i really love his hair ok

Things I personally love about Yuuri


  • Got kinkshamed over katsudon
  • How he goes 0-100 when he slicks that hair back
  • He doesn’t really know what it’s like to be an idol to others and then just?? smacks Minami’s ass…..
  • i guess that’s what his idol does to him
  • ………moving on
  • “I am a pork cutlet fatale that enthralls men”
  • He loved his dog so much that when it died he lost in the Grand Prix Final and honestly same dude
  • BABY YUURI is a blessing
  • Treats Yurio as the child he is while still respecting him as an opponent. Actually he does this with all those kids and I love it.
  • Sleeps with Makkachin
  • Wait ok can we talk about how he bought a poodle, named it Viktor, nicknamed it Vicchan, and then his mom is calling the actual Viktor Vicchan as well?????? I love that. I love his family
  • His family counts as something I love about him
  • That smile which lights up my life
  • He wears glasses that look adorable on him
  • The fact that he really is so mature, and in some ways (I actually think in a lot of ways) he’s more mature than Viktor.
  • His character development is currently my favourite
  • Slammed his face into the fucking wall because he couldn’t chill out for 2 seconds and listen to Viktor (I mean yeah Viktor can be wrong about quite a few things but he at least knows what he’s doing on the ice)
  • He slammed his face into the fucking wall, got a nosebleed, and then probably slammed his face into the ground again when Viktor denied him a hug
  • Viktor please hug him nobody cares about your 500 dollar coat getting blood on it
  • Yuuri is so fuckin good
  • Anxiety ridden angel budding star socially inept most relatable character I love my son

vento aureo is pretty good so far….also i found out i really like drawing giorno

I Would Never Call It Love 2

Since I just saw pictures of Calum and Nia kissing I’m going to make a really sad blurb right now to go with my dark soul and tears. Also partly inspired by nerdymuke on tumblr and their “through the years” story, so go check them out. Ok, enjoy.

part 1

(not my gif)

One month later…

Calum was enjoying the first month of his world tour with his best friends. He also enjoyed the new found time with his front band, which mostly consisted of girls. The drummer, with her colorful hair, big lips, and puppy eyes, really caught his attention. His skin would get bumpy at the touch of her hand on his, his arms neatly wrapped around her thin waist so easily, his smile came naturally as a result of her presence and laughter. She could feel the growing tension as well, loving every moment she got to spend with this golden boy.

Y/N, on the other hand, was living a life of full regret. She had only gone out once since her and Calum’s last exchange, which resulted in her crying in the vodka infused punch bowl to random people who passed about her sadness. She was eventually kicked out onto the cold streets, and slept on a nearby park bench that night with no recollection of anything that night. She had skipped classes because she was physically too ill to attend, not because she had a cold or flu, but because her crying kept her up all night. She would never get any sleep, and couldn’t breathe out of her nose or talk normally because her throat was scratched from the screaming that would accompany her cries. Thank God she lived alone. She also missed many days of work because of this as well, but never more than she missed school. She still had to put food on her table.

The urge to call him, the urge to run over to his place and bang on the door to be let in, knowing full well he wasn’t home, was beginning to break her down. She never knew pain could hurt this bad when the person who you’re hurting over was never really yours. I mean, who would know? She had deleted all the pictures, texts, etc. the night they last encountered each other so there was nothing to help mend her heart, she absolutely had nothing of his or anything that remotely reminded her of him. She forgot his signature scent, the curves in his biceps, his squishy cheeks, his touseled dark curls, his errupting laughter. And all of it, she missed deeply.

The boys felt uneasy once they saw Calum falling for Nia so quickly after what last happened with Y/N. Of course, they never knew of what happened behind closed doors, but they knew something was going on. They weren’t just friends that would ‘go out for coffee’ or ‘go out for brunch’ every week, or so Calum would say, for 6 hours at a time. Ashton knew better than anyone, and he saw texts that proved his thoughts right. He wondered why Calum was so broken once the plane had annouced their departure, tears instantly slipped from his eyes while looking down at a phone with no notifications. And once he saw Calum’s eyes fall on Nia with such interest, he knew it was about Y/N.

Soon, the boys would be stopping at their next show which was in Chicago. For hours Ashton contemplated contacting Y/N via Twitter since he followed her, asking her if she’d like to come to the show. He would pay for her ticket, hotel, and backstage pass so she could see Calum again after a little over a month, and spark whatever they had that left his poor Cal in tears. Ash knew he would have to be sneaky though, making sure Calum wouldn’t take his phone or overhear conversations with her. But in the end, he sent her a message.

Her face lit up like a christmas tree in the dead of night. Her heart raced to a million beats, and her head pounded every corner of her brain. She couldn’t believe it. The offer, the reasoning behind it, everything. At first, she absolutely declined. Telling Ashton, “No. Absolutely not. I haven’t nothing to say to him, and want nothing to do with him. Sorry, but thanks for the offer.” Then Ashton laid down the heavy card. “But he cried over you. For the first few days he sat by himself being quiet and looking at his phone for some kind of message from you. I’ve always been suspicious of you two, and now I know what’s been going on.” If that didn’t make her want to jump out of her apartment window, then she didn’t know what would. Eventually she gave in upon hearing about Calum’s distress. Maybe they had both been going through the same motions, but were both too incredibly stubborn to admit it. I mean, it took so long for Calum to even come clean about his feelings, so she knew it would take him longer to tell her about what he’s been going through now. Or so she thought.

With sunglasses on her face a luggage on her hand, she drove in a taxi to the hotel Ashton rented a room for her in. Her hands began to get clammy, realizing she was in the same vicinity as Calum once again, and she could see him anytime before her big concert reveal. Ashton messaged her once she was settled in the room, telling her to be ready by 4 so her uber that he payed and sent for her, can pick her up and take her to the venue for soundcheck where he’d give her the concert ticket, backstage pass, and of course a hug for goodluck.

Once she was dressed in a skin tight black long sleeve dress with matching thigh high boots, she was picked up right on time by her friendly uber. She exited the car only to be pulled by a tall muscular man with a shirt that read ‘security’ on it, and pushed inside the venue. Ashton greeted her by catching her before she could fall due to the security’s hard push.

“Whoa there,” she laughed while catching her, “sorry about that. Security is pretty solid for us.” He lifted her up to her knees, as she brushed off her dress and smiled shyly at him.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, properly at least.” He shoved his hands in his pockets to retreive what she came to meet him for.

“You as well.” He was about to hand her the ticket and pass, but she put her hand on top of his to signify to stop before he could fully put it in her hands.

“I knew Calum the best, but I just want you to know that I actually do really enjoy your band and music. All of you are so talented, and in no way was I befriending Calum for fame or anything.” Ashton gave her a confused look, and she slightly chuckled. “I know you guys have probably had people in your life come in and out because all they wanted was 15 minutes of fame with you guys. But that’s why I kept myself out of the spot light, and it wasn’t just Calum’s decision. I didn’t want any of you seeing me like that because I genuinely liked you guys.” He smiled brightly at her, molding her hand to fit around the contents in his hand.

“We have our fair share of that with the guys’ girlfriends on this tour.” Y/N laughed loudly. A real laugh, one she didn’t know she could still make after the month of complete darkness she was in not too long ago. “Now, go sit in the back of soundcheck, make sure to keep your head down so that way when you go back stage Calum is truly surprised, and then enjoy the concert then go to the right hand of the front of the stage so the security can take you to come see us.” She nodded, giving him the big comforting hug they both needed.

She did as Ashton said, and sat in the very last row of soundcheck, on the side Calum wasn’t sitting in front of. She saw him emerge from backstage in his navy tank, black jeans and messy hair. A small gasp left her mouth before she quickly put a hand over it. He looked better than he did when he left, if that was even possible in a months time. But she knew she had to keep her composure, so she sat with her hair slightly in her face, but looking up enough to witness his beauty.

A fan 2 rows in front of you asked a question that got your head to shoot all the way up, not caring if he saw you or not, because the answer to this question was vital.

“Do you miss anyone that isn’t with you on tour now? I mean obviously your family but anyone else?” Calum let out a sigh, and waiting a rather long time before he answered, truthfully.

“Yeah of course I miss my family. My mum, dad, sister, even a few of my cousins. But other than that, no. I don’t miss anyone.“ Y/N looked over at Ashton who saw her from his periferal, and he looked scared. He gulped, causing his Adams apple to bob up and down, and his jawline sharpened. Her fingers crept inward, and were making sharp indents on her palms. Her breathe hitched, and without thinking, her legs straightened, making everyone, even the boys, look at her, and in a flash her back was facing them and began walking out.

“Y/N stop, don’t leave.” She heard over the speakers, freezing in her tracks with her back still facing them. Her mouth fell slightly open, with puffs of air escaping them. She could feel herself shaking, tears daring to pour out of her eyes. She looked back to find Calum standing up quickly, making his mic fall to the floor. She couldn’t look at him for more than a second before she was whisked away by another tall muscular guy wearing a shirt that said ‘security’…

The boys had finished their soundcheck about 20 minutes after the whole incident. Y/N had been sitting on the small couch they were given backstage, and soon she saw Ashton cut through the dark curtain seperating the stage from backstage, and scolded her with dark eyes. He couldn’t even get a word in before Calum practically tore the curtain from the ceiling as she stomped toward me. He grabbed my arm and brought me to my feet before taking me to a room filled with the bands clothes, instruments, and hair products. It was big and spacious, which meant there was tons of room for yelling.

Calum slammed the door before speaking. “What the hell is your problem?” He screamed at her, getting in her face, and in an instant she pushed his broad shoulders away from her, walking on the other side of the couch inside the room so she could have a barrier.

“What the hell is my problem? You’re the one bruising my arm, slamming doors, and screaming in my face! I thought you’d be happy to see me!”

“No Y/N, I’m not! Once I’m happy and finally starting to get over you, you decide to come back and be here! Well news flash Y/N I don’t want you here, at all!”

“Well I didn’t want to come here either alright. Ashton contacted me saying how sad you’ve been because of what happened between us because Calum, he knows you better than anybody, and he knows what’s been going on between us. And I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a mess without you. So I thought coming here would help me realize why I felt so low but I knew the reason the whole time.” By now, Y/N was crying. Tears hit the couch, and her head hung low. Calum crossed his arms with tension, waiting for her answer.

“I’m in love with you too, Calum. I don’t know why it took me so long or why I never said it, but I mean it now. I’m in love with everything about you, everything I’ve gotten to know about you, every flaw and every perfection of you.”

“Well I’m not in love with you, so leave.” He said defensively. She choked back on her tears, looking up at him to find him much closer in front of her than before, his eyes baring into her own. All she saw was black, no feeling, no sympathy for her travels to come and tell him this.


“I told you. I’m over you. And I mean it. I actually have someone else right now in my life that has, in a way….replaced you. She’s the drummer of our front band, and she makes me feel more loved than you ever made me feel.” Her hand caught up to her mouth to avoid loud screams from coming out like the ones she experienced in the silence of 2 AM, and Calum still felt no sympathy.

“Calum c’mon! We’re about to go on stage!” You heard a girl’s voice errupt from behind the dressing room door, and in a giggly voice as well. Knowing fully well of who it was, Y/N grabbed at her hair by her temples before pacing the inside of the room.

“I’ll be out in a minute babe!” He yelled before reaching for the door knob.

“Calum no wait please-“ Y/N ran toward him and pulled his hand into hers before he could open the door. As if he knew the affect he now had on her, he left his hand in hers for a few seconds, before roughly pulled it back with a tense look staring down at her.

“I’m sorry you made the trip all the way out here, only to be disappointed.” He opened the door and stepped halfway out before speaking again. “At least now, you know what it feels like.”

With another slam to the door, Y/N huffed out the last bit of air she could muster from her lungs, as she felt like Calum was choking her and she couldn’t breathe at all. Now she was the one left in a dimly lit room. Oh boy, she caught feelings and she knew the feelings she felt for Calum would be just that, feelings.

(jumps down from counter in indubbz voice) I’M GAY

I’m actually so mad at myself for falling in love with a character who is dead and not even mentioned that often throughout an entire 7-book series, like??? I’m just mad that everything about James Potter resonates in the pits of my soul when all I really know about him is that he was goofy and talented and arrogant and unfailingly loyal and protective and that he ran his hands through his hair like a big dork and that he DIED AT 21 standing up for his child and his wife and for what he believed in ok I love him so much and it’s Upsetting

Call Time (M)

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Summary: Taehyung had just wanted to rant to his best friend about how ridiculous he looked.

Warningsanal fingering, dirty talk, phone sex, allusions to pet play *hint hint wink wink*, guided masturbation

A/N: This is the first part my little panda’s other birthday gift that I completely forgot to post soooooooo HERE YA GO MONNI I LOVE YOU V MUCH!!!! Rogue pls don’t kill me ok

Taehyung huffed in exasperation. He looked ridiculous. Absolutely, certifiably ridiculous. He had purposely chosen to dye his hair this obnoxiously vibrant shade of red for the very simple fact that he didn’t want to wear the damn ears and tail in the first place. But his best friend being The Indomitable and Resourceful Park Jimin, Taehyung really shouldn’t have been surprised that he would find the fuzziest appendages possible that just so happened to perfectly match his new hair color. Honestly, Taehyung was beginning to question why he even considered the impish little brat a friend when he so often and so willingly broke their most sacred Best Friends Blood Oath and Spit Pact of December 2010. 

He glared at his reflection once again, eyes stuck on the unnaturally “cute” ears peeking out from his tousled coppery locks. There was no way in hell he was going to go live looking like this. Nope, nuh uh. Kim Taehyung was willing to do a lot of things for his loyal fans–and had done a good chunk—except look unreasonably absurd. With another loud huff, he batted at the stupid triangles before snatching his phone off his bed to angrily tap at his best friend’s contact information.

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  • Me: You know, I just really lov-
  • Everyone: The original Yugioh manga. We know. You tell us every fucking time. We know you love the characters and the art style and the games and how fucking edgy Yami is and the ankhs on his coat that disappeared after chapter 2 and the fucking poison in the spaghetti and the heavy ancient Egyptian themes and the literal death and destruction and Yugi's noodle hair. WE KNOW OK

Ok this isn’t me saying anything bad about Henrik (who I think is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.) But something I really loved about Skam and their use of Even. When we first see Even he’s the gorgeous, mysterious, magical teenage boy that you see in all the movies and tv shows of the perfect, hot, dreamy guy. 

But as we spend time with Even, he becomes more and more human and a different kind of beauty is shown. His hair is dirty and oily and becomes a big mess, he has spots on his forehead, his skin would be blotchy, his body was allowed to be lanky and awkward. He would sing along to pop songs and do other normal dorky things. He got to be down and depressed, and to despair and to be miserable and that was all ok. He wasn’t up on this pedestal anymore, he didn’t have to be this unattainable ideal, he was human and real.

It reminds me of that quote by Angelita Lim. “I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you.  Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.” Even is perfect, but he’s not at the same time, but he’s still amazing, beautiful, and wonderful all at the same time.

Notes || Jughead Jones

Prompt: I have an idea! A fic where Juggie used you to find info on Jason and you find out cause he made like a log about it and you get super upset because you love him but Juggie says it was a mistake cause he fell in love with you and kissssssessssss

Requested By: Anon

Warnings: Angst, fluff

A/N: Ok so since we know nothing about Jason I’m just going to make stuff up about him based off of what Cheryl says about him.

“So what was Jason like?” the raven haired boy sitting in front of you asked.

“He was cool, he really loved his sister. He would do anything for her,” you reply. A pang of sadness arises in your chest.

You are friends with Cheryl, mostly because your families are super close. Of course being a River Vixen also makes you close to her, since you are close to Cheryl it meant that you were close to Jason. When Jason was murdered you were the only one there for Cheryl, her parents were upset but they spent no time trying to comfort her. 

You met Jughead by chance really, you were partnered up with him for a chemistry assignment, which meant you had to get to know him. It turned out he wasn’t as weird as Reggie made him out to be. Hence you started to attempt to be friends with him. It took months but Jughead finally let you into his little circle. But recently your feelings towards the writer started to change, he is sweet, his humor is rather dark and dry but it’s funny.

“I mean could he of done anything to get murdered?” Jughead asks.

“No. And can we not talk about this please it’s just really depressing,” you sigh.

“Fine, whatever I have to help Betty with the Blue and Gold anyway,” he grabs his things and walks off.

A couple of papers fall out of his things, when you notice though he’s already to far gone for you to catch up, so you decide to hang on to them until tomorrow. The papers look like notes so knowing that he’s ahead in his classes you decide to take a read of them. 

Y/N is super close to Blossoms, some info should be there. Apparently the families are close. Y/N and Jason were best friends that makes my life easier.

The list continued with little bits of information your “friend” worked out of you. He was so subtle you didn’t even realize Jughead was doing that. You find a sticky note and write:

Really Jughead I thought we were friends, but I guess not. Also to think I had a crush on you.

You put the sticky note on the papers and slip them into his locker. 

Time skip to the next day

You go to lounge like usual and hear Reggie Mantles musings about how Sheriff Keller thinks he did it. It does get a little tiring hearing him complain each day but you’ve learned to block it out.

Cheryl enters the room and pulls you out because you are late for cheer practice. On your way to the locker room to change an arm grabs you and pulls you over. Your beanie clad friend pulls you into an empty classroom.

“What Jughead,” you snap.

“Y/N, look I’m sorry. What I did was an honest mistake. I never should of done that. I never thought I’d say this but, I’m in love with you. I hope you can forgive me,” Jughead blurts.

“Aww Juggie. I do agree what you did was wrong but I guess I can forgive you.”

Jughead pulls you close to him and puts his lips on yours. You pull apart as you hear Cheryl calling for you. You quickly exit the classroom with a smile plastered on your face.

“What’s got you so happy?” Cheryl asks.

“Nothing,” you reply, butterflies flittering in your stomach.

“Sure,” Cheryl rolls her eyes.

Your phone beeps in your bag. You pull it out and read:

Pop’s at 5? - Jughead

Are you asking me out on a date???

Yes, in-fact I am

I would love to

anonymous asked:

Heartbroken at the terrible loss of Chris Hemsworth.. 's hair! Forever crying!

Hi anon!!

DuUUuuUude! I really love his new haircut! Ok, he was amazing with his long hair (omg, I love the picture below. The lighting ♥___♥ It looks like a painting. And I cropped it to post it in this ask)

…but I really dig his short hair in the promo pics we saw. He looks tougher, like a warrior. No, really, I like it! ^^ A new Thor, with a new haircut :D

Don’t cry anon, you still have 3,4 movies where Thor has long hair and maybe his long hair will come back in Infinity War.

really rough red leeber design
honestly i love a lot of the pre the end red leader designs so i borrowed heavily from those ideas. the douchebag cape is perfect.
ignore shitty hand.
-gave him crutches as i headcanon tord to have a lot of nerve damage and other nasty stuff from the crash that makes it hard for him to move the right side of his body and walk in general. hes got a wheelchair but im not drawing that today.
-hair is shorter: see lack of longer back
-the uniform is NOT blue. i don’t like that color scheme, i do NAUGHT. see the part about basing it off of old red leader fan designs
-his arm is pretty nifty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_ObyvGNw0I&t=3m33s
-his mouth is pretty mangled up. his right cheek was pretty much split open and while it’s already healed it’s still pretty gnarly looking
-hes 41. he’s still a youngster….

Ok so I’m on the same flight to New York as Adrienne C. Moore (Black Cindy/Tova in Orange is the New Black) and we were going through security at the same time and I was like ’!!!!!!!!! Hi, not to be annoying but you are so talented and I just really had to tell you’ and then she smiled real big and said ‘you are so sweet thank you. I love your hair!’ and I’m SHOOK.

@alkja replied to your post: forcearama: pattroughton: So Vader has a…

Let’s all imagine Luke finding the castle and realizing he’s only the #2 Obi-Wan Fanboy in the galaxy while FG!Anakin squirms in embarrassment. “Really, dad? Really? Why not a lock of his hair too?” “…With his brush in that gilded box.” “DAD” “It was really lovely hair, ok?” “…Force’s sake.”

Hahahahahaha, I live for Luke finding out about his dad’s eternal love for Obi-Wan. He is absolutely going to run across that room at some point and either die laughing or die of embarrassment, or both. It’s going to be hard to make eye contact for a couple of weeks afterward.

Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost is going to die for a second time about all of this. He will literally blush himself to another death when Luke finds this place. 

Actually, I kind of want Kylo to be the one to encounter Vader’s little Obi-Wan Room. Like, he’s got this image of Vader as an all-powerful Super Scary Sith Lord Whose Work Must be Continued and Who Loved Nothing and No One, and then he’s gonna find out that Vader spent much of his leisure time drawing saucy pictures of some Jedi and writing shitty romantic poetry about him and…it’s gonna be awkward. 

in regards to hate (remix)
Anto feat. Einaudi
in regards to hate (remix)

Have you ever thought about love?

If he were to ask me now, I’d know exactly what to say. I’d describe the slightest up and down motion of his chest - still bare, a wasteland - the muted colour of his hair that reminds me of the moon, is it stupid to think that he’s really handsome? Like, do I sound pathetic? Is it ok if I really like the quietest whistle from his nose as he breathes in? Is it stupid maybe to think I don’t want anyone else to ever hear it?
Am I childish if I am still unable to process the fact that he thinks I am beautiful and I want him to tell me again? Like, over and over? Everyday? In front of everyone?


“Fine, I’ve had enough of this game. You want to know the truth, Yuri?”
“No, I want to go home with you”
“No you listen to me. I like him. Do you hear me?”
“Take me home”
“I’ve liked him from the first damn second I laid my eyes on him, no, from the video on YouTube, I was watching him dance and it seemed like everything suddenly connected, I felt inspired, dropped everything and came here because I knew I’d regret it forever otherwise. I found my muse. And I came here because I need to understand what this feeling is, I’ve never felt it before, Yuuri has awakened something in me I didn’t even know existed. I can’t stop thinking about him day and night. And I don’t want to, either, because for the first time in years I feel motivated. I need him, I want him to want me. This is it, Yuri. This is it.”


“I have ruined him. He said he wanted us to go home and what did I do? I spat my own selfish feelings in his face. He’s just a kid. He’s just a kid on his own. He needed me and I abandoned him. If I had stayed in Russia all this wouldn’t have happened.“

"You left because you fell in love. That is a good enough reason, don’t you think.”


( extracts from in regards to hate, a fanfiction by antonsenpai )

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hey mom, so i went through a really bad breakup with my girlfriend last night. i really loved her and i feel really sad. do you have any anthony gifs to cheer me up maybe?

roloh my goodness lil anon i’m really sorry (also sorry for the late reply)

ok look @ my boy,,,, focus on him

he wwants u to feel nice inside 

he is h,ere for u

he puT his hair u.pp ,, jsut for U (((ur blessed))

there he go

rollin away from tthe pain

thsi is him sayin,,,, i lov u

svt and the types of skinship they’d like to do with their gf

s.coups: scoups is a huge baby he’d be all over you all the time. He likes extravagant gestures of affection and won’t hesitate to hug or kiss you in public bc he’s so proud of himself that he managed to get a girl like you!!

jeonghan: jeonghan is all about subtlety! he doesn’t really like showing off per se, but prefers to show his love for you in small ways like just holding your hands, or ruffling your hair and cheek kisses from time to time.

joshua: joshua, joshua joshua WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN he’s so shy and like all uptight about this he really doesn’t like getting physical in front of others (when you two are alone he probably loves to cuddle bc he’s a huge cat) so he’d just… hold your hand when you two are out. play with your fingers and stuff. would love the entire resting-heads-on-shoulders thing.

jun: wow ok this greaseball….. in public he’d probably swing his arm around your shoulders and at the same time whisper things to you. it would look really intimate but really all he’s saying is stuff like “do u see that subway sandwich? it looks delicious”.

hoshi: HOSHI LOVES THIS okay not in like the intimate sensual sense but he just loves being around you and with you in general! He’d probably try to princess carry you and stuff bc he’s ridiculous that way but he’s actually super gentle… LOVES HUGS

wonwoo: wonwoo would be all about fluffy and lovey dovey shows of affection. he’d probably love holding hands and resting his head on your shoulder while you guys are sitting together, and would probably give u little kisses on the cheek or forehead from time to time (he’d definitely love to cuddle you and have you sit in his lap)

woozi: he’s verY SHY WITH SKINSHIP VERY VERY SHY especially in public!! the most he would do would be try to hold hands with you, but when he does he would be super flustered and very awkward…. while u two are sleeping together tho, he wouldn’t realise it but he’d end up hardcore cuddling, like he’d wrap all his limbs around you and bury his head in your chest

mingyu: huge tree gyu would love cheek and forehead kisses,,, anything really,, being the puppy he is. Likes you to play with his hair and if you had long hair he’d love to braid it.. IS ALWAYS DOWN FOR CUDDLES tbh

dk: DK THE CHEESEBALL HE’S SECRETLY SUPER SUPER SUPER GREASY subtle ass grabbing probably but to maintain his Pure and Sweet image he’d also kiss you from time to time, would love to hold your hand and kinda.. swing your arms around. you know that thing yeah

the8: like dk he’s secretly super greasy but instead of ass grabbing it’s more of slinging his arm around your shoulders and leaning in really close to your ear, and unlike jun, actually whispering things that will make you blush. he’d like to make you flustered with his surprisingly intimate behaviour, but then immediately switch back to the sweet cinnamon roll we all see him as (who’s the real greaseball now)

seungkwan: does he know what physical contact is he probably just clings on to you wherever you go and yells a lot. ok no rly he’d probably love holding hands in public and would give u his pouty face when u do something that makes him jealous/upset/thinks is unfair

vernon: vernon would probably think evERYTHING ten times over before he even makes a move on you. you can see him hesitating because god, the boy is so awkward and shy it’s adorably frustrating. the most he’d do is hold your hand for 5 minutes before he exPLODEs

dino: dino’s so young so innocent he’d probably start holding your hands while walking then start swinging them together like excited toddlers do. this would probably result in a (slightly embarrassing) contest to see who could swing each other’s arms higher

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ok, but for no other reason than my brain being a little shit, consider: young Dooku, Jocasta, and Sifo-Dyas, threesome. thoughts?

Yoda is 110% aware that it’s going on, and he supports it fully.

Dooku takes 500 years to want to kiss someone, let alone have sex. He’s very attached to both Jo and Sifo.

All three of them have screwed in the Jedi archives on more than one occasion.

Jo and Sifo both have really long hair and Dooku, just, loves to run his hands through it.

Jocasta Nu is the greatest kisser in the history of the Jedi Order. Dooku and Sifo are convinced she probably bolsters it with the Force because WOW. It’s electrifying.

Sifo is younger than Dooku and Jo. For a period of time, Dooku and Jo were together while Sifo was a bit on the outskirts. It was Jo who invited him to bed the night of his Knighting, and they’ve been all been a thing since.

In the Jedi temple, they sleep like this: Dooku on the left side, closest to the door and on his back, Jo in the middle on her side, and Sifo on the right closest to the wall. Sifo has a habit of curling up as close as possible to people when he sleeps.

Sifo and Jo adored Qui-Gon. They went on their fair share of missions with him. He was basically their padawan, too, and same with their’s to Dooku.

Ok i wrote a thing for a prompt (just a wip for now) and i want to finish it but i thought id post my progress here for the night so…have at it i guess!

Also i just want you all to know i have this image in my head of alex circling tjeffs while twirling a strand of hair in his finger. And abruptly turning on him so his coat tails spin…and he blows the hair out of his eyes with a little puff and i love alex ok he’s a cute bean who really needs a nap and some help.


Jefferson had been nearly finished presenting his proposal to the cabinet- interruption free, might he add, since Hamilton hadn’t shown his face all morning- when the door to the room swung open with enough ferocity to make him swallow his next words. The door handle clacked against the wall before bouncing back as stray papers scattered from the force of Hamilton’s entrance.

The man looked more of a hot mess than usual: hair sticking out in multiple places, clothing disheveled, and eyes wild and frantic to match the erratic rise and fall of his chest. Hamilton, despite his crude entrance and unsightly appearance, adjusted himself promptly and strode to the center of the room as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Jefferson had never seen the man late in his life and apparently neither had anyone else, judging by the appalled silence of the room. He watched as Washington rose from his seat at he head of the table about to speak over the creak in his chair, when Hamilton sat swiftly and beat him to it.

“You were saying?” He gestured for Jefferson to continue, who still stood, arms folded in front of the chair members. Hamilton’s tone was so nonchalant that Jefferson’s jaw clenched on reflex. Did the little shit really just pretend as if he hadn’t burst through the door with all the grace of a water buffalo, forty-five minutes late to an important meeting? Apparently, Washington had no qualms either as he gingerly sat back down and gave Jefferson a similar gesture.

Thomas took a deep breath to collect himself, trying (and failing) to not let the smooth arrogance rolling off of Hamilton get to him, as he tucked the “teacher’s pet” comment away for a more appropriate time. “…As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted,” He drawled, throwing a pointed look at his rival, “if we are to continue to be complacent in-”

“-Actually,” Hamilton interrupted again- Jefferson supposed he had to make up for lost time- and stood up as quickly as he had sat down. His frock flared out with his approaching steps and pieces of his dark hair that weren’t pulled back floated gently around his face. Thomas scanned him silently, already resigned to the fact that he wouldn’t get a word in edgewise until Hamilton finished whatever rant he had- and it was probably a good one, if the saunter in his step and smirk on his face were any indication. Upon closer inspection, it was difficult not to notice the heavy bags under the man’s eyes too, a stark contrast to the bright gaze he held over Thomas as he spoke, no doubt tearing apart every inch of the proposal he wasn’t even present for. It infuriated the Virginian how put together he could be despite his outward appearance. How could someone so strung out be so alluring while verbally deconstructing your entire career in a room full of your peers? When Thomas looked a mess, he felt it and that reflected in his work, but Hamilton? The worse he looked, the better he seemed to be at making Jefferson want to punch him.