i really love the color in cap

Sasuke's The Last + Adult designs | second cap credit: (x)

I don’t think some people understand how important a show like taz is for a lot of people.

Because it’s an audio thing and gives the ability for listeners to see the characters pretty much how they would like, a lot of people have been able to get a sense of representation.

I’ve seen a bunch of artists really go places with these designs for the characters. There’s even some fandom established characters of color and that’s really fun and great to see! The support and love for black Anguses really lifts my spirts because people are seeing this adorable and brilliant child prodigy as a black boy. Or like how the majority of the fandom see Kravitz, described as a strikingly handsome and elegant man, as a black person with beautiful dark skin. Or a brown Magnus or fat Taako! That’s great and wonderful to see!!

But also other things come out of this. Characters who are the “villians” of their arcs have been seen as darker skinned poc and a lack of varying body sizes and races for the main characters.

And I’m capital NOT trying to “dictate” how ppl design the characters (unless it’s someone like The Director who’s canonically has dark skin and should not be whitewashed ever) or force people to change all their designs. This is a fun show and creating content should be fun too! I would just like it if people were more aware on how certain choices they make can affect the viewers of said content, those of different body sizes and races, who rarely see themselves represented in many things in the first place and when there’s the ability to have that in something, others seem to easily resort to the “status quo”.

Nursey Week Day 7-Red

All of my hockey children are gay and trans can you believe it :,) I’ve really loved this week, and I hope we get to do it again next year! The YouTuber mentioned is Miles Jai

Derek stares at his reflection. It looks good. This is a thing that looks good on him.

He puts the cap on his mom’s lipstick and goes to put it back where he got it from, but he hesitates. Surely she won’t miss one little tube of lipstick? She has several, and even some that are similar colors to the red one he’s thinking of taking. She probably won’t even notice it’s gone, and if she does, she’ll have no way of knowing that Derek took it and it didn’t just roll off the counter into trash can or something.

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B L E A C H + character color

『 朽木 ルキア 』

“At that time I was consumed by a little insecurity. From the start, I had little talent with a sword. My kidō grades were good when I was in the Shinō Academy, but even that was average among the Gotei Divisions. Was it really alright for me to be here? Where does my heart lie? Why am I here in the Gotei Divisions?”

i was just thinking about how sometimes a great love or hatred of something tends to blind that person to either it’s flaws or its highlights respectively, and then i wondered if i was doing that with flip flappers. so i’m going to compile a list of the pros and cons of the show.


  • beaUTIFUL art
  • great underlying story/message thing
  • there’s a squishy green thing that’s a rabbit somehow
  • animation is gorgeous
  • the op and ed are both really nice songs
  • op has a lot of symbolism and foreshadowing
  • great variation in color
  • really colorful in general actually
  • it’s shoujo ai, which is pretty uncommon compared to shounen ai
  • little to no discourse in the fandom
  • mysteries whoOOooOOoooOOOOoo
  • canon lesbians (or just not-straights)
  • all the characters have interesting motivations and feel very human
  • there’s a character named dr. SALT


  • tiny fandom
  • can be interpreted as platonic, if the characters are into platonic “i love you”s
  • you have to deal with me in the tag all the time
  • it’s like being on acid for the first few episodes


  • confusing plot like wth is going on towards the end??
  • animation quality goes kinda whUMPH on the last episode
  • not much fic/art/people generating content out there
  • there will only ever be one season (though potential ovas!!! unlikely, however, considering the show didn’t make much money)
  • f a n s e r v i c e (ignorable in my opinion, but still there)
  • a few of the characters require a lot of looking between the lines to understand and have no development
  • there was that one character, nyunyu, where??? what was her purpose???
  • w h e r e is the official merch
  • the robot is kind of a perverted and it’s creepy
  • the line “i’ve loved you ever since you were born” coming from papika. considering the context, it sounds a little pedophiliac 

feel free to add to any side if you feel i missed anything!!

So i went to the local action a couple of days ago and saw they started selling their own alcohol markers, what caught my eye was that a set of 12 markers only cost about 3,99 euro each (about 33 cents per marker they would be….. like for real?) so not thinking much of it i decided to buy 2 sets just for laughs….next day i went back and got the other two because they actually work really well to my surprise! Sure the barrels are a bit cheap and the colors don’t always mach with the color name and sample on the cap but….holy hell they do work lovely! An amazing alternative if you can’t afford those super expensive copics or even the lesser expensive brands which still cost quite a bit (just to compare, i bought a set of 6 illustrator markers from spectrum noir and had to pay 23 euros for just 6 markers….action gives you 12 for JUST 3,99 euro XDXD)
Only down side is that they don’t sell them open stock and seem to be action exclusive, couldn’t find them any where else online, also they are not refillable…. but still can’t beat a deal like that 8D

I’ve been wanting to paint a Disney princess screen cap. ; w ;// So I want to try painting a screen cap with my style.
I really love Aurora’s beauty, for me she is the most beautiful Disney Classic Princess. <3

I also created an Instagram account! I appreciate it if you follow me on INSTAGRAM  <3
I’ll upload some artworks in the future that I won’t be uploading here like sketches, WIPs, etc

P A I G E E  |  T U M B L R  |  P I X I V  |  S H O P  |  F A C E B O O K  |  I N S T A G R A M  


Brelooms! I flippin’ love pokemon variations. I saw this post and really wanted to expand on it. There are so many cool fungi in the world

Names of the type of mushrooms they’re based on are found under each pics when you click them c:

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Name: Brianna

Ancestry: Italian and I don’t know what else cause my dad was adopted so half of me is a mystery

Zodiac: Cap ♑️

Where do you live: New Jersey

How are you feeling today?: not bad

Favorite song right now: I’m gonna say fortune faded by rhcp just cause it’s stuck in my head atm

Play any instruments?: no I’m useless

Are you craving anything? Ice cream 🤦🏻‍♀️

Signature drink?: coffee (but very importantly with French vanilla creamer and no sugar)

What’s your signature scent?: nothing

Favorite color: burgundy/maroon

Sound you love: when it suddenly rains really hard, the first ten seconds of snow by rhcp, first ten seconds of edge of seventeen by Stevie nicks

Sounds you hate: the bell that goes off when a customer walks into the store I work in (I’m a great employee), and basically any more than two sounds at the same time (some type of sensory problem that I’ve diagnosed myself with)

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Nickname: sky

Star sign: Cancer

Height: 180 cm

Favourite music artist: hatsunetsumiko, Tomato Gummy

Last TV show you watched: ACCA 13, The Superb Owl

What kind of stuff do you post: Anime screen caps, manga screen caps, pixiv art w/ permission, memes

Do you have any other blogs: Yes, yes I do.

Why did you choose your URL: I was a chuunibyou high schooler who loved Vocaloid at the time and i thought the holic from xxxHolic was really cool. I have not changed it since.

Hogwarts House: Is this going to be compared to a current political issue in the United States?

Pokemon team:  Valor

Favourite color: Red

How many blankets do you sleep with: Two!

Following: 282

Followers: Secret!

The Color 19//Our Town

@thecolor19 released their first EP ‘Waves’ not too long ago. They have a really cool sound and I highly recommend checking them out. You can give it a listen on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify!

femmefareeha replied to your post “Kill me someone tagged ‘so cap c*LD . I’m p sure that happened in…”

All of dctv l3n fans r like…rlly annoyong n the h3atwave tsg is now trash tht needlessly demonizing the charas of color n women…..theyre ll victim of bad writing

i know!! it’s really unfortunate because i love dctv len & mick a lot but the fandom……….


Tidal Wave - Owl City

Things I did while cosplaying for the first time:

- Got a wig that was a bit shorter than expected

- Didn’t secure wig cap enough

- Didn’t place wig on evenly

- Tried to fix wig style and ended up pulling out quite a few strands in the process

- Took 5 - 10 minutes to put in colored contacts (those things were super soft and flimsy)

- Should have gotten a size larger for the outfit (really likes clinging to my jiggles love bits)

- Put on an accessory backwards

- Struggled to put shoes on

So yeah.

Get ready FanX/Comic Con, Avatar Korra with shorter season 4 hair and a pre-season 4 outfit is ready to be a weeb in public.

my favorite thing today at san japan was this bro who was really fucking into korrasami

like imagine your classic bro - tank top, backwards cap, brightly colored sneakers

and he saw my korrasami print and like jumped a foot into the air yelling “oh my god the ship is real!!!!” and ran to his friends to get money while yelling “BRUH BRUH KORRASAMI” the entire time

and he brought his entire bro squad to my table and made incredibly high pitched noises about korra and asami being together

he almost cried when i gave him free korra and asami valentines for his enthusiasm

it was so sweet - i love you, korrasami bro i hope you have a fantastic day


Meet Lyraye, or Lyra for short.

Finally decided on a name (thanks, wikipedia) and finished up her wig :)
I really love the natural curls of Mohair, but its sooo puffy xD MIght try a short mohair wig someday - also found a new way of glueing self-dyed wefts on (hot glue, wooohoo.) which works exactly the same as if I’d glue them on with latex milk… only need to see about coloring the wig cap before glueing everything on. At least mohair is so thick that you can’t see any bald spots xD


Chihayafuru Week Day 7 / Bonus: Favorite Scene + Red

Chihaya sees Oumi Jingu for the first time. [Ch. 20]

When I started reading the manga around 2 years ago, this was the first scene that really moved me. I loved how the color of the shrine connects to her card as well as standing in front of the place meant that Chihaya’s slowly getting closer to her dream. IT’S. JUST. SO. BEAUTIFUL.

Although I do think that the anime did a great job in presenting this scene, I still choose the manga over it due to a very minor detail. ;)

George Harrison and Eric Clapton, screen capped from Living in the Material World

“With you and Eric is has become a mutual admiration society; do you find that both of you are stimulating each other musically?
‘Well he’s stimulating me. You’ll have to ask him about the other one. But I really dig him - I love him - it’s like he’s one of those people I just get on so well with; it’s like looking at myself… a reflection of myself to an extent.
‘There are some people you like to see but don’t necessarily like to see them all the time or that every tome you see them you don’t necessarily enjoy seeing them.
‘With Eric I always have a good time when I see him. If ever I ask him to play on a record for me he always satisfies me, whatever he plays, and it’s like there’s a good rapport.
‘If you count the number of times I’ve seen him and the number of times that I’ve enjoyed myself seeing him then it’s a pretty high average.’
I’ve noticed that Eric seems happier playing with the Plastic Ono Band and Delaney And Bonnie than with Cream…
‘Yes, Eric’s the sort of person who needs a kick in the behind, because he’s basically withdrawn and he’s got so much talent, he’s not a leader sort-of-person. It’s the same with me. I need someone to encourage me to do things.’” - NME’s Roy Carr chats with George Harrison, 20 December 1969