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REACTION: BTS when their girlfriends tell them they love their hugs

This was our first reaction and our first request. Thank you so much for requesting

You tell them you love their hugs in a middle of a hug.


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He would probably make a joke out of it. He knows you love his dad jokes so he would use every opportunity he gets to use them on you. He would also use some really bad pickup lines too, so there is a little variety.
“Are you taco meat?”
“I’d hope so because I’d love to wrap myself around you.”
“Oh my god”


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He’d probably smile and hide his face in your hair. He would probably drag you to the nearest couch and cuddle you so you feel his hugs all day.
“I need to get up, I’m hungry.”
“But I thought you loved my hugs?”
“I do, I’m just hungry.”
“Fine, but make me something too, all this hugging is exhausting.”


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He would totally start screaming and it would be right in your ear so he would start apologizing immediately after. He would be doing aegyo to make you feel better. Meanwhile this whole time you were cracking up with your hands covering your face and your head swallowed by his chest.
“OH MY GOD! Babe, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to be so loud in your ear I just got really excited.”


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Boy would his dimples show. It would be all you see for days. He would constantly hear your voice saying those words. He would need to hear it again and again because nothing is better than hearing you actually say it.
“What are you smiling about?”
“You,” he would hear you laugh and he would smile more. “I still can’t get what you said out of my head. Could you say it again?”
“You’re so weird.”
“I just love the fact you chose my hugs over anyone else’s.”


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Jimin would turn into a little ball of fluff. He would blush and start hugging you even tighter. He’d smile so hard his face would squish. He just loves everything about you and when you admit you love something about him he’d be so happy.
“You love my hugs? Well I love you.”
“Oh my god, Jimin!”
“Don’t make me blush more than I already am.”


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He would be confused at first. He’d probably wonder why you said you loved pugs in the middle of a hug. Once he finally got what you said he’s be so fluffy. His box smile would show and he would pull you even closer.
“You know I love you and your hugs, but you know what else I love?”
“Oh sorry.”


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He’d probably wouldn’t know what to do. He would freeze and try to look away from you because he’s afraid of you seeing him blush. Once he had calmed down from his mad blushing he would get so cocky. Like it would be ridiculous. He would tease you every chance he got.
“Jungkook, can you pause the show? I have to go to the bathroom.”
“Okay, try not to miss my hugs while you’re in there.”

Soukoku Fluff One-shot Fic Rec List

First things first, I am probably not in any position to make recommendations; I’m just a Soukoku fluff devotee who has dedicated my whole fandom life to hunting down every single one of them.

I try my best not to read angst (bc I don’t need it; my real life is already too angsty lol) but because this is Soukoku, it’s hard to avoid angst completely. Also, I’m not really into smut, unless it’s woven into a good storyline, or sometimes I just read them because there’s no more fluff :(((((( 

BUT Soukoku fluff is my life because these two just deserve all the happiness you know?? So I just want to share my love for these particular fics and the overflowing happiness they have brought me. So here, here kill yourself with fluff (take note that this isn’t in any particular order).

But first here’s the fluffiest official art for you:

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@booksmusicinternet replied: 

I know they can still be queer and together I’m just tired of seeing EVERY straight character being put into some sort of gay relationship. I don’t try to make gay characters straight, I’m not saying that’s what you’re doing since we don’t really know their sexualities. But Marinette is a basic girl who likes a boy because of how he looks and acts and thus far she hasn’t been as in love with any girl, although she has friends who are girls. Right now we can’t confirm anyone sexualities. We don’t know if they’re straight, pansexual, bisexual, gay, etc. It’s just like no one thinks them being straight is an ok thing. I’m not saying everyone has to be straight because that’s stupid and it true. But now some one being straight isn’t ok.

okay, i’m going to go the serious route and try this one last time against my better judgment. 

you’re right. we can’t confirm anyone’s sexualities because the writers of the show have not explicitly stated them. so, by definition, any sexuality fandom assigns to a certain character is a headcanon. everyone in fandom is entitled to their headcanons. 

you saying that adrien and marinette are both straight is a headcanon that you’re entitled to and i do not question or judge you for it. me saying that adrien is pansexual and that marinette is bisexual is also a headcanon that i’m entitled to, and i simply ask that others do not question or judge me for that. no one is taking your straight headcanons away from you, and no one is telling you that you’re wrong or bad for thinking they’re straight. you’re free to do and think as you wish. in return, i am free to do and think as i wish. 

put yourself in a queer person’s shoes for a moment. all our lives, media has depicted straight characters and heterosexual relationships. as a child, it was very rare for me to see bisexual characters or same-sex relationships on television. straight people on the other hand only need to turn on the television and switch to a random channel to see cishet characters/couples on their screens. 

people create queer headcanons because it’s a way for us to circumvent media’s tendency to make everyone cishet. as a bi woman who loves marinette as a character, it’s meaningful to me to make her bisexual. i can watch the show and feel like i have a character who represents me and my experiences. a large reason why i write fanfiction is to solidify these interpretations for myself and make fandom more enjoyable for myself. i’m sure many other content creators feel the same way. 

i’m genuinely confused as to why you’re upset, so i hope this clears things up for you. queer headcanons do not hurt you and do not delegitimize your own cishet headcanons, and having a queer headcanon is not an attack on cishet people. those are objective truths. whether or not you choose to believe that is up to you. 

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Me at @ntis: Y'all I've got three little cousins who watch the show and they love Voltron so much. One of them ships K@llura, another ships(she doesn't know what it means because she's nine) sh!dge and the youngest doesn't really seem to care and just screams in delight whenever voltron forms and yall should be ashamed for making the fandom like this. These kids are 13, 9, and 6 and look at you crying p3dophila and racist at them because of what the elder two ship. They don't deserve this.


Phryne's Tie

“No magic for you tonight Miss ?”

“That really is rather a nice tie.”

“What happened to your previous engagement ?”

“What greater force is there than thwarted love ?”

“Love can bring even the toughest men completely undone. ”

“You don’t know what its like to love someone and know you can never have them.”

“Where’s The Risk ?”

“Come After Me, Jack Robinson !”

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Hello! I just wanted to say first on how much I love your blog! You have the best writing I've seen in a long time! And second, I was wondering if I could get a scenario for Akira, Ryuji, Yusuke and Haru: Their S/O that's good at an instrument, invites them to an empty room and plays a song they wrote just for them as a thank you gift for helping them stick to their passion for music. (I hope that makes sense! I'm sorry if it doesn't!)

Hi!! I am SO GLAD you’re enjoying my blog and my writing still has a ways to go, but I appreciate your generosity all the same!! ;A; Thank you for this request, it made perfect sense and it’s so romantic!!


“Come on, Akira. There’s something I need you to hear.”

S/O had ensnared Akira’s hand with their own and they were currently dragging him through the desolate auditorium of Shujin High. He didn’t have the slightest notion as to what S/O was plotting; regardless, the bespectacled student played along, his curiosity expressed by his attentive onyx eyes and slightly furrowed brows.

S/O warily guided him up the stairs leading to the stage, where a lone, forgotten piano stood at the opposite end. Akira suppressed the temptation to drum his fingers on the concealed ivory keys; incidentally, however, that’s exactly where S/O strayed. The couple halted just in front of the instrument, and Akira flashed S/O a questioning look. They returned the gesture with a reassuring smile as they squeezed his hand prior to procuring a few sheets of paper from their carry-on.

Akira’s eyes widened upon recognizing the dots and dashes that unified a music score, and S/O hesitated a moment before speaking, their eyes grazing over the flimsy paper. “I’ve seen you play the piano here after school. Seeing you play each note with such passion… it’s truly inspired my own.” 

S/O paused again to place the sheet music on the rack, then they perched themself upon one half of the wooden stool before their eyes locked with Akira’s. A glint of determination nestled in their eyes as they stated, “This piece requires two people. So…” They extended their hand toward him. “Will you join me?”

Akira simply stood there for a moment, disguising his astonishment with a neutral expression. Verily, could a person be any more lovely? 

He promptly nodded and grasped their hand, his eyes soft as he responded, “It would be my honor.” Akira seated himself adjacent to S/O, gently releasing their hand and uplifting the fallboard with them to expose the dichromatic keys underneath. The duo exchanged a final, affirmative glance before diverting their attention on the composition, their eager hands levitating above the keys. On S/O’s count, the duet commenced with Akira supporting the harmony and S/O dominating the melody. 

The nocturne reverberated throughout the vicinity, the mellifluous series of trills and chords dancing in Akira’s ears; the dulcet tones embraced him and the ensuing sense of euphoria conjured goosebumps on his skin in addition to an electric chill zipping down his spine. This feeling was one of the few things he treasured, that gave him peace; the fact that his dear S/O was alongside him, playing with such fervor and flair, amplified the sentiment.

The song was gradually concluded with a hushed set of triplets, and S/O abruptly hugged Akira around his waist.

“That was incredible,” they whispered breathlessly. “I thought this feeling would never come back… thank you, Akira.”

His arms delicately snaked around them; he empathized perfectly with what S/O was feeling, as evidenced by his swelling heart. Akira resolved to display his own appreciation for another day. 

“You’re welcome,” he replied, followed by a soft kiss on S/O’s crown, “And… thank you for this, S/O. You really do play beautifully.”


Ryuji retained minimal to no knowledge pertaining to music, but the wondrous ballad emanating from S/O’s instrument was quite captivating, even to untrained ears such as his. 

Lately, S/O had been struggling with their motivation, or rather their lack thereof, and Ryuji had been their most devoted supporter, assisting them in any way he could through words of encouragement or spectating while they practiced. 

On this occasion, however, S/O had mentioned that this particular ballad they were currently playing in their isolated studio was an original piece dedicated to him as a symbol of their gratitude. He believed he didn’t do anything to warrant such a touching gesture, but S/O insisted so earnestly that he couldn’t refuse. Truthfully, Ryuji was grateful he didn’t.

Despite his infamous indifference to the arts, he could feel S/O’s heart dripping from every note that hung in the air, and it had steadily lulled him into a peaceful reverie. Once it had ended, all he could do was sit there with wide, awestruck eyes. 

S/O’s voice was dense with concern. “Ryuji…? Are you all right?”

Ryuji shook his head to jerk out of his trance and apologized, “S-sorry, I think I’m still in shock… where’d ya learn to play like that?”

S/O grasped the elbow of their limp arm in embarrassment as they explained, “I’m self taught.”

“For real?!” Ryuji exclaimed with raised eyebrows. “That’s incredible! You’re incredible. I feel like I could run a freakin’ marathon after hearin’ that.“

S/O laughed, and to Ryuji, it was just as musical as their ballad. “Save it for after I thank you properly.”

“Babe, ya don’t gotta thank me. This was all you,” he proclaimed, his muscular arms circling around S/O’s waist.

S/O shook their head prior to resting their own pair of arms around his shoulders. “Don’t dismiss yourself so easily. I nearly gave up a few times, but you always gave me a reason not to.” S/O’s amused eyes twinkled like the stars as they reminisced, “There was even that one time you borrowed my instrument and played it yourself, and you were sharper than needles.”

A smug grin danced on his lips. “But it worked out in the end, didn’t it?”

S/O tenderly pecked him on his lips. “Yeah, it did. Thank you again, Ryuji… for being my inspiration.”

Although S/O’s voice was soft, their words carried enormous weight and emotion, catching Ryuji off guard. A faint blush had permeated the apples of his cheeks, and a sudden temptation to embrace S/O forever overcame him. He decided to subdue the urge… for now. “Of course. It would be a shame to rob yourself of somethin’ that makes you so happy. I should be thankin’ you for creatin’ this song. To be honest, it’s kinda stuck in my head now.” 

Ryuji broke away from the embrace and proceeded to bashfully rub the back of his head. His demeanor was similar to a child that was about to ask for something expensive. “Uh, if it isn’t too much trouble… could ya record it? For me, I mean. I-I’d be willin’ to pay.”

S/O slowly blinked at the blonde before smiling brightly, prompting Ryuji’s heart to flutter. “I’ll see what I can do. Don’t worry about money, just think of it as a thank you gift. And…” S/O paused and timidly clasped their hands together. “I’d be willing to play for you any time you like.”

Ryuji’s consciousness was threatening to escape him; if S/O became any more perfect, it would certainly prove to be detrimental to his health. Even so, they were one of the most precious gifts to have ever befallen him, so he figured they were worth the risk.

“Yeah… I’d really like that.”


“Is it really okay that we’re here, Yusuke?”

“It is all right, my dear. This room isn’t occupied on weekends, and the acoustics are splendid.”

Once school had been dismissed and the students had finished tidying up, Yusuke invited S/O to the Kosei choir room upon their request for a quiet, vacant area. He ascertained that it was relevant to music, since S/O was carrying a case befitting of an instrument. 

The couple had reached their destination, and Yusuke cautiously turned the doorknob. “Hm, it’s unlocked, like usual. How careless of them; anyone could sneak in here.”

The irony of his words elicited a reluctant smile from S/O, but once Yusuke opened the door, they merely gaped in reverence; concert hall would be a more appropriate term for this vicinity, rather than choir room.

“Is something the matter?” He spoke with a hushed volume, but Yusuke’s pleasant voice wafted through the air and faded with a wispy finality. He was correct; the acoustics were most magnificent.

S/O shook their head as they joined him inside the ‘choir room’. “I’m all right, honey. It’s just… amazing.” They gasped softly as their hand shot up to their vaguely parted mouth; their echoingthey voice had surprised them, and they suddenly longed to enroll for admission to this school.

Yusuke emitted a low chuckle from how adorable they appeared with their child-like wonder. “I suppose it is rather impressive. If I may ask, what did you want to use this room for? I’m assuming it has something to do with the instrument fastened to you.”

“Oh, right.” S/O detached the instrument’s bag and fumbled around with the zipper before finally retrieving the object. They discarded the bag and pivoted toward Yusuke, their instrument nested in their hands. “I… wrote something for you, if you’d like to hear it.”

Yusuke hesitated from surprise, but he hastily recovered to give S/O a confirmation. “Yes, dear, by all means.” S/O smiled cheerily and bobbed their head once prior to directing their focus to their instrument as they initiated their arrangement.

S/O’s aria was enchanting beyond compare, and it enraptured Yusuke like a moth to a flame. Of course he knew they played an instrument, but their aptitude surpassed what he could have imagined. Not only was he struck speechless, but his mind was devoid of any thought, and for once, that included art. The melodious sounds echoed throughout the chamber and rung like bells in Yusuke’s eardrums. 

It had ceased much too soon, and his astonished gaze had promptly met S/O’s expectant one.

“My love,” the artist started, raising himself from the seat he had occupied, “music isn’t exactly my forte, but that was truly the most divine thing I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.” He elegantly sauntered to S/O as he continued, “But what precisely did I do to earn such a treat?”

S/O shyly shuffled their feet after they returned their instrument to its bag. “I wanted to repay you. Your passion for art was always something I strived to have, and you inspire me to keep going. So… thank you.”

Yusuke halted directly in front of S/O, subsequently clasping their hands with his. “I must admit, I’m… surprised to hear that you think of me this way. Surprised…” He ascended their hands to his face and daintily pressed his lips to each of them before continuing, “But elated, all the same. If you are comfortable with it, can you play that tune for me again sometime?”


Haru was entirely aware of S/O’s adeptness for their instrument; in fact, the two had performed in various duets in her private studio, and their chemistry was seemingly unparalleled. Even if they improvise, they’re still able to support and harmonize with the other, as if they were one. 

However, despite all of this, Haru remained stunned by the graceful etude S/O had composed specifically for her, as a method of expressing their gratification. She marveled at their impeccable technique, and each measure contained a fraction of S/O, all of it assembling to manifest a breathtaking piece. 

Once S/O finished, Haru eagerly applauded from her seat. “That was remarkable, S/O! I can’t even begin to properly express how much I loved it. All I can say for now is… thank you. This means so much to me.”

S/O smiled fondly from her praise as they returned their instrument to its stand. “You took the words right out of my mouth, Haru. Our duets give me the passion to continue pursuing music, and I hope my composition was enough to get my point across.”

“S/O…” Haru breathed, her cocoa eyes glimmering with admiration. She couldn’t prevent herself from standing up and embracing S/O, her gentle warmth radiating like sunshine. “It makes me feel so happy to hear you say that. Watching and listening to you play is such a beautiful experience, so I’m glad you can find joy in it as well.”

S/O could never grow accustomed to Haru’s natural kindness, yet they reciprocated her affectionate gesture regardless.

“I have a confession to make,” Haru confided suddenly. “This might seem selfish, but I may have recorded you with the intention of, um… keeping it for myself.” When S/O retracted slightly to glance at Haru’s face, it was as scarlet as a rose. “I-I feel bad for not telling you, but… is it okay?”

A chuckle bubbled from S/O’s throat against their will. “Of course you can keep it, I wrote it for you. I… hope you think of me when you listen to it.” They stroked Haru’s cheek, and she covered their hand with her own, her adoration written all over her porcelain face.

“I promise.”

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Hey ya'll so I need your help. My friend has tasked me with delivering her her first supernatural fics. I'm sad to say: i haven't read any for the past 2 months and I'm drawing a complete blank on what to share with her. She doesn't like reader inserts and leans away from super smutty fics. She really only ships destiel but is fine with other ships. These will be her introduction into the world of spn fanfiction so i really want them to be perfect. if you can i would love your help. thank you!

Hey, anon! 

I would recommend, for Destiel, to check out the @destielfanfic blog. There’s a ‘classics’ tag, which covers D/C classics, and, like, you can’t go wrong with that! If she knows what kind of fic tropes and genres she likes best, this blog has a very extensive tags page. 

Some of my personal favorites:
How to Romance a Human (this fic was actually one of the first Deancas fics I’ve read!)
The Girlfriend Experience 
The Path of Fireflies

I hope that helps! Use this knowledge wisely, anon. 

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I absolutely love your blog! Your writing inspires me to keep on writing and I thank you for that. Could I request a scenario/headcannons (whichever you prefer) with Shinsou, Tsuyu and Mirio's s/o getting a hair cut and how they would react? (I plan on getting a haircut soon. ^^) Thank you.

Thank you so very much for your kind words lovely, they make me really happy! And I very much hope that I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it =)


- Should his partner ask him to accompany them to the hair dresser, he readily goes with them. Shinsou would never think to dictate how they should style their hair or what haircut they should get, though if they ask for his opinion on some cuts, he tells them what he thinks might look good on them.

- If they already know what they want, he gives them an encouraging grin when they go to get their hair cut. Once they’re done, Shinsou runs his fingertips through their hair and gives them a soft smile, telling them they look good and asking them if they want to go and eat something together.

- If they went and got a hair cut without mentioning anything beforehand, he’s surprised the first second he sees the unexpected change, before giving them a lopsided, warm grin and telling them that it looks good and suits them.


- She loves her partner regardless of what haircut they have and when they ask if she wants to accompany them, she is happy to go with them. Tsuyu only gives her input if her partner asks for it or if they seem unsure on what haircut they want. If they already know what they want, she gives them a smile and encourages them to go ahead.

- When her partner returns from getting a new hair style, Tsuyu smiles at them warmly and affectionately and tells them that they look lovely. She asks if she can touch their hair and if she can, she runs her fingers through it, telling them that their hair feels really nice.

- Should her partner get a haircut without saying anything about it, Tsuyu is surprised at first when she sees it. She tells them it looks really nice and that she likes the new look, giving her partner a small, happy smile.


- Mirio offers to accompany his partner to the hair dresser and when they agree or invite him, he sits in the waiting area and busies himself with his phone while they get their hair cut. Since he thinks they’ll look good regardless of what they do and that they can do whatever they want without his input, he only speaks up about his opinion if they directly ask him what he thinks about certain cuts.

- Once they’re done, he gives them an affectionate smile and tells them they look wonderful. If they have a bit more privacy, he adds a warm kiss too and runs his fingers through their hair.

- If his partner’s haircut comes as a surprise to him, he tells them it suits them, touching their hair and giving them a quick kiss, before he asks them what motivated them to get a cut. Regardless of whether or not his partner wanted a change for themselves or just felt like it, he’s happy for them.

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{Honestly Fucky is pretty messed up as in a human'a view. As a demon however, he's one of the best. He have this attractiveness you can't deny even if you know that hitting on him is certain death. That probably makes interactions more exciting. It's nice to have another "Love to hate" character in the tumblr batim fandom cause there's too many cute and cuddly bendies. So all in all, Fucky, although a streotypical demon, is one of a kind in his unique way. He even inspired my bendy :) Thanks}

//i agree 100%
//theres too many cute and cuddly bendies out there, i wanted something different and really weird that none did, then boom fucky was created

//he isnt like them, he is much different and that makes him special in his own way

//because the idea of having a cute fucking bendy is so overrated and already used so many times, i like weird stuff

Part 1 / Part 2

He almost didn’t make it inside, he was stopped immediately by the guards as he approached the door but thankfully Bastien was there and waived the guards off “He needs you” he said in a voice that only Drake can hear. He never really like Bastien before but now he thank him with all his being.

He spots Liam at the corner with Madeline standing beside him with her arms clinging with Liams.Everyone is congratulating them , what bunch of fake people!, he said to himself.Seeing Madeline smiling and shaking their hands makes Drake even more furious That snake! How could she smile like that after everything that happened. He can accept Olivia as queen but not Madeline . Atleast he knows Olivia loved Liam genuinely and not some scheming bitch who just wanted to be queen!
“Liam, I need to talk to you!” he said as he approached the two but Liam wasn’t listening , he didn’t even noticed when Drake grabbed his wrist. He was like a robot being dragged by Madeline. Drake called his friend again louder this time “Liam!” this time not only Liam turned, so is Madeline who glared at her.
“What are you doing here?” she hissed
“I need to talk to Liam” not even caring about Madeline as he continue to try to talk to his friend.
“The events not over! You can talk to him after” said Madeline as he cling to Liam’s arm even tighter this time.
“I don’t fucking care about your event!” he spit back at Madeline and then he turned to his friend “Liam, Riley, she still outside!” he pleaded with his friend. As if Riley’s name triggered Liam’s consiousness , he finally turned to him.
“Riley…” Liam managed to say. As he slowly show his phone to Drake with so much pain in his eyes. Drake didnt even noticed that Liam was cluthcing it with his other hand.
“It wasn’t true!” he said defensively at Liam
“Do you know about this too?” Looking at Drake with confusion in his eyes.
“Riley….she didn’t betray you Liam! I was there when it happened, please I need to..”
“Liam the press are waiting!”
Madeline interrupted
He swear if she wasn’t a woman , he would beat the crap out of her.
“I need to talk to Drake” he said calmly as Liam removed Madeline’s hand into his.
“But the press is waiting” Madeline interrupted him
“I said I need to talk to Drake!” he never seen Liam like this . Liam was always the calm and collected one but now it makes him proud to see how Liam shuts Madeline up. For a moment Madeline was speachless maybe she was as shocked as him about this new Liam.

Finally when they were away from the prying eyes of everyone. Drake started saying “I know everything is a mess right now but I can only say one thing…Riley is innocent! I was there that night when Tariq almost assaulted her!”

“Assaulted her?” Liam looked at him intently with the information he just said.

“I know I should have said it to you but Riley begged me, She…she never wanted to burden you with a scandal…She knows you and Tariq are friends and so she begged me not say anything”

Liam was shocked at Drake’s revelation. T a r i q t r i e s t o a s s a u l t R i l e y ? O h w h a t h a v e I d o n e? He tells to himself.
“But..the counsil…Madeline…”
“For fuck sake Liam! You are King now! you can do what ever you want!” Drake shouted as he pulled Liam’s shirt and balled it into a fist.
“Its..its not that easy!”
“I swear to God Liam, if you don’t run after her, I will take her away from you and make her mine! I will make her the happiest woman in the world and I will make her regret the she ever chose you over me!”

The revelation both shocked Drake and Liam. Drake never wanted to let Liam know that he also love Riley. He was planning to get away from Cordonia when the coronation end with the reason that he will find his sister but everything he’s been holding came out tonight. They were both silent for minute only looking at each other.

So he loves her too Liam thinks to himself as he looks at his bestfriend’s eyes. He knew Drake wasn’t lying.
“Does she know?” he asked his bestfriend
“Yes…I told her that night when Tariq almost assaulted her…..but she said…she said that she’s here for you” Drake admitted painfully “She’s in love with you Liam”
“Where is she?”
he asked finally getting to his senses
“She’s outside” Drake finally releasing him
“Take me to her” now he understands why his brother Leo abdicated the crown and why he marry a woman he barely knew. He knew now what is the most important thing in the world or who and he knows exactly that it wasn’t what anyone thinks and it definitely wasn’t the crown.
It was her. Riley



hi guys, sorry i’ve been sorta inactive here, i’ve had a busy couple days and i’m trying to finish up my follower gift so TCC has been put on hold! but i was *hoping* maybe you had missed these silly faces and fancied editing some photos! i really really would love to see!! 

p.s i know the girls are dressed weirdly, i was getting them prepped for @shysimblr​‘s zodiac tag!! which i can’t wait to do!!


monday afternoon / 4:22pm {chapter 9 - part 2}

“what? really?” Emery’s face fell, shocked at the news.

“yeah… in the back of my mind i was terrified. i couldn’t help myself, i wanted to help you, you were so sweet and i loved the energy you had. but i also thought, fuck, you know? my shop wasn’t doing too good when you came in; i barely made any profit. i had bills past due and it was a mess. my ultimate worry was how in the world could i take another employee and pay them when i barely had anything?” Luna took a deep breath to compose all her thoughts. it seemed like the perfect time to have this conversation with her.

“but holy shit, it was like you were a blessing, Em. i never saw someone work so hard, and i could see why now, with you getting shipped off like that; you needed something else to focus on and put 100% too. and i was extremely shocked… the first couple weeks you worked i never saw so many customers come in. i haven’t made big sales in a long time and it was much to your impressive service. in the couple months you’ve been working with me, i was able to make enough profit to catch up on my bills, pay you fairly, and basically prevented my store from closing down completely.

so in the end, i should be thanking you, Emery. you helped me so much. you helped save my shop, m-my beautiful grandmother’s shop. 

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i just finished your fanfic hsggs it was really great i loved it the plot! cheesy is good haha. will you ever write anything more in the future?

ahhh thank you! i might, i really want to but i just struggle to get words down y'know? i love telling stories i’m just not great at writing them down

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Can I get some MT/MF bro x reader fluff? The assassin prompt that I submitted kinda hurt my heart (nice job! I loved the way you wrote them, even tho the angst was real ;-; )

Mmmmmmmmmm fluff. Goooood shiiiiiit.


Big Fella (Mt Sans): First date? This bean is actually going to go for a casual first date. Hey… he doesn’t break out the wallet until the third. It sorta weeds out the golddiggers by then. So it’s going to be nice and relaxing. A picnic by a river. Some of Tiny’s famous spaghetti. Some light music in the background that no one really knows where it’s coming from. His hand drifts around your waist and pulls you closer. That damn smirk everpresent as he slowly leans in. He’s doing the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti thing. Too bad you break it off before he gets close enough. You were just a little nervous. Big Fella let’s out a genuine laugh, ‘you’re the first person to ever do that. i like you.’ He’s still holding you close, but now he’s admiring the river. You can’t help but feel like you’ve missed your chance. So, in a moment of boldness, you grab his face and lay one on him. He’s stunned. Damn…. You really are the one.

Tiny (Mt Paps): Lazy days weren’t something you usually got with Tiny. He was always busy in one way or another. He was never truly done working. Whether he was actually on the job or just at home crunching numbers, he never stopped. But today, you got him to sit down and watch a movie with you. His leg was bouncing the entire time. When you pointed it out, Tiny got a little flustered. It was a nervous tick that he tried to keep hidden. Tiny didn’t GET nervous. He couldn’t. So he immediately picks you up and dumps you in his lap. That should stop it. Now he’s fiddling with your shirt, playing with your hair, running his hands all over your body. Anything. It’s like he can’t stop moving. Just kiss his skull and whisper to him. Tell him about your day. About how much you missed him. About how great he is. The fidget slowly comes to a stop and Tiny looks mildly comfortable on the couch. He’s just holding onto you and nuzzling into your neck.

Boss Daddy (Mf Sans): BD was never good with words. His past partners knew that. PB knows that. And you’d have to be dense to not catch on. He’s not a nervous guy, but if he’s trying to tell you how he feels, Boss Daddy is going to be a stuttering mess. Of course the stuttering makes him angry. So everything he says comes out passive aggressive. Like right now. You two were walking down the street, around midnight, admiring the stars. It’s been years since you had gotten together and he still hadn’t admitted that he loves you. Yes, admitted. It was not something that he wanted to happen.  He didn’t WANT to love anyone. But now, here he was… head over heels for you. ’(y/n)…. i…. i just wanted ta tell ya… t-that i uhhh… *cough*iloveyaokay…. slow down? okay… i… love you (y/n)…. more than any damn thing.’

PB (Mf Paps): PB was taking you shopping. It wasn’t to be rude or anything. It’s how he shows affection. He takes you out and practically makes you try on everything. And when he gives you that little wave. It doesn’t mean that you look bad. It means that the outfit doesn’t do your body justice. The outfit isn’t worthy of being worn by such an amazing person. And he tells you that. But oooooo boi, the next outfit you came out in, or should I say the last. It was the one. It was perfect. PB was immediately on his feet. 'Oh, Darling, votre beauté extérieure correspond à votre beauté intérieure.’ You were beautiful before, but the outfit just added to it. He loved the outfit because you loved it. It wasn’t the fashionable choice you made, it was the smile that lit up your eyes that made him love it.


Woot woot. Guess who’s listening to AU themes and swooning over the bass lines… *fingerguns* This guyyyyy

It’s honestly really pathetic how some people hate on women they have never met, how they call them “sluts” and “whores” and say that they are a “cancer” to the world, simply because they are dating their favorite male celebrity like seriously get over yourself you’re never gonna date that celebrity, you’ll never make them fall in love with you, heck even your chances of meeting them are slim so stop acting like that girl is the only thing in your way of getting them to fall for you or that trying to get the girl to kill herself will make you look any better in that celebrity’s eyes

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Totally random but did you used to like Jacksgap?

Did I used to like Jacksgap? Did I? DID I?

Yes, yes I did. Jack and Finn were the first YouTubers I ever watched/fell in love with. I was in 9th grade history class and some girl (I didn’t really like her that much) showed me her lockscreen and said “Do you know who these guys are?” and I was like the fuck no and she was like “They’re Jack and Finn. They have a YouTube channel called Jacksgap. They’re British. You should look them up” and even though I didn’t like her I wasn’t going to turn down the chance to watch two cute British boys so I did. It was actually through them that I saw Caspar and through Caspar I saw Alfie and through Alfie, Zoe, and Zoe, Joe, and, well, you can guess how the rest of it goes.

So no, I didn’t used to like Jacksgap, I loved them

And to be honest I still do. Obviously their videos have changed but their passion for politics and the environment and the world is beautiful and I’m so proud of how much they’ve grown xx

“You cant criticize something and still be a fan of it”

this sentence right here is the most stupidest jumble of words i have ever heard in my 23 years of living

Let me tell you a story, back in 2007 (or 2008) when I was 14 I got into Transformers. I began collecting the figures, comics, clothes, posters, you name it, i probably have it or want it.

But as the Micheal Bay Movies started to get more and more squeals I started to hate them, but you know what? I still watch them! Yes, I’ll still spend money to watch 2 hours of absolute garbage. Why? Cause I still love Transformers! 

Same goes for the Cartoons, ever since Transformers Animated ended no cartoon has satisfied me since then. But you know what? I still watch the cartoons or at least try to if I find out theres a new episode! Why? Cause I mcfreaking love Transformers so dang much!

I dont really read the comics or keep up with them but I do try my best to keep up with the story and buy a comic or two. Cause, you guessed it! I love giant alien robots! Same goes for the figures! I have 4 shelves worth of figures and misc items! Its my life goal to keep collecting!

Now you may ask, what does this have to do with Yan sim? Well, i hate good half of the game, but I still love the concept, the characters, the potential it still kind of has and just is over all charm. Just because I complain about some features or even try to give ideas that would make it better, I still love yan sim and I still want to see it finished. 

So before you complain about someone being a fan yet they complain about certain things, please try to think about why they still like it in the first place

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I hate that you're getting hate. Nobody has any right to do so to anyone. You contribute so many lovely bughead gifsets to this fandom and I hope this doesn't stop you from making them

i appreciate this message a lot! i got two really sweet, supportive messages today and i’m very grateful for you guys. it’s an awesome feeling to know that somebody cares and is looking out for you 

this doesn’t really apply to you, but i want to address something real quick and then i wont be talking about it again… i’ve gotten quite a few messages over the past couple weeks about a certain topic and i haven’t answered them because, as well meaning as they are, i think they’d just cause more problems. i’m on tumblr to relieve irl stress through making gif sets and participating in discussions about things that i’m passionate about, like bughead. i learned a long time ago that not everybody is going to like you, and that’s okay. if people want to send me rude messages or gossip about me, there’s nothing i can do about that and i certainly don’t lose sleep over it. i just block and move on. so, while i appreciate the informative messages people have been sending me, it’s really not necessary. i’d much rather you send me your hopes and theories for season 2. that’s something that i actually care about and am interested in reading 

back to you specifically, i’m not going anywhere. bullies don’t run my life. i have tons of ideas and requests and i plan on doing all of them. no anonymous internet troll is going to stop me from spamming the bughead tag with my edits 

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I've been asking around and you seem to really have angst writing down, So I was wondering would you do headcanons on how the four would react to their S/O breaking up with them, Yes I know weird but that's my request or whatever would love to read it!!! Thanks.

My poor babies! >.< I’m sorry but this is way to awesome of a request to pass!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve never written HCs so I hope I’m doing it right ^^’

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