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Hi so I just want to reiterate how important it is that Jin said this:

 You can have never heard of BTS or Kpop before in your life but still take something meaningful away from this message: your problems are valid and your are allowed to feel like you are having a hard time. 

It’s not very often that a celebrity will come out and try to remind you that your concerns, no matter how small they are, are still concerns to YOU and and you have every right to feel the way you feel, regardless of how many people around you tell you that they don’t matter. 

He said this after the release of the WINGS album, where all the members had solo songs about their own personal struggles, from struggles as drastic as Yoongi feeling like he had to give up music to struggles as vague as Jimin feeling like he had been lied to. We can guess that this lesson was something Jin either learned in the process of making this album or told repeatedly to the other members when they were concerned that their stories weren’t “good enough” in comparison to “real struggles”. One particular example is Jungkook, who felt like he had everything handed to him and lived an easy life and ended up writing a song about feeling helpless while watching his hyungs struggle.

Jin wanted to take his time in his new year’s greeting to remind everyone that their struggles are valid, and I wanted to make this post to remind everyone that he is a thoughtful and kind person despite his goofy and easygoing personality. I also wanted to remind everyone that your feelings and problems are valid, and that even if the whole world thinks you’re overreacting, Jin and I are behind you.


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๋‚˜ ์—ด๋‚˜ (Fever) - Rap
NIEL (๋‹ˆ์—˜)
๋‚˜ ์—ด๋‚˜ (Fever) - Rap

Niel’s rap in ‘Fever’



!! Today is Yamada’s birthday!

I know a lot more people will probably be celebrating Hinata’s birthday, but this guy deserves some love and I’m gonna give it to him.

Yamada is a super great character! I see a lot of my old self in him- the clingy, anime-obsessed nerd who’s desperate to get some friends.

His only claim to fame is his doujins, which don’t really get him friends, but rather just fans, that he can’t really interact with.

His social skills are downright horrible, but how can you not love the guy?

He gets a bad rap because of his appearance, but I really love him to pieces. Happy birthday, big guy! Keep chasing after your dreams :,)

Can we please take a moment to appreciate the blessing that is Park Jimin?

Even though he’s the one who needs the most comforting because of all the insecurites he has  (which are really unjustified and shouldn’t exist in the first place imo), he never hesitates to provide it to others. He worries so much about the well-being of others, especially of the members, that he puts their happiness and comfort above his, and he doesn’t mind one bit. He was concerned that Kookie was going through so much stress (our golden maknae has so much weight on his shoulders tbh). He confronted Hopy and told him to stop bottling up his emotions and wished him happiness. He revealed to us how much stress Namjoon was going through during the promotions because our leader had responsibilities over his head and he soothed Namjoon when he cried. He’s Jin’s younger brother and Yoongi’s favorite and that’s enough to explain how precious that boy is.  And I won’t even start on how important he is in Taetae’s life because that would take me centuries to write and you wouldn’t finish reading the post. 

let’s all just take a minute to appreciate that Ryan gave up a scholarship to give full commitment to Panic! At The Disco as well as being the one who reached out to Pete and inevitably got them signed

tbh, I think y’all should stop pressuring Suga concerning his mixtape. For what I understood in the season greeting vid, what he wants to do now is produce and write songs for the kids. Instead, please except J-Hope’s one. He has talked about it so much. Please, support J-Hope’s rapping too.

- Don’t pet my head when I’m older.

- Can’t you enjoy a little bit of yaja time for once, Suga?

bah this ship is so cute. idk. sorry i’m indulging myself in a little bit of guilty pleasure.


Got six bullets in my tongue, ho!
Six snakes in my lung, ho!

Hey guys! Quick update, because I’m really busy at the moment :) Since I’ve Summer Holidays, I have many plans for it [of course,duh]. Also I’m learning Korean at the moment, so I’m listening to more Kpop than ever :P 

-The quotes are from Rap Monster’s  농담 [Joke]. [Because I’m really in love with him and his rapping]

I think that was all and yeah…see you guys! ♥