i really love how he thinks about himself

Seventeen Reaction: Going Shopping Together

Requested: No

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Would definately whine that you’re taking too long and he is hungry and just wants to sit down. You’d probably have to bribe him to go out shopping with you and im not just talking about clothes- groceries, furnature, basically anything. 

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I think we’ve all seen OFD by now and we know how much he loves doing nothing lol. Although, I think he would go if that meant he could visit places he would want to go and if he had food to entertain himself kinda like Seungcheol but wont be as whiny

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Would go. No questions asked. If you wanted him to go, he would join you because he’s really cheesy and just wants to spend time with you. And sometimes yall would make a date out of it and help eachother pick out clothes im crying remember the ranking is up to me? yeah like that.

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I think he likes shopping almost as much as you so it probably wouldn’t be a rare occurance to have him go with you. Also you guys would probably end up going into stores you both like and then he would probably take you to get a treat afterwards he is too much bye

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Lil cutie would ask if he could join you. I think he just likes spending time with you and would want your opinion on things and would give his input on things you want. Also would be really observant and probably even help you pick things out or give you things to try on I love him sO MUCH can you tell?

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Even though our little garden fairy would prefer to stay inside and read I think he might have a hard time saying no. He would probably just hold your hand and follow along and wouldn’t complain or anything. He would just let you know when he’s hungry bc he’s an angel :’)

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Jihoon wouldn’t really complain either. I think he likes shopping like Junhui and would not care. Probably would want you to go with him. I see him asking you more often if you wanna go with him how cute oh god

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Someone else who I think would ask you to join him more often! He’s really smiley and just happy to be around you and would genuinely take any opinions you have to heart and would be a little cutie and buy things because he knows you like it on him aW

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He would love to go with you and he would be the kind to take you into like gag stores and make a whole day out of it. Mingyu would also probably look up stores near you guys and would drive around with you and take a bunch of pictures im cRYING  SOMEONE HELP (also his fav shopping is 1000% grocery shopping i will fight you on this)

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I think he would mostly go out to eat and shop and thats it tbh. Also an advocate of shopping but would complain a little if it was taking a long time. My lil baby would mostly stay quiet and just make sure you have had a good look and ask if you guys could stop at a place he likes as well omgomgomgomg

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LOVES SHOPPING!!!! Lives for it and loves to try new styles! I think you could ask him for his opinions on things and he would give it to you straight up. Probably wants to get couple coutfits so yall can match I hate him

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Okay like Mingyu, he would definately want to go grocery shopping bc #eatvernon yall. But he does like a little bit of fashion so he would go but it’s not his favorite activity and would want to eat after are you guys sensing a theme here lmao

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He likes shopping. But he LOVES shopping with you! Doesn’t matter what kind of shopping I think he just enjoys going with someone let alone his girlfriend :’) He’s so pure and nice and just loves spending time with you like Jisoo and Soonyoung bye

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You know what makes me really sad about Michael though? I don’t think he knows how much we love him. He always talks about how girls never like him and he’s always just the friend and the girls only really like the other three and it just makes me really sad to think that he doubts himself. Like Michael pls. You are the cutest sweetest kitten sunshine ever but you are also the hottest motherfucker out there. And there are thousands of us that are whipped as fuck for you.

a few lance headcanons

these gt kinda heavy, whoops (tw for anxiety just to be safe)

  • lance usually doesn’t use his humor to cover up insecurities he’s genuinely just a funny guy
  • but then again…sometimes he does
  • he literally has no clue about how to talk about things that legit bother him. 
  • keith drinks the last bit of juice? he’ll pull out the dramatics and oh-woe-is-me’s for a solid 30 mins
  • but ask him if he’s okay even if he’s not? nah. he’ll make a joke about how “i’m fine! in more ways than one *wink*” and avoid talking about it
  • he actually really does love himself a lot and thinks he looks great and knows he’s got certain skills but that doesn’t seem to connect in his brain sometimes and he has genuine bouts of sudden intense insecurity
  • he tends to squash these down instead of riding them out or talking to someone about it, which just makes it worse tbh but hey who’s complaining not him he’s fine
  • he’s self-centered when it comes to small, surface level things, sure. he’ll steal pidge’s headphones or block your view of a tv screen or eat the last snack or demand your attention in some way, shape, or form
  • but he also is probably the most likely of the team to not hesitate to put himself in legitimate harm’s way to help someone (we see him do this for coran, keith, shiro, and hunk)
  • selfish but also selfless you feel
  • he’s very much an extrovert and probably was used to talking to or associating with a lot of people in different groups and would get his Attention Bar filled throughout the day in tiny bits and pieces but now he’s got like 6 people and 4 mice to talk to so of course he turned it up a few notches and needs a Lot of attention sometimes.
  • he’s used to his family and hunk being accustomed to how he is and his sense of humor and his inflated ego (which is actually kinda fragile: see point number 6) and humoring him, but now suddenly almost no one is and it’s Not Good for him
  • but he doesn’t talk about it goddamit lance (see points 3-5)
  • he’s actually not THAT bad of a pilot. really. was he originally fighter class? no. but the only reason he performs so badly at times is cause he’s overcompensating.
  • he likes to prove he’s good (or even better, the best) and so he ends up putting extra (read: too much) pressure on himself and it affects his performance
  • he really just wants someone, anyone, to see how hard he’s trying cause he really is. i promise you if shiro did that proud but silent shoulder touch thing he does to keith to lance just one time he’d be on cloud nine he could die happy
  • like of course he’s not just doing this for the glory and that certainly isnt his main motivation by a long shot, but he’s someone who thrives when people acknowledge him. he doesn’t need to be drowning in praise or anything, but a little sprinkle here and there certainly doesn’t hurt

all in all lance is really complex and multifaceted he’s not all insecurity but he’s not all confidence. he’s not all fake smiles, but he’s not all funny one-liners either. he’s not 

Jensen on Demon!Dean and his behaviour (x)

Dean Winchester - the man, who had to die and become a demon in order to love himself. No, that’s not tragic at all…

But really, I am so excited about this version of Dean, because, like I have been saying before, Dean’s ~problem and with that Sam’s and Cas’ problem shifts as well. Because now it’s not so much anymore that Dean doesn’t think he deserves to be saved.

All his worries, his pain: It’s gone, so it’ll be really hard to reach him, because how do you save someone, who thinks he’s found the magic cure? How do you save someone, who doesn’t see an urgency in being saved? Yes, how do you save someone, who thinks he doesn’t have to be saved, because from his point of view he ~is saved.

And well, like Jensen says that is bound to cause some trainwrecks happening, but wow I am SO EXCITED to see Jensen act the hell out of it. I cannot wait!!!

I just got word of the news about Namjoon today.

You guys know how much i love the guy by now right?

He fell and injured himself during rehearsals for the year-end show of KBS and was sent to the hospital. It pains me to have read this news, really. It pains me to see BTS stand without their leader. It pains me that they’ll be performing his mixtape track without him, how their Run will have a butterfly with a broken wing.. but more importantly, it pains me to think about him feeling remorseful and sorry for missing this due to something he had no control over. These things happen. I don’t want him to apologize for it.. he’s already done enough apologizing over things not even worth apologizing about. 

This year has been tough on him especially. I’ll never really forget the time where some of ARMYs themselves (should i even call them ARMYs?) sent out gun/death threats to him over a joke he made on broadcast, got lashed out at for petty reasons, dealt with shitty organizers, all the injuries & exhaustion, carrying the burden of the leader’s responsibilities and his members apart from handling himself to top it all off, and tbh this year had so much going for BTS too…

I still wonder to this day how he was able to cope with all of this. I am worried as hell. And I really really hope he’s okay. He’s been through enough already. So what I ask of you, ARMYs is that instead of telling him how much it hurts to not see him, or that you feel regretful that he wasn’t able to perform (knowing his personality, he tends to overthink on things) , please send him many positive and supportive words instead. 

In turn this will serve as comfort and reassurance for the hardworking leader, and so that he doesn’t feel the need or see that this was his fault, or that he let us down… because this was something that’s out of his hands. He deserves to receive all of our love and support as much as the other members do. 

I know he understands English, but here’s some loving words you can send him in Korean as well.

I’m counting on everyone~

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jinyoung has such a cute habit of covering his mouth when he laughs 😊😊😊 he’s trying to keep his amusement contained but it’s adorable when he finds something so hilarious he can’t keep it from escaping from him


zayn malik appreciation week: day 1 >> favorite quote(s)

“I’m from a small town called Bradford,” said an “overwhelmed” Zayn Malik as he addressed more than 20,000 Directioners. “And let me tell you, things like this do not happen to boys like me.”

Jin ‧⁺◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )

Okay, honestly people aren’t talking enough about Jin’s cover. Jin has worked so hard to keep up in BTS, from the beginning to now you can hear how much his voice has developed into this beautiful sound of a pure angel. In AHL we saw how he has to practice dancing over & over again to perfect himself to keep up with hoseok. Think of how he must practice for all their dances to look in sync & perfectly kept up with everyone else. Jin truly is such a hard worker as the oldest hyung too to take care of everyone. I honestly am typing just all over the place & just rambling about Jin right now but he really should be appreciated & noticed more because he’s such a beautiful human being & he has so much potential to show us more of his ever growing skills. I love him so much & I hope that him & bangtan will always be happy, get to rest & eat well, they deserve so much for all their hard work!

I used to think the glimpses of the real Louis I could see through the cracks of the fake narrative were enough to help me get a general idea about how amazing he really was, but these last few weeks have proven me wrong. He’s exceeded all my expectations, I’m about to burst with love and admiration - and you guys know me, I already had plenty of that before. All these small things have always been there, we’ve seen them here and there, but seeing him expressing himself freely lately has truly shocked me. I don’t think I have ever really noticed how much control they had over him and how much he held back until I’ve seen him act more like himself, I knew all that stuff and I could see the effects but it hasn’t hit me in full force until now. 

He was already this trained shell when I joined this fandom and I’ve seen videos of 2010-2012!Louis but I think I’ve never been able to link those two people, not really, and I didn’t even notice until now. Seeing how healthy and relaxed and happy he is and watching him interact with fans, laughing and chatting with them, hanging out with his friends and showing his excitement on the social media. We’re only scraping the surface of his freedom and he’s already an excited force full of energy and great ideas, full of charm and loyalty and sarcasm. You have no idea how happy this makes me, how proud I am, he has been through hell and back but it wasn’t enough to break him. I thought I was ready to see the real Louis but turns out I knew nothing, he’s even more amazing than I thought. 

Just when you think you couldn’t love him more, he goes and breaks your expectations - I know we’re witnessing a very carefully crafted strategy to push his image but he looks so good and happy and real. It’s blinding, he truly is the sun. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us.

It annoys me a little how there’s people who think Seungkwan thinks of himself as handsome/attractive or is like full of confidence over his looks, but guys, i really think it’s not like that. And, NO, he’s not arrogant. I saw a ton of text posts making jokes and all that, but some new fans might think of him like that and all.. like, the guy doesn’t see himself as handsome. (While rapping in Andromeda broadcast, he called himself ‘unhandsome’/ remember that he also did at the 1st ep too, saying he’s ugly) -Also, it seems that’s hard to believe for him that he could have fanboys. In a recent fansign, Boo asked to a fanboy, who was his bias, he asked if it was Jeonghan, but the boy said ‘No, YOU’, and he couldn’t believe it, like, LOVE HIM PLEASE.

okay, i need to clarify something.

there is NO evidence that james potter asked lily out every second of every day at hogwarts. no. for all we know, SWM was the first time he asked her out. and considering his ego, i sincerely doubt he would have asked her out again. if there’s one thing everyone is always harping on, it’s about how arrogant he was. do you really think that someone so very arrogant would repeatedly allow himself to be rejected?

james, at fifteen, probably wasn't in love with lily. he liked her. he thought she was pretty and clever and witty. he asked her out, she refused. he was upset, his pride was wounded. he probably tried to play it off by treating her as if he’d forgotten all about his asking her out, as if he’d only asked her out as a joke or on the spur of the moment. and he continued to show off in front of her, so his ego could recover from its battering. but did he drown in pain and angst? no. did he forever obsess about lily till she finally said yes, like some sort of whiny arse? no. 

i’m pretty sure he dated other girls. he was one of the most popular guys in school. good-looking, clever, a quidditch player, a prankster. he probably even forgot about lily. he was a well-adjusted teenager, goddamn. he didn’t pine away for her till she came round. 

and stop attributing his entire transformation in seventh year to lily. anyone’s allowed to have their own interpretation, of course, and you can decide that it was partially inspired by lily. but to say he wholly changed for her? changed to please her? it was their seventh year, they were growing up, the war was becoming more intense. sirius was facing issues with his family, remus must have been growing more and more worried about how he would fare after their time at hogwarts, his haven, ended. his parents were growing old, and we’re not sure when they caught the disease they died of. it could’ve been in seventh year. but even if it wasn’t, as the ringleader of the marauders, as the only son of a prominent family of blood-traitors, james had a lot on his plate. he grew up. 

And that doesn’t even mean he stopped mischief entirely. it doesn’t mean he became a stick-in-the-mud, even if he was head boy. we know dumbledore had a sense of humor, after all. all that lupin said was that he stopped hexing people for the fun of it, aka he learnt that there’s a line between humor and cruelty. 

so, conclusively, the fanon version of james potter is very different from the canon version. james didn’t sexually harass lily, guys. asking someone out every day after they’ve made their wishes clear is definitely sexual harassment.

There is something that concerns me about John and Jake’s conversation and even though it sounds silly, just hear me out on this because I made this connection a really long time ago, but shrugged it off because there was no actual grounding for it.

John talks about Batman as a hero and how everyone thinks he’s so cool, but he actually kinda silly. A long ass time ago on a completely different blog, I actually classpec’d Batman as a Prince of Heart:

A Prince is a heavy destroyer class that is so fueled by their aspect that they destroy it. Heart refers to the Soul and is the aspect love and individuality. Bruce loves very deeply. He loves so much he has to shut himself off or he would completely destroy himself. He also has a very imposing personality and presses his will upon other people, effectively destroying their own individuality. People are emotionally drawn to Bruce, but his extremism eventually hurts them. 

And there’s always been little nudges about Dirk and Batman.


And now we have this:

Which is exactly what happened in Caliborn’s telling of the fight. Dirk takes Caliborn on one on one and gets his ass handed to him and Jake comes to the rescue.

“But that’s just some silliness! Robin doesn’t even use a gun!”

This one does. And he does it because he thinks Batman is wrong and the only sensible way to deal with his enemies is to kill them and eliminate the problem.

Which brings up the part I’m worried about. Ask any Batman fan, what do you get when you cross a clown,

a crowbar,

and a scrappy young sidekick that ran off without telling anyone?



fanatictiffany said: Hi Cassandra Clare! I finished “The Bane Chronicles” like a few days ago. I loved it! It shows so much about Magnus and the Malec was adorable. I was shrieking in delight. I really liked the part where Magnus thought to himself that the Shadowhunters believing that they were far superior than Downworlders should teach their children to not be ashamed of who they are

Magnus has every good reason in the world not to trust Shadowhunters, but I think one of the most fun things about writing him and how he changed over the course of TMI was that he truly does now believe that they could potentially be a force for good in the world. He sees when they screw up and is sad when they backslide (the Cold Peace) but I think in knowing Alec, and better knowing the Lightwoods etc. he is reminded that people are not their governments.


I shipped Levi and Hanji on accident, like I didn’t ever really think about it when I read the series the first time at all. I really only started because generally artists (at least on pixiv) who ship Eren and Mikasa put Levi and Hanji together and I got a bit more cute art of them than I was ever expecting. I still never thought much about it in canon, but there are moments like these between them that I love. (I also apologize because I consider Hanji a female; I always did before Isayama said there was no specific gender, so I mean no offense to people who disagree, but that’s just how I see it so I do refer to Hanji as female.)

Levi is never really great at talking or expressing himself, I think that proves itself time and time again. Even here the reason he is trying to explain is because Mikasa got upset what he was saying to Eren, but it’s still looking like its falling on deaf ears. Hanji is the one to step in and translate what he’s trying to say and it makes more sense haha Levi even thanks her for it because I think he knows he’s not the best at this kinda thing (even if he doesn’t want to admit it). That’s why I like them as a pair, because they complement each other and they understand each other in ways that I don’t think most do.

I genuinely think that this is the first time Oliver has really been in love. No, but hear me out. It’s just that, all evidence points to this being the case. He’s seen Laurel with Tommy. He’s seen Sara with Nyssa. He knew how Slade felt about Shado. Of the three, Laurel was the only one he ever fancied himself “in love” with, yet we’ve never seen him as completely unhinged and unravelling and, most importantly, we’ve never seen him as unable to compartmentalise his feelings, over a woman as he is now.

I’m not saying at all that Oliver did not love the other women. I just feel watching him now that, it was a very different kind of love. The kind of love that allowed room for him to accept them not being with him or being tied up with other people. With Felicity, it’s this all-encompassing thing that affects every part of his life. He knows in his head that he wants her to be happy - or at least he believes that he should want her to be happy - but, it’s as though every bone in his body rebels against the idea of her with anyone that is not him.

And this isn’t even a new development. I mean, this is the same man who practically had a conniption over Barry Allen. That’s considering Felicity and Barry barely made it past holding hands. Even the thought of her with a comatose Barry was enough of an annoyance to him as to cause him to throw a tantrum. Think about it. He lost it because Felicity was visiting Barry. Who was unconscious. After being struck by lightning. Ridiculous, right?

Not quite so ridiculous if viewed in the context of this being the first time Oliver has really been in love. He doesn’t know how to deal with what he’s feeling because he has nothing to compare it to. There’s no precedent in his life for it.

Oliver Queen is so far gone on Felicity Smoak, it’s almost hilarious. Or, well, it would be if it weren’t also totally tragic. Haha. Such fun. What a fun time.

On Fake Geek Boys

The thing about nerd dudes trying to prove I’m a fakey fake female comics fan is that their own knowledge is so consistently disappointing. Like, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a conversation/confrontation with a guy who really prides himself on being a big time comics fan and also always loves to shit on female fans because THEY WEREN’T MADE FUN OF LIKE I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL (spoilers yes we were) and he’s going on and on about how much HE loves comics as opposed to ICKY FAKE FANS, and I ask, okay, so, what’s your opinion on Jim Sterako’s use of op art aesthetics in the 1960s Nick Fury comics? Do you think the Wolfman/Perez era New Teen Titans series stood on its own, or was it just a pale shadow of what Claremont was doing with the X-Men? How strongly do you think Steve Ditko’s objectivist beliefs influenced his work at Marvel? Where do you think US comics would be today if Fredric Wertham had never existed? What titles announced at Image Expo are you most excited for?

And y'know, shockingly enough, these dudes never have an answer. And normally I’d be fine with that, because there’s no one right way to enjoy comics. But I’m kind of entirely done with dudes who grew up reading Wizard and Witchblade, existing in a subculture that catered entirely to their fantasies, thinking they’ve done anything difficult. Thinking they’ve done anything besides enjoy entertainment that was designed to be easy for them to enjoy, that would rather die than challenge them.Thinking they deserve a medal for not being girls–who have to be absolute savants of a genre that treats them like crap before gaining any scrap of recognition; a scrap that is revoked if you 1. talk about your experience as a woman in comics, 2. are deemed attractive, and thus a lying whore, 3. are deemed unattractive, and thus a joke, or the simple 4. where your talents and knowledge languish in obscurity because hey, you’re a girl, no one wants to work with you anyway. But no, geek dude, it’s your milquetoast thoughts on Frank Miller that deserve all the attention. Truly, you are a martyr for your cause.


It makes me really sad seeing people make fun of zen’s long hair by saying they’ll cut it off, etc. cos he was abused by his mother when he was young.. In one VNM scene, she was yelling to zen about wanting to make him ugly by cutting his hair all off, something like that. It made me feel so sad for him.. I’m just so happy he has long hair today, I think it’s just really beautiful how his character design is so closely tied to his past/childhood. Zen is such a strong and incredible person.. to be able to have learned to love himself so much, to be able to recover from that abuse, and to even want to begin to communicate with his family again… He is such an amazing person. I love zen and his long hair so so much.

Stop Making Me Want You (Sam Wilkinson) STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT

Multiple requests 

I’m at a party and all I can think about it Sam Wilkinson. I can see him flirting with girls right in front of me and I hate myself so much for never telling him how I feel. You see, he’s friends with my best friend and we’ve hung out quite a bit. He’s has lovely hazel eyes, brown hair that I just want to run my fingers through, not to mention that he’s funny and sweet and well really fucking hot. The way he carries himself has me hanging on his every word.

Anyways, he hasn’t got the slightest clue. He’s talking to some girl that happens to be way prettier than me so that’s great. I can’t stand to watch this any longer so it’s time for a drink.

I make my way to the kitchen, where I find a full bottle of tequila. I take a huge gulp, and another, and another, and another… At this point I’ve lost count but my throat is burning, my vision is kind of blurry and I’m walking, more like stumbling, in all directions.

I think Sam noticed me because I’m pretty sure he’s walking towards me. “Y\N are you alright?” he asks but I can’t really see the expression on his face. I’m about to nod my head yes but almost fall forward. A pair of arms have saved me from the fall and I just assume it’s Sam. “Well I’ll take that as a no” he says and chuckles.

He helps me to the kitchen and sits me on a chair. The room is spinning and close my eyes. “ Y/N?! Wake up” Sam half shouts. I open my eyes and reframe from speaking because I know it’s only going to be a slur. He comes towards me with a large glass of water and helps me drink it.

I’ve never felt so stupid, if he didn’t see me as anything more than a friend before he surely doesn’t now when I look like a total dumbass. I stand up and things are little less fuzzy so I start walking and a hand grasps my arm and I turn to see Sam with a worried look. “ Where do you think you’re going?” he asks. “Home, why do you care?” I ask sort of annoyed. “Well I don’t want you to walk alone, anything could happen. You could fall or someone could take you…” he says seriously. “ Fuck Sam why do you do this? Be all sweet and cute and make me want you more? For fuck sake you’re just standing there looking hot as fuck and I can’t fucking stand it! ” I shout.

Once the words have left my mouth I instantly regret them. Sam is standing there shocked and I’m so embarrassed that I take off running towards the door. I can’t believe I just said that. What the hell is wrong with me? He’s never going to speak to me again. I’ve made it outside now and the cold air on my face helps me sober up a little more but I still can’t walk completely straight. I repeatedly curse myself for all the stupid decisions I made tonight.

“Y/N” I hear someone scream. I look back and it’s Sam. Shit. I turn back and pretend like I didn’t hear him but he knows I did. I hear him run up behind me. He grabs my arm and turns me around. “Look I’m sorry for what I said I” I start to say but am interrupted my Sam’s lips on mine. I kiss back and move my hands to his hair, running my fingers through it. This is so much better than I could have ever imagined.

He’s the first to pull away and I’m wide-eyed and confused as to why he would kiss me after what I said. He smiles “I never had the courage to do that until now… sorry you had to wait so long” he says. I can’t help but smile. I grab the collar of shirt and pull him in for another kiss.

This kiss is a lot steamier, he responds by picking me up by the backs of my thighs and walks up to his car.


His parents were away for the weekend and the timing couldn’t be better. As soon as you closed the front door, you were flipped over and pushed up against it, his lips making contact with your neck, sucking harshly. You were tugging at his shirt in an attempt to pull it off. He detached from your neck and pulled it off himself.

His hands going straight for the buttons of your blouse, he starts undoing them one by one but by the third button he just gives up and rips it open. The buttons scatter everywhere but that’s the least of your worries. He pulls the shirt down your arms and kneels down undoing your shorts. He pulls them down your legs and puts his hands on your ass, forcing your core closer to his face. He smiles devilishly and moves your thong down your legs.

You’re already panting and dripping, which he sees immediately and chuckles. He kisses you inner-highs and bites softly making you moan. Your hands fly to his hair as he swipes a finger across your slit, collecting your juices. He brings his finger to your mouth and you suck. He bites his lip at the sight of you.

You can’t stand it anymore so you spread your legs a little wider and push his head to your pussy. His tongue makes contact with your clit and your hips buck but he harshly pins them to the door. He’s going agonizingly slowly. He grabs your wrists and grips them tightly so you can’t move. His tongues darts inside you and you cry out his name.

This cry has an effect on him because he moves from between your legs and stands up. He grabs a fistful of your hair and smashes your lips together, pushing his tongue into your mouth forcefully. His other hand pulls down the left cup of your bra and rolls your nipple between his fingers. Your back arches and your mouth hangs open. Sam moves his lips down your neck to your other bra cup and pulls it down as well. He sucks it and takes it between his teeth biting it slightly. You moan loudly and he soothes the bite with his tongue.

He pulls away and puts his hands on the backs of your thighs and instinctively you jump. He carries you up the stairs and into a room you assume is his bedroom. He throws you on the bed roughly and crawls up your body, kissing his way up. You use all your force and flip over so you’re straddling him. You start kissing down his torso leaving hickeys as you go.

You pull down his jeans and boxers. You take his length in your hand, stroking it. “Babe I won’t last if you suck me off right now” he says desperately. You giggle and take a long lick. You swirl your tongue and the tip and suck. He putts hid hand in your hair and pulls you up his body, kissing you with more lust than before.

You sit up and place your hands on his torso. He guides his erection to your slit and you slowly slide down onto it, moaning softly. You start off slowly, going up and down, letting him fill you up completely. You feel every inch of him. It’s so intimate, like it’s more than just sex. You both have smiles on your faces until he takes his lower lip between his teeth and starts to thrust upwards rather quickly.

Your mouth makes an “O” shape as he continues. He flips you both over so he’s on top and really goes all in. He’s thrusting fast and hard. You’re a moaning mess beneath him. You pull on his gold chain to connect your lips as he keeps relentlessly fucking you. As soon as your lips touch he goes deeper, hitting the spot that gets you screaming and begging every time. Your hands start clawing at his back mercilessly.

You whimper and feel him smile against your lips. This only pushes him further and he pounds faster. “Fuck I’m so close ” he says. He’s still hitting your g-spot and every time you open your mouth all that comes out is strangled moans, a string of curses or you scream his name.

He moves a hand between your sweaty bodies and rubs fast circles on your clit. Your eyes roll back and your back arches off the bed as you cum. Watching you unravel beneath him, pushes him to the edge, he moans your name loudly and stills, shooting his load inside of you. He pulls out and lays beside you, pulling you so your head is on his chest, your breathing slows and you both fall asleep wrapped up in each other.

When you wake, you turn to see Sammy eyes open, staring into yours. He smiles softly and inches towards you and kisses your lips. “Good morning beautiful” he says. “Morning” you say with a smile. He looks down at your hands, they’re close so he closes the gap and intertwines your fingers, and begins softly rubbing your thumb.

He looks up at you and says, “I’m really glad you yelled at me last night”. You feel the blush creep onto your cheeks and he leans into to kiss you again with more force this time. I guess it’s time for round two.

Am I the only one with this headcanon about really musically talented James Potter?

- Eleven year old James Potter quietly singing songs to the boy in his year who wakes up crying at night because he is having nightmares about his traumatic childhood and also filled up to the brim with self hate because he left his little brother alone with their abusive parents? 

- Teenager James Potter always laying down in his bed with his guitar when he is chilling with his friends in their dorm room, strumming on it without even thinking about it?

- Older teenager James Potter writing really cute songs for Lily and his friends? About how much they mean to him and how damn much he loves them? 

- Remus, Sirius, Peter and Lily being the only ones who can ever know about this? Because oh my god people can’t know I’m actually a cute and adorable dork that is Moony’s thing

- After Hogwarts James Potter proposing to Lily with a song he wrote for her himself? When they are all sitting in the couch at Sirius’s new place and he suddenly picks up his guitar and says ‘’I wrote a song for you’’ and he does it all the time so she is like ‘’Cool let us hear it’’ and he looks really nervous and no one except Sirius understands why because he is usually really calm and comfortable about singing his songs for them? But suddenly he gets to the line when he is actually proposing, and Lily is really surprised and oh my god Sirius stop crying, Remus make him stop crying, yes James I would love to marry you

- Daddy James Potter always singing songs for Harry when he is crying because singing for him is the only way to make him fall asleep and Lily hates doing in because she suck at it? 

think about it

DAY6 as that one friend

Jae: goes to your house without telling you first and sits on the couch with your family complaining about how you won’t answer his texts so he has to come and pick you up himself. 

Sungjin: he asks if you are crying every time that you yawn is not even a joke he really thinks you are crying.

Junhyeok: “what do you wanna do” “idk what do you wanna do” “idk what do you wanna do” “idk wha— ”

Young-K: goes to your house to eat your food and your mother loves him more than she loves you.

Wonpil: tries to help you with homework but you both end up watching videos of penguins falling on youtube.

Dowoon: that group of teenagers is coming in our direction and they are laughing very loud maybe we should move to the other sidewalk just in case