i really love his hair here

heart eyes!jungkook

you guys can blame @jikook-love for this one. she gifted me so i had to give something in return. AND @kurooozora made me suffer so…suffer with me. lets get started; 

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so like, if you think im gonna pass up the opportunity to post this gif, think again. bc this is like the definition of heart eyes. 

multiple angles are needed to REALLY get a feel for this moment. look at jungkook’s face. look at it. hes so in love

ok i know this isnt exactly heart eyes but like go watch the video. jungkook takes out confetti from jimin’s hair. watch seokjin’s reaction to them. he’s so DONE. 

^ the vid. im losing focus here.

HE CANT CONTROL HIS FACE. seeing jimin laugh makes him smile and im just…askdnaksd


look how happy he is. urgh.

so basically, this ship reduced me to a complete mess.

i will take every opportunity to post this vine. seokjin is once again thirdwheeling and as usual he looks so done. i cant blame the guy.

*sobs in a corner*

you know what kills me? the fact that jungkook tries so hard to make jimin smile and then is SO PLEASED when he manages to get a laugh out of jimin. 

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the huge smile he gets on his face when he makes jimin laugh keeps me up at night.

arm wrestling? no. just an excuse to hold hands.

he loves teasing jimin.

(x) i dont even know.

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i have to stop myself somewhere. 

up next; maybe more hovering!jungkook or jungkook teasing jimin. 

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I'd just like to point out that Erik also cries a lot and wears an awful lot of pink and purple.

Yes he does, my anon! Yes he most certainly does. In fact, those are his two favorite hobbies. Often simultaneously.

Erik has worn much more eccentric things over the years than just a slutty lilac sweater, and I think I would like to catalogue them. Behold the answer to an ask that actually took me an hour.

Here’s this. It’s basically a cosplaying English teacher having his picture taken for the yearbook.

And this! (hot dayum)


He wore. A royal purple turtleneck. Sunglasses. And a leather jacket. What even.

This. (It counts. Fuck you.)

V-Neck tucked into the burgundy pants? Nice.

Oh man. Really getting a BBC Sherlock vibe here.

Helmet hair.

Crotch flap!

And, for those of you who think the lilac sweater was the worst…


Erik, my lifeu, my waifu, please make better fashion choices. For all of us.

And now, this:

I left out bb!Erik, because it’s too much for me to handle.

Erik does cry more than Charles, if you’re only counting Fass/Avoy movies. Around six to Charles’ three, I believe. And it makes sense that Erik’s crying more. The world has hurt him more than it has Charles. It’s taken his mother and father. His wife, his child. It tore apart a friendship, an alliance. Of course he cries. Anyone would cry.

So if someone doesn’t believe you when you tell them that Erik cries more and wears weirder clothing than Charles, just tell them:

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Hi there~ I'm just curious as to what's your favorite hairstyle/color on Youngjae?

Hi dear, 

I would say my answer is bias since Choi Youngjae is my favorite…so everything about Choi Youngjae I would love including his hairstyle or hair color …kekeke 

Well, these are some of my favorite hairstyles as well as hair color that I like on him. ^^ 

p/s: I don’t know so much about hairstyle or color so the way I will describe about his hairstyle might be odd…don’t blame me^^ 

First, I’ll start with this one since this photo right here made me attracted to Choi Youngjae for the very first time when I saw his debut teaser. Not only he colored his hair with my favorite color which is blue but I really think this hairstyle was really suited to his face. Plus, he has a very charming smile which I still fall in love until today ^^ 

I don’t really care much about what kind of hairstyle he has as long as he looks good with it and of course the main reason is because he is Choi Youngjae  (◕‿◕)

So whether it is slightly messy but still look smart like this 

or simply just let it be or like a mushroom style with bang like these… still Choi Youngjae looked beautiful in those hairstyles ^^ 

I also like when Youngjae’s hair was parted at the side or combed to one side with slightly layered bang…he looked handsome and elegant especially when he was in suit 

Oh I also like his hairstyle when he was in Dream Knight. It was slick back and it was very neat. In fact I love it so much. I hope the coordi noona would style his hair like that again one of these days. 

and of course my recent favorite hairstyle of Choi Youngjae for 2016 definitely would be the shaves side which he did during FLY in Bangkok. Damn he was so sexy. 

Well, in terms of hair color  I love all of his hair colors he used before but I would say my favorite would be gray, blue and blonde on Youngjae. He looked really stunning and amazing in those colors. I can say his appearance totally stand out and surprisingly those colors really matched well with the shape of his face and his skin. 

I was really happy that he dyed his hair blue during his graduation because that is my favorite color and he just look so gorgeous in that hair and complete with such a charming smile which can melt your heart.  ❤

I can say that all colors that he had so far are really matched well with his skin complexion and his face which is why we always think he looked good in all those hairstyles and colors. Choi Youngjae is indeed born naturally beautiful and still look so good in any types of hairstyles and hair colors he sport on.

Two tone colors 

Brown black

Ginger or light brown 

Shiny Black 

I also love the way Youngjae wear his snapback which he let some of his bang out from the cap which I think totally adorable. 

or even with tengkolok…look so freaking adorable  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

“Hi my name is Hugh the Dark Algernon III and I have medium length black hair (like the darkness itself) and bright red eyes (that invokes fair in every mortal that is graced with my presence) and a lot of people tell me I look like Dracula personified (if you don’t know who Dracula is get the hell out of here).I have straight white teeth and my canines are longer and sharper than all of my brothers and my skin is pale as the brightest full moon light (A/N: I’m dying internally as I’m writing this). I usually live in a giant Castle (As it’s the only thing big enough to hold my giant Ego As it’s the only thing that is becoming of a noble such as myself) but I currently reside in a small hot-spring resort owned by my Eves family. I’m a Vampire by the way (not only a Vampire but the Vampire, strongest there is.[You truly must be an imbecile if you haven’t noticed this until now]) and Tetsu, my Eve, is supposed to be my Master, but obviously it’s the other way around. He also is the only one coming close to being worthy of being in my presence, seeing as at least his blood is of the highest quality (I obviously drink it, because I’m a Vampire.) I love the Halloween-store (A/N; I can feel my soul leaving my body) and I buy all my clothes from there, for example;today I was wearing a black suit with red coat tails, combined with black slacks and dress shoes, a black and red cape a monocle and a cane. I’m also waring a Top-hat thats about the same size as me (NO I’M NOT COMPENSATING FOR ANYTHING LILY) . I was walking back home. It’s already dark outside and I was pleased that the sun was already down. A lot of people stare at me and whisper to each other what a preschooler was doing out this late at night, I put up my middle finger at them.”

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Hi, I really like your work & I was wondering if you could do a “my twin and i trade between being [superhero name here] and i promise they’re the one you’re in love with not me okay” au


Bianca had not meant for this to happen. She was only taking over as Shadow for a few days because Nico was sick. The only reason she could even do that was because she had the same facial features as Nico. Once she pulled her hair up, they were identical. Perks of being twins, when the superhero went down, she could step in without anyone noticing that Shadow had grown an inch. And was now female.

What she had not planned on, was being cornered by an apparent fan of Nico’s.

“Hey, Death Boy.” Okay, so maybe she wasn’t cornered, she could easily step into the shadows and appear at Nico’s side in an instant. The beautiful blond boy with striking blue eyes must know a lot about Bianca’s little brother, because he gave her room to run. He knew Nico was prone to bolting.

The boy gave her a dazzling smile that momentarily had her transfixed. “Did you grow since the last time I saw you? You look taller. And your hair’s longer. Has it really been that long since I’ve seen you?” Bianca opened her mouth and closed it several times, trying to channel her inner Nico and find something snarky to say.

“Maybe you shrunk.” She gave herself a pat on the back for the quick comeback. The comment only seemed to relax the boy though, because he smiled again and walked forward.

“I don’t think eighteen year old’s shrink. Did you finally hit your growth spurt? The height looks good on you. Not to mention the mullet.” Bianca had to resist the urge to run. This guy was definitely hitting on her. Which meant that Nico had established that it was alright to flirt.

Nico did not tell Bianca about flirting with cute boys in alleyways on his way home.  She would have to bring it up when he was feeling better. “I’m going to stop you right there, lover boy. I’m not Nico. Nico’s home sick so he couldn’t play superhero tonight. I’m his identical twin so I took over for the night.”

The boy snorted. “If you didn’t want me to flirt with you, Neeks, you just had to say it. You didn’t have to-“ Bianca took the mask off and let her hair cascade down, silencing the blond and sending a blush to his cheeks. “And you really aren’t Nico and I’m a jerk.”

Bianca nodded with a smile. “Both are true. I’ll be sure to send Nico your regards though.” She stepped into a shadow.

“Make sure you thank him for telling me about his lovely twin!” Bianca laughed and disappeared into the night.


“How was it?”

Bianca hummed while gently wiping the sweat off Nico’s face. “I ran into your lover boy.”

Nico groaned loudly. “I was hoping you wouldn’t run into Will.”

“He seemed like a very nice boy. After he hit on me before realizing I wasn’t you. He did call me lovely though.” Nico squeezed his eyes shut. “Are you two dating?” Bianca was going to kill him if he hadn’t told her he was dating someone.

Nico was saved from answering by getting sick.

I like writing Bianca

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please expand more on Neil being a shithead outside the bedroom with Kevin and Andrew! and I love your sub!Neil headcanon

OK SO im sorry ive left this sitting in my inbox for a few days but ive not had internet so!! anyway here are some thoughts:

  • kevin is REALLY easy to antagonize when it comes to exy… like, don’t fuck w the boy and his exy unless you want him to get all red-faced and hard-eyed and in your face (this is exactly what neil wants though, so…)
  • neil purposely fucks up on drills like 5 times just so k will get waaaay into his personal space and grab onto the sides of his hair and put his lips just barely on neil’s to ask wtf is wrong with him
  • (andrew slow claps from his spot on the floor inside the goal)
  • fucking with andrew is a little riskier than fucking w kevin but we all know neil has no sense of self preservation so he does it anyway
  • mostly this involves little things like pre-loading his car’s cd player with obnoxious pop playlists and cranking them to max volume so they blare when the car starts
  • alternative methods include a) hiding his candy bars and b) calling him cutesy things like ‘baby’ when they’re alone
  • (he responds to that by pinning neil to the couch and threatening to gut him right there if he ever says it again.  neil just goes all glassy eyed and breathes out “yes or no” and they end up making out instead bc hello, neil knows what hes doing when he pulls this shit)
  • (im mostly down for the whole ‘neil and kevin are fucking junkies who use exy as foreplay’ thing.  see my other hc about neil getting jealous on the court and kevin + andrew holding him down to fuck him in the showers, whoops)

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I have a really shitty day ahead of my filled with lots of tedious work, so could you write some fluffy wolfstar just like relaxing and watching the telly together with cuddles or something like that? Thanks a lot, I love your writing

YOU GOT THIS DAY. YOU OWN IT. YOU CAN DO IT. WOOO. Here is some lovely wolfstar to help you along :)

Remus was definitely more asleep than awake. His eyes were more closed than open, and his hand was more resting atop Sirius’ head than running through his hair.

“Why’d you stop?”

Sirius, on the other hand, seemed very much awake as he looked upside down at Remus from his resting place between his legs. Remus just mumbled something incoherent and resumed the motion, slower this time but enjoying it all the same. He hadn’t, however, realized that Sirius was still looking up at him, so he ended up just pressing his palm over Sirius’ eyes and nose instead - this shocked him into more alertness.

He let out a snort at Sirius’ startled eyes, “Shit. Sorry, love.” Remus smoothed his thumb across the top of Sirius’ cheekbone, “Didn’t realize you were looking at me.”

Sirius grinned up at him, capturing Remus’ hand and holding the warm palm to his cheek, “’m always looking at you.”

Remus rolled his eyes and jerked his chin at the television Sirius had been focused on for the last hour, “Really now, are you?”

Sirius let out a laugh, “Shut up. I guess I should say, I’m always thinking about wanting to look at you. You’re very lookable.”

Remus arched an eyebrow, “Lookable.”

“Mm. Very.”

Remus smiled, shaking his head and looking back to the movie, “You’re ridiculous.”

“You’re suppose to say I’m lookable too!”

“You know you’re lookable. Now, pass me the popcorn.”

I think this one is titled, “lookable is not a word”


Hi I’m Ashley and I’m Super Pan™

(Also my nose is bleeding irl rn so here’s old pics)

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Hey :) I just wanted to thank you because your art is pretty much the reason I started drawing again and It's really the best decision I ever made. Oh and I really love your OC's, I hope we see a lot more of Roiben, what a sexy motherfucker! have a nice day!

Hi anon, I’m glad to hear you’re drawing again! Here’s a Roiben just for you:

He gets a streak of grey in his hair as he gets nearer to 30. Probably from stress.

Happy drawing and I hope you have a nice day too 🌟

⇢ college!taehyung

college!au series

[ t a e h y u n g ]

I kind of love this concept and have been thinking about it all day so let’s just get going I can’t do this:
( read note at end )

  • ok so I have this headcanon of college Taehyung being very kind of cocky and fuckboy type?? IDK I saw another college Taehyung post and she said this also and I was like !!! yes boi
  • But he’s also really lovely and gentle around you (his s/o) because you’re his entire world and so he would drop going out to clubs and getting high with some girls he doesn’t even know just for you
  • But anyway here’s some visuals for you
  • He’s forever dying his hair different colours, and almost always wears leather or denim jackets, with the occasional bommer jackets because I reckon Taehyung could make a good old bommer jacket work (like proper GD style from Let’s Not Fall in Love amirite or amirite)
  • Remember that cute white and black jacket Yoongi had with the eagle thing on the breast and Hobi’s jacket that also has the lion things on either side? He’d definitely rock those too
  • And he always wears denim jeans or sweats if he’s lounging around in his dorm room
  • Lowkey a smoker, and gets his weed and stuff off some of the other boys (LOWKEY)
  • no but really I have a strong picture of college or frat!bts being stoners and you can totally disagree but like
  • hotboxing yoongi’s car and putting way too many vids on snapchat
  • accidentally giving his cousin weed brownies that jin made
  • but they’re not over the top with it like good ol England chavs
  • they just like weed, they’re sensible with it sometimes u feel
  • anyway
  • I 10000% see Taehyung religiously listening to The 1975 and I’ll get to this later
  • Anyway
  • He has satisfactory grades too but never tries as hard as he probably could
  • The two of you meet through his friends because at the time you’re super good friends with Jimin
  • I have a vision of BTS all being buds and hanging out at various places, like skateparks and docks or rooftops and shit, like the docks from I Need U and Run you know how it is
  • So one evening you and Tae meet for the first time when you’re all hanging out at this one skatepark and he’s kind of chilling with Jimin and Namjoon havin a good ol’ smoke, but then he sees you talking to Hoseok on the ramps and he’s so :O
  • Instantly he needs to know you and Jimin’s very amused but introduces you both
  • You learn that he’s really cute and child-like and has this weird obsession with anime and puppies and so you’re <3 <3 because who knew this grunge, weird, badass player of campus could be so cute
  • But he also has that rep of being the player so you’re not really interested, but he tries his hardest and so eventually, you do end up dating after you grew fed up of taehyung seducing you with roses and notes during lectures and super cringe pick up lines over text
  • In this au, I see you being very grunge too, like always wearing black jeans and maybe Doc Martins, oversized jumpers, stealing Hobi’s snapbacks, owns like 80 vinyls basically me haha lame
  • And so one day when you and Tae are being super adorable, you introduce him to The 1975, aka, wizards in music
  • He falls so in love with them and they kind of become your couple band and I BET your couple song is Robbers (imagine Taehyung singing Robbers. I THINK I JUST CAME)
  • Ok I rose from the dead
  • Moving along to your relationship and him in general:
  • He always sends you good morning texts or good night texts if he can’t be with you, otherwise he’d always give you a good morning or good night kiss
  • He’s the type of boyfriend to be lowkey possessive
  • he’s not openly possessive because he’s pretty cocky and confident that you’d never leave him
  • therefore he trusts you 1001% and lets you do what you want- but to an extent
  • (he hates your close best friend Mark but thats not his business)
  • Half of your closet is Taehyung’s clothes because he wears super nice outfits and you can’t resist
  • I think that grunge college Taehyung would smell BEAUTIFUL; probably a mixture between vanilla, the lingering smell of cigarette smoke, probably gingerbread and sometimes he smells like some expensive cologne 
  • Nonetheless he smells like a walking version of Heaven
  • People stare because wow, fuckboy Kim has tamed down for some art student and it’s actually cute as shit
  • He probably turns up at your dorm room with mcdonalds
  • “Hey babe, let’s eat”
  • “Sorry i have to do this essay”
  • “Ok but i have a large fries and a big mac, so…get up”
  • Although smoking is not cool, I can see him and yourself sneaking onto the roof of the science building sometimes to have a cheeky fag
  • (probably fangirling over Matty Healy looking like an angel 24/7 because you both have Eyes and common sense)
  • NSFW but I can see you both banging to one of your favourite songs or his favourite songs 
  • Downside to this is that whenever he hears the song after, he is instantly horny like the Horndog he is
  • He learns your favourite songs and sings them to you when you’re sad or stressed
  • And he also admires your vinyl collection, which thus leads him to listening to all sorts of bands like Fleetwood Mac and then he tells you his fave KHH artists like Dean or Crush and you are always sharing music
  • He tries to come to your dorm room whenever we can but there’s this strict rule on no boys in the girls dorms so he sneaks in through the windows like legit Sassy Go Go style (u know when Kang Yeon-doo and Kang Yeol get stuck out after hours and then Hajoon helps them up with a rope?) that 
  • Which almost ends up with him collapsing on top of you and then he just engulfs you in the biggest hug and curls up under the covers in bed with you, kissing your temples and all over ur face
  • Then your roommate comes in like “-_- seriously guys” and so he quietly whispers “please don’t tell anyone” and she can’t resist because you’re both so cute
  • Taehyung takes u on cute dates like those cringey photos where the couple are holding hands on the skateboards because he’s retro like that
  • And questions if sex in a children’s playground at midnight is mildly inappropriate
  • You agree but whatever it always ends up happening -__-
  • “I’d give up smoking for you”
  • “…no you wouldn’t”
  • “Ok dont be a bitch i was trying to be romantic”
  • But really he treats you like an art piece
  • You two jam to your music in the car and it drives your friends nuts when you drive them places
  • Also when people hear that one song they think of you two (because that’s fckin cute)
  • But again Taehyung is very very loving and really tones down his old life for you and treasures u so dearly? You’re the love of his life and he literally can’t think of any other person he’d rather be with and he’d do anything for you it’s cute as shit
  • He always tells you he loves you
  • Like
  • Always
  • But there are days where he’ll bring out the Fuckboy side of him 
  • “Send nudes, sexy”
  • “*how was your day? Fml autocorrect”
  • Or something like “tell me what you’d do if i was in bed with you” “um, sleep” “haha yeah what else” “cuddle?” “mhm baby i’m so wet” “tAEHYUNG??”
  • Once he sent you a text saying “mhm fuck yeah baby what else ;) ?” and you didn’t even sent anything to begin with
  • But nonetheless college Taehyung is a fun guy who loves his friends and you and is boyf material. He can joke w u but always knows when to stop and he is the best Kisser ever


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hi um im sorry if this is weird but i really love how you draw nico and i wanted to get my hair cut like how u draw his hair so i was wondering if its not too much trouble could i have some refs of nico's hair like you draw it?? its ok it not im sorry for bothering you!

No need to be sorry! I don’t really have any structure in mind when I draw nico beyond what you see in the drawings but here are some refs from my inspiration tags I associate with him:

Have fun with the haircut! :)

bad boy ! ten ( i )
  • visual wise: have you guys watched his “this love” performance on hit the stage? think that hair and the little smirk he does!! here’s the vid ( x ) if you haven’t!!
  • he’s not really one to get into fights on his own but he’ll fight whenever someone makes a comment about his friends.
  • like one time, someone made a really dick comment about mark and taeyong had to physically pull ten off
    • the other kid broke his nose and now whenever he sees ten he kind of shrinks away
  • so anyways, ten is more of a “bad boy” in the sense that he likes to play around with people?? like it’s not like he plans to but he always just gets sooo bored so he kind of hits it then dips
  • normally he kind of gets what he wants when he wants it because he’s so charming!! i mean look at him!! :”)
  • but anyways, so when he sees you at a party alone, he’s like “nice” bc uhm hello you’re cute af and he hadn’t seen you around before so he slides up to you but before he can even say a word, you just walk away?? and he’s ??? bc uhm ???
  • he doesn’t know but you just broke up with you boyfriend so you’re here to get drunk and ur friend told you there was a party a few blocks from her house so both of you guys came 
    • she was single ready 2 mingle but u just wanna get fuked!! up!!
    • you don’t go to this school but at the beginning of the party, your friend made a point to tell you to avoid “that one” (aka ten) bc he’s a one night stand kind of guy and as you know,, u don’t need that in ur life right now. u are a single woman!!!!!!!!
  • that doesn’t stop him and he kind of follows you to the kitchen where you’re pouring yourself another shot but before you can legit down half a cup of vodka he pulls the cup away bc number one, he wants your attention but number two, girl!! you going to die tonight or something?
  • he just leans in and he’s like “hey, a pretty girl like you shouldn’t drink so much.” and u just give him a toothy grin and to make a point you swipe an empty cup and pour another cup of vodka
    • ten takes that away too
  • before you know it, he’s taken like 5 cups of vodka away from you and you’re legit, “lmao wtf do you want?”
  • “your name.” he grins at you and you’re like “… lol ok keep the cups” and you just kind of grab a handle of vodka and you walk into the living room and at this point he’s just super amused by your antics so when you sit down on the couch, he sits down next to you and he’s just like “what’s your name?”
  • you tell him it bc number one, u need him to stop following you and number two, ur slowly getting buzzed from the previous shots you had so you tell him your name then tell him off but he’s like “nope, i like you.”
  • he’s surprised when you laugh in his face - “you like me? you barely even know me.” - and you just kind of pat his shoulder and you’re like “maybe i’ll see you around, ten.”
  • you find your friend and you both dip from the party (also bc she has alcohol in her house anyways so it’s like might as well drink without getting suffocated amongst this mASsive crowd)
  • ten is just “huh, weird. her loss.” and then sleeps with some other girl but it’s only when he’s helping johnny clean up the next morning does he realize, “oh my god johnny i never told her my name.”
    • “well yah she probably hears stories about how u whore around.”
    • “why the fuk are we friends.” “only i can put up with ur antics hAHA”

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freddy bear prompt: late night cuddles w baby morgan???? i love fluff,,,

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Frederick always had a hard time going to sleep. That’s how it’d been for the last two years, when you disappeared. Even with you home now, safe in his arms, sleep was hard to come by. He’d much rather hold you, watching over you and making sure that the beautiful woman he held was really home. 

Was really here, beside him, sleeping soundly. His hand absentmindedly wandered to your hair, stroking your soft locks with a soft sigh. Everything about you eased him, just like you did when Morgan was upset. Just being near you seemed to relax the baby.

However, it appeared the distance between the bed and the crib was too far for the little one, who woke up with tears in his eyes not too long after Frederick started fawning over you. 

Your husband turned to the crib, seeing tiny limbs thrash unhappily under his blankets. Frederick carefully slipped out of bed so as not to disturb you, padding over to the fussy little one. He’d be handling this one, tonight.

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could i please have some kyoya relationship headcanons of him being childish and sarcastic with his s/o? thank you! i love this blog~

Headcanons || Fluff

Aw thank you very much! I’m sorry this is really bad. I did the best that I could do, Kyoya was really hard here to be honest.

  • He would definitely be the type to sassy around you, and sometimes, he’d continue to shine that famous Kyoya smirk whenever you tried to intimidate him or make him feel ‘overpowered’ by you in certain discussions.
    • He’d ruffle your hair and mention how adorable you are whenever you are irritated by his decisions. Nonetheless, you two would always work things out together, despite how the opposite opinions you two may have.
  • Without you expecting, Kyoya would sneak a kiss on your cheek or on your lips in order to startle you, and once you gasp and fall into a heated blush, he’d smirk proudly to himself.
  • Sometimes, whenever you felt alone, he would decide to do what you want to do in order to make yourself better. And that being said, Kyoya would bring flowers and chocolates—or any other type of candy you enjoy, really—to your place and do what you want to do with him; whether it cuddles or maybe some sexual activity, he was down to make you happy.
  • He would take his time off from the club in order to make sure you were okay, and every now and then, he’d make a sassy remark on how he left the club for you, though, it only proved that he loved you very much.

damn Mufasa, back at it again with the laying as close to my face as he can get away with

Ya’ll thought I was Done. HAHA.

You cute man you. Like really Rob? Your hair is so perf. I want to pet it.

Look how poofy and cute he looks when he’s listening intently. Professor!Rob, am I right? Now just for the glasses ;)


These two together is one thing, but when he sticks out his tongue dammnit.

See the issue here Rob is that we can’t see the muscle cuz you have a shirt on.

Maybe some liquid courage will help :)

When he gets so into his music it drives me mad. 

He’s so happy. it’s adorable. I love that smile!

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allyana128  asked:

Shunne Sakamaki? Whaaa-...? can we have a full on description of him?? ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Don't tell Kino lmao..

Me - *stares* Oh god… I wasn’t serious… Matt, helpppppppppppppp!!!!! 

There is no way to get out of this, is there? I am calling it right now… Okayyyyyyyy, here we go. He is the 102nd son of Karlheinz. He really fucking loves sporks, clowns, and being an overall asshat. His ego is larger than Ayato’s. At his short height of 155cm, I suppose he is compensating for something. He can get into the funkiest positions. Don’t ask me how or why, he just can. He once was able to stuff himself into a large jar. His hair is multi-coloured, he loves bowties, and has no concept of the idea of no touchy touchy unless touchy touchy is asked for. Also, he is really good at picking quarters off the ground with his toes, that flexibility man. Enjoy this monstrosity XD