i really love that coat

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lol. We've all done it. I was a bit confused as a neapolitan is just a specific cut of button down shirt collar, not really anything dramatic. Anyway, I like the coat, not love. Good lines & fit, Like the curve at the bottom and the military detailing. tend to think it's needs more contrast in textures. Do appreciate it looks like it's really built and the costume layered for cold weather. Really not thrilled by the hat (can't think of the name & brain will only supply kepi, which has a brim)

Yeah I think it is largely built for the weather.  I always think they do good on her with military details in her modern clothing so I liked this.  I think the hat is a feminized version of a glengarry which also fits the military thing.

Here is the back construction since we didn’t get any back shots in the promo material.


Fashion Icon of Oslo- aka Tarjei Sandvik Moe- gives Henrik Holm some tips just in time for Fashion Week

how can i say no to a little bit of winter when it’s finally July!?!? I CAN’T!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 so i was reading @kyluxinferno and @kyluxtrashcompactor ‘s modern AU fic “Balance” over on AO3 ~ and there’s this scene in chapter two (no spoilers) where Hux and Kylo are talking and it’s just… so… KYLUXY!? like… “i’m bitter and full of sass but i’m into you” hahaha!! XD and i just loved the imagery so much that i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do some snow, big coats, and dramatic lighting!!! HEHEHE!! ((O  w O)) <3 drawing these two is becoming so comfortable it’s therapeutic… (= //w//=) <3 i really like it… *sigh* <3


Still recovering from AToTS, but drawing Fiddlestan always helps.

For anyone who can’t read my scribbles:

Fids: “Is it- is it functional?”
Fids: “It works! IT WORKS!” *clapping like a retarded seal*

The second picture is pretty much Stan dealing with the loss of his brother. Fiddles is there for much needed comfort.

I’ll post a better quality (and probably a coloured) version of the picture soon, when I get home. Until then, deal with it.


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