i really love how they always took care of each other

Dan, Allison and Renee in their Sophomore year. TFC fan fiction

“We had to face our teammates as a united force,“ Renee said, motioning from herself to Dan and Allison. "It was the only way to survive. Our friendship was a show that started and stopped at our bedroom door. It took most of the year for us to realize it wasn’t an act”

So we all know that the girls didn’t bode well with each other in their whole freshman year until the summer after when they realized that their act of a friendship was becoming real.

I always wondered how they finally accepted the truth that they really cared for each other and how they admitted it out loud. Loving drama, I thought it should have been a breakthrough, so here is how I would like to think it went:

I came up with tis plot by listening to ‘Intention’ By Kiiara

Sophomore year for the girls: (summer practices just began)

Dan’s flight got really delayed (fucking storm) and arrived to the dorm in the wee hours of the night and on top of it was raining like hell so that’s just great. Anyway quietly enters the room not wanting to disturb the girls which is new, cause before she really didn’t give a shit about them but their relationship dynamic is changing and also she’s hella cranky by the flight and the rain and doesn’t want to associated with anyone. She takes a shower and sleeps on the couch, not having the energy to climb the bunk bed. It seemed like just seconds has passed her alarm starts ringing.

Dan is so over this shit and just wants to keep sleeping off her exhaustion but she’s finally team captain and she needs to start leading her team like a boss, to see her new recruits coming in and basically just to prove to anyone that Wymack made a goddamn good decision when he made her captain.

Her alarm is extra early so she can get a head start and be ready on the court when everyone gets their lazy asses out of bed. She skips meeting on the girls, their still sleeping and she shrugs she’ll meet them later.

Fast forward to two hours later. She introduced herself to the new recruits who were enthusiastic enough to come to court early. Now was in Wymack’s office, catching up.

“We have another newbie coming in tomorrow, said something happened to his truck…or something? I don’t know, I kinda tuned him out after he said he’s won’t be arriving today. You’ll just have to show him the ropes tomorrow”

“No problem. Any press updates about the team?”

After their catch up, Dan finally went to the locker room, fingers Itching to change out she could get back on that court in her gear as the captain of a Class I Exy team. Everyone thought the Palmetto Foxes were a joke. Fuck them. Wymack saved her life and she will spend every minute trying to repay what he had given her.

Dan entered the room as Renee was bucking her straps. They both made eye contact, it surprised her when she felt absolute no harsh tension between them and a close look at Renee, it seemed she came to the same conclusion. Her eyes had gone softer. Renee was always a kind mannered person but she knew her enough to know that this was new for renee as well. Maybe she missed Dan as much as Dan missed her. Maybe things were finally going to change.

Abruptly the door flew open, bringing the powerful scent of the most expensive perfumes and the sound of a confident break of sneakers. Allison. She turned just in time to see her roommate in all perfect makeup and a resting bitch face. God I missed her. Allison stopped in her tracks for a second while seeing Dan in the locker room, but her quick surprised face transformed into a blank stare. They considered each other before Allison spoke, “You were cutting it a little too close captain. You almost missed the first practice.”

“It was close, but as you can see I made it”

“Your flight got delayed?”


“You slept on the couch”

Not really a question. “I did”

“I see, you couldn’t bear to be in the room with the wildly annoying goody-two shoes and the permanent bitch-face whore?”

Ahh. Dan had called them that in one of their million fights that took place in the privacy of their dorm. They came a long way since then, the only way she was entirely sure was in this instance, there was no more bite in her tone when she recalled those insults to Dan.

“Well, Considering when the permanent bitch-face whore intends to kill the human race when she farts in her sleep, I thought I would fare better on the couch.”

“Trust me, you did.”

Dan and Allison both turned at sound of Renee’s voice, who had kept quiet until now Not even now, but always, Renee would not involve whenever herself in Dan and Allison’s arguments. But now, even Renee could see there was no malice in their banter.

The surprise on Allison’s face quickly morphed into her lips forming a smirk, not feeling insulted but looking impressed by Renee’s comment, just as Dan was. Allison looked to Dan, “I see you haven’t lost your big mouth as well, pretty sure it’ll be just as loud on court. I’m heading out, get your asses in gear before Wymack gets in here”

I missed you too. She was pretty sure Allison just wished Dan good luck on her first day back in captaincy in typical Allison fashion. Dan and Renee quickly got their ‘asses in gear’ and were heading out, when Dan felt goosebumps. She felt those at very rare times. When she was officially signed the contract to play for the foxes she had those same goosebumps, when she looked her team at the first day of summer practices. The time she stepped on the court in front of a full stacked stadium. And now she felt them, she didn’t know why; perhaps the new turn in her relationship with her roommates. Perhaps it was the second year as captain, she was wiser and she now knew to how to control the misfits that called themselves foxes. Or perhaps it was the new recruits, recruits she had a hand in selecting.

A sharp while sounded through the doors. A signal that coach was losing his patience. Time to get moving.

Let’s do this Wilds.


“That asshole is going to get my fist up his ass!”

Okay then.

“Allison…You’re being a little too loud”, Renee chastised. She was looking over her shoulder, at the slow closing of the door to the female locker room, probably checking if anyone heard the loud rant.

Allison turned onto Renee “Does it look like I give a damn of what that dickhead thinks?” She then turned to the door and yelled, “If he needs to get his ass pulverized so he can stop being a dick then I’ll gladly volunteer!”.

With that, Renee took Allison gently by her shoulders and steered her away from the door. Probably didn’t want to increase any more drama than what happened occurred. Renee was always the peace keeper, but her calm facade was showing hint of apprehension.

She was right into thinking that. Jacob was always an asshole, dominantly to the girls. But there was something about him that made him a bit dangerous to meddle with.

Allison looked straight at Dan, “I guess you’ll start on how I’m better than this and I shouldn’t have done what I did and all that bullshit.”

Dan looked at Allison blankly. “I’m the last person who would defend Jacob.” God knows how much I want him off my court. “That being said, yes. You didn’t need to stoop down to his level of douchebaggery.”


“Yup. But I have to say, That was hell of a tackle you did.”

Allison’s face plastered an evil grin. “What can I say, Jacob brings out the best in me.”

“He sure does bring out the best in Seth as well”.

Allison winced in disgust, and Dan sighed.

Jacob Mathews was an upperclassmen. And a total misogynistic bastard. He had a permanent bitch face, and his attitude perfectly matched his face. He hated the girls, despised Dan for taking his chance to be captain. Hated Renee for her eternal calm demeanor (but then again, he wasn’t the first and not the last to be unsettled by that). He has had beef with Seth since what feels like the beginning of time. And to add to that, he’s had a not so secret aim to try to fuck Allison.

The only redeeming quality he had was that he was a killer striker. The bad thing was that he was always in Seth’s face, always taunting him, especially if Seth and Allison were on the outs. Which always led Jacob to openly flirt with Allison.

Will there ever be a day where Seth can get along with another striker?

“Are you and Seth off at the moment?” Renee asked gently after a pause.

Allison rolled her eyes. “It doesn’t matter.”

“It does.” Dan and Renee replied in unison.

“No it doesn’t. Regardless of me and Seth, I can handle this all on my own” Allison walked away to the showers, terminating the conversation.

Renee and Dan stayed back, having a silent conversation in their eye contact.

After a long pause, Dan asked quietly, “Renee…what are you thinking?”

“He seemed different after we walked off court. And he walked through the opposite exit of the stadium.”

“Yeah that’s because he sometimes smokes up after practice. That’s not exactly news to everyone.”

‘I know. I’m just saying he was acting different. Renee’s calm facade was showing more hints of concern.

Dan clasped her shoulder in encouragement. “I wouldn’t worry about it. Besides, we have you as out secret weapon”

Renee smirked, “You will never let me live that down. Go shower, I’ll be a minute.”

“Sure thing.”


Ten minutes after soaking in the near scalding water, Dan walked out of her stall in her underwear. Allison had just gotten out, coincidently right when Renee decided to go in. Probably waiting to see if any unexpected events would occur. Dan was running the towel through her hair, spending some moments infant of the mirror, shaking through the strands vigorously. Maybe that was why she didn’t hear what she was walking into.

What she walked into, she stood the corner of the entrance and what she entered to  was nothing she would’ve guessed.

Allison backed into the lockers. Jacob slowly walking up to her, his movements slow and menacing. Allison was half dressed, he must have sneaked up to her. She had her hands by her side, her face was calm yet annoyed (a look only she can master). But Dan knew better. Allison was afraid, She was caught off guard, and by the looks of her hands turning into fists, she was preparing for the worst scenario.

“I don’t care about what you want, get the fuck out” Allison pointed to the door.

Jacob kept slowly progressing, “Are you sure you want me to leave?-”

Fuck. he was wasted.

“-I think you would want me here, and we can finally have some privacy without your guard dog” When Allison started to speak, he gave her a striking look, “Shh. Let’s not be loud okay, no one needs to know”

Okay that’s enough.

Dan stepped forward into the room, “You have exactly three seconds to get out before I get coach so he can drag your ass out of here himself”

Jacob leaned back infinitesimally. “This doesn’t include you Wilds.” Allison locked eyes with Dan, showing her alarm before Jacob stole her attention back to him. He grazed his fingers on Allison’s jaw, and Dan’s body tensed. Jacob pointed to Dan with a thunderous grin on his face. “She can join us you know, so can the other freak.”
“That’s enough, I’m getting Seth.” Allison shoved him off hard, making her way to the door, not caring about her half dressed state. Then in an instant Jacob moved so quick, took her arms and shoved her back to the lockers. He took her hair in his hands and pulled so hard, Allison cried.

Until then Dan was stiff, stuck to her place as she couldn’t comprehend the sudden movement. But when Allison gave a cry, a yell of pain she never heard from her, she charged forward without a care.

She tackled Jacob into his side, pushing him into the side wall. As soon as his body hit the wall, she punched him in the jaw. clearly not knowing how to correctly punch someone, Her hand shook from the unbelievable pain. But she didn’t have much time as Jacob didn’t seem too affected by the punch, even as blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth.

As he smiled at Dan’s attempt, he whispered, “You punch like a girl”. Dan’s blood boiled, her body shook with the urge to beat him to death, she looked him dead in the eye, with quiet rage in her voice she replied, “My bad. Let me try again.”

Her arm leaned back, to punch him harder than anything she had ever done. But Jacob was quick, he grasped her arm and pushed her into the wall, into the same place he was just a few seconds ago. He pushed her arm behind her body, her face digging into the concrete wall, and was twisting her arm behind her back with so much pressure, she was scared he would break it. With all the strength she could she twisted her arm free of the place he kept it in, and elbowed him so hard he bellowed backward.

It was that instant that Allison dragged him further backward by his shirt, but Jacob turned and back handed Allison so loud and hard she fell to the floor. Dan was already charging toward him, but Jacob was ready for her this time. He leaned down and punched Dan in the stomach, causing her wheeze in pain. With that he grasped her throat in his hands and shoved her back to the wall. Dan kneed him hard, Jacob cursed but didn’t let go and put more pressure in hands at her throat. Dan was took his wrists and her hands and was trying to push him off.

He looked her in the eye, with so much hate she had ever received from anyone, even more than her aunt. “You took what should’ve been mine Wilds.”

“Fuckkk…you”, Dan wheezed out.

Jacob smiled, “thanks but I plan to do that with Allison”. He squeezed her throat even harder, and Dan was squabbling for anything, her hands reaching out for anything that could help her. Her throat was on fire, and she could feel the lack of air in her body.

Then she saw a quick movement in the corner of her eye. and she saw the smile wiped off at Jacob’s face as he released the death grip on her throat. With nothing to grab onto and hold her up, Dan fell to the floor. Her hands went to her throat, and she coughed and wheezed air back into her body. Allison was next to her in a heartbeat, she was holding Dan’s face in her hands, Shock and concern on her face. Allison’s eyes were wide, and her cheek was spilt open from the slap, blood dripping down her face.

Wait. Where’s Jac—

Jacob grunted. He was lying on the floor a few feet away from them. With Renee straddling him, holding something to his throat.

Is that a… oh shit.

“Renee!”, Allison yelled. She left Dan and ran to Renee, “What the hell are you doing?!”

“Quiet.” Renee’s voice was low and menacing, completely opposite to what she was. Dan tried to get up but couldn’t, somehow her legs were numb form the previous altercation. She crawled as fast as she could to Jacob’s side so she could see Renee.

Jacob was quiet, his face was bloody, bruises were quickly forming as well as a black eye. He was motionless. His eyes were jumping to and back to the eyes of the girl who was straddling him, and to knife she was holding to his throat.

Holy shit. Where did she even get that knife?

Dan looked to the raw and bloody knuckles of Renee’s hand and ran her eyes to Renee’s face. It was this moment Dan realized, that Renee didn’t have a article of clothing on. Her body and her were still wet. It was as if she heard what was happening in the shower and she didn’t think about anything but to pin Jacob on the floor. She didn’t grab anything. Nothing. Except that knife. That huge, shiny knife.

Renee’s face was completely devoid of emotion. Her eyes completely blank. She looked … calm. But this was the worse kind of calm. She didn’t tear her gaze away from the spot Jacob’s throat, a few breaths away from the edge of the knife she held there.

Dan was daunted by the look on Renee’s face. This side of Renee answered questions of her past, while raising so many others. Dan didn’t know if she could stop her. Hell, she didn’t know she could do anything with Renee if she was like this.

Dan swallowed, looked intently at her…friend, and spoke in what she hoped was a clear tone. “Renee. Put the knife away.” Renee didn’t move an inch, her hand moving the knife even closer to the skin.

“Oh my God”, Allison whispered. Allison locked eyes with Dan, Her distress obviously apparent. It was understandable. She never saw Renee this way. At least Dan had witnessed a variation of it, but this was something she had never came across.
Dan stared at Allison, and her fear was shrinking.

Only one of us are allowed to be scared.

Dan nodded to Allison. giving her silent strength. While holding her stare, Dan called out to Renee, shifting her gaze to the unmoved being on Jacob.

“Renee look at me.” She was unsuccessful.

“Renee…look at me.” Unsuccessful again.

Fuck this.

“Renee Walker, FUCKING LOOK AT ME!”. At the sound of her full name, Renee looked at Dan. Her eyes gaining little emotion.

“Renee put the knife away. Do not do this.”

Renee shifted her eyes Jacob, who was shaking, her hand tightening on the knife. “He deserves this”

Dan looked at Jacob. “He does.” Jacob’s eyes flew to her and his body started shaking even more.

“He does deserve this.” Dan shifted her eyes back to Renee, “But you aren’t the one who is allowed to punish him.” With that statement Renee lifted her face back to Dan. Her eyes getting more stormy.

Holding her stare, “You don’t want to do this. You’re doing this for us, but we don’t want it. Renee I know how important your faith is to you, you know you can’t do this”

Renee’s hand holding the knife was shaking so violently. Her eyes brimming, it was more than evident she was torn.

Allison was completely quiet until this moment. She saw Renee’s hand shaking and spoke up gently, “Renee. If you do this, you’ll never forgive yourself for this. you’ll never come back from it.”

Dan added, “It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, you’re not that person anymore. So please. Just give me the knife.”

Renee’s cheeks were stained with tears flowing continuously. Regardless of her eyes, her face was dead serious. She leaned into Jacob’s face and the room fell silent. Renee pressed the knife to his throat, and Dan’s breath caught.

Renee leaned down and spoke in a low and serious voice, “If you ever come near them again…I will kill you. Make no mistake of that. Are we clear?” Jacob nodded vigorously, his voice silent. Renee extended the knife to Dan, who took it gently from her hands. Couldn’t bear to hold it for long she threw in the passage way towards the showers.

Renee stood up in a swift motion, and walked to open the locker door. Jacob got up gingerly and as he stood in the middle of the girls, he shook his head and ran out of the door Renee was holding open.

As the door shut closed, the three girls stood still as they looked at each other.


Dan locked their dorm door after the girls entered two hours later.

After Jacob left, Renee started shaking and went to the shower and sat on the floor while hot water was running over her head. Regardless of just taking a shower, Renee pulled her legs in to her chest and rested her head on her knees. Dan and Allison stopped just shy of the shower stall, and just looked at her. Dan wanted to comfort Renee but there were more pressing matters.

Dan grabbed Allison’s elbow and lightly led her out of the room. They stopped in the middle of the locker room. Allison looked around with her lip between her teeth, “Are you sure we should leave her right now?”

Dan went to put her pants on, “I think she just needs a minute to herself. You need to finish getting dressed.” Dan looked over and Allison was still immobile. Allison had tears in her eyes. “This is all my fault.” she whispered.

Dan walked over to her, took her face in her hands and spoke to her in an intent matter. “Don’t you dare blame yourself for this. There’s nothing to blame you for. Now I need you to buck up and help me.” She walked over and grabbed the clothes Allison left in the middle of dressing. she handed them over, “I need you to get dressed, get Abby in here so she can examine you both, while I talk to Coach.”

Dan was about to pull away when Allison tugged her hand and pressed her fingertips on Dan’s throat. “What about you, you have so many bruises on your cheek and on your throat. God Dan, I’m so sorry” Dan held and gently squeezed Allison hands and looked into her eyes and calmly said, “I told you there’s nothing to blame you for, I need you to get dressed okay? I’ll come back with coach and I’ll get checked by Abby. Okay?”

Allison sniffled, wiped her tears and nodded. She finished putting her clothes on and after they glanced at Renee, they walked out of the locker room. Everyone had left, of course they had. No one here was their friend, and the girls always arrived and left together, so no surprise. Allison turned to one end of the hall walking to Abby’s office, while Dan turned to Wymack’s office. She entered without knocking.

Wymack was buried in paperwork, and was going over stats on a sheet. Without looking up, he grumbled, “What do you want? I’m busy here.”

Dan was close to tears after seeing Wymack, her relief of seeing someone who made her feel so secure. She starved off her tears and replied in a calm voice, “We need to talk.”

Wymack raised his head after hearing Dan’s voice, his face curious. His curiosity froze on his face, as his eyes went wide on Dan’s cheek and throat. And finally he shot up from his desk, fists at his sides, and replied with quiet rage in his voice, “Who did that to you?”

Dan was caught off by his demeanor, and her eyes went wide. Wymack strode forward while Dan remained immobile. He gently took her jaw in his hands, and spoke softer, “Danielle”, Dan’s breath caught at the term of endearment, and a tear slipped free.
Wymack wiped the tear by his thumb. “Danielle” He repeated. “Tell me who did this to you.”

His touch was kind, while his voice was serious. And Dan took ahold of herself.

This is not the time.

“Jacob.” She saw Wymack take a harsh look on his face but she continued, “It’s not just me. You need to come with me right now, Abby’s already there.” Coach’s eyes were wide but he followed Dan on her heels when she walked back to the locker room.


Allison and Renee in the middle of the living room, staring outside the window at the rain pouring down. The lights weren’t on. Dan turned and leaned back on the door, trying to process what just happened to them in the last three hours.

The attack.
Renee giving up the knife.
Wymack and Dan entering while Abby sat a towel covered, ashen Renee on the bench.
Abby inspecting Dan’s purple and blue bruises in a forced calmness.
Allison relegating the whole incident to Coach, not mentioning the knife, only that Renee was on top of him.
Coach asking each player in the room if they wanted to press charges. Dan and Allison said no. Renee just shook her head, still ashen.
Coach stating he was calling the board and telling them about this and expelling Jacob.
Abby stating that they should go to her house so they can rest while she can watch over them. They all declined the offer.
Wymack dropping them off at the dorms, looking at Dan in a way that screamed, to call him if they need anything.

And now they were here. immobile. In the living room. In the dark, except from the light outside.

Renee stood closest to the window, Dan was watching her. She was so quiet since she gave the death threat to Jacob. Now she was shaking as she was before, and after a pause she let out the first sound since that, and she turned.

She looked at Allison, her lip quivering, before moving her gaze to Dan.

“I’m…so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry” She kept repeating this while staring at the floor. Her tears flowing in steady streams, and her voice breaking more after each time she apologized.

Dan strode forward and gathered Renee in her arms. Her heart was breaking for her. She couldn’t imagine how hard it must have been for Renee to cross that line. She pressed their foreheads together, closed her eyes and spoke in a low voice:

“Renee…What you did…You saved me. And not for the first time. You’ve always been there and you saved us today.”

Renee broke and fell into her arms and cried. Allison joined right then, her arms encircling Renee’s squeezing her so tight as if she was trying to take her pain away. Renee raised her head, and spoke to both of them, “I didn’t want to hurt him, you have to believe me…I just wanted him to stop hurting you both. I wasn’t going to…”

Dan’s dam broke with Allison’s and let her tears flow freely, “I know, and I’m so proud of you for stopping yourself.”

Allison whispered, “Thank you for saving me Renee Walker.”

Renee closed her eyes, her tears flowing down her cheeks.

Dan took each one of their hands in one of her own, and made a triangle. She looked at Renee, “You are not that person anymore Renee. Don’t ever be afraid of turning back into that person.” Renee looked at her, and whispered, “You don’t know. Of the person I was.”

Dan squeezed the hands held with her own. “True, but I could care less of who you used to be. You’re Renee Walker, and you’re my family.”

Allison and Renee both looked at her, emotions over flowing her their features. She grabbed them both in a hug, and while they they circled their arms around each other, she whispered, “If anything happened to either of you…You both are my family, and I will never let anything happen to you ever again.”


Dan was gently shaking Allison from her sleep next morning.

“Allison wake up, we need to go.” Renee never needed to be woken up. In the year they lived together, she learned Renee was a very light sleeper, and would wake to the slightest sounds. And true to her discovery, Renee roused sleepily, stretching her arms above her head before blinking unto Dan, “Coach excused us from practice today.”

He did. He texted Dan late last night after dropping them off. He called the team an hour before their usual time to fill them on the details. He would let them know that Jacob was expelled and was no longer allowed on school grounds, and someone would pack his things while he was off school property. But Dan would not sit out on this one.

“I know. But we need to go anyway. Allison I need you to wake up, Come on.” she started shaking Allison even more until she groaned.

“Go away from me before I pull a knife to your throat”. Dan and Renee stood still as they looked to her.

Allison, looked up to both of them, fully awake with a smile, “Too soon?”

“You think”, Renee said while Dan replied, “No shit”, chuckling. Renee then, grew serious, “Speaking of, where is the knife?”, Dan’s eyes went wide.

Oh shit, I forgot about the knif-

“I have it.” Allison shocked both of them by standing and walking to her gym bag and pulling the knife from the side pocket.

Allison walked back and put it next to Renee on the couch. “I swiped it when Abby was wrapping you in the towel, better than to raise questions. But honestly, I don’t think you need this anymore.”

Renee took the knife in her hand, twisting it in her hand. “You’re right, I’ll put this somewhere safe.”

“Good.” Allison turned to Dan, “Now tell me why we have to go to practice this morning, when have the day off?”

Dan straightened, the intent clear and headstrong in her voice, “Because we need to prove something.”

“And what’s that?”

Dan grinned, “That we’re the last three girls anyone who should make the mistake of messing with.” Dan looked at the the widening grins of her roommates fixated on their faces.


Dan and Allison walked onto inner court in full gear, rackets in their hands, with Renee trailing right behind them, racket across her shoulders. Wymack was going over some notes, while a play was in motion on court.

One player saw them approaching, and stopped short, with a shocked expression. This caused Wymack to look over to see them standing there. He stopped the play and everyone looked to what he was staring at. And the court went silent.

It was Allison’s idea, to not put on a speck of makeup. Instead of covering the bruises, Dan and Allison pulled their hair back and high so every bruise and cut was painfully visible. Additionally with the bruises, the lack of fear was also evident on their faces. Even Renee was looking indifferent than her usual kind calmness. It seemed the team finally understood the girls.

Wymack stayed where he was, and after a pause, he turned away with a calm, “You’re late.”

Dan couldn’t help but grin, “Better late than never Coach.”

“Yeah yeah, get warmed up and lead the practice Captain.” Wymack pointed to court, “Finish the play Gordon.”

Seth looked as if he was about to drop his racquet and run to Allison, but Allison shook her head no, and gave him a look that said they would talk later.

“Now Gordon.”

And the play began again. Wymack turned them back to them, “Get warmed up, and get on court. Renee I want you to give them hell with goal”

Renee grinned, “I’ll try my best coach.”

As they walked away, Coach called Dan to stay back, he leaned in close, “You didn’t have to be here today you know.”

Dan looked at court, “I know, but this is my team and I’m not letting anyone forget that.”

Wymack looked at her with a proud gleam in her eye, “Good, now get warmed up, and also the rookie arrived today, You mind showing him the ropes?”

Dan backed away, “Nope, where is he?”

Wymack called out, “Boyd!” and got a “Yes Coach” from next to the glass, away from both of them.

Dan looked over to the voice, and spotted the newcomer. Wymack picked him, she knew that because she never saw his file. Only his games. He was tall. Way too tall for a newbie. And by that way he was looking at them, he was observing them for some time. However, it was the look he was giving Dan. It was unrecognizable, if she had known any better, she could’ve stated that was respect. Dan gave him a once over, and wasn’t surprised when he gave her one in return. But this time, her stomach flipped.

Don’t even go there.

“You’re Mathew Boyd?”

“Matt. And yeah.” He was clearly scared of her.


“Okat Matt. You mind running a few extra laps while I give you the rundown?”

“Not at all” He was drawing near her.

Dan raise an eyebrow, and smirked. “Great. Let’s go rookie” and with they ran alongside each other on their laps.

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I’m not one to share a lot of my personal life on here anymore, but I wanted to share a little bit of positivity about someone who makes me incredibly happy.
So this time last year, I was going through a prolonged breakup with my abusive ex.
Around the same time, an odd, nerdy guy at work started talking to me after a good while of awkward eye contact. We ended up talking to each other pretty much incessantly about Star Wars, nerdy stuff and life in general. After some not so subtle suggestions from mutual friends/coworkers I realized I liked him a lot. But I was too awkward to really do anything about it.
Then he took the initiative and asked me. I never imagined how glad I would be that I said yes.
He’s been absolutely wonderful. Sweet, cuddly and always supportive. I came into our relationship with lifelong trauma and very little control over various aspects of my mental illnesses. He’s always encouraging me to do better on caring for myself and to not just hide in my house not talking to people. Since we’ve been together I’ve been doing better. This last year was full of trials in our personal lives, but got through them together. I believe we’re stronger for it. Before him, I considered myself a rather emotionally detached person in relationships and often came off as such. I didn’t use pet names and was rarely outwardly affectionate in front of people. Now I use cutesy names more often than his actual name and I can’t really stop myself from being affectionate to him. I look at him and all I can think is “How did I get so lucky? I want to spend my life with him”. And I’m going to- we got a matching ring set as a Christmas gift to each other and are slowly announcing being engaged to our friends. To my cute trash panda @animeislife4everandover, I love you with all my heart.