i really love his hair ok

Woozi Fic 15

damn 15…i think i have a problem XD but its for woozi so its ok (but is it really?) i hope you like it! thanks for all the support anyone reading this i love you

“Sorry! Did that hurt?” you ask Woozi after you accidently bite his bottom lip just a little too hard.

Even under his blanket, you can see him smile up at you. “Stop talking,” he mutters, pulling you back down, letting your lips sloppily fall together. His fingers squeeze at your lower back while yours run through his hair. His legs tighten around yours, keeping you practically pinned to the mattress even though you’re on top. Every ounce of you craves him, and thank god that craving was being satisfied.

Well, it was being satisfied. Things were starting to heat up under the covers when all of a sudden someone yells your name. “(Y/N)!”

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sorry i haven’t been on in a few days lovelies who are reading this, i’ve just been really really sicky ok. 

anyways this is jak. he’s been my little experiment while i was sick ahehe. he’s an aspiring singer / songwriter, has a cat named marzia who may or may not be named after one of my favorite youtubers, wears black all the damn time, and loves dying his hair different pale shades and colors.

calipsoh asked:

Hi yes you're insanely gorgeous and your eyes are REALLY pretty and I love your hair ok bye



Jeremy Clarkson. I really don’t know why I love him. He isn’t particularly the best looking man. His belly is large. His hair is wild and grey now. I just happened because of a show back in 2008 called Top Gear. It was on a channel called BBC America. Television from Britain? Well, ok, why not. I love cars. These 3 middle-aged men are hilarious. I couldn’t stop talking about the show to everyone I knew. When they watched it, they agreed it was fantastic TV. I started to notice how handsome the presenters where. There was a little short one named Richard Hammond they nicknamed The Hamster. He was adorable! James May and that flowing hair and his intelligence. Yes, intelligence, lol. Then a very tall, loud man that seemed to be the “ring leader”. Jeremy Clarkson. What a laugh! What witty remarks. I fell the hardest for him. I wanted to be wrapped up in his arms and kissed. Soon the last Top Gear will be on. Seems like, well to me, a lot of things have ended. Say David Letterman for example. I know it thankfully isn’t completely the end. Netflix will hopefully give us back Richard hammond, James May and my Jeremy Clarkson. Anyways here’s to the future of the lads.

The End

pairing: jungkook × jimin
{sorry this is so short just testing my skills is all ; - ;}


The world is ending. But it’s ok. Cause Jungkook has Jimin in his arms. And they love each other. Jimin isn’t worried that his whole world will be destroyed in a matter of minutes. He’s not worried because Jungkook’s hair is so soft and it’s distracting him from the horror of the outside. Jungkook isn’t worried about his world crashing down. He has no worries because Jimin is warm and and his hands are soft. But the world is still ending, though their love is forever


wow ok I was really bored and it’s 1 am I can’t even XD sorry………; - ;

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OK but luke trying to braid hair like the lanky fuck would just be like "i really love your hair babe" and he would nEVER ACTUALLY FUCKING BRAID IT but he would attempt it so much and you would have the worst time brushing it out ever but you wouldnt ever care bc he loved it and he would always sit criss-cross applesauce on the floor with you on his lap watching spongebob on sunday mornings and he would do that



Sooo I was tagged WEEKS ago by the lovely frijae with this selfie meme thingymagic. Aaaaand I just realized that this miiight be the first time most of you see my face. HI :DDD SO!

1) chilling in the computer labs in uni, as you do.
2) my hair used to be super straight. Hence the look of slight confusedness. wtf hair structure. 
3) #TeamScienceTrack #GoingBoldlyBitches
4) the weather here has gotten better over the last few weeks so OUTDOOR SELFIE
5) my other uniform. why are football jerseys SO EXPENSIVE THO
6) literally me writing this post because I ran out of publishable selfies. HI. I WAS TOO LAZY FOR MAKE UP.

ans since I am late I am not tagging anyone (but if you feel like it, go ahead, I’d like to see your lovely faces :D)

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I wont leave you I promise I just think his messy hair looks like he just had sex. I like that look. My fav is really Niall but I just love the way Liam loves him.

you know what i think about liams sex hair a lot :) im a mess but like when his hair is getting a lil bit longer and its just fluffy and there. ok!!! but niam is the realest!! i love niam 

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Jasper, Raven and Bellamy + 2??


  • marry: jasper, i’m sorry i’m so boring but i will literally always choose to marry him in whatever universe ok he is my little chocolate cake that i want to fall asleep next to every night and wake up to every morning and play with his messy hair and go on cinema dates and have him say shit like ‘top of the morning to you’ all the time yes
  • cuddle: raven, though i really want to do the do with her too because look at her???? she seems to know what she’s doing man, i wanna get some reyes, but ugh she’s also so precious and needs a whole lotta loving so cuddling all night it is
  • sleep with: bellamy give me ur dicklamy (that doesn’t even make any sense i’m sorry) but no rly i wanna rub my face on those freckles and do the cha-cha slide with him because have you seen him haha bye

send me 3 names + a number

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Ok so tfhtd yb ys and vvb vvs I get but where did you get pounce and floop from? It could've been pos and pob or something right? (Is this too weird for you lol I was just curious)

ok ok ok,,,,,,,, so like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,pretty. odd. is my favorite era of brendon and i REALLY like his hair in it, and i actually mean to write floppy bc his hair is floppy in that era and i love it but i misspelled and just kept whispering floop to myself for like ten minutes and decided to keep it

and pounce was well i was trying to think of something similarish in a way and my thought process was literally “pretty odd spence… po… po…pospence?? ponce? pOUNCE?? POUNCE.. yes..  that’s a word that exists” and then it also made sense bc i wanna pounce on him ja feel

listen let me start this off by saying this is the hardest tag in the world and i didnt even put my full effort in2 this !!! ok forgive me roo 

its just hard so so hard how do you narrow this fine ass specimens pics in2 8 favorites 

how ????????!!!!!

so anyway 

roo tagged me 

here ya go w/ commentary 

sry zp haters but look at z 

look at his smile 

n his hair 

n his beard

its a great pic really 

lil baby boi still wearin varsity jakets 

baby boi gettin that sun 

but also not


cuz hes wearing like 10 layers

disappointment kid 

but also really sailor lookin 

love this $$$ look

fitspo all day errday


how could i not add this??

also cheekbones

n sweater

hes 4 

its not a fav as a whole 

but his eyes 


i had 2 eenie minie mo this w/ an asian awards pic n a pic of him in a pool with a whale 

sad the whale didnt win

but anyway 

nice smile

okkkk ROO i did ittttt !!!!!!!!! n now marta dong NADA (if she comes online lol) haribo linda (super intrigued by what ud pick) leslie kat n finally roo again 4 the hellish tag 

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ok but like... Fear making the lil heart thing with his hair (antenna??) at Anger. at Sadness. at all of them bc he's a Big Gay

yeah!!!! wow  thats really gay!!! i love the gay noodle

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You've probably been asked this many times, so I apologize, but out of the tfw boys, who is your favorite to draw? Also, what is your favorite art medium?

Oh, the boooooyyyysssss… I love to draw them all, I really do.

Castiel - do you really want me to tell about his beauty? About his eyes, cheekbones, lips, emotions you can see on his face, OH GOD.

Sam? Ok, Sam is perfect, and his face is incredible and so unusual and for that so interesting. As a huge bonus - his hair, maaaan, this hair.

Dean, OH MY… Jensen’s face… How can I even describe it? I just can’t. And the whole pain you see when Dean’s suffering, this sadness and anger. 

I would never choose.

And an art medium - did you mean tool? or material? Anyway, it actually doesn’t matter. I love anything that can help me to creat graphic art. I love it, I love lines and plain colours, I love all of it. For the last piece I drew I just took some pens I found around on the table. It really doesn’t matter. I just adore drawing and cross hatching.