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Starting off the new years with resolutions like 

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five things you’ll find in my bag: (technically on/with me)

  1. my waterbottle (even though i barely finish drinking it throughout the day oops?)
  2. my go-card, id & library cards in a little card holder
  3. my powerpuff girls wallet which is slowly breaking :(
  4. always a book of some kind, whether it be a small notebook or a reading book
  5. my phone 

five things in my bedroom:

  1. my art posters and cut outs (my school was throwing away some of its old art posters and even though i was in a rush i managed to grab 3 that i liked although i really wish i could have stayed to see if i liked more)
  2. my very very messy desk which i really really need to clean
  3. a folder full of the majority of the poetry i’ve written
  4. my bed which i actually kind of want to get rid of and just sleep on a mattress on the floor
  5. my shelves of books and useless things i cant bear to go through and get rid of

five things i’ve wanted to do in life:

  1. achieve ultimate contentment with myself
  2. constantly surround myself with art and wholesome people
  3. love someone and be loved
  4. travel the world (with friends preferably)
  5. get a job i love, and i’m thinking it would encompass art or history or something that is fulfilling to me

five things that make me happy:

  1. sunsets and the sky and clouds
  2. when i write a poem or draw something and i actually like it !!!!
  3. being with my friends and people i love and also hearing my friends laughing and seeing them smile and just be happy (it honestly lifts my mood so much i just love my friends so much !!!!!!!)
  4. listening to good music
  5. good stationery omg like you know when you get a nice pen and the ink is so smooth and it just flows from the tip as you write and you feel like a majestic being and creator of words and its honestly so good i just love it so much

five things i’m currently into:

  1. Love by Lana Del Rey
  2. german rap surprisingly, bc normally i dont even listen to rap in english
  3. matcha icecream !!!!!! (omg i love it so much)
  4. looking at photos of fashion shows and the dresses bc omg they’re all so gorgeous i can’t believe that actual people have created these clothes like woah
  5. being creative and making art and oh boy, i just, yes. i love

five things on my to-do list:

  1. finish my entire ancient history assignment which is due on tuesday and im nowhere near finishing oh god please help me
  2. also memorise my eulogy speech for english which is technically due monday and its literally 1:49 am and i just finished writing it like 50 minutes ago,,, so yeah, i’m just a little bit screwed
  3. write in my journal since i havent done so in like a week or more
  4. write some poetry of some sort and also work on my art assignment
  5. oh yeah, and also revise for my maths exam

five things people may not know about me (that i feel comfortable sharing with the world at this current moment in time):

  1. i may seem clever and on top of things but as you can see from my to do list (above) i am really not on top of things at the moment and im actually kind of struggling to keep up
  2. i get attached super duper easily and also develop crushes over really simple reasons and often also for no reason at all such as “they smiled at me three times today” or whatever but i will also push people away if i think they are starting to like me
  3. i am absolutely terrified that i will never be truly happy with myself or with my body and that i will fall into a bad mindset and habits again 
  4. if you dont know me irl, around oct 2016 i cut off 62 cm of my hair and donated it and honestly it was one of the biggest things for me to do because for the previous four or so years my hair was an integral part of my identity and for about the month or so after i cut it i felt so lost, like i was a completely different person and that i had just gotten rid of the most beautiful part of me, but since then i have learnt that it wasnt the most important part of me, it wasnt the only beautiful part of me, i didnt need to have hair down to mid-thigh to feel validated. and while some days i still miss my hair sorely, i know now that i am more than just pretty hair, and i deserve to recognise that within myself

five people i tag: @tomorrown3verdies @nephelei @honeybee-fuzz @yungmoetti (@troublish even though claire already tagged you) @s-yr you guys dont have to do it if you dont want to but it would be really nice to read and learn stuff about y’all