i really love this christmas special


okay but this was really sweet


Playing with a lazer and a cat – Voltron level

WELL, @klanced made me do this sketch ; and then @loveanimationfan came up with this idea and…

Here is the Lance & Blue comic I promised !
Omg I spent way too much time on this …
I really LOVE to draw Lance & Blue <3 My fav paladin & Lion.
(And yes, Paladins playing with their lions would be the cutest thing.)
(I will definitely draw more lion stuff.)

[ 00 - 01 - … - Halloween special - christmas special ]

Imagine Bill letting it slip that you are dating during an interview.

Originally posted by skarsgardaddict

“So here we also have a photo of-” Jimmy paused, taking a look at the screen, just like Bill, and the entire audience that went crazy and started cheering and clapping the moment they saw you.

Bill himself chuckled as he took in the sight of you looking stunning as ever in your red dress, standing on your tiptoes even if you were wearing high heels to kiss his cheek; one hand on his chest and the other on your shoulder as he had an arm wrapped around your waist and the other cupping your cheek. 

He didn’t even know how they had managed to snap that photo because it wasn’t exactly in front of the cameras. You had mostly been standing on the side with his brothers, and great friends of yours, and he had rushed to you to get that good luck kiss. He didn’t expect there to be evidence of that so he was glad he’d kept himself from kissing you properly on the lips.

“(Y/n) and you.” he completed with a smile, glancing for a moment at the enthusiastic audience “You two-” he turned back to the actor “You two are great friends right? I’m- I’m just asking because that could, you know, be misinterpreted by some.” he motioned to the photo, giving a look at the audience and everybody laughed at that.

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hello everyone! i am here again! (^^)/  2017 is going to end soon, so i thought it’s a good time to make a ff to appreciate all the ppl who have supported me and my blog so far! also i kinda managed to get 6k and unnnf i am still in disbelief but THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone!!! i won’t be able to come this far if you guys did not constantly supported me !! i really really really am so grateful to have you guys!! i can never explain it but you all really play a big role in my life!!! christmas is coming!! i hope ppl who celebrate it enjoy their time with their loved ones and have the happiest holidays!! i hope 2018 is kind to all!! 2017 has passed, with all good and bad, both and definitely 2018 will come with a lots of barriers as well, buen in those times, lets not give up and keep walking. lets smile in our good days and cry in those bad days, but even so, lets never stop moving forward! 

a special note to all my mutuals because they are one of the closest people to me in the world!! for someone like me, who barely had any friends in real life, i never thought i would be able to meet these much amazing ppl!!! each one of you mean the world to me and i know i have said this before but it is impossible for me to spend a single day without you all T^T i love you all so much and i always wish for the best things for you in 2018!!! *hugs* i wish to spend more and more years here with you all!!!

without further sappy stuffs i say, lets start it!

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From Your Secret Santa

(Reader x Bucky Barnes) 

Word Count: 1154

Summary: For some odd reason, Tony Stark is feeling rather holly jolly. He wants his teammates to have a great holiday season, and so he decides to do Secret Santa. He may have dabbled in one’s love life, too.

Warnings: none.

A/N: A Holiday/ Christmas series is here for you all to enjoy. We’ll see how this goes, yeah? If you enjoy this, let’s chat about it ok i love hearing from you all!! <3


not my gif

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anonymous asked:

what are some good harry fics/blogs

Hi lovely anon! I love this question. I have a few that I really love reading. I’m naming fics but I love all they do, ngl.

My girl, my boo @captainharoldsstyles does me right all the time. Untitled is so good.

I’ve waxed poetic lately about @mixed-with-intellect‘s Truth or Drink fic lately. It’s one of the best things, if not the best thing, I’ve ever read here. It’s so emotionally rich that just thinking about it hurts my heart. I love her Saint Nicholas verse stories, too.

@stylishmuser‘s Both of You & Ours and Tour Guide Series are a favorite, I love all she does, too.

@majorteas Sexy, Dirty Love gets me going. I can’t. I also adore her Don’t Break Your Heart On Me.

@domestic-styles does magnificent Music Series oneshots but I really loved For The Love Of Harry. I was so riveted by that series. She’s also the one who pulled me into reading Harry fics so her stuff is always special to me.

Anything @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy​ does. She just fucks me up every damn time.

@bribe-the-door‘s Christmas Miracles series is sooo good.

@icanseeyourholo‘s Lock Yourself Out is such a good AU. I really love that one. I need to re-read that. But I know I need to read Porcelain Skin, too.

@hestylesno‘s Live On Tour series has my heart. If you want angst, head over here.


Adrien Agreste was homeschooled for his entire life and therefore didn’t have any friends except for Chloé, who is the exact opposite of him in terms of personality (she’s rude, highly critical of everything, inconsiderate, etc.)

He was also deprived from any kind of parental love/care from his own father, Gabriel Agreste, who conciously sends villains after his OWN SON, who prioritizes his own villainous motives before him. Adrien has dealt with his mom, the only person who he probably has idolized and learned love & kindness from, leaving; without a caring father or even friends who were there for him for support. On top of these, his father wasn’t there for him on his first Christmas without his mom, which drove Adrien so sad to the point where he escaped from his home in the middle of the night to stalk his friends’ families and feel even more depressed upon seeing their healthy family atmospheres.

His father neglects him to the point that he actually goes missing upon feeling as if nobody would even care if he did so. To the point where he can’t even give a proper answer to Ladybug when she asks him “do you think he’d take it out on his own son?” in The Collector. To the point his friends have to feel as if they need to speak up against the unfairness of the way Gabriel treats Adrien, like in The Bubbler.

He’s been “locked away” in a huge mansion all by himself, without any friends or a parental figure other than his mom, who escapes, to give some love to him. He’s put on a busy schedule that includes him doing modeling, taking Chinese & fencing lessons AND saving Paris every single day? And he doesn’t ONCE tell his father to cut him some slack every now & then??

Even though he’s only known Chloé as a friend, he never once acts mean towards anyone in school & even tells Chloé to be nicer to everyone, or else they can no longer be friends. He openly tells people that he hasn’t had much experience with friendships his whole life, acts as kindly as he can & never once speaks against his father.

He even tries to establish a deeper bond with his father (by initiating hugs, feeling over-thankful for a scarf he thinks his father has bought for him, always waiting for him before meals etc).

I know Adrien is far from perfect, but it really impresses me that Adrien managed to turn out the way he did. His family background forms an ideal villain backstory, but no, the guy saves Paris every single day instead.

I hope he gets some love during this season, from Ladybug at least..

anonymous asked:

You are the first and only writer I have read for this fandom. I love your work so much, I've re read all your Arrow stories twice (even the Firefly one even though I've never watched it). Do you have any favorite Olicity fics to recommend to keep me from going crazy my first hiatus? (I binged the first 4 seasons last year)

This is awesome!! Thank you! I’m super honored. And do I have recs? Oh yes, I have recs. 

First rec isn’t actually a fic, it’s a resource… @theolicitylibrary. If you want recs, they’ve got ‘em. If you want a specific trope or rating or genre, they’ve got that, too. Have a hankering for a fic where Oliver and Felicity are business rivals? There’s a link for that. Where she’s the vigilante instead? There’s a link for that, too. Where one of them is a werewolf? Yup. They’re an amazing resource and you can lose days (and weeks and months) going through lists of alpha/omega tropes and rockstar AUs and friends-to-lovers fics. 

But more specifically… how about I rec some authors, too? I haven’t been reading much lately - I spend all my time writing - so I’m more comfortable reccing authors I know are amazing and whose works I’m looking forward to catching up on. They’re all consistently excellent. This is by no means an all inclusive list.

@dust2dust34 - My co-writer for FiCoN and personal fav (though I admit to no small amount of bias). If you want smut and you want details and mining a scene for feelings, Bre is your girl. She has plenty of oneshots to choose from as well as some multichapter fics.  

@machawicket - Look, I can’t overstate Danielle’s skills as a writer. My husband doesn’t even read my fic but he likes hers. Her writing is funny, sweet, sexy and heartbreaking in turn but it’ll never leave you unsatisfied. She’s a master. 

@anthfan - Nikki is one of those writers that’s so good she makes you forget you’re reading a story, because it’s just something you’re living. It’s an experience. Her characterization is spot-on and her plots are super engaging. She writes both one-shots and longer stories. They’re all worth your time.

@hannasus - Susannah’s writing is the perfect balance of detailed exposition and tight narrative that lets you feel like you’ve experienced the whole setting in just a few lines. Add to that fully in-character characterization and interesting plots that keep you reading and you really can’t go wrong. I recommend reading her Something Like Fate series ASAP as she’s adapted it into the basis for an original novel (which she’s publishing later this year) and it may not be up on AO3 a whole lot longer. 

@rosietwiggs - I can always tell Rosie’s work in just a few lines. Her narrative voice is so very distinctive and so gripping that it pulls me in effortlessly. I don’t believe she’s writing for Arrow anymore, but even her unfinished works are worth a read. I especially recommend The New Normal, Lengths and How The Mighty Fall In Love.

@supersillyanddorky06 - I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard around about Matty’s writing because she’s right at the core of the Olicity fandom’s best known fanfics. With good reason. She’s prolific, plotty, smutty and evocative. If you have a weakness for Bratva!Oliver, I’d start here. 

@jsevick - I first met Jaimie after reading her Jurassic Park AU (really!) and being both delighted and amazed that she could make it work. I’m extremely lucky to have had her help as my beta pretty much ever since. If you like my writing, she’s a big part of it (along with @alizziebyanyothername). While she hasn’t posted in a while, her stories are just fun and if you like Gilmore Girls, her Arrow AU for Gilmore Girls is a treat!

@realityisoverrated-fic - I have no idea how you would feel about Smoaking Billionaires, Anon (I personally love it), but I’ve got to very highly recommend her Infinite Love series. At 110 parts and counting, it deals extensively with Oliver, Felicity and Tommy’s family longterm, including their kids. It’s alternately hot, sweet, and heartbreaking. But, most of all, it’s just well-written and interesting. If you’re willing to read them as a triad, I cannot recommend this strongly enough.

@geneeste - I would pay for more of Caught a Long Wind. Quite literally. But, that aside, Genie is a top notch writer. Whether her one-shots, WiPs or brilliant, ongoing epic co-written work with @machawicket, everything she writes should be devoured. 

@juliesioux - Julie uses the setting in a story as another character. There’s so much life to the world she puts her characters in that it practically breathes. Above that, she doesn’t shy away from hard topics. She will rush in head-first and dig deep to explore what her characters are going through. When you read her work, take her warnings seriously, but if you’re looking for a rich story to read that challenges you, she’s the perfect option to turn to.

@thatmasquedgirl - One of the most prolific Olicity fic authors (with 110 fics, including the absolute opus Technical Assistance). She’s consistently excellent, creative and she gives us as a fandom a whole lot to read. You can probably spent a huge chunk of hiatus happily buried in her work.

@entersomethingcleverhere - As a rule, I do not read first person stories. Not even when they’re published books sitting on shelves at my bookstore. I will break that rule for her writing. I like it that much. It’s heartfelt, moving, well-paced, and the connections between her characters are both real and evolving as you go. 

@arrow-through-my-writers-block - Shelby is… well, she’s just fun! She’s a solid writer who never disappoints. She’s got quite a few one-shots and a few ongoing multi-chapters. She’s probably best known for Starstruck, but all of her work is worth reading.  

@wagamiller - I just really love wagamiller’s work. Like a lot. There are very few authors I have on alert, but wagamiller is. Stories that make me laugh out loud are few and far between, but the 35B series surely did (as did @machawicket‘s Unbearable Hotness of Being, btw). Strong, sharp, witty writing that will leave you with a grin on your face.

@callistawolf - When I think of Callie’s work, I think of the fanfic version of sitting down with some hot cocoa and curling up with a warm blanket to watch a Hallmark Christmas special. She’s consistently excellent about finishing her work, which is lovely, and you can pretty much always count on a feel-good romantic ending. 

@hopedreamlovepray - Writing one-shots that stick with your reader is hard. Keeping a story to 1-2k and still being impactful is even harder. She absolutely manages it every time. Hope27 (as she’s known on AO3, so you can find her) has something like a hundred Olicity fics. These are, in my opinion, absolutely perfect if you want to lose yourself in a story on the train to work or during your lunch hour. 

@dettiot - Mel has a lot of great stories (like really great). My favorite is probably the “ink in my pen ran dry” series, but that’s a really tough call. Core Curriculum is super hot. The Felicity Stark series (crossover with Avengers-verse) is brilliant and fun and made me giddy while reading it. Beauty in the Breakdown is excellent. Jerry the EA series features one of the best takes on a relative OC I’ve read in fics. Love is Red made me squeal like a teenager with excitement (I’m not ashamed; it was warranted). And Two Men, Same Name (written with @melsanfo) is one of those that I am absolutely dying for the time to catch up on. While I’m at it, let’s rec Mel Sanfo, too. Her Masquerade is another novel-length fic absolutely worth a read. You really can’t go wrong with either of these ladies. 

@ash818 - Ash is freaking awesome. So, here’s the thing. Her Legacy series is mind-blowingly good. I have to admit, I’ve only read The Man Under The Hood in the series (this is intentional, for a reason you’ll see in a moment, but you need to read all of her work ASAP, okay? You do). This series… you’ve got future, married Olicity with teenage children as they continue their mission. There’s action, plot, heartbreak, angst, love, everything you could want. It’s in first person from their son’s perspective which is something I would probably never have clicked on in the first place had it not come highly recommended, but good lord is it amazing. All of her characters have life. All of them have depth. Her OCs are fully formed and vital to the story without overshadowing characters you already know. I haven’t read the later stories because after I decided to continue on with FiCoN verse, I didn’t want to inadvertently shade my views on Olicity’s growing family and continuing mission with anything she did in her series. If anything I do happens to run parallel to her work, I want to know beyond any doubt that it’s 100% coincidence. But her stories are something I’m absolutely itching to get to read… eventually. Her writing is excellent.  

@tinaday3w - I’m tempted to say “JUST READ IT” but that’s probably not enough… But really, just read it. No one does slow burn like Tina. Victorian era AU with pirate!Oliver? Yes, please. Hello. I’ll take two.

@emmilynestill - She’s just so good. And sooooo hot. I don’t know if you know this, Anon, but writing a good sex scene is hard. You don’t want your reader pulled out of the scene by wondering if a position is actually possible or when underwear came off (or if it did) or how gravity isn’t making them collapse. Like… smut is difficult. But it reads so effortlessly with Emmilyne’s writing. And, beyond that, she weaves it in beautifully with plot that keeps you wondering what’s next and emotion that builds and grows in an organic way. Orgasms and organic feelings. Honestly, what else could anyone really want?

@ruwithmeguys - Jess will gut you and leave you asking her to do it again. Indecent Proposal… just… read the warnings and be ready and read it with a lot of time on your hands and probably in chunks because ouch. But still… read it.

@academyofshipping - Sarah has this dry sense of humor that comes out in her fics that’s as clever as it is fun. Fluffy, funny, smart, cute and rich with feeling, Sarah’s writing is consistently strong. 

@someonesaidcake - Felice is fantastic for completed, multichapter AU fics. She has quite a few and I’m pretty sure every single one included smut at some point (if that’s your thing) as well as plot. 

And… I’ve spent like an hour and a half on this which was a lovely diversion for my day. I know I’m forgetting amazing people but I have to stop here. When in doubt, take the title of a fic you like, google that name in quotes along with “rec list” and find someone’s list where that story was included, then explore the others. Or, check the bookmarks on AO3 of an author you like, that’s a great place to mine for fics, too. And, again, I can’t rec @theolicitylibrary enough. That said… happy reading, Anon! We’ll get through this hiatus together… through fic and sheer force of will. ;-)

Wtf even is this?

why did i feel the need t0 stay up later just to make this???

All You Want for Christmas

Jack is excited about his first Christmas as you teach him the holiday traditions. The special day also brings a surprise for you as well.

Dean x Reader. Also featuring Sam, Jack Kline, and Castiel

Warnings: So fluffy, kissing. WC: 2064 On AO3 
A/N: This is for @impalaimagining Favorite Seasons Gif Challenge. Thanks to my beta @andromytta and my “title consultant” @letsby :)

Merry Christmas everyone! 

“All I want for Christmas is yoooooou, baby!” you sang off key as you chopped apples in the kitchen, doing your best impression of Mariah. “Oooooohhh baaaaaaby!”

You smiled as Jack poked his head into the doorway.

“Morning Jack.” You greeted him with a smile before belting into another line of the chart topper. The Christmas spirit had a hold of you and you were going with it.

“You sing songs about Christmas?” Jack asked as he walked up to the counter. “I didn’t know Christmas had songs.”

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The Dreamy Town of Toyland

Toyland- A Christmas Town is a town based upon Santa Claus and the North Pole! Here you will meet Mr and Mrs Claus, Holly the Elf, and the wonderfully naughty and mischievous Jack Frost! Whilst Toyland is a merry little town full of Christmas cheer, not everything is as it seems in this quiet and peaceful little town. What happened in Toyland? What secrets are hidden here? Why is everyone so distressed? Can you solve Toyland’s mystery?
Note: If you wish to discover Toyland’s story, it is recommended that you speak to, and visit the homes of all the playable characters.

Today, Toyland received its third (but not final!) update, and whilst not as much has changed in the past year as I would have liked, there is for those of you already familiar with my jolly little town never the less a few new things to see! As always, I couldn’t be more excited to once again share with you all the hard work and love I poured into creating my special little town! I know I also say this every time, but Christmas really is a time that is very special to my mother and me. We don’t have a lot in the world besides each other, and so Christmas has become the one thing and the one time of year that we always try to give to ourselves, and we try to make it as fun and as special as possible! The creation of Toyland was not only a labour of love, but it expresses my deep love of a time of year that is so dear to my heart and I’m so happy that I can (hopefully) bring some of that joy into your lives! It really has been the most tremendous fun to make, and I hope you will all like it as much as I have enjoyed creating it! Toyland is not completely finished, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m the sort of person who will never be satisfied! So as long as there is Christmas, there will always be something new to do and see in Toyland!

I really hope that you will come and visit and that your time there will be absolutely magical! If you do, I would absolutely love to see pictures, so please tag visits with #toycrossingadventures (Toyland is not recommended as it might be harder for me to find them as it’s a common tag) so that I can see and share them!


Banner Credit to the beautiful and incredibly talented Juliana @lostmitten If you would like a banner of your own check out her commission information HERE

Special thanks to Denice @deniceinlimbo for Toyland’s beautiful flag!

HDL respecting Donald as much as you would expect from 10-12 year olds is so uplifting to me. It’d be perfectly fine and dandy if you had any of the triplets resenting their uncle for how much he tries to protect them, but you don’t get that impression from any of them.

Are they happy with this insane level of protectiveness? No. They’ve made it obvious in the first episode’s first five minutes, but they’re never mean about it. They’re never rude about, or above/beyond rude about it. 

Their attempts at adventure are escape attempts; there’s no way around that. But I believe they know Donald truly does have their best interests at hear.

Lets be real if Louie didn’t think Donald didn’t care he wouldn’t have told Webby, “She’d be worried sick.”

While he wants to live and be free to do cool things, he doesn’t want his uncle to worry or cause him any unnecessary stress. It’s safe to say Louie has lied to Donald occasionally about his whereabouts (after school/at the house boat), but he does it so he won’t get into trouble and so Donald won’t worry. 

Again, this is Donald Duck we’re talking about here. So the stress and worry is coming anyways. Sorry man.

But Donald has their respect and love, and it’s obvious this is a two-way street where both ends are receiving what they need.

HDL were originally created for comedic purposes, so I get that they were Donald’s hell spawn nephews that you sometimes wanted to smack upside the head for the pranks they pulled. You knew they loved each other, but their familial love was only reserved for special occasions like the Christmas specials. It was secondary.

Having their familial love up and front, a primary attraction to the overall theme of the story along with being part of their central characters is really refreshing. It’s a story about family. It’s great to see that the boys have graduated from Donald’s hell-spawn nephews to his sons and legitimate characters in their own right. 

Another cool part is that I think the boys are going to learn a lot about their mom, but also a lot about their uncle and the life he lived before they were born. It’s difficult for kids at young ages to reconcile that their parents were completely different people (or that they’re people at all) before having kids. 

Valentines Day With Draco Would Include...
  • He’d begin planning things in like November
  • He’d need to make it really special because he thought the world of you
  • “Guess what Y/N.”
  • “What, Draco?” 
  • “It’s 64 days until Valentine’s Day!!!!!!”
  • “Draco, it’s Christmas…” 
  • He’d buy loads of random shit off of the Weasley twins that he’d give to you
  • For example, he got you Weather in a Bottle and a Screaming Yo-Yo just because he thought they were cool
  • You had no idea he was such a romantic but of course he was
  • You kind of loved it though because you knew you were by far the luckiest girl in the world to have him
  • “I can’t believe you’re so excited about Valentine’s Day, Draco.”
  • “Of course I am, this year I get to spend it with you!”
  • When you actually woke up on the morning of Valentine’s Day there’d be roses and chocolates covering your bed 
  • You’d roll your eyes but you knew it was like, the greatest thing you’d ever seen
  • At breakfast a load of first year Slytherins would turn up and give you twenty roses, creating a massive scene
  • Draco would literally run up to you after and kiss you really hard
  • Mostly just to show off the fact that he loved you to the whole school but also because VALENTINE’S DAY HAD FINALLY ARRIVED
  • In literally every lesson something new would happen to you
  • In Potions, Draco had Professor Snape hand you a letter (or clue, as Draco called it) with the WEIRDEST ‘clue’ on it
  • “I apologise for what’s written on this letter, Miss Y/L/N.”
  • “Are you a trampoline because I want to bounce on you later.” 
  • “Ooh, Professor I never knew you felt that way about Y/N!!” 
  • “SHUT UP, Mr Thomas!!!”
  • You’d go bright red with embarrassment because it happened in every fucking lesson
  • “Hagrid’s not the only giant on campus, if you know what I mean.”
  • “You don’t have to say Lumos Maxima to turn me on.”
  • “Mind if I Slytherin?”
  • You were so ridden with embarrassment it was fucking ridiculous
  • “Draco, what the fuck???”
  • “It’s funny, Y/N. Besides, it’S VALENTINE’S DAY!”
  • At the end of the night though, Draco invited you up to the Astrology Tower, where he’d actually arranged the sweetest candlelit picnic
  • There would be all of your favourite foods and sweets from Honeydukes
  • “I don’t know if you’ve realised yet, Y/N, but I’m completely besotted with you.”
  • You’d find it so totally sweet but you’d also realise that you hadn’t given Draco his gift yet
  • You’d chuckle as you stood up and walked just behind the door, where you’d been hiding the Firebolt you’d got him
  • “I know it’s not exactly chocolates, but you haven’t stopped going on about this bloody broom so of course I got it for you…”
  • Draco’s heart would literally stop as he stood up and swept you off your feet
  • “Oh my FUCKING God, Y/N, IT’S GREEN!”
  • Suddenly everything was worth the look on his face
  • “I love you, Draco.”
  • “I love you too, Y/N, more than you know. I have the best girlfriend in the world!!!!”
  • He’d walk you back to your dorm just past 3am, and give you a goodnight kiss
  • “Here’s to a lifetime of more Valentine’s Days, Y/N.”

To all my followers who do celebrate christmas, either religiously or not really: I want to wish you all a merry christmas, filled with warmth from your loved ones and delicious food and drinks!

To those of you who engage in other celebrations, may your festivities be just as merry.

And to those who don’t really celebrate anything special around this time, my wishes stay the same; there’s no bad time for love and a nice feast!