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Ok I’m trying to get this OC out of my system so I can get back to drawing the gems everyone knows and loves. It’s not my fault, she’s really cute! Well, maybe it IS my fault, considering I created her…

I’m really flattered how many people seem to like her! The last picture I posted has over 300 notes already. You guys are so sweet!

Anyway. Under the cut I babble about what life is like for Aquamarine’s Pearl.

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what i love so much about jacqueline is that every episode, she’s there to support the girls with whatever they really need whether they see it or not: she’s always challenging them, believing in them, fucking bailing them out of prison, like no matter what’s going on for any of the girls in each episode, jacqueline is either giving them exactly what they need to be the bravest version of themselves or giving them the tools to be there for one another and pushes them every fucking episode to be the bold type and that is why jacqueline carlyle is such a fucking important role in this show beyond just being a general badass lady boss

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Hi love! Off of MITAM, I'd say that 'Hey Angel' is the most polarizing song. People either love or hate it. It isn't about the lyrics (RIP Spaces for that reason.). What do you think makes Hey Angel different from other tracks to cause such a reaction? Do you like the song? Thanks for your opinion!



I love MITAM, MITAM promo, how the guys looked during MITAM, everything about it. 

Hey Angel has one of my favorite phrases in all of MITAM: a beautiful noise. It could be the title of my autobiography, if my life turns out as well as that phrase. 

The thing is, I think the reason some love Hey Angel and some hate it is because of the abstract poetics of the lyrics, and the relatively slow beat of the music. Too slow for dance or exercise, too abstract to sing along to, Hey Angel fits a certain mood. I don’t think I could listen to it all the time, but it fits a certain mood.

Remember these tweets?

If we look at the dates of the tweets, we can see that the lyrics were presented in the sequence in which they appear in the song (Harry has a finicky, type-A fastidiousness– a chocolate soufflé maker’s obsessive-compulsiveness– that I appreciate and adore). The fandom sort of lost it when Harry did these tweets. I think everyone was expecting a sad, acoustic song, not the song that showed up on MITAM, which was actually a Midnight Memories stadium-type anthem with big synth and amps. 

I think the impersonal nature of the lyrics, the fact that the “Angel” isn’t a romantic interest but a hypothetical, rhetorical addressee, confuses some listeners and turns them off. 

Hey Angel was written by Julian Bunetta, Jamie Scott, John Ryan, and Ed Drewett. None of the boys wrote on the song. But I feel like Harry really liked this song. Julian had said that the final version was very different from the initial “danky little version with bad-attitude singing,” and I can’t help thinking that Louis might have manipulated the producer into the version today, with the heavy ‘90′s The Verve type sound. 

The only other thing I’ll say about Hey Angel is the absolute, kick ass bridge:

Yeah, I see you at the bar, at the edge of my bed
Backseat of my car, in the back of my head
I come alive when I hear your voice
It’s a beautiful sound, it’s a beautiful noise

So much to love here. The poetry of seeing you in all the familiar and sexually suggestive places: bar, bed, car. And then not being able to separate myself from you– you’re at the back of my head, inside my mind, in the deepest portion where all the old memories are. So far back, so deeply buried, that you’re impossible to exorcise. Your voice isn’t even made of words. It doesn’t even have to make sense. It could be a hum, a sigh, a groan, a breath. It’s a beautiful noise. It’s sublime and it’s evanescent at the same time. It’s perfection and it’s chaos. It’s an oxymoron and it’s uniquely you.

Then the harmony? Liam singing the melody, Louis hovering in an inverted triad a fourth above? It’s a sustained pedal on the V (dominant) chord, inverted so that the Liam sings the top triad note on the bottom, and Louis sings the bass note on top (in a fourth interval), then back to the I (tonic) chord, with Louis singing the same top note– only now the note is part of a completely different, tonic or home, key. Anyway, it’s great to hear Louis and Liam sing together, and to sing like this, it’s the very definition of heaven. 

Thank you for the ask!


As a psychological nerd that loves to overthink things… I hope people in the Markiplier and JackSepticEye community take in the fact that we completely made up our own mythos.

I’m not even joking. I’m pretty sure we’ve collectively popularized a certain kind of internet demon that specifically on attention. I’m sure that there’s other versions of “internet demons” out there (like in Unfriended, maybe? i know it’s a bad movie forgive me for that example), but I think the sprouting popularity of YouTube, as well as Jack and Mark specifically, have really given wake to that specific subspecies of internet demon.

Guys. These communities have made a type of demon. Not just Dark and Anti– a type of demon.

To quote Anti, “YOU ALL MADE THIS HAPPEN.” :’)

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yo is there a possibility of getting a version of the mary poppins pic without kraglin in it? not that i don't love him but i'd really like to make it my phone wallpaper and i doubt my parents would be too impressed with the shippy subtext, rip

You can just do a snip of it using snip tool, I think? Just type ‘snip tool’ in the search box, if you’re on windows! …If you’re on Mac, I have 0 clue, I’m afraid.

At least your parents are okay with crossdressing, even if they don’t like shippy subtext? XD

EDIT: The marvellous beautiful space prince @part-time-ravager just made this for you!!

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I love your blog! Do you have any make up tips or advice for someone just starting to use it? Things like essentials or tutorials and what to avoid. I'm extremely new to it.

I am also somewhat new to makeup (my mother literally never wore any when I was growing up) so everything that I’m recommending on this post is based off of personal experience. I have extremely oily skin and focus all of my attention and helping keep my skin as clear as possible, so most of my recommendations are for products of that nature.

I highly recommend subscribing to Birchbox to try out new products. You fill out a profile listing your skin and hair types, and let them know what you’re looking to accomplish beauty wise. They send you wonderful samples each month, generally these are large enough for multiple uses. They will occasionally send you bullshit samples (I personally do not care about cheap perfumes) but it’s 90% awesome products. 

Regardless, I hope you find this helpful! And thanks for the love. :)

1. Skin Type. Skin types are generally: oily/acne-prone, dry, sensitive, or a combination. Try to avoid using products that don’t suit your skin type, chain drugstores such as CVS and Rite Aid generally do a good job at stocking a variety of products (and there’s always Amazon). If you don’t know your skin type, start out using products for sensitive skin and see how they work for you.

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2. Lotion. There are all sorts of different types of moisturizing lotions for every different part of your body. Although it may seem tempting, don’t ever use hand & body lotion on your face. You know how the corporations love to make us spend money! I recommend:

  • Jason: I love this facial lotion! It’s for sensitive skin and smells incredible.
  • SheaMoisture: This facial lotion is perfect for oily/combination skin.
  • Bath & Body Works: My absolute favorite hand & body lotion. Smells incredible and makes my skin so smooth.
  • Gold Bond: This is a great unscented body lotion.
  • Coconut Oil 101: For those of you who prefer more natural products.

3. Exfoliate. Make sure you exfoliate at least once a week! This promotes healthy skin cell growth and makes your skin feel incredible. I recommend:

4. Concealers/foundation! Ideally you’re looking for something that doesn’t doesn’t feel “heavy” or “sticky” on your face. If you’re uncomfortable using brushes, you can use clean, dry hands to gently pat concealer into place.

5. Eye Makeup. I was going to write a bit about applying eye makeup, but this is a pretty in-depth guide that covers the basics based on eye shape. Also: what color eyeshadow you should be wearing. I recommend:

  • Maybelline: These can get $$ but last literally forever.

6. Lipstick. Lipstick is unfortunately not something I can advise you on, because I do not wear it. I do, however, wear tinted chapstick which I absolutely love. Fortunately lipstick is covered in several of the guides I linked to down below.

7. Facial Wipes. These are a great way to remove makeup, excess oil, dirt, etc from your face. I recommend:

  • Garnier: For oily skin.
  • Burt’s Bees: For dry/sensitive skin.
  • SheaMoisture: Just because I would jump off a cliff if SheaMoisture told me it was good for my skin.

8. Nail Polish. If you can afford it, get your nails professionally done for $25 every two weeks (gel polishes last the longest). Most nail polish brands that you can purchase online or in a store for relatively inexpensive will last you a week tops. This is unfortunate, but the price we pay for our beauty. Here are some inexpensive brands that I enjoy:

  • Sally Hansen: I wear this brand in black every single day of my life and LOVE it. This is the longest lasting nail polish brand I have found thus far.
  • Wet N’ Wild: These are super inexpensive and relatively easy to find. Also- that name tho.
  • Essie: If you can afford it, turn to Essie for long lasting polish! This is the nail polish I will buy when I have the money to afford it.

9. Face Mask. I am OBSESSED with face masks. Literally. I just love the way they feel and how they make my skin super smooth and soft. I do two a week, which is not recommended for all skin types. If you have sensitive skin or dry skin, one a week should be plenty. I recommend:

  • Peel Off: This is a less extreme (and much less expensive) version of the blackhead mask you see heavily advertised on social media. It does make your skin feel incredible, but it doesn’t really help whiteheads or plain old acne the way mud masks do.
  • I use this mud mask every week. I bought it last August and still have about half a jar left. So incredible, so beneficial (for my skin at least), and does visibly reduce acne.
  • If you live near a CVS stop by. They actually make decent masks that are super inexpensive. The one problem I find with these masks is that they aren’t very thick. I like thick.
    DIY Banana Face Mask

Additional Resources

Coconut Oil 101

Makeup For Beginners

Makeup For Beginners 2

Makeup Tips From a Makeup Artist

Makeup Tips For Folks With Sensory Issues


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Request: Hey, I was hoping that you could write an imagine for me💙 I was thinking about an sebastian stan x reader where the reader has just become famous and is always talking about their crush on Seb when she was younger, and then he notices and starts having this one night stand type of relationship with the reader, until he starts to have feelings for her. Can the reader be a really ironic, strong and unreliable person at the beginning, who doesn’t believe in true love, that at end falls in love and changes her mind?

A/N: Hiiii, sory for taking so long! I wrote a few other versions of this but decided to settle with this one. Hopefully I made the right choice. There will be a second part, probably quite a few more parts. When is the second one coming? I have no idea. Hope you enjoy reading this!

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Words: 4,308

Warnings: none??

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Im sorry, but “ALL EYEZ ON ME” was terrible.

All of the significant details that framed Tupac’s life are so glossed over. The movie delivers in a very, “this happened, then this happened, and oh…lets not forget about this-real-quick” type of fashion. Two and a half hours is PLENTY of time to effectively illustrate the high’s, low’s and in-between’s that made Tupac the lyrical and prophetic force he became. The film never even makes mention of his mainstream role in “Poetic Justice”. Leila Steinberg, the woman who was basically Tupac’s mentor and central introduction to performance art appears for literally ONE scene. Tupac lived with Leila and her husband for YEARS. Her role in his life was pivotal to his segue into being on stage in front of mainstream audiences. How was her presence reduced to a forty-five second appearance? There’s also no mention whatsoever of the woman Keisha who Tupac married while he was in jail.

The entire production is just so singular. We never get into the mind of Tupac Shakur or delve between the layers of his fears, his internal struggles or the seeds of his unique artistry. “All Eyez On Me” is nothing more than an expensive snapshot of the headlines that most of us 30 and over are already aware of. The ONLY “detail” or tidbit of information that the movie introduced me to is the fact that Tupac was involved in a long term relationship with Quincy Jones’ daughter, Kidada. I had no idea that she was the main woman in his life up until his death.

The film is just so horribly directed by Benny Boom. It’s very difficult to believe that he graduated from Temple Universities film program. There’s absolutely no visual illustration. The narrative isn’t painted on screen. The entire script and overall production spoon feeds the audience – as if we are pure idiots. We jump back and forth CONSTANTLY between scenes of Hill Harper interviewing Tupac in jail circa 1995 and then the actual events unfolding before us as Hill & Tupac verbally discuss them. It’s juvenile filmmaking and a trite cinematic tactic.
And the ONLY real standout acting performance stems from Danai Gurira who stars as Afeni Shakur. Her facial and verbal delivery is superb in comparison to the other pedestrian players. I’m not taking anything away from Demetrius Shipp who stars as Tupac, but he seemed to merely be going through the motions during half of his screen time. If it were not for him physically resembling Tupac to the core, I would not have been convinced of the passion, the power and intensity that evoked the spirit of Tupac. “All Eyez On Me” just is not a good film overall and I would much rather see a seasoned director take on such masterful work in another box office or 6-8 part, television series release.

People are jumping on John Singleton for wanting to include a jail rape scene in his version of the Tupac story, as well as Tupac talking to a severed head, but the common, everyday individual has no idea what real life information Singleton was privy to. Tupac may have really been raped in jail, but of course, his image and hyper masculine presence forced him and the public alike to deny such claims. John Singleton’s  inclusion of the severed head and having Tupac talking to this image of himself illustrated Tupac’s love of Shakespeare and the battle of man vs. himself. I would have preferred that type of visual storytelling, as opposed to this pitiful L.T. Hutton/Benny Boom version that has Tupac randomly quoting bits and pieces of ‘Hamlet’ throughout the film. UGH!
and lets not even talk about the monstrosity that is the ending. Would it have killed the creative team to show Afeni battling with the heavy decision to pull the plug on Tupac’s life support?…or even to show Tupac laying on his death bed and shaking the mattresses with both hands clamped down at his sides because he had something he wanted to GET OUT, but could not speak? THESE are the stories that have been told by close friends who visited him between September 6, 1996 and September 13, 1996. The film should NOT have ended with Tupac’s body laid out on the Vegas strip and a slew of title cards plastered across the screen highlighting his “Hollywood” achievements. The gospel music that played beneath the ending scene was very misplaced and drowned out the heavy emotion.

I don’t care what the millennials are saying about “All Eyez On Me”. It was terribly spliced together, and in such a way that reflected a very amateur team behind-the-scenes. I saw the film yesterday afternoon at the Columbia AMC here in Maryland and I left the theater feeling extremely disappointed. “All Eyez On Me” pales in comparison to every black film released between last summer 2016 and present day. 

DO NOT WASTE YOUR COINS! Wait for this pedestrian mess to be released ON DEMAND and in DVD/Blu-Ray format.

What Is Beauty?

When I was younger, a lot of people would approach me awkwardly. “Wow, you’d be so pretty if you stopped wearing all those boy’s clothes!” or “Wow, you’d be so pretty if you’d let me give you a makeover!” Sometimes, these people had somewhat good intentions, others were waiting for the moment to join the crowd that bullied me. I experienced all the fake smiles and snickers behind my back. We all know how this goes. Your friends and your family tell you you’re beautiful. They tell you, “oh, honey, don’t listen to them.” You’ve grown accustomed to thinking “well, they are my family/friends, of course they say this to me.” Well, reality check sweetcheeks, you are indeed beautiful. After many years of soul searching and trying to figure out my self worth, sexuality, and gender identity, I’ve finally embraced my own version of beauty.

I’ve mostly presented masculine during my lifetime. However, it comes to a shock to people when I discuss my dating history with men. I’m pansexual/omnisexual, which means I experience attraction despite someone’s biological sex or gender identity. So with that being said, with being masculine presenting, and dating women, the word dyke was heard a lot. I was told to stop lying about my sexuality, to stop looking at men, to stop dating men, because it was a mere cover-up for my lesbianism. This, however, was before discovering my gender identity. I felt stupid not being able to explain how being boyish didn’t correlate whether or not I could be attracted to men or be deserving of any man taking a second look at me. I was made to believe I needed to prove my femininity, which made it even less believable for some.

I love the feel of sweatpants and tank tops, but I also find myself in lust with the “girlish” things in life; make-up, cuddling, teddy bears, cute throw pillows on the bed. Even in same-sex relationships, I have found myself wanting to be the little spoon or be the one to take 30 minutes to look pretty. The only response I would receive is “oh, that’s kind of weird.” I researched for years what this could’ve been called. At first, I was almost willing to give people what they wanted, and acknowledge myself as a boy trapped in a girl’s boy, but that didn’t feel right. I dressed in drag a few times and it felt great. It felt great when I was dolled up too though. I realized with time and research that I was genderfluid but was unfortunately quiet about it for a very long time.

More specifically, the type of genderfluidity I experience is called being fluidflux. This means my gender and the intensity of my gender changes. I loved days where I was feminine, I loved days where I was masculine, I loved days where I was a little in between, or days I didn’t really feel like either. It felt like a balancing scale that my brain would tip in whichever direction it felt like, but I learned to enjoy the ride, though tough at times. Midday switches can suck!

My version of beauty is different than what most are used to. So let me take a second to say this: fuck your standards of beauty. What is beauty to you? Is beauty painting your face everyday with endless amounts of make-up? Is it laying down at just the right angle when you take a selfie so your cleavage shows? Is it pouting your lips and poking out your hips when an attractive fellow walks by? Is it filtering your speech so you don’t offend anyone with your somehow masculine tone and language? Here’s an idea: maybe this is only considered beauty to you because this is what society has conditioned you to believe is beauty. As cliche as it sounds, we all have our own brand of beauty.

So you might ask… what do I believe is beauty? Beauty is being confident in who you are no matter how you present or what kind of clothes you wear. When I present female, I’m beautiful. When I present male, I’m beautiful (and hella handsome, might I add!). When I present female with a touch of masculinity, I’m beautiful. When I present male with a touch of femininity, I’m beautiful. When I present a mix of both female and male, I’m beautiful. When I walk out of the house in plain attire, not really sure where I am on the scale that day, leaving the world to decide what the hell I am, I’m still beautiful.

Beauty is leggings, beauty is jeans, beauty is sweatpants, beauty is skirts, beauty is basketball shorts. Beauty is a bun, a fohawk, a ponytail, hair straightened, hair curly, hair spiky. Beauty is make-up, beauty is natural. Beauty is baggy clothes, beauty is skin tight. Beauty sees no specific sexual orientation. Beauty sees no specific gender. Beauty is whatever you decide. Beauty is whatever you make it. Beauty, my dear, is your invention, and do with that beauty as you will. You are beautiful as you are, don’t be told otherwise.

why did i do this

why did i take the challenge

lordy why did i chose to record this too

for @spudinacup because she did ask for a grumpy cat version of @shinyzango and she got one + MORE

Names of All Pieces:

“Fueled By Rage, Volume Two”

“What am I doing, I need to Stop”


u otta make this face while pronoucing tho

And the Final one that inspired me to paint I call “Stained Love” Because I forgot what to say and that came out :V

It was Fun making these and I might make some more in the future but with  different type of paint…The Oil Paint which is the only type i had atm was really hard to clean off and smelled like barbie dolls. It got everywhere.

theres no turning back from the realm of hell

heres a short vid of me presenting the paintings:


honestly i wanted to share some thoughts about how much i absolutely enjoy doing things like this but i will end up rambling and crying on my knees because im a crybaby

Things I like about Dream Daddy:

Canonically bi men!

Canonically gay men!

Canonically trans men!

An overweight man who is not only presented as a love interest but as a super nice and actually very strong and sexy dude!

Men who juggle their professional and personal lives and value their personal lives!

Men who are passionate about multiple things and get to share their passions.

Men who experience anxiety and deal with it in positive ways!

Self care and healing!

Lots of good parental modeling!

Addressing dangerous or unhealthy coping mechanisms!

Can be a trans man!

Can be a bi or gay trans man!

Hand-holding and blushing and kissing!

Friends-to-lovers plots!

So many romance tropes applied to men who love men in canon.

Building healthy and supportive relationships!

Recognizing unhealthy or destructive behaviors, and actually dealing with them in-game!

Amanda! Is so great!

The overlapping background plots! yes, good.

Confronting stereotypes!

Art appreciation!

Life skills and pursuit of knowledge doesn’t have a type, it’s a thing everyone does with things they’re interested in!

The oregano, omg.

The kid is named Ernest Hemingway; Hugo, I love you, Robert I love you too.

Yung Steinbeck.

So. Many. Puns.

I love the puns so much.

I laugh so much in this game, it’s great.

Things I’m not so enamored of in Dream Daddy:

(uh. Joseph critical?)

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[TRANS] Monthly TVnavi (Sept 2017) - Asian Star: B.A.P

B.A.P, named as such because they want to be a group that “strives for the Best Absolute Perfect values”. Boasting explosive popularity in Asia, America, Europe and other various places, what do they feel about their album “UNLIMITED”, released in Japan after 1 year & 3 months?

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i get the feeling whoever conceived of/designed Black Hat was absolutely Aware of what they were doing bc that bit at the end where the girl conjures a big buff version of him in nothing but underwear and then climbs on it while it flexes is really on the nose

i mean if luring Hot For Villain types is what they were going for, good job, it’s working, i’m not even really in that niche and i’ll still admit it, i love his big toothy face and how expressive his facial animation is already, but that right there is what we would call “flying close to the sun”


I made one too. From the “let’s make an oc” meme! uwu

provided info:
•species: nymph
•gender: male
•clothes: sporty stuff
•name: Sleep
•hair: loooong
•accessories: earings + cap(i changed it to head band)
•personality: thinks he’s edgy but he’s not. loves anything cute but has a bad taste for what’s cute.
•fact: likes bullying


•physically 19, real age, who the fuck knows he doesn’t even remember

[idk whats the male version of a nymph?? I don’t have internet so r i p i’ll just use nymph for species]

An underworld nymph who pretends to be a land nymph that can do ~plant manipulation~ to gain friendship with co-nymphs and other beings, since underworld nymphs aren’t really seen as the friendly type (underworld nymphs are associated with death.) Problematic boy. Says edgy things like yeah right fear me alright fuck yall but ironically, wants friends, (desperately.) He stuffs his sports jacket with daisies and little flowers of the like, plants mushrooms on his head like antennas to seem very plant like and nature-y. Also clipped off his moth like wings to not scare people. Told ya he’s desperate. But he always has this grumpy, displeased expression by default and can’t finish a sentence without cussing.

When asked which forest or mountain was he from, he claimed to be the nymph that resides in a former forest that’s been developed into a town park, now he’s homeless (what the fuck.) Truth is he’d rather trash in the upperworld than kill himself with boredom in the underworld, running errands.

Got his name ‘Sleep’ for putting numerous mortals to eternal sleep as a form of service (job?? sorta like an assassin?) afterall, he’s an underworld nymph. Put me to sleep too, damn.

More shit, he loves turtles and hates cats. His voice cracks when nervous. Thinks grotesque things are cute. He enjoys seeing children get bullied, especially when they start to bleed. This world’s no place for a weakling, motherfucker.

One of the reasons I’m so intensely insecure and self-conscious is because everyone keeps talking about “be yourself” – but the moment you open up, you’re only accepted when “being yourself” is a certain type of self.  It’s really romantic that we push a magical version of vulnerable and unique, but the actual opening up part is dang hard and uncomfortable and requires a kind of love that most people won’t muster, since they’ve never really had to.  It ain’t like Hollywood, ever.  If you find the sort of friend who truly loves you, I mean the weird obnoxious squeaky sweaty you, however imperfectly, keep them close and forgive them for when they do not understand. Friendship will take more than once and more than the pretty picture in our heads.

Dating Jeonghan would be like...

i’ll try to do it with all of the members and possibly make a new series too after I finish, because i just have too much ideas for this. ;3;


Originally posted by jeong-hanie

  • probably really flustered cheek kisses
  • he just loves them

  • but not more than normal kisses

  • wants a lot of attention and affection
  • but gives back just as much
  • since he was kinda forced to become girlier (i hate to say this, i’m sorry. don’t hate on me.) he doesn’t really want you to look at him like that
  • i mean he takes a compliment and is happy if you found him pretty
  • but he’d prefer handsome etc.
  • and because of that I see him the type of boyfriend who wants to take care of you and being taken care of.
  • but is a sucker for cuddles and honestly any type of skinship
  • loves to hold your hand
  • pda is on a normal level with him, outside and with the boys too
  • cute giggles when you are having a phonecall or facetiming/skyping
  • not too big on nicknames, probably loves to call you a cuter version of your name 
  • doesn’t mean he doesn’t have moments when he randomly says a weird yet cute af name
  • the guys like to tease him when he’s being cute with you, but honestly it’s nothing too much
  • they know their borders
  • probably asks for advices from Seungcheol or Joshua when he needs it
  • doesn’t feel the need to put up a ‘mask’ in front of you
  • at least this is the kind of relationship he wants in my opinion
  • (actually.. it’s normal? or am i really bad at this?)
  • likes to go out but enjoys days spent inside just as much
  • would be super proud and happy if you would cook for him
  • but if he was there and you didn’t make the food before he came he probably just wants to order something
  • because even if you cook together he’d rather do something else
  • doesn’t mean cooking together doesn’t happen, but probably not often
  • likes to lay in bed and roll around after waking up
  • prefers breakfast to bed
  • even if it’s just a bowl of cereal
  • couple sweaters or hoodies
  • gets you flowers all the time
  • and if he has time he looks up the meaning of the flower
  • and he comes up with a cute reason why he chose that flower
  • probably gets you those cute plushies too
  • only to cuddle them after he comes over
  • even though Jeonghan seems lazy, he has energy 
  • a lot 
  • for the things he likes to do and has passion for
  • like performing
  • or spending time with you
  • if you moved together he probably wants to get a pet
  • whatever you both would like to have around
  • it’s his way of checking if you guys are good parents
  • really happy if you befriend and get close to the members
  • but I think he’s the type to get jealous a bit easier
  • not going to throw a fit, since he’s more mature than that
  • but he might get a ltitle sad and sulky
  • assure him that you love him, show him and he’s happier than ever
  • probably won’t be really afraid of meeting your parents
  • up until you’re ringing the doorbell
  • then the realization hits him and he starts sweating, get nervous
  • but as the time passes it slowly fades and he gets back to his normal self
  • politely answers any questions they ask him
  • really excited when you’re going to meet his family
  • hypes you up and boosts your confidence so you won’t feel nervous
  • wants you to tell him if anything’s wrong, not just about your relationship but even about small things
  • but also wants to share happiness
  • so if he feels happy and hype about something he’s going to talk about it
  • and encourage you to do it too
  • if he feels adventorous he probably plans sight visitings or any outside activities that sounds fun
  • because making memories together is something that makes your bond stronger
  • bought a polaroid camera just to take pictures
  • and surprise you with a polaroid wall later on
  • all in all, too cute and precious.
monsta x as fuckboys

fuckboy!mx headcanons. (i’m sorry for this)


  • the mentor.
  • he’s good looking and really smooth but he doesn’t like to use that for his own benefit(?), if that makes sense
  • so he usually teaches his friends how to approach women without disrespecting them
  • and he’s very good at that!!
  • every girl has a crush on him, but he’s so naive about it and it’s really frustrating to everyone
  • always says: “i just thought she was being friendly” 
  • everybody is frustrated thanks to him, yikes!
  • of course he’s not like this all the time, though
  • goes to parties to 1. show off his dance moves 2. try out new flirty approaches with wonho and 3. take care of everyone mostly minhyuk
  • not really smooth after one night stands
  • he doesn’t really know what to do
  • “… .. so… :) … when are you leaving? … :)”


  • the classic.
  • he really likes the chase. when someone gives him a hard time is when he feels the most interested
  • “you must be tired, because you’ve been running around in my head all day”, “you’re so pretty that my visuals are personally attacked”“let’s eat ramen tonight :)” and other cheesy pick up lines 
  • he is shownu’s guinea pig
  • “hyung, do you have any new ideas? i tried the ramen one but it didn’t work D:” “actually- i do. this one will definitely work.”
  • every text he sends is followed by the infamous ;), even if he’s not flirting
  • does not limit himself to girls only
  • actually… .. …. 
  • he’s very open about his sex life
  • ….. ……. 
  • especially after the minhyuk “incident”
  • …… .…….
  • enOugH


  • the party animal.
  • like, seriously? yeah.
  • he’s not even a fuckboy
  • minhyuk is just that guy who’s friends with everyone
  • and gets invited to *many* parties
  • but he’s very careful about what he does - at least while he’s sober - because he has a reputation to uphold
  • but everyone knows him
  • it’s not even midnight yet but he’s already in the middle of the dance floor “beatboxing” to skrillex or whatever’s playing and everyone’s a bit ???? 
  • but it’s minhyuk so they were already expecting something like that 
  • the type to say “i’m cool, bro :D” even if he’s passing out
  • constantly wakes up in unusual, unknown places
  • he’s not really proud of that
  • i can totally see him gathering all the members together and slurring something like “i’m so thankful for my friends!!! but i miss ted”
  • “who’s ted?”
  • “my doG???? you don’t know- oh my god- i thought we were FRIEnds! you don’t even know my dog’s name…” *sobs*


  • the tsundere.
  • don’t even fight me on this
  • like minhyuk, he’s not an actual fuckboy
  • but he really sucks at expressing his feelings properly
  • and when kihyun finally realises he has a crush on someone, he is devastated.
  • he wants to go to hyunwoo for advice but he’s really reluctant about it because he knows he will be teased for the rest of his life
  • tries to keep his cool but everyone knows he’s almost dying
  • and he didn’t even said hi yet.
  • it takes him a few weeks to admit that he’s liking someone
  • and a few days to admit that he needs hyunwoo’s help
  • but he ends up caving in
  • a bit of an asshole to the ones he loves but that’s just because he really sucks at expressing himself
  • it’s not like i care about you or anything, but- here. my jacket.


  • the husband.
  • he’s really like a middle-aged married man
  • i don’t mean this in a bad way, though; he just has some trust issues because he thinks people are only interested in his looks so he’d rather push them away because he wants something serious, someone who sees underneath the surface
  • so he’s not really open to be in a serious relationship
  • but he’s in his 20s, c’mon
  • he wants to have some fun
  • so he trusted one of his best friends to become his fuck buddy
  • and that was probably the best thing he’s ever done
  • they really live a nice life - calling each other almost every day to eat ramen ;) and actually eat ramen
  • he tries not to catch feelings but it’s hard because he’s getting used to that type of life and he really does not want to let go
  • so hyungwon basically retired of his fuckboy life before it even started


  • the low-profile.
  • no one ever knows what jooheon is up to, honestly
  • he’s very cautious - even when he’s drunk, unlike one of his hyungs, ahem - about what he does
  • it’s not like he has a “reputation” to uphold, but he just doesn’t like to be seen as a fuckboy, even if he is.
  • so, on a scale of attachment from shownu to kihyun, he’s on hyungwon’s level
  • has trust issues but is willing to try it for someone who he really cares about, even if it’s just a one night stand
  • also likes the chase but never as much as wonho
  • not the type to constantly have someone with him, he’d rather be focused on what he’s passionate about
  • *refuses* to use aegyo for “inappropriate reasons”


  • the contrarian.
  • changkyun does not like being labeled as a fuckboy or compared with his hyungs because he’s different
  • and he really is, kind of?
  • i’m trying not to be biased but it’s hard
  • writes poems about his crushes/affairs
  • actually he’s really sentimental?
  • always sighing and talking about his 3 different crushes who are “the cutest thing, trust me, hyung”
  • he’s in love with the idea of truly liking someone, but he always thinks what he feels is real love and probably believes in soulmates
  • he ends up getting hurt quite often because of that
  • but someone’s always willing to help him get over it, if you know what i mean keke
  • probably the type to drunk call his crush and confess his feelings lol
  • three days liking someone and: “princess, i love you. and it hurts.”
  • ouch. *cringes*

Beerus has become one of my favorite Dragon Ball characters. I really love the character design. I’ve always liked anthros and he reminds me of an Egyptian deity similar to Anubis/Bastet which I also like. Plus I love how with him being a feline type, he at times displays cat like characteristics. It also doesn’t hurt that Jason Douglas voices the English dub version. :3

Progress Report #5

And this isn’t even the big announcement post!

Progress is speeding along for Women of Xal! And although I won’t drop every single new asset we can showcase, I am pretty happy to say that we’re finally out of the preliminary stage where everything and everyone is just setting up camp for the months ahead. It’s a tumbling snowball of content from here! But hey! Let’s get to showing off new stuff!

(Dialogue wasn’t written by me for these particular test shots.) 

Our UI artist and I have been wondering which type of dialogue box appeals to you folks more. Neither of them are finished, polished versions, but they are shaping up and should be ready to go by month’s end. So whichever style we end up picking, we’ll be making some changes. The UI artist also apparently really digs Naxia because instead of using a finished sprite with transparent backgrounds and everything, he actually cropped her out of her character sheet. (Which is fine, we love you, Naxia.)

We also have a new background artist that will help speed things up. She’s…

Pretty. Darned. Good.  Not that the first BG artist we have is a slouch!

To keep the slight differences of styles from clashing too hard, however, the first artist will be handling Xjena’s home island, while the new artist will be handling the rest of the game. But hey, we’ve been doing BGs for a while, haven’t we? Let’s show some new character art!

I, obviously, need to allow the character artist to create her own characters, because she knocked it out of the park with this design! The only requirement we asked of her for this character was that she had to be Xulian. Everything else was her idea! You’ll learn more about her later.

And this lady, too. I’ll be giving them their own posts!

Kickstarter backers can expect their wallpapers by month’s end, as well as the lore document and information on what’s to come schedule wise! Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned~!