i really love the color in cap

doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!

Sasuke's The Last + Adult designs | second cap credit: (x)

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Your drawings that feature winter clothes are always just so precious!

Thank youu!!

It’s funny because growing up I hated winter, and still do to a certain extent, but after my first year in California, the perpetual sunshine tired me out. Coming home to snowstorm after snowstorm was beautiful.

Also, drawing characters in winter clothes is a chance for me to make them all pouffy fluffs of lurv <3 I have a set of clothes for every OC and every other character, based off something they wore in TV shows or their personalities. My OC Coco Lemur gets hardcore bundled up in winter because he hates the cold, and wears a longer and looser version of Zack’s toque.

For the MML characters, I gave both boys parkas, though initially Milo’s was supposed to uber fluff. Zack has a fur hood because he can make it his personal space when his Bffs are being butts. Also doesn’t bother with boots or ski pants because he be 2 coo for dat. Also my brother Alex hated wearing skipants too so it’s based off him.

Milo used to be all Fluff because cute nerds need to look like nerds. He also used to have a plain white toque until I decided a hunter’s cap was cuter on him. He uses his parka to warm Diogee up too. My youngest bro used to look really cute all bundled up for winter so Milo’s look is based off his.

Meli is really more based off clothes I would have loved to have yet could not because they either didn’t make them with the active girl in mind or made them my size. I find it typical to dress girls in pink, but since that’s her color palette I just went with it. *shrug*

So ye, I put a lot of freakin thought into the winter fluffs I draw my characters and others’ in. Maybe a little too much, but still. It makes for great fun and great gags XP

Here we are, with this new tutorial of mine. This is like my third tutorial about my icons, since I’ve improved a lot and I’m happy that people would like to know my way of doing so let’s start!


  • A bit of photoshop vocabulary knowledge
  • Being a bit able to make icons (I think it is very difficult to start making icons, it requires a lot of time and dedication, seriously at least for me LOL)
  •  Photoshop!
  • Don’t use this tutorial if you want to recreate a tutorial like this(?), just use it as a base for your icons, piece of advice to make your own icons, since that some things that I learnt was thanks to other tutorials from youtube and Tumblr, that I really thank a lot. Some Others were thanks to my lil creativity, and the fact that I love experimenting things

So, okay we can start then!!

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RFA+V+Saeran with a passionate MC who keeps making them all flustered, like complimenting them about their little quirks, always snuggling up to them... Bonus : MC is a looooves tickling them

Okay, so I think this just turned into random, cheesy, cute fluff,,, Sorry if it’s not what you wanted ^^;


  • It’s the worst when you compliment his eyes.
  • Sometimes in the middle of a make out session, you’ll look into his eyes and just tell him how pretty they are and how you can see the whole universe in them
    • “It might just be my love for you talking, but I can see so many stars… entire galaxies… It’s beautiful. I think you’re beautiful…”
  • When that happens, he starts blushing like crazy
    • your fave is when his whole face turns pink and he just keeps trying to look away from you
  • “Yoosung, you’re so cute! You’re even cuter when your cheeks are all pink like that!”
  • You like to play with his hair a lot and shower him with completely random compliments. He tries to overpower your compliments with his own, which usually leaves him a stuttering mess when you one-up him again
  • Also, this boy’s sides are veeeeeery ticklish
  • He likes to hold your waist while cuddling or dancing or whatever, but as soon as your hands go above his hips, he freaks out
    • “MC I’m just trying to have a nicE TIME WITH Y- MC STOP.”
  • He likes payback though


  • Honestly, just telling him you love him makes him blush a little
  • Whenever you do something nice for him, he thanks you profusely
  • You really like just doing nice things for him, but you reeeeeeaaaaally like the way he acts when you do
  • When you cook him dinner, he just looses it
  • The entire dinner, he showers you and your food with compliments
  • Towards the end, when he tones it down a bit, it’s your turn.
  • Jumin, your skin is so pretty. Like, you have such a nice complexion.”
  • When you bring that one out, you typically come over and touch his face.
  • He absolutely adores feeling your hands on his face in a calm, loving way, and he loves the little kisses that come with it
  • His weakness tho
  • When you two are cuddling, you’ll run your hands through his hair and tell him how much he means to you
  • the man practically melts in your hands at that one


  • Okay, it is so damn hard to fluster this kid
  • He knows all your weaknesses, but you’ve never succeeded in making him more than blush
  • Whenever he winks at you or flirts with you, you’re a babbling mess
  • You just want to make him feel all warm and bubbly like he makes you feel
    • also revenge
  • You two cuddle a lot, but it’s always just peaceful
  • One day while you were getting up, you accidentally brushed your hand against the back of his leg and he freaked out
  • He brought his leg in so that you wouldn’t touch it again and his face turned red
    • “Zen, are you ticklish??”
    • “N-No! That was just-!”
  • That turned into a tickle war, only ending when you almost got kneed in the face
  • To this day, its the only innocent thing you know to do to make him blush, so you’ll sometimes brush the back of his knee in public and just laugh at him
  • He gets sorta pissed, but he thinks it’s cute that you’re having so much fun, so he doesn’t really mind.


  • Every single compliment you give her makes her blush and you love it
  • You compliment her every chance you get because not only are they all true and always relevant, but you think she’s so cute when she’s flustered
  • Like, always-put-together-Jaehee crumbling at your compliments is your weakness
  • You’ll often compliment her on her outfit or how that lipstick you bought her compliments her eyes, but it’s the deeper ones that really get her
  • “You’re the kindest, smartest person I know. You mean the world to me.”
  • When you guys cuddle, sometimes you’ll tell her that you never want to let her go. You want to spend the rest of your life with her and you hope that she’ll never leave you.
    • She cried at that one once
  • Sometimes she’ll go to push her glasses up, but realize that she doesn’t wear them anymore and you laugh.
  • This girl loves scented candles
  • Like, 
  • Loves them
  • So sometimes if you run out to the grocery store or something, you’ll buy her a candle then cuddle on the couch with her 
    • Honestly, it’s like one of those holiday commercials where everything’s perfect and the whole world smells nice
  • When you guys cuddle, you like to tell her how beautiful she is, how much you love her, and compliment the cute little things she’s done in the past week
  • Her face gets hot and it makes for warmer cuddles


  • You laugh at all his jokes, even when they’re not funny
  • “Luciel, you have the nicest ass.”
    • he says shit like that to you all the time, so you figured it’d be okay if you said it to him too
  • He concealed it well, but it made him feel super nice
  • “Seven, how come you never use caps lock?”
  • “Because my fingers are polite.”
  • He doesn’t know why, but he really likes when you pick up on little things like that.
  • Sometimes you like to take his glasses off so that you can stare into his eyes. When he asks you why you do that, you tell him that you love the color yellow.
    • “Yellow is a happy color. I’m always happy when I see you, and I hope you’re happy when you see me. Your eyes are like…. I dunno.. flowers. The sun. Golden retrievers…………….. Minions.”
  • When you keep going on about how happy he makes you, he gets really happy too because, ‘Oh my god, they love me so much. How the hell did I luck out like this???’
  • His cheeks turn a super light shade of pink. When you start giving him little kisses, he smiles into every single one. His blush gets a little darker when you compliment him more.
  • Sometimes you start to ramble after the kisses, but he never actually stops you. It makes him feel really good.
    • “Have I ever told you that you’re like, the funniest person I know? And you’re so smart! Funny and smart?? How did you get both? That’s not fair! Also, you’re so kind! God, you’re so lucky!!! I’m so lucky!!!!!! WHERE DID I FIND YOU I NEVER WANNA LET YOU GO”
  • By the end of it, he’s blushing like mad and things get deep
  • Also, his feet are hella ticklish, but you only use that when you’re desperate, because it usually ends with you getting kicked in the face and him feeling really bad


  • When he’s doing literally anything, you get super close to him and weasel your way into his space
    • Cooking? Hold me.
    • Reading? Let me hold you.
    • Texting? Lets cuddle.
    • Doing something important? Idc, please give me all your love and attention.
  • “Jihyun, I love your laugh! It’s so cute and it makes me so happy! And your smile! You’re just so handsome….”
  • He thinks its so cute that you pick out little things about him, and he thinks about how much you love him a lot.
  • Whenever he gets sad, he thinks about the compliments you’ve given him and everything is okay again
  • a i g h t, his laugh though
  • His laugh is like the most beautiful music to you
  • When you find out that his neck is ticklish,,,,,,HOOOOOOOH BOII
  • Not only do you get to hear his laugh, but you also get to see his smile and compliment him on both
  • plus a new thing that you absolutely love;
  • “When you try to protect yourself, it just makes you look cuter, y’know!”
  • His entire face turns red when you call him adorable, and you do it a lot when he’s trying to protect his neck from your tickles


  • Everything makes this poor boy flustered
  • “Babe, your bedhead is adorable.”
  • “The pasta sauce on your nose is a good look, really. It’s so cute.”
  • “Saeran, you’re so cute!”
  • Every single nice thing you say or do to him makes him blush and deny everything you say
  • He usually ends up trying to turn it all around and compliment you, but it never really works
  • “I’m adorable?? N-no way! You’re adorable….er.”
  • Cuddling with him is a fucking mess
  • He gets super flustered whenever you touch him, so having your bodies pressed together is ridiculous
  • When he’s super tired, he mellows out though. He falls a sleep when you’re the big spoon and it’s just so cute
  • He’s so cute when he sleeps oh man oh man

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(I'm stalking your tumblr oops) but Bev paints the rest of the loser club's nails (your choice on their colors) + theirs (and maybe others) reactions?

the six times Beverly painted her Losers nails and the one time they painted hers. 


Beverly had been eagerly awaiting study hall, knowing she’d finally be able to chill outside and smoke for a while and maybe vent to Richie. She had her mind set on it all day and was biting into her cheek as she walked down the halls, tapping her fingers against her thigh to the beat coming from her Walkman. 

‘Cause I’m T.N.T. I’m dynamite…T.N.T. and I’ll win the fight….T.N.T. I’m a power load…T.N.T. watch me explode-’

“Hey Bev, Richie’s home sick so he told me to bring this to you and keep you company.” 

Beverly hopped back, she hadn’t even known she had made it past the doors yet and currently put a nasty grass stain on her converse. Her headphones fell around the base of her neck as she glanced down at Eddie holding out a cigarette. She took in the uncommon sight and smiled, sliding the stick from Eddie’s hand. 

“Thanks buddy.” She went to flick her lighter as Eddie sat across from her at the table and decided against it. She stuffed the cig into her shirt pocket as AC/DC continued to play against the sweaty skin of her neck. 

T.N.T. (oi, oi, oi), T.N.T. (oi, oi, oi), T.N.T. (oi, oi, oi)’ 

You don’t have to not smoke cause I’m here…I could leave if you want-” 

“Nah, we’ll find something better to do.” Beverly shrugged with a grin and started to dig through her bag. Eddie eyed her with suspicion. It wasn’t something that never happened but Eddie didn’t usually spend too much alone time with Bev. 

Bev takes a few minutes but finds something interesting, a bottle of red nail polish and grins as she pulls it out of her bag filled with mounds of other crap. She unscrews it and twirls the brush in her hand before giving Eddie a wicked smile. “May I?” She practically begs. 

Eddie swallows and reluctantly holds out his hand for her. 

So Beverly spends her study hall a little differently than she’d expected she would’ve but the look on Eddie’s face when she’s done is probably the most precious thing she’s ever seen so she does not care at all. The boy wiggles his red nails and blows on them like she instructed him to. “You like them?” She asks and Eddie blushes slightly. 

“yeah…Is that weird?” Eddie puts his hands down on the table, spreading his fingers and Bev feels her heart tug. 

“No. not all, Eddie. You ever want to do it again, Tell me, yeah?” She re-screws the polish as the bell rings and helps Eddie put on his beg without ruining his nails, he smiles at her one last time before leaving. 


“Bev my darling!” Richie cooed in some sort of British accent. Beverly glanced up from her yo-yo and gave him a smirk as he bopped down the way to the quarry area. 

“You bring your yo-yo, Rich? Cause I’m really in the mood to destroy you today.” Bev mocked from her spot chilling against the rock, water falling the yo-yo from her fingertip.

”Aye that ain’t very lady like, you skirt.”  Richie teased and she stuck out her tongue like a child as he began to feel up his pockets and sighed. “Oh crap, I forgot it.” He broke out of his British accent for a very normal Tozier expression. 

Beverly hopped down from her cool stance with a smirk. “You dipshit.” She smacks his back and chucks her yo-yo back on her bag. “How am I suppose to spend time with you that doesn’t involve crushing you in a battle?” 

Richie takes his turn to stick out his tongue and joined her to sit in the dirt. As they kept a very mild conversation up, Richie decided it was the best time to ask his lingering question he had for her. “Hey, did you paint Eddie’s nails the other day?” He pushed up his glasses as Bev glanced up from picking at her own polish. 

“uh-huh.” She answered simply. “Why? want me to do yours?” 

Richie cringed “What am I, your gal pal? No thanks.” He shook his head and Bev shrugged, opening her mouth to start a new conversation. “Though it really did light Eddie up like a Christmas tree.” Richie looked off in thought. 

Bev smirked. “Yeah, it suits him I think….” She began to dig through her bag again, fishing for something. She looked up at Richie with a glint in her eye. “I have peach if you’re interested?” She asked in a sing-songy voice. Richie frowned. She dug out a new one. 

“Ok Pink?” She waved the small bottle, Richie grinned.

“You know what they say, Go big or go home, am I right?” He smirked and slammed his fingers down on the rock for her. 


“I’m gonna touch it-”

“Bev! You’re gonna scare her!!” Mike whisper shouted after a bounding Beverly Marsh, skipping directly over to a deer a couple feet away from them in the grass. He swayed like he might go after her for a few seconds before giving in and strolling over carefully. 

Beverly was petting a deer. Petting a wild deer. Mike was astounded. This was better than the time Richie got chased by that pack of geese in the store parking lot. She gestured for him to come over and he nervously put his hand on the animal. Beverly cooed as she softly pet her. 

“You’re actually Snow White.” Mike chuckled as they finally let the deer be. Beverly shrugged with a wide grin. 

“I try my best.” She giggles as they start going back to the original task of walking to the small diner to meet their five friends. Mike was a little tingly with excitement from petting the deer, he looked down at his hand and noticed the growing dirt built up under his fingernails and sighed. Bev cocked her head to the side and he raised his hand to show her. 

“This is what you get from working on  a farm all day.” He shook his head and Bev giggled, reach back for the bag over her shoulder. 

“I got something to fix that.” 

Mike quirked his brow as he watched her dig through her messy bag. 

“Blue or Purple?” She asked.

“For What-?” 

“Just pick your favorite.” 

“Purple.” He shrugged and Bev grabbed his hand and they went over to a nearby bench. She put her bag between them as a makeshift table and laid Mikes hands flat. She stuck her tongue out in concentration and started painting a lilac shade over his nails. 

“This ok?” She asked before moving to the next nail. Mike chuckled. 

“Sure beats the dirt that was there before.” He urged her to keep going so Bev did as she was told with a salute. 

When she finished up, she blew on them and brought them up to Mike’s face. “Thanks!” He smiled and they were back on their way to the diner. 


“I think you’re all clean, Stanley.” Bev smiled genuinely and turned the sick off. She’d apologized twenty times over for messing up their chemistry projecting and causing the potion, as she called it, bubble over and spill all over Stan’s hands. He immediately became panicked and washed his hands more times than she could keep up with. She held out a paper towel for him with a guilty grin.  

Stan smiled back and took it. “It’s fine, Bev. I didn’t mean to freak like that.” He sighed as he balled up the paper and tossed it. 

“I know. I get it. I got carried away.” She chuckled as they were dismissed back to the regular classroom, leaving their class in the experiment room to finish without messing up and disrupting the class.

The pair sat down in the empty room and sighed. Stan kept looked down at his hands and scratching at them, leaving red lines over his skin and Beverly quickly laid her hands flat over his. “You’re gonna hurt yourself, Stan.” She frowned as he fidgeted. 

“My skin itches…I feel like I didn’t get it all off or something.” He shook his hands and she gripped at them to keep him from scratching anymore. 

“It’s all off Stan. If you want, I could keep your hands busy?” She offered, genuinely concerned and forgetting how weird that might sound. Stan looked at her with confusion so she smiled and pulled out a small bottle from her bag. 

It was a small bottle of baby blue nail polish and she went to work, gently painting his nails to keep his mind of that itch. Stan couldn’t have been more grateful. He watched her work with amazement. She was really good at it. He wondered how anyone could paint such a tiny surface. 

Once she finished, Stan had forgotten all about his panic and was simply observing her handiwork. “Thanks, Beverly..I really appreciate it.” 

“No problem Stanley. anytime.” she saluted and poked his side. 


“Look! I got it this time!” Beverly shouted as she tossed a popcorn kernel into the air and caught it in her mouth, smugly. Bill looked on from across their small table in the food court in the mall with minor amusement. She smiled and shrugged. “I thought it was cool. Next time I’m bringing Richie when I have a coupon.” She pouted and Bill chuckled. 

“I-t-t was v-v-very cool Bev.” He reassured her and she kicked his leg from under the seat. “Have anymore s-s-secret talents?” He teased and she beamed, leaning down to throw open her bag. 

“Actually, I do. And you’re next Denbrough.” Beverly chuckled and Bill took a nervous sip of his pop from the corner of his mouth. She pulled out a tiny bottle, shaking it with eagerness. 

“Put your hand down.” She pointed and Bill did as she said, putting his hand flat on the table. Bill watched her un-cap the yellow bottle and begin painting his nails carefully. He wasn’t totally surprised, his friends had all slowly started appearing with colored nails. But Bill hadn’t really ever asked why. 

She had to stop him from wiggling his fingers every few seconds as she did her second coat. “Ok….Yes, I love it.” She tapped his hands and put the bottle away. 

“It is v-v-very p-p-pretty Bev but..”

“What?” She interrupted and sat back in her seat. 

Bill looked down at his soft pretzel bites on the table and frowned. “H-h-how do I eat now?” 

Beverly hiccuped into laughter. “I’ll get you a fork.” She launched herself out of her seat. 


Beverly had her cheek flat against he desk, the prime position to make faces at Ben as he took his notes from across the room. He pretended not to notice at first, looking away quickly and blushing for a few seconds. But eventually, he gave in and started making faces back at her. 

At the bell, she strolled over and they interlocked hands as they left the classroom behind to find their friends that were scattered in different places in the high school. She was cocking her head to look down the hall when she felt Ben tug her hand. 

“Hmmm?” She asked. Ben gave her a shy smile and led her over to a bench. “What is it, you weenie?” She poked his side and Ben poked her back and gave her grin. 

“I feel left out, you have to do mine now, they all have colored nails.” Ben wiggled his fingers for emphasis and Beverly laughed. 

“Of course. Gimme your hands sweetie.” She laid his hands flat on her backpack like she’d done with Mike and picked out a color. It was a deep royal blue that she’d stashed just for him. She set off to work and gently painted as she’d done many times before. 

She finished and smiled. “Better?” 

“Much” He kissed her cheek and they started back to their task of finding their friends. 


Ben and Bev found their friends all sat around a tree in the courtyard. She glanced down proudly at their nails. Enough time had passed that Richie’s were already chipping a bit. Though shockingly, Eddie’s and Stan’s were still pristine. She giggled and sat down in the grass. 

“Are you proud?” Mike asked with a smirk that Beverly gladly returned. 

“So proud.” She leaned her back on the tree. 

Richie and Eddie’s hands were clasped together and Richie brought them up to everyone’s view. Their hands were interlocked, nails an aesthetically pleasing Red and Pink. “Eds and I look like Valentine’s Day threw up on us.” 

“Eddie scrunched up his nose at the comparison and pinched him.  

“I think it’s a good look for you guys.” She pointed her finger guns and Bill noticed her lack of polish and slowly began to smirk. 

“L-l-lets return the favor!” Bill crawled over and everyone soon caught on to his plan. Stan dug through her bag and gave each Loser a color as Bev chuckled nervously. 

“heh….Be careful you weenies!” She laughed as each boy tried to maneuver their brushes over her nails.

and that’s how Bev ended up with multicolored messy nails that she didn’t ever want to take off.  

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What are your favourite yoongi, namjoon, seokjin and hoseok airport looks ( you've done everyone but these!)


  • The colors go so well together plus i love denim jackets, this one is one of my favorites (x)
  • One thing yoongi knows how to do is put colors together, he did it perfectly here  (x)
  • Comfortable yet well-put together, I love this one (x)
  • Again, he knows hot to play with and put together colors, notice how the main focus is the pastel blue coat and kept everything else black (x)
  • I can’t say this enough, you can never go wrong with an all-black outfit paired with a leather jacket (x)  (x)
  • All-black outfit. PERFECT (x)
  • I love how he does casual outfits (x)
  • I love this one so much, one of my favorites. all-black + oversized cardigans + comfortable + stylish (x)
  • Notice how the main focus of this outfit is the color of the jacket (x)


  • Personally not something i would wear but it’s just so him (x)
  • Clearly I have a thing for all-black outfits and Namjoon does it perfectly (x)
  • I fell in love with this whole look, one of his best (x)
  • all-black (again lol) + comfortable + stylish + well accessorized  (x)
  • I love everything, the denim jacket, the color combination, well accessorized. It’s perfect (x)
  • BTS got me into the padded jacket look (i used to hate it) (x)
  • Iconic, legendary, everyone’s favorite (x)
  • LOVE LOVE (x)


  • Simple, comfortable, nice colors (x)
  • I love jin’s style, it’s simple yet well-put-together. He knows what looks good on him (x)
  • Just like suga, he makes sure the main point of this outfit is the pink coat and keeps everything else in dark colors (x)
  • Wow just wow (x)
  • Too much pink in one single outfit can be intimidating, he did it perfectly here (x)
  • This is just so him and I absolutely love it (x)
  • Something I would wear (x)
  • The main point of this outfit is the ripped sweater and everything else is kept simple. (x)
  • I absolutely love denim jackets (x)
  • This one is great, i love how comfortable it looks (x)
  • I’m in love with this whole look, so simple, not much going on but that’s what i love about it (x)


  • All-black, i just really love this one (x)
  • I love the color combination here, that big plaid scarf completes the look (x)
  • I love how comfortable this looks (x)
  • I love everything about this one, the right shoes, the right jeans, the right cap….he did this all-black look perfectly (x)
  • J-hope is one of the members that’s not afraid of color, he did it perfectly here without it being overwhelming (x)
  • Everyone’s favorite (x)
  • Comfortable yet well-put-together. I love putting together whites and greys (x)
  • Everything is just perfect here (x)
  • Two all-black looks that I would 100% wear (x) (x)
  • Another one i would definitely wear. bomber jacket + boots + all-black (x)
  • classy, clean, yet gives it a more casual touch with the black cap (x)
  • Again, comfortable yet well-put-together (x)
BMC Orphan AU

Heck my dudes I’m supposed to be studying rn BUT I really wanted to share with you this random lil AU @justpidgance and I came up with.

Basically, Jeremy’s parents die or leave him or something when he was very young (Like 4-5 ish). But before they go, they get him to take a Squip, in the hopes that at least somebody will be there to take care of their son.

Below the cut is a copy-paste dump of ideas we had. Enjoy!

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Top 5 Russel Hobbs looks pls


Now let’s not pretend everything Russel wears isn’t amazing, but we gotta make choices in life.


I’ve always loved this Russel look! I think the sunglasses really ties this casual look together, and browns/earthy colors look so good on him.


What a fucking icon I can’t even. Other than earthy colors, bright yellow looks so good on black men, and that’s just facts. The yellow with the navy blue?? Yes ma’am edit: this art is by Bulletproofeggs and i didn’t realize! Im so sorry about that!


I’m a huge fan of this russel look. I love the maroon vest with the Red shirt and cap. The DD advertisement is a mood. 


Like I said, yellow is so good on black skin. Beanie king, russel really does look so good in this. Did anyone notice that it’s a t shirt over a long sleeve shirt?? Lmfaoooo


NEW BLACK KING. This is my #1 Russel Look no one can pull this off better. He looks so amazing and has such good taste. The hat?? The ret tie?? YES. Honestly this drawing it self is my #1 Russel pic. Thanks for the ask omg.

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Hey I was wondering if you had any recommendations for what I should buy in terms of stationary/pens because I recently earned $100 for good grades and I want to spend it on something that will go toward school :) thanks

i got you, love! 

first of all, congrats on those grades and on that $100! you deserve it! (hugs)

this’ll depend on what kind of stationery you like or want or what you’re gonna use your stationery for (posters, note taking, etc etc) so i’ll just throw a bunch out there and you can choose as you like, sound good? also, i put this together kind of hastily, so if i didn’t answer your question properly or if it’s not what you were looking for, please feel free to contact me again so i can fix it!
The ones with asteriks are the ones I personally recommend / my favorites. and now without further ado, here’s– 

obsidianstudy’s stationery list recommendations!

Stationery Stores 


  • Ballpoint Pens (Jet Pens) - Jet Pens have a multitude of pens (and brands) to choose from, ones you’ll probably most often use are ballpoint pens, most of the pens are pretty easy to use and a decent price (for the most part, that is).
  • Ballpoint Pens (Tokyo Pen Shop) - Wide variety of ballpoint pens from Tokyo Pen Shop!
  • Pens (kikki.k) - all the pens you could want! Great selection of stationery with quality. All stationery has really cute or cool designs on them. 
  • uni-ball Pens - i love uni-ball pens. they’re good and easy to write with and run very smoothly! (doesn’t have individual pages for each product, search by name via website, link given > ‘uni-ball Pens’)
    • ***uni-ball GEL IMPACT™ GEL PEN - comes in gold, silver, and white and these babies are the literal best. 1.0mm, they give thick, bold strokes. great for giving your notes or drawings and anything else an elegant, pretty look.
    • uni-ball VISION ELITE™ ROLLER BALL PEN - 0.8mm, these come in black, blue, and red and write beautifully. Bold and smooth strokes. 
  • Pilot Pens - (click link and select country, here I’ve chosen the US website to use) Pilot pens are among my favorite, daily use pens. Highly recommend.
  • ****Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Pen - Black Ink - my favorite pen. writes in 1.0mm, has a smooth glide over paper and writes wonderfully. Comes in black, blue, silver, and red, as far as I’m aware. (Ink does take time to dry though but tbh it’s worth it imo haha) $2.50
  • Muji Pens - can i get a heck yeah for Muji pens? Muji is by far one of my favorite stores to visit. They have pens of good quality and their pens write wonderfully. 
    • ***Natural Hexagonal Ballpoint Pen - 0.5 - Cute pen, writes well, has a nice feel to it.  £3.95
    • ***6-in-1 Colour Pen - I have one of these and it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of! Writes really well and has a nice grip despite seeming really big and clunky!  Highly recommend. £3.95
    • 0.5 Gel Ink Pens - 0.5mm pens. Good for taking notes with, I bought a pack, the colors are super pretty.  £0.75-1.00
    • 0.5 Smooth Writing Gel Ink Pens - these feel like they have a thicker write and write smoother than the gel ink pens. have great clicky clicky thingys too.  £1.50
  • Copic Pens - Copic is famous for their Copic markers, but still produce really good pens! Copic pens are also good for drawing and outlining, etc. Super nice to write with! 



  • Jet Pen Highlighters - multitude of highlighters to choose from
  • Sharpie Highlighters - a variety of highlighters, Sharpie is a classic. I find them easy to use and find that they last you a good while. 
  • ***Zebra Mildliners - the popular highlighter brand. comes in pastel colors and arguably one of the best highlighters ever. ($8.25 on JetPens for pack, $2.50 for singles on Tokyo Pen Shop) (pack | single)
  • Uni Promark View - highlighters that come in a unique shape. have normal colors, easy to highlight with. $2.49
  • Dual Highlighter 5PK - Light, not as common colors. Comes in a pack of five, colors are pink, yellow, orange, blue, and purple. $12.95
  • Markliter (Pilot) - Functions as both a highlighter and as a ballpoint pen. Comes in yellow. Comes in pack of dozen. $25.20
  • Muji Highlighters - good highlighters. Lighter colors and easy to read with. Also have heavier highlighters that run smoothly across the page!
    • ***Twin Highlighter: Blue - Has clear middle so you can see where you’re highlighting so you know when to stop! A lovely light blue, you can get a bunch of other colors too! £1.25


  • Jet Pen Markers & Felt Tip Pens - wide selection of markers to choose from!
  • Sharpie Markers - Sharpie markers are the best. and a classic. enough said. 
  • ***Copic Markers - the absolute go-to when it comes to fancy markers and drawing and shading and coloring and writing and everything else in between! Highly recommend, these are fancy markers that make you feel happy whenever you see them! 
    • Colors - colors of every kind, pick and choose your copic marker!


  • Lead
    • **Neox Graphite - Brand I use for my lead. For mechanical pencils. $3.30
    • Nano Dia - Previous brand I’ve used, very nice. For mechanical pencils. $3.30
  • Correction Products
  • Washi Tape
    • ***Washi Tape (Tokyo Pen Shop) - choose the type of washi tape you want to buy!! ~$4.00 per roll
  • Stickers

Other stationery posts to take a look at!

happy stationery shopping!! xoxo


anonymous asked:

How about Zelda? Or any girl from the series.

Time for a speed round! Every Zelda from the series

The Legend of Zelda

Simple design, nice poofy hair, cute but not very memorable. Prototype design at best. Next to no character. 6/10

A Link to the Past

Much more thought out design, more iconic. Nice use of hair to frame face, simple yet consistent color pallet, the pink is a little garish. Not much screen time. 6.5/10

Ocarina of Time

Nice young maiden, good design, sad we don’t see much of her hair, but the do-rag is neat. The choice of pinkish-purpleish here is a little garish still. No tomboy show on screen 5.5/10

Grown fair princess captured well here. The pink from her younger self fits better with a deeper purple to contrast. Has a very royal air to her. Representin’ Hyrule for sure. Sheik is also pretty darn cool. No wonder she became the template for future designs! 7/10

Oracle Saga

Litttle cutey patootie. Simplified design from OoT, but still pleasing. Soft pastel color pallet gives a very warm, kind feel. Not much character tho. 6.5-soft 7/10

Four Swords

Apha-Wind Waker Zelda. Cute but didn’t make the cut. Further simplified design that’s still good. Unfortunately, there is a obvious ‘not-Zelda’ about her. It comes from the hair most, orange and tied back just wasn’t working for her. No real character. 6.5/10

Wind Waker

Tetra is best girl. Skin tone change is a bit disappointing, but I don’t dislike or anything, still a cute kid. Love the hair she has, blonde works much better than orange. The makeup is an interesting touch, guess to help her contrast with Tetra’s more tomboy personality. Wish we saw more with her. Nice color pallet. 8.5-9/10. Minish Cap gets the same score, happy to see her get more of a speaking role as the games progress since OoT.

Twilight Princess

Nice reimagining of her old outfit from OoT. Feels the most regal of them all. Really stands out at the brunette of the Zeldas. Total royal badass. 9/10

Spirit Tracks

Same as her grandmother, but with her own personality and attitude, very take charge. 8.5/10

Need I say anything? 10/10

Skyward Sword

Nice, cute, airheaded Zelda. Good friend, cutie-pie girlfriend. Comfirmed Canon Waifu. Good, simple design, not really a princess, so being regal doesn’t matter too much. Like her bang tape. 8/10 

Link Between Worlds

Nice, kind Zelda. Tries her best. Very caring, princess like. Somewhat regal, but mostly down to earth. Light, airy color pallet. 8/10

Goth Zelda. 10/10

Breath of the Wild

Without spoiling to much for myself, this Zelda needs a hug tbh. More of an advernturer than princess, which is A-ok! Her design fits her as a traveler with a regal background. Nice hair, like the thicker eyebrows on her. Speaking of thick

Mmm-mmm-mmhp. 10/10. Best Zelda. Yoga pants? Best Zelda. 10/10

Feel Free to request more anime/-ish girls, or even some that aren’t, for me to critique!

Brooklyn Baby

Prompt: Hello, can I request a song! Fic with Cap based on a song Brooklyn baby by Lana Del Rey. It’s up to you but could you set it after civil war reader helps Tony when Caps leaves him although the reader has been on a cap’s side. Thank you

Characters: Tony x Reader

Song: Brooklyn baby – Lana Del Rey

Words: 700+

A/N: It’s a little sad and there’s mentioning of blood. But on another note, I really like how this turned out. 

They say I’m too young to love you, they say I’m too dumb to see, they judge me like a picture book, by the colors, like they forgot to read I think we’re like fire and water I think we’re like the wind and sea. You’re burning up, I’m cooling down, you’re up, I’m down, you’re blind, I see But I’m free I’m free.

I’m talking about my generation, talking about that newer nation, and if you don’t like it. You can beat it Beat it, baby, you never liked the way I said it If you don’t get it, then forget it, so I don’t have to fucking explain it.

You entered Tony’s quarters, a strong smell hit your nose, it was alcohol. Tony had been drinking again; the place was reeking of alcohol, and your intentions were to stop it. 

Since the day Steve left and he had gotten that package, things had gone downhill. Tony had not been himself the past couple of months, none of you had, the few of you who were left at least. 

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MAC Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson 2

Am I losing time or are the VG releases coming closer and closer together these days?! I feel like I just bought Viva Glam Taraji not too long ago and lo’ and behold, they’re already releasing Taraji 2. 

  • VG Taraji P. Henson 2 Lipstick - metallic chocolate brown with gold bronze pearl
  • VG Taraji P. Henson 2 Lipglass - translucent with bronze gold sparkly flecks

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So my little sister. She’s 2. But she’s kind of freaking me out because she is actually way ahead intellectually? Like, I know people say their kids are so super smart, but this child is 2 and speaks in 5-9 word sentences, uses contractions and gerunds properly, has incredible spatial awareness, amazing memory recall, counts up to 30, AND knows her ABC’s. (That’s really, really advanced. She’s intellectually on about a 4 or 5 year old level.)

So I’m freaking out. In a good way, of course, but it’s a little weird. They’re in town for graduation, so we got to hang out a lot today, and let me tell ya, it was a blast, if freaky. Here are some conversations and moments we had today. Keep in mind that this child is 2 years old, barely past my knee, and is all of about 27 lbs, but acts like a tiny grown up.

“I like cream cheese, too.” She didn’t. I gave her some, she went “OH NO” and wiped out her entire mouth with a napkin going “oh. oh. oh.”

“I’m going to get another pillow, okay?” She then proceeded to get said pillow out of the cabinet where we’d put them hours earlier while she wasn’t paying attention. Like, HOW?

(about some toys) “I get the bunnies, and the moose, too. They go to bed now. Night night! Sweet dreams!” She put those toys to bed and woke them up again at least 35 times today.

Me: “I’m back!”  Her: “I’m so glad!”

*heater kicks on* Her: *stops mid-sentence* “What is that sound?”

“Where is that flower gone?”

*of her baby brother* “That’s my baby. His name is ‘Bashin.” (his name is Sebastian)

“Oooh, spaghetti and meatballs! My favorite! So delicious!” She then refused to eat it and instead said “Ew! That’s disgusting.” I asked her if she wanted to take just a few more bites and she said. “Oh, no thanks.”

*went to the art museum* “What’s that picture? And same with that picture?”

*leaving tonight* “Good night, friends! Good night, kids! Good night, people!!”

She flopped down on the floor and said “I’m sleeping!”, pulled a blanket over her head and loudly pretended to snore. It was a really good fake snore, too.

“I need a beverage.” I kid you not. My father accidentally taught her the word beverage and she uses it appropriately whenever she doesn’t care what kind of drink it is.

Other moments:

She was coloring with markers and stopped dead in her tracks the moment it got on her hands and asked for a napkin. This kid loves being clean. Also she’d never used a marker before, but after watching my husband do it ONCE, she figured out how to take the caps off, put them on the other end, and re-cap it later.

She was helping me crack eggs for breakfast, but squeezed one too hard and crushed it like the Hulk, and it splooshed in her hair.

She recounted a recent phone call  in startlingly clear detail. And yet she cannot keep my name straight. She’s called me by both my sister’s names and my husband’s name, but cannot remember which one I am. Yet she told me all about the phone call she made to our sister in VA (which was apparently several weeks ago?). I’m not upset, just confused as well as impressed.

She sat on my husband’s face just cuz she liked hearing his muffled screams.

Insists we do This Little Piggy in English on the left foot, and Spanish on the right.

Wanted us to sing head-shoulders-knees-toes with her, and the second we started doing it, she refused to move and just stared at us like we were idiots.

Played hide and seek by standing in the middle of the room counting even when it was her turn to hide.

Played hide and seek by finding us and going, “I SCARED YOU!!”

Stared blankly into my eyes and did a forward-facing trust fall into my arms. I barely caught her before she smacked face-first into my sternum, and then she giggled and shouted “I GOT YOU!!” She did this at least 3 times, and my heart stopped each time. She really did get me.

I still can’t get over the phrase “I need a beverage” coming out of a tiny tiny person.

I’ll see if I can get some pictures or videos up tomorrow. But man, I’m having a blast with this girl, even if she hated my spaghetti.