i really love the office


He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 


tv aesthetic → the office

I’m not superstitious, but… I am a little stitious.

Where I imagine Science Officer Kirk argues with Captain Spock ALL the TIME. Except then they start to agree with each other.


since Science Officer Jim is still fundamentally Jim


  • lieutenant hurley, a goddamn adult who presumably has been in law enforcement for multiple years to get promoted to this level, like she probably took exams and classes and stuff: So I broke the law... but only sort of, so it doesn’t count. Plus I looked SUPER awesome doing it.

nerdalay  asked:

I am THRILLED to see a new Science Officer Jim comic! Your drawings/comics of him never fail to make me SO HAPPY!!!!!! If you just happened to decide you wanted to draw him more, I will be right here with pom poms and one of those big foam fingers. There is a special place in my heart for that AU. <3 Thank you for always making my day! No matter what you draw!

I don’t even need anyone to date me ever again, I just need teachers to keep saying I’m a joy to have in class

You know, I’m just so glad that shows like Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn 99 exist? Yes, there are many ways in which each show could improve, but I am I always going to be a fan of the idea that there’s dignity and fulfillment to be found in working your ass off to be a good person, no matter what the world throws at you. 

And they don’t deny that it is work in many ways; how many times are Leslie or Peralta tempted to take a shortcut (and how many times does it backfire on them when they do?), but ultimately choose not to? Goodness is so often a choice, just like empathy, but these shows keep highlighting that it’s the right, if not the easy, thing to do. 

There are dark moments (more so in Brooklyn 99, which makes sense given its context), but it’s so peaceful and fulfilling to slip into worlds where the people in charge of protecting and caring for their communities actually care about those communities, and each other, in spite of being and because they’re flawed humans. They admit they’re wrong, they apologize, and they try to do better, every day. 

They’re shows founded on hope and love, and there’s never going to be enough of that. 

Everyone was being an ass in my GCSE revision room so I coloured in some more lines by @official-spec with my transboy nep hc
Is he at a wild house party? A night club? Or is he in his living room sticking transparent red candy wrappers over his lights while he dances to gorillaz? We may never know


@cnovakw sent: Hi! I fell in love with your science officer!kirk au and so this happened😂😂 I plan to get better glasses, but I figured I’d go ahead and share this (incomplete) cosplay with you 😁😁 -Finn

Your cosplay is super cool! That is not my AU (but if someone knows please tag the creator so they can see this amazing cosplay too!) I really adore your hair, exactly Kirk!! And the glasses are already so cool, I’m sure the next ones will be even better! 🐝

The Never-Never Affair episode rewatch + trashy commentary

Illya is being chased by a veritable army of T.H.R.U.S.H. and yet not a single one of them try to shoot him despite being armed to the teeth, because Illya is clearly too pretty to shoot. Instead, they light fires in front of and behind him and try to smoke him out.

Illya staggers around prettily for a bit then escapes down a manhole, leaving the local T.H.R.U.S.H. agents to get a dressing-down from Victor Gervais, head of T.H.R.U.S.H. France. 

“Fascinating!” says Gervais. “It would have seemed simpler, perhaps, to shoot him in the leg.” Hush, you, nobody shoots my bby in the leg.

Back at U.N.C.L.E. HQ, Napoleon walks into Mr. Waverly’s office for a briefing and Illya immediately starts unbuckling his belt. It’s like he’s been conditioned to start taking off his clothes every time he sees Napoleon.

Illya’s eyes are a little higher up, Napoleon.

Aaaand, oops, Napoleon’s soft heart has sent the fake courier off with the real microdot. I had to pause the playback here to laugh hysterically at Mr. Waverly and Illya’s matching “wtF, Napoleon?!?” expressions.

Illya goes to act as a decoy but runs into Mandy instead. Mandy runs away while Illya holds T.H.R.U.S.H. off, then Illya gets away too, by hitching a ride on the back of some poor unsuspecting girl’s car (look at this adorable man ❤ ).

Gervais is pissed.

Napoleon: I’d like to have the car checked out, but U.N.C.L.E. did that this morning in the garage.
Illya: Loose distributor cap. *loosens it*
Napoleon: You’re a smart Russian! ♥ ♥

Then they make heart eyes at each other for a bit (really!) before Napoleon pulls into the auto shop, leaving Illya outside to wait for Mr. Waverly.

Illya paces around outside looking extremely precious. Backup arrives, the good guys win, etc., etc..

And we end on this adorable note, could you two cuddle up any closer.