i really love how this came out!!!

UT! Charisk with US! Charisk

Hey Damiiz! I have seen your artwork and its really awesome!! Your style is very cute and great as well as how you portray Chara and Frisk. I ship Charisk and let me tell you that you make a great and excellent artwork of those two! I really enjoy looking at your blog since you do funny stuff and sweet stuff as well. I decided to write this little story based on your UT! Frisk, UT! Chara and US! Frisk and US! Chara (since they are pretty cute). I hope you like it!

Watching and reading your work fills me with DETERMINATION!

Stay DETERMINATED as well!

To avoid confusion on the story:

Normal letters: Undertale Frisk and Undertale Chara

Bold letters: Underswap Frisk

Italic letters: Underswap Chara

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xeylah  asked:

What's your FAVORITE thing you've ever written?

ahhh yes!! good question - but this is so hard???

Together, We’re Infinite - BokuAkaKuroTsuki, this one came together quickly but I really like how it came together!

We’re now rockin’ with the champion - Iwaoi. Fighter au has just… reignited all my love of sexual tension and INCREDIBLY sexy Iwa-chan ;)

Sometimes you’ve gotta fall before you can fly - Terudau. I really love how this fic turned out? I am very proud of it, I love the ship and characters and jus agnkdfnglklngs

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Hi! I’ve been a Reylo since TFA came out, and discovering this incredible community is what helped me also discover the crazy, messy awesomeness of Tumblr and the beauty of fanfiction. What I can’t get over, though, is how supportive and wonderful this community is. Everyone is constantly sharing all this positivity, yet all Reylos get is hate. And that’s kind of why I’ve been staying on the sidelines, because I don’t really like senseless argument and confrontation…but the way Reylos fight hate with nothing but love is truly inspiring. So that’s why I’m diving into this blog and this wonderful community :)
Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you. Truly. All your wonderful fanfics, artwork, and content always brighten my day. Keep sharing the love!

I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and even though this blog isn’t really running anymore, I really wanted to draw @asktheminyoongi, or now @ask-bangtan-school-idol-festival‘s prince AU and I couldn’t decide whether to do Jin or Suga, so I did both. I really like how Jin came out even if the coloring is a bit sloppy ;v;


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↳ “…I have no right to tell you how to live. So this is just… a wish of mine. Live your life… with pride.”


“It’s this role that brought us together and the world of ‘Star Trek’ that we shared in common from the beginning, but our friendship evolved very quickly past all that. I would say, by the end of his life, it was only one of many facets of how we connected and how we came to respect and love each other. He was just an incredible guy; I miss him a lot. But I feel like my approach to this film, which was the first one we’ve made without Leonard, was to really just honor him and carry on his legacy as best I can. I thought that Simon and Doug did a wonderful job of involving Leonard in this film and honoring him and making it a part of Spock’s journey. That was important to me and really satisfying. I think that it turned out quite beautifully.” – Zachary Quinto on honoring Leonard Nimoy in ‘Star Trek Beyond’