i really love his hair here

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List 10 biases (random but loved) BUT all must be from a different band/artist~So for example, more biases per group? too bad, only one.

Super Junior - I don’t follow them but since Henry is in there I say HENRY

Big Bang - SEUNGRI The dork above all dorkers(?) ahah

SHINee - None

VIXX - Hongbin - To be honest at first I was totally in love with his long hair, I really love that kind of hair on a male, so I start looking after him.
Then, when I start recognize their voice I really but really fall for him..Late when I heard his first solo stage in Malaysia I almost cry…

BTS - Rap Mon

iKon - Don’t follow them.

CNBLUE - Don’t follow them

GOT7 - Uhm.. It’s hard because my bias here are Jb & Jr (since i was in love with JJ Projects…) But well.. I have to say JB

B1A4 - Baro

EXO - It use to be Luhan but since he left and since I lost my interest i exo I don’t have one lol

B.A.P. - YONGGUK my sweat heart gummy smile ;;

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"My name is Andrew Scott and I’m an actor and I’m from Dublin"

saw this headcanon going around about kakashi giving the sauce his headband bc rinnegan and i jus t

Echoes of Capaldi

Happy birthday Kat! Since I know about your love for this Scottish actor, I decided to draw many versions of him. :) 

Blue Spirit by *Quirkilicious

More pointing to his brow.  But I’m okay with that.  Because look at this picture.


Goodbye, Kurt Hummel : [Week 1] The moment you fell in love with Kurt

[CUT TO: INT. HALLWAY - DAY. KURT walks up to the sign-up sheet
and writes down his name.]
[CUT TO: INT. AUDITORIUM - DAY. KURT is on stage.]
KURT: Hello, I’m Kurt Hummel, and I’ll be singing “Mr. Cellophane”.
[KURT sings “Mr. Cellophane” from Chicago.]
Baby Ezra because i am weak

i hope you hate me as much as i hate me


Marty Deeks (wearing black or white in black and white)

requested by and done quite happily for hermionesmydawg but also for anyone who loves him 

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Hi, Gabi) I also think that HL are going to come out in late april/early may. Can you share your thoughts about how exectly are they going to do it? Thanks:)

What’s this question really? Too early anon or too late. 

I don’t want to think about the first pics when they’re papped solo, the first official HQ’s when we can see them walking next to each other, Louis wearing one of his cute lil jumpers and his blue Nikes, Harry wearing his beautiful hair in a bun, some amazing floral shirt and blue jeans, tattoos showcased. I don’t want to think about the shock we would feel when we zommed in on Harry’s right arm, noticing his first tattoo on his Things I can arm. I’m a crying mess thinking about how they would walk next to each other, bodies/hips occassionally touching, legs and hands hanging in sync, both glowing, the dimple Louis grew for Harry present on both of their beautiful happy faces. GIDDY, IN LOVE. We think Louis and Harry are glowing now? We are not ready for that kind of glow that would surround them after they are out.

I don’t want to think about the HL picture which Harry posted on his IG with the caption: “Still the One” and a bazillion of hearts, I don’t want to think about where the heck I would be: office, home, travelling??? I don’t want to think about the tears rolling down my face by thinking about how damn happy they are, I don’t want to think about what their moms would feel, their sisters, family! I don’t want to think about those deathly hugs ot3 would give them and cry with them together, making a pile of silly boys and I don’t want to think about nIALL going all sentimental and asking for a fucking selfie while literally everyone’s eyes are full of tears. I don’t want to think about the tweets, the IG posts, the HQ pictures, I don’t want to think about them going to shows, giving interviews, conqueering the entire world, changing the LGBTQ views of so many people, I don’t want to think about all the people whose LIFE would be changed and be proud of who they are or who they aren’t.

I don’t want to think about how they will stop telling each other: soon baby soon and hug each other, dreading the next stunt/bearding day.

Can you imagine how amazingly free they will feel when they can finally hold hands in public? When they can SHOW the world that this man next to them means the world? When they can give honest answers about Strong/Happily/RTR etc being their favorite songs instead of Best song ever?  When they can finally open up about songwriting and say this was written because I felt trapped or that was written because Ii wanted to show him how much I loved him? Or this was written because we needed an anthem to Harry and Louis so we wrote Through the Dark?

When they can just laugh at the girlfriend questions and look at ot3 because they sure are not requied to answer? When they will talk about the songwriting process and these 2 just look at each other giggling with fond? When they talk about holidays and family and they don’t have to deny they are part of each other’s family? When they will go to holidays in whatever places of the world and some nice fans catch them and take a picture where they are hugging and the fans pretend to be annoyed just for fun but then make a normal picture and do the thumbs up because they really are not annoyed with Harry and Louis ‘cause they are so proud of them? When they will get questions about future? Like Barbara Walters type of questions? When they can say it again they want to marry each other and have kids? And Harold being cheeky and adding “even as young as we are”? And basically reenacting that interview… Can you imagine how disgusting their twitter (@Louis_Styles_Tomlinson) will be with selfies and food and how much sassiness will Louis give to his spouse over social media? Like it used to be. Can you imagine their selfies? Can you imagine how colorful Harry’s (and Louis’ new IG) will be? Can you imagine how we will be busy making masterposts of coming out reactions sooner than later? How people will share their stories of how much HL mean to them and how happy we are for them, how brave is to come out at such a young age. Can you imagine how damn busy we will be with reblogging tweets from a massive amount of supporters who do sports, acting, music… etc. Can you imagine their moms, how they would feel? Because I can certainly see the sisters, moms and family just crying on each other’s shoulders from happiness. They were as much closeted as HL was. Can you imagine their pictures about Harry and Louis? We would cry our eyes out for the mom’s tweet or insta pic of how much they love them and how proud they are. We would not see a thing from the tears. Can you imagine all of this? Really, can you?

It will be insane!! Their story is so real, and when Harry at age 17 said FAMILY home when asked if they move into a bachelor pad. Family! Seventeen! Fucking seventeen!!!! Then the interviewer asked back: bachelor pad? NO, family home. Harry corrected again. Crazy. This is not even Disney. They can hide i the nearest corner. This is some Notebook level shit! And Notebook was based on a partially true story and Sparks made some changes to make it more romantic. But these two… The thing that gets to me most is that Tom Dailey or NPH&Burtka were not working together. These 2 are. They were there with/for each other when the band was created and when they heard from Simon he would sign them. They live every fricking moment together and not only that but they fell in love in the process and with all the shit and banning we have recently heard they still decided it was worth to fight.

How desperate those times were when they knew it was still years till they were out of modest’s hands??! How can you go to sleep and wake up with an emptiness in your heart that this closeting will go on for fucking years??! Yet they just looked at the body sprawled next to them and decided it is so worth it. T-H-I-S is what gets me the most. Hiding is one thing but fighting against the most brutal closet is the biggest fucking revelation of love!!!!

What the hell will we do when they are papped solo?????? REMEMBER LAIRPORT???? And when they touch? And when they CO on insta cause I swear it has to be a cute selfie otherwise I will demand an explanation for the B/W no face no colors pictures!!

What will we do when we see the first headlines confirming they are together? What will we do when all those famous people will tweet their support? What will we do when they go to a serious late night talk show to make it official? Holding hands? Maybe answering FIRSTS questions? “First I love you” or “first kiss” and whatever.

What will we do when they will talk about each other with that fond on their faces? And the other will look at the talker as if he hung the moon? What will we do please tell me because it would be nothing like these Des HL dinners, or lairport or when HE GOT THE DAGGER. No, it will be INSANE. I N S A N E.

Drops mic. Drops dead.