i really love the delicacy of the colors


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Name/Nickname: My name is Gian (I like to go by G tho)

Relationship Status: Nonexistant

Favorite Color(s): I have a LOT. Black, White/Ivory, Gold, Marble (is that even a color??), pastel pink, pastel blue, military green, and pastel purple/lavender.

Last song I listened to: I Hate This Part by the Pussycat Dolls (ASDFHBEWKL don’t @ me on this. This song gets me in my feelings)

Favorite TV shows: I loved Parks and Rec for a loong time

First Fandom: I’ve never really committed to a fandom besides BTS but the closest thing I’ve been in was Kingsman

Hobbies: Making art, dancing, stanning BTS

Books that I’m currently reading: The Alchemist

Worst thing I’ve eaten: Dinuguan, its a Filipino delicacy that contains cooked pork blood. My parents make it. Its completely safe but just….no. oh and raw fish ://

Favourite place: Back home in the motherland. And LOS ANGELES!!

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