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A Punny Story

I had this girlfriend once where things were getting pretty serious. We wanted to move in together, so we went looking for an apartment. The second one our real estate agent took us to was perfect, we both loved it, so we made the decision to move in. Our neighbour was a really nice guy named Joseph. His wife had left him a few years prior, leaving him alone to take care of his eight-year old son. I always felt kinda bad for the guy. He had this weird accent that was really hard to place.

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The One Who Holds Your Heart » Prince Adam

Request: Can u do a pre-cursed imagine of the reader and prince Adam? I don’t really have a plot I just love pre-cursed Adam:)))

Pairing: Prince Adam x Reader

Fandom: Disney + Beauty and the Beast

Words: 1770

Summary: Adam is in love with you despite you being a maid.

A/N: Okay, so I really want to write a part two to this story and I will! [Name] won’t remember Adam and we’ll go on from there. Anyways, I hope you guys like this!

Part Two: The One Who Breaks The Curse

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Meant to Be - Part Three: Awake

All Parts

Pairing: jamilton (Hamilton x Jefferson)

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

Tagging: @elenarte @empyrealsakaki @gum-and-chips @karenthepoop @hammytrashy @falling-open @bestfluteninja @urstupidmom @olympun @rebel-with-cause @mishaisakitten @depressionjoke @gemilton @ur-friendly-neighborhood-fangirl @regionallyblurredfaces @destiel-addict-forever @sxnyalxveshxrses @theinevitablesense @boiugotsmehalpless @rachurro @hamilton-of-issues @phantom10526 @feral-tomcat-hamilton @alonelynoodle @aceplaysbass @ilesserpanda @kyloslightsaberdick @msageofenlightenment

Word Count: 2071

Warnings: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks, STRONG TRIGGER WARNING: description of suicide attempt

A/N: buckle up y’all

The reply was immediate.


Alexander felt a strange rush of emotions at the sight of the familiar handwriting. All his hatred for Thomas bubbled up, and constricted his airway. At the same time, he felt a fluttering in his stomach. This was the boy that he was in love with.

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Dates [Remus x Reader]

Anonymous asked:

I’d really love if you could do a Remus Lupin imagine where you are Lily’s bestfriend and she tries to set you up with Sirius but you actually like Remus and every time James and Lily try to get you and Sirius together Remus leaves because he hates the thought of you and Sirius together when he wants to be with you.

A/N: I hope this is okay, I don’t have time to proof-read right now. It’s day three of PEDID, or ‘Potter Every Day in December’, so please send in some aesthetic or writing requests if you’re interested. I have a lot of Remus ones but not many others :)

Description: Remus mis-interprets your friendship with Sirius and you are forced to confess your true feelings. Fluffy af.

Warnings: Jealousy

Word Count: 1,207

“Give him a shot, Y/N,” Pleaded James.

You rolled your eyes at Lily and her boyfriend. Not for the first time, they were trying to persuade you to go on a date with Sirius.

“He’s just my friend, you guys know that.” It was true. You and Sirius were close friends; you only came second to James, obviously. Lily and James shared a look. You didn’t understand why they were pushing it so much. Just then, Remus and Sirius rounded the corner and approaching you. As soon as they arrived, Lily turned on them,

“Y/N, Sirius has something to ask you.”
A look of utter bewilderment passed across his handsome features, but you weren’t even looking at him. Glancing at Remus, you noticed his brown hair looked even more dishevelled than usual. The sight had more of an effect on you than it should have done. He didn’t notice you watching him, he was too busy laughing at Sirius’ obvious confusion. James glared at Sirius and suddenly a look of realisation dawned on his face.

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Hamliza School Play Headcanon's

That last ask really inspired me, I’m in the mood for writing today (sorry I annoy you guys)

All three high school headcanons that I’ve submitted are set in the same universe. (Please don’t feel like u have to do #fanart but I’m not opposed if u want to, I love ur art)

• Okay so Eliza takes Drama as one of her school subjects and one day she’s walks into the drama room to find the sign up sheet on the door.
• She squeals when she sees Romeo + Juliet and she is quick to pick up the pen and scribble her name down, also scribbling Alexanders name below it.
• She picks up a leaflet as well and rushes to the lunch hall when the class is over and goes straight to Alex.
• She pecks him on the cheek and sets down the leaflet next in front of him.
• “LOOK! There doing Romeo and Juliet as this years school play and guess who sighed uppp!!”
• “I hope you get it baby! I’ll be there at the audition.”
• “Well, of course you will, I signed you up to.”
• Laf, Herc and John all laugh at that and Alex sends them a glare across the table.
• “I don’t think so, I can’t act.”
• Eliza sighs in disbelief “I’ve heard you before some monologues in English, your amazing.”
• “No, Eliza.”
• Her eyes turn glassy and she gives him the most adorable puppy dog LOOK ever and he just sighs in defeat “Fine, but I’m only audition as Tibalt.”
• Eliza goes for Juliet, and Alex feels unsteadying knowing she will be kissing someone else in the school that wasn’t him.
• Eliza takes this as her in “Well, you can always go for Romeo if you’re THAT uncomfortable.
• ”…. no, no I trust you.“
• But she makes him rehearse for the auditions with her and she makes him do Romeos part, and she feels like she did when he first did a poetry assignment in English, she can’t stop looking at him with loving eyes.
• On the audition day, she makes him go for Romeo “please, it can be an early birthday present, pleaseeeeeee.”
• They both audition, and this is the first time that Alex had seen his gf on stage, fully immersed and and completely in role.
• Later on in the year, when he says ‘I love you’ for the first time, he claims this was the moment he knew for sure.
• The cast list goes up on Monday, and Eliza looks so sad when she sees Alex got Tibalt and not Romeo.
• “Don’t be sad baby, you got Juliet!! You got the main, you should be so proud, I am.”
• And he is, God he is. What he fees uneasy about is when he sees who will be playing Romeo.
• He turns around and he sees Thomas looking at him with a smirk on his face as he comes to Eliza and wraps his arms around he shoulder.
• “I guess we will be spending a lot of time together, Juliet.”
• He glares at him and shrugs his arm off, grabbing onto Alex’s quickly.
• “He likes you! I’m worried!”
• “But in your girlfriend don’t be worried!”
• Alex can’t seem to forget the way he was coming on to Eliza at Maria’s party, when him and Eliza first met properly.
• He goes to all the rehearsals and does his role as Tibalt, the drama teacher says he will be Romeo’s understudy so he is more than happy to run likes for that as well when Eliza needs help.
• He loves watching his girlfriend be in her element and even when she’s on stage with Thomas, he doesn’t care and still finds her enchanting.
• he skips rehearsal the day Thomas and Eliza were suppose to kiss.
• The day of rehearsal, Eliza runs up to him and gives him a big squishy hug
• “What’s this all about, baby?”
• “Thomas can’t make it because he broke his arm, so guess who’s playing Romeo!”
• She went in for another hug and Alex felt relief flood through him.
• They went on stage and absolutely smashed it, and when it was the last scene and and she found Romeo dead, she actually cried, she never did that in rehearsal.
• The teachers finally figured out that Eliza and Alex were dating after watching that performance.

anonymous asked:

BUT do you honestly think Abby will get pregnant? is this a theory elsewhere? personally i'd love it!

first of all: love this question, wanna marry this question.

SECOND OF ALL: this is absolutely wild and borderline fanciful (perhaps even self-indulgent) speculation, but i’m having a total ball with this theory, so let’s unpack it. special shout out to @abigailkanes and @kane-and-griffin, who are both on this train as well. okay basically this is our three-way shared theory.

also for a fun flavour: there’s NSFW gifs under this read more, because the CW loves us very much and gave us just a stunning amount of kabby content to support this whole thing.

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Co Workers (Part Twenty)

A/N: Holy crap you guys. I never imagined this story reaching 20 parts. (It’s not over yet don’t worry) Though I have to say, I’ve planned out the rest of the story already. There will be 5 parts left. Just a heads up, so that you know, you can start preparing yourself, I know I already feel sad about it. But you guys are the reason it’s made it this far. And I have a new series in the making. So, yeah <3

Also, sorry this one’s a bit shorter than usual. I wanted to get in another fluff chapter before the last 5 parts, I also had writer’s block all weekend, so there’s that.

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Smut, oral (female receiving) language (though that kind of goes hand in hand with smut)

Word Count: 1.7k


Originally posted by princesscas

When you’d gotten relaxed enough, you turned around in his arms, scooting your back up to his chest. He rested his head right behind yours so that you could comfortably fall asleep.

“Y/N?” he asked just before you drifted off.


Marry me.

You’re heart stopped. Did he just ask you to marry him while you were falling asleep? So what if he did? Still feeling sleep trying take you over, you gave the best answer that you could.

“Of course I’ll marry you, Misha.” You mumbled.

You could practically feel him smiling as his hold on you tightened, and he leaned up and placed as kiss on your neck. You snuggled into him even closer before falling asleep.


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jjongdi, goodbye ♡

and tonight was the last night with jjongdi.

for the past three years, you showed me a lot and introduced me to a lot of people, slowly opening up my mind to show me how to be sympathetic, grateful and comforting towards things that are around me, people around me. thanks to you too, that i met a lot of people who cared about blue night as much as i do, and they are all good people that sticks with me until today. of course, it had been hard to prioritize school work over blue night but somehow i managed it through. 

i have my alarm set up at 10:45pm (blue night is 11pm for me) it would go off everyday, my friends who are familiar with it will be like, okay time for you to go~ your radio is on soon~ there won’t be alarms anymore ;;

jjongdi! through blue night i knew eddy kim, oksangdalbit, blue night’s girlfirned - nine unnie, go young bae + soran, and more. there’s different genres of music you played, a different world for me. i’m thankful for all of it. i really am.

for the three years of happiness and love you showed and showered us, thank you ♡ rest a lot, never fall sick jjongdi! we’ll meet again. mbc fm4u, thank you.

A Slightly Modified Valentine’s Day

Admittedly, this wasn’t really how Shepard saw hers and Kaidan’s first Valentine’s Day together. She imagined maybe going on a nice date on the Citadel, getting a fancy dinner and splitting a bottle of wine, some overly rich chocolate cake for dessert. She imagined probably going back to her cabin, or maybe a nice hotel room for the night to have some alone time, spending their night tangled up in the sheets, clothing optional. Sure, it was cliche, but she was hoping he’d buy her flowers or chocolates, and she already felt unlike herself for even wanting that.

She didn’t really picture this.

“Can you… uh… readjust the ice pack on my shoulder?” Kaidan asked, wincing in pain.

Shepard sat up and helped to move the ice pack that had fallen down his arm back to the center of his shoulder. He gave a slightly pained whimper, and shut his eyes.

“Thanks,” he said.


He paused. “Sorry we had to cancel our plans for tonight. I’m just… not in a condition to move.”

She rolled her eyes. “Well, that’s your fault.”

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Birthday Boy (Tobi)

Requested?: Yes, thank you
Warnings: None
Pairing: Tobi and Reader

Sorry this is such a late post on. But I had to get this out while it is still his birthday. I made it just in time.(it’s 10pm where I live)

Happy Birthday Tobi! Hope it was a great day!



I’m up super early today. Earlier than normal, but for a good reason.  That reason? It’s my boyfriends birthday. He’s turning twenty-four today.

So I have decided to get up and make him a birthday breakfast.

As I am just putting the last few pancakes on to cool, I feel two arms wrap around my waist, which belong to my boyfriend. I naturally lean back into his chest, but this time I sigh.

“What’s wrong, princess?”

“You were supposed to stay in bed,” I say softly “I was going to bring you a plate. That way you could eat breakfast in bed on your birthday.”

“I’d rather eat breakfast in here with you.” He says kissing my cheek

“I’ve had an entire day planned out,” I say pushing his arms off of me “Starting with you eating breakfast in bed.”

He sighs “Fine, I will go back to bed. But only if you eat with me.”

“Okay, I will eat with you.”

He smiles and then turns on his heel, walking back to his bedroom.

I smile and turn back around to finish off cooking.

Once I am finished I load up two plates with everything I had made. Pancakes, bacon and a little bit of fruit. Grabbing two glasses of orange juice, I walk towards the bedroom.

“Breakfast is served.” I say, setting the tray down on the bed

“It looks delicious babe.” Tobi says as I hand him his plate and orange juice.

I smile as he begins to eat, as do I. The entire time, we eat on silence. Not an awkward silence, but a comfortable one. This is how most mornings go around here. That is until the work starts outside the windows, which can get annoying.

“They seem to not be working today.” He says

“Yeah, it does seem unusually quiet.”

“Maybe we can finally stay in bed and just watch Netflix. Without getting interrupted.”

“We very well could. Would you rather do that, then what I have planned?”

“Well that depends on what you have planned?”

“Well I had rented out a pitch for us to go to, just to shoot around. Nothing special. Then come back here to get ready for a dinner reservation with the rest of the guys.”

“What time is the pitch rented out for?”

“In about four hours.” I say looking at the clock

Tobi then grabs his remote to his tv and turns to me.

“Then we can watch Netflix for a few hours then.”

I nod “Sounds like a plan.”

He smiles as I move the plates and glasses from the bed. Then cuddling into his side, as he turns on Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

For the next three hours we are watching tv and cuddling. Which is two of my favorite things to do, especially with my favorite boy. It’s not too often that we do this, so I definitely cherish these times.

“Alright, before we go to the pitch. I’ve got to give you your birthday present.” I say getting up from the bed and going over to the closet.

“Here.” I say handing him the present

“Y/N, I told you not to get me anything.” He says taking the box from me

“I know, but I couldn’t resist. Now open it.”

He then tears the paper away, looking up at me shocked.

“No you did not.” He says, opening the box

I had gotten him the football boots that he was talking about getting. Though he would splurge and buy them.

“You were really wanting them, so I got them.” I say shrugging “Now we have matching boots.” I say pulling the same pair out, but in my size.
“Now shall we head to the pitch? Our time starts soon.”

He nods and gets up from the bed, grabbing his reflexive Adidas tracksuit. I grab my sidemen tracksuit and a white sdmn shirt, throwing my hair up in a ponytail.

-At The Pitch-

“Do you want to play a game, or just shoot around?” I ask as we set the footballs down

“How about we just shoot around. Get some practice in for the charity match.”

I nod my head, as I go to kick the ball. I send the ball flying towards the back of the net, right in the top right corner.

“Alright can someone has gotten better.” He says shocked

“Well I have to in order to play and won with you around.” I say as I walk back with my ball

He smiles “I’d always let you win, no matter what.”

I smile and line my shot back up.

The next two hours are filled with us kicking the ball around. Him trying to mess me up and vise versa. Cracking jokes and making up all kinds of puns.

“Alright since we have about ten minutes left here. Why don’t we have a little game?” Tobi says

“What do you have in mind?” I ask, rolling the ball with my foot

“Crossbar challenge. Five shots each. Whoever makes the most out of those, wins.”

“What is the prize?”

“Well if I win, when we get back home you will record a video with me.”

“And if I win?”

“We will do whatever you want to when we get home.”

I nod “Alright you are on.”

He smiles “Ladies first.”

I jokingly curtesy, before lining up my shot.

I end up only hitting three out of the five.

“Alright, beat that.”

He nods, going and lining up his shot. Hitting four out of five.

“Looks like you will be filming a video with me when we get back home.”

I nod “Alright, you won fair and square. But we have a dinner to get to.”

-At The Restaurant-

“Happy Birthday Dear Tobi. Happy Birthday to you.” We all sang

Throughout the song Tobi is smiling and looking around at all his friends. I’m sure that he couldn’t ask for anything more.

He’s always telling me about how much he loves being around these people. Which is exactly why I set up this dinner. So he would be surrounded by his friends.

The dinner itself took around three hours to finish, but that doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that he had a good birthday. Which I’m hoping he did.

-Back at Tobi’s Flat-

“Alright you ready to film a video?” He asks as we get into our room

I nod “Yeah, what game are we playing?”

“I decided not to play a game, but to film a q and a.” He says, sitting down in his chair “As log as that’s okay with you.”

I nod “It’s perfectly fine with me.”

He smiles as I sit down in the chair next to him.

Halfway through the video, he tells he that he has to grab something from his closet. Once he comes back, I can tell he has something in his hand, but I can’t tell what.

“Alright, last question is from me.” Tobi says “And you have to answer truthfully.”

“Okay.” I say, nodding

“Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, this is probably something you weren’t expecting to be asked. Especially on my birthday. But it’s something that cannot wait any longer.” He starts

“I knew from the moment I first met you, that you were the one. Everything about you is perfect. From the way you dance around this flat like no one is watching, to when you are just being lazy with me in bed. I love it all.”

Just from those few words, I knew what was happening.

“So Y/N.” He says, dropping to one knee and opening the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring “Would you marry me?”

I nod my head, tears falling from my eyes “Yes.” I whisper

“A million times yes.” I say louder this time.

He smiles and slides the ring onto my finger. Leaning up to kiss me.

I can’t believe that I am going to be spending the rest of my life with the man I love.

This is not how I expected or planned this day to go. But I guess since he is the birthday boy, he gets to choose how the day goes.

For Love & Money Pt.12


Words: 4994

Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, Forced Marriage!Au

Summary: For love, you foolishly lied to yourself. For money, you married a stranger.

Originally posted by bwibelle

“Y/N!” The door opens and little Haru jumps into your arms.

“Haru!” You swing her around and she giggles.

“Y/N?” You recognize the older boy and another younger one comes toddling behind.

“Junseo! Minguk! How have you all been?” You bend lower, tapping each of their heads.

They smile gleefully at you and Minguk grabs your hand and drags you in. “Who’s this?” Haru asks, looking behind you.

Junseo steps in front of him, as if protecting you.

“I’m Y/N’s husband, Jin.” He smiles but they all frown.

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A Beast at Christmas

Braun Strowman/OC: You and Braun get put in a storyline together, even though you’re both seemingly polar opposites 3 weeks before Christmas. How will you two fare?


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I’m just… going to… lie down… for a little while… not because… I’ve been… crying over Star Wars fic… again… or anything… no, definitely not….. (Fic recs every Wednesday.)

Hello From the Other Side by DarthNickels, anakin & luke & han/leia & kylo ren & piett, body swap, time travel, 16.7k wip
   Kylo Ren is destined to take up the mantle of Vader. The Force can be incredibly literal.
In Color by Glare, obi-wan/anakin/padme, modern au, soulmate au, 6.4k wip
   Anakin Skywalker is six years old the first time he marks on his skin with intent.
Died last night in my dreams by SquaresAreNotCircles, obi-wan/anakin & qui-gon & yoda, force ghosts, 2.2k
   Obi-Wan sipped his tea and stared morosely out into nothing. “Become a force ghost, he said. It’ll be for the good of the universe, he said.”
All Over Again by tricksterity, obi-wan/anakin & qui-gon & shmi, 22.3k wip
   Obi-Wan Kenobi is sixteen years old when he collapses in the training salle to the shock of his master, Qui-Gon Jinn. When he wakes up two days later after multiple seizures and flatlining once, he remembers the Clone Wars, remembers Mustafar, remembers being cut in half by the man he loved more than anything in the universe, and he remembers Luke and Leia.
I’ll Be There For You by SinkingLikeASunset, obi-wan/anakin/padme & qui-gon & ahsoka & cast, time travel, 25k wip
   Just days after his fateful encounter with Anakin on Mustafar , Obi-Wan has resigned himself to a lonely existence on Tatooine. However, he has been granted a chance to go back and fix things. Obi-Wan must alter events and make changes as he struggles with memories of a dreadful future and deals with new developments this time around.
Odd Kind of Honeymoon by deaka, luke/mara, 26.6k
   Newly married Luke and Mara Skywalker journey across Tatooine on their honeymoon, some unexpected discoveries arising along the way.
untitled by themoosejthm, obi-wan & anakin/padme & ahsoka & luke & leia, 1k
   Anonymous asked: Padme: “I always have a note in my pocket that says “Anakin did it” just in case I’m murdered because I don’t want him to remarry.“
Meet the Skywalkers by frodogenic, anakin & piett & luke/mara & han/leia & jacen & jaina & anakin solo, 26.7k wip
   Newly returned from the Unknown Regions with Darth Vader, Admiral Piett doesn’t expect much of a welcome from the New Republic. And not in a million lifetimes would he have predicted that their very first guest would be Luke Skywalker. After all, Vader is still his mortal enemy…right?
Lineage V by ruth baulding, obi-wan & qui-gon & tahl (& some qui-gon/tahl) & dooku & cast, 50.7k
   An evil scientist wreaks havoc when she captures Jedi Knight Tahl Uvain for purposes of obscure research; Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan rush to the rescue, only to be embroiled in further trouble; and Master Dooku joins in the hunt with characteristic aplomb.
Escape by KeeperofSeeds, shmi & anakin, 2.7k wip
   Shmi’s escape from Tatooine after the Visions. The first steps of her journey towards freedom and a new life. One where she must deal with the consequences of remembering lives already lived and horrors that might still come to be.
all things said and done by wreckageofstars, anakin & cast, 5.8k wip
   The galaxy doesn’t fall; Anakin Skywalker does.
untitled by themoosejthm, obi-wan/anakin/padme, 1.1k
   Padme and Obi-wan helping Anakin paint his nails together so that he stops biting them to ruin
You Didn’t Hear It From Me by ruth baulding, obi-wan & anakin & garen & bant, 6.2k
   Garen Muln reminisces about his childhood friend.
Mission Report by ruth baulding, obi-wan & anakin, 2k
   the team that does paperwork together stays together.

full details + recs under the cut! 

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Unexpected III || TBS

Originally posted by thomas-why

A/N: Here’s to the anon who gave me the shortest request I’ve ever received. HAHAH. Okay. Splendid. Enjoy.


PS: People have been asking me for my social media, or a picture of me. I’d love to connect with you all, but this account will remain anonymous. However, you can (pleaSE) PM me and we can exchange social media URLs. :) I have made a marvellous friend when she decided to PM me here, I’m sure glad she did (hi, Precious!).

A click of the front door of your apartment made you jolt up from your workspace. Dylan and his girlfriend Britt decided to spend their vacation here in London, so there’s no question that Thomas would meet up with him.

And the source of the sound was indeed Thomas, back home from a guys’ night out with Dylan while Britt had her interview for The Longest Ride, her latest film.

He smiled when his eyes caught sight of you. “Hi, love.” Settling down, he removed his jacket and set his motorbike keys on the counter.

“Hi. How were things with Dyl?”

He poured himself a glass of water. “It’s was fine. He has something for you in my bag,” he motioned to the bag that was set on one of the dining chairs, a mischievous grin playing on his face.

You rushed to it, glaring at him warningly. The gift stood out from the contents immediately. You pulled out the baby blue fabric.

“A shirt,” you stated incredulously.

“Unfold it,” Thomas suggested, sipping his water.

It was a bit large for you, and on the shirt was printed the words, Thomas Brodie-Sangster loves me. You let out a laugh and met Thomas’ gaze.

“This is crazy,” you giggled. You heard Thomas mutter something like “well, Dylan is crazy,” before you went on. “Can I text Dylan and say thanks?”

“Sure,” Thomas gave you his phone.

As you were looking for Dylan’s name in your boyfriend’s contacts, Thomas talked to you. “Hey, I have a photo-shoot tomorrow morning so we can’t visit Riley.”

Disappointment filled your expression. “Oh. That’s alright,” you spotted Dylan’s name among the names of producers, actors, directors, companies, and so on. “’l can go by myself.”

“Well, I was wondering if you’d like to come with me.”

You looked up in disbelief. “Seriously?”

Thomas smiled and nodded. “I was asking myself why I never brought you to any of my projects. Save The Scorch Trials, of course,” he winked. “I brought my mum before, I thought I should start bringing you when I can.”

“I’d love to,” you smiled widely then put your focus back on texting Dylan.

To: Dylan O’Brien

Message: Got that right, Dyl. Thanks so much for the shirt. – the girl Thomas Sangster loves

Noticing you were finished, he spoke up. “Put the shirt on,” he suggested. You nodded.

The shirt hung to your thighs. It would probably fit Thomas just right. You jokingly posed like a model. “What do you think, Tommy?”

Thomas crossed his arms just as jokingly, pretending to criticize your look. His eyebrows knit together and his lips formed a slight pout. “It’s alright, I guess.” He shrugged then strode towards you, capturing your lips with his.

“You look especially beautiful in that shirt,” he joked, running his fingers through your hair.

“I should wear this shirt to bed, then.” You smiled. “I’ll just go take a shower.”

“Have you had dinner yet?” he caught your hand before you got too far for him to reach.

“I have, mom,” you smiled, and Thomas rolled his eyes. “I cooked some chicken, the leftover’s in the oven. You can heat it if you want, babe.” You made your way to the bathroom.

Finishing your shower, you slipped on the soft shirt over nothing but your underwear.

You stepped out to see Thomas already ready for bed. He wore nothing but a gray shirt and his boxers. He was on his laptop, finishing an e-mail to one of the companies holding a meet-and-greet for The Maze Runner series.

You slipped in between the soft sheets, crawling your way to Thomas’ side of the bed and snuggled to his side.

“You tired?” you asked, snuggling your head to the crook of his neck.

“A little,” he admitted. “You, however, should sleep whether you’re tired or not,” he put the laptop away and pushed you down gently on the mattress. He pulled the duvet to your chin, kissed your forehead and began humming a tune, holding you to his chest as if someone might snatch you away from him in the dim room.

The warmth of his soft shirt was the last thing you processed before you fell into a peaceful slumber.

But you woke up to Thomas’ large hand shaking you gently. You groaned, opening your eyes gently to see that no sunlight was peeking through from the bedroom windows. The sky was a dim blue. “Thomas, the sun isn’t even out yet,” you could smell the tea brewing and Riley’s bread heating in the oven.

“The project is two hours away from London, love. I always leave early, remember?”

Sighing, you kicked the sheets off and stood up while Thomas set down his travel clothes. He looked at you. “You’re looking better in that shirt than you did last night,” he commented, smoothing out the creases of his shirt.

“What? Why?” you looked down. The shirt was askew from your shoulders. To be frank, you looked worse.

“You look rested,” he gave you a small smile. “like you’re really loved.” He took a step back to see if the shirt had no creases. He gave a disappointed look when the shirt was just as wrinkled as when he took it out of the closet.

“Aren’t I?” you asked, locating the iron so you can iron out his shirt.

“Very,” smiling, he walked up to you and pecked your lips.

“I can iron the shirt out, you go set the table.” You kissed his jaw before setting to work.

“With pleasure.” He bowed jokingly and exited the room.

“I’m gonna go shower first!” you yelled to Thomas after putting the iron away and hanging his shirt.

“I’ll shower with you!” he called back.

You went ahead, stripping naked. You put your shirt in your dresser – you decided it was perfect for sleepwear. Thomas then stepped in, a boyish smile on his face.

“You’re a pervert.” You rolled your eyes at his mocked offended expression. “We’ll shower only, no funny business. You’ll be late again if we don’t.”

Thomas raised his hands in surrender.

Well, needless to say, Thomas didn’t keep his word.

After a rushed meal, you hurried to his car. Thomas was a fast driver so he was calm about being on time.

There was something about Thomas when he’s driving that attracts you so much. It could be his focused expression, or the way his muscled arms move swiftly, or the tight line his lips form when he’s waiting for the stoplight to turn green.

Thomas always loved the color your face turns into when he catches you staring at him, so he would always meet your gaze whenever he could, and he would laugh as you looked away bashfully.

Thomas was only five minutes late, and he was welcomed by a crowd of agents and stylists. You took a seat on one of the chairs of his dressing room and watched them fix Thomas up.

He would occasionally look at you, his expression asking if you’re okay, and you would give him a reassuring smile in return.

He looked handsome as ever in his suit, and you were allowed by the photographer to watch the shoot. Needless to say, he was a natural.

“Okay, next question, from Sarah of New Jersey,” the interviewer declared, and Thomas nodded in acknowledgment. “’Thomas, tell us more about your girlfriend.’”

Thomas’ face lit up in delight and shock. His eyes met yours briefly before he answered. “Um… my girlfriend’s name is Y/N, I met her on the set of The Scorch Trials. We’ve been together for almost three years, and we’ve been living together for more than a year.” Thomas looked up in thought, brainstorming for some facts. “She loves to read, and she’s a really quiet person.” he smiled as if to say he was done answering the question.

The interviewer nodded. “Paige from Florida wants to know, ‘do you love her?’”

Thomas stared at the crew incredulously. He’s never been asked about his love life before, neither has his co-stars. He sat in silence for a while before nodding. “Yes,” he met your gaze, smiling. “I love her very much.”


the year of hexterah’s house of hotties: January 5th
Ned Luke, Shawn Fonteno & Steven Ogg (actors)

Before you say, “Oh, the ~voice actors~ of those dudes in GTAV,” LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. Yes, Ned Luke did the voice of Almost-But-Never-Retired-From-Crime-Because-THAT-FEELING Dad Michael De Santa. Yes, Shawn Fonteno did the voice of Up-And-Coming Protege But-Leave-Me-The-Fuck-Out-Of-Your-Angry-Dad-Bullshit Franklin Clinton. And yes, Steven Ogg did the voice of Angry-Proto-Hipster-Psychopathic-Canadian-Dirty-Uncle Trevor Philips. But they were also the actors behind these characters. Every single thing you saw those three characters doing in the game, these three guys had to do themselves. So besides the 10,000+ page script the game had, there was also all the driving animations, the dying animations, the weapon animations (yes please), the cutscenes, the walking, the drunk walking, the arguments, the back and forth anger fest in the meth lab, Trevor’s crotch scratching, Franklin playing with Chop, Michael breaking Jimmy’s television, Trevor sleeping in bed with Floyd, Michael and Trevor screaming at each other about hipsters or some other old married couple bullshit – all of it.

Each of the characters they played in Grand Theft Auto V will have their own days in the future, but I wanted to recognize these three because each one of them is basically the physical embodiment of the Unholy Trinity. Even though they’re not as fucking batshit crazy as the Unholy Trinity, you can tell just from interviews that these three really formed a bond over the course of GTAV’s creation and you can tell that they Actually Like Each Other. I would love to see some of the footage on set - if there’s that much content script-and-game-wise, how much was left on the cutting room floor? How many times did they mess up?

Plus, they’re just babes, okay. Since they are basically the Unholy Trinity in the flesh (without the meth scars, TREVOR), that makes them babes don’t touch me and MY FEELINGS. Especially since they don’t have any of the very special sociopathic tendencies Trevor, Michael and Franklin possess.


(No, have you seen some of the pictures of Steven Ogg though? He might be a little Trevor-crazy. BUT THAT’S OKAY CAUSE HE IS MAGICAL. I mentioned crazy though too, right…)

I really can’t say enough about these dudes. I mean, I loved Grand Theft Auto V in general but they helped take it to a whole ‘nother level. The relationship between these three characters was written so well but wouldn’t have been the same without three guys who could carry these EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE MONSTERS like this was who they really were. Like this was their everyday life, like this was nothing. They worked their asses off and with every scream of SCOOOOOTER BROTHERS!, every swagger down the Del Perro Pier (Michael’s walk is a thing of unicorns and rainbows YOU ARE A++++, NED LUKE) and every casual but dutiful dismissal and shake of the head at Lamar/Aunt Denise/Papa Mikey & Uncle Trev’s stupid bitchass fights you can see it.

(The thought of them filming the bad endings makes me v. sad though. Let’s pretend those don’t exist.)

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Shisui with a baby boy or girl. Omg I loved the last one with Itachi and Sasuke !!!! 😊😃😃😃😁

This is all written in the consideration that the Uchiha’s chilled out and Shisui didn’t throw himself off a goddamn cliff. Also, I could see Shisui having either or really, probs would have like three, ya never know with him.

Originally posted by uchiha-save

  • He was one hundred percent okay and honestly pretty excited with having a baby all the way up until his S/O was in labor and then that’s when he started to panic. Nothing had really set in with him for the most part up until that moment, so when she went into labor, he was internally panicking like no other. He tried to remain calm for his S/O’s sake, but man, on the inside he was flipping shit. Now, remember, he can remain one hundred percent calm during life threatening situations as a shinobi, but when his little five pound baby came into the world, he was a panicking mess. 
  • Shisui did not even plan on starting on a nursery for his child until like two weeks before the baby was due. He kept telling himself that he didn’t have time for it, because he was still heavily dealing with the village and Uchiha, and that he could deal with building an entire nursery in a day when he got the chance, but he was wrong, very very wrong. His baby ended up coming like three weeks early, so there was no nursey built at all and he was too scatterbrained during delivery to even think about it. 
    • That baby basically has a crib that he doesn’t even use, and that’s about it. Baby Shisui just chills with his dad most of the time tbh, no nursery needed.
  • After his baby was born, Shisui made sure that he introduced his little one to Hiruzen almost as soon as he could, because that’s basically as close to his own dad as he can get anymore, and it’s definitely a sentimental thing for both of them. I have a side headcanon that Hiruzen was Shisui’s godfather, so they’re relatively close and having a child is such an important thing that Shisui wanted to make sure that Hiruzen got to meet his baby and everything. When they do finally meet, it’s really nostalgic for Hiruzen, because he can still vividly remember when Kagami introduced Shisui to him and now Shisui is introducing his own son, and it brings up a lot of memories.
  • Shisui’s baby also developed really fast; like he could sit up and crawl and walk before all of the other babies his age. At first Shisui was thrilled, because he thought that a mobile baby would be way more fun that just a baby who chills and sleeps eighty percent of the day, but that wasn’t exactly the case. Shisui’s baby is super ornery and smart, and he knows what he can and can’t get to and what he can get his dad to do; it’s actually awful, because he’s so smart for a child, but he uses his baby brains for evil. Shisui’s actually terrified for when this baby is a teenager.
  • This baby has so many beanies, it is actually ridiculous. The moment that Shisui saw his baby and saw that they had inherited that same messy thick hair that he has, he silently cursed. Half the time Shisui doesn’t even have the will to deal with his own hair, so how was he going to deal with a baby’s? Answer is, he’s not. Ninety percent of the time his child has a beanie on, just because of that. Even if it’s a hundred degrees outside, that baby will still have a beanie on, because Shisui just doesn’t even try with that damn hair anymore.
  • He is such a mess at getting his baby to daycare, especially if he is trying to prep for a mission while also prepping his baby to go to daycare. He’s almost always late dropping his child off, always late picking them up, usually forgets something. One day he forgot all his child’s bottles and the teachers at the daycare were like, “You sure you’re okay to go on an S-ranked mission…? You forgot your child needs to eat…”
  • Whenever Shisui leaves for a mission, his baby has the hardest time sleeping and is just so restless until he gets back. Tying into the whole “doesn’t have a real nursery,” thing, the baby usually sleeps with Shisui and his mother, most of the time on Shisui’s chest. And like his daddy, the baby is very perceptive, so they realize that Shisui isn’t there. They can’t feel the warmth that he radiates off or hear that slow heart beat, so they really struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep while Shisui’s away.
  • Shisui is so proud of his child and he makes sure that everyone knows that he is the proudest daddy around. He’s always cheering his baby on, even for the littlest things like taking a bottle of going to sleep. You can only imagine what he’s going to be like when his child can actually walk and makes real accomplishments. Sometimes it can be real humorous, because he’ll even brag about things that most parents really don’t brag about.   
    • “Guess what, B/N did today?”
    • “What?”
    • “They spit up on Sasuke a record four times in less than two hours; it was great.”
  • In a technology advanced Konoha. Shisui takes so many selfies with his baby. They look so alike and he just likes everyone to know that he loves his kid more than anything and the fact that he’s got the cutest kid in Konoha.
Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 8

Previous Parts

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: AU- Non-Supernatural Verse: It’s Dean’s birthday and Y/N gives him everything

Warnings: AU, fluff, smut (making love because that’s what this is)

Words: 3212

Note: I realllllyyyyy love Dean in this. Thanks for sticking with this, I really appreciate it, because I love writing this so much xoxo  Here’s some rather emotional smut, I hope to write some more dirty smut in the future with these two. Also if someone wants to be awesome and draw Dean with his tattoos I think I would cry. Also the latin is translated from google so..dont judge me.

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Self-evaluation is not my strong point, and you’re constantly asked to critique yourself. You just spent three months on a set and your whole life is wrapped up in that - and then it’s like, “Okay, define that right now in five seconds.” I can’t do that. I used to get so nervous that I would become a completely different person - and then they would think that was me. So I’ve tried to calm down, but no one’s ever going to write, “Oh, she’s actually just a pretty f—in’ average chick who really loves what she does.” That’s not gonna happen.


Y/N and Harry have never been apart for this long. The longest they’ve been apart was six months. But almost a year was too much for the both of them.

They’ve been friends since they were seven and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Yeah they would have their arguments and they almost lost each other, but they would get through it.

People would tell them that they’d get married later on or that they’ll be together, but the both of them would just laugh it off.

Between work and touring and filming and school, they’ve not seen each other. They’ve called and skyped, but it’s not the same.

Today’s Y\N’s birthday and she was hoping to wake up to a text from Harry, but all she got was one from her mom and brother.

Y/N doesn’t have many friends. Harry’s friends are her friends, according to Harry, but Y/N doesn’t really think that’s true because Harry’s friends treat her like shit sometimes.

She goes on with her day, hoping for a text from Harry, but none.

She frowns. They usually talk on the phone everyday for like an hour until one of them have to go. Today though, today they haven’t talked and that made Y/N upset.

Meanwhile, Harry was sitting down, waiting for the lady through the intercom to call his flight. He was biting his bottom lip so hard that he drew blood. His eyes kept moving to his phone that was balanced on his knee somehow, waiting for you to call.

He wants to call and tell you happy birthday, but he can’t. He knows it’s hurting you that he didn’t call you this morning or leave a message.

He shakes his head and grabs his phone. He scrolls through his messages and clicks on your name before typing up a message.

Don’t think I forgot what today is. Now, put that cute pout away and smile, love. I hope you have an amazing day and I wish I was with you to celebrate. But unfortunately, I’m not. I love you. Xxx

And of course, Y/N won’t ever truly know that Harry loves her more than a friend.


It’s past noon, around three, when Y/N gets a text from Anne telling Y/N to come over to her house. It may be a bit of a drive, but if Anne wants Y/N to visit, then Y/N will go and visit.

When she gets there, she’s confused as to why there were so many cars parked in front of Anne’s house. When she knocked and Anne opened the door, she didn’t expect people to jump out and yell surprise.

She hugged Anne first and said a thank you before moving to her brother and mom. She walked around and said thanks to people who wished her a happy birthday, but didn’t see the one person she wanted to see.

She sighed and walked into the kitchen and sat down. Not a minute after passed when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“He wishes he could be here with you, Hun. "Anne’s soft voice said. Anne sat next to Y/N and grabbed her hand. "Have you guys talked today?”

“No. "Y/N mumbles. She rests her face on her palm while the other hand is drawing random things on the marble counter. "I miss him, Anne. I want my best friend with me. "Tears well up in her eyes, but she doesn’t let them fall.

Anne wants to tell her that he’s coming, he’s coming, Y/N. But, she bites her tongue and gives Y/N’s shoulder a squeeze before standing up and walking out.

Y/N pulls out her phone and scrolls through her contacts before pressing on Harry’s name. Not even three rings before he picks up.

"Hey little bug. "She can just imagine him sitting down with a smile on his face. "How’s your day going? Enjoying you birthday?”

Y/N pouts some more and shakes her head even though he can’t see her. “No. I miss my best friend. ”

“I miss you too, love. "He sighs. "I wish I could be with you. I really do. ”

“I know, bud. ”

It’s quiet for awhile before Harry breaks it. “I have to go back on set, babe. I’ll talk to you later tonight, yeah?”

“Yeah, okay. ”

“I love you. ”

Y/N smiles. “I love you, bud. ”

When they hang up, Y/N goes back to the party and talks to a couple of people. She doesn’t see Gemma, the only person Y/N talks to besides Harry and his mom.

Twenty minutes later, she spots Gemma talking to a guy and she doesn’t want to interrupt so she starts talking to her brother.

Y/N is startled when she feels hands wrap around her waist from behind. She looks down-on instinct-, and gasps when she sees the tattooed arm. She turns around and her hands fly up to her mouth when she sees Harry standing
In front of her.

He grins at her reaction and hugs her once again. Y/N wraps her arms around his waist and cries when she gets a little whiff of his cologne that she missed so much.

He’s arms wrap around her neck and he presses a kiss to her temple then the top of her head. “Hi, love. "He chuckles when she responds with a sob. "Happy birthday!”

When he tries to pull away, Y/N’s grip tightens and the crowd, including Harry, laugh when she shakes her head.

“Hey now. C'mon, love. Give me a proper welcome home. ”

She sniffs before pulling away. She looks up and almost lets out another sob when her eyes make contact with his green ones.

“You’re here, you’re actually here. Oh my, gosh. I’ve missed you so much. I’m so glad you’re here. ” she hugs him again and she doesn’t want to let go.

“I’ve missed you, too. C'mon, let’s go sit down. "He directs her to an empty seat in the other living room where it’s more quiet and sits down before pulling her down with him.

"I can’t believe you’re here. "She says quietly, sniffing once before before resting her head on his shoulder and grabbing his hand in hers, giving it a squeeze. ”’M glad you’re here with me. “

He presses a kiss to her temple and let’s it linger for awhile because he missed her so damn much. ”’M glad too, love. So glad. I love you. “

She sighs and nuzzles up to him. "I love you, too, styles. Quite a lot. ”

And she’ll never know that he loves her more than a friend.


I’m back!💜

Jaqen H'ghar x Arya Stark Fic Recs

I have a mighty need to see an older assassin Arya hook back up with Jaqen H'ghar in some way. Even if all they do is go on some kind of murder spree across Westeros. Anyways here is some Arya x Jaqen fic that I liked that kind of fits into the above scenario. Okay maybe not really. Someone needs to write that for real. Some of it has an adult Arya. I’ll indicate which ones are underage.

Spoilers for all the books

A Man Owes Three: by Luc Court: Explicit Drama/Dreams Underage: Set during Feast for Crows, pre-Cat of the Canals. Whether in the House of Black and White or out in the woods, some parts of life continue on. (I love any fic analyzing Arya’s dreams and this is where Jaqen comes into play.)

Valar Dohaeris: by Ghostie: T Drama/UST future fic: Years after the ending of the War of Five Kings, Arya comes across an assassin from her childhood.

A Sound of Wolves: by elithewho: Explicit Romance/Future fic: A man and a woman cross paths in the night. (As much I love the way Jaqen looks he shed that face after he left Harrenhal and I love fics that recognize that and stay true to that. And this one does.)

Death Itself Was Undone: by spiraetspera: Mature Drama one sided Arya/Gendry: Gendry understood her, but Jaqen… he solved her; like a riddle

Silk and Steel: by spiraetspera: T Drama Underage (but she’s like 17 I think): “He helped her become something greater, something more than a shadow.”A girl with saddened eyes meets a man without a face.

Pure Insanity: by craple: Mature Drama: Sometimes, Arya dreams, but not of wolves. (Oh wow I loved this drabble. It was crazy good)

Told and Long Forgotten: by startwithsparks: Teen Underage: Arya shares recounts the story of the Night’s King to Jaqen, and discovers that the gods really do work in mysterious ways. (I like the idea of them telling stories to each other)

An Equilibrium: by seafoamveins: T Drama: A series of drabbles (To be honest I’m only including this for the first drabble) 

Black Wolf: by Phoenixflame88: Mature Underage/violence: Arya has returned Westeros, unknown and unfettered. Paths cross in a chilly godswood. (OMG Arya and Nymeria reunited. Arya as a warg. Arya and Jaqen reuniting. It’s everything I wanted and more.)

Home (Is Where Your Heart Is Set In Stone): by pevensies: Teen Drama: She can feel the beat of his pulse beneath the cold steel of her blade, and it is calm as the humid night air. The hint of a smirk threatens the corners of his mouth and there is mirth shining bright in his eyes.
And then he lunges, quick as a viper found in the grasses of the Dothraki Sea. (This was the first Arya x Jaqen fic I read and it’s still one of my favorites)