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I, the liberator of the world, came to help you!

I love the dramione world, because it’s so creative. Like its completely non-canon, so you can do anything. And there are all these things that everyone just accepts within the dramione universe. Like, Crabbe and Goyle basically don’t exist even though they were there all the time. Blaise and Theo are Draco’s best friends even though in the books they had like, maybe a page between them. I absolutely LOVE it. Ginny thinks theyre cute, and that Draco’s super hot. Harry’s eventually kind of okay with it, but Ron never really comes around. Theo’s probably gay. Pansy loves muggle fashion magazines. Blaise and Luna 4eva. Daphne’s super sassy and pretty chill. The fandom has developed this whole universe surrounding Hermione and Draco. Amazing.

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Hello lovely! So... haha... I was wondering why you didn't include the episode from London Spy in your "Mark Gatiss Download Links" post. I wanted to read your description of it hahahahaha >:D (yeah, I've seen it, lol)

Hey Anon - it is on the main downloads links page:

London Spy (2015) [x]

Mark only appears in one episode (ep3) of this show, which was widely described as a “gay spy drama” starring Ben Whishaw, but it was certainly a memorable appearance…

Frankly Rich really does defy full description; it’s a has to be seen to be absorbed kind of a role.

Welp, here it is! My first ever fontcest comic! This is the first time I draw most of these characters so sorry if it looks bad! This was inspired by BoneMouse’s fanfic called Three of a kind. I loved it so much and I really recommend people to read it! There will be 5 pages of this and I will try to upload them as fast as I can! Thank you for reading!  o(≧∇≦o)


Original story

I just went through  facebook and all the mcl beta page was leaked! like…wtf guys! why are you doing this? 

You know i’m not the type of person who complains about literally anything, but what it really bothered me was the answer of the person who posted it: 

If she (Chinomiko) wanted no leaks, she should have trust the mods, not us

Like…are you serious?! That’s your fucking answer?! You just said that you can’t be trusted, that you lied to the people working in My Candy Love right to their faces! What kind of shitty people does that? Instead of acknowledging your mistake you just put your “i don’t give a fuck” attitude

Maybe it’s me, i’m too sincere and when I give my word I give it for real…but omg! I just can’t 

OK SO, update

This is what I’ve been up to lately, a 32 page fully illustrated short story, out of the blue, completely as a personal project. It’s something between a picture book and comic, featuring Sprout, Cookie & Sibel preparing for a picnic date. Currently I’ve written the first draft & done thumbnails, with several pages done & dusted.
This really has been a brain child of mine and I hope you guys appreciate it too, It’s the kind of story world that I wish I’d experienced growing up and for that reason I’ve been putting my heart and soul into it and aiming to finish by August.

that is all, I just wanted to keep you in the loop, your support means a lot to me 

(love you guys)

Lucky Winners

Originally posted by falling-rainbow

Request: Hi! I absolutely love your writing. I was wondering if you could do one where the reader wins some kind of contest and gets to visit the set of The Flash for a few days. She and Grant really hit it off and keep in contact after. Then they meet up again at comic-con or something and he ends up telling her how he feels about her. Basically lots of fluff haha. Sorry this is so long!

Notes: So really it wasn’t the request that was long, it’s now more the fic. Honestly I have no idea how this ended up at 10 pages but here it is. I’m just sorry it took forever for me to write, but I hope you like it! :)

RPN- random person’s name

Keep reading

No one has any idea how I feel about you. You don’t even know, not really anyway. I do what I can to keep my feelings a secret, but I’m surprised that no one suspects anything. I’m surprised no one’s caught me looking at you and asked why I do. You’re the only one who catches me. Little do they all know that you bring me so much happiness and excitement, the kind that has inspired pages of poetry. Little do they know that every day we catch each other staring and try a little too hard to be cool around each other. Little do they know that there’s a little something going on between us.

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Does Diego Luna have a fan mail address or anything? I would really love to write him and kind of feel the need to since he's influenced me so greatly and has made my boyfriend ( who is Mexican) a lot happier to be open about it with me and others and it makes me super happy. I just want to send him a letter,he's a great guy and he's doing great things

Hi. We’d love to help but we do not have access to this information. His page on Fanmail.biz hasn’t been updated for years and there are no positive feedbacks regarding address information. Diego doesn’t have an official website unfortunately, but he checks out on social media. If your message is not too personal and you don’t mind sharing it with the rest of the world, try to write to him on twitter or instagram. There’s always a slight chance he’ll see it. I mean, Diego somehow managed to find a tumblr post ;)
Diego says that he can’t reply to everything but he reads the messages:  

i’m still shook over black swan  &  its been 24 hours 

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I cannot tell if your fusion is romantic, friendship, or just for absolute fun. (I only ask what it is cause idk if i should ship this or not uwu)

He is a platonic fusion, as stated in the gem page as well as the FAQ~∗ ✧

Please don’t ship Flash!!
As an ace guy, I really love to promote the kind of close friendship that people sadly all too often mistake for romance when it’s displayed, as if romantic love is a neccessary factor in every close relationship.

This blog is about a different kind of love. <:

EDIT: Friend told me to include this link, to explain what Flash is!


Thanks to everyone who woke me with Tumblr messages and flailing/screaming snapchats. I love this fandom you are all so precious and thirsty.


First off, there’s some kind of flashback to the Lexus in the beginning, and I really love the title page:

Doumeki sprawled out and almost desolate, his tie being undone. Nice foreshadowing for the rest of the chapter.

If you all remember how The Rimming ended, to me it seems that Yashiro fell asleep in the back of the car (who can blame him after Doumeki’s tongue did that awesome thing) and Doumeki is bringing him to (probably) his place. Yashiro briefly wakes up and he’s being carried bridal style up the stairs in the rain. UM, Doumeki is so dashing and this kind of hurt/comfort thing is lovely to me. Notice that Yashiro wakes up, feels/knows that Doumeki has him and he’s safe, then promptly passes out on Doumeki’s shoulder again. Can I fucking live?

I’m just gonna say that this is my guess as to how the rest of chapter goes, based on what Doumeki is wearing…or not wearing thankyoulord.

Now this is where last night’s spoiler page comes in (you can see it on the reverse page above.) Doumeki puts Yashiro to bed, reaches out to touch his hair (omfg we’ve come full circle) and then has a crisis out on the porch. Our poor son Doumeki is probably feeling guilt/shame/blaming himself just like he did in chapter 16 since Yashiro dismissed him at the end of The Rimming. At this point, Doumeki probably feels like he took advantage of Yashiro, and he’s just like his father, and all that nonsense is spinning in his brain again. Since he’s wet/sweaty/upset, he takes a shower. Yashiro gets a phone call and wakes up (you can see him talking on the phone on the reverse page, at least I think that’s a phone in his hand on the upper right of the page.)

I don’t know what he’s thinking but once he gets up he’s not capable of rational thought anymore because Yoneda Kou gave us a gift today:

Remember this day, it will be a Saezuru World Holiday. Can I point out that Doumeki is so tall that he has to bend under the doorframe to get out. I am sweating. Apparently, so is Yashiro:


YASHIRO. CAN’T EVEN. Remember…Doumeki is his type so his brain is probably leaking through his ears. Doumeki drying his hair with a towel all non-chalant? This issue needs to be bundled with batteries. Also Doumeki wears white boxer briefs *stuffs tissues in nose*

Then I we have the spoon-feeding scene, (because Doumeki is in a t-shirt and casual pants after getting dressed.) Like I said before, Doumeki is being very caring toward Yashiro, because he feels like he violated his boss, and Yashiro is probably not used to a sexy hunk of man being so nice to him, so he tries to be awkwardly nice and make Doumeki eat too, and then there’s a blowjob. 

When was the last time Yashiro tried to blow Doumeki? In the movie theater in chapter 7 right before he was shot and Doumeki pushed him away. Why? Because at the end of chapter 4 he was getting squirmy and when he was telling Yashiro about his first time in chapter 5, he started to feel something. He knew that if Yashiro blew him in the movie theater that he would get hard and that would cause the end of their relationship. Even now, he doesn’t look terribly happy about unzipping his pants, for various reasons. Our Poor Son probably still thinks that after all they’ve been through, Yashiro still may fire him if he gets an erection. That is so not true and Yashiro needs to make Doumeki believe that.

My guess is that there will be some hardness at the end of this chapter and I hope Yashiro looks on it with pleasant surprise and the two of them finally go for a ride. It’s been five years now please let them fuck or even kiss I am dying of thirst here.

EDIT: According to @maneleleina AND @things-all-love the blowjob happened first and then they stop and one of them says (according to @maneleleina‘s friend) “IT IS CONFIRMED Doumeki said “”We’ve waited so long…do you want to have sex?””””my friend translated it for me………. Crying”

And an anon confirmed it too:  “Yashiro said “Since we have this opportunity, should we have sex?” I’m guessing that’s where the chapter ends!”

GUYS. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? ARE THEY REALLY GOING TO HAVE SEX?  Can someone confirm who’s speaking? It’s said informally so it’s Yashiro, thanks to everyone!

little-pastel-flowers  asked:

I'm sorry you feel the need to shut down this adorable page 'cause of sucky people😣 I hope you're both ok and don't let them get to you too much💕 but whatever you decide to do is up to you. Thank you guys for running such a lovely blog tho, ily😊💕

Really really appreciate your kind words. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ -Little L & Master M

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I'm extremely excited for Electric Sheep! The characters are all so interesting, I just love them all! I checked their pages on charahub, and I was really happy to find that Althea likes Cosette! I have a question, though. Are you planning on adding couples to the comic? ^^

Ahhhh thank you anon! I’m so glad you think so! They’re still kind of in development right now and not all of their pages on charahub are finalized but I’m glad you checked em out! >w< So far Althie having a crush on Cosette is the only one I’ll be public about right now, but  I do have a few plans for them in that regard. I’m always open to people shipping whomever as long as it sticks to their respective sexualities tho c:

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what are some slow songs that remind you of harry?

Ooh. A lot of them, and mostly the old but gold ones. I’ll list them for you.

Etta James - Sunday Kind Of Love
Billie Holiday - I’ll Be Seeing you
Patsy Cline - She’s Got You
Patti Page - I Wanna Be Around
Paul Simon - Something So Right
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (Naturally)
Etta James - Don’t Go To Strangers
Robert Wyatt - At Last I Am Free
The Doors - Blue Sunday
The Cure - Pictures Of You
Otis Redding - Cigarettes and Coffee
Jimi Hendrix - Wind Cries Mary
The Doors - Love Street
Bob Dylan - One Too Many Mornings
Cigarettes after sex - Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby
Ray LaMontagne - Hold You In My Arms
James Taylor - You’ve Got A Friend
Jefferson Airplane - Today
Rolling Stones - Play With Fire
Pink Floyd - Breathe (In The Air)

Okay, there are a lot more, but I’d be here all night. Any song that do well on a turntable is key, and I immediately picture Harry listening to it while chilling in his bed or sofa with one arm tucked under his head and the album cover resting on his belly. Maybe he takes in every sound of a song, the little details that makes it perfect. Maybe he smiles softly to himself while his feet gently tap the rhythm like his fingers do across the cover.

One thing I can’t help but picture though, is listening to these great songs with him at night. We discuss the music, what it makes us feel and how we connect to it. Then we chat about other stuff while the music rolls in the background. For some reason he’s only wearing his black jeans when I imagine this, but we’re both warm and content, falling in and out of conversations, stretched out on the floor, one staring at the ceiling while the other has their eyes closed. Just enjoying the music together. It’s all I’d want to do with him.

Goodbye Vine

I’ve had a lot of fun with Vine in the last few years. Beside finding amazing edits of all kinds, I also got to know many different and amazing people and new fandoms that I fell in love with.

But this isn’t the end!

Vines (although they maybe won’t be called vines) will still be created and uploaded. Just not to Vine.co but directly to Twitter!
Posting vines will become tweeting
Revining will become retweeting.
But apart from that not much will change.

The only thing we really lose are the “front pages” with the currently trending vines. But maybe Twitter is already working on something like that?

And if not on Twitter, then Instagram will become a new home.
At least my favorite editors (@fuck-yeah-bechloe, @not-so-average-fangirl and more) have already settled into this new home.

Today is the end of Vine.co and the Vine app, but it’s spirit will live on!
Goodbye Vine

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Hi! I just wanted I let you know I really love your page, your pictures are wonderful!

Thank you for the kind words. I do this because there’s so much beauty in New York, and it’s a shame not to share it with you guys.



Drifting comic- UT!Household is being held hostage and now the Papyrus’ (and Undyne’s) are kind of stuck in the Undercurrent card game.

…This was pretty predictable really.

Previous page

First page

This page was drawn by @blackberrysans

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Honestly if I was mark (or any of the got7 member) I'm be so tired of people's shit?? Like they get treated so badly by "fans" and jyp and just in general people can be so mean I really admire them for staying so kind and thankfully.

big mood!!! 📢📢📢📢 I’m with you nonny it’s a blessing that these boys still give us their hearts and their talent and their sweat and their tears ..,,truly we do not deserve them ….take a page from got7, stay humble stay loving 💓💓💓