i really love how pretty he is back then

Jon Walker Appreciation
  • an awesome musician
  • Cat person like woah
  • how adorable is he even???
  • scruff appreciation
  • Probably wore flipflops to his own wedding
  • Married his high school sweetheart Cassie
  • Is the first member of pre split panic to be a dad
  • likes Green Day
  • Is an extremely talented singer wow that is actually one of the good things to come out of the split
  • Have you seen his twitter??
  • A laid back and chill dude
  • Tries to keep in touch with the rest of bandom
  • Pretty sure he wants a panic reunion
  • Also as much as I love fever era panic, it’s really cute how Jon never really fit into the whole emo aesthetic yknow? I bet he hid from Ryan and his makeup kit
  • Why would you hate Jon Walker jfc?????

One Piece ワンピース [Marineford Arc] : Shichibukai “Knight of the Sea” Jinbē vs Portgas D. “Fire Fist” Ace

“A boy like you might be an assassin…I cannot allow you to see him!! I may not be a member of the Whitebeard Pirates, but I owe them a debt. I will face you myself!”

From his first mention by Yosaku in Chapter 69 to his reveal at Impel Down in Chapter 528, for me, Jinbē has been one of the most hyped characters in One Piece! Every time he comes out he absorbs me into the story. I was really happy to find out he was a Whale Shark Fishman and I love the fact that he is respected by everyone anywhere he goes. I’m kinda sad his design changed once they revealed how he looked like back in Fisher Tiger’s Era cos it was sick af, but ofc, the current one is still pretty badass! I love Fishman Karate, it’s one of the dopest concepts Oda has created, Jinbē’s “Spear Wave” blew me out of the water. I was so angry when Akainu injured him like, “Boyyy, you lucky we ain’t in the ocean!!” haha I can’t wait for him to join the Straw Hat Crew; The First Son of the Sea!

Dark Souls III Soundtrack OST

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I'd love to read so more of your headcanons, would you do a "how isak and even's relationship continues in season 4/after even graduated" one, please? Pretty pretty please 🙏

hey!!! yes i really love this prompt im sorry it took so long to answer,

  • even sort of goes back and forth on this for a little while but isak and his parents and everyone is adamant: you’re going to university.
    • which makes the anarchist in even want to say fuck you i’m not going to university ever im gonna get a job right now and see where life takes me but he knows objectively that he’s really intelligent and that he would do really good in university, what with the liberty to study what he wants and more flexibility and control over his schedule. 
    • and he’s an intellectual at heart, so honestly??? the idea of studying film and late nights and long hours of reading sort of excites him.
    • so even resists his impulses that scream at him GIVE UP! BECOME A HERMIT AND DONT SUCCUMB TO THE EXPECTATION THAT YOU HAVE TO BE A FUNCTIONING MEMBER OF SOCIETY, and he goes to university.
  • the particular university he wants to go to is in Oslo, so its not like he’s super far away when he finds an apartment with a couple of friends - but it sort of feels like a long-distance relationship anyways???
    • its the schedules. somehow whenever isak gets a free weekend and doesn’t have a ton of work, even’s busy and organizing something to do during the week is just…impossible. so they end up seeing each other a lot less than they normally do.
    • and even’s having a really good time, and he makes sure to at least text isak something every day so its not like he’s disappeared but its hard to keep that promise and sometimes isak doesn’t get an update from him for days on end. 
    • and its just really hard. 
    • bc it sort of feels like even’s moving on and isak’s being forgotten. 
    • but even always reminds him that once isak’s in university, they could maybe get an apartment together…? with maybe like two other people its not like a big deal you know its chill and casual….? 
    •  and isak feels a bit better. 
    • he still makes sure to say every once in a while hope ur not hooking up with too many hot film majors, i hear they’re all pretentious
    • even always responds of course not! i only hook up with the hot art majors
    • but its so hard to transition into coming home and knowing even isn’t there and sleeping alone so many nights in a row and isak doesnt like change, doesnt like it one bit. and he’s just so lonely. 
      • everyone teases isak for being mopey for the first couple of months. the Boys try and cheer him up by going to parties but isak’s so pitiful he’ll pull some shit like taking a hit of weed and then look depressed and when they ask whats wrong, isak he’ll sigh and say weed reminds me of even……..
      • PATHETIC

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imagine keith seeing a sad lance and having the desire of comforting him without knowing how to properly do it, so he resolves in shooting random compliments he never thought he could personally say out loud.

“listen i think you’re really great. like…super great. like….awesome. did i say great already? but i mean it. really. I love you—-r way of handling things. for real. you’re really pretty—-GOOD AT FIGHTING! yeah that’s about it….I like you—-r personality a lot….ahah….did i…fucking stutter”

lance looks at him and chuckles because he’s really happy keith made an effort to cheer him up even if he’s kinda left wondering Keith meant more to what He was saying

Captain Boomerang Relationship Headcanons

A/N: Hello my babies! I hope you like this! I am going to do one for Rick Flag but if you want anyone else from the squad or anyone else, I would love to!


  • Boomer is pretty possessive, his hands are either on your waist or the small of your back.
  • He’ll always buy your drinks for you, no matter how many or how expensive.
  • Him always laughing and throwing you over his shoulder when you get a little too tipsy and try to fight everyone.
  • Randomly, he’ll lean down and give you a hickey. He has no shame.
  • Constantly tapping, slapping, squeezing your butt.
  • Him getting jealous really easily…like REALLY easily.
  • He will totally end up trying to fight the guy that looks at your ass for about two seconds.
  • He really likes to whisper really dirty things in your ear.
  • Also, rubbing your thighs, a little too close to between your legs.

At Home:

  • People may scoff, but he actually kinda likes to clean. He will always clean up his beer cans and does the laundry.
  • If you ever told anyone about that, he would literally kill anyone that heard that because he could never hurt you.
  • He is needy. He will basically whine if you’re out of his sight too long.
  • He always likes to shower with you, and it doesn’t always end in sex.
  • Clothing: optional
  • Lazy Sunday afternoons spent with him cleaning his boomerangs on the couch and you reading a book while you lean against him.
  • You taking care of his wounds when he comes back from a mission.


  • He LOVES spoiling you, albeit with stolen jewelry, but nonetheless.
  • Also, he loves kissing you softly on the neck.
  • The first ‘I love you’ came around when you two were shouting about his drinking problem and he asked you why you cared so much and you just screamed, “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!”
  • Ever since then, he really had slowed down on drinking.
  • Dates aren’t really either your styles. Sometimes you went to the movies but you never saw any of it because you guys are too busy making out in the back row.
  • If he has a nightmare out on a mission, he’ll talk you and listen to your voice to calm him down.
  • When he’s with you and has a bad dream, he’ll pull you onto his chest, laying your head on his heart. He really loves when you lay on his chest, makes him feel loved.
  • He actually likes being the little spoon sometimes.
  • He wants kids, and a lot of them. 


  • Day, night, it doesn’t matter. Digger will try and fuck you.
  • He likes to take you behind.
  • His two favorite parts of your body is your ass and the arch in your back.
  • ‘Love making’ isn’t really in his vocab. He will if you ask, but you almost never do.
  • He will always have you suck him off and sometimes he’ll eat you out, and when you do, he does it until you’re literally screaming for him to stop. Even then he might not stop.
  • He loves to spank you, he loves the little yelps that come from you.
  • Digger is very aware of how strong and large he is, so he will always make sure your okay before going on.
  • Choking…lots of it
  • Light bondage
  • Him dirty talking all the time and making you call him Captain.
  • Loud af, all your neighbors know all your little pet names.
  • If he sees tampon or pad wrappers in the garbage, he will be on you like a shark, trying to get you pregnant. 
  • After sex, he will always kiss your lips really softly and rub your sides, mumbling how much he loves you.

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  • nobody asked for this but i for real think about this everyday
  • jeonghan?? is a really good boyfriend when he’s not being a demon
  • it was pretty funny how you two got to know each other actually
  • you’re a stylist for seventeen so u already know your job is like,,, literal hell
  • there’s a handful of stylists who work on several boys at a time
  • sometimes you guys switch it up to keep it interesting, but you tend to drift back to the same guys bc hey, easy, you know what they like and it makes your job simple
  • you’re in charge of vernon, seokmin, and wonwoo
  • you not only pick out outfits for them, but you also work their hair as well
  • you’ve got a pretty easy bunch bc they don’t really stray?? from their usual like they request some out of the box things *cough* cheeto head vernon *cough* but haha its not anything major
  • one day one of the other stylists asks that you take care of jeonghan in her place bc she has to help minghao find a missing piece for his outfit so you’re like sure simple
  • you go over to jeonghan’s chair and he’s busy scrolling on his phone so you just figure you’ll do what you gotta and get er done but as soon as your hand is like hovering over his scalp, he looks up
  • he locks eyes with you in the mirror and smiles, and you nearly melt
  • “hey (y/n), you’re doing my hair today?” he sounds so casual saying your name like you didn’t even think he knew it lmao
  • it sounds really pretty when he says it too… tf
  • “o-oh yeah your usual stylist is busy with minghao” you tell him, getting to work and (shakily) grabbing for the brush
  • before you can get it tho jeonghan already has it hand and is passing it to you
  • “that’s alright. i prefer a little change every once in a while” he smiles at you dazzlingly as you start to rake the brush through his hair, and soon after he like. moans
  • it’s kinda hot
  • it’s not loud or super vulgar or anything like it’s just so unexpected and you kind of stop. pausing with the brush in his hair. wondering what the fuck 
  • jeonghan’s eyes are shut too like he looks like a literal angle <3333 
  • he opens his eyes slowly and whines when he notices you haven’t moved the brush “why’d you stop? that felt good”
  • fuck
  • ok
  • you gently begin brushing again and while he doesn’t moan any more (thank god) his eyes are still shut and he’s like melting into your touch as you gently style his hair
  • it feels so soft and silky between your fingers and you almost wanna touch it more but that’d be weird 
  • when you finally get his hair in place just right, you pull back fully and pat jeonghan’s shoulder with a final “all good!”
  • jeonghan’s eyes slip open once more and the heavy gaze he hits you with through the mirror makes you blink a few times in confusion
  • then he just hums and says “okay, thanks” unenthusiastically
  • you’re not sure what you did for the change in tone but you try to brush it off bc seungkwan is tugging you this way and that, asking you to help him fix his suspender and you pretty much let it go after that
  • it’s only a few days later at another event when jeonghan’s stylist comes up to you while you’re on break sipping a coffee with a pout and goes “you didn’t have to go and steal one of my boys you know”
  • you frown of course cause? huh?
  • she looks at you like you’re crazy and goes “didn’t you hear? jeonghan asked if you could be his permanent stylist. i ended up taking vernon in his place”
  • you’re literally like O.o
  • sure enough when you go into the dressing room, jeonghan is already seated and ready for his hair to be done wayyyy before his makeup or his outfit is put on and all smiles
  • “what are you waiting for?” he asks nonchalantly, giving you that same dazzling smile, and you just awkwardly fall into place with it bc idk maybe he really wanted that change of scenery
  • (the other boys totally noticed jeonghan’s intentions tho lmao seungcheol gave him the hardest time over it later that night) 
  • you thought that maybe jeonghan would want another change a few weeks down the line but that proved not true
  • he basically only had eyes for you in more ways than one
  • he’d make chit chat often, asking about your life, things you liked to do and what you wanted to be when you got older or passed on from the job
  • he even had the audacity to ask abt ur ideal type and you (not so) jokingly went “yoon jeonghan” 
  • he was so surprised he jolted in his chair and burned his ear on the flat iron
  • soon after that jeonghan got bolder, and even went as far as asking for your number
  • he’d text you on the weekends and take you out for food, or to fairs, or to karaoke bars with a few other guys from seventeen
  • but slowly it dwindled down to just being the two of you and you weren’t really sure how to feel about it
  • granted you liked jeonghan a lot but like what was he trying to do here?? he hadn’t been very straightforward 
  • you had begun to wonder what was up when one night you two were eating at a noodle shop and the waitress comes by and says “would you and your lovely girlfriend like dessert?” 
  • you laugh into your drink and are about to correct her when jeonghan folds his arms on the table and grins and goes “no, i think we’re good”
  • you kinda stare at him in awe as he gives you a lil fake innocent smile and goes “what? did you want something after all? i can call her back”
  • it becomes clearer later that night when he drives you back to your place how he feels
  • he doesn’t really think about it, just leans down and plants a kiss on your lips and says “pick you up for a mini golf date at seven next friday?”
  • that’s how you basically begin dating jeonghan
  • he’s an amazing boyfriend okay but he’s also,,, the worst
  • knows he’s cute and knows you’re wrapped around his finger so he always gets his way
  • “(y/n) hey can you help pop this pimple on my back” “ew no jeonghan” “baby… sweetheart… please? i love you so much. and remember when i checked out that bump on your ass that one-” “IM COMING OK”
  • does that thing he does with dino where he’s like “whose baby are you” except he goes “whose darling are you”
  • and does it at the most embarrassing times, like with dino
  • *lit in the middle of talking to joshua and seungcheol* jeonghan: (y/n) whose darling are you??? :D
  • you, seconds from committing murder: jeonghan’s darling
  • he coos really loud and squeezes your cheeks to make it worse jfc
  • always teasing you about how cute you are like you could be screaming and bench pressing a cow and he’d just be smiling to himself and telling anyone who’ll listen “that’s her!! my gf!!! isn’t she amazing??? im in love with her”
  • cannot… chill
  • always doing some extra ass skinship with you
  • like u know he can just kiss you like a normal boyfriend but no
  • he’s grabbing at your thighs and hoisting you on to counters and leaving you all flustered and hot and then just switches back to normal jeonghan mode with a lil giggle and goes “whatdya want for breakfast, baby?”
  • besides being evil jeonghan is actually the sweetest
  • he’s not the mama of seventeen for nothing
  • he just has a knack for knowing how you feel and your lip could be down turned at -0.000000004 degrees and he’ll be like “:(( what’s wrong boo”
  • calls you extra pet names when he’s feeling cuddly
  • usually darling and baby are his go to’s but he will call you after every sugary thing in the book when he’s in the mood
  • likes to be back hugged and not the other way around
  • he’ll back hug you for a few seconds but he mainly likes being encompassed in you and just relishing in your warmth
  • doesn’t mind when you mess up his hair on his clothes bc tho he won’t really admit it outright you could murder him and he’d be okay with it
  • you’re always telling him how pretty he is and he’s so thankful and gets kinda blush-y
  • if y'all fight he’s stubborn af but after he cools down he feels really bad and just wants it to be resolved as quick as possible
  • like after a big fight you storm off to your room and jeonghan sulks in the kitchen for a little while but then he starts missing you and feeling terrible and he goes to your door and knocks gently and goes “i know i made you feel bad and i know i messed up. im so sorry angel. please let me in. i wanna make it up to you”
  • fights and tension don’t last long bc you both can’t stand not being happy together
  • minghao takes credit for you and jeonghan ending up together like “i mean if i hadn’t lost my jacket that one day you two would have never fallen in love”
  • but jeonghan, cheesy and in love, just goes “i would have fallen in love with (y/n) no matter what”

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college boyfriend!wonwoo

Initial Thoughts on Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

I loved this series when I was a kid, and the 2004 movie was a huge disappointment. I’ve been looking forward to the Netflix series for a while, and I’m now 3 episodes in. Here’s some spoiler free thoughts. 

1. Neil Patrick Harris is PERFECT

There was never any doubt in my mind that he could pull Count Olaf off, but I’m seriously impressed by how well he goes from ridiculous with a hint of menace to truly menacing and back again. I thought Jim Carrey’s Count Olaf was pretty good, but he never really scared me. NPH’s Count Olaf scares me, and I love it. 

2. The kids are giving me all the feels

When I saw the trailers, they looked a little wooden too me, and I was worried that I’d end up watching this show mainly for NPH. This was especially disappointing because the one part of the film that I unreservedly loved was Emily Browning as Violet. 

Turns out, I really had no reason to worry. It’s hard for even an adult actor to pull off subtle emotion, especially when a script calls for a blend of surrealist pastiche and genuine pathos. These kids pull. That. Off. Malina Weissman and Louis Hynes are motherfucking gifted. 

3. The Androgynous Henchperson was about as non-transphobic as the subject material would allow

If you haven’t read the books; Count Olaf has a series of henchmen, and one of the few things I dislike is that the author did rely on some icky tropes to characterize them. They aren’t well fleshed out but each have a simple identifier, like the Hook-Handed Man and the Powder Faced Women. One of these is the Androgynous Henchperson. Ugh. 

But it’s never specified what is androgynous about them, and both film and TV series were free to make up the details. The film went the full on transphobia route, where they slathered Craig Ferguson with bad-drag makeup. The series instead gives Matty Cardarople floppy hair and a loose silk blouse. Short of going back in time and saying, “Hey Daniel Handler, would you mind not using bigoted tropes to establish your minor villains as scary?” this is the best outcome. 

4. I LOOOOOVE the choice to cast several characters as POC

In contrast, race is hardly ever explicitly mentioned, so the series went for a lot of non-white actors. I especially loved Aasif Mandvi as Uncle Monty. He perfectly captured all the reasons Uncle Monty was everyone’s favorite guardian. 

5. So far the plot is extremely faithful 

I can’t say more without spoilers, so I’ll just leave it at that. 

6. The tone is dead on

I mentioned this a bit when I was talking about the actors who play the Baudelaire children. The whole series is a weird mix of absurdist and spooky that’s difficult to get recreate without also sacrificing the heartfelt emotion. The series is absolutely dead-on nailing it, and I love them for it. 

7. I’m already seeing hints of the themes that made the books so great

Again, hard to go into detail without spoiling, but here’s the broad strokes; A Series of Unfortunate Events didn’t just have characters who were good and evil and morally grey. It also had characters with good intentions, but misguided notions of what would help. It had characters who weren’t evil but happened to be preoccupied with their own affairs and agenda. It had characters who lived with a happy assumption that, because things had worked out for them, things would work out for everyone, and so there was no need to worry about the Baudelaires or take their problems seriously. There were characters who wanted to help but couldn’t, and characters who could help but didn’t want to, and characters who were willing to help but not super thrilled about it and happy to pass the buck to someone else without looking too closely at what that really entailed. 

This is an important dimension of morality that even adult books often neglect, and the film ignored it. Only three episodes in, and I’m already seeing it used with the Poe family and Justice Strauss, which is perfect. 

Overall, I’m incredibly happy so far and I can’t wait to finish the first season. 

Insecure Love

I keep finding new ways to push you away,

Majority of them are made up and make believe

Because I can’t fathom the thought of

Someone truly accepting and caring about me.

When you say “I love you”

Thoughts run through my mind

Like I’m not that intelligent nor that pretty

This has to be a joke. Maybe he’s blind.

Blind to who I really am

Maybe he only see’s the potential I can be

Because how can someone really love me

When I don’t even love me.

You came too close. I took steps back

And now you tell me you want to leave

And I feel abandoned and betrayed by a tainted love

When all I should just feel is guilty.

I ask myself, “Why do you constantly do this?

Do you really want to be alone your whole life?

Because you won’t find someone who will willingly deal with your mess

And you’ll never have the material to be someone’s wife.”

I know deep down I’m better than this,

Yet I keep pushing you away

But it’s my fears that keep me doing this

Afraid that something else will take you away.

I always say, “You deserve better than me”

Yet in my heart I know I’m the one for you

Instead of trying to be the person you deserve to have

I just say empty words that are untrue

So I’m running in circles, building walls

Leading myself astray

Because my heart doesn’t want to, but my mind can’t help

But to sit there and push you away.

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victuuri feeding each other :3c

send me a drabble prompt to help me catch the writing bug before school eats me alive!

“Mmm, what do you think of this one, Yuuri?” Victor pointedly licked his fork before slicing off another piece of the cake to offer him, and, ears burning as bright as the red velvet, Yuuri took the bite. It was good, soft and sweet and rich, but all he could focus on was the look on Victor’s face. That smirking fool knew that every employee in the bakery was watching them sample wedding cakes, and this was one in a long list of public displays of affection he’d been using to show the whole world just how head over heels he was. It was adorable, really, but cheesy, and kind of embarrassing, and Yuuri kind of wanted to get back at him for it.

“That’s pretty good, darling,” he said. “But have you tried this one? I just know you’ll love it.” He cut an enormous chunk of the chocolate, scooping an even bigger helping of the fluffy rocky road frosting onto it. Victor happily opened his mouth and aaah-ed and Yuuri intentionally missed with his first swing, getting white icing all over his lips.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. You know how clumsy I am.” He fed Victor the cake accurately this time and, while he was occupied with swallowing the sticky frosting, gently took hold of Victor’s chin and wiped off the marshmallow fluff with his fingers.

“What a waste,” he said, making direct eye contact before noisily sucking the frosting off of his fingers. As delicious as the cake was, it wasn’t what had caused him to start drooling like that.

“Oh, Yuuri, would you look at the time? We need to hurry to our…fitting.” He stood and pushed in his chair too quickly. “So sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll reschedule over the phone-bye!” He grabbed Yuuri by the arm and hauled ass back to the car.

Teasing Victor was a piece of cake.

BTS reaction to you kissing them for the first time

/my first bts reaction! Yay! Hope you like it! <3/

Taehyung (V): *you guys were just sat talking to each other when you leaned over and kissed him, he was surprised and giggled shyly*

“I love you jagi.”

Jimin: *you had kissed him to cheer him up and he starts acting all cute to get another kiss from you*

“Pretty please Jagi!”

Jin: *when you kiss him, he finds you super cute and starts smiling and telling you that he really loves you*

“Have I told you how much I love you Y/N.”

Yoongi (Suga): *he was working on a song when you kissed him, he was a little shocked but he pulled you onto him and kissed you back.”

“I love you babe.”

Jungkook: *you kissed him and he got shocked and a bit embarrassed but he loved it and he kissed you back when you didn’t expect it*

“I love you!” *giggles*

Hoseok (J-Hope): *be prepared to run because he will chase you and shower you with affection*

“I knew couldn’t resist me Y/N!” *chases you*

Namjoon (Rap Monster): *he is super happy that you kissed him and tells you how much he loves you and gives you a kiss back*

“You know I love you Y/N, more than anything!”

/hope you liked it! <3/

I hope you guys don’t mind if I answer both of these in a single post, since I thought they were pretty similar requests~

Thank you for submitting! Muah! (ɔ˘ ³(ˆ‿ˆc)


🐱 He would be really surprised at first but he did promise to accept everything about you.


🐱 Loves the fact that you can take charge and surprise him in ways he never thought possible.

🐱 He’ll come to all your gigs and always sit at the table in front of the stage.

🐱 Wears his best suit and silk tie, making him stand out like a sore thumb.


🐱 You’re really surprised how calm and collected he looks during your concerts.

🐱 Until you realize he’s always wearing earplugs…

🐱 When you tell him you want to get a new tattoo, he tries to convince you that Elizabeth 3rd’s portrait will look good on you.


★ He’s absolutely AMAZED by how cool you are!

★ Stares mesmerized at all your tattoos and traces them gently.

★ You tease him about getting one himself but he’d probably faint just THINKING about the pain he’d have to go through.

★ He tried to sit through one of your concerts once. It didn’t go well.

★ You get a new tattoo, it’s a little star on your wrist, and when he sees it he cries for a whole day.


★ He sobbed through the whole process and made the poor tattoo artist incredibly uncomfortable.

★ The pain was worth it though, since now he can tell you you’re connected by the stars.


❤ He comes to all your gigs and is super excited to see you on stage!

❤ When the concert ends, he’ll be the one screaming and applauding dramatically.


Babe pls sit down, you’re like an embarrassing mom!

❤ Once he drank one too many beers and joined you on stage for the final song.

❤ Now all your band mates want him as the lead singer.

❤ You both love riding his motorcycle and he takes you to all his favorite spots.

❤ Cold beers when you return home, because that always seems to hit the spot.

❤ He didn’t think anyone could rock tight leather pants more than him, but oh boy did you prove him wrong!

❤ He doesn’t want to get a tattoo but he loves yours and always calls them fine pieces of art on a fine piece of art.


☕ She’s so proper and well spoken while you’re the complete opposite and that drives her crazy! In a good way.

☕ She notices how you get a little jealous when she always goes to Zen’s performances but not yours so she becomes quite dedicated afterward.


☕ She takes care of everything PR related and manages your fanpage.

☕ She was out with you and Zen during a coffee break and when you got up to leave, she noticed just how good your ass looked in tight leather pants.

☕ "So it’s true what they say, good girls do fall for bad girls.”

Zen just quietly sips his drink being overwhelmed by all the gay.

☕ The next day, she gets up to leave first and you whisper to Zen how you love how she looks in that short pencil skirt.


☕ Tells you she’s against you getting another tattoo but she’s secretly turned on by how badass they make you look.


💾 ”Bet you’ll never guess where I have a tattoo~

💾 You were just trying to get his attention because he was ignoring you all day but you managed to unleash the beast instead.

💾 He looks like an excited kid off to a treasure hunt as his hands quickly try to undress you.

💾 “Babe, as much as I love you leather pants, they’re quite bothersome when I need to take them off!”

💾 When he finally finds it, and it’s in an intimate place no less, it instantly becomes his favorite kissing spot.

💾 He offers technical support for your concerts, the lights and sound are always amazing because of him.

💾 When he sees how wild you are on that stage he literally melts in his boots.

💾 He has no problem with you taking charge and will happily wear that cat maid outfit that makes you growl.

💾 ”Please be gentle, master~

💾 A pair of teasing sadists, that’s what you two are!



💀 You’re just as crazy and wild as he is so life is never boring with you.

💀 You always get matching tattoos and hold each other’s hand during the process.

💀 The way you bite your bottom lip when the needle touches your skin sends him in a frenzy!

💀 He thoroughly enjoys your concerts and is good friends with everyone from your entourage.

💀 Make-out sessions behind stage because he claims it gets rid of your stage fright.

💀 I’m sorry but do you guys have anything in your closet THAT IS NOT MADE OUT OF LEATHER?!

💀 You take turns when it comes to being in charge and you both love bondage.

💀 When he looks at you, he sees an equal, and he loves the fact that you’re a big girl that can take care of herself.

💀 When you two go out, people tend to stay out of your way.


💀 You actually argue over whom is more intimidating.


📷 Opposites do attract, huh?

📷 Everyone kind of wonders how someone like him, who is the breathing walking version of comfortable sweater, can be with someone wild as you.

📷 But it’s exactly that rebellious side that attracts him to you, an attraction he’s never felt before.

📷 You always surprise him, whether it’s with a new tattoo or a piercing or simply your attitude, he always finds new things to fall in love with.

📷 Tries to always be present during your gigs and takes the most beautiful pictures.


📷 He’s not your regular mom, he’s cool mom.

📷 You ask him once why he fell in love with you and he just gives you the sweetest smile that melts you on the spot.

📷 “For the same reason that I love cacti. They seem rough on the outside, ready to prick you with their needles if you’re not careful, but they bloom the most beautiful flowers.”

📷 You never doubt that he loves you again.

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Hades is the most precious of them all

He doesn’t exactly have much competition.

On a completely different note, I would like to start the hashtag #hestiaexists2k17.

bobaga said: Okay so I’ve been lurking on your blog since forever and lately your deluge of thoughtfully written and downright fascinating essays and ask replies have been making my days, it’s so fun to read and I love how K-fans view Jimin (pretty fairy!!) and how you’ve described their Kook/min fics. And also how you describe their dynamics, really it’s opened my eyes a lot ♡_♡! I love you! Just wanted to share that when you described Jimin as “shockingly savage sometimes” it reminded me of 4:22 in this YouTube clip of an ASC behind-the-scenes special (watch?v=FnlehceM_Mo). Always exposing his members 😂 How can a mochi be so savage

Thank you ♡ That video may me realize(?) something. The way Jimin talks and acts (and even the way he sounds) has changed significantly since their early years. Back then, he was so much more temperamental like a teenage brother. Now he’s legit scary like a middle age Korean mother who’s had enough of your shit.  

Seriously, Jimin may be a manggaetteok but mess with him and he’ll become a super spicy tteokbokki that will leave you breathless, crying, and feeling like somebody slapped you right in the face.

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Sort of like that ^

Guys, I don’t like to spoil movies. I really, really don’t and making this post is going to bother me a lot, but for the love of god, don’t go into Passengers thinking you’re watching a cute romantic dramedy in space.

You aren’t.

Chris Pratt’s character wakes up first. He can’t go back to sleep; his pod won’t allow for it. He becomes obsessed with how pretty Jennifer Lawrence is in her hibernation pod. He wakes her up. They enter a sexual relationship. He doesn’t tell her he woke her up. He condemns her to die with him. 

He stalks her. He lies to her. He murders her.

Think about it.

It’s not cute. It’s not charming. And because the marketing team is hiding this from you, I think you deserve a fair warning.

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This Is strange and I'm not sure how to word it, but do you think that Law and Kidd think about love? Like not fantasize about being in a romance. I mean do you think that they sit back at some point and think "I would really like to share these moments with someone special.." or "I wish I had someone to come to when it all breaks down". Not literally like that but I'm sure you know what I mean. XD thank you!

I think I know what you mean ;D

Let’s start off with Law. You see…he has a pretty fucked past with everything he loves or loved.

His parents and sister, his friends, his entire hometown, everything he has cared for and known, were brutally ripped from him within a very short time, which left him utterly, utterly messed up already

And then Corazon became the new light of his life, the man who loved and protected him and wanted to give him a happy life, and he was taken from Law as well.

Corazon’s death was the ultimate turning point in his life, when he decided to maniacally devote the next thirteen years in hunting down and killing Doflamingo.

Law endured one trauma after another, so taking all of this into consideration, I have hard time imagining that he is really capable of loving someone so deeply again.

I’m pretty damn sure that Law has developed something along the lines of a commitment phobia at this point, I mean sure he does care for his crew and he’s fond of Luffy and the other strawhats but I definitely think he also has kind of a comprehensible anxiety towards relationships or the thought of spending the rest of his life with somebody. Even if he found somebody he truly loves, he just would not be able to lose this person too.

This for Law. Kid is regarding to this pretty different.

We have seen too little of Kid to pin down his character/personality to something that specific.

Yet the way he’s being represented indicates that he’s not really the guy for romantic love, I would definitely say that he cares about his crew/Killer in strong brotherly/platonic way though.

For one because he was quite mad when Apoo attacked his weaker crewmembers.

(Kid might have as well been angry because he felt disrespected, but this is the prettier scenario) and because of how loyal they are/seem to be to Kid. 

Don’t get me wrong, pirates are supposed to be loyal to their captain, it’s nothing new, but Luffy, Doflamingo, Fisher Tiger and Whitebeard and Blackbeard too, are good examples for this kind of devotion not working without an actual strong bond the captain has with his crew. 

Luffy, Doflamingo, Tiger and Whitebeard really love/loved their crewmates and so all of them are/where incredibly loyal to them (with execptions)

On the other hand Blackbeard does not really have the most love filled relationship with his crew and thus everybody is a little wary towards Shilliew for instance.

It might be only my opinion but overall I cannot really see Kid and Law being in happy relationships. The ship sailed away for Law long ago (but I think he has a chance still) and Kid, even though we haven’t seen enough of him to say anything for sure, is probably not the kind of person fit for this.


recently i got really into mob psycho 100 and i love designing gemsonas for things, so i drew gemsonas for a few of the mp100 characters, and i also drew a few fusions for them. im pretty happy w how they turned out. anyway here’s:

Serizawa: Andradite. represents “self-empowerment, strength, and safety”

Reigen: Pyrite/fool’s gold. didn’t look up the meaning but c'mon… it suits him… he probably claims to be gold

Mob: Blue Chalcedony. “subtle and mystic;” “promotes brotherhood and good will;” helps one to “hold back.” Cracked blue chalcedony = ???%

Teru: Heliodore. “radiates warmth;” represents “self-confidence, strength, and power.” “brings stability”

Ritsu: Dumortierite. “promotes mental discipline,” “used to open the third eye chakra”

Shou: Spessartite. “willingness to help others, strengthening of the heart.” “encourages one to take actions toward their goals”

Gem meanings all taken from either crystal-cure.com or crystalvaults.com. please dont tag as any ships.

Day6 reaction to your curly hair

Request: Day6 reaction when u have really big curly hair? - spam anoon

A/N: as I say in all of my Day6 gif reactions, the gif may not fit perfectly due to the unfortunate lack of them. ;-;


-constantly playing with it and watching it spring back- “How does it do that!?”

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He’d absolutely love to run his fingers through it, not knowing why you had asked him to stop until his fingers get knotted in it.

-fingers get stuck mid-way through- “Oh…”

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-always staring at it in fascination- “Wahhh~ so pretty~”

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-constantly asking questions and pestering you about it- “Can I style it?”


“What if I put this in it”


“But could I d-”


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He would love watch you style it in the morning, watching as the ringlets bounce back and forth and how they somehow manage to land perfectly together.

“Ugh, this is a mess”

“You think it’s a mess?? I thought you were trying to make it look like this! It’s so pretty!!”

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He’d be the type to admire it from afar. Not because he doesn’t like it, but because he probably thinks that something lives in it.

“Wait, you’re saying a bird hasn’t laid eggs in there?”

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why do all of my dowoon reactions always have birds mentioned in it wtf

A/N: I hope you enjoyed and this is what you wanted!

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race to the edge week - day i - favorite dragon

This elusive creature is highly secretive, it is known to ride lightning bolts. Found only during electrical storms that can shoot bursts of white fire.

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so I was kind of preparing for this to be a lame episode (let's be honest, we're all waiting for 6x10!) but I was really impressed with Sheriff Stilinski. This episode added yet another layer to his character, and I really have loved seeing his side of Stiles' story and how much he loves his son. Even to the point of wanting his son back more than his wife in a way, which shows how strong of a bond they share. Plus it's been nice for him to develop his relationship with Lydia, too.

I thought that the writing in those scenes was seriously impressive and I was so so glad that we had such a character-based plot line for the seniors. Actually the whole episode was pretty character driven; I really liked it. 


                         B e a u t i f u l    .

That’s what his Sammy was. Inside and out. All long, gorgeous hair that Dean secretly and not-so-secretly loved and teased him for and tanned legs that stretched on for miles. A heart proportional to the rest of him; gigantic. And filled to the brim with the same amount of love and compassion - the type of stuff that was so sweet it made Dean’s teeth ache just thinking about. That made his stomach twist and the rest of him shudder, but only in the good sorta ways. Dean hated that lovey-dovey stuff, but he loved Sam. And Sam loved that stuff. So, he guessed, that by association, he loved the stuff, too.

Sam’s pretty eyes were what really took Dean’s breath away. Hazel. They captured each and every emotion he was feeling and played it back, so easy to see. That’s how every time Sam says I’m fine, Dean knows he’s not. If not by his ailing body, but by the struggle behind his pretty eyes. Almost amber some days, sometimes a kind of mutt brown that made him look even more like a puppy - and seeing as he looked like some kind of overgrown labradoodle already, that was saying something. And other days they looked green. The kind of green that almost made Dean jealous. Then, when the light hit them just right, his his smile was just bright enough, they were blue. The kind of blue that makes you feel cool all over just from a simple glance.

Every time Dean would let himself give Sam once-overs, his chest would swell with pride. His lanky-bodied, gangly-limbed little brother was all broad shoulders and and rippling muscles now; a real force to be reckoned with.

Exactly what a Winchester was ultimately destined to be.

All of that to say that this six foot four moose of a man was still so, so very soft to the touch. Calloused fingers tracing over puckered scars and blooming bruises. It was all silky smooth to Dean’s experienced digits. With just the right amount of edge to remind him just how much of a man Sam was. Chaos and perfection, an expanse of sun-kissed utopia for his hands to find purchase in whenever things outside of their little bubble were a little too crazy for Dean to think about.

Sam was his beautiful little not-so-little bubble that he sometimes liked to get lost in. And could anyone really blame him?