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{Reaction} Having baby fever with BTS

Hi! I really love your blog ♡ could you write a BTS reaction to their gf having baby fever, like watching baby videos looking at baby clothes and stuff? Like she acknowledges that the boys -because of their career- can’t have a baby yet but she still keeps daydreaming about it. Thank you so much in advance, and take all the time you need ♡

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Min Yoongi/ Suga

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Yoongi: “You’re watching those videos again? Jagi I want to go to bed, turn them off now.” *Salty af because he also wants a child but knows it isn’t a good time at the moment*

Jeon Jungkook

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Jungkook: “Keep wishful thinking like that and I might just have to give it to you.” 

Kim Taehyung/ V

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Taehyung: *As excited as you are tbh*

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

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Namjoon: “Again, Jagi? I feel like you’re trying to hint something here…” 

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

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Hoseok: “We already have a child in the house, Jagi.” *Winks, laughs as you throw a pillow at him*

Park Jimin

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Jimin: “You think I don’t want that too?” 

Kim Seokjin/ Jin

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Jin: *Kisses your cheek* “Jagi, you’re so adorable.” 

Next door neighbours and their expectations.

So I live next door to a couple (a VERY conservative couple ) and their twin boys. The boys can’t be more than 8, and like most kids, they like to play in the back yard. Which is totally fine, doesn’t bother me at all. They’re kids and like to run around. What bothers me though is that they love to throw their toys over into my yard. Alot of toys. Action figures, balls, frisbees, rackets, etc. Them throwing them over don’t even really bother me that much. What bothers me is that the parents keep demanding that we have to throw them back. They don’t ask, they don’t knock on the door and apologize, they just yell over there fence when they know that we are outside and TELL us to give it back. And that bothers me. They also seem to encourage their kids to throw it over to our yard.
So after Christmas I was at the store and saw that they had a ton of   Barbie’s, nail polish, Bratz doll frisbees, and balls on the clearance. I bought 5 of everything I could find that I knew my neighbors would hate seeing their sons play with. Every time an action figure gets thrown over to my yard, I will throw a barbie back with it. Every time a ball gets thrown, a Bratz ball will be returned. I already threw a couple nail polishes over and the twins went crazy. They loved it. They’ve had pink, purple, and green nails all week.
It’s been 2 days and not a single action figure has crossed my fence. More importantly, not a single rude demand from the parents to return them. The kids are having fun, and I have pretty revenge.

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He has said multiple times that he hates that ppl associate him as the "good looking" musician and wants to be known for his music instead. He was saying he even wanted to shave off all of his hair bc that's all ppl were looking at. I'm thankful he just didn't shave it off bald bc he got REALLY close to doing it a few weeks ago. This is why he cut his hair. Some fans have already "left" him because he isn't as attractive anymore... but that was the whole point. He didn't want fans like that.

Wow! That’s actually a really good and powerful reason! I get it. And, honestly, I have to commend him for doing it, because it makes a shit load of sense, actually. Thanks for that explanation though, because I was just thinkin’ he’d gone off the deep end! Haha!

-admin a

I Love Myself Because…

Okay, I had to do this differently because my internet connection sucks! So I apologize for the wayyyy to big picture…Anyway,

I was tagged by @madman-with-a-snogbox and @pastapizzacheesedragon, you are both so beautiful omgs!


Post a selfie and list 10 reasons you love yourself. Then tag 10 other people who need to know how much they love themselves. Because we all need a reminder of how amazing we are!


Okay, 10 things I love about myself…let’s see if I can do this xD

1. I’m a sassy comeback generator, I never run out of sarcastic things to say

2. I’m loyal to a fault when it comes to my friends, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them

3. While I don’t wear makeup really I’m pretty damn good at eyeliner and nail polish (always black polish or black with glitter) and pretty much am always wearing them

4. I’m dyslexic and ADHD but I still get good grades and read (and write!) a lot of books

5. I speak several languages

6. I’ve got a cool head in tough situations. (Fights, standing up for people, helping injured people, I even re-set a guy’s shoulder once(also took him to the hospital, but I’m just saying)

7. I can cook really well

8. I’m a “freewheeling bisexual”. Figured it out when I was 8 and it’s been a long road. Some people say I’m more bi, and some say I’m more pan, I don’t really know to be honest, and I think that’s okay. I just live and love and it works for me. I also support everyone in LGBT+ I’m always here to listen, you’re never alone. <3

9. I’m multicultural and proud

10. I can hold my own in a fight, but I’m also scrawny enough if it goes bad I can fit into most small spaces


And…to tag 10 beautiful people…

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please bring back the winters!!!!! please please please!!!!!!! your new story isnt as fun :(

okay listen i’m gonna address this one because this is probably the 10th message i’ve gotten about this since i put them on hiatus, and deleting them isn’t doing anyone any good. 

i can see that you guys all really love the winters and the triplets and i know you guys don’t like gee as much, i’m not dumb. it’s obvious to me. i love the winters, too. they were my first original babies that i started this blog with and the first sims that i got suuuuper attached to!!!!! but the way that i was editing their story took a lot of time and patience and it took a toll on my game on top of the save being a complete broken mess, and it was all just a lot of stress. i’m not ditching the winters!! i’m just taking a break while i figure out how i’m going to fix their save and continue with them. please understand that i’m literally working a full time job while trying to keep my mental health under control and find time to spend with my girlfriend and take care of my sick mom :( i don’t want to disappoint anyone by taking the admittedly easier route by starting a more casual save with shitty screenies and shitty captions, but it was either that or nothing. and i don’t want to post nothing, because i love talking to u guys and i love being on this blog and i love playing sims :( i just had to find a way to balance everything out. when i started the winters i was working part-time and i had a lot more time to play and edit and post and i could fit in like, 10 posts a day and have a queue for a week in advance. i thought i could take on being able to make cooler edits and go more in depth with the game, but clearly i couldn’t manage it because i was lucky if i posted 2 days out of the week :( 

i’m really sorry, i don’t want to be posting something no one enjoys. i don’t want you guys to dislike gee, they’re a rad sim and i have a ton of fun playing with them. but please don’t ask me to go back to the winters right now. i’m not giving up on them, i’ll go back when i have the time, energy, and patience to sit down and organize everything and figure out how to make it all work :( in the meantime, if you don’t like the way i’m posting gee, please feel free to make suggestions on how i could improve their save. because i am gonna stick with this save, but i get 100x the enjoyment pleasing ppl and posting things u guys like than i do just playing and posting whatever i want, so. let me know, okay???? i’ll be infinitely less anxious on here if you guys just tell me that i’m doing a bad job and how i could make it better than i am just sitting around feeling like none of u like what i’m doing. i live off of constructive criticism and if no one gives me any i’m a billion times more inclined to believe that ur all just lying and don’t want to hurt my feelings. idk. its just the silly way my brain works. so please let me know how u want me to change it, i will be more than happy to. and please keep and open mind about gee :/ i’ll do everything i can to make u like them!!!!!! anyways sorry for this super long rant friends i just need to stand my ground on this one for my own sake, i hope u don’t hate me too much :(

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Hey Aero-chan, I hope this doesn't sound angry or hateful cause I'm really not, but have you seen that page with drunk Gin-san and drunk Tsukki in the last chapter? What do you think sensei is gonna do? Would it make sense for them to end up together after the ending of Love Potion arc? Will he really end this with pairing Gintoki with someone? I find that kinda ending a bit tasteless for a manga like Gintama so I'm kinda, not happy about this. I just wonder what you think. Thank you.

This doesn’t sound angry or hateful at all! You’re worried about Gintama potentially getting a bad ending and I understand that! Here are some links that will hopefully put you at ease!

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Dear future me

Dear future me,

I hope things are going well and that you don’t really feel as lost anymore. I hope you like your job and if you don’t love it, please promise me that one day you will find a job that you do love. I hope you’ve kept in touch with all your friends from high school because they’re actually the best people you’ve ever known. I hope you still make time for your family. I know things were rough in 2017 and it was just easiest to put the blame on them but they were trying their best. I hope you’ve gotten the chance to travel and see the world like you’ve always wanted and I hope you’re letting yourself have some time to just have fun (because if you’re still like you were years ago, you’re probably a workaholic - please take care of yourself!)

I hope your life is everything you want it to be (whatever that is for you now) and more. I hope you feel like you have a purpose in life.

-Gabrielle, 2017

(P.S. are you still a Harry Potter fan? that would be so weird if you weren’t)

Send me a “Dear …”

Okay but what if one of them is actually not that into romantic feelings? What if they’re just in a happy, successful, platonic relationship? What if that’s enough for them; all they ever need? Is it really that hard to accept that?
I don’t wanna assume any of their preferences nor gonna label them since I don’t like labels much but as a “Aromantic” person I do in fact see similarities in what I myself consider a healthy relationship. It might just be me but that’s what I think about them.
And I see nothing wrong with it. One doesn’t have to be sexual or flooded with romantic feelings to built a healthy, working partnership. Nevermind if it’s platonic or not.
Idk if I’m just rambling here or not but actually maked sense to me and my idea of “Love”

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Witch!Sam casting spells for good, helping Dean and him with hunting is all good but. EvilWitch!Sam casting spells to hurt and kill just for the fun of it, but imagine Sam casting love spells on Dean to get his brother to just maybe get him to love Sam the way Sam's loved him all his life, Imagine Dean not even needing love spells and when he finds out that Sam has been casting them on him, instead of getting mad, understanding. Imagine Witch!Sam and Dean kissing and being the most badass couple

my friend, i love good witch!sam but oh boy, i love dark witch!sam even more.

sam doesn’t just hurt anyone and everyone. no, i do think that he’s inherently good but that doesn’t keep him from hurting those who really deserve it. those who have their soul so black that even light is crushed.

sam knows that he’s not normal. have for the longest time ever since he found that first spell in that old leather bound book and he cast that spell on that school bully and let’s just say that the bully didn’t mess with sam again. but back to the not normal thing. sam’s been in love with his brother forever and he thinks that dean doesn’t feel the same way because there is no way that he would.

so when dean would ask for a beer, sam will mutter a spell, a love spell and cast it onto the bottle in the hopes that it will actually work to make dean love him.

they never seem too and so sam tries all kinds of spells, all kinds of things to make dean love him just as much as he does and then one day dean finds out. sam’s gotten sloppy in his spell work and dean finds him trying to cast a spell and when dean asks what he’s doing, sam doesn’t have the heart to not tell the truth. and so sam tells him everything, what he’s been doing.

and all dean does is smile and surprises sam by walking up to him and grabbing his face to kiss him, hard.

“you didn’t need to cast a spell on me, dumbass.” dean muttered against sam’s lips. “i’m already in love with you, sammy.”

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I think it's really upsetting how everyone obsesses over movie Enoch a lot of the time the older book guys get no real love directed toward them

I feel. It’s all because they made him a #hot #edgy #brooding overdone male character type that people are weak for. Like don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate myself some hot, edgy, brooding male characters (if anyone has read the Galahad series, the amount of times they repeated the word ‘brooding’ when talking about Bon should have been straight up criminal), but it is kinda shitty how they just did it to appeal to audiences and didn’t even try to stay true to his character in the books.

That’s showbiz, for ya.

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Hello - I have been trying to navigate around your blog here to research the character traits of Incubux. I'd like to get a feel for how the character thinks and acts. Is there a character sheet or description page I could be directed towards? I don't know if you already have a character sheet for them posted somewhere that I just haven't found yet. If I could hear back, I'd love to hear more about the character's personality if possible.

i have one, but is really old and i have changed many fact so i prefer not show it now. but don’t worry, you will soon know abaut him more ;D

because yeah i’m workin on ‘’incubux’s wiki’’ in those days…. i’m sure that tomorrow i will finish it, so i will post it, and i hope that after that all of you will know more abaut him :D. d

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In season one of Game of Thrones Jorah used 'aye' instead of 'yes' and I loved it. But has he ever said it again in one of the later seasons?

I don’t think he has said it in subsequent seasons -

I also found that delightfully sexy lol - Though he only said a few times  in season 1 as well didn’t he - I can’t quite recall  Maybe time for a rewatch like I need an excuse haha…

I wonder if it was in the script or was maybe an ad lib by Iain or even a slip by Iain ( he is Scottish after all )  though  he’s not really one that I would think of as an AYE saying Scot :P

Thanks for the comment Anon.  I do love them ☺

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I'm so happy for my friend as she's gotten really good news but I feel myself slipping down into one of my lows and it feels like the nasty part of myself is slipping into my thoughts and going "Why her?" "You can't get anything like her" and it's making me feel spiteful, I'm fighting it constantly because this is my best friend, I love her, but I feel like I can't keep fighting it off... I feel like the claws of this depressive episode are really sinking in again...

I know its bittersweet when a friend gets really good news and you dont, but you just have to focus on the positives! put all your jealousy and self-hatred into supporting your friend into being the best they can be, while learning from them and helping yourself possibly get better than them!


it don’t work like that, abandon everything you used to know // i can’t learn from your mistakes, i gotta make them on my own // all the hurt you wanna save, what’ll make me who i am // loyal friend and thoughtful lover, won’t take shit from any man // see, i know life isn’t fair or free // never turn your back on family // and even though you love me, let me be.

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i love your reviews but you'r really looking way too much into this especially with jellal reaction to wendy. jellal respect erza friend so much and i’m sure it all started when they defended him against the magic council…….so it shouldn’t be strange if he cared about them and especially if it’s sweet little wendy that in danger …..they don’t need many build up and chapters showing them interacting he love erza and he love her friends too

Okay full disclosure, 100% honesty, I wrote that “Why is jellal concerned about Wendy” thing because I kept seeing the post of “Aww Jerza adopted Wendy” all day and looking at it I was like “Does wendy even really care about him, let alone know who he is?” and same with Jellal. You’d make more sense if ErLu adopted Wendy, at least they established close bonds. So 100% truth I just felt like being a dick. Probably did more harm than good because everyone seems to have had a problem with me writing that.

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Part three sorry this is longer than anticipated) I'm so worried about disappointing him that it hurts. Or him not wanting to have sex with me. I sent him a naked picture of myself, including my tummy, to give him an idea and he said "😍😍" so I'm hoping but I'm terrified. I can't wait to kiss him and be with him - it's been a long 11 years. I don't know what to do. I'm so scared. I know this isn't really a question. What if hates my body? I thought about lingerie to help but ugh

Well first off, never compare yourself to your partner’s exes. It never bodes well for your confidence. And besides, he’s not with them now, he’s with you. He knows what you look like and he loves you. Not them, you. Before me, every one of Devin’s (7? I think the number was?) girlfriends were all skinny as a rail. Meanwhile I’m the human embodiment of a panda 😂

And second, I was just talking to someone else about this last night! It’s a head thing that every plus size person goes through before meeting someone they met online. But it’s never as bad as you think it will be! If you’re worried about it though, get some lingerie! Not necessarily to cover yourself up, but to flaunt the parts of you that you love and make you feel sexy. Because if you feel sexy, you’ll exude it!

I find endearing that Yuuri’s the one person Maccachin seems to love to be around, since episode one. Remember when having their first meeting? Maccachin shows himself to be really playful, but we don’t see him act like this when he is around other people…

I mean, maybe he is, and we just didn’t get to see, but I still believe this baby dog cares for Yuuri, just as much as his owner does.

Maccachin’s usually well behaved (well most of the times, he ate the steamed buns AND HE ALMOST DIED BUT…), when he’s with Yuuri’s family, he’s always sitting beside them, quietly, without making much of a ruckus. But when he’s with Yuuri he acts a bit different.


HE EVEN STARTS TO SLEEP WITH THE BOY (poor victor was left behind).

And when he notices Yuuri coming through the airport doors, after not seeing him for a while, he barks and and comes running to greet the boy. He recognizes him instantly.

Maccachin really loves Yuuri, and I think we know from who he learned that. Now I can only imagine, he might have gotten familiarized with him after listening to Victor’s countless stories and complains regarding that one drunken boy from the banquet night.

And another thing about this photo reel

The immediate reasons to be fucking oBSESSED are obvious but do you know what else really has me emotional about it? 

Yuuri’s confidence. His carefree attitude. He’s totally taking the lead here! Like seeing this is WILD for me, especially knowing this happened BEFORE THE EVENTS of this series. I love this! I can’t get enough of this and I want more (hence my other post lol). LOOK AT HIM. And just take away the obvious perfection of this victuuri content and think about Yuuri as a character. 

Yes, he’s drunk, but listen drinking doesn’t give you qualities and skills you weren’t already capable of. I’m p sure all of them were a little tipsy :p.  All it does it lower your inhibitions and amplify certain aspects of you that already exist. Drunk Yuuri is still Yuuri. THIS IS REALLY YUURI. He didn’t just suddenly learn how to pole dance and break dance and do all these holds. And we’ve seen him pull of his eros sober. It was something all his own and it was so surprising at the time but now? Now it makes perfect sense in the best way. 

I really feel like the Yuuri in these camera roll scenes is significantly real and seeing him so confident and in the spotlight is like WOW. My heart breaks a little because HE DOESN’T REMEMBER. Boy has to know and understand that he captured everyone’s heart that night. He’s a goddamn shooting star. As a character he’s a triumph, a masterpiece. He’s so multifaceted and honestly seeing his journey to this point in his career was already good enough. 

But they didn’t stop there! They were like “Not only is Yuuri a badass now, he was ALWAYS A BADASS. Victor didn’t change him at all. This wasn’t what we thought it was going to be at first AT ALL. It seemed like Victor was spicing up Yuuri’s life and bringing out all these NEW sides of him. ALL LIES. Yuuri was the one spicing up Vitya’s life. EVERYONE’S lives even! Who knows what the atmosphere between all of them was like before this? Like honestly? I bet they were all being super stuffy and formal and not all that chummy like they are now and their closeness now is partially thanks to this cute boy. I love Yuuri so much like :’) Just….I just need a moment. *ahem* 

OKAY but do y’all UNDERSTAND like he was upstaging CHRISTOPHE !!! 

he was DANCE BATTLING YURIO. YURIO you guys. Since when has this kid been a socialite? Letting loose at parties?! WHAT? This is the power of our pork cutlet king

this was ALL before the main events in the series like…I’m dumbfounded right now.

Yuri was so timid and insecure in the first episode. And we just rolled with that. We thought this was about a blossoming skater trying to find his footing again. We thought it was about Victor helping him learn to be confident. 

Originally posted by bunnydesuuu

But nah. Yuuri had us fucking fooled. This man is a showstopper. This guy captivated the greatest skater on the scene, he completely stole the show. He just hit a rough spot, honestly.  

Imagine if someone tried to tell us Yuuri Katsuki knew how to do pole! Or breakdance! Or would hold his idol Victor in a saucy tango pose? 

We’d all be like HA! Okay~ :p 

We thought Victor was going to be the seductive one. 

Mann the production team must have been laughing at all of us this whole time. They were sitting on this from DAY ONE. 

We got played in the best way. Honestly? Standing ovation. This is how it’s done. Other studios better step up because YOI raised the bar beyond our wildest dreams. 

I always liked how New Vegas companions weren’t really romanceable. You could flirt with them, but even then they clearly had specific likes and wants. Arcade was gay. Cass was bisexual. But there was never a LOVE ME dialogue option. Every character was dealing with their own loss and difficulties and didn’t build their lives around the courier. Why would they. The courier is some random asshole who walked up to them a week prior and said “hey wanna fuck shit up.”

It’s almost like they were actual carefully constructed characters and not hastily thrown together cliches that would marry you after you pickpocketed all of Diamond City.