i really love niall


did anyone else notice that niall brought his new guitar onto the stage even though he didnt use it???? like, he just wanted people to see how beautiful his baby is… i cant with this kid anymore.

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Part 1.1 - Sex & Nobu

“So baby please, baby please no promises..”

I picked up the phone right away when he called, because well, I always picked up the phone for Niall. That’s just how our relationship – if that’s what you wanna call it – was, simple as. I had met Niall a little over three years back, introduced to him through a mutual friend while his band was stopped in LA during one of their tours. We hit it off immediately; him a super laid back, genuine, funny and incredibly intelligent guy who always had something interesting to talk about, and me…well, a complete sucker for all of the above and, of course, a good alcoholic beverage. It didn’t hurt that he was literally the cutest guy I had ever laid eyes on, though he was vastly aware of that fact.

I knew exactly who he was even before we had officially met, my friend heeding me a nice warning, I guess you could say. I kept an open mind meeting him but was instantly enamored and blown away by just how normal he actually was. If I hadn’t known how famous he was to begin with, I definitely wouldn’t have guessed just from hanging out with him; he was just that cool of a person. And he seemed pretty damn keen on me too.

We hooked up that very first night we met, going back to his hotel room and fucking the life out of one another. Definitely not in my plan but definitely not a regret on my part either. The sex was fucking fantastic, probably one of the best lays I had ever had and while Niall was eager to keep doing…whatever it was that we were doing, we both made it clear that it was to be nothing more than that. He was extremely busy, as was I with my own life, and he travelled so much that it just couldn’t be any other way.

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Submission: Niall is slacking off position as “Louis #1 fan”
(Can I say again that I really love Steve?)

Niall better be planning to go all out in the crowd at the LLS performance. He’s been slipping. He better at least have his JHO shirt on.

Niall Blurb Request - The Haircut

Anonymous asked: Hi love! Do you think you could write something about Niall’s new haircut and how you love it and can’t stop touching it and things get smutty because you think he looks so good? Love you so much!

A/N: Anon – I kept this as a stand alone request instead of combining it with another as I was originally going to do but I took a little creative license with this one, so I will apologize up front. Essentially, I started it out with the OFC not liking his hair at all and changing her tune by the end of it. Because, honestly – that’s pretty much how I felt about it when the pics started coming out. I love Niall as a brunette but I was not really a fan of the cut with some of the fan pics started cropping up. So I kind of went off the beaten path. If it’s not at all what you wanted or expected, let me know and I’ll work on getting it into one of my other ones down the road. Thanks. Shelly xo

I heard the garage door open and smiled. I hadn’t seen Niall in almost a month since he had gone on a promotional tour to coincide with the release of his next single and upcoming studio album. It was his first solo album, so it was kind of a big deal. Work had kept me home instead of traveling with him and it had sucked. While his schedule was sometimes chaotic, we were lucky enough to be together most of the time. Usually I would travel with him and work from the road but something had come up at work with a huge account so I couldn’t walk away this time. I wasn’t used to him being gone for weeks at a time without me. It made me appreciate how lucky we were as compared to many others. Honestly, I didn’t know how they did it. Not seeing him for days, sometimes weeks, at a time – seems like a pretty tough gig and one hell of a strain on relationships.

Niall strolled into the kitchen and I almost choked on my coffee, spraying it everywhere as I coughed it out. “Jesus, Linds, ya okay?” He rubbed my back as I continued to sputter, tears streaming out of my eyes while I tried to catch my breath.

“What…..happened…to your….hair?” I managed to get out in between coughs.

“I had it trimmed up a few days ago, while I was in NYC. It was out of control, love. I couldn’t get it to pouf up like Lou is always able to do and I was sick of tryin’.  Besides, it’s been a long time comin’. I needed a change.” He flashed me a quick smile as he spoke.

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I know we always talk about how the boys protect Niall and how much they love him but I feel like we really underestimate the love and support Niall gives to his band mates; to his brother.

Niall is always the one who hugs them when they cry, who comforts them and more importantly he’s the one who stands up for them when anything makes them uncomfortable.

He hugged Harry so hard when he cried in that one interview when he had felt so uncomfortable by the question the interviewer was making. He made sure Harry was alright when he got sick. He made sure to hug Harry hard when they got third place on the X-Factor and he’s done so so much more.

He always make sure to cheer Louis up when he’s mad or uncomfortable. He’s silly and happy around him to make sure Louis stays silly and happy. He laughed so hard when Louis’ voice cracked in that one concert during Moments but then made sure Louis wasn’t upset. He looks up to him so much and he’s always there for him,too.

With Liam he’s always been so soft and gentle. He play fights and tumbles with him all the time but he’s so gentle and careful whenever Liam is upset. The concert right after March 25th Liam had been visibly upset and crying and Niall had walked right over and hugged him from behind until he was sure Liam was okay. When Liam was insecure about anything Niall would make sure he gained his confidence and made sure to have everyone pay attention to Liam so that he wouldn’t feel left out.

When it came to Zayn, their relationship was one of mutual protection. They always made sure the other was fine and happy and smiling and if they weren’t they would take it upon themselves to change that. Niall was the one person that made sure to get Zayn heard. He made sure everyone around them knew he was there and that he shouldn’t be left out. There was one time in the Italy Midnight Memories interview where they’d asked what they loved as kids and Zayn was shy to admit that he had loved the Power Rangers as a kid and I remember him telling Niall as much and Niall making sure that the person interviewing them would pay enough attention to Zayn so that he could say his piece.

He’s the same with every single one of them. He loves them so much and he’s always there to bring comfort to his boys; every single one of them and I think that’s so important.


During study hall us Seniors sit with the teacher, and I started listening to MITAM for the first time and my teacher was like “oh no you’re one of them” and looked disappointed?? but after 10 minutes of seeing my reaction to the songs, he looked me dead in the eyes and waited until I took a headphone out to say “I’m glad they make you happy” and if that’s not the nicest thing a middle age, white male has said about 1D idk what is