i really love owls

support people who make fanmade merch! support people who do commissions! support people who make zines!

it’s important to support your series of choice with official merch too (esp if you’re buying directly from the source), but nothing is cooler than fanmade stuff. it takes a ridiculous amount of guts to do stuff like print your own charms and sell them, and effort to gather artists for zines, and hard work to do commissions. and so often you get exactly what you want that you can’t get from the show merchandise.

doesn’t it blow your mind that you can commission someone for whatever ridiculous shit you can dream up, like dio brando doing your laundry and they’ll be like here’s my paypal and you rub your george washingtons all over their face and they’ll bring it to physical form like some kind of art witch??

or like, how you can pay someone to make a plush of your fav character that canon forgets exists?? or how you can LITERALLY be like ‘wow i really want a phone charm of lance from voltron but half naked and posing on a dolphin’ and someone on storenvy is like guess what fam, i got you COVERED

so so so much work goes into it and i’m really passionate about it because directly supporting artists in your fandom = helps generate more of that content AND supports people who are probably idk paying bills feed them your credit card make your dreams come true, everyone wins

🌙 owl boy variation on Techie 🌕

one of the very first people who ever reached out to me on Tumblr ~ and who was kind to me and encouraged my work, was @jathis (-^ ___^-) and i’ve been grateful for that ever since! so i’m sorry i’m a little late in finishing this, but a very happy birthday to you, Jathis!!!

found some bokuroo fics in my marked for later on ao3 and remembered how much I love these two dorks

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do you think that maybe the riddles are based on the students' characteristics and that's why every each is different? because we all know there are a lot of different types of intelligence (musical, social, logical...). i like to think rowena acknowledged this so every student feels appreciated and worthy of their own 'uniqueness'. and maybe when two people with different intelligences are together it combines both of them so they have to work the solution together.

I actually really love this A+


Happy owls for your dash~!! Hope today is a good day for you~! ♡

Heyyy I need more blogs to follow.

So here’s a list of things I like!

I’m going to start this with saying I like a lot of Anime, Manga, Video Games, and Art! I can’t list EVERYTHING but these are the main ones I can think of right now!

  • FMA (preferably the manga or Brotherhood. but any FMA really! I haven’t seen the original anime though. So some references would be lost on me.)
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Yuri!!! on Ice
  • Kuroko No Basuke
  • Free!
  • Romance anime in general??
  • Vocaloid
  • Pandora Hearts (haven’t read the manga here either. I’m too poor to buy mangas aha.)
  • Boku No Hero Academia (I haven’t read the manga so I’d prefer just anime?? but honestly spoilers aren’t too big of a deal so! either works.)
  • Tales Of Zestiria (PREFERABLY no Beseria spoilers because I REALLY wanna play it but I can’t afford to buy the game right now ;;)
  • ART BLOGS! Art supplies/tips, Original art or fan art of ANYTHING I MENTION HERE is very welcome!!! I have an art blog my self and I LOVE following other artists!
  • Akatsuki No Yona (please for the love of everything, I NEED more of this!!)
  • Mob Psycho / One Punch (Anything by ONE basically.)
  • Video games in general. I like being updated on video game stuff!
  • Animation!! I’m getting into doing animation and I’d love to follow others doing the same. Or who have already been into animation for a long time!
  • Owls!! I love owls. Any birds and animals really. But Owls, Cats, and Cockatoos are my favorites!

If I find any other things I want, I’ll reblog this and add them! Thank you if you suggest your blog or someone elses! ^^ 

what she says: “i’m fine”

what she means: “ya know its just been so long since we’ve heard from adam and then he dyed his hair and then months later he pops up out of nowhere with a brand new single and an upcoming sixth album and its just so good to hear from him again and his new single is so sweet and i just really love him a lot ok”

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I love the mood boards and aesthetics you make. So lovely! I was wondering if you had done one for Hufflepuff aquarius? Or if you'd be willing to do one for a Hufflepuff/ aquarius/Thunderbird. If not it's ok. I really love looking at your work anyway.

those aesthetics aren’t mine as I just reblog them, but I’m glad you like the blog.
here are some hufflepuff aquarius aesthetics I reblogged, if you want to request smth look at the source of an aesthetic you like and ask them if they can do it for you.
have a lovely day 🌻


Tidal Wave - Owl City

The Gods, their Associations, and You

Many a time has a confused newbie raised their wide eyes to the heavens and asked “how does one choose a god?” 

And people often say something along the lines of “think of what you really like/ are interested in”, or somewhat less frequently might be encouraged to think of their career and what deities might be involved in it. 

This is pretty good advice, especially for someone who A: has no strong opinions on what religion/pantheon they’re looking for, or just wants to worship and respect a god without necessarily participating in the religion and B: is utterly overwhelmed by choice and wants a more solid method than “flip through a book and pick a name at random” (and no hate if you did that, more power to you!)

However, this thinking seems somewhat lacking in a few different ways, and I’d like to explain why I think so. 

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Hey I just wanted to stop by and say I really love your blog ✨ I'm rewatching Haikyuu as we speak and I just really really love Kuroo (sass cat), Oikawa (trash king), Bokuto (lil owl baby) and just all the characters so much and I'm really glad someone else loves them just as much as I do 😂


Enjoy your rewatch!! I love my boys sm gfhjkgfd

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Celine, I completely agree with you and the "grungy/edgy" Slytherin vibe. I've always viewed Slytherin as if it were an elite private school. Sophistication, class. It's kind of inspired me to create a blog that represents that so be on the look out for it. Not saying ALL Slytherin's are like this, but a great desl are children coming from tradition and old wealth. Even the muggle borns and halfbloods would be influenced after a few years and making friends.

Yes !! I’m so glad you agree, and please feel free to message me the name of the blog if you want to, because I really love the whole classy-sophisticated-slytherin-vibe-thing ! 💚

- Céline