i really love how all of these turned out honestly

I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]

Please Don’t Go

Request: Oooh what about an angsty blurb?
shawn sees reader cry for the first time !!! plss

A/n: I combined these two requests because they fit, and I really loved how it turned out, hope you enjoy! 


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“Baby?” You ask when Shawn emerges from the bathroom, all ready to leave. His bags are packed and by the door. The car is already waiting for him downstairs. He’s headed out for a few festival shows and you won’t see him for a few weeks. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal. Of course, you miss him whenever he’s gone, but you don’t normally feel this much.

“Yeah?” Shawn responds, running his fingers through his damp curls, and looking at you sprawled out on his bed, wearing one of his t-shirts with your hair in a messy bun.

“Please don’t go.” You whisper. You’ve never told Shawn something like this before, but you can’t help it right now. You know that you shouldn’t have said it. You know that its his job and that he doesn’t have a choice, but you can’t help yourself right now. You need him this week. You need him here with you. You’re not used to admitting something like this, so you’re feeling extremely vulnerable and emotional.

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The Witch and The Mermaid

@zacharandom as part 1 of his birthday gift

My Best Friend’s Sister (Part 4)

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Summary: The reader and Jared’s relationship has improved vastly thanks to their talk. Unfortunately her one with Jensen continues to take a hit when he has a problem with her writing…


Pairing: Jensen x reader (with sibling!Jared)

Word Count: 2,800ish

Warnings: language, angst

A/N: Ah, no such thing as smooth sailing with these guys…

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*throwback to Spacewalker, honestly* @mego42 will understand!

You know, that final scene on the beach is a slow burner. Obviously, I loved it in the moment. But it was so short, and so soft, that it didn’t hit me hard like some of their other scenes. The more I think about it though, the more essential it becomes.

Do I think Bellamy was about to confess his love for Clarke, in a LET’S MAKE OUT way? No. I don’t.

Bellamy was very calm, very mellow. IMO, if he was about to go all out on the romantic front he wouldn’t have been so. He would have been more agitated, more jumpy. (EDIT: THAT BEING SAID, I HAVE JUST FLASHBACKED TO MY LOST DAYS…and IDK why but I always feel like Imma lose friends when I remind the world that I was #Jate for lyf. So suddenly I’m remembering the S3 finale where Jack just turned to her all chill from out of nowhere and shrugged and said ‘Because I love you’ and honestly, maybe we are at a point where a mellow and chill Bellamy just puts it out there like that?? MAYBE WE ARE?)

I think that Bellamy is feeling very fatalistic right now. When Clarke asked him ‘you still have hope’ he gave her what she needed. But 4x04 onwards have really emphasised how tired Bellamy is, and how aware of time running out he is. He’ll keep fighting to keep people alive, but I also think that he believes he - and maybe all of them - will be dead very soon. He expresses this pretty succintly in reference to Octavia. I think he knows, on a level, that Clarke is right. Given time, his relationship with O will heal. But there is no time. He thinks that he is going to die and Octavia is going to hate him.

When Clarke says ‘she’ll see how special you are’ it’s not because she’s pulling him back from a break down. And she’s calm too! Mellow too! She says it because it is how it is. It’s so natural and easy for her to tell Bellamy that he is special.

Bellamy’s long look at her is everything to me. We’ve had moments like this before…I’m specifically thinking of 3x15 and ‘but I trust you.’ So it’s not a shock to Bellamy, really (I think it will always be a little bit of a shock to him just because he is who he is) but coupled with how he’s feeling about O, about their chances…

WHAT’S IN HIS HEAD. Definitely I love this girl. I know, I know…I said I didn’t think he was about to make a big declaration…but LOVE is all over everything Bellarke, and has been for a while. She’s everything to me? She’s special too, and I need her to know that? I couldn’t have survived without her? If I die, I need her to keep fighting and living and to find happiness one day?


And then Clarke just…IMMEDIATELY SHUTS HIM DOWN. And I think there is so much to say here about Bellarke v Clarke’s scene with Niylah. For Clarke, sleeping with and finding comfort in Niylah is a situation without risk. There are no strings attached, it makes her feel better, and also…Niylah is just super nice. So Clarke can touch her, Clarke can show her that affection…

Obviously, Clarke’s relationship with Bellamy is on another level (even if you were to deny romance) and it strikes me how much Bellarke DON’T touch each other. She comes to stand beside him on the beach, and there’s space between them. They even struggle to FACE each other, and dude…that threw me back to 2x16. Clarke looks at him, but HAS to look away. Bellamy looks at her when she isn’t looking. And only when he is about to declare, does he turn his full body to face her.


Because she knows! She knows that he’s trying to say goodbye, and she will not accept that. She nopes out of that like whoa. She won’t even consider it. With Niylah it was a conversation and a request, but with Bellamy it’s just NOPE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT. WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN.

THEY ARE SKATING AROUND IT YOU GUYS. They both know SOMETHING, and they’re both approaching it in different ways.

Clarke can’t face it, can’t think about it, because they WILL survive. But Bellamy is starting to turn the other way…


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What's your favorite scenario (Can be in any series of bts doesn't matter)❤

Ah I wasn’t sure if you meant my favourite scenario I’ve ever written or my favourite scenario I’ve ever read… so I decided to answer both… opps!

It’s difficult to pick my favourite fic out of everything I’ve written, and honestly, they all hold special memories for me, but I really like these ones:

↳ Smoke with Yoongi | I was experimenting with writing style in this one and I really like how it turned out. Maybe it’s overdramatic to say, but I feel like this fic marked a change in my writing, both in my style and my attitude to it!

↳ Felix Culpa with Yoongi | I fell in love with the world I constructed in this particular fic. The world building was so much fun!

↳ 364 Days Dead with Taehyung | This one is just my favourite level of angst, it’s sad, but there’s still some hope in it.

↳ Aureate with Jungkook | I just love Hogwarts aus and enemies to lovers, so this is perfect for me!

↳ Red Faced with Hoseok | I love writing for Hoseok, and out of all my scenarios, I think I nailed his personality best in the one!

↳ Metallic Snow with Hoseok | Yep, I think we’ve all established that everyone loves android Hobi, myself included!

And now for my favourite fics I’ve read (I feel like I’m tagging people too much recently oops) :

↳ The Train of Lost Souls by @inktae | I absolutely love this fic, the fantasy in it stretches the imagination, and it’s beautifully written! It challenged all that I believed fanfiction could be, and went above and beyond all I could have expected!

↳ Freesia by @eleventoes | Listen, I’m a sucker for childhood aus. And this was exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t know how much I needed this fic until I read it! Adorable!!

↳ Candyman by @lthyl | This was so unique and original, and I loved the horror incorporated into it. It was unlike anything I’ve read before or after, and for that reason it’s stuck in my mind as one of my favourite fics!

↳ The Witch Switch by @kittae | Have I ever mentioned how much I love Hogwarts aus? Because I do! This fic was charming, the dialogue was witty, and I loved Yoongi’s characterisation!

Black Majick by @dreamscript | The buildup of romance throughout the course of this fic made me feel like I was watching a film, hoping for more development during the action… and that made it all the more rewarding! It made me fall in love with fanfiction all over again and I’ll always love it for that!

↳ Safe and Sound by @an-exotic-writer | This one is short, but it has stuck with me for it’s simple beauty! The images that it conjured in my head were breathtaking, and I just hope I can write in such a pleasing way some day!

That’s all for now, but as I go on writing and reading, I’m sure there’ll be more to add!

I just…i just can’t say enough how much I love Jesus. He is so beautiful and amazing to me I can’t even take it. I love Jesus with all my heart and all my mind. I’ll do anything for Him, even if it freaks me out and throws me out of my comfort zone.

I have said yes to Jesus and I have no plans of turning back. I will drop everything for Jesus. I am so in love, so so in love with The King. My heart can’t even handle that kind of love to be honest. I love Jesus, I really truly honestly do and I don’t care who knows it. I am not ashamed of my love for Jesus and His love for me!!!!! I am a daughter of the King and I am so proud to be able to say that!!!!!!!!!

Thoughts on Daredevil Season 3
  • Seriously the best season yet
  • All these actors are amazing like just the fact we have a man playing a blind man pretending he can see and it being BELIEVABLE is incredible
  • Fisk is an awesome villain. Truly incredible.
  • I love how they all got equal screen time this season
  • Karen’s back story was stupid. Like honestly they built it up too much and it turned out to be just another generic tragedy. Like they made it seem so secretive and mysterious that when I learned the truth I’m just like that’s it? Really? Honestly the only thing I’ve been disappointed in this season.
  • Love Maggie
  • I actually feel sorry for Dex. Like Fisk really did a number on him.
  • I honestly loved how we had no idea who to trust at any given moment
  • I don’t buy Frank not showing up. Like the Bulletin was attacked and it was all over the news. The second that happened Frank should have been all over Karen with worry cause that’s who he is.
  • I do buy Karen not calling him cause she doesn’t want to drag him into her mess.
  • The Bullseye plot is just one incredible ride; creepy, sweet, heartfelt, vengeful, sad…
  • I love how much Foggy and Karen have grown and developed as characters
  • Vanessa and Fisk are stupidly cute
  • Matt and Foggy are totally married. Matt did an actual I wanna divorce scene and Foggy was like NOPE. It was beautiful and I fucking love them.
  • Foggy has such a beautiful soul.
  • I literally can’t believe everything worked out in the end and I’m so happy
  • And that teaser oooooh I can’t wait for season 4

All in all I loved all the characters, I have no complaints (except Karen’s backstory), and I’ve been blown away.


gilmore girls meme: scenes [4/5]

Okay okay okay but imagine after Kara and Lena have the hug™ Lena says something that makes Kara light up and we all know that Kara has been really not doing so well with stressing over Mon el and not getting on the best with James and Winn and even Alex recently so she’s just being herself when she chirpily says “ I love you ” to the woman who is more or less her best friend at this point but Lena totally freezes up and she honestly doesn’t know what just happened because the last person Lena believed truly cared about her was Lex and we all know how that turned out. So now here was this dork of a reporter who had no ulterior motive and no selfishness and no reason to care afor her and to help her the way she does other than honestly believing in Lena and she can’t hold back the tears after that and I am absolutely shattering at this thought bye

stop saying stupid things.

Ephemeral (Part 4/4)

Pairings: Tony Stark X Reader

Words: 1600+

Warnings: Fluff,angst.

Summary:Reader finds out that her fiance Steve has been cheating on her right before the wedding. Distressed, she turns towards Tony Stark for comfort.

Requested By: @wannabe-weasley

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Author’s Note: I know I know,i said it will come later but suddenly my writers block was lifted and I could write this. 


Your feet unknowingly led you to the one person your heart desired to be with,Tony Stark’s Lab. When you got into the elevator,when you climbed down the stairs in front of the lab doors. All you knew was you just needed someone right now. And that someone was Tony Stark.

The doors opened for with a swoosh,letting in the music and loud metal clangs,previously trapped in by the soundproof technology.

“Mute."Tony ordered to FRIDAY,when he noticed your arrival.

"Y/N honey? Are you okay?"He noticed your pale face.

"Yeah,I’m fine.” You mumbled.

“What is it Y/N?"He got up from his seat,walking over towards you,as he wiped his hands on the side of his jeans."You very rarely come here,unless its for a very important reason." 

You looked down at the floor,hair tumbling around your head. "It’s over.” You started chuckling.


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anon said : Phone sex with Rapmon

  • phone sex doesn’t occur often with Namjoon
  • he’d much rather be able to touch you and watch as waves of pleasure wash over you and be able to hold you afterwards and tell you how amazing you are and that he loves you
  • but he is by no means opposed to phone sex
  • it’s usually very late at night when he calls you and you can just tell right away what he wants
  • his voice is deeper than usual and he’s somewhat shyer than usual
  • it feels very intimate but also risky which he likes but he’s also terrified like what if one of the members walks in???
  • starts off slowly asking you how your day was, if you miss him, if you’ve been thinking about him
  • not very discreet to be honest but not very straightforward either
  • he’s teasing you in a way… he just really wants you to beg for him
  • when you finally do beg for him he’s all business
  • his voice gets lower and he pauses more often when talking
  • “think of what you want me to do baby”
  • UGH
  • he knows he’s getting you all hot and bothered
  • makes you tell him exactly what you’re doing and what you’re thinking about
  • “tell me everything… I want to know what I need to do when I next see you baby so you have to be descriptive”
  • LOVES when he can only hear your breathy moans on the other side of the line and you murmuring his name
  • he almost loses it right then
  • “how are you feeling baby?”
  • likes dirty talk especially it really gets him closer to his release
  • just imagining you sprawled out thinking of him touching you makes him extremely proud honestly he loves that he has that kind of effect on you
  • urges you to be loud when you climax even though his phone is on speaker and turned all of the way up
  • he’d be extremely embarrassed if another member heard but he’s always too caught up in the moment to care
  • after you hang up he likes when you send him photos even if they’re just of your blissed out face
  • he saves them… for rainy days
  • always praises you over text afterwards about how good you made him feel even though you weren’t even there
  • and tells you that he loves you

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Omg, I'm so in love with your Thiam fanfictions!!!!!!!!!! Your characterisations of these two are so great and it seems so authentic and believable!!!!! I really, really enjoyed "as I bleed" because that seemed like such a 'them' thing and I'm currently addicted to "Airplanes". "Sweet talking" was gorgeous, I loved their snark and sass in that one. (Part1)

“Kiss with a Fist” was hilarious (but seriously that is so THEIR song) and I really adored Mason and Corey in that one as well!! “Fuck Yoda” is now officially my favorite advice ever. I loved that “Closer” started this snarky but turned out quite fluffy in the end and their conversation was amazing. (Part2)

“Mind over Matter” probably summed up what the entire Thiam fandom thought about the scene (also ‘it was very sleeping beauty’ I loved it). I really, really loved “Dreams may come”, especially the Mason/Theo ‘team up’ and Theo’s poor attempt at humor. The little glimpse of “Long live Lester” was awesome and kinda bittersweet. I’m super curious how that’s gonna turn out. (Part3)

And I really adore your headcanons (that makes me wonder about your favorite headcanon for Liam and Theo). Thank you for sharing all of this with us!!!! (Part4)

Originally posted by friendsthetvshow

THANK YOU SO MUCH OH MY GOD i’m dead. This was so lovely i am gone forever holy crap.

(Fuck Yoda is indeed great advice)

I can’t think of anything to say but thank you so much, i really appreciated your message like wow, i’m grinning like a total moron thank you so much.

As for my favourite Thaim headcanon i honestly have no idea?? umm

Liam kisses Theo first. Theo wants to, really really bad but he’s smart, he knows (or thinks he knows) that he’s done too much for Liam to ever like him like that, sure he can smell the arousal sometimes but he also knows thinking someones hot and wanting to actually act on it are totally different things.

He hates Liam for kissing him, not that he stops it but honestly. He’s spent so much time trying to keep him safe and Liam diving into a ..whatever they are head first, with him is like a slap in the face. Because sure, he knows he won’t hurt Liam but Liam should be smarter than to fall into bed with someone who manipulated him in the past because he’s been trying to teach him some self-preservation skills and it’s just not working apparently.

Theo is a virgin but far from a blushing one. Liam thinks it’s hilarious when he finds out until he realises he’s going to be Theo’s first time and then gets hilariously nervous about how when they actually have sex it should be romantic and meaningful and whatnot because he knows Theo missed a lot of firsts while living with the dread doctors and this seems important.

Theo doesn’t really give a crap when or how he loses his virginity, he doesn’t see it as a big deal. Which is a good thing because it ends up happening in the backseat of his car after they defeat the first big bad since Scott actually left for college. They’re both covered in blood and Theo’s still healing from a deep scratch the monster landed and Liam’s hair is greasy as hell and he smells vaguely of pond weed from getting tossed into one of the ponds in the preserve.

STAR GAZING!!! Theo doesn’t like enclosed spaces very much. He can deal with them but he does get stir crazy after a while so Liam will often find him parked up on the hill lying in the bed of his truck just enjoying the freedom and fresh air and Liam will join him and they’ll talk until they fall asleep beneath the stars.


Liam’s parents love Theo and treat him like a third son (the second is Mason).

Theo loves crappy 90′s/early 00′s music and Liam mocks him for it mercilessly until Theo catches him singing along to mambo no.5 and then they jam together, singing obnoxiously loud in the car.

Corey and Mason aren’t sure whether they’re cute or annoying as hell. Theo and Mason have a beautiful bromance once Mason eventually learns to trust him. They act like they don’t but Liam and Corey will often end up listening to the two rant excitedly about some supernatural thing while on the double dates they both dragged their boyfriends too.

okay so tha was like a million instead of 1 but shh

The Second Task - Ron Weasley

requested by: @nosebleednougats

promptHELLO TAYLOR MY LOVE! Do you think you could do a Ron Weasley x Reader right after or around the second task for the triwizard tournament? Like the reader notices that Ron suddenly isn’t around anymore and honestly starts freaking out once she realizes he’s at the bottom of the lake? If not, that’s totally cool too! THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU TAYLOR

word count: 1,052

a/n: i really loved doing this!!!! there’s not much behind it really?? i just tried to write about what you would feel if someone you love went missing and no one cared enough to help find them?? idk but i like how it turned out i hope you all do too!!!

He was missing and you were sure no one would take you seriously. In fact, you knew no one would. You had already told a couple people when you first realized, and their response was, “I’m sure he’s just off somewhere with Harry.”

Ron was just always somewhere with Harry. Which was mostly true, you would admit. And normally you wouldn’t worry either, but seeing as how the first task of this Tournament had involved the risk of dragons, you weren’t exactly sure anymore what this school wouldn’t expose their students to.

It was a solid theory, him just disappearing somewhere with his best friend - however, you had seen Harry at the dinner feast. Without both Ron or Hermione.

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This took nearly a week or two to make and honestly, I really love how this one turned out. <3

Hope you all enjoy!

@starry-ink @iamwintersson2day @wkm-detective-abe-squad

minutanfor  asked:

Can I say something to you? Your art is totally great and I really love it. The colors are bright, the characters are cute and charismatic. Also I especially love the way you draw Sniper :) I kinda associate you with SniperSpy because I'm great fan of your works and comic (Still waiting the сontinuation). Keep it up! Have a nice day, smooch :3

Honestly, your message made my day ♥ Thank you so very much! Also, I’m glad you like the way I draw Sniper - because most of the time I don’t like how he turns out tbh :’) Nevertheless I really appreciate your kind words, thanks again and have a nice day as well!

It’s my birthday month ahhh??????? I’m turning 21 and honestly I don’t want to haha. Too much responsibility.

Anyways, this is my monthly spread for July! It’s a star/firefly/mason jar/lightbulb theme and honestly I love it so so much. It’s so cute!!! I’m really super proud of how it turned out. I’m not much of an artist so to see it turn out this nice made me super happy!

I wanted to say thank you for 180 followers! It’s crazy that you guys like my blog enough to follow haha!! Hope you’re all having an absolutely wonderful day, and if not I hope your tomorrow is better!

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materials used -
Leuchtturm 1917 white A5 dot grid notebook
Sakura Micron 0.38mm Black Fineliner
Uniball Signo White Gel Pen
Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pen N15
Dark Grey Zebra Mildliner

Studygram - riversbendstudies

~Riv xx