i really love the keytar


Hey guys! I’ve decided to reopen commissions because I would really love to buy a keytar, but with marching band and whatnot, I don’t I have the time for a job! Details are as follows:

• $2 doodles: Can be of anything. They are pretty sketchy, and not much detail is added into the drawings.

• $2 lines: Can be of anything. Black and white drawings with a transparent background, so you can add colors yourself if you want! Price includes up to 2 characters, any more after that is an addition $1 per char.

• $3 palette doodles: You provide the colors! Just link me to the palette/colors you’d like me to use. Can be of anything. 

• $5 full drawings: These can be of anything at all! The price includes up to 2 characters, and anything character after that is an additional $1.

• $5 animations: Simple animations! There is a limited amount of things I can do with animation, so talk to me before ordering one. The price includes 1 character, and any other characters are an additional $2.

Payments can only be made through Paypal, sorry! All commission orders should be sent to my askbox. I will try to draw anything and everything asked of me, but please note that I am not that experienced with NSFW art. 

Even if you can’t buy one right now, just spreading the word by reblogging this, or telling people about it would be amazing!