i really love his jacket ;;


☆.。.:*・happy 23rd birthday oh sehun

little one you shine brighter than any star out there ever could. you make my heart melt with your endless charm and love you never seem to run out of. you’re one of a kind and no one could ever take you place. no matter what anyone says your talent and determination beats it all. nothing can get in your way. you always remind me that it’s okay to be yourself and that you shouldn’t give up. thank you for everything you do. my world is a little brighter because of you. °☆.。.:*


hey i’m kinda afraid of how much i love balaga


Sweetramenwonho, did you mean 30 of your favorite looks on your favorite member!? As you can see, I love him in jackets, turtlenecks, caps, a lot of accessories–basically a lot of layers. He looks so cool~

Hardcore Monbebe Challenge (16) Three of your favorite looks on your favorite member


Adrien dump bc I never realized just how much fun he is to draw

also I know nothing about hands or what Plagg looks like I’m so sorry

also I lined that sketch of Adrien I did a while ago


I don’t know how netizens found out about my relationship with Yixing. I thought my hints were pretty subtle.

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why was this so hard?

I spent like 6 hours on this messy trash, half of that trying to find a pose I liked. I drew this like 8 times. I know its not nice and pretty, but i cant.

on the bright side Im back to drawing things that are actually from videos (sort of) and I really liked this one! So heres Mark as Latch from Lethal League. hands down my fav character in the game. 

on another note, Im one follower away from 300! I want to do something, but am not quite sure what. Any ideas?

anonymous asked:

Hi! I really love the accessory jackets you created awhile back & use them a lot on my sims! I'm trying to separate a jacket & make it into an accessory as well, but I'm having problems. I was just wondering if you could make a tutorial that's geared towards to people who have a basic knowledge of blender? I'm having troubles following along to luumiasims' since I don't really know how to map uvs and can't find many good tutorials on how to do so. I understand if you're too busy to make one!

Hello! Aw, thank you! I was actually thinking of making a tutorial on UV mapping and I have been asked about making an accessory jacket tutorial before. I don’t have much time these days, but maybe when I have more time again I can try to make a tutorial going over UV mapping basics and how to separate jackets into accessories. 

Since I won’t be able to make a tutorial for a while, if you want you could try asking other creators who have made jacket accessories and see if they would be willing to make a tutorial. If you are able to get someone else to make a tutorial, please let me know - I’m trying to make a library of tutorials on my Resources page for people to access when they need it and I’ll happily add it! :)


“Wanted” and “Lost” - Digital Oil Paintings

The Doctor as Flynn Rider, a wanted thief with a heart of gold, and Rose as Rapunzel, the Lost Princess. I made her dress a bit more pink, as she likes the color. ^_^

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

I think the reason I love Jack so much is just his passion and dedication. Under all of his jokes and high school humor is someone who is so passionate about what he does.
I love the way he talks so fondly of the fans and his three best friends. I love his willingness to do silly little things to make someone smile and all of the dumb little jokes he makes that you would expect to hear in a high school hallway. I love the way he talks about how much the fans mean to him.
Most importantly, I love the look on his face every single time they perform, it being so obvious that this is where he is meant to be and that no matter what he never regrets starting that little band in high school. 


Okuyasu loves Josuke’s lips 💋


The Blacklist Rewatch: Berlin