i really love his hair like this


“Of course she’s still your sister, Pippa! But you have to understand this, it’s for the best that your real dad isn’t in your life, sweetheart.”


“He’s not a nice man at all. When he was mean to me and left, it was Luke that came and helped me. You both adored each other straight away. You have to know that he loves and cares for you just as much as he does for Destiny. I never asked him to be a father for you, he took on that role himself and he did it with pride.”

“Do I have my real dad’s hair and eyes?”

“His hair, yes. But believe it or not, you actually have my eyes! For now, anyway. When I was your age, I had eyes exactly like yours. When I became a bit older, they faded away and my real eyes came in. Wanna know why you have these eyes? Because you’re really special, Pippa. Never doubt that for a second, okay?”

How much does my little brother love Agent Kallus?

A whole fucking lot, it would surprisingly seem. Here are a couple of his comments from the finale relating to our favorite character.

Him: “He looks really cute with his hair like that.” 

Me: *silence*


Me: “Oh, no, you’re not the only one.”

“Awww, baby no! It’s not your fault! Thrawn’s just an ass!”

“I wish it were possible to give fictional characters a hug because he looks so scared and I just- hnnnngh!”


And, my personal favorite:

“That smirk just added about fifteen years to my life.”

❝ You’ll be fine. ❞

Plot: When Taehyung and Jungkook, your boyfriend and best friend, find out you’ve cancer after you faintend in front of their eyes. 

Taehyung x Jungkook x Reader

Words count: 1,4k+
Genre: Angst
For anon, I really hope you like it! M. ♥
Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

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The laughter fill the air around you and you keep to look your best friend on the ramp for skating, worried more than ever. Taehyung’s hand, his big hand with that tapering fingers you just love, starts to slip through your hair undisturbed, provoking you a slight thrill down your spine.  

“You look like his mother rather than his best friend, Jagi..”  

“He could be hurt, then your PDnim kills me not you two..”  

“I’m sure Kooks has nine lives like a cat..”

You shake your head, smiling amused, returning to lay with your shoulders against his chest.  

It’s a nice evening, finally you can hang out with your favorite people and they can relax and not think, albeit only for a few hours about the stress of the tour, the comeback and everything be an idols implies.  

His fingers began to brush your forearms, it seem almost he’s playing a piano on your skin as he press and raises his fingertips, manage to get small sighs of relief and pure pleasure out of you.

Those caresses are your favorites and he can remember so well that he just can spends hours to touch your body, admiring you in complete silence.  


“Kooks.. I don’t see my girlfriend for more than three weeks, shut up! ”  

“HYUNG, COME ON, I NEED TO POUR OUT THE ENERGY. I’m too used to work and when I have some free time are so loaded that I’ve to take it out… ”  

“You know, Kooks, the way you said it.. It looked a bit… Nasty ”  

Taehyung bursts out laughing at your statement and despite the light is muffled, there’s only that of the lamps into the park, you can see the sudden redness that colors your best friend’s cheeks. You enjoy teasing him, because you know you’re one of the few people who can really do it.  

He makes the grimace to you, so with exasperated sighing you leave Taehyung’s embrace, walking along to the ramp to “play” with Jungkook.  

“Do YOU really leave me for him? Y/N! I’m your boyfriend! ”  


“I can hear you…” He murmurs, pretending to be annoyed, but you see him clearly “gloating” as for his victory on his Hyung.  

Hyung who doesn’t wait for more than two seconds to join you and you feel lifted, his arms tight around your hips, like you was light as a feather.  

You scream, your voice load of fun, starting to wiggle your legs in an attempt to break free from his grip. It’s the highlight of the last few weeks, and then when he finally lets your feet’re flat on the ground, you can’t help but smile and squeezing his hand in yours, doing cast off your fingers.  

Your look goes on that plot, his huge and tapered hand that perfectly holds yours, smaller and more delicate, making you think you’re in a beautiful dream. Still, after more than a year, you wonder how it’s possible that a guy like him has feelings for someone like you.  

“You’re so mushy that I’ve diabetes, guys….”  

“Be quiet, Kooks.” You whisper, looking at him with your “worst” killer gaze. You smile to see him do a little bow while Taehyung hugs you from behind and wraps with his body, making you feel safe and at home.  

His arms are your home and between them you’ve never experienced the slightest fear.  

“Now that we’re both here, Kooks.. what should we do? I was so comfortable on the grass to cuddle my girlfriend.. ”  

“HYUNG! You’re 24! You should be full of energy, we will have a challenge? You choose what kind of competition! ”  

“Oh God, why do you men must always put everything on competition?”  

“Nooooona, shhhh. Sit back down and look at the destruction of your boyfriend ”  

You raise your eyes, sometimes you want to kill him, charging a kiss on Taehyung’s cheek and abandoning, for the umpteenth time, his embrace.  

It’s at that moment, while you walk toward your bag on the grass, that your head starts spinning violently. You stop walking, squeezing your eyes and trying to breathe deeply; you think it’s just a sudden drop in blood pressure.  

The feeling is gone as well and you start walking again but everything vanishes completely when you fall to the ground, totally passed out.


“What happened?”

“We were in the Park, Hyung and.. She suddenly collapsed to the ground. She was pale and c-cold.. She seemed dead ”

“Taehyung.. You’ll see that it’s nothing, don’t worry. Her parents are talking with the doctors, she’ll be fine. ”

“Yes, Jin Hyung.”

“Where is Kooks?”

“With Jimin.. He’s trying to calm him down. ”

“Sit down, you need to rest a bit, too.


“What.. W-what does it mean… Cancer?? ”

“I’m sorry Ma'am..”

“N-No.. My baby.. ”

“The good thing is that at the first stage, there are 80% chance… We’ll do everything, I promise. ”

“M-my baby..” 


“Wake up Jagi.”

After those that you think are interminable seconds, you finally open your eyes and Taehyung’s smile welcomes you with love. But there’s something in his eyes, that causes a strange feeling you can’t decipher.

You smile and greet his lips on yours with desire. They’re touching and kissing like it was the first kiss and when he bites your bottom lip, with more subtlety than normal, you sigh just continuing to smile.

“I feel dizzy.”

“You’ve been asleep for two days straight.”

“T-Two?? Aigoo… Mom and Dad? ”

“They’ve.. They’ve a coffee. ”

His tone is weird and the uncomfortable feeling overbearingly bite in your chest. You look at him more carefully and see, something that you never used to be able to see, that even his smile is not the classic smile that you fell in love with.

“What …?”

“It’s nothing Jagi, It’s nothing.”


“You’ve cancer Noona, is why he can’t tell you.”

Kooks’ voice hits you violently and you turn violently your head towards him, noticing only at that time your best friend, sitting in an armchair in the shadows as if trying to hide from the world.


“Hyung.. You can’t wait.. She needs to know so she can start the treatment. You don’t want her to be saved? ”




You whisper while shock and the situation makes its way inside you. You’re 22 and you’ve cancer. Silence makes its way in the room, at that time, and immediately you feel Taehyung’s arms around you. They protect you, but this time they can’t do anything to help you.

You can’t cry, you’re still too shocked to react, but you lay your head against his shoulder and let yourself be lulled. His deep voice reassures you that everything will be all right but Jungkook’s gaze, tucked away into the shadow, can’t help you. You two are similar and the fear you read in his eyes is the same one that begins to cripple you completely.


“Tell me..”

“I don’t want to… I.. ”

“You’ll be fine. You got us, you will always got us Y/N ”

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yesterday someone asked you what your three favorite things are. so I'll ask you what your three favorite things are about each boy...

this is a wonderful question! thank you for asking it. 


- how supportive he is of not just the boys (even after zayn left, Liam was the most vocally supportive and forgiving of him) and all the people in his life. he never really makes someone the butt of a joke or pokes fun at their weird quirks. remember when harry had his poutine meltdown and Liam just egged him on and then ruffled his hair after? I love it. 

- how excited he gets over really small stuff. like the rainbow cake with Grimmy or that magic trick. it’s like a kid on christmas morning. 

- his chocolate brown puppy eyes. 


- Louis is so beautiful it’s insane? like just a very aesthetically pleasing person to look at. his fluffy hair.  how he looks good in everything he wears. his eyes. his model cheekbones. his arm muscle definition??? I’m obsessed with it. all the boys are so good looking but I often find myself staring at pictures and gifs of Louis the most and being like “how…?” he’s otherworldly and looks like no one else and I’m gonna stop myself right here right now because I could write a thesis on it. 

- how much he loves his family. seeing louis with his family, sisters, and son makes my heart grow three sizes. 

- what an absolute little shit he is. 


- how he’s genuinely the weirdest, quirkiest person in the world. I know we joke about the fact that he’s a alien…but he’s an alien; a delightful little weirdo. 

- how he wears whatever he wants and doesn’t give two shits what anyone thinks or says. he’s like a modern day bowie or jagger rocking the androgyny and wearing ripped up hoodies on top of six other shirts three of which are dorky dad on vacation shirts with his 6k boots and somehow his titties are still out and I’m all about it. 

- his kindness. he’s so kind to everyone even when people treat him like garbage and I think that makes him a rare and golden soul. 

Niall (I love everything about him and this is in no way a comprehensive list but here are three things I really love about him): 

- his optimism. he’s just so happy and laid back and always having a good time.  

- his lack of pretension. every story we hear about him is about how little the pop star fame has gone to his head. I forget that producer’s name he just worked with but he talked about how he showed up with no entourage, learned everyone’s names right away, tuned his own guitar, and was just an absolute gentlemen. I feel like everyone who meets him goes into the situation thinking he’s one way and comes back out with the pants charmed right off them (cassie recently met someone who met him two summers ago and was blown away by how sweet and charming and down to earth he is.). he just seems like he can hang with anyone, anytime. 

- he just makes me happy. every time I watch a video of him doing something, I’m smiling like an idiot. 

GUYS i visited the college im going to today and we got split into little groups for lunch and everyone used my pronouns AND THERE WAS A REALLY HECKING CUTE BOY FUCK his name is henry and he has gorgeous brown eyes and curly dark chocolate hair and cute glasses and his voice sounds like honey and poetry and saturday morning cuddled up with someone you love and his hands are nice (dont kinkshame me) AND he’s a theatre major HECK HES SO FUCKING CUTE IM GAAAAAAAAY

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I love it so much when you draw kaito. you have good art.

awh thanks dood!! i like kaito too he’s so cool :D kakkoii!!!!! too bad he’s really hard to draw… i mean his hair….defies gravity man


Here’s my Declan Wake doll rooted and flocked with a face up by me. I really do love how feminine his features are because they’re distinct, and it’s not like… unformed pleasantly blobby faces that a lot of Ken dolls have. I intended to trim his hair after boiling it but I love how it frames his face.

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what would beast look like if they just shaved all the hair off him. i feel like he'd look like rufus the naked molerat except bulkier and it'd be really unsettling. can you write a meta

Beast (Prince Adam), “Beauty and the Beast” body reference (shaved).

    His built is hard and hot. All him is still hard and hot, just softer and pink. He might secretly like flowers and anime.

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Hi there! I'm pretty sure you get this a lot but I love your blog, I love your drawings, I love you (orz) and... this might sound weird, I mean, like a promo between songs in spotify but I've been reading this masterpiece (it's really angsty bc suffering fills my soul) archiveofourown -> /works/9328703/chapters/21138362 and I can't help but imagine that long haired Yurio just as he looks in your drawings. And that was all, I'm sorry I'm so stupid but I had to. Lots of love for you! <3

hellooo! AAAAAAAHHH HIODLJSAK;; thank you so so much <3333 ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` ) and it doesn’t sound weird at all pls!! I checked out the fic and the summary has already stabbed my heart wow ;^;  AND I’M SO HONOURED YOU IMAGINED MY YURI AHHH! <3 Please don’t apologizeeee shhh, it’s not stupid and lots of love for you too!!! <3333 ;o;

I really love the idea of Altean!Lance especially when paired with BoM-suit-Galra!Keith yes hello sign me the fuck up but I think I prefer him with his normal hair colour rather than white.

This is probably just me but I love when Victor spins… like… have you ever just looked at him when he’s spinning? The way his hair just kinda…. swooshes??? anndd,, uuhhHHH,,?? and his expressions??? ju s t,,,,,,, hhHH

i mean…. wow, he’s very??? beautiful?????


Some oooold stuff from Same Old World. This was my first time drawing Lapis, so it was pretty daunting. I ended up liking how the episode came out, though, thanks to everyone else’s amazing work down the line. 

In this first shot of Lapis I really wanted to capture how Steven’s presence takes her out of her misery, so I got into posing out that mental transition, also drawing her wings and hair *_* I love Steven’s moments with the Homeworld gems… I think there is something very fragile, exciting and sweet about his relationships with these characters that very recently turned a new leaf.

It’s awesome to be able to draw Mark with his black hair again

this is just what i feel having been in the fandom since the beginning lmao:

  • Yuuri fans: have a glass heart just like Yuuri and literally just want everything to be happy
  • Victor fans: gay as fuck for Victor and are obsessed with his long hair phase
  • Yurio fans: for some reason, either super chill or really annoying
  • Kenjirou fans: have entire blogs dedicated to a single interest
  • Phichit fans: love cute things, which is why they love Phichit
  • Christophe fans: are aggressive defenders of the Ass Man
  • Guang-Hong fans: pure and hopeful. a light in the darkness that is this cruel world
  • Leo fans: saw a man so beautiful they started crying
  • Georgi fans: these don’t exist.

Pre-ruffle, mid-ruffle, and post-ruffle Tenth Doctor Hair

David Tennant from the podcast commentary for Tooth and Claw (from the hair-messing-up scene above):

“I love the way Euros [Lyn, director] uses all these shots here to show the ideas all colliding at once

…and I love messing with my hair in moments like this, because it gives Steve, who does my make-up, a nightmare in continuity terms.

I like to keep him on his toes.”

David Tennant Appreciation Week 2016 (theme: smile - because it makes me)