i really love jackson's face

Jinyoung posted about Jackson sending him a food truck for his He is Psychometric drama filming:

“Thank you Wang Gae 👍 #wanggaeparkgae"

Jackson commented on Jinyoung’s post:

“Take care of your body/health in your spare time while filming, our park gae ❤️🧧”

Jackson Square

aka where I died (several times)

First time through, all I could manage were a few shaky, shell-shocked photos (yes, that is THE bench from the first and last episodes of TO!)

Luckily we came back and I got to SIT ON THE BENCH

On the outside I’m super excited, but on the inside I’m crying a LOT—y’all TO people know why

Really the cathedral is gorgeous

Yes that IS the fountain where my heart got broken (from watching TO…yet again)

(It’s fine, though. Beignets make everything better.)

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