i really love the way he delivers this

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Always Had the Key

The familiar scent hit Derek before he heard him. “No way. Derek Hale? Is that really you?” Cliche words delivered with a low, rough voice that was the older relative of the tone Derek remembered. When he turned towards that voice, that scent, it took his eyes a moment to register what they saw.

How long had it been? Seven years? Eight? The last time he’d seen Stiles, the human was just a teenager, just a kid. All wide eyes and baby cheeks and gangly limbs that couldn’t be controlled. There was barely any resemblance between the Stiles of Derek’s memory and the man who now stood before him. Except he still had a cutely upturned nose, and a mouth made for smirking. Gone, however, was the awkwardness. And the baby fat. Stiles’ face was sharper, his eyes no longer wide in wonder. He had a look about him that spoke of someone who had seen Hell, but just kept going, until like steel he was forged into something dangerous and strong.

“Well I’ll be damned,” said Stiles, moving even closer. He dressed the same, in a way. Still wore plaid, but the shirt beneath it was just a plain olive green instead of sporting a graphic. This close, Derek could smell leather, wood, poisons, and ozone mixed with Stiles’ personal scent.

“It’s good to see you,” Derek offered truthfully, the words coming easily.

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What I really love about the Riarkle gift exchange in ACM is that - the very last shot of shook!Farkle, the one that goes on for a whopping 4 seconds - is actually a shot from when Rowan was still in the middle of delivering Riley’s speech to him. If you look closely, you can see the back of her head/shoulders moving in a way that clearly indicates she was talking at the time.

This means that giving Farkle such a long-lasting reaction to Riley’s words was so important to MJ that he drew a shot from out of context instead of just using what the scene naturally produced. He went out of his way to do that.

Tell me again that Riarkle’s relationship development is not a priority on this show.

Les Mis Fic Recs: Canon Era Multicharacter

I love AUs, but canon era is why I got into this story and I love it so much!  
This list is all multicharacter fic (some of these have a single POV character, but they all deal with multiple characters and relationships, rather than focusing on one or a couple.)

Fraternité, @robertawickham
(link goes to the index; they really should be read in order)
- a lovely (and still somehow the only one for canon era ?? this seems impossible but I’ve found nothing else??)   full-length every-Ami-meets-every-Ami fic. Enjolras POV, and an excellent Enjolras at that–intense and reserved at once, and it actually manages to deliver on the “charming” part of his personality without losing any of his sharpness– but it’s the way the whole group dynamic works and changes as they grow, and how each chapter highlights the very different relationships he has with all his friends , that I really love

La Saint-Sylvestre, by @oilan  
Courfeyrac is the centre, but all the Amis get a chance to cause some joyful havoc when he rounds up his friends for a party. Pure fun and silliness. Oilan has a wonderful sense of comic pacing and gives everyone, even the most serious members of the group, a chance to cause lighthearted mayhe. 

Bonds of Friendship, by @shellcollector
The first chapter of a multichapter fic about the Amis becoming a group.  The send of humor in dialogue this is really fantastic–there’s the sort of  warm-hearted teasing that good friends with a sarcastic streak can indulge in.

To Follow, by @estelraca 
After the barricades, Grantaire and Enjolras survive–if the rest of their friends have anything to say about it. Another Enjolras POV; and another one where his relationships with all the Amis get a spotlight. 

The Times That Try Men’s Souls (minor illness)by @chainsawpoet
- Joly POV.  The POV in this story never leaves the room Joly is in, but manages to roam all over Paris in its considerations, and give every Ami something to do. I really like the focus on less-common interactions in this!

Those Melancholy Gardens by @midautumnnightdream
Focusing on Eponine, Gavroche, and Mabeuf, and their social circle. Something of a fix-it fic, in progress. Three characters who seem to have no way out finding a better way together, with full acknowledgement of how hard and slow going that can be. Eponine in particular is excellent here, wild and clever and very much still a kid.  

anonymous asked:

I appreciate how talented Jared Padalecki really is. On Supernatural, he has played one character while at the same time playing various roles. He’s been soulless, possessed by a demon, a demon blood addict, Lucifer, an amnesiac, an insomniac, Gadreel/Ezekiel…the list goes on. And he plays the different roles so convincingly that you almost forget it’s Sam. Oh and I love your blog!

*hugs*((((Agree nonnie!  And thank you!))) *hugs* 

The way Jared brings non -erbal Sam’s emotion to the surface is poetry.  He delivers a complex, nuanced emotions that makes you feel what he silently feels.  Seriously, you can’t teach this in an acting class.   Jared never fails to make me feel every single thing Sam feels.


Request – “y/n x taehyung taking care of their first son”

I’m going to do this a little differently, if you still want a scenario version, inbox me and I’ll do it for you :D

  •  Adores kids and has always wanted his own so when you told him you were pregnant he was literally bouncing off walls with joy.
  • Constantly reminding you that he loves you.
  • Constantly feeding you.
  • Making sure you are always comfortable.
  • Tries to talk to the baby bump.
  • “Hey little one, how are you doing in there?”
  • Gets way more excited than you when you tell him you felt the baby kick.
  • Doesn’t really want a specific gender, just really happy that he was becoming a dad.
  • When the baby was being delivered he cried.
  • The other member were really excited too.
  • After finding out it’s a boy he cries… again….happy tears ofc
  • Would often take care of his son.
  • Really protective, but in a super cute way.
  • If uncle Hoseok came around, he would be shushed often.
  • “Hyung, shhhhhhhh the baby is sleeping!”
  • “I literally just walked into the room!”
  • “SHU SHHH”
  • You chuckle and apologize, “He’s still transitioning.”
  • Many, many pictures…and videos.
  • Taehyung constantly bragging about how his son has already learned how to crawl and say words like: “DAd”
  • Sings the baby and yourself to sleep because heavenly vocals.
  • Still makes time for you and is all romantic and cute.
  • Constantly thanks you for choosing him and 
  • You both take turns with the baby at night.
  • Also lowkey very spoiled…
  • Many many play dates.
  • Whenever your son caught a cold or a fever, Taehyung would rush to the store to buy everything he needed.
  • Your son loved it when Taehyung could stay home cause they would play a lot more than usual.
  • Sometimes you had to put your foot down so things didn’t get out of hand.
  • Thank goodness Taehyung knows when to be serious.
  • Serious Dad!Taehyung would probably make sure your son did his chores and homework.
  • Taehyung just really loves his son so when he has to get serious he feels bad.
  • Tucks in the little one more than you because he really wants to.
  • “bAbE, cAN we have another?”
  • “Another what?”
  • “Baby…”
  • “I don’t know, how do you think Y/S/N would feel?”
  • “He told me he wants you to have another baby.”
  • “oH.”
  • Yall had loads of fun after that conversation.
  • Poof, pregnant again.
  • “I love you Y/N.”

{SooOOO, I wanted to try this out. Let me know how you guys feel about this. Should I do this kind of thing more often? Anything else you guys want me to try? Message me and let me know.}

ok i just read robot x laserbeam ch1 and ?? its really good? what the fuck?

  1. robot is so cool? i love him? hes so cute and i can see him becoming one of my fav sports manga/anime protagonists
  2. like my other fav is kuroko so,,, fujimaki tadatoshi always delivers best protagonists
  3. the funniest thing is how his best friend literally has the personality of ur usual typical sports manga protagonist. hes loud cheery over enthusiastic a 1st year and bad at golf but has a lot of determination
  4. (also their friendship is cute)
  5. the captain is cute as fuck oh no

this guy??? is hot. like theres no way a first year high school student looks like this but i should be used to this already 

anonymous asked:

Am I allowed to ask this ? Yes ? Okay, I'll do it: your mpreg Harry fanart is seriously a blessing to this world. When I find out about mpreg, I directly came to the fandom side of it to see if they were any. And like Louis and Harry both love babies the same way (I mean, you just have to see the way Louis lights up when he sees a baby). But Harry ... Oh Harry. He wants to carry them it's obvious he wants to carry and deliver Louis' baby. Like a part of them ... [1]

[2] and so I went on Wattpad to see if they were some mpreg larry fics and all I found was mpreg Louis, loads of it. And I was left kind of dissapointed. Then when I discovered ao3 (a true heaven and blessing really for both writers and readers), I finally found my safe place with mpreg Harry in it. But when I read I like to imagine all the scenes in my head. And your drawings seriously made me SO happy and blessed. Bless your beautiful soul and the undeniable talent you have. Blessed days <3

Oh dear first of all thank you so much! Your message made me so happy! Mpreg is definitely my favorite thing to HC, cos honestly, the person I project it with LOVES it just as much! Harry’s constant belly rubs, fond for preggo people and putting stuff underneath his shirt to form a round belly, what is there not to love about mpreg harry when he’s basically portraying it irl!! <3

And true, I guess theres more mpreg L content but that doesn’t matter! mpreg harry will always be the most precious thing on earth!

Have a wonderful day darling! Here’s a very happy and pregnant harry for you!

Had a really shitty day, absolutely wrecked, but now need to somehow sleep after finishing The Last Guardian and being full of feels ;A;

Honestly, man, I know it has some performance issues and some people (though not really me?) have had ‘fun’ trying to get the boy or Trico to do what you need at times, but GODDAMN. I loved this? It was SO PURE and beautiful and moving in a way that only Team ICO have ever delivered. They have a style so distinct you just cannot mistake it. I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time and I got everything I wanted from it <3

I can’t wait to go lore-hunting and see if anyone’s figured out the links between the games yet. I lost hours reading theories about ICO/Shadow of the Colossus.

anonymous asked:

What gets me is that Robert, more so than Aaron, sees when Liv needs discipline and tough love and the moments when she needs hugs and affection. Aaron has a tendency to love love love and then get frustrated when Liv oversteps the mark. But aside from their bumpy ride in the beginning, Robert's been pretty consistent in delivering the kind of support Liv needs, when she needs it. Im thinking of him defending her offering to pay for Mill. He's the more instinctive parent. Loving watch them bond.

did you read my mind, nonnie?? did i write this???

it’s understandable why aaron’s instincts are to just love love love, and never really try and discipline her, because he just wants her to feel loved and safe and happy, the way he never did growing up. but as we’ve seen it’s not exactly an effective way of parenting her.

robert, once he stepped up to the plate, has been more balanced. he understands where she’s coming from when she acts out, but he also tries to lay some boundaries. though really they’re both giant softies with her, just aaron more so. 

i adore that he was spot on about why liv wanted to buy mill, and have a home. what he told aaron in the backroom when making liv’s case to buy mill lines up perfectly with what liv later told aaron when he bex found her drunk there.

it’s maybe that aaron is definitely more brotherly towards her than he is a parent, while robert is more parental. 

i’m really really looking forward to next weeks scenes with them, it’s been SO lovely so far.

Hail Mary

Request:  Hi there! I have a oneshot request, if that’s okay. Can I request a Steve Rogers x Reader? Where the reader gets kidnapped by HYDRA and the avengers somehow find her diary? And in it are personal memories and things she doesn’t wish to share with anyone? But most are things about Steve? I know it’s oddly specific but I want to read something profound and beautiful and I think you’re one of the only blogs that can deliver that successfully. No pressure at all, love. Thank you! :)

Word Count: 2238

Notes: Oh my, this one was so much fun to write! I really hope you enjoy it and I did the request justice! Feedback is wildly appreciated with this one, as I’m very proud! Enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing, angst, and some minor violence. 

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“Well, I am.”

(gif originally from darlingbenny)

I love the Battersea scene for a couple of reasons. 

The Battersea scene does a lot for TJLC, confirming John’s lack of heterosexuality. This leads the audience to better recieve the idea of Sholto, and Sherlock’s immediate jealousy of him (after all, Sherlock isn’t the kind of person to really care if Sholto was just another platonic relationship; see how he reacts to Mike Stamford or Lestrade - no jealousy there, my friends)

But now let me touch on just another reason why I love this scene, as it often gets overlooked: Irene. 

Irene Adler is more than just a plot device to get John to inadvertently out himself as a bisexual. Look at her reaction to this conversation. 

“Well, I am”. Just before her composure comes back, just before she regains control of the conversation, she delivers this line in the most curious way. Especially for a character like Irene Adler, someone who is always in control, has the conversation planned far in advance, always knows what she’s going to say. 

This is not a snarky comment, this isn’t a funny joke. This line gets thrown out like she didn’t know she was going to say it. She’s having a connection with a not-so-neutral party, opening up to John because she knows he’ll relate - this is far to intimate a confession to just throw around to someone who wouldn’t understand it. This is her honest-to-god realization that she has an exception.  I mean, just look at the difference in her posture, her eye contact, her footing, her surety, her pacing of words, before and after she says this line.

Her face is a face of a woman who has been confident all her life about her sexual preferences and her standards of lovers, and now she isn’t so sure. This is the face of someone who is terrified of potentially falling for a person she never thought she would fall for.  This is anger, and confusion, and serious identity crises. She looks away, for the first time her gaze is unsure and she stumbles a little on her footing, you can see her swaying. She says these words with a little too much volume, and a little too much force. She swallows away a lump in her throat. She looks uncomfortable as all hell.  

She looks like a mirror for John. 

“Look at us both”

i really need to talk about robert saying: “i’m not leaving you! no!” because that line, and the way ryan delivered it, still hit me straight in the gut every time i watch the scene.

we know robert loves aaron, we know he’d go above and beyond for him, but we had never seen robert put his own life in danger just to save aaron. robert has often been portrayed as being selfish, calculating, putting himself before everyone else, even sometimes before aaron during the affair era.

but what we saw last night was robert staring death in the face, knowing he could lose his life if he didn’t get out right then, and deciding to stay, to take the risk and keep trying to free aaron. not only that, but robert literally gave what could have been his last breath to aaron just to make sure he stayed alive. 

but that line… oh god that line will haunt me. not only was robert crying while he said it, but he sounded as though he’d de-aged about twenty years. suddenly he was back to being fourteen and watching a burning barn with his mother still inside… and he couldn’t do anything then, he was too young and too scared. 

there’s no doubt that that image has stayed with him, along with the guilt for just standing by instead of trying to help his dad save sarah. so to be faced with it again, trapped in a car with the love of his life sinking further under the water, there must have been some part of him which was triggered, a part of him which said save him like you couldn’t with mum.

and he did, despite the fact he could have died, despite aaron pleading with him to go, despite having tried and failed so many times to free aaron before, he stayed. robert was willing to give his life just at a shot of saving aaron’s.

i’m not really sure what greater definition of love there is

Malec Appreciation Fortnight

Day 2: Fave Malec quote

Day 3: Fave Malec episode/scene

Day 4: Best OTP moment

I must answer these three days with their first scene of 1x12, especially:

I know you feel what I feel, Alec  (…)

Even if I did feel something for you… you want me to give up my life for you?

It’s my favorite because it really shows Matt’s great acting skills and I think he totally kills this scene. We get to see Alec’s character really struggling with his feelings in a way we hadn’t seen before and at the same time, it’s once again obvious how Magnus can read him so well and is not afraid to be honest and push to get the answer he wants from him. Besides, the way Harry delivers that line is really perfect.

I guess I also love this scene because to me this is the moment when Alec finally admits to himself that he really feels something for Magnus.


#1: Nyle

This set of photos makes me so unreasonably angry. I knew Nyle could deliver this type of work, and I feel like this week along with the comeback week are the only times he ever delivered eye intensity like this. This is the Nyle I wanted all cycle, and I’m angry that I didn’t get this. The way he’s staring down the camera in the first shot really draws me in to the spread, and I love the angles he chose for the second shot. My least favorite shot of the three is definitely the last one, but even then I think it’s a great shot. My only wish is that he would’ve just stood tall for that specific shot. The leaning works for his other two shots, but I think it would have served the story better if he ended standing tall and proud.

Big Bang Alienation

With the upcoming Shamy coitus, I thought that it is high time I rant about what is wrong about the show. 

I’ve always loved this TV show. It portrays the so-called “geeks/nerds”, people who deeply love comics, science and films, and made it seem cool to be one of them despite the obvious difficulties they face (social awkwardness, bullying, lack of physical prowess etc.). That’s relatable to me, in a way.  It gives representation to women scientists, one of the causes that I really believe in. It provides comic relief in the generally stressful environment I grew up in. So what’s wrong? 

First of all, the SHELDON character. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jim Parson and he has done a fabulous job of delivering the funniest parts of the show. BUT.  Call it character development or whatever you want, but he is being forced into a cliche “romantic” phase (kissing, coitus). What made his character special (to me, at least), is that he leads a detached, introverted lifestyle that emphasised on intellectual pursuits in contrast to the need for human contact and physical intimacy that other people crave. Even his romantic life was described as “a relationship of the mind”, with debates, cute collaborations(Fun With Flags) and a Relationship Agreement. But no, the writers had to give in to general audiences and in the process, threatening to ruin a really unique character in the show by making him another generic lovelorn person, while his character quirks become secondary. 

Next, the trajectory of the show is completely changing. With the Leonard-Penny marriage, as well as the Raj-Emily relationship, the show is basically going through the motions of recycling funny scenarios that has been done thousands of times in EVERY OTHER show/movie. Personally, my favourite episodes were the ones where the show has pursued important topics like the science-religion conflict, parenthood (Leonard & his mother, for instance) or interesting science discoveries (Schrodinger’s cat,homeostasis etc.), while making it funny to watch. This is what differentiates Big Bang Theory from other TV shows, and why I only selectively prefer some episodes/season. I feel that the directors should use this awesome platform to raise interest in science, while providing hilarious satire on serious issues that are relevant today,

While I know many other fans will disagree with me and claim that the show has been loyal to its fan base, this is my opinion and I hope that we will get to see more of what the original Big Bang Theory stood for. I will continue to watch the show, and see how it goes. 

I fear Yoongi's mixtape

Of course I crave it because of how much it means not only to me but to him.
I crave it because I want to see how much he improved as a rapper and let him take the spotlight.
But what actually makes me so fearful, what really messes me up, are those stories that he’ll unravel, the words and pictures that he has formed in his mind and that he’ll deliver in such a way I’m sure will leave me breathless for days. And Idk if I’ll be able to handle all that.
I just really see Yoongi’s mixtape, especially after all the hard work he put into it, as being personal, as a part of him that he’s willingly sharing, as yoongi. And I’m just thrilled and honored and so full of emotions that I want to embrace both him and his mixtape.
I just love this boy and his talent so much.