

Look at this domestic cuteness

Joe really likes to do close-up shots of Caspar

For Christmas I just want some reins to put them on Caspar

Calm down there mate

Caspar’s smug face after his massage prank on Joe :’)

I’m so annoyed

Nice annoyed face you got there

Anyway, this was very random and not a proper analysis, more like random shots, but if you enjoyed it give this video a thumbs up I might do a part 2!

cauliflower granddad is doing okay at the moment, we’re all gonna have christmas in the hospital with him, your messages have been absolutely wonderful and mean a lot :).

I really want to do something special for him for christmas, and make a little video of all the people online who love him. If you would like to give a short message of support, upload it to youtube and give me the link that’d be amazing! I’ve had a few people ask if they can send him christmas cards, but this is probably easier and will mean i can get it to him by christmas time.

Thanks so much for all your support during this tough time! This would make him so happy.


// guys, the time has come

the time where I get my shit together and start adding Jaehee to my posts

why did I take so long to like her oh well
tell me how im doing! first time really writing her because the christmas special made me fall in love with her absolutely no regrets

Also apologies because that’s all I’ve been posting about, the christmas special! I lost 8 followers from my fangirling yikes!! Just am excited is all. I’ll slow it down soon!


- He is a very light sleeper! So seeing you sleep like a rock is a little surprising more or less.

- He’ll just sit there and watch you snore with a little bit of drool coming out of your mouth shit this boy love u too much

- But he’s so lonely when you’re not awake come on MC pay attention to me before I have to go to rehearsals

- Shakes the bed to wake you up but it doesn’t work and he’s like shit what do I do now

- Let’s you sleep until you wake up afterwards but he’ll ask you how or if he can wake you earlier when he’s lonely manually is there a switch or something here


- He’s used to Elizabeth the 3rd sleeping a lot during the day like a princess so he just assumes perhaps you’re the same way?

- He’s not a light sleeper himself but not heavy either, it depends on how exhausted he is.

- Waits for you until he just can’t anymore come on you need to eat breakfast MC

- He’ll shake your shoulder lightly but that obviously has no chance of working so he just gives up and hopes you’ll wake up soon

- three hours later and he’s a little frustrated because he’s been waiting for so long why did you ignore him??

- Jumin I was sleeping how was I supposed to know you were already awake

- He’ll give you the cutest little pout because he was lonely while you were busy being a boulder.


- He’s really scared you’re hurt or something because you just won’t wake up like are you okay??

- But you still groan a bit in your sleep and move so phew! he’s relieved.

- He just plays video games usually until you wake up honestly, he doesn’t wanna bother you too much.

- Makes you breakfast for when you wake up, it’s a little cold by the time you get to it but that’s okay!

- He only sleeps really heavy when he falls asleep really late so he’s worried about your sleep schedule.


- She tries to wake you gently at first but that doesn’t work very well.

- Worried that perhaps you could be ill..? Hopes thats not the case, but you don’t feel much warmer than ordinary.

- She’ll make herself busy while you’re still asleep, watching one of Zen’s DVDs or finishing up some early morning paperwork until you finally wake up.

- Asks if everything’s alright with you over a light breakfast, go on and explain how you’re a heavy sleeper and she’ll find it a little humorous because she’s the complete opposite.

- Whenever Jumin leaves Elizabeth the 3rd with her the tiniest noise the fur ball makes and she’s awake, it’s so difficult to get a full nights rest most of the time.


- He will pull the most bullshit pranks on you while your sleeping prepare to be filled with regret

- It’s classic camp pranks too, like whip cream in the hand and a feather to the nose so you smack yourself in the face and surprise surprise. Always gets it on camera, but saves it for himself because it’s just adorable.

- You’re never safe from the pranks, even in your sleep.

- Honestly he’ll never go too far though, just all in good fun. He likes seeing you so deep in sleep, it’s like you’re in ~another world~

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Glimmering Gold

Summary: Love hangs in the air like stars and snowflakes, like a promise—and Taehyung is hopeful, he really is. / Or, a story about coming apart and coming back together.
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word Count: 10,248
Author’s Note: A little early for Christmas, but I know if I didn’t post this now I wouldn’t have time until after the holidays. Either way, my gift to you guys as a thank you for making my past 2 months here so special and memorable. This took extremely long for me to write and I apologize, but I hope it’s not too messy.


(present day)

He almost can’t believe his eyes, the sudden shock to his system rendering him completely incapable to move as he stands with his hands at his side and the breath catching in his throat. He grows numb from dismay, from a flood of emotions, and he can’t even begin to think about what kind of fear, apprehension, regret, love would be dancing behind his eyes at the same moment.

He had been stupid to think that after all this time, after all these seconds, minutes, hours, weeks away from you would have been good for him. Especially given all the shit you’ve both been through, it should have been easy to let go of you, easy to push you to the back of his mind and busy himself with the real stuff, the important stuff. So what if he’s spent far too long trying to stop being so hung up over you? You were his first girlfriend, his first love, and everything else in between. He had created a whole new perspective, a whole newfound respect for his life—one that became undeniably brighter with you in it.

And then you had to go and stomp over all that hard work, all that care and effort and love. He should have hated you, despised you even, for turning him into something he almost couldn’t recognize anymore.

But however, in spite of everything, in spite of the passiveness, the awkward glances and the silence that felt more like heavy tons weighing on his shoulder, his heart still beat for you. The sight of you elicited fire in his nerves, making him feel alive for the first time since you walked away, since he let you go.

It had been six months since he last saw you, that final sunny morning in June—you, in a sundress, eyes full of tears, him leaving your apartment, shattering the last remains of trust that could have possibly been lingering in the atmosphere.

But now, 3 weeks before Christmas, dressed in a navy blue winter coat, beanie, black jeans, boots, and a smile, arms filled with carefully wrapped presents, the love and attention clearly shown, long hair decorated with the falling snow outside, standing in the door frame as Seokjin opens it wider to make it easier to step through—!


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Touch It- Part 15B

GUYS! Please read this!!! First of all, I wanted to say that I am sorry for being so inactive, but I wasn’t inspired and I had a big block, still I should have told you about it so I’m sorry. I hope to be more active, specially now that Christmas is coming! This year it’s much more difficult when it comes to school than last year and I spend the whole afternoon studying! It really sucks, but I’ll try my best to give you more imagines and fanfics! Thank you for not abandoning me, tho! 

ALSO FINAL PART OF TOUCH IT! I wanna say a big, massive thank you to every single one of you who read this fanfiction. I am so proud of this story and how it turned out and I really love it. Thanks for reading and leaving nice comments! And also an enormous thank you to that anonymus who sent me the request that started this story, please if you are reading this I really want to know who you are!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the last chapter. Thank you, I love you<3


Word count: 2.4K

Warnings: Tension, fluff, angst, feels, swearing

You look at your teammates, their eyes full of terror. You can feel the gun pressed against the skin of your neck and Feliks keeps tightening the hold on your throat. Bucky looks terrified and furious at the same time and you know that he is probably blaming himself for this situation. The other man that grabbed you disappeared as soon as the smoke clear up, it’s almost like they vanished.

“I want you, Winter Soldier.” Feliks is speaking to Bucky, but his icy blue eyes stay on yours. “You are coming with me, no running away and I’ll let your precious girl live.”

You mouth at Bucky not to do it, but you can feel that he is not going to listen to you. Slowly, he takes a step towards your direction, making the team move.

“Stop! All of you stop moving now or I’ll blow her brains out!” Feliks screams, making you close your eyes. “You! Put all your weapons on the floor!”

Bucky gets rid of all his weapons and you look at him with fear. He starts walking again and you scream for him to stop.

“Bucky! Please, don’t do this! You are better than this, stop!” He doesn’t listen to you.

Bucky places himself in front of you and when he looks up, you look confused at him. He looks sad, but his eyes… You know that glow. Licking his bottom lip slowly, he winks at you and then looks down. You furrow your brows and follow his eyes quickly, feeling how Feliks is getting impatience. You have to bit your lip to stop a smile when you see the tang of a small knife. You grab it and when Bucky looks at Feliks, you sink the knife on his stomach.

A loud, sharp scream is heard throughout the house. Feliks lets go of you, falling to the floor. You jump into Bucky’s arms and he takes a few steps back, keeping you both away from Feliks. The team runs in your direction and finally you let go of Bucky and run your hands through his hair, making sure that he is real.

You hear a groan behind you and before you turn around, you feel a strong pain on your chest. You scream and look behind to see Feliks on the floor with a gun on his hand. He smiles devilish at you and you feel how your body starts falling down. You hear some screams and everything starts to be blurry. A cold hand holds your face and a voice tells you not to leave, but your eyes start closing and then everything goes black.


She falls right in front of Bucky’s face. He holds her body, his metal hand cupping her cheek. Tony flies next to Feliks, knocking him out when he kicks his head. Steve can see the tears in Bucky’s eyes when her eyes close. His hands travel to her chest, trying to stop the bleeding, but everything seems stupid to Bucky. He can’t see her beautiful eyes anymore, or hear her laugh. He can barely hear her breathing, he can’t think. He is just able to let his tears wet her combat suit and try to stop the blood coming out of her wound.

Bucky feels Steve’s hand on his shoulder and he is sure that his best friend is saying something, but he just can’t hear anything. He is too scared to let go of her. Finally, Bucky comes back to reality and he hears Steve.

“Buck, we have to get her to the Quinjet and back to the tower as fast as possible.”

Bucky blinks quickly and finally moves his hands away from her wound. He carries her to the plane and sets her down in one of the benches. His hands found her wound again and he presses it while closing his eyes. Bucky wants to have faith, he wants to think that a bullet won’t take her down. But he doesn’t know what to think anymore. Her heartbeat is almost nonexistent and hear breath is weak. He can’t stop the tears falling down his eyes as he watches the love of his life slowly dying right in front of him.

When they all arrive to the Tower, she is quickly taken by Doctor Cho and her team to the infirmary and Bucky is left behind with his heart crushed. Steve runs by his side and hugs his best friend, letting Bucky cry on his shoulder. When he is a little bit more relaxed, Bucky looks at him.

“Steve what if I lost her?”

“Buck, she is going to be fine, don’t worry.”

“What if she is not? What then? Steve I love her. And I never thought that could be possible. I used to believe that I wasn’t afford to love, I used to believe that I shouldn’t love anyone, because no one would ever love me. But she entered my life and she turned it upside down, Steve. She makes me believe that everything is possible and I can’t lose her, because if I lose her, I’ll lose myself.”

“They are trying their hard and we both know that she is in good hands now, let’s just hope for the best, pal.”

Bucky nods at his best friend and walks to the infirmary. When he arrives there, a nurse from Doctor Cho’s team stops him, telling him that he can’t walk in.

“I’ll just wait here, then. Thank you.” Bucky sits on the floor, his head resting on the wall.

Bucky doesn’t know how much time has passed since she entered the operating room, but it sure feels like an eternity. Every Avenger has been down here, asking for news on how was she. But Bucky only told them what the nurses told him a thousand times:

“We still can’t tell you anything, Mr. Barnes, but as soon as we get some news, we will communicate them to you immediately.”

Bucky looks at his hands full of dry blood. He hasn’t moved from his spot on the floor, although Steve and Nat have come down a couple of times to try and get him to, at least, have a shower. But he refuses every time, he feels that, right now, the only thing keeping him close to her is the blood on his hands. A sound catches his attention and he looks to the door in front of him. He can hear someone screaming in what he thinks is korean. He stands up immediately, his heart going erratic at the fear of not seeing her again. Bucky gets close to the door and puts his ear on the surface trying to hear something. He can hear people moving and speaking. And then he hears it. The infinite beep. That sound that marks when the heart doesn’t beat anymore. Bucky opens the door, making all the people inside turn towards him. The nurses try to stop him, but he is not thinking straight anymore. He pushes everyone, ignoring the screams telling him that he is putting her in more danger than she already is. But he can’t listen now, he can’t just turn around and leave them to do their job. He arrives next to the operation table and when he sees her body laying there, he almost loses it. Her wound is stitched up and he sees the bullet in a bowl next to the table, but for some reason her heart decided to stop.

“Mr. Barnes you need to leave the room right now, this is extremely dangerous.” Dr. Cho looks him in the eyes while doing a cardiac massage to her body, trying to save her.

“I’m not going anywhere, not until I hear that damned beep sound again.” Bucky looks back at Dr. Cho with the most serious face ever.

“Put this on.” Dr. Cho handles him a mask and some gloves.

Bucky puts it on as fast as he can and follows the orders of the nurse telling him to step away when they use the defibrillator on her. He just looks at them do it and immediately holds her hand, letting it go when Dr. Cho puts the machine on her chest again.

“C’mon, doll, you are not doing this to me. Not today.” Bucky closes his eyes and bits his bottom lip.

Dr. Cho uses the defibrillator for the third time on her and then Bucky holds her hand tightly.

“(Y/N) I know you can do it, baby. For me, please. I need to see your eyes again. Please…” Bucky’s voice cracks at the end and he can’t avoid the tears running down his cheeks.

He presses his forehead against hers, closing his eyes. He opens them quickly when he hears the beep being steady again. Everyone lets out a sigh of relief and Bucky swears he has never been this happy before. He looks at her, her eyes still closed due to the anesthesia.

“Mr. Barnes, you have to leave now. We are just checking that everything’s fine and then we are carrying her to the infirmary room.” Two nurses help Bucky out of the room.

When he appears in the hallway he sees all the Avengers there.

“She’s fine guys, everything’s fine.” Steve hugs him and Bucky can see the relief in everybody’s face.

“It’s over, pal. And this time it’s for real.”


You open your eyes slowly and groan at the pain in your chest. Immediately, a figure hovers over you and you smile when you see the blue eyes you know so much.

“Hey, soldier.” Your voice is a little hoarse from not using it, but you smile widely.

Bucky leans slowly and kisses you softly, as if he was scared that something could happen to you. You kiss him back and taste something salty.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” You cup his cheeks and try to stop his tears with your thumbs.

“You were dead, (Y/N). Your heart stopped, you weren’t breathing, your body was not working. You were gone, doll. I though I lost you.” You let him lay down by your side and he puts his head on the crook of your neck.

“It’s okay, Buck. Everything went fine, I’m fine.”

“I’m such an awful boyfriend, I am supposed to be the one taking care of you.”

“Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself, we all need a hug once in a while. Even the Winter Soldier.” You can hear him giggle and look down at his face. “I’m here, I’m real and I love you, Bucky.”

“I love you, doll.”

After two really long weeks, they are finally letting you out of the infirmary. Bucky is by your side, holding your hand and making you walk with him through the tower.

“Where are we going, Barnes?”

“It’s a surprise.”

You laugh at him as you enter the elevator and when you see he pushes the button for the highest floor you smile widely.

When you arrive, you walk hand in hand until you can see the fantastic views this place offers you. The New York night is full of life right under your feet.

“You know, two weeks ago I realized how much you mean to me.” You look at Bucky with a big smile. “And I also realized that you actually succeed at decoding me. Now, I am literally submitted to you. And I am not joking, doll. You are the most important thing in my life. I will literally give everything in order to see you smile on more time. I am really lucky to have you, because you are a treasure. You understand me the way no one does, you know how to calm me down and also how to infuriate me. You know everything that makes me strong and all my weaknesses. You know how to make me smile and how to make me cry. You showed me what real love was and you showed me that I deserved to love. And I still can’t believe that you love me, because you are like a blessing. I love you even when I hate you. I love you with your messy hair and your sweatpants, I love you when you put make up on and that backless red dress that I like so much, I love you when you scream at me because I made something stupid, I love you when you cry every damned time we watch The Notebook together, I love you when you pretend to be mad at me because I ate the last slice of pizza, I love you when you walk around in one of my shirts, I love you when you call my name, I love you when you laugh at my bad jokes and I love you when you laugh at your own bad jokes, I love you when you sing in the shower, I love you when you braid my hair, I just love you in every possible way. I love you so much it hurts, and I will always love you, no matter what. And I promise to be with you in every situation that we go through, I promise to hold your hand, I promise to be the shoulder you can cry on, I promise to share the good times and the bad times and I promise to never, ever, hurt you. I am so in love with you, I never knew I could feel this way, but with you everything is possible.” Your eyes are full of tears and you jump in Bucky’s arms. He kisses your lips passionately and you can’t avoid but to smile into the kiss.

“I love you so much, Bucky. But be honest with me, you wrote that down before saying it.” He laughs at you and steps away from you.

“Actually… You caught me. I did write that down, but it was only because, uhm…” Bucky puts one knee on the floor and you gasp, covering your mouth with your hands. He grabs a velvet, dark blue box from his pocket and looks at your eyes. “I wrote that down because I want that to be my vows at our wedding, if you accept to marry me?” He opens the box, revealing a beautiful ring.

You can’t stop the tears running down your cheeks and kneel in front of Bucky.

“Yes! Yes, one thousand times yes!” He smiles widely and you kiss him, holding his face in between your hands.

Bucky breaks the kiss to grab your left hand, putting the beautiful ring on your finger. You admire it and then look again at Bucky.

“I love you, Mrs. Barnes.” You laugh at him and kiss him again.

“I love you, future husband.”


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The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 10]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

I wonder whether David was nervous on his first day.

“The first day was really scary,” he admits, when we catch up a couple of weeks later. “It was terrifying, I don’t think I realized it at the time, but when I got home that night, I was absolutely exhausted - and I think it was all the nervous energy, you know? I felt like I’d been overdosing on tartrazine. I was suffering a big comedown. Everything ached. I just went home and went, ‘Ugh.’ But it gets easier. There’s such a good atmosphere on set - a very calm atmosphere - and everyone’s so friendly, which helps take the edge any nerves that you might be feeling.”

Penelope [Wilton, Harriet Jones] has nothing but praise for her two Doctors. “Christopher Eccleston is a marvelous actor,” she says. “His Doctor was very on the front foot, and very intense, although I’ve seen him be un-intense in other things. He was lovely to work with, and I so enjoyed it. I think David Tennant is another marvelous Doctor. They’re so completely different. In their own ways, they’re equally marvelous. It’s important that you and your fellow actors are all playing the same game, because you rely so much on one another.

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New Traditions

Requested by Anonymous: The reader and Barry are dating and live together, so they decorate their place for Christmas.

Requested by Anonymous: “Is that a mistletoe?”.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 893

A/N: Hey all! This is the first story for Christmas! I thought these two requests could work well together so I paired them :) I hope you all like it, let me know if you do!


You can send me requests in here, I’m open for them. Thank you so much x

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day 1/8 | tomarry christmas special 🎄

To take you where you are most needed,” he reads, but Harry is too busy staring up at the man he killed over half a year ago. “What a load of rubbish.  Is this a Zonko’s product?”

expect a lot more of this for the next scheduled eight days! :D explanations and more info for this are under the cut, but it’s really long, so i’m warning you on that. also, click on the pictures to see them in full hd!

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Even if the Christmas ep wasn’t 40 mins like we all hoped and lacked stuff that was hinted at I really enjoyed that we got an episode almost entirely centered around Adrien which I feel was lacking a lot in s1. qvq