i really love min's tags

 fancy date :D

Starting off the new years with resolutions like 


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It said to choose pictures in your phone that describe you. You can’t download any new ones, sorry if you guys have been tagged/don’t want to be tagged. Let me know!

That Yoongi pic, “He’s” interchangeable with She’s because I’m a gay hoe.

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Soooo~ I was tagged by the lovely @take-yoo-there to do the Halloween Couple Costume Tag!

Rules: Upload a picture of you with a filter of your choice, use the same filter on a Photo of your bias! Hashtag your ship name, use emojis to describe your “costume” and tag 5 others! \( ^▽^ )/

I know my ultimate bias is Kim Minseok but I wanted to give Yoongi some love too ( •́ .̫ •̀ )

I guess our ship names could be #Valengi or #Yoontina ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Halloween Costume: 😈💋💕♥⭐

Ok! Soo~ Now I’ll tag @chickendora @a-milky-strawberry @sugabum090 @el-choripan-de-wonho aaaand @blancnabi ◑﹏◐

Hello everyone, this is Taylor here asking for your help. If any of you haven’t noticed there is a lot going on in the kpop world today! On the bright side Min Yoongi dropped his mixtape and that’s so great, and on the not so bright side today we celebrate the birth of Kwon Ri Se, who tragically died in 2014. While this is a bitter sweet day, some fans are taking things to a nasty level. I’d like your help reporting @omojungkookiez on twitter because they have been posting some really nasty and disgusting things toward, not only fans morning and celebrating RiSe, but also other girl group lovers. All of the links are to this person’s tweets, if they do not work, let me know as I’ve saved them via screen shot. Please help me in reporting this horrible user!!