i really love that he does this

voltron crew and twitter
  • Shiro: Rarely tweets. If ever he does, he keeps it really short. Always greets his friends on their birthdays. Always ends tweets with "- Shiro" Once tweeted about stupid politics, but quickly deleted it.
  • Keith: Rarely tweets but ALWAYS replies to mentions. Bitches about Twitter character limits. Posts doodles of space and stars, tagged Shiro in it once and beamed when he got a like and a retweet. He posted more after that.
  • Lance: Twitter Famous. Very noisy and likes to chat way too much. Gets into twitter wars and LOVES it. He mentions Hunk way too much, causing Hunk to use twitter more. Uses way too many hearts and kisses. Retweets a lot.
  • Hunk: Only ever replies to Lance tbh. Posts a lot of what he cooks and bakes. Gives baking advices to people who ask and is always happy to give away his secret recipe. Once had to teach someone maths over tweets.
  • Pidge: Emoji master. People hardly get what she's trying to say, except Keith. Keith always knows, even if they're just a series of emojis. Accidentally posted codes she was supposed to use for hacking. Got reprimanded by Shiro.

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Hello Mama! I really love your blog! And I was hoping if you could tell me how the vets and the 104th would react to someone like L from Death Note. Thanks for all the positivity on your blog!

Mikasa: Whatever
Reiner: What a noob lol
Bertholdt: Much cool!
Annie: I literally don’t care
Eren: Woah! SO COOL!
Jean: Does he think he’s cool or what?!
Marco: That’s not good to sit like that D:
Sasha: He looks like a monkey haha
Connie: he creeps me out D:
Historia: Lol he reminds me of Levi
Armin: Discussion time and deep talks yay
Ymir: What the fuck am I looking at?
Levi: Okay
Hanji: What a funny guy :D
Erwin: Sounds like someone we could use in the survey corps!
Nanaba: Someone appreciates my cake!
Mike: He weird
Moblit: hmmm I stick with Hanji bye

Sleepover Friday fic rec!!!

Brought to you by my lovely followers, (ノ∀`♥)

Submitted by jetblack17

Until My Feet Bleed and My heart Aches by Reiya: A.K.A the most popular fic in the fandom and overall a great fic, I know everyone and their mom has probs read this fic, but just in case you haven’t you wouldn’t want to miss this one! if you’re looking for a well-written, multichaptered slow burn, this is the fic for you! (very angsty, Enemies to lovers)


Dancing Daffodils by Greyclouds: A Slow burn inspired by greek mythology!   I haven’t read it completely myself but it has been recommended to me many times! 


Healthy Impropriety by mtothedestiel: “Victor is the wealthy master of the Nikiforov estate. At a society party he’s swept off his feet by the mysterious, suave, and very drunk Katsuki Yuuri. Victor aims to declare his love and secure Mr. Katsuki’s hand in marriage, but first he has to find him!!”


Blood is thicker than by icanhinatashouyoutheworld: This is a personal fav of mine. Very cute concept and beautifully written!! In my opinion this is a must read! 

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I had this crazy realization about Captain Underpants yesterday that made the character more epic– he’s the living embodiment/personification of George and Harold’s friendship. If you’ve seen Frozen and you can see how Olaf is the living embodiment/personification of the sisterly love between Anna and Elsa, then you know where I’m going with this.

… Well, I mean its probably a ‘duh, the two collaborated on his comics together’ but its so awesome when you look really into it. He’s a character George and Harold created that was able to come into existence and he does have a naive, almost child like view on things, but he also has that silliness and fun about him that is part of their creativity. I also noticed in books 3 and 4 just how super protective he really is towards them (I haven’t properly sat down to read all the books but I’ve skimmed though everything beyond book 5 recently). Then I saw the little moment in one of the recent tv spots where he’s messing their hair up in an affectionate manner, but judging from how it was played out before he does the action, I think he was complimenting both of them for their talents/showing appreciation towards them. As much as a handful he can be for those two boys, he also represents an ideal adult figure to a child- someone who doesn’t have to be perfect, but is supportive, is able to be there for you, and is willing to embrace being silly and provide fun.

And this is where it gets more ironic when I saw how most of the adults in the books are the exact opposite towards children. One in particular, of course.

Captain Underpants was ‘born’ just for laughs for those two in the original books, but it looks like he was ‘born’ in the film out of a desperate attempt to save their friendship. The person who represents complete order, no nonsense/no fun, is not supportive of the boys’ creativity, enjoys making their lives hell, and who wants to separate them in the film and ends up causing the ‘birth’ is Mr. Krupp, who is the real/true identity of CU. One persona wants to keep the two apart and prevents them from fulfilling their potential because of his views on life/education, while the other is able to bring them together and never seems to object to their assistance nor does he ever look down on them.

And it makes the thing tragic in a way. After reading Pilkey’s reflection on why mean adults tend to be the way they are without being able to change, plus Ed Helm’s view’s on the characters, we see what COULD have been with Krupp through the Captain Underpants persona. Try as he might, he can never destroy the friendship between George and Harold, nor get rid of their creativity, and instead he only strengthened both when that potential for good came out and became the literal representation of that.

SHINee Reaction - You Have an Under Boob Tattoo

This is kinda late! I hope you like it!

~ Brooklyn


He’d be shocked. Honestly seeing at first he’d be really surprised to see it. He’d then get a little worried. He’d ask if it hurt and if the tattoo artist did anything you didn’t want him to:

“Did it hurt?”

“A little yeah, does it bother you?”

“No, not at all”

After his little worrying moment, he’d love it. He’d think it’s cute and it suits you well. He especially loved the design you had chosen for your tattoo.

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He would high key love it. He would be totally open about it too. At first when he saw it he’d be shocked and just stare at it. He’d voice his surprise too:

“What’s this? I haven’t seen this before.”

He’d trace the design you have with his fingers. He’d play with it and pay extra attention to it 24/7 during sex. Honestly, it would drive him crazy that his girlfriend has a tattoo in such a scandalous place that he’ll only see.

Originally posted by jjongieness


He’d be a little surprised but he’d instantly love it. He’d also get a little flustered, embarrassed about how much he likes it. He’d steal glances at it every now and then during sex and stuff. He’d think it’s really bad ass though. Like boobs are sensitive in general and he knows this:

“That really must’ve hurt,”

“It is a tattoo Kibum, they tend to hurt when you get them”

“Yeah but it’s under your boob”

When I say he’d get flustered, I mean like blushing like crazy, a silly smile while looking at it, kissing it very tenderly and just stuttering as he sees it. To make it short, he’d love it.

Originally posted by ashawol


He’d be really shy about it. Whenever the other members mention anything that has to do with your boobs or sex or anything his mind would go right to the tattoo, and then the events that unfolded that night. When you first showed him he got really shy. His gaze would continuously switch from the tattoo to something else in the room.

“Do you not like it?”

“No, I do,”

“Then what’s wrong?”


He’d honestly love it, but couldn’t his words out properly because he’s just really flustered. You’d find this out later because he’d constantly kiss it.

Originally posted by sataeminism


He’d low-key love it. And by love I mean like adore it. He’d constantly pay attention to it during the unholy act killing, lmao no I mean sex. Even when you don’t do it he’s paying attention to it. When you’re chilling on the couch with him, no bra just a shirt, he’ll draw the same pattern/drawing you have right over the shirt.

*is drawing the pattern right where your tattoo is* “Tae, stop that tickles”

*he stops for a minute*

*does it again*

“Lee Taemin,”

“I’m sorry jagi, I just can help it,”

Although he may not be showering it with kisses 24/7 or bring it up all time, he loves it.

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How does Ace react when he finds out about Riskua's book?

“Your girl’s a romantic at heart, isn’t she?” Thatch muses, reading over Ace’s shoulder. They’re all fairy-tales or adventures, full of happy ending and good triumphing again and again. They’re lovely to read.

“I guess so,” Ace murmurs, flipping to the next page, a little smile quirking at his face.

Thatch is halfway down the hall before the words really register and Ace bellows, “she’s not my girl!”

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I think it's really fascinating to compare Barry and Cisco in terms of how they use their powers. Barry got powers and started running around saving people and learning more and more what he could do. Whereas Cisco was terrified of his powers, tried to hide them and I think still has times when he doubts his control and worries he'll hurt people. Barry could do just as much damage if he lost control but he doesn't dwell on it whereas Cisco does.

There’s some major differences in worldview and experience going in to that divergence, I think. 

Barry is… such a Gryffindor. 

Rushes in, has to be taught the value of a plan, chivalry and honor are where it’s at, saving people. Reckless and daring. The dude got powers and a day later was like “I’m gonna run into that tornado!”

Originally posted by westallenolicitygifs

That’s not normal. 

But it makes sense, given where he’s coming from. First off, he has no reason to fear powers because he knows he’s not evil, and since they haven’t met any evil metas or dopplegangers or anything of the sort yet, he’s really got no reason to believe his powers might lead him down a dark path. So there’s no red flags associated with powers.

Second, Barry was the kid who got bullied but still tried to save other kids from getting bullied (this is canon). 

Originally posted by matmurdocc

And though he got bullied and beat up for it himself, he was rewarded at home for that behavior, with attention from his mother and grins from his father with fake admonishment. “Do the right thing” in the Allen household meant “stand up to bullies and help others”. You do what you can, what you have to, in order to help other people.

And in the West household that would’ve been similar. Barry spent half his life being raised by a cop, so “fighting bad guys” is sort of inherent within his worldview from that as well. He joined the CCPD with the skills he has because he believes in helping and saving others, including his father. 

Barry’s nature means he rushes in toward danger to save people. Runs to save a kid from bullies (then has to run himself lmao), runs after the guy who stole Iris’s bag before he had powers, runs toward a tornado once he does have those powers. It’s really not about the powers, it’s just who he is.

(Which is why he keeps repeating this damn line).

The fact that he can hurt people… is something he has to learn later. For all the negative associations he gets because of his powers, all the people who die and the bad things that happen, the good came before the bad ever did, and saving people is whole worldview. That’s why he jumps in, goes too far, and that’s why he had to learn about the dangers of his abilities, that he can end the world by accident, or do great evil without intending to. 

Originally posted by justbarryallen

That’s the lesson from S3, from Flashpoint and Paradox and Savitar. But that was never his starting point.

But Cisco is coming at his powers from an entirely different perspective.

First off, the guy gets his powers activated from literally dying and the timeline changing. Ouch. That’s enough reason alone to have a bit of a discordant relationship with your powers. The first emotional association he has with them is death and pain. Even if he can use logic to work around that, his first and strongest feeling from them is… death.

Originally posted by strivia

And he didn’t even know he had powers. He thought it was just nightmares, until he found out that dream wasn’t really a dream, and that Barry changed the timeline. And what an uncomfortable realization that would’ve been. Cisco realizing he freaking died thanks to this person that he loves and who has mentored him? 

And no one else really clues in that Cisco can remember because of meta powers, they just sort of accept it, until he tells Wellsobard, who doesn’t apologize for killing him but does tell him he has powers. Not only does that confirm Cisco’s fears (”it was really he really did kill me this isn’t in my head that was real i died i died i died–”) but Wellsobard, the dude who killed him, seems proud and excited for him. That evil motherfucker thinking it’s great Cisco has powers? Would not feel like a positive or ringing endorsement, right then.

Originally posted by mynamesnightwing

So all of Cisco’s early associations with his powers were death, danger, and endorsement from someone he hates. It’s no wonder he didn’t want to talk about them and even hid them, especially because he probably knew that his friends would encourage him to explore his powers deeper, and if exploring meant seeing more death or negative and traumatizing visions, or making Wellsobard more proud of him… why should he?

Unlike Barry, Cisco didn’t spend his entire life chasing after bad guys trying to play the hero. “Some people achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” – yeah, Cisco had it thrust upon him, at least in the realm of heroism. He was great already at the things he was aiming at - science, innovation, technology. He got to save the day with those, and that’s where his identity and his core contributions felt strongest.

Sure he probably daydreamed about being a hero in the more classic sense, but I mean, his few tastes of it in season 1 included bluffing with a vacuum cleaner to save Barry and later getting kidnapped and his brother getting seriously hurt. Again, that last one? Not super encouraging. Not to mention helping Joe chase down Grodd and Joe getting caught, right? Ouch.

But then, finally, Cisco is exploring his powers. In his more Ravenclaw way, he learned about them could articulate a bit of what he does and how it works by the time he was talking to Barry and Caitlin about them, experimenting on his own, gathering information. 

Originally posted by pintasfun

But it’s not long before the team is pushing him to do things outside his comfort zone and his powers are getting him into situations like visiting Earth 2 and meeting his evil doppleganger. Who almost kills Barry. Again, not a ringing endorsement. On this Earth, Barry and Iris aren’t evil, Joe’s not evil, even Wells from here isn’t evil. But here he is with powers and being evil. And then dead. Again.

No wonder he’s hesitant to open a breach to bring Zoom back to fight them after seeing how much damage his powers can do, how he can kill with them if he wanted to, how big his ego and hubris can get under the wrong circumstances.

No wonder he’s scared, after all that trauma and death and all the negative associations that have come out of his powers and the PTSD symptoms that are attached to triggering his visions at the outset. And it’s not even long before powers are being turned against his oldest friend. And he had visions of that happening, too. No wonder he was wary - he really could kill her if he lets go too hard.

Originally posted by felicityssoliver

So it’s sort of the opposite for Barry, who started on a high point with his powers and had to learn restraint and the damage they can do. Cisco saw the bad side to his powers from the outside. and while he had some visions in there that weren’t terrifying and bad, the majority were, at least for a long time, and he had to learn over time and through control how to find the good in his powers, the ways that they help. Had to save Barry’s life and have his powers help Barry save Tina McGee and had to save HR from Cynthia, had to really push himself, to find all the good feelings there inside that can be associated with his powers.

I guess the take away from S3 is that Barry learned just how dangerous his powers are even within himself, and what not to do with them. And Cisco learned how good his powers can be and how much positive strength he has while wielding them, the good that he can do with them.

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A Conversation About Sherlock

My Dad teaches high school film and he is really good at what he does. For reasons besides his being my dad, there is no one whose film criticism I respect more. As a result, I put off talking to him about Johnlock for a long time. I felt that being unable to convince him of at least the possibility that BBC Sherlock is a romance was the one thing that might still shake my own confidence. But last week I got up my courage and tentatively brought it up. Here is (more or less) how the conversation went:

me: So, I found these really fascinating Sherlock analysis videos on YouTube which argue that a romance between Sherlock and John is at the core of the show. I understand if that sounds a bit far fetched at first, but *mentally pulling out and organizing files of evidence*—

Dad: Oh, it’s obviously a romance. I’ve always wondered whether you’d noticed.


Dad: By the way, did you see the romantic subtext in the RDJ Sherlock as well?


Dad: Oh, and are you aware of the sexually/romantically charged nature of Moriarty’s obsession with Sherlock?




me: I love you, Dad.

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Kinda linked to what I wrote you yesterday: Just saw the weirdest tweet from M*sha's: "Beautiful work, @realGpad. Eloquent, poignant, impactful" OK yeah, bc she mentioned his RM, I get it, but what about JP?? M. PUBLICLY completely ignored J's speech!! Now I wonder if: 1- he acknowledges only G bc of her advertising *rolls eyes* - as if mentioning her IG & P.e.S. wasn't cringe worthy enough 2- does he maybe really resent JP a bit? I've never really believed this, but...🤔

What they wrote yesterday:

So proud of Jared for doing this!… and - uhm - I feel a bit uncomfortable for adding this, because it sounds frivolous compared to the real issue but, I wasn’t impressed by G’s delivery (it’s like she’d never woked as an actress), even less by her mentioning P&S… since when has she started caring so much as to be moved to tears?🤔 And J definitely didn’t go overboard with supporting her, more like she got clingy 🤔🤔 But maybe it’s just me. 

Last but not least: Shep and Tom with their daddy! ❤  seeing how much they cling to him, they really have to miss him when he’s gone!

I hope this ask won’t make you uncomfortable, bc I know J’s family is not really your favourite subject. With all seriousness, if you don’t feel like posting/replying to this, I won’t mind! ❤ 

Hello, darling Itany!

I’m so conflicted by this whole thing. I though Jared’s speech was touching and genuine, but I can’t fully say the same about G’s. It wasn’t all bad, I appreciated her courage to open up about her own experiences with bullying, but I guess my mood got sullied by her self-advertising. She was standing next to a couple that had lost their child due to bullying - how is it not wildly inappropriate to advertise in that situation?

I was also a little resentful of her putting RA on a pedestal instead of appreciating Jared’s AKF. But I have honestly come to wonder whether Jared’s specifically told her not to get involved in his campaigning - is this a part of his life he doesn’t want to include any bearding in? Is it a J2-only thing? I honestly wouldn’t blame him if that were the case. I also wonder if we’re doing a disservice to the J’s by faulting G for her silence regarding AKF.

M. PUBLICLY completely ignored J’s speech!! 

I don’t understand this. Is he really petty enough to only retweet G’s speech because of that RA plug, or is he ignoring Jared on purpose? I have such hard time figuring Misha out at times - I don’t follow him and I don’t really know what kind of a person he is, so it’s difficult for me to speculate about his motivations.

A small loonie part of me sees this as him putting the spotlight on G as a separate person from Jared, which would support some theories this Spring has sprouted. Like I said, a loonie part of me! ;) But Jared sure didn’t look happy to be standing next to his wife. He was very appropriate, consoling her when the need arose, but he didn’t fake the happy husband role. This, of course, was not the right place for it either, but he didn’t bother to pretend in her Instagram story either.

All that said, I’m very proud of Jared speaking up about this very important issue! I imagine it must’ve been hard for him, but he did the right thing. I truly admire both of the J’s for their courage and the compassion they show towards other people. I’m so proud to be their fan!

Thank you for always showing an interest in my opinions, dear Itany! It means so much to me to have these conversations with you. :) I hope you are enjoying a lazy Sunday!

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could you please do 23 and nammin/minjoon?

“Babe, I’m sorry.”

“Suck my ass.”

Originally posted by jicute

Namjoon loves Jimin. No really, he does.

The thing about Jimin though, was that you had to know two important things about him. The first was that he was always fucking up.


You would think fucking up things came with Namjoon’s job description as designated human hurricane since elementary school when he kicked a soccer ball too hard and literally broke their jungle gym. Or that one time he was on the honor roll and high school and was helping out sort out the paper directory of the school population and tipped over the entire stack of two weeks of worth because he tripped over the desk. True story.

But Jimin, his fuck ups were of a different kind.

Like now, for example.

“I can’t believe you got our whole house painted baby pink,” Namjoon whispers, mouth still dropped open from well, the house being the exact shade of a piglet’s bottom.

“Surprise?” Jimin squeaks hopefully, but even he knows he’s really done it this time.

“Jimin, I gave you one job. I told you when we move in together, I’d find the apartment, I’d manage the taxes, I’ll even take out the trash.”

“Right,” Jimin gulps, bottom lip jutting out so that Namjoon knows his boyfriend is already upset but he’s too mad to care.

“All you had to do,” Namjoon continues in a shaky voice that really refuses to stay calm, “is to move our stuff in and decorate. A one time thing. Literally, the only fun thing.”

“Well, I did,” Jimin argues, crossing his arms over his chest defiantly. “I thought you said on the phone that you wanted pink.”

“No,” Namjoon says with a fake pretense of patience, “I specifically told you, whatever you do, do not paint it some fancy, embarrassing lilac purple or baby pink!” Namjoon says in exasperation, leaning back against his old beat up SUV and staring up at their new house.

Their new house that looked like Disneyland threw up on it.

God, he could never ever ever bring any of his friends over, like, ever again.

Not when he was an underground rapper and his friend’s once laughed at him for a whole month because Jimin had forgotten to do the laundry and he had been forced to wear Jimin’s old Powerpuff Girls’ socks to the studio.

“Whoops,” Jimin says, popping the ‘p’ and looking at Namjoon to guage just what level of begging was going to make him forgive him.

“Damn right. You know we could barely afford painting it the first time,” Namjoon says, sighing, still staring with dismay at their new place with the wary eyes of a man that had seen too much of the world.

Joonie,” Jimin says in a tone that Namjoon knows he reserves for the times he really messes up, like that time they were in the middle of Tokyo for their vacation for the first time in years and Jimin had forgotten to book any hotel reservations.

“No,” Namjoon replies, tone hard but resolve wavering when his eyes flick over to Jimin’s large pretty ones batting themselves at Namjoon.

“Babe, I’m sorry.”

“Suck my ass.”

Namjoon regrets saying this immediately because the second thing to know about Park Jimin was that he was always horny.


“Give me the time and the place baby, I’ll be there,” Jimin smirks and Namjoon shoves him gently, laughing.

“You’re fucking gross, you know that?” he says, rummaging for the keys in his back pocket and fishing them out.

“Hypocrite,” Jimin says, rolling his eyes but latching on to Namjoon’s arm and laughing. “Like you don’t love it.”

“Shut up,” Namjoon says, blushing and turning the lock of their new house. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Pink was an okay color. Sure, it wasn’t what he was picturing but -

Jimin?” Namjoon almost screams, jaw dropping.

Literally everything. Was pink. Even the tablecloth. Namjoon felt his knees go weak.

“Ah, I forgot to tell you just one more tiny thing- ”

otp drabble challenge!

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Anonymous said to loose-leaf-teacanons:                                                            Kagakuro, from one to ten please ^_^            

1. Who liked the other first?

Kuroko becomes aware of it gradually over a few months, as Kagami keeps doing and saying and being things that make his heart clench with a quiet, helpless affection. He knows it’s getting– well, no, not worse, because while it does ache it’s more the kind of ache that comes from having not enough space inside himself for this much fondness, this much “I want to see you” and “I’m glad you’re with me” and the hundred tiny sparklers popping when he gets the inkling that Kagami might be thinking along those lines, too.

He knows it’s love, but he doesn’t really label it as the romantic kind until one tournament, where Kagami just grabs him round the waist in victorious enthusiasm, hoists him up above the joyous push-hug-shove of their teammates and just keeps grinning up at Kuroko all aglow with giddy pride, and that’s when Kuroko realizes that– oh.

He’d really, really, quite definitely and most certainly unreservedly like to kiss Kagami.

(Of course some two seconds later while Kuroko is having his epiphany, Kagami has an epiphany of his own – namely that he’s got no idea what to do with Kuroko now that he’s lifted him up, so. um. er. Shit. Sorry? *sets down, fixes his wrinkled jersey, blushing furiously*)

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my nephew was born a couple weeks ago and hes the chillest baby ever. literally all he does is sleep and fart. even when he does scream its like a really low pitch that doesnt sound annoying at all and i love him a lot. also my brother hums la vie en rose to him and its the most precious thing ive ever seen in my life hes such an adorable dad. oh and the first time i held the baby i actually pulled a tendon in my arm so i hope that wasnt a bad omen for the future lol

God ur nephew is baby #goals i wish all the babies i knew were like that too :/// 

Also i hope that ur arm is ok asidjqwjenkqweqwe

send me sleepover asks

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I know what it's like to become attracted to a friend but imo that's because you love them as a friend and then you think you could be more. I get that with Sev and Lily and I think it is possible but also wondered what you thought about raw sexual attraction. I don't get the feeling from Sev that he lusted after Lily in the way that some teen boys do when they really fancy someone. Is there any one who fits the bill for you? Apart from Lucius!! I know you ship Lucius/Sev! Any girls?

Narcissa Black.

Absolutely 100% totally and utterly categorically…that’s my headcanon.

I sort of love the idea that Narcissa becomes oddly fond of the weird little kid who follows Lucius and their gang of older students around, who happily does their bidding.  She watches as her disgrace of a cousin needles him, and she finds herself nodding her encouragement towards the scrawny first year - pointing him towards spells in her own Dark Arts textbook…even bringing in the odd tome from the Black library for him to devour.

She takes an odd pleasure in seeing his obvious delight.  He’s everything she’s not - dark features compared to her light locks, his ugliness contrasts severely with her beauty, and he’s so desperately earnest in response to her cool indifference.  But despite herself, she grows quite fond of him.

For Severus’ part, it doesn’t hit him at first.  He’s in awe of all the older students - they know so much, and they command respect around the school.  He admires Malfoy, and hangs on the older boy’s every word - but he can’t help but feel a flush of pride when Narcissa sends a kind word his way.  He knows she’s pretty - he can see that for himself, and he knows that the older boys scrap over her affections.

His hormones hit him like the Hogwarts Express in the summer between second and third year.  His body started doing weird things weeks before he headed back to Cokeworth - his voice constantly oscillating between a ridiculously high pitch and a smooth baritone that he wishes he could maintain.  He’s got hair in places where he didn’t anticipate that hair could grow, and there’s an almost constant swathe of bumpy spots that break out across his otherwise smooth cheeks.

He knows that Lily is pretty.  They sit at the park, and he finds himself distracted by her eyes, and her lips, and the way she crosses her smooth legs.  He forces himself to shake his head - it’s Lily, his friend, and he shouldn’t be thinking such thoughts.  Not about Lily.  She’s too…

He’s in a hurry to get back to Hogwarts.  He’s not far off 14 now, or so he tells his ma, and he’s grown at least a foot since last year; his need for new school trousers tells its own tale.  He slopes into the Slytherin common room with a quiet confidence that hadn’t been apparent in previous years.  Malf is Head Boy, and happily holds court - cheerfully welcoming Severus into his group of older students.  For once in his life, Severus feels at home, as if he’s earnt his place at Malfoy’s side.

…and then she walks in.  Narcissa Black.  And this time, like all the older boys, Severus’ jaw nearly hits the floor.  He always knew she was pretty - like Lily - but now?  Now he realises that she’s drop dead gorgeous.  He’s glad he’s sitting down, and really glad he’s got a new pair of trousers.  He casually clasps his hands in his lap, and calls over a hello - and then cringes when his voice squeaks.  Malfoy laughs - a deep, hearty bellow that contrasts so clearly with Severus’ high pitched voice - and Severus flushes.

But Narcissa smiles, and ruffles his hair as she winds her way through the common room.

It doesn’t get any easier.  She turns 17 - of wizarding majority - and then 18.  She floats around in stylish robes, and expensive jewellery.  Her make up is flawless, and Severus?  Severus is gawky and awkward.  He’s growing quickly, but it has the effect of making him unsure in his own body - he fumbles, and trips, and his limbs seem as if they’re out of sync with the rest of him.

His voice has finally dropped, and it’s a rich, low timbre.  He couldn’t have hoped for better, but for some reason, whenever Narcissa smiles at him, that wretched squeak returns.  He hates it, and he blushes.

He doesn’t mean to fantasise about her, but he can’t help it.  She’s gorgeous.  He loves Malfoy, he always has - and deep down, he knows she’ll marry him.  The other boys might date her for a few weeks, but Malfoy is always watching with that sly smile and air of indifference.  Severus knows better.  Severus knows that Lucius is anything but.

So he keeps his thoughts to himself, lest he lose his older friend.  He doesn’t tell Avery or Mulciber, and he doesn’t put quill to parchment.  He draws his four poster shut as lights go out, and then, in the comfort of his own bed, he allows his mind to wander.

He doesn’t want her to leave.  It was bad enough when Malfoy left, but the idea of studying in the common room without Narcissa’s laugh tinkling in the background is enough to make him depressed.  She tells him that he’ll be busy enough with his OWLs to study for.

She knows.  He isn’t convinced that she knows, but he’s certain she suspects.  He catches her looking at him from time to time - a slight smile playing across her lips.  He wraps his robes tighter around him, and puts his head down; she can’t know, it’s impossible.  He’s never breathed a word to anyone.  He’s never even whispered her name out loud in the privacy of his own bed.

“I always thought you two would get together,” he said, pointing his glass towards Lucius, who was animatedly telling a tale to a group in the corner of the Ministry ballroom, all whilst a witch clutched his arm and gazed at him adoringly.

“And so we shall,” she replied, with a smile.  

Severus tried to school his features, but his surprise briefly showed.  

“He might be playing the field,” she admitted, “but I have always known that I would end up with Lucius.  It’s not a bad thing.  There are worse men than Lucius Malfoy.”  She gave him a pointed look.  


“I’m surprised that nobody ever taught you Occlumency.”

Severus scoffed.  “Nobody uses that anymore.  It’s a lost art.”

“Purebloods do,” she said.  “Your thoughts scream out across the room, Severus.”

He swallowed hard as she leant towards him, her perfume enticing him.

“They always have done.  …I can hear them now.”

He flushed again - that deep red that she had so missed.  “Cissy, I did not intend any disresp-”

She smiled, and quaffed her drink.  “I know you used to think about me when you-”

“Cissy!  …please.  I’m sorry.”

She glanced over at Lucius, who was still holding court, and still being lusted after by his admirer.  “If you can honestly tell me that you’ve never thought about me in that way, I’ll stop.”  

He stood in silence.

“Your thoughts are still screaming at me, Severus,” she whispered, threading her fingers through his own.  “…you still think about me, don’t you?”

That flush was back, threatening to permanently stain his pale cheeks scarlet.

Narcissa held out her arm.  “Would you be so kind as to escort me upstairs, Severus?”

This time, his eyes widened, but he was no fool.  He took her arm and strode to the staircase, purposely keeping his gaze well away from Malfoy.  He could practically feel the metaphorical dagger in his back, but the only thing that would cause him to give up his fantasy would be an old fashioned wizarding duel - and with a girl hanging off his arm in front of a full ballroom, Malfoy wasn’t about to show his hand.

The pair married, as Narcissa had expected - and they stayed friends with him.  He followed Narcissa’s suggestion and learnt Occlumency - mastered it, even.  He was grateful when a few years later, Malfoy tentatively probed his mind.


“I beg your pardon?”

She cast at the lock, securing the door and marched over to him, pressing him against the wall.  

“Bloody hell, Cissy,” he said, hoarsely.  “I didn’t realise you wanted a re-ru-”

“How?  He thinks we didn’t have sex.  How?”

Severus’ eyes glazed over, the impassive mask abruptly in place.  “I showed him what he wanted to see.  A construct.”

“A fake memory instead of a wall?”

He nodded.

“Teach me.”


“Teach me.”


“So we can do this,” she said, touching her lips to his.  He didn’t react, so she pressed harder, threading her hands through his hair.

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i have been in a relationship for almost 6 years. A month ago my boyfrined told me that he was too tired of the realtionship and thinks that he can't go on, but he doesnt want to lose me because he loves me too much so he can't decide if too break up or not. We haven't see each other for almost a month and i see him too comfortable ignoring me. im trying to give him space, but im not seeing any progress. why whould he say he loves me and all that stuff if he cant make an effort anymore?

I’m really sorry you’re going through this. I feel from what you’re describing, that he does love you, but isn’t in love anymore. 6 years is a while,
the relationship might have ran its course in his mind. I’d honestly ask to talk to him about it and ask him to be 100% about his feelings and about whether or not he sees a future with you. If he no longer does, I’m afraid it might be best for you both to go your own way and cherish those 6 years as an experience of growth, not regret them or think them a waste of time like some people do.

I finished Yusuke’s Confidant and having romanced Ann I can say with all confidence that Yusuke’s route is more romantic.

I love Ann to death. A lot of her route is about her worries about inspiring others the way others have her, and how she can achieve that in life with the things she does. The MC supports her and becomes someone she wants to bring strength to through her work, and it’s really cute but then Yusuke…

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Thanks, hun, I’m so happy you enjoy our work! Hope you enjoy! ~mun Ashe

-Shu: Shu doesn’t really care, he has no interest in this whole “Adam” thing to begin with and if he truly loves his s/o, it won’t impact their relationship.

-Reiji: This is a haaaaaard decision for him. One one hand, he wants the honor of being Adam and the power that comes with it, but on the other hand he loves his s/o. It takes him a really long time of thinking and kind of avoiding her before her realizes if he does truly love her, he won’t leave her.

-Ayato: Also a super hard decision him. He wants to be the very best and if he can only achieve that by becoming Adam, how can he continue with his s/o? After alot avoinding her and actung kind of shitty to her to try and make her leave HIM, he realizes he doesn’t really care, he’d rather have his s/o.

-Laito: While the power of being Adam is tempting, Laito is happy with his current Bitch-Chan! While he isn’t quite sure if what he feels for her is love, he thinks it might be, and he doesn’t want to lose that just yet.

-Kanato: Couldn’t care less. His s/o is a beautiful, obediant little doll who makes him and Teddy as many sweets as they’d like, why would he give that u for something as frivolous as becoming Adam???

-Subaru: He’s finally found someone who accepts him even though he doesn’t, he has no interest in becoming Adam if it means giving that up. He’s happy for once, he’s not going to give that up for power.

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Do you guys know any fics with Eren professing his love for Levi and Levi turning him down or not taking him seriously and really hurting Erens feelings until he realizes that 'OMG. He really does care.' And they get together?

Hmm… I know of these two. I’m willing to bet there’s more out there though, so please submit/reply if anyone knows any.

maybe third time isn’t the charm
Summary: How could Levi have known that that dorky freshman he had rejected one year ago could turn into a ridiculously attractive soccer player? He wants those stupid big bright eyes and that wide smile that’s sweeter than crystallized sugar and that glorious butt that he saw when the object of his affections decided to reject him and run away but hey, Levi Ackerman does not give up. He doesn’t lose either.

Summary: After rejecting his sixteen year old neighbor seven years ago, Levi figured he would never see him again. So when Levi decides it’s time to get back in shape, it figures Eren would be his new personal trainer.


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i literally only log into tumblr to see if you and roraewrites has posted something 😂😅❤️

haha thank you! that’s nice to hear. sorry i only really update in spurts. here’s something to read for now though? 

Some nights he dreams of her. She looks like she does in all of the pictures, her hair long and sleek and glowing softly by the white light that consumes them. It’s like she’s something ethereal, but then again she has to be something otherworldly for her to always be appearing to him like this. Every night he tells her about his day and every night she smiles at him, listening intently, holding him and kissing his forehead and telling him that she loves him.

You look so much like your father, she likes to say when she cups his cheeks and gazes at him.

And he does. So does his sister. Thinking about their quiet household of dark hair and dark eyes and dark clothes and darkness altogether, he doesn’t understand how this woman ever fit in.

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