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Omg, that Dad!Hanin thing is hilarious. <3 All of your characters are adorable/interesting/cute/etc and its inspiring let me tell you. I'm not a hundred percent comfortable with my OCs but sometimes I get these little bursts when I see yours and some others I follow posting theirs. :) Thank you for being awesome.

Sooo I had to leave this for a while because I didn’t really know how to respond! My askbox has been a den of sin for the last day or so, and I was UNPREPARED for such sweetness!

First of all, thank you so much for your lovely compliments - I really appreciate them! But truly, nothing makes me happier than hearing that other people have felt inspired, even if only in a small way, by the things I do. I know it can be really nerve-wracking to share your OCs on a public forum like Tumblr, so I understand feeling uncomfortable or like you’re not “doing it right” (although, really, there is no right or wrong way to go about sharing your characters). It’s always a little bit scary - I know I was a complete mess starting out - but as with many things, it does get easier the more you do it. Even if your characters change over time, or their backstory alters, or their romances/friendships shift, that’s okay. People change, and there’s no reason your OCs can’t too.

I think the thing to remember is that they don’t have to be perfect, or even the perfect version of themselves that exists in your mind’s eye. You can always build towards that, and sometimes people are curious enough about them to follow you on that journey. All characters have to start somewhere, after all. <3

Phastel betrayal?

If you make the commitment of buying nail paint for a Pastel video, you’ve got to see it through and. Paint. Your. Nails. Or, if you prefer not to, leave it and do not mention it. You cannot just casually announce you forgot. Do you know what damage that does??


year 2016 & bts


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.


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Here’s a gift I made for my dearest @firebandit-shitposts. Thank you for being an amazing partner and helping me become a better person. Now take the xmas bois we love so much.

How to Draw Tundras 101

Step 1:
Draw a Lion

Step 2:
Draw a better Lion

Step 3:
Realize for some reason you need to make this Lion a Giant Lizard instead
(embiggen him)

Step 4:
Lighten, because no way in hell do you want to redraw that from scratch

Step 5:
?????? Tundra on top???

Step 6:

Now go forth, and draw needlessly large and floofy Paw-Hand Lizards

Based on @paperficwriter‘s Genos headcanon(s)!

“Okay look, I know I have royal duties to attend to Ignis, but rescuing the Chocobos comes first.”

When MC first joined the RFA
  • MC: What are your strengths?
  • 707: I fall in love easily.
  • MC: Okay... and what are your weaknesses?
  • 707: Those cute eyes of yours.

A Disney Crossover AU no one asked for: Mulan and Jasmine

When a challenge is issued to find the princess a suitable husband, men from all over the kingdom attempt the near impossible feat: Climb the palace wall and if you succeed, marry the princess. Mulan, a peasant from a nearby village hears of the challenge and, deciding that it is an unfair rule, takes it upon herself to make the climb for the sake of Jasmine’s freedom.