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Genre: Smut, fluff, angst (it will contain smut in the next parts)

a/n: The story will have another part. So dont worry, im not cutting you off

Description:Jungkook is a  photography major in collaage. Every girl likes him yet he only has eyes for his camera, until he -even tho he hasnt realized it yet-  finds his muse.

Part1 Part 2  Part3

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Could you please do a flower shop fic rec? One where either Harry or Louis work at/own a flower shop! Something like Dance to The Distortion maybe (I live for Manchester Blooms)? Thank you for your time 🌷🌻🌸💕

Sure !!

- Love’s Truest Language , by summerwine:  The first part was meant as a joke. He didn’t really expect Harry to buy anything. It was just Louis’ way of softening the ‘get the fuck out’ blow.  “Where’s your order forms, then?”  “I don’t want your flowers.” Louis chided before directing all of his attention to the arrangement in front of him.  Harry laughed under his breath as he stood to his full height, “Who said anything about them being for you, love?” (48k, E)

- in bloom , by sky_reid : louis delivers flowers. harry is not liam. (he’s also not a florist.) (10k, E)

- Dance to the Distortion , by Lis (domesticharry) :  Louis accidentally breaks Harry’s camera lens and in order to get it fixed, they decide to participate in a romantic couples study. The only issue is that they are not actually couple. Well that and the fact they cannot stand each other. (96k, E)   

- Shape of You , by  zedi : For Prompt: Fic or One shot idea where Harry dances in front of his flat windows and he doesn’t notice Louis in the flat across the alley from his.  (7.5k, E)

- the wonderlands, by stylinsoncity  :   Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair. (140k so far, 9/10 chapters)

- i know you have a heavy heart (i can feel it when we kiss) by itjustkindahappened  : In which Louis is spending New Year’s alone in France but he’s definitely not running away, and Harry is a french florist with an ever present smile who cares a lot. They meet a cold night in the outskirts of Paris. (14k, NR)

- swimming in a pool of godly medicine, by TroubledPro :  harry’s whole life is his flower stall, but somehow, a boy who cradles a cup of tea everyday slips his way in. (12k, G)

- Make It Everlasting So Nothing’s Incomplete , by supernope : Trying to be conspicuous so he doesn’t startle him, Harry sidles up to Louis and asks, “How’s it going?”“Alright,” Louis muses, turning his head so he can smile at Harry. “I wish there were explanations about what each of the flowers mean on labels or something, though.”A thrill runs up Harry’s spine, and he can’t quite temper the grin that spreads across his face as he asks, “Well, I could tell you, if you’d like?”“Oh, only if you have time, I don’t want to keep you away from your work -”“Louis,” Harry laughs, gesturing around the empty shop. “There is nobody here and, as luck would have it, there is literally nothing I would like more than to talk to you about flowers.” (9k, G)

- Far Afieldby QuickedWeen Harry Styles is a witch who owns the best flower shop in Manchester. Lottie Tomlinson is planning her wedding, and brings her brother along to her first appointment. Both men have been having a bad day and sparks fly. (11k, Witch AU, T)  

- Open Up Your Broken Heart (and Keep on Wanting) , by alistoney : Louis works in a tattoo shop and rides a motorcycleHarry wears flowers in his hair and does yoga in the morningSomehow they fit (49k, M)

- You Are My Sunshine , by hailsatanstyles Harry works at a flower shop and uses his resources to get his classmate, Louis, to fall in love with him. (11k, T)

- you wish i was yours and i hope that you’re mine , by  paladincoolcats  :   the one where the french boy charms the english boy who is afraid to fall in love. (31k, NR)    

- Leave The Lights On , by love_ari : Harry has been diagnosed with OCD and too help him get better his doctors tells him to work at a flower shop. Its all okay, until Louis comes into the shop, and Harry’s worried-filled mind, finally goes quiet and he falls in love. (4k, NR)

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There's this drarry fic I read but haven't been able to find again. Harry and Draco have a potions mishap in hogwarts and they have sex. Fast forward to adulthood and harry is bitten by a werewolf/something and is very protective over his 'pack' (people he considers family/pack also people he's slept with). That's all I remember. Can you help me find it?


The Light More Beautiful by firethesound (81k)
Thirteen years after Draco accepts Potter’s help escaping the horror of his sixth year, he returns to England where he makes the unfortunate discovery that Potter is still as obnoxious as ever. And worse, more than a decade overseas hasn’t been enough to dim Draco’s obsession with him.

Now, for anyone who hasn’t read this, I wouldn’t peg this as a werewolf fic so even if you usually aren’t into that, chances are you’ll like this anyway. This fic is written by one of my absolute favorite writers and it is in my top 10. I’ve read it many times and I will rec it until everyone on earth has read it.

Why you should read it:

• Auror!Harry
• Harry has a motorcycle
• there’s sooooo much pining it is beautiful and amazing I can’t
• Draco has an owl who hates delivering mail
• it’s also all in Draco’s POV which is awesome
• clever!Draco too!
• The Noble and Most Ancient Game of Drinks
• side-pairing Pansy/Luna which is perfect
• “Pots and Pans”
• the entire fic is HILARIOUS, in the laugh-out-loud kind of way
• it is also packed with cool world-building details such as how the Floo Network works and how it’s handled by the Ministry (AGNES!!)
• Harry is an adorkable idiot that I love oh so much
• really he is super precious™
• he’s also POWERFUL yes
• Harry has an on-going battle with the NAME (Name And Moniker Establishment) at the Ministry, he has such a gift for “offensive” acronyms that they dare not speak his name
• also quite a bit of case!fic in there

Okay, I have a ton of one-sentence prompts to fill, a gazillion prompt requests and two of these prompts lurking half-finished in my documents folder but YET the Bughead pic for tomorrow’s episode got releashed and Betty’s wandering hand got my mind in dark imaginative places. I thought I was the only thirsty one but I guess there are a lot of us out there so you asked and I happily deliver. This is SIN, this is something I don’t know where it came from. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy! <3</b>

“Well, never thought I would be stood up by Jughead Jones but I guess there’s a first time for everything.” Veronica mused around the stripped straw of her milkshake, lopsided smirk intact and chocolate eyes shining in teasing, feeling Archie’s chest vibrate from light laughter besides her, the back of her arm brushing casually his pec.

Betty rolled her pretty eyes from across them, the happy grin that she was sporting all day turning even more delighted. “He’s on his way.” She let them now, abandoning her phone in the space next to her on the leather seat, its screen still illuminated by the private chat with Juggie <3 on top, the kissy emojis she had sent him last depicting her playful and bubbly mood. “They had a lot to talk with his dad now that everything’s over.” She sighed in content, still trying to settle down after the emotional roller-coaster of the previous days, the two other teens on the table nodding in understanding before all three of them engaged themselves in an easy-going chat about tonight’s successful jubilee.

As per queue, the characteristic chime that indicated the arrival of new customers echoed in the small diner and Betty whiped her head around, golden locks dancing graciously around her beautiful face, only for her perpetual grin to turn into a full, dashing smile, along with rosy cheeks and all, at the sight of her boyfriend, smiling charmingly back at her and making his way to their now personal booth in his typical lazy strides.

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In the raw version, Sanji’s line here is 「帰りたい」(kaeritai = I want to go back). What’s noteworthy is that he didn’t say 「帰りてえ」(kaeriteh), which is the same in meaning but is a more masculine way of saying it. My guess is that Oda purposefully changed Sanji’s usual gruff way of speaking so that he could deliver how desperately he wants to go home (“tai” means “want” after all).

That being said, when asked to speak up his true mind, Sanji only said he wants to go back, not that he wants help. He didn’t even think for once about getting assistance from his nakama, just that he’d like to go back :’( I really hope Luffy manages to convince him that it’s okay to get help, that he more than deserves all the love and support from the crew he endears so much.

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Hello! Just want to say I just started reading your YCPfE fic and I'm absolutely madly in love with it no exaggeration ;_; The way you wrote Victor melts my heart and he's so precious. Thank you. In the early chapters, Victor has expressed interest and actually a liking to being stimulated from behind and I wonder if you would be able to deliver a scene where they switch? I would really reallly love to read your Victor be in that position I'd die from contentment. Tysm, hope you can! <3

Thank you!! 💕 

I think I’ll be able to make you very happy. I have already made posts about how I’ve planning for them to switch. (They’ve just been holding off because Yuuri’s heat haze has been pretty strong.)

BUT, now, I think I can say with confidence that it’s coming up soon. Probably the chapter after the next. Victor’s a lucky man. 

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Hi! Could you do INTJ & INFJ friendship Ravenclaw headcanons? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the ask! This is my first ~friendship~ headcanon, luckily i’ve already done posts for both of these (INTJ and INFJ) so I have something to work with! Enjoy!

- The main difference between them is the T/F trait (thinking/feeling), so INTJ is more logical while INFJ is very feelings 

- But that doesn’t mean INTJ is a stone cold logician! They are very passionate about what they think is right because they’re always right shh

- They bond over the fact that they both have a distinct moral compass and want what is right!

- Hogwarts professors fear them tbh

- INFJ: I think I’m gonna buy this bejeweled silver quill!                                         //INTJ: I was thinking the other day… why are quills still a thing? Like, why??            INFJ: Oh lord, not this again. WHY MUST YOU RUIN MY PLEASURES?

- INTJ reminds INFJ to stop working for the ~greater good~ (aka their report on bowtruckle endangerment) and get some sleep once in a while

- INFJ reminds INTJ to chill and not get so worked up about their loss in wizard chess

- When they decide something is wrong and address an issue, you’d best run and hide because they will win

- Between INFJ’s persuasive skills, passion for altruism, and creative approach to problem solving…

- And INTJ’s logical reasoning, steely determination, and quick thinking…

- A lot of changes have been made to Hogwarts policy since they arrived

- INFJ loves INFJ because they have the logical intelligence (and love for their friend) to help people see past toxic emotional situations

- INFJ: I don’t know, I really do like him, but he lies so much and never spends time with me… what should I do?                                                                           INTJ: Are you kidding? CLEAR YOUR HEAD AND LEAVE THAT B*TCH

- Without INFJ’s guiding ways, INTJ might murder someone tbh (or get themselves murdered accidentally)

- INTJ: My potions professor said that it’s okay to use love potions on witches but not on wizards. I prepared a 20 page essay which I will deliver to him through a Howler. He will now die via verbal assault.                                             //INFJ: Not that I don’t love the sentiment, but maybe we could tone it down a couple hundred notches? Take a deep breath pls??

- They’re both introverts, so they bond over a mutual need to hole up in their dorms and hide for a couple years hours

- They balance each other out perfectly :’) #ravenclawsquad

Send me an ask requesting headcanons/aesthetics!

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What was your favorite part of Wonder Woman?


Everyone had been talking about the No Man’s Land scene and it was a HUGE NUT but once it was done I thought this was the best the movie could offer and let me tell you I was NOT READY FOR THE CLIMAX. Especially since I WAS fooled by the fake death of Ares, I was like oh I guess Ares doesn’t exit then! I was a complete fool

STEVE’S SPEECH, trying to explain humanity to Diana when she doesn’t understand that she cannot just defeat evil, ”I wish I could tell you that it was just one bad guy”, “maybe we’re all to blame, maybe I am” and the way the realization HIT Diana to the point where she decided that maybe humanity wasn’t worth her help. It was such a gut-wrenching moment and it really resonated with me on a very deep, emotional level because the way she feels in that moment really reminds me of my own reactions to the horrors of this world. Kind of, “I’m too idealistic to be a part of this world”. That’s the moment I was like “I’ve related to a character more in my entire life”.



I really loved the way he appeared inside the tower, then when Diana tried to face him he disappeared and appeared behind the glass instead. It’s such a simple effect but I absolutely loved it. Because it really made it seem like it was god against goddess, and some people are bored of good old fashioned Good vs. Evil but I. AM. NOT. This is what I wanted and they DELIVERED. Like really, I was a kid again. This is everything I used to fucking love, good old greek mythology, apocalypse-like fight, Evil greater than anything you can imagine, the end of the world seems near, but there, a beacon of hope. A woman who can save the world, and she does. Like really, I can’t describe how I felt watching this, but it was like everything clicked into place and I was watching was 9-years-old-me wanted to watch. It was incredibly satisfying. I’m probably going to go see the movie again.

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after everything that took my interest in the liveshow i thought i can't wait to read your thoughts on it. have any? x

i’m not in the greatest headspace and probably can’t rewatch this ls so i think i will do things a bit differently today and just share some of the best messages i received from people on the liveshow. i always feel bad bc i spend a lot of time writing my own thoughts and then tend not to a good job sharing other people’s thoughts that they take the time to send to me so hopefully their words can speak to what i don’t have the ability to think/write about today. 

While I found dans ls pretty unextraordinary, his whole sexuality talk was really great. There is a large group of his fans who are not straight, and many of those, myself included, may be struggling with figuring ourselves out. Hearing him talk about things like that and how important it is for individuals to make their own decisions on how they want to label themselves is something I really needed to hear.

i really liked this liveshow!! honestly dan talking about labels and how they can be a good thing but can also be unnecessary made me super happy. i feel like he was just really saying the first things that came to mind with that whole “daniel lester” “good suggestion” and the openness when it came to talking about sexuality. and the way he talked about it, like he’d given the matter a lot of thought beforehand, was just very interesting. idk, just my take

well that’s that, dan officially referred to himself as formless blob after using that exact same term to describe people who choose to exist without a label.

dan mentioned the validity of asexuality again today and I’m crying again??? he is so good

the whole sexuality bit was really great and uplifting and validated a lot of what i’d written about the topic this week, in terms of people’s unrelenting pressure for dnp to place an explicit label on their sexual preferences and then share that with us. the compulsion to treat your sexuality as an intrinsic and widely shared part of your identity is great for some people but not as good for others and i love that dan gave voice to the people who might be questioning and uncomfortable with placing one static label on their experiences. this was also the furthest i think he’s ever gone in basically embracing the label of queer (when someone said it was a good umbrella term and he immediately said “it is” and talked about how it encompasses everything that’s not normative. he then defined what those normative groups would be and pointedly didn’t include himself in that group.) as anon above said, he also either consciously or subconsciously referred to himself in the exact same way as he suggested to another person to describe themselves if they didn’t want to label their sexuality (i.e. formless blob). and then of course,,, the sucking balls comment. the way he was weirdly enthused about the “your hair is like my sexuality” comment. good stuff. 

I love the way you criticize Dan and Phil (in a respectful way) and point the things you don’t like about them. I wanted to know what do you think about Dan saying that he likes that he has a diverse audience, with different tastes, ages and humor. To you this doesn’t have anything to do with all the tween girls thing? Also I have seen a lot of comments that want them to play lis to see what choices they make (and well, the game is about choices, so that’s not actually weird)

yep i thought dan did a good job walking back some of the instinctive criticisms he’d made towards his audience earlier in the ls. as i said, he does a pretty good job trying not to explicitly play into “fangirl” stereotypes but that doesn’t change the fact that his instinct is to mock/tease them and take them less seriously. so i don’t know. i feel on the fence about it. 

regarding the ‘play life is strange!!!!’ crowd: i agree that a lot of people have been spamming them to do that, and talking about how it’d be interesting to see the decisions they make. i also understand why the idea of that makes dan extremely uncomfortable. what i didn’t agree with was the way he assumed a high-pitched annoying voice to make fun of the people who were asking him to do it, and then the way he was sort of making fun of how people would be so into watching him and phil make moral decisions. his voice was dripping with sarcasm and mockery and it felt really rude to me. he talks about how people will psychoanalyze him and how it’s all dumb because you can’t tell anything about him from what he does on a youtube video … which obvi hits me personally a little bit hard bc all i do is sit here and think about his personality based on what he does on youtube and what he says in live shows lol so once again im just like ??? lol why do i do this? i mean he’s wrong, blatantly. you can tell a LOT about him from what he does on youtube and what he says in live shows and whatever, but as before i’m sort of put in the position of wondering if all of this rambling is actually invasive and disrespectful ,, who knows

it’s worth adding that dan was not only rude repeatedly to the audience but also to phil at one point? when someone in the chat asked what to do when anime is better than reality he said something like “just settle for someone who is definitely more disappointing than your fav anime character,” like referring to himself which is .. interesting .. i mean it’s def the same type of joking way he talks about phil but he delivered in a much more deadpan and dry way than his usual joking tone so it was just .. weird.

(edit, adding this bc it’s great): i love how proud he seems to be of the dapg channel!!!! he just keeps promoting it and saying it’s really funny and telling people to go watch it. it makes me really warm to know that even if he has been having some issues with dinof, he still is making something he’s happy with (as someone who works w creative things, i understand how frustrating it is to make things you don’t think are good enough, even when other people tell u it’s fine)

yes. he so happily sponned dapg and that made me happy to hear. it’s clear that it’s playing the same role it did back in december for him when he explicitly told us that making gaming vids w phil was what he needed at that moment for his peace of mind and his happiness (as opposed to ‘being existential and sarcastic’ or something along those lines on dinof) 


chat: daniel lester

dan: good suggestion!!!!!!

me, instantly craving death .. 

other notes: the allusion to hating the apartment for its noisiness at the end. they gon move. the constant allusions to how stressful and tiring the last two weeks have been. they’re definitely working on some stuff. it will be interesting to see what it is and when it comes to light. the whole talk about watching ‘get out’ and dealing w the annoying person who wouldn’t stop being loud was really funny, esp bc it involved YET ANOTHER reiteration that phil gets anxious in social settings. why are they both really pushing that so hard these days?? it’s def interesting to me. i also liked that when someone suggested he play dungeons and dragons he immediately related it to phil. and to sum all of that up, the twitter reply to the person that edited ‘me and phil’ onto his forehead was gold. ‘tldw’ or ‘too long, didn’t watch’ (a play off of ‘tl;dr’ which means ‘too long didn’t read,’ which is used as a way to summarize really long posts/articles, for those who were confused) so he’s basically saying that if anyone doesn’t want to watch the ls bc it’s too long, that picture is all the summary you need. i mean,,, he’s not wrong. at least he’s self aware. 

(live show: dan or the grim reaper? scientists can’t tell - 3.21.17)

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STORYTELLING TIME (bc the riverdale hiatus is boring): tell me about 2 of your fav riverdale ships, 2 of your fav characters, 2 of your favorite scenes out of all 7 episodes, and tell me about the pairing you last shipped/just started shipping. a detailed analysis, 10 paragraphs, i don't care. just tell me.



2 fave riverdale ships

  • let me tell you about BETTY AND VERONICA

listen, okay

l i s t e n

i was not going to watch this show.

(and then i saw josie mccoy’s face and was like BUT BUT BUT and a friend had to tell me she’s barely in the pilot and to calm down, and then i didn’t plan to watch it anymore)

and then i saw it

the world’s fucking tenderest kiss to maybe ever be on television, which is JUST UNFAIR FOR EVERYONE DON’T YOU THINK??

camila mendes has a talent, is what i am saying, and that talent deserves so much appreciation that it actually got me to watch this show


anyway. my favorite thing about the beronica kiss is that it has absolutely nothing to do with how much i ship it. it’s just a weird fever dream bonus to everything about them that i love.

VERONICA IS JUST SO INCREDIBLY IN LOVE WITH BETTY. FROM MOMENT ONE. the train to the rest of my life speech is legit some of the gayest shit i have heard in my damn life.

i love how dedicated they are to one another. i love how they balance each other out. i love that riverdale took the classic “naughty and nice” dichotomy they had from the comics and turned it upside down and shook it, and this is what fell out

they just so clearly thrive off of each other’s energy. i love that.

but you know what i also love?

  • let me tell you about VERONICA AND CHERYL

i honestly thought for a hot minute there that i wouldn’t have interest in this show beyond beronica

and then 1x05 blessed me and watered my crops and cleared my skin and SHOWED ME THE LIGHT

it turns out, veronica directing her attentions at literally anyone is kind of all i need, and cheryl’s my GOTHIC HOT MESS OF PURE EXTRA and i adore her, and i hope one day they move into a new mansion that has a name and adopt war orphans or something.

2 fave characters

obviously you can tell i have a lot of feelings about veronica lodge, so maybe this doesn’t need saying but sorry too bad buckle up because


ironically, i spent most of my life solidly team betty.

“but Leah,” you say, “you love poor little rich girls who are POPULAR but SAD ABOUT IT and SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. cordelia chase! quinn fabray! glinda upland! summer roberts! you very clearly Have A Type!”

i know. i know i do. but i was BLINDSIDED man

i would die on a battlefield for veronica lodge.

because not only did this show give me “REGRETS HER MEAN GIRL PAST” veronica lodge. it over corrected so hard it gave me the bounty of MOM FRIEND VERONICA LODGE






the one thing i am weaker for than a sad popular girl is a girl who dances on the edge of the selfish/selfless line, who has such a big heart that she loves EVERYONE but maybe not quite as much as she loves herself. the rose tylers and rachel berrys of this world

oh wait there’s another thing i’m weak for and that is TINY BRUNETTES

veronica lodge was engineered in a science lab to hit every single one of my buttons, is what i am saying

now. i want to be very clear. i adore betty cooper, and no one on this show is more entertaining than cheryl blossom, and kevin keller is the most represented i have ever felt on television, but there was really only one other person i could say is my fave:

  • let me tell you about MY HOMELESS ASEXUAL SON, JUGHEAD JONES

“but Leah,” you say, “Jughead’s not canon ace in this show”

to which i say they can pry jughead’s lack of libido from my cold dead hands, until he says aloud on screen “i, forsythe pendleton jones the third, love doing the sex and it is my preferred method of having intimacy with my romantic partner” he can date whomever the heck he wants because, ASTONISHINGLY, ace people date! and kiss!

besides the point but aNYHOW

this kid is a fucking trainwreck and i love every inch of him

i love his ridiculous dedication to his aesthetic, i love his shitty novel, i love how much he loves his sister, i love his fwoopy bangs, i love how his reaction to being told his best friend is fucking their teacher is “wow dude sounds like you’re the victim of a sexual predator, do you need help?” rather than a high five, i love the way he delivers one-liners like he’s kind of trying not to laugh at his own jokes

riverdale isn’t riverdale without juggie

2 fave scenes out of all seven episodes


honestly, and i truly have no excuse for this, you said “what is your favorite scene” and the VERY FIRST THING that popped into my head were these moments with ronnie and kev in the back of his father’s truck, which is ridiculous, mostly because they’re not even really a scene

but it’s just. it is so fucking satisfying, man. look at these precious babies. look at how many blankets they’re under. not only is her head on his shoulder (HERE’S ANOTHER LOOK FROM THAT ANGLE) but EVERY PART OF HER is touching EVERY PART OF HIM. he is SITTING on her CAPE. do you have any idea how much trust that entails?

what strikes me about this moment is that Riverdale is succeeding at convincing me that these kids–any of these kids, really, not just kevin and veronica–are friends. that they all enjoy spending time together, that if there weren’t a murder going on they would still see each other, and that they care about each other. ironically, on a lot of teen soaps the friendships are the first thing to be ignored or cut for time, because they’re not juicy and “don’t lead to conflict” (untrue). kevin isn’t even in the core four, and yet, here he is: taking out his best girl because there’s no other out kids except veronica at his school and this show cares about kevin and what kevin does! they could have had veronica suspiciously follow hermione to the drive in and start her conflict with her mom over fred andrews early, but no. they wanted her to have a night out with her gay husband buddy.

kevin and veronica are the kind of friends who made a marriage pact two days into knowing each other. kevin and veronica are the kinds of friends who meet each other’s eyes when they find the same things funny but it would be impolite to laugh. MY KINGDOM FOR AU WHERE KEVIN AND VERONICA BEARD FOR EACH OTHER BUT THEN, WHILE FAKE DATING, BECOME BEST FRIENDS. 

and like yes, unless veronica is actually queer (which she is) her calling kevin her best gay and–more than that–interrupting his interruption to be like “GAY THANK GOD LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS” is a little bit abhorrent. but looking past the ridiculous stereotyping, what strikes me most is that when veronica says let’s be best friends she means it. she’s team kevin now, ride or die. 

this moment shows riverdale at its best: taking a shit ton of cliched tropes but blending them in a new way and showing them with a lens of kind of delightfully unexpected compassion.


it occurs to me that, despite finding my way back to it at the end, this is much less a rant about an actual scene and much more a rant about how much i love the friendship between veronica and kevin, but i’m sorry i love it that much. 

so i’m gonna try harder now on the next one

there are a lot of one-liners and moments i almost picked, even though, once again, those are not scenes (when jughead narrated that there were really only three kids in that booth and we all went IS JUGHEAD A GHOST, “slut shaming is when SLUTS get SHAMED,” “train to the rest of my life,” veronica’s face when betty comes out in the dominatrix gear, “that doesn’t SOUND like complete freedom,” PUSSYCAT RONNIE, fp jones saying he doesn’t want jughead to look at him like he’s garbage anymore….)

but then a dark horse candidate emerged:

  • let me tell you about the moment i realized ONE DAY I WILL BE ABLE TO LOVE ARCHIE

this show has an archie problem. so dedicated were they to proving that they weren’t going to do the classic love triangle, they made it so that archie barely interacts with half his friend group at all. isolating archie from everyone else with the grundy plot set this show back ages, and made archie almost totally irrelevant to the ensemble he ostensibly leads

but then we got this moment of hope:

“okay Leah yes we get it you like it when these idiot teens are friends”



this was the first hint that this show would succeed at gaining my love beyond betty and veronica. and i didn’t appreciate it at the time aside from OH LOOK ARCHIE HAS A PERSONALITY I LIKE TODAY, THAT’S NICE, but in hindsight it really is quite significant. archie and jughead are supposed to be the heart of this show; it’s good to see them act like it.

and jughead is also a sarcastic little shit and he’s my son and i love him


third place goes to the scene with betty, jughead and kevin rebuilding the murder wall and then trev shows up, which hilariously of all three of these might ACTUALLY be my real favorite scene of the whole show, for all the reasons i listed about a) the other two above and b) what i’m about to say below. sadly, though, this makes my love for it redundant and i’ve already repeated myself so much, so i’ll move on to…

the pairing i last shipped/just started shipping

  • well, let me tell you about BETTY AND JUGHEAD

i’m gonna be real with you i adore these two. i’m not fandom-y about them at all, because right now what the show is giving me is JUST RIGHT: two kids with chemistry who care about each other! we’re watching them take it slow and feel it out!

i dig the gentle vibe between them, and how they are interested in each other but mostly because they are both interested in JUSTICE and THE TRUTH and MYSTERIES

bless these idiot teen sleuths! i hope they get married and betty becomes a lawyer-slash-journalist and jughead becomes a private-eye-slash-novelist and together they start a firm called COOPER JONES INVESTIGATIONS and they solve crimes and are married, like Hart to Hart

anyway the point of this ask is that a few months ago i made a viral post about hatewatching riverdale because it’s trash but now i’m legitimately in love with it on every level so the joke is on me i guess

Les Mis Fic Recs: Canon Era Multicharacter

I love AUs, but canon era is why I got into this story and I love it so much!  
This list is all multicharacter fic (some of these have a single POV character, but they all deal with multiple characters and relationships, rather than focusing on one or a couple.)

Fraternité, @robertawickham
(link goes to the index; they really should be read in order)
- a lovely (and still somehow the only one for canon era ?? this seems impossible but I’ve found nothing else??)   full-length every-Ami-meets-every-Ami fic. Enjolras POV, and an excellent Enjolras at that–intense and reserved at once, and it actually manages to deliver on the “charming” part of his personality without losing any of his sharpness– but it’s the way the whole group dynamic works and changes as they grow, and how each chapter highlights the very different relationships he has with all his friends , that I really love

La Saint-Sylvestre, by @oilan  
Courfeyrac is the centre, but all the Amis get a chance to cause some joyful havoc when he rounds up his friends for a party. Pure fun and silliness. Oilan has a wonderful sense of comic pacing and gives everyone, even the most serious members of the group, a chance to cause lighthearted mayhe. 

Bonds of Friendship, by @shellcollector
The first chapter of a multichapter fic about the Amis becoming a group.  The send of humor in dialogue this is really fantastic–there’s the sort of  warm-hearted teasing that good friends with a sarcastic streak can indulge in.

To Follow, by @estelraca 
After the barricades, Grantaire and Enjolras survive–if the rest of their friends have anything to say about it. Another Enjolras POV; and another one where his relationships with all the Amis get a spotlight. 

The Times That Try Men’s Souls (minor illness)by @chainsawpoet
- Joly POV.  The POV in this story never leaves the room Joly is in, but manages to roam all over Paris in its considerations, and give every Ami something to do. I really like the focus on less-common interactions in this!

Those Melancholy Gardens by @midautumnnightdream
Focusing on Eponine, Gavroche, and Mabeuf, and their social circle. Something of a fix-it fic, in progress. Three characters who seem to have no way out finding a better way together, with full acknowledgement of how hard and slow going that can be. Eponine in particular is excellent here, wild and clever and very much still a kid.  

The Originals 4x05

Hayley, Hayley, Hayley…

So so so much potential. It’s almost as if the writers are hearing us - Hayley has done some serious damage, especially when she was trying to find her family and homage. But it’s almost as if they forgot about that when they were writing season 1 and 2 Hayley Marshall, or the Hayley Marshall that fell in love with Elijah. I have a lot of feelings towards the back-track they’ve delivered in regards to her blood line. 

What I think is super interesting was how they brought it in, Mary’s husband being involved with the killing, the hollow being apart of the reason that they killed her parents and if done really well they can have this come full circle, I love that she is apart of the reason why it’s a threat to Hope. 

Onto my next point I really really fucking hate the shit out of Elijah Mikaelson. I hate him, actually truly so downright fucking hate him and the way he interacts with Marcel Gerard. It honestly makes me sick and I’m so confused about the hatred that he feels towards him. Does he not completely understand that Klaus feels a hell of a lot towards him? Doe’s he not understand that Klaus loves him in one of the most pure ways possible? 

I’m sorry I am actually so angry and mad about this situation because I don’t understand it. Marcel has so many ridiculously great redeeming qualities, the fact that Hope is such an important aspect to Marcel. That is literally his some-what sister. The fact that he saved Hayley once-upon a time is really important… man I am so mad. 

Hayley obviously cares about Marcel and so does Klaus and I want to fucking see that, I want to see Hayley come into play with this vandictive hideous person that Elijah is becoming.

I hate him. 

Onto my next situation - I really really absolutely love the shit out of Freya, perfect character and the budding romance that is possibly happening between Freelin and her… like I am so fucking here for that. 

I’m on that ship. 

Our True Love - Chapter 11

A/N: Another long chapter~ Without further ado, please enjoy it! Let me know what you think. <3 (Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors in my stories!)

Previous Chapter(s): Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 4,546
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

The living room is so lively that even my ears hurt.

Tony is showing his latest invention. A home-security device that shoot an electrical current towards anyone without an identification band. It is small enough and easy to install around the windows, doors and other places necessary.

“Sounds great, Tony. I would really love that for my home.” I say as I look over at Bucky who is sitting on the couch across from me. He lets out a scoff.

“I can beat any of your devices quite easily, Stark.” Bucky says flat out.

“Oh really? Why don’t we test it out on you right now?” Tony says, pointing the small device towards him. My heart drops and my eyes widen. God, please don’t, Tony.

“Tony if you don’t want to wake up with a bruised eye, I suggest you don’t.” Steve intervenes. I breathe out a sigh of relief.

“Though, it is quite a brilliant invention. Small enough yet quiet powerful.” Vision adds on while taking the device off Tony’s hands.

“Yes, and it also sends the address of the owner to the nearest police station. They have a different radio frequency and this device is able to locate that frequency and inform the police officers of the home-invasion as soon as it goes off. But I do have to tweak it a little.” Tony says grabbing his little device back and putting it into a basket.

“I’m sure that’s a good idea, Tony, but isn’t there a lot of home-security devices out there already?” Steve asks. Tony chuckles.

“But one that shoots out a paralyzing electric shock? It senses where the disturbance comes from and shoots out the small device. You’d capture the criminal right then and there. I imagine both of your wives would need these when you are out on a mission?” Tony points at the basket as he says that.

“I think they are doing fine without your odd inventions, tinman.” Bucky says. Tony raises an eyebrow.

“Well, in this case, Stardust here, is the one that needs protecting from you, Barnes. The nights you stayed here, you always like to break into her room right? Heck, even now you still break into her apartment. What kind of a friend really.” Tony places his hands on his waist after pointing at me. I only stay quiet.

If looks could murder, Tony would be dead by now. Twice. I have a feeling if I do say anything right now, I’d get the death stare too.

“Is that what you have been working on the whole time down in that basement?” Wanda asks, changing the subject.

“No, of course not. I switch around between inventions every now and then. I started this last week. Took me only two days to finish the prototype. All I need is a test subject.” Tony eyes over to Bucky. He replies equally with another death stare. I chuckle to myself.

I sip on my can of soda, watching Tony comparing how he would need to increase the volts for both Bucky and Steve because of their body size. That ignites a whole different argument between the three of them.

“You’re a mess again.” Wanda says to me. I look over at her before smiling.

“Mhm. I know I am.” I answer back.

“What is it this time?” She asks keeping her eyes on the three of them. Vision also joins into the argument since that device won’t work on him. I look up at Bucky as he listens to Steve talking to Tony.

“Just Bucky this time.” I say while finishing the can. Wanda scoffs.

“It’s always going to be Bucky until you both work things out properly.” She says. I cross my arms over my chest.

“I tried. But his mind is still a wreck. What can I do? He told me to wait for him. Wait until his mind is less of a mess and when his memories of us returns. But I doubt it.” I say, watching Tony and Vision arguing over a flaw in his device.

“Why is that?” I take a moment to answer. It does still hurt so much how Bucky mixed up his memories of me and Rosaline. But after he remembered a bit of it the other night, I do still have a little hope left for him.

“It’s fine. This is a battle Bucky needs to go through in order to work out our friendship again. It’s just a matter of time. If Bucky doesn’t remember me and our memories together, then I’ll leave him for good.” I say. The words were caught in my throat momentarily, but I pushed it out. It needed to be said. Wanda shoots me a look.

“No you can’t!” She yelled. I gasp when the other four turn their attention towards us.

“You can’t what?” Tony asks curious. Both of us look at them, scrambling through our minds to find an excuse.

“She wanted to go sky diving. I just said she can’t.” Wanda lies. My blood runs cold. That’s the worst excuse there is, Wanda. Tony raises an eyebrow, amused.

“We got parachutes. I have a jet. We can do that first thing tomorrow if you’d like. I’d be in my suit though, just so you know.” Tony offers. I shake my head quickly. No no no no no. The mere thought of jumping off a plane is enough to make my stomach twist and head dizzy.

“She was just kidding! Its fine, Tony. I don’t do well with heights.” I quickly say.

“You’ll get used to it once you do it.” I still refuse.

“No no no, please. No.” I say as I laugh nervously.

“But it’d be cool if you do it at night too. Don’t you love watching the stars?” Tony says as he comes over to sit down next to me. I blink a little.

“Well, yeah, but no reason for me to do it anyways. I’m happy watching the stars from the ground.” My heart is beating out of my chest. I’m still afraid of the idea.

“Anyways, why do you like to do that?” I look at Tony.

“Do what?”

“Watch the stars. I mean, what benefit is there watching the stars? Do you get brilliant ideas when you do? I was out there in space and wasn’t impressed as much.” I raise an eyebrow. Right, Tony almost didn’t return home because of that wormhole.

“I just find the beauty in them, that’s all. They give me peace.”

“Like a reminder of how small you really are compared to what’s out there?”

“Ach, Tony, you wouldn’t get it.” I wave him off.

“I wonder, how exactly do you watch them? They are dots sparkling in the sky after all.” Vision asks this time. I sigh out. Two people with no idea how to appreciate the little beauties in life. How do I explain it to them?

“Each stars have their own stories to tell. A cluster of them makes up one large story all together. Despite it being a billion of light years away, their light still arrives here on Earth to deliver that story. She is always intrigued by how people  interprets stories of the past through the stars. That’s why she loves watching the stars.” Bucky’s answers for me. I look at him in silent.

“Really? They are just balls of gas out scattered around. I’m more interested the way they work than the way they look or listening to old folk’s tale of…” I didn’t listen to the rest of Tony’s rant. My eyes were on Bucky. He remembers that. Every single word of what I told him before when he asked the same question.

I feel touched, happy and sad all at the same time. His memories of us are returning slowly, right? If he could remember all of that, then wouldn’t it mean that they are? I’m too afraid to ask. Afraid the answer he may give is not one that I was hoping for.

I get off from the couch to make my way into the kitchen. I toss the empty can into the trash while washing my hands. I look out the window into the night sky. I couldn’t see the stars because of the light. But I do see snow falling little by little, covering the city below in a white blanket.

“You seemed surprised that he remembers it.” Steve says as he tosses the can into the trash as well. I laugh a little.

“Of course I am. He forgot about our memories together, the last thing I’d expect is him to remember that.” I say, still eyes staring out into the lit up city.

“What do you mean he forgot?” Steve asks. I look over at him.

“You don’t know? He doesn’t remember anything about me after he married Rosaline. Other than the fact that we are friends. But the rest is a blur to him.” I say. Steve reads my facial expression with a furrowed brow.

“He said that to you?” Steve leans against the counter while crossing his arms over his chest. I nod slowly, brushing my hair away.

“Yeah. But the other night, he said that he knows it in his heart that there are more to us than what he remembers. He told me to wait for him.” I answer as I wipe my hands on the towel. Steve scoffs a little.

“That explains it.” He says. I blink at him.

“What do you mean?” Steve looks over at me.

“His sleep patterns are odd. Some nights he’d yell, some he won’t. On the morning of the nights he’d sleep peacefully, he’d tell me about memories of you and him at the tower, but with Rosaline instead. I was confused at first, thought maybe that he is talking about their past together. But now I understand.” He says as he makes his way to the fridge to take another can of soda. I watch him.

“So, he’s starting to believe it himself now, huh? That it was Rosaline and not me.” I say, a bit of defeat in my voice.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t say that either.” Steve cracks open the drink.

“Even though he says it was Rosaline, he would always say your name in his sleep.” I widen my eyes as I look at him.

“What?” Steve walks over to pat my shoulder.

“He calls out your name in his sleep. I hear them.” He says. I look down to the floor. How am I supposed to react to that? Oh God, Rosaline must’ve heard them too. That’s why she asked me about our history together then.

“Also, the thing about forgetting you. I think the reason why he did was when that six months period when you were gone. He remembers things only because the person is there with him. He needs the physical evidence of you being there to remember things.” I blink while looking at him. Is that really the reason why he forgot about me? Just being gone for six months from him can cause that to happen?

“His memories are that bad?” I say while brushing my hands through my hair.

“After effects of brainwashing. He’s used to it. So every time something happens, he forgets because that’s how it is for him. His mind is used to forgetting so it does just that to him unconsciously. Though, his memories before the serum seems to be quite intact. It’s just after the whole Winter Soldier thing that his memories become like that.” He says, looking into the living room at Bucky.

“Which is also why he never forgot about you, because the memories of you two together were before the serum.” I say quietly to myself. Steve chuckles.

“Yeah. That too. But don’t worry. I know it in my heart that his memories will return soon. He’ll be able to remember everything.” My heart aches. I feel horrible now for accusing Bucky of not caring, when really it is just his mind playing tricks on him. I place my hand over my forehead.

“Do wait for him, Y/N. I have a feeling it won’t be long until he realizes his true feelings.” I glance over at Steve.

“True feelings?” I ask curious. Steve gives me a smile before heading out the door. I run after him.


“Hey, Stardust. Want a quick lesson on the types of gasses in a star and what happens when it explodes? That’s the real beauty behind them instead of that hullabaloo you believe in.” Tony appears out of nowhere, frightening me. I clutch my chest and breathe out.

“Geez, Tony, scaring me like that.”

“Come on, it’ll be fun. Let’s step into my office! Rogers, Maximoff, you come as well! And especially you Barnes. You need some intense lesson on these! Vision, be my assistant! Come!” He drags me along towards the elevator even before I could say anything.

• • •

I rest my forehead on the table, rolling my eyes at the endless babbles from Tony. He seems to forget that not every one of us can catch the things he says in an instance. But after an hour and a half of it, I got exhausted. I do have to admit, though, he did make it interesting with his holographic display. I was inside the galaxy itself, looking at stars up close as though I’m actually in space myself.

“Tony, I’m just gonna go and get some fresh air.”

“But we’re getting to the best part!” He protests while pointing at a particular star. I shake my head.

“I’ve heard enough of your lecture. I know most of the things you said already from school. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I just need to go get some air and watch the actual stars. Those seems more entertaining.” I say as I get up towards the elevator. I look over at Wanda and Steve to see if either of them wanted to join me, but they were busy listening to Vision instead. They are intrigued by this anyhow. I didn’t notice Bucky though after I stepped into the elevator.

When the door closes, that’s when he says something.

“I couldn’t stand another minute with that tinman.” He says. I can practically see my soul flying out of my body. I scream and leap forward into the door before looking at him. I look around the elevator.

“Ho… how did you…?” He lets out a sigh.

“You seem to forget that I was an assassin. My feet is light and I’m quick. As soon as you got up, I snuck up behind you and entered the elevator as well.” He brushes his fingers through his hair. I watch him before punching his arm a little. He looks at me surprised.

“Stop scaring the living daylights out of me! One day you’ll end up being the death of me. And being scared to death is not one of the ways I’d like to go.”

“You need to calm yourself. You’re so jumpy.” He says looking at me. I blink. Says someone who gets jumpy and overwhelmed when something happens. I turn away, hugging my body before sighing.

“Whatever. You’re just good at scaring people.” I say.

The elevator door opens up and a strong cold breeze brushes through me. I look up to see that we are at the rooftop. I blink before looking at the buttons. I thought I pressed the one to living room.

“What are you waiting for?” Bucky asks. I look at him.

“No, I thought I pressed to the living room. Not the rooftop.” I step out carefully. There’s a helicopter with Stark Industries on it sitting quietly in the cold and covered with snow. I wrap my arms around my body tighter. I left my coat downstairs.

I was only wearing a long sleeve t-shirt with jeans, so they aren’t exactly keeping me warm. Not when it just started snowing too. I take the first few steps on the freshly fallen snow. It is always the best feeling to leave fresh footprints in the snow. I giggle like a little girl.

“You always love the snow too.” Bucky says while looking up at the still falling snow. I look over at him, still holding my body tightly. I breathe out the cloud of air while rubbing my arms with my hands.

“You remember that?” I ask as I make another fresh footstep on the snow. I can feel his cold blue eyes on me.

“I suppose, I do.” He says. I sneak a glance at him. He’s wearing a short sleeved red t-shirt and blue jeans.

“Aren’t you freezing?” I ask him. His eyes fall on mine first before on himself.

“I was the Winter Soldier. I’m starting to wonder who’s the one having problems with their memories here.” He lets out a warm chuckle. I blush at the sound of it. It was so sweet and honest. I move a little closer to the edge of the rooftop, but keeping at least a 10 feet distance away from it.

The night life in the city always seems so busy. Even at night. A few police and ambulance sirens just went off. A fire truck just passed in front of the Stark tower. Cars honking at each other in the street. It was around ten at night and still very busy like day.

Though, I have to say, the snow makes the busy city look a bit peaceful. I smile a little as I gloss over the skyline of the city. I’ve always admired looking at them. If not the stars, the city lights would entertain me just as much.

“Wasn’t there one night like this when I just returned home from a mission?” He says all of the sudden. I look over at him. Is he remembering that night on the rooftop?

“What are you talking about?” He smiles as he brushes some of the snow off his hair.

“Something bad happened during a mission and I found you lying here on a picnic blanket, gazing up at the stars.” He continues. My heart beats against my ribcage. I look down at the exact spot where it had happened.

“Yeah. And you remembered what we talked about too.” I say. Does he even remember what he said to me before he passed out?

“Yeah. I remembered that. I don’t know why, but it just came out of me. I didn’t even know where it came from, but from your reaction, I could have guessed I was right.” He says while looking at me. I smile, feeling a little warm inside.

“Mhm. I was surprised, but glad you remembered it. Your memories are getting a little better.” I admit while looking back down at the city.

“And another day. A day when it just started snowing like this and we returned home from a mission that early morning. We went to get coffee and sat at the park together?” He says. My frozen cheeks turn warm rather quickly at the mention of it. I look down towards the park that he was talking about.

“Yeah, there was a day. You remembered that too?” I ask him, still keeping my eyes on the park. I can mostly see white there now.

“I remembered seeing your face, yes. But not so much what we talked about…” He says looking at his ice cold metal arm. The machine whirs. I smile a little.

“You said you wanted a family. Someone to come home to and share a life with. That’s what we were talking about.” I say quietly before squatting down to pick up the little snow on the floor. It melts quickly despite my freezing hands.

“Did you also say something that made me sad?” He asks me. I look up at him. Flakes were everywhere in his hair. Was there a lot on mine too?

“What do you mean?” I ask him.

“I don’t know why, but during that time, you said something that made me a little sad.” I think back to my memory of that morning. Did I even say anything to offend him?

“I don’t know myself. I don’t think I said anything like that. You didn’t seem sad at all to me that day.” I say before turning back to make a small snow bunny. But since I didn’t have anything for the nose, eyes and ears, I turn it into a snowball. Ahhh shoot. Now my hand stings so much from the coldness.

“That’s weird.” He says simply. I pull my hands back and warm them up with my breath. Okay, I’m going to be frozen if I stay out like this.

“Let’s go back in. I’m freezing here.” I say as I pull my hair down to cover my neck. I can feel my body shivering so much.

“Let’s not yet.” He says to me with a pleading voice. I raise an eyebrow.

“You want me to freeze my butt off, Sergeant?” I ask him straight on. The smile he gives me was enough to make me warm. Without another word, he pulls me in for a tight hug. I yelp a little when his freezing cold metal arm press against my shirt.

“B…Bucky! Your arm! Your arm is freezing!” I say to him urgently. He looks at me before laughing. I widen my eyes. That is the first I’ve seen him really laugh in a while.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think about that.” He keeps his flesh arm around me while he rests his metal arm to his side. His shirt was cold, but his body underneath was warm. I stopped shivering after he held me tightly against him like that. His flesh hand constantly running up and down my arm to keep me warm.

My heart races within his embrace. I can feel the heat emitting from my face because of this. He rests his chin on top of my head. The snowflakes on my hair melted underneath his stubble. I close my eyes and rest my head against his chest. Despite the cold, I feel very at peace with him again.

“I missed this feeling…” Bucky says, still keeping me tight in his embrace. I look up at him to meet his light blue eyes. Is he remembering again?

“What feeling?” I ask, just curious to see what he might say.

“Just… holding you in my arms. We’ve done that before, right?” He asks. I smile, relishing in the relief and happiness within me.

I nod slowly, my hand finding its way down to his metal hand. It was freezing, but I held it until it warmed up against mine. I watch the way his blue eyes stare into mine. His intense gaze followed by his parted soft lips and hair covered in snow. I memorize every inch of his face under the dark sky with only the city light below illuminating us.

“So many times, that even I don’t remember how many.” I say, my heart aching a little. His metal hand rubbing the back of my hand gently.

I enjoy the sensation of his hand against mine again. His arm wrapping around me tightly and keeping me warm. I can feel the tears coming up behind my eyelids after unable to feel the comfort of being with Bucky like this for so long.

I feel like nothing else in the world really mattered at the moment. Just me, Bucky and the snow. I’ve always loved being in his arms. Wanda was right, Bucky knows how to keep my mind at peace.

But, as bitter as the cold is, reality pulls me back in. I run my finger sover the cold metal around his ring finger. I open my eyes and pull myself away from him. Again? How can I forgot that this man belongs to someone else?

Bucky looks at me surprised when I push myself away from him so suddenly. I feel the tears coming again at it. I had forgotten about his marriage momentarily when my mind was too concerned over his memories. I wanted him to remember me back; our nights together, our times with each other, but if he does, what will happen then?

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He asks me, concerned. I shake my head and force on a smile.

“It’s too cold and I can’t stand it. Let’s go back inside, please?” I say while holding myself. He nods understandably and wrap an arm around my shoulder. He leads me back into the elevator and presses on the floor to the living room. I hold myself, feeling the sharp cold wrapping around me like a thousand needles.

I’m so conflicted. I want him to remember me. The nights we shared together were more than just a mere connection. We understood each other. We enjoyed our time with each other. I know that much. But if he does remember them, won’t things be different with Rosaline?

What am I talking about? Of course it won’t. Bucky loves Rosaline, not me. So even if those memories did return, it won’t be any different for him. If he considers me as a friend before, won’t he still feel the same even after his memories of us returns?

But what of the way he’s been treating me lately? Getting jealous when Richard is around. Being too over protective of me. Coming to me for comfort on the night when Steve wasn’t around. The way he held me so tightly as though he is afraid I’ll slip away from him. Saying that he will make me happy again no matter what. What do those mean?

I’m so confused.

“Y/N. I know that things are confusing right now.” Bucky starts as though he could read my mind. I don’t even dare to look at his face again right now. The snow covered hair and intense blue eyes still stuck within me.

“But keep having faith in me, no matter what. That’s all I ask from you right now.” I feel his flesh hand searching for mine. When he did find them, all I could feel was the painful coldness. I pull my hand away from his gently. I shouldn’t do this.

What should I even say? Should I even continue to hang on this hope that there may have been something between us than just mere friends after all? Is it even the right thing to do? Or am I just thinking too much out of it? What if he is just asking to keep faith in our friendship more than anything else?

The elevator door opens to Steve holding my coat. He exchanges glances between both of us. He must’ve read the sad atmosphere.

“I was going to look for you and send you home, Y/N.” Steve says handing me my coat. I take it gladly and wear it. Instant relief from the bitter coldness. Bucky exits the elevator and lets Steve in.

“Keep her safe for me, Steve.” He says. Steve nods. Before the door closes I yell out to him.

“Bucky.” He turns to look at me.

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

★ ★ ★

A/N: I hope you truly enjoyed this chapter! We are nearing the end of the series, so yeah. No worries, I’m already working on another one at the same time. With Bucky as well. I also made a oneshot with Sebastian Stan. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you think. Thank you so much for reading! Much love! <3 

Next chapter coming soon!

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Sh 2x08 Recap

Weekly recap here: *taps chin* Where do I even begin?

So, the show is definitely getting better. I really enjoyed this episode, despite some upsets..

1) *Singing* Fuck you, and fuck her too. Alec hand delivered a ‘fuck you’ to maryse and I loved every minute of it. He was like ‘this is my man, and we done fucked, and he aint going anywhere cuz we done fucked, and you better get your shit together bihh.’ 

But on a serious note, I’m proud of him. Alec has internalized his feelings for so long, thinking that he was somehow wrong for being gay; all b/c that’s the way he was brought up thinking. He’s starting to accept himself, and accept his sexuality, and he’s proud of who he is. In order for Malec to work, Alec had to learn how to love himself first. So him standing up for his sexuality, and his boyfriend, to his mother, was so important. Glad the show showed this. 

2) We did miss the sex scene. All the upset malec fans can go ahead and be upset now; even though I suggest you don’t. At least we got to see ‘where the magic happened’ even though we saw the bedroom b/c of a fucking cat. Still, can you imagine? Alec writhing, and arching his back, on those silk sheets? His neck barred while Magnus goes to town on that ass, and his runes? Ugh…fuck. Okay, I need to get it together. 

3) Can we talk about Jace and Magnus right quick? I almost died when Jace scared Magnus, b/c Magnus thought Jace could feel Magnus and Alec having sex. Lmfao, like can you imagine? “Alec? You want to know why I keep cockblocking? Because I’m tired of being in the middle of training and feeling your fourth orgasm!!” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Okay, I’m done. 

But lowkey, Jace being attacked by kittens was too fucking hilarious. I need more Jace and kittens. Jace needs nice and fluffy things. 

I also want to know if Magnus will feel a bit guilty for allowing all this to happen? I mean, it’s because Magnus is so welcoming and trusting, the warlock knew she could disguise herself as a cat in order to do what she needed to do. It must hurt to have your weakness exploited against you like this. 

4) Magnus and Max met!! BUT it did NOT go like planned. Honestly, fuck Maryse for putting those thoughts into Max’s head. He’s a child and they are prone to copying what they see, hear, and experience. Magnus and Max should have had such a cute meeting, but instead it was ruined by Maryse’s ignorance, even though she’s now starting to realize the error of her ways. I do love how the show portrayed this because this is how generational hatred is created. You aren’t born to hate.

I know Maryse has been dealing with her husband cheating and instead of confronting the cheating she turns her anger and annoyance onto Magnus. Not right, but all we can do is learn and grow from our mistakes. 

5) BAMF Magnus??? Can I get a ‘hell yeah?’ The way he worked his magic this episode seriously fucked me up. He was so freaking hot, and talented, and bamf as fuck. R.I.P. me. I bet Alec’s dick was hard as fuck. 

6) *Pulls out every knife in my house, even the plastic knives and butter knives.* I’m seriously coming for Valentine. Like, how dare he? How fucking dare he do those hallucinations that almost made Jace kill Maryse, and Alec kill himself?? Boy, oh boy, let me at him. *Takes off earrings.* I will fuck him up. Not only that, but he done kidnapped Alec’s future daughter, Madzie. Fuck him!!! *Alec save your child!!!* But real talk, now that oh girl is with the Clave, Madzie is going to be all alone so Alec needs to adopt her. 

7) When Alec said ‘stay with us?’ Can I please fangirl interpret that as meaning he stays with Magnus because Jace stays with Magnus, so what is this us? Unless he meant Izzy, but fuck it. I’ll do my own head canon. 

8) Izzy and Raphael. *Sighs* I loved this, and hated it all at the same time. Izzy was so vulnerable, and that’s why she’s doing this b/c she can’t keep pretending that she’s A Okay all the time. However, she exploited Raphael’s weakness and she never apologized for it. Raphael almost broke, and even had to apologize to Magnus because he knew what he was doing was wrong. Raphael is such a good person he was willing to risk his own recovery to help ease Izzy out of danger. Please give this guy all the love. I really did hate the way Izzy treated Raphael like her personal property, just bending him to do what she wanted without remorse. Addict or not, that’s fucked up and not okay and what’s so sad is that Raphael is so prone to people using him. Fuck, my heart hurts for this guy. Also, I think Raphael and Izzy could be cute together if done right. 

9) All the climon fans are happy, I know. I never liked book Climon, for multiple reasons, but I am willing to give show climon a chance. I can’t really talk on them just yet because I’m still getting over my book hatred. On a side note, the actor’s are so adorable and having climon together is cute. It’s just going to suck when jace realizes he and Clary aren’t related. *Can you say drama?* 

So in a nutshell, Valentine is still being a dick and trying to use Clary to destroy all downworlders b/c Valentine is a massive asshole with a god complex and a lot on the sociopath side. 

Maryse and her children, minus Izzy, seem to be on the track to working things out. Malec is so together it hurts. Climon is going to bring drama, but they cute though. And Izzy is in need of some serious intervention. Also, *Spoiler for next episode*, it looks like Alec may find out Magnus knew about Izzy seeking out a vamp dealer and is going to try and blame Magnus for it, which means drama!!!! I’m here for it all! 

Taiyama Week 2017, Day 6: Guilty Pleasures. What do you shamelessly enjoy?

This question contradicts itself, doesn’t it? You can’t feel guilty about something you shamelessly enjoy, can you?

There are many things I shamelessly enjoy about Taichi and Yamato

I love watching these two fight, it’s really entertaining to watch them yell at each other, or watch one or both storm off in a huff, and I really want to see them throw some punches at each other in Tri.

I loved the scene where Yamato grabs Taichi by the collar, I want to see him do it again, it’s super sexy to see them in this position

I love the idea of Yamato pinning Taichi to the ground, like sooooo much

I love the idea of these two making out in the school locker room after Taichi’s soccer games/ soccer practice

Anytime Yamato acts like a classic Tsundere when talking to or about Taichi, like this

and this

When Taichi calls out only Yamato’s name, despite the fact that both Meiko and Yamato had an equal chance of being seriously injured

Also, see the position Toei has Yamato and Meiko in during this scene, I want Taichi and Yamato in that position, just replace Meiko with Taichi and I’d be super happy

Since so many people seem to dislike the English Dub, I’m going to say it here, I shamelessly love Tai and Matt (as in Joshua and Michael and a lot of their dialogue and line delivery in the Adventure Dub)

I love that Tai says “Matt’s a little strange” in episode 3, because for me the word ‘strange’ has always been a term of endearment. Whether it was meant that way or not, the feeling I got from that line as a kid and the feeling I still get now is that Tai is expressing affection for Matt. (Note that if I ever say “you’re strange” or “you’re weird” it’s one of my ways of saying “I like you”)

I love the Dub argument in episode 7, I absolutely love Michael’s line delivery for “put your fists down when you talk to me and stop acting like you can bully your way into being the leader”

I also like the Egg Recipe scene from episode 7 in the Dub more than in the Sub because I love Michael and Joshua’s laughs and the way Michael says “how gross” 

Any time Michael says the name “Tai”, “Tai, what’s wrong with you”, “Tai, get out of there”, “Tai, where are you”… I just love the way he says it every time. I also love it when Matt calls Tai “dude”, I think Tai is the only person they have Matt call Dude (dude is also a term of endearment for me)

I love the line in episode 43 “not everyone has ice running through their veins like you do” and the way Michael delivers it. In addition, I really love Tai’s line (and Joshua’s delivery) “I’m not as cold as Matt thinks, am I?”, Tai sounds genuinely devastated when he says that line.

I could go on, I genuinely love Tai and Matt from the English Dub.

anonymous asked:

jikook is my otp they just keep on delivering and blessing us but i was wondering what do u think about yoon/min? Sometimes i get the feeling that yoongi likes/liked Jimin, like from the way he acts around him, his reactions to jm performing or how he seems to have the softest spot for him even if he teases him or things he has said like "you will feel like you're falling in love with jimin if you like into his eyes" bruh really that's specific, Its kinda like a jimin harem in the bts house lol

Honestly, yoon/min ain’t my cup of tea. Yoongi is secretly a huge softie, and yes he cares for Jimin a lot, but he literally does that with all the members just secretly. remember when he stayed at the dorm with Hobi for new years instead of going home because Hoseok was scared to be alone? remember when jin wrote a letter to yoongi thanking him for being such a great person? Remember when taehyung thanked yoongi because he gave him lots of lines in a song at a time when he was insecure about his voice? even suran (the beautiful and talented loml who is friends with yoongi) said he helped her when she was feeling depressed. And I’m not trying to demean yoon/min’s moments, because a lot of them are super duper cute. But let’s be real, jimin is not the only member that yoongi cheers on and has said things like that about. 

And yoon/min ain’t my cup of tea because of how the shippers acted when I first joined the fandom so :) soz if y’all see this but :)

anonymous asked:

what about YOUR review on the album ;) come on! it'll be interesting

Ahhh it’s after 2am, I’m incoherent and have to be up soon to listen to Harry with Grimmy… But here are my “as I listen” thoughts, just for you, Anon :)- 

Meet Me In The Hallway

So ‘90s and dreamy, this weirdly reminds me of Beach House. I wasn’t particularly taken by it first time round, but as I attempted to listen to the album for the 3rd time I ended up being unable to get past this track and listened to it 10 times in a row. It’s strangely addictive in a dangerously melancholy way. I keep finding myself belting out the chorus in my kitchen :)

I’m sure lots will be made in the fandom about whether or not it’s literally about morphine or about a different sort of longing/need for a person (which is the sense I get). I’m kinda intrigued, because the lyrics work with both interpretations which is clever and pleases me. The “gotta get better/I gotta get better” lyric works both as “I’ve got to get better at this (relationship)” and “I’m sick with need, I gotta get better”, which fits with the slightly woozy feeling of the song. Yeah…I really love this one :). 

Sign Of The Times - can’t talk about this song any more lol!


I prefer the recorded version of this, it’s much more interesting than the live rendition we got on the Today Show. More interesting instrumentation and bg vocals. Really blatantly ‘60s and Beatles-y, and that Stuck In The Middle With You reference…well, you just can’t get away from it. 

This is fun and uncomplicated, even if the chorus makes me cringe slightly because I don’t really wanna think about any 22/23 year old singing about “a good girl”, tbqh. I really hope poor Townes isn’t tortured by media but that her grandma is pleased she got a shout-out on a Harry Styles track.

Two Ghosts

This is very ‘90s and pretty MOR-sounding.  As it began I thought it was super radio-friendly and initially I thought, “Oh…is this single material..??”. But then it didn’t deliver on a chorus, so…no. Possibly my least favourite, it’s a bit dull and somehow doesn’t quite fit. It would be hugely improved if it had a gorgeous melodic hook for the chorus. And for some reason it feels like Harry’s vocal is a little wobbly on the final “heartbeat” line (though I do love the over-enunciated ‘t’ that ends the song). 

Sweet Creature - I still love this Blackbirdy goodness, though the “sweet creature” of the chorus always takes me out of it slightly. It sounds a bit strained in what is otherwise a beautifully effortless little song.

Only Angel

Okay this one made me laugh. I was like, Is Harry gonna send this in a love letter to Mick Jagger with a note that says, “I can impersonate you musically too! Please give me a gold star!” 

Heavenly choir seguing into a dirty big rock song? Check! Handclaps? Check! (courtesy of the band and one Jeffrey Azoff) Background Woo-hoos? Check! Yep it’s the Stones-soundalike.

This is another dumb fun one. I love Harry’s yelps and screams.The lyrics are cliche piled upon cliche.  it works coming from hoary old ‘70s rockers but from Harry it feels like he’s trying on a costume. Still, he’s slept with so many VS models I suppose he had to have a nod to one wannabe Angel in here, right? 

What’s with the meeting in the hallway?? Is that his thing? Someone investigate!


This is bringing me straight back to the early 2000′s!! I felt like I was living in Camden again and going to gigs every night. All those early 2000′s garage rock revivalists like the Hives and The Datsuns and the White Stripes and (god help us) Jet…this would have fitted in perfectly.  But I love this one.

 Lyrically it’s a cousin of Only Angel but doesn’t feel as cliched. It’s just properly dirty and fucked up and I love his voice here, it feels like he just went for it without trying to be Mick or anyone else for that matter. And I LOVE that he used those lines for the chorus. “I’m having your baby/It’s none of your business” - I mean, wtf?- this just convinces me he really did not think about what he should or shouldn’t write about, he just went for it. Yeah, this is a fave.

Ever Since New York

I love the gorgeous whispery hoarse vocals in the verses. So much more intimate and personal than the live versions. I’ve noticed on SNL and Today that Harry really tenses up his jaw and mouth when he starts singing this song. I wonder if, when he gets more relaxed and used to playing it live, he’ll become less tense and get closer to delivering the verses in this way?

I love the big ballsy drums in the final chorus. But sadly I do feel it’s very repetitive and I wish the instrumentation dropped out completely to just vocal harmonies like they did on SNL to give me a bit of that Fleet Foxes/Eagles/Creedence harmony goodness. It feels like a missed opportunity. 

So, overall, I feel a bit disappointed in this one because that first SNL performance sent my expectations sky high (I was LEVITATING!). 

My ideal scenario live would be if Harry melds the more whispered vocals of the verse with the more prominent harmonies and bellowed last lines of the SNL performances. (you’ve got six months to work on that before I see ya, thanks Haz)


Basically, the Jealous Song.  I didn’t really expect to love this as much, based on that tiny snippet on Harry’s snapchat. But this is an odd little song, a blatant  Bennie & The Jets homage but somehow it works. I LOVE Harry’s vocals. It’s relaxed, not as try-hard as I’d feared, it kinda meanders in a very chill way that contrasts with the words about hungering and bleeding for this woman, this “flower” and “feast”. I really like the lyrics to this one, it feels more fully-formed and successful than some of his other songs. 

And the duck, man - give it up for the duck! :)

From The Dining Table

I wrote about this earlier after hearing it once - 

I can say straight off that From The Dining Table makes me more optimistic about Harry’s future as a lyricist than any other song on that album. It is so frank, so vulnerable, and so unaffected that it cuts straight through any artistic artifice and is just like, “I’m here. This is me. This is how I feel. Not gonna dress it up”.  I’m not saying it’s revolutionary or anything like that - it’s a very simple little sad song. But it’s so at odds with the deflective, guarded public persona that Harry shares with us that it feels like a breakthrough.

The lyrics are so lovely and relatable and sad, and sung with a sort of resignation that makes them much more affecting:

“We haven’t spoke since you went away/Comfortable silence is so over-rated”

And when the repeated, rising vocals of “Maybe one day you’ll call and tell me that you’re sorry too” are joined by the strings, and  expand into Harry harmonising with himself in that gorgeous fragile falsetto for just a moment, before breaking back down into “…but you, you never do” - god, it’s gorgeous. Perfect! A-fuckin’-plus, Harry :)

In terms of references it sounds like Beck on Sea Change but especially reminds me of Ryan Adams - specifically one song that I can not place. (I’ve been listening to Ryan for more than 15 years and he’s the most prolific dude out there so I’m flicking through a gazillion songs in my collection…maybe When The Stars Go Blue from ‘Gold’?)

So that’s it…those are my first impressions right after listening to ‘Harry Styles’ a few times. Sorry it’s so long and rambly but it’ll be interesting for me to go back and see how my impressions change as I continue to listen and live with it.

Now, it’s 3am, and I was probably just stupid assuming I’d get some sleep on Album Release Night, right?

anonymous asked:

you said you liked club fics- what are your favorites?? love your blog btw!

I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor (birdsofshore, 28k): Harry finds himself in a Muggle gay bar, confused and curious and wanting, when he runs into Draco, who’s wild and free in a way that calls to something deep inside Harry.

IDK My BFF Hermione? (lettered, 19k): Draco is going wild- he’s wearing eyeliner and leather, he’s dancing on tables, he’s fucking in public, and worst of all, he just won’t get out of Harry’s head. He must be up to something!

Rapture (@dictacontrion, 2k): A numb Harry frequents clubs to lose himself in the beat, and is surprised to see a familiar face there one night. 

Heavy Scene (furiosity, 15.5k): Years after the war, Harry and Draco are best friends who frequently go out clubbing together. As much as it breaks Draco’s heart to see Harry draped over random strangers in the clubs, he does his best to act like nothing’s wrong so as not to upset their friendship.  

In Fire and Blood (@theboywholivcd, 15k): The summer after the war, Harry and Draco hide away in Muggle London, content to let the cacophonous music drown out their worries and memories. But come fall, they need to return to their old lives, thus rupturing the gentle rhythm they’ve found with each other. 

Rather Than Love (birdsofshore, 7k): Harry agrees to take Veritaserum before he and Draco go out to a Muggle club. While surrounded by admirers, Draco asks Harry questions about their love life, making him admit how much he loves when Draco assumes control over him.

The Importance of Being Sure (who_la_hoop, 1.5k): While grinding together on a sweaty, crowded dancefloor, Draco makes sure that Harry really wants him. 

The World Thy Gaol (November Snowflake, 18k): Unable to leave his house without being jeered at, Draco decides to invent a Metamorphmagus Potion that will allow him to alter his appearance at will. While going incognito, he decides to check out a Muggle gay bar, and ends up finding a very receptive Harry there. 

Order of Merlin (Cheryl Dyson, 13k): Harry’s doing his best to shed his Golden Boy image. Draco’s tasked with escorting him home from clubs, yet he finds it difficult not to be distracted by a leather clad, gyrating Harry. 

Let’s Dance to Joy Division (Femme, 12.5k): Eight months after their break up, Draco is still hung up on Harry. At Pansy and Blaise’s insistence, he accompanies them to a Muggle nightclub, where he runs into Harry once again (warning for past infidelity). 

The Page Eleven Wars (fireflavored, 8.5k): Harry and Draco have a wager going to see who can bag the most outrageous headlines in the Daily Prophet. The winner gets a most delicious prize indeed. 

Shame Keeps Its Watch (raitala, 11k): After his father dies, Draco finally allows himself to stop doing what a Malfoy should do and start living for himself.

Harry Potter Gives a Shit (talithan, 59k): When Draco finally gathers his courage to go to a Muggle gay bar, he’s stunned to see Harry come swaggering out the door. Harry’s on a downward spiral, uncaring of who he hurts along the way, but Draco still can’t stop himself from wanting him.

Check This Hand ‘Cause I’m Marvelous (lumosed_quill, 8k): Harry can’t stop staring at Draco, causing his friends to dare Draco to give him a lapdance. And does Draco ever deliver! 

Blue Sunny Day (firethesound, 26k): Harry’s believed to be dead, so Draco’s startled when he sees him in a Muggle club, looking hungry and rather, well, undead. 

Let’s Go Outside (cryptonym, 24k): Draco and Harry both love fucking in public places, included crowded dance floors of nightclubs.