i really love the final result


We’ll eat you up, we love you so! 

I had these illustrations just sitting in my sketchbook for weeks and I’m very glad to finally have them colored. (I can still feel my wrists aching just by looking at these aaugh).

These were done purely for fun, and along with feeling like doing a crossover that I have not seen done yet. Drawing these were super fun to do and I hope you enjoy haha <3

What if Yuuri doesn’t win gold?

I feel like that’s a question we must ask ourselves.

And on one hand, I totally get it. I mean, the authors seem to already be planning for a second season (or at least confirmed that it would be possible) and Yuri on Ice wouldn’t be Yuri on Ice without…you know. Yuuri figure skating on ice- you get it.

And through Yuuri placing lower the authors could highlight the message that it’s not the final result that matters, it’s the journey and the relationships you make throughout it that really count. Because even if Yuuri doesn’t get gold, I highly doubt that Victor will leave him, and his not-quite-win could spur him on and motivate to skate in another season and not retire just yet (especially that there’s no good reason why he should retire).

But on the other hand… imagine Yuuri powering through his short program and free skate fueled by his ultimate love for Victor and just being absolutely jaw-dropping. Imagine love literally winning the Final. Imagine Yuuri not even caring about the gold medal in the end, simply adding it to his stack of trophies at home and instead celebrating his relationship with Victor.

And we’ve seen enough of Yuuri to know that he’s skilled enough to achieve really good results. He’s beaten his personal best like twice or thrice in this single season already because he’s constantly evolving. His performances improve following the development of his love and that’s certainly gotten a boost recently. Yuuri is perfectly capable of winning, he’s shown us that much.

I think both Yuuri winning a gold medal and Yuuri not winning could show us relevant, valid messages. I think that in neither of those cases the medal itself will be the most important focus. I think that Yuuri might not retire regardless of the result (perhaps suddenly finding passion and reason for the sport again) and I’m certain that he won’t be letting go of Victor.

So perhaps the question in the end should be: what if the gold medal, the MacGuffin that everyone craves, in the end proves to be less important than everyone originally assumed?

I really wanted to write some polyfrogs + farmer stuff bc I love my frogs! and I want them to be together and date and love each other! but I also love charmer and chowder and farmer are just the cutest together. sO

  • it starts out as kind of a weird arrangement?
  • chowder and farmer are already together
  • nursey and dex (finally) get together
    • chowder is really, really happy for them. he’s wanted this FOREVER
    • he’s honestly more invested in their relationship than they are. he loves love and he loves his friends
  • they all end up going on double dates together as a result! jerry’s, annie’s, etc.
  • nursey dex and chowder are always bringing big ass signs to farmer’s volleyball games and she lets them tag along when they go out for team win meals
  • farmer against the glass for their home games screaming her head off
  • they get along really well and they’re pretty much always together.
    • nursey has everyone’s class schedule memorized
    • he brings them coffee a lot
  • as a result of them always being together both in a physical sense and in like, a romantic context, chowder kind of naturally associates all of these people in his life with romance and dating
    • he starts feeling kind of… guilty? because he loves farmer! and she’s great and she makes him really, really happy, and they’re great together
    • but chowder also starts noticing how much he likes when dex gives one of those big, full smiles
    • and how when he falls asleep in the haus on the couch, nursey will pick him up instead of waking him up and take him to his room and instead of just laying him down, makes sure he’s under the covers
    • and he finds himself making excuses to be around them even more than he already is
  • farmer gets really confused because chowder won’t meet her eyes sometimes and he goes pink when looking at nursey and dex
  • this is getting long jesus

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left : when i turned 15, i didn’t really got my tablet right away, i waited for another week until i got it from my dad. and it wasn’t even a wacom intuos pro nor cintiq. its a small wacom intuos (perfect for beginners like me back then) then i started practicing every single day.. i was IN LOVE with using the tablet that i got, my drawing was really messy- not smooth at all, ugly if say so… but, just because i had fun using this new tablet and i appreciate how my dad have spent a lot of money to buy me this…. i’m proud with any result that i did with this tablet (no matter how suck the drawing was.) <3 

almost 2 years later.

i finally getting a hang of my tablet. and now…. i’m glad that i did art, seeing improvements really makes me satisfied  and proud. and that won’t make me stop practicing even more! because i still have a lot to learn and discover about ‘art’.


As promised, here is the final result of my animation I did at Gobelins.
I didn’t have the time to finish and correct the animation as I wanted but now I have to move on and focus on our new exercice :p
Again, thank you so much for your support messages, it means so much to me… To see that you actually like my animation. I’m really shy about that I don’t know why !
Happy new year, I wish that all your dreams come true this year and a lot of love!<3
Stay tuned for new art!


Finally finished! This behemoth took me a solid 3 days to finish but I’m really happy with the results! In the meantime, I have absolutely been loving all the A+ roadrat content! I was really tempted to participate in roadrat week, but I don’t really like being confined to themes, especially ones with limited interpretations.So instead, I thought it’d be fun to work on a few random pieces I’ve had floating around in my head for awhile!  :)

I really felt like drawing TOS, so here’s the result! I like how this drawing turned out because although I had some good picture references, I didn’t have much to go with for Jim and he proved pretty damn hard to draw. But I got there at last, and I can honestly say that I love both Jim and Spock’s expressions. Spock seems very neutral about everything but if you look closely, he has a Mona Lisa-ish almost smile. And after a lot of erasing and re-drawing, I finally managed to get that soft, fond expression Jim tends to give Spock. I imagine these two are already in love, even if they haven’t said anything. I’m sure that Jim often shows up to see what’s going on in the science labs and to chat with Mr. Spock. And even if it’s a little hard for Spock to work with someone leaning on him, he wouldn’t dream of asking Jim to leave. :)


I can’t believe this is really gonna be the last Splatfest. I won’t lie, I’m struggling IMMENSELY on having to pick one of them, it’s a torture alright lol. That being said, I just wish this final Splatfest is gonna be an enjoyable one for everyone, no matter which team you’re on and whatever the results might be. I love both Squid Sisters too much and I’m definitely going to miss their Splatfest announcement. Good luck to both teams and all the best to every participating squid kid out there. Both Squid Sisters are the best in my book.

Also, laughing at ‘reading Squid Sisters fan fiction’ on the official Splatoon US tumblr post.

3 Billion Dollars [Part 2] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by daegil

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped. 

Genre: A lil fluffy

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4}

A/N: This one is also kinda slow, but the next one is when things get real dramatic and amazing. I’m excited to share it! Honestly I was gonna post this last week. Sorry for procrastinating. 

P.S. I really love G Dragon’s outfit on him. Like I don’t usually like suspenders but seriously, it looks amazing. Plus I’m a sucker for his dark hair.

Not my gif

~ Admin Brooklyn


15 years later

   Music was blasting as you worked on your final essay of your high school career. You were calmly working on it now. Unlike your usual routine to put it off until the last minute resulting in all-nighters, coffee, monster drinks, and some tears. You had a steady pace going for your essay until a knock sounded on your bedroom door.

   “I cannot believe you are actually getting that done a whole week before it’s due.” A teasing voice called you. You look up and smile at Ji Yong quietly leaning against your doorframe. He smiled back and walked in your room. Your room never seemed to change from the first time you two met, the same wall color, the same bed, and the same stuffed animals in the corner. All but that stuffed puppy he gave you. It seemed to rest itself next to your bed, claiming its own solitary corner. You scooted over on the bed, shifting to another comfortable position as Ji Yong lay down next to you.

   “I’m sorry that I want my last essay of high school to be good.” You say back, going back to your work. He stared at you, studying the way your lip curled as you went back to focusing on your work.

   “When do you leave?” He asked, pulling out his phone. You stopped typing and looked down.

   “I have to be there a week after the graduation ceremony.” Your voice was quiet, almost washed away by the music that blasted through the small speaker she had. He looked up at her and frowned.

   “Two weeks. You’re leaving in two weeks?” He asked you. You nodded your head and frowned at him. “I’m sorry Yongie.”

   “Why did you have to pick a medical career?” He groaned, rolling onto you for more dramatic effect. A small laugh left your lips as he rolled onto your lap. He faced away from you. You ran a hand through his dark hair repeatedly, immediately relaxing him.

   “I’m sorry that I don’t have a family business like you do.” You say. He stiffens. You notice this, but you continue to run your hand through his hair, continuing to relax him. “You never have told me what your job is.”

   “You’ll find out later.” His voice was steady, never breaking a strong sense of conviction that was inherited from his father. He always got this way when he talked about his work, especially around you. You never understood why, but every time you tried to mention it, his entire demeanor changed. His eyes get dark and his face goes emotionless, so you usually don’t bring up the subject.

   “Oooooo. Look at the lovebirds.” Your younger brother whined. You looked up from Ji Yong and saw him at your door frame. You glared at him before turning, pushing Ji Yong off your lap in the process. You grabbed a pillow, then threw it at your brother, who just laughed and walked away. Ji Yong watched your brother as he walked away.

   “Why the hell would someone want a younger brother? Was one child not enough?” You muttered under your breath, turning back to your laptop to work. Ji Yong set his head on your lap once again, leaving you to do your work. He was on his phone while you were working on your essay, silently sitting together and listening to the music playing from your speaker.


   “Good luck in college. Do well and don’t do any drugs or anything that could hurt you okay?” Your mother scolded you. You nodded your head, smiling at her. “I know mom this is what the sixth time you’ve told me.”

   “I’m just worried.” She gave you a small smile, before pulling you into a hug. Currently, everyone was outside. Your bags were packed and sitting your friend’s car, ready to take you off to college. You pulled away and smiled at your mother. You turned to look at your dad who looked down at the ground. You sent him a small smile anyways, before turning to your little brother. You pulled him into a hug, and he groaned in return.

“I’ll miss you, little bro. Good luck with your first year of high school.” His arms wrapped around your waist and hugged you back tightly. You smile into the hug then pull away. You wait for a second and then look at your mom. She looked at you with a sad smile and shook her head.

“Time to go.” Your friend called. You nodded your head then headed towards the car. Ji Yong said he would be here, but he didn’t show up. Frowning to yourself you opened the door to your friends’ car and sat down.  A small pout had formed on your lips and your friend smiled softly at you. You closed the door and your friend started the car. She pulled out of the drive away, and you watched from the window as she drove away. Your parents seemed to get smaller.

“It’s just four years. You’ll see them again and that scary guy you like so much.” You chuckled at their words and shook your head.

“Ji Yong isn’t scary.” (Y/F/N) gave you a look and you laughed once again. “You’re right, though, it’s just four years. What could happen?”

Ariana Grande

This is how my Ariana’s 3D Face looks in game, I’m really proud of the result, I studied and dreamed a lot about this, finally is real!

  • I want to thanks so much to my two dear that helped me to realize this (my little dream) @simpliciaty-cc and @seluxerez, love you!
Imagine #20: The Cause

Request: What if Peter wanted the Heart of the Truest Believer because his girlfriend is immortal or something and disguised as Felix to protect her. Lol sry that’s really specific

Disclaimer: The end conversation is from Once Upon a Time, I have no ownership over it. 

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The final result, the outcome, it wasn’t supposed to go down like this. Peter was supposed to get the heart, he was supposed to succeed. He was supposed to be with you forever.

That’s a lot of supposed to’s that never happened.

No, instead you were left in the arms of Captain Hook screaming as you watched your love collapse onto the sand. Blood trickling out of his mouth as he gasped for air.

The world seemed to slow down and tears poured down your face, but he still managed to look at you and give a weak, reassuring smile before falling onto his side, his eyes going blank and the sharp green turning dull. You heart shattered and you no longer could hold your weight, falling down as Hook held onto your arms.

It was then that your cloak slipped off, and along with it your disguise.

The heroes stopped and looked at you in shock. The tall, lanky boy who was there before now gone. In his place was a distraught girl, Y/H/C whipping around in the breeze and her Y/E/C eyes wide and pleading as she stared at the dead body of her love.

Hook let go of you in shock, and you scrambled over to Peter’s body and sobbed into his chest. You kept pushing his hair back, wiping the blood from his face, pleading for him to come back to you.

In the background you could hear the heroes trying to figure out what was going on. “I guess he was trying to protect her,” Snow White murmured.

“Impossible,” Regina spat, disgust clear in her tone. “He’s a bloody demon, he’s incapable of love.”

You felt like screaming, you wanted to kill them all, but your body was too weak to do anything.

Emma sighed, “It doesn’t matter. He’s dead. We need to get back to Storybrooke before anything else happens.” They shuffled and gathered their things, “Grab the girl, we’ll bring her back with us. Get the answers we need.”

You felt panic swell you as you heard footsteps approaching you. In one last, desperate act you placed your lips on Peter’s, giving him one final kiss. His lips were cold, and you pulled back slightly, “Please come back to me, I can’t go on without you. Not for all of eternity.” With that your arm was grabbed and they started to drag you back.

It was Hook again, “I’ve never seen you before, love.” You didn’t respond. “How long have you been on this island? Why are you here? Pan doesn’t allow girls.” Again you ignored him, but he continued. “So why did he want that heart so bad? I mean, I’ve known Pan a long time, and it wasn’t until a hundred years after knowing him that he was so obsessed with finding this heart. Before it never bothered him that he wasn’t entirely immortal.”

Maybe it was the look of guilt on your face, or the twitch of your mouth, but the Captain let out a small gasp. “I heard you. I can’t go on without you. Not for all of eternity. He did this for you. He did it to be with you.” He let out a laugh, “Kind of ironic that he tried to be with you, but you were the reason he got killed.”

At that you flew your head back, smashing it into his face. He let go and grabbed onto his bleeding nose, a string of curse words flying out of his mouth. Your fist flew forward and hit him under the chin. That was when David tackled you and grabbed onto your arms. You were screaming incoherent things at Hook, struggling to break free. David sighed before taking the hilt of his sword and smashing it into your temple causing the world to go black.

You were sitting on the floor of the deck, a slight throb of pain in your head. You arms were placed in front of you, tied with a rope since you were fighting them too much. You were glaring at all the lost boys who had betrayed Pan, the ones laughing and eating. Enjoying themselves and happy to be leaving. Anger swelled in you, and you wish you weren’t tied up so you could make them pay. Instead you sat with the small group who had stayed loyal to Pan, and you were already thinking of ways to escape with them. You could find your old connections and make your way to back to the Enchanted Forest, live off the land there.

Your thoughts were interrupted when you heard commotion coming from below the deck. You looked towards the door and watched as some of the heroes came pouring out.

Hatred swelled as you saw Henry climb out and watched as he spoke with Neil. You grind your teeth and looked away, unable to stare at him any longer.

So when he came and sat across from you, you wished nothing more but to rip his heart out again. “Go away, boy.” You growled, “I’m not hungry.”

“I came to thank you,” He said.

You rolled your eyes, “No matter what those other traitors do, I’m on Pan’s side.” Tears filled your eyes at the thought of his body on the sand, but still you said, “And Pan-”

“Never fails.”

Your gaze snapped to his, disbelief in your tone as you said, “What?”

“You heard me,” Henry replied. It was then you saw the difference in his eyes, the way his tone had changed. “Peter Pan never fails. He can’t be stopped. Even when they think they’ve won, when they think he’s defeated, he finds a way.” A million questions were in your eyes, and he only smirked, “During my struggle with Henry, our fate was sealed.”

“But you’re Henry,” you replied, trying to make sure it truly was Pan.

“Not anymore, Love. You sure you’re not hungry?” He smirked, holding the bowl out to you.

You grinned at him, “You sneak, you switched with him.” You took the bowl, “Thank you, Pan.”

He grinned at you, “Now, Y/N. Let’s play.”

As If You’ve Always Been There by quietoceanlove

Hello, everyone! I know it’s been forever since I’ve done any drawings, but I finally finished this one just in time for the OMS Challenge. :)

I’ve had this idea in my head for nearly a year now, I just had a lot of difficulty transferring it to paper. But you know how it is with art – patience, perseverance, and practice. Eventually I got there, and I really like the final result. I love Spock Prime and I truly believe there should be more Kirk Prime as well so I decided to draw them together. The idea is that they are both living in the AOS universe now (though if you want to think it’s the TOS-verse that’s ok too) and still running the odd mission for Starfleet. You know how Jim is. He doesn’t believe in retirement. So, they’re hiding out somewhere and Spock is trying to meditate while Jim keeps an eye out for danger, always ready to protect his husband.

I wanted to combine TOS and AOS themes with the clothes that Jim and Spock wear, and so I drew inspiration from a few different places. Jim’s jacket has the shoulder patches and a similar design that that you see in Beyond with the blue reconnaissance uniforms, but he wears his original captain’s pin from the TOS-verse (the things that survive the nexus…). He also has a collar that fans out – something I noticed he wears in the TOS movies :). A few different things influenced Spock’s outfit. The cowl seems more AOS-centric to me but also very Vulcanish (something I could see the young Spock wearing).  The shoulder detail is a big part of Vulcan clothes in the TOS movies, and the rest of the dark colored tunic is  inspired by the black outfit Spock wears in The Motion Picture. The gloves/undersleeves were my own idea. I just think it’s a cool look and actually pretty logical that a touch-sensitive species might have the gloves and sleeves of a shirt as all one piece. Jim’s phaser rifle is also something I made up though I tried to make it look kind of TOS-ish.

It was a bit of a struggle to draw Kirk Prime, but I wanted to so badly! I feel very strongly that Jim is a handsome badass regardless of weight or age so I really enjoyed showing that he is heavyset and unashamed of it. He’s awesome AND cuddly. It was strange drawing Spock’s hair as being white instead of black, but I’m quite happy with his expression. I felt honored but sort of sad drawing Spock Prime, knowing that not only is the beautiful Nimoy no longer with us but that Spock’s own story closes in Beyond. I prefer to think of him as still out there, perhaps with his Jim.

| McReyes Week |
Day #3: Trust

Love is like handing someone a gun (…) and trusting them to never pull the trigger.


Some summary required

Will is working on a case in which the killer seems to be the Chesapeake Ripper. But he is not.

Jack has a tantrum, because he really wants this killer to be the Ripper so, just for a change, he blames Will for all the wrongs in the world.


Hannibal is upset for reasons,

so he throws a party. In order to do that he must kill a few people because, you know… Food is expensive.


Not even Will can make all the blues go away



And the result is


In this orgy of killers and killed people, finally at least one killer is caught.


And finally, Will falls in love.

For real.

Even if I’ve been joking about it so far, and I’ve not, I’m not joking anymore.


A bonus of all the beautiful things in this episode.


Always look at me

(Left < Right)

Ok so since we’ve all been through a lot of shit in the last few days let me just share this with you. 

I’m a librarian, i really love my job and my co-workers are pretty rad but today i almost broke down in tears because of one of them. 

One of the ladies I work with is a 70-ish year old woman who looks like your typical grandma. Today she walked in and she was livid and it was pouring off her. But she’s pleasant to everyone as always. About an hour into work she finally starts the conversation I desperately needed people to start. 

She’s terrified and she’s so angry at the election results and she just starts letting everything out. She’s so angry that we have someone so awful heading to office. Someone who is “ He’s such an awful - unspeakable racist and misogynist. How did we let this happen?” She just goes on to say every little bit of frustrating thing that I’ve wanted to scream at the world for the past few days. I’m shaking in my little corner sorting library materials and it keeps echoing in my head “Thank you, just thank you so much I have to say this to her.” She keeps going and it’s dead silent in the back where we are as she’s just demanding how we cold elect someone who makes people fear for their lives, who inspired KKK victory rallies. Then she said something that broke my heart. 

All those protests I went to, all those rallies and all the phone calls and the doorbells I rang and all for what when I have to see this again at this age?” 

That hurts, that we could take a lifetime of progress away from someone who fought for it. That she has to worry that the future she tried to make better for her kids and grand kids is going to be destroyed right in front of her eyes. 

So yes, a few moments later i kicked my shyness in the ass enough to ( kinda in front of all our coworkers) just say “Thank you, thank you so so much I’ve been trying to say this for days” The look on her face, she just hugged me right away and asked a little surprised “You feel like this too?”  

Now if that wasn’t enough to almost make me cry, she came up to me a little while later and said that with all that’s been going on. “This is the worst election of my life.”  But here’s the thing she could just hang it all up and let this happen. Say she’s too old for this. She’s not doing that. She’s doing what she can. She told me she’s already figured out her new years resolution, and a part of it is she’s going to write to Elizabeth Warren and tell her that if she wants to run, then she’s got her support. We talked about that for a bit then I brought up how it’s so great to hear this from her because recently all I’ve been hearing is “Millennials are all so spoiled they’re just protesting because they don’t know how to lose.” And listen then my lovely co worker, in the most determined voice said :

I know people are giving you grief and hate but listen to me, millennials are the future here, you outnumber the baby boomers and you will turn this around. All of you are going to change this and it’s going to get better I promise.

And maybe it feels like we’re taking some bizarre time loop into the history, or we’re falling into a dystopian movie but damnit we’re not going out without a fight. I’m not gonna lie down and let them walk all over the rights we fought for.

 Not today, not tomorrow not ever. 

It feels like its so few against the world. I promise you it’s not. it’s so many against the few in false power. 

Love in the Time of the Gods (12/?)

Summary:  Killian Jones is the lonely God of the Underworld in search of a companion. He is watching the goddess Emma, and suddenly has hope that his loneliness can be cured. She agrees to spend two weeks with him in the Underworld. Will that be enough to convince her to stay and rule by his side?

Rating: E

Words: ~2900

Author’s Note: Yes, yes, I finally updated! I guess the results of the FF Awards really gave me the kick in the ass I need. Speaking of, for those of you the votes for me…I can’t even begin to tell you how appreciative I am, especially for this story in particular. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And to those who also voted for this banner (done by my lovely beta @shipsxahoy), you made her day!! 

Thank you to her AND to @spartanguard for looking over the chap for me! 

(At the end of the chapter I will be posting my usual Emma’s dress inspiration and a now canon fan art for this chapter by the one and only @cocohook38)

From the beginning: ff.net / A03

Since the day Emma was taken, Mary Margaret’s sole focus had been to find a way to get her back. Because of this, her duty as the goddess of the harvest lost its importance. If she had to suffer, humanity would suffer with her.

It started with a slight wind out of the north, a chill permeating the air. Next came the frost, and then the ice and snow. After a week, the earth had grown desolate and bleak.  Plants and trees succumbed to frigid temperatures; crops perished at an alarming rate. The people of the earth prayed to their goddess for help, but she answered no one.

Liam knew if he didn’t do anything soon, there would be no way of reversing the damage done. He hated seeing his younger sister in such a state, knowing it was his younger brother who had made matters worse.

A few select Misticals joined him in throne room to draw up a plan to bring Emma back. Liam asked Mary Margaret if she wanted to be included, but her grief had left her unwilling to be around anyone. “We can’t just barge in there. He would be expecting that, and have an army ready to defend his palace,” reasoned Robin.  

“If what Regina said is true—that they are soul mates―then why would she even want to come back?” Victor asked.

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Okay, so this election sucked. It really, really sucked and for the whole night I felt nervous and anxious and couldn’t sleep. But, as I was sleeping or trying to sleep, I started thinking about something… Barney and Robin, I seriously hate what just happened in this ridiculous election but as I tried to sleep, I tried to ease my mind and my nerves, the only way I could do that is to think happy thoughts, I thought of B/R. I’m not joking, when I started to think of Barney and Robin and their relationship I was really nervous and worried throughout the night but once I started to think about them I felt less anxious.

So, I want to thank my love for this couple because whenever I need something to think about that is good, it’s them. They are my happy place, they ease my mind when things aren’t good and this election and the results is the worst feeling I had since the HIMYM finale. No, joke I’m serious I haven’t felt this anxious and sick to my stomach since the HIMYM finale. This show was important in my life just like this election was really important. I was as disappointed in this election’s results just as much as I was and still am over my feelings towards that ending of a show I loved for along time.