i really love that coat


Fashion Icon of Oslo- aka Tarjei Sandvik Moe- gives Henrik Holm some tips just in time for Fashion Week

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I just found your blog 😭💕💕 My eyes and heart have been blessed by your art. Your art style is so cute and soft!!! I love it!!!! I really love seeing you draw Rick and Morty, oh man, every one of these pictures are soooo good. If you're still doing requests (or if you feel like it), could you please draw a literal pocket sized Morty in Ricks lab coat pocket? :> I really love your blog sooo much I'm glad I found you!

aaaaaa thank you so muchh jeez  (*/▽\*)


“It is true that I have the habit of being always right - but I do not boast of it.”
– Hercule Poirot

i cant believe the lego batman movie cured my depression


David Tennant signing at the stage door for Don Juan in Soho - April 25, 2017

Some gifs from bits of video I managed to take at the stage door that night after seeing Don Juan (it was glorious)

…and a huge THANK YOU once again to @ktrosesworld for braving the cold and helping me get stuff signed!!!

[Tour guide voice] and to your left you’ll see a cadet that has no idea what the fuck they’re doing by drawing pictures way too dark to pick up on any screen but their own unholy sun light of a monitor 

but hey, portal ford fix because I’m still not over gravity falls 

(it’s embarrassing how i type everything in the tags instead of the cap. why.)


Some more gay ass pictures from your AU. Thought I’d share the professional pictures <3 @shannonigans98

@askmotherfuckingenkidu AAAAAHHH THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking over some screencaps from the TV Movie the other day, I started asking myself how the initial confusion over the colour of the Doctor’s coat ever came about. I mean, look; it’s green (though not bottle green as it’s usually described; to me it looks more like a very dark olive green) in almost every light:

Then I remember that this was pre-DVDs and high-res and the costume being on display and that it looks brown






(There are a handful in which it looks green but those weren’t really seen back then)

It’s fascinating (to me, anyway) how one fabric can change colour so dramatically.

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I saw your BotW Asks are still open so can you maybe draw Zelda cutting her hair short (like to her shoulders) and Link is shocked but loves it (and maybe don't do this part but he decides to cut his hair too and messes it up so Zelda fixes it and cuts it more pretty short for him but it lowkey looks amazing) thanks :D


This is actually from @rachaeltad-writes ‘s fic From the Ground Up. If you haven’t read it you should really give it a look! It’s really good, and i’m really excited to read the next chapter cuz it just came out >u> 

I guess I never expressed my appreciation for @ask-theblindhost for following me. I also never drew the Host before (what a scandal!) so I thought I’d remedy that.

This was supposed to be a HC where the Host still kind of unconsciously bites on a pencil even if he can’t write anymore :)


In 1963 the author was in the Swiss Alps, near Lauterbrunnen, attending a rural cattle show for Simethaler Flekvick, a fascinating dual breed of Swiss cattle used for both milk and meat. There, midst the farmers, cattle, huge neck bells, and dehorning fires, was a Bernese Mountain Dog. Later, in a little chalet restaurant near the fairgrounds, the author and his wife fed the dog a piece of fresh mountain trout. He took it gently after his master had said he could. This was typical of the breed, gentle and engendering trust, yet under the complete control of his master.

These are strong, faithful, hardy dogs who need no indoor kennels. Farmers who have had the pleasure of owning Bernese Dogs report them to be intelligent, willing and capable in any work they are assigned.

The breed came to Switzerland over 2,000 years ago with the Roman armies. These early specimens were large, mastiff-like animals. Left by the invaders, some of these dogs were given shelter by the natives, bred to local types of sheepherding and draft dogs and became the basis for the breed known as Bernese Mountain Dogs.

The breed almost became extinct in the latter half of the 19th century. Then, after much searching, a few typical specimens were found by Franz Schertenleib of Berne and, through his efforts, the breed came into focus again. In 1907 a specialty club was formed in Switzerland, and in 1937, the breed was introduced to America through the important of a pair of good specimens.

— Ernest H. Hart, Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds (1968)