i really love his awkward dance moves

Yoonmin Highlights in 꿀 FM 2.0

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-Yoongi’s “Jiminie was running like di di di” if that ain’t the cutest shit

-Yoongi directing all his stories towards Jimin on instinct and focussing so intently whenever Jimin was talking

-Jimin’s fond eye-roll chuckle at Yoongi’s dramatic ‘i spent AGES on this script’

-Jimin knowing when it was Yoongi’s first time popping champagne because yoonmin are confirmed drinking buddies !! U heard it from the men themselves !!

-Yoongi finding zero amusement in Jimin’s “jin oppa is the best!”

-Yoongi revealing that Jimin went with him for mixtape recordings and even recorded the demo for so far away bc jimin was the one he trusted most with the personal, raw, imperfect, rough framework of his songs

-Yoongis subtle “Jimin is..” in order to get in a round of compliments from everyone for Jimin…

-*blank face* Jimin is the coolest when he raps *dazed smile*

-Jimin knowing instantly which anonymous comments were Yoongi’s

-Jimin saying ‘he was really upset that day when i saw him’ (real concept: whenever Yoongi’s down they have cuddle time and he just pouts and snuffles into jimin’s embrace)

-Yoongi finding any excuse to dismiss that Jin had the plain audacity to wink at Jimin during concerts….how dare he

-Jimin absolutely EXPOSING Yoongi for being deadass jealous and upset that Jimin and Hobi wrote letters to each other so JImin teased him about it then felt really bad about it after i love boyfriends

-Jimin sending a cute lil heart to yoongi and laughing at Yoongi’s awkward dance moves

-Jimin giggling into the camera when he realised his face was next to Yoongi’s butt

-Jimin saying he’s looking forward to Yoongi’s performance most ofc??




Pairings: Donald Pierce x Reader

Warnings: Some violence

Word Count: 3K

A/N: This idea popped in my head the other day and poured out on page. Not sure if it’s any good, but it wouldn’t give me peace until I set it free. And this is super super long, sorry.

Part 2 & Part 3

The steel felt cold and heavy in your hands as you try to steady your breath. You always knew this day would come. In fact, you were amazed you’d made it this far for this long. Even though you still wish you would have made it farther for longer.

Creeping down your hallway where you had heard the noise, you held the gun up and ready. Your eyes searching in the dark as you stepped into your livingroom.

“Hey baby, miss me?” His distinctive southern drawl filled the room.

Catching you by surprise, you spun around to find Donald Pierce seated at your kitchen table.

Your heart broke with the sight of him, both in fear and regret. You hadn’t seen him in years. A little over three to be exact. You had missed him even though you’ve tried not to think about it.

With the courage of a mother lion you forced your hand to hold the gun steadily upon him.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t find you?” He asks tauntingly as he rises from your chair. Unfazed by the gun you have so boldly pointed at him.

It was a stupid question, but Donald always did like to play games. You knew he’d find you. Had known since the day you took off, used his love and the freedom it gave you to disappear. But you had always known eventually he’d find you.

“A girl can hope.” You finally speak, meeting him tit for tat, because two can play this game. That’s what he always liked about you, your spunk.

A sly smirk curls his mouth with your sarcasm. “Come on now baby. Your little game got me in trouble with some very important people. I wasn’t about to let that slide.” He said in that cool smooth way no one does better as he steadily moved toward you. Cool and smooth though you know he’s really stalking you like prey. Ready pounce at any moment.

Gone is the Donnie you knew. The Donnie you loved. The Donnie that loved you. You betrayed him and his trust and you could see in his eyes he was going to make you pay for that.

“You need to leave. You tell them whatever you have to, but you get the fuck out. I don’t want to shoot you, but I will if I have to.” You try to keep a fair distance between the two of you as you moved slowly in an awkward dance around your livingroom.

Gun in hand, you didn’t want to use it if you didn’t have to, but you were also willing and ready to do whatever it took to protect your precious cargo.


Not taking your eyes off him, you knew how quick and unpredictable he could be. Proving your instincts right, just like that Donald launched his attack.

Snatching your wrist, he twists it so fast, your hand instantly dropped the gun as cry ripped from your lips.

Son of a bitch!

Your heart sinks with the anger you saw in his eyes. He hated you.

Yanking your arm back, you cradled your wrist close to your chest, thankfully it’s not broken, but then you heard it. A rustling in the bedroom. Your heart shot up your throat as your eyes dilated, focusing on Donald, praying he hadn’t heard it too.

You’re shit out of luck tonight as you watched his head slowly cock to the side before his gaze drifted slowly toward to hall with a look of sinister intrigue.

“You got company, baby?” He taunted.

“No,” You lied, but the look in his eyes as they turned back to you told you Donald wasn’t convinced.

He took a step toward the hall and you moved in front of him, trying to block his way, but just as quick, he backhanded you hard across the face and down you went.

You weren’t weak, but fuck if he wasn’t strong. Your head was buzzing from the blow as your cheap shag carpet fills your vision from where your face is buried, down in the floor.

Your head throbbed as you rise shakily to your feet, but then you spot Donald entering your bedroom and no amount of pain mattered in the moment. There wasn’t an army in this world that could have stopped you as you charged down the hall.

Following him into your bedroom you jumped onto his back in seconds. Thrashing, clawing, pounding your fists, taking any piece of him you could get.

You felt Donald stumble under your assault. He hadn’t expected this kind of a fight and you got the best of him until this metal hand reached back and with a painful vice grip ripped you off him, throwing you on the ground.

Never giving up, because there’s too much at stake, you try and kick his legs out, reaching for his gun, before he grabs you by the neck and slams you into the wall.

You reach for the metal hand around your throat, choking, gasping for the air that escapes you as Donald moves in close to your face.

“I always did love it when you got feisty.” He smirked, gold tooth glinting.

A shuffling noise fills the room and tears burn in your eyes with the sound of it.

A knowing glint fills Donald’s gaze as his brow arches.

Loosening his grip around your neck so you can get some air, Donald still pins you the wall by your throat as his other hand reaches for his gun.

“Donnie please,” You finally beg.

Using your pet name for him you haven’t spoken and he hasn’t heard since you were last in his arms.

The sounds of it only seems to agitate him more as he tightens his grip on your neck and pushes you harder into the wall.

“Shut up.” He orders.

His boot reaches out, slowly sliding open your closest door as he keeps your pinned and his gun aimed and ready for whatever is hiding.

But what he finds wipes the sneer clean of his face.

Huddled in the corner, amongst the shoes and hanging clothes, sits a tiny boy with his knees tucked close to his chest and fear blinding in his big eyes as he gazes up at you.

“Mommy,” He calls, his voice breaking with fear.

You’ve never felt like more of a failure as a mom then having your baby witness this as a tear slips down your face.

To your relief, Donald instantly lowers the gun, moving it behind his back.

You feel Donald’s eyes on you. There’s confusion in his hard gaze as it probes you.

“You’re scaring him, Donnie. Let me go” You say more forcefully as you try and pull his metal hand free. Trying not to set him off again, but making your demands known.

Without a word, Donald releases you and you move as fast as you can to retrieve your child. Scooping him into your arms. The boy clings desperately to you as you clutch him tightly. His little body shaking as much as yours.

“It’s ok, baby. It’s ok.” You whisper as calmly as you can into his hair as your fingers run through it and then down to his back. Trying to comfort and reassure your child as best as you can.

You glance to Donald as his eyes sweep around the room, the gun swaying with his movements as he searches.

“Anyone else I should know about?” He growls, unamused by this turn of events.

“No,” You quickly shake your head.

“Don’t lie to me.” He snaps sharply, turning back to you, gun pointed at your face.

“I’m not,” You spit out on a frantic breath, clutching your baby tighter as you position yourself so the gun is away from him. Thankful he can’t see it with in face buried in your shoulder.

Nodding, Donald seems appeased as he snatches your arm.

“Alright, I wasn’t planning on a two for one, but you got yourself into this mess. Let’s go, you know the drill.” He says, before he starts dragging you out of the bedroom and down the hall.

Your heart pounds, your breath unsteady, you know where he’s taking you and you can’t let that happen.

You swore to yourself you would never let them have your baby. You would never let your baby know the horrors of that place.

No matter what it took, no matter the sacrifice to you.

“Donnie wait, no- Just give me a minute. We need to talk-“ You struggle against his grip.

Trying to resist as best you can without frightening your child more then he already is.

Nearing the door, feeling time run out with the racing of your pulse, you spin around on him.

Getting in front of Donald, you look him square in the eye. Searching for the man you loved. The man who risked everything because of his love for you.

“Donnie please. We have to talk. Five minutes, just give me five minutes.” You plead desperately with him.

Holding his gaze, reaching for him. Praying there’s still a sliver of the man who put everyone on the line for you.

He stares back into your eyes, his gaze hard and unyielding and you think you’ve hurt him too bad, betrayed him to deeply, but then he surprises you, like he’s done so many times before.

“Five minutes.” He concedes.

“Thank you,” You breathe a sigh of relief.

The urge to reach over and kiss suddenly bubbling up from your belly before you push it down with common sense.

“Let me just turn on the TV for him, yeah?” You say, trying your best to make it sound like you’re asking when really you’re not.

Giving a nod, Donald releases you.

For a second you consider bolting, but you know realistically you wouldn’t make it twenty feet.

This is about saving Danny, so you know it’s time for a slice humble pie and heavy dose of the truth.

Placing your son on the couch, you turn on the TV. Thankful when you find the Cars movies on a station. Placing a pillow under his head, you have him lay down before pulling the blanket off the top of the couch and lay it over him.

It’s still the middle of the night, far too early for him to be awake, and what you need to talk to Donald about isn’t for his ears, even if it is for him. Smoothing the hair off your son’s forehead, you give him a gentle kiss.

“Everything is going to be ok. I promise. Just try to relax. Mama be right over there.” You explain as you point to the kitchen.

Your little boy nods with understanding, but wearily watches you move to the kitchen. Hints of fear still in his eyes until he finally looks back to the screen.

“Four minutes left,” You hear Donald say as you move to him.

Standing before him, you look him over before settling onto his piercing blue eyes. He looks more tired than you remember, more worn down, but handsome as ever.

The memories flood back through you. Being captured and taken to Transigen. The experiments as they called them, torture really. Endless days on end of hell as they tried to harness your ability to heal yourself and others. Trying to control and manipulate it in a way that it could be used for anyone but yourself. They were slowly killing you.

Donnie was an asshole back then, still is really. Someone to fear and fear you did. But along the way something changed in that place of hell. Donnie had started to show intrigue then mercy toward you. Then mercy led to kindness. And kindness led to, well…

It’s weird trying to understand how you fell for a man you were terrified of. A man who had hurt you and done unspeakable things to others. But in that place of unending darkness and despair, he was your only source of light. The only thing that had stopped causing you pain.

Slowly you began to see there was more to him than the mask he wore to work. Layers you never knew existed.

You fucked him before you loved him. Sex was easier for both of you to reconcile with. It was rough and carnal and the only real outlet you had for the hell that had been thrust upon you. The only way you could release the poison eating you up inside.

But even that changed over time. Sometimes your bodies would move slower, drawing out the ecstasy as long as you could in a tortious game of pleasure. Sometimes he’d kiss you deeply like you were air and he needed you to breathe. Sometimes you’d find yourself lost on his eyes, your hips rolling together, his hands holding you tight as your bodies moved like a single being.

You didn’t say those three little words. Neither did he, but you spoke it in a tenderness and vulnerability only the two of you knew.

Certain people inside the lab knew Donald was screwing you, security mostly, but he was senior staff and certainly not the only one taking liberties with the free meat on the floor. They looked the other way when he ordered the cameras off anytime he want in your cell and instructed not to be disturb.

You never asked him for anything in all that time. So when you finally begged him to help you get out of there he was angry, but also weak to you. Love has a way of doing that. And after storming out and blowing you off for days, he finally returned to sneak you out.

You stayed at his place for one week. One week of paranoia, fear, and freedom. Freedom to finally love him the way you wanted, when you wanted, and how you wanted, in a way you had never before.

But then you left. While he was at work, you disappeared. And of course, the company had their suspicions over whose fault it was you escaped. And when that bill needed to be paid, you knew he’d stop at nothing to find you. You had just hoped for more time.

Staring at the only man you had ever really loved, you find your hand reaching out slowly to touch the scruff along his cheek.

“I never wanted to hurt you.” You explain, opening your heart to him.

But Donald doesn’t share the same sentiment anymore. Too wounded. Too betrayed. He smacks your hand away.

“If this is your little plan baby, it ain’t gonna work and we can leave right now.” He smirks at you as if mocking what he assumes is your feeble attempt to seduce him again.

As Donald reaches to snatch your arm, you pull it back and spill the truth.

“I have to protect him. You know what Dr. Rice will do. I’m his mom, Donnie. I’m all he’s got. It’s my job to protect him. And now I need your help to keep him safe.” You explain, your breath heavy with importance. Your eyes searching his, trying to make him understand.

“And why the fuck would I do that?” Donald muses, his brow arching as he waits to hear what possible reason he could have to help you now.

Your eyes dart to your son laying peacefully on the couch. Your whole goddamn world and you would do anything to protect it. Even if that meant taking a risk you weren’t sure would plan out. But you had to try, your hands were tied.

Looking back at Donald, you let out a shaky breath. “Because he’s your son.”

Donald stares at you for a long minute, letting out a huff he glances over his shoulder at you son before his eyes find you again.

Without a word, he grabs your shoulder. His grip is ruthless, his fingers digging into your flesh as he pushes you into the wall, hovering over you.

“Do I look like a fuckin’ idiot to you, baby? Think I’ll fall for that? We’re done playing games.” His gritty breath drawled out inches from your face as he squeezed you tighter.

You wince against the pain, your face scrunching. You get it. He doesn’t believe you. Why would he after the way things ended. After you betrayed him, but you didn’t come this far for nothing. You needed him to see the truth.

“He’s three. Where were we three years and nine months ago? Do the math.” You push him to think it through, forcing yourself to breathe through the pain as you grab at his metal hand, trying to loosen its unrelenting grip. You’d forgotten how damn powerful that hand could be.

“Look at him, Donnie… Just look at him.”

Donald finally looks back over his shoulder at the boy and you both spot the fear in your son’s eyes once again. The sudden attack catching his attention.

You feel Donald’s hand release the tightness of his grip on you as he stares at your son. Tension easing off his face with recognition. Danny looks so much like his dad. Head of moppy blonde hair, deep set piercing blue eyes, strong jaw.

Looking back at you, Donald releases you completely as he takes a step back. His gaze unfocused and on anything, but you. You understand this is a lot to take in.

You had felt equally shocked when Gabriela gave you the news and promised to keep it off your file. But you also know it must make sense on some level. Really it was a miracle it hadn’t happened sooner. You weren’t exactly careful. When you’re not sure if you’re going to survive the next week precautions tend to lose their importance.

“You never told me.” He finally drawls out an answer so obvious it’d be laughable if the situation wasn’t so tragic.

Lowering your head in shame you nod slowly. You had struggled deeply with that. You had wanted to tell him. A part of you holding onto this silly dream that Donald would get you out, protect you and the baby, you’d be a little family.

But the realistic part of you knew Donnie didn’t want kids. He never said it. He didn’t need to. Working for the lab. Facilitating in those experiments on engineered children, torturing them, sometimes killing them, told you louder than words. Donnie wasn’t ready to be a dad and probably never would be. But you didn’t really have a choice anymore.

With a long breath, you looked back up at him. “I didn’t know what you’d do.” You told the honest truth as brutal as it was.

A part of you had been afraid he would turn on you, given you and the baby over to Transigen. Donnie had told you once he didn’t believe people ever really changed. Those words haunted you once you found yourself in a predicament.

The last thing you wanted was to get pregnant, last thing to ever cross you mind, but despite how ugly the circumstances were, you had created this baby out of love. It was also the only family you had left. You knew you’d do anything to protect that, even from Donald.

Letting out a ragged breath, Donald ran a hand down his face before nodding. His gaze turned to your son, watching him carefully, silently for a long time.

“Is he like you?” He asked, never taking his eyes off the boy.

You knew what he was asking, is he a mutant.

“I think it’s still too early to tell.” You answer honestly, hoping it doesn’t cost you.

Your five minutes were long up and you just held your breath something inside Donnie was gonna make the right choice. That there was still a part of the man you loved somewhere in there. A part of him that will do what’s right for his son.

Suddenly Donald rose to his feet, moving toward the couch before you instinctively grabbed his arm unsure of what he was going to do.

“I just wanna see him.” Donald explained and you could see the guard in his eyes was down. He wasn’t going to hurt you. He wasn’t going to hurt your son.

Nodding, you let go and watched as he took a seat on the opposite end of the couch. Your heart ached as you watched Danny tuck his legs up under himself, pushing up against the edge of the couch as he eyed Donald wearily.

“You don’ got to be frightened. I’m not gonna hurt you.” Donald said in a voice you’d heard long ago. From a side of him you thought was lost to you.

Danny nodded slowly, eyeing the man he didn’t know was his father as Donald silently eyed him back.

The pair sat squaring off for a long time, before Danny settled back down against the pillow, his eyes growing heavy against the early morning light, while Donald never took his eyes off the boy.

Lowering yourself into a kitchen chair, you prayed you made the right choice.

Requested: “I Loved You My Whole Life and I Waited For You To Notice.”

It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. At least, not in the fiction that Nishinoya had created inside his own mind. All those years of planning, waiting and doodling on the corners of his papers were dissolving as the libero watched his best friend stand in front of the church pews. Noya had to be honest, his best friend’s soon to be wife was a beautiful woman. She had bright and lively caramel eyes along with  a smile that could light up anyone’s world. It’s no surprise that Asahi fell for the woman. That didn’t make it hurt any less.

Noya was, to no surprise, Asahi’s best man. While every other person in existence would be ecstatic to hold such an important position at their best friends wedding, Noya was anything but. This meant that he would have to stay completely composed as he watched the love of his life promise his affections and future to a beautiful woman, who albeit being kind, only came into the picture 3 years before. It left him feeling empty and numb.

Noya was already dressed in his suit with a deep teal tie, as they were going through the last run over before guests started to arrive. The raven haired boy couldn’t help but wish that it could be him walking down the aisle instead of Maria Reynolds. She didn’t deserve to be the one winning all of the love, but Noya couldn’t change how they felt for each other. No matter how much he wished he could.

Surprisingly, the boy made it through the ceremony and then the reception. He had to make a speech halfway through the dances. One that had him tearing up and swimming though memory after memory. But he knew that he couldn’t let his feelings show. If he had hidden his love for the Ace since high school, then there is no reason he shouldn’t be able to conceal it for one more day.

He did end up making it through the wedding, and when Tanaka came to pick him up he was quick to jump in the beat up PT cruiser that they shared.

“Drive… Please.”

“It was that bad?” Tanaka was Noya’s best friend, outside of Asahi of course.

“Worse than I thought it would be… I just, I wish I had told him before, you know? All those letters I wrote, the unsent texts and stammered words. If just one time I had been able to say it… That might have been me.” The words hung in the air for a moment before Tanaka cleared his throat.

“I’m sorry, Yū. It sucks.” Well, Nishinoya already knew that, so he scoffed. The two let a silence fall as they made their way away from the venue. Around 20 minutes into the ride, the libero cracked.

“I have to tell him.”

“That is a terrible idea”

“But-” Noya was cut off.

“I am the king of terrible ideas, and I promise you this is a terrible idea. He’s your best friend, and he just got married.” He emphasized the last word as Noya seemed to deflate. “It won’t turn out how you want, and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll just end up making everything really, REALLY, awkward.” Yū sighed, he knew that Tanaka was right, but that didn’t make him any happier.

“I’ve loved him pretty much my whole life, and I was just waiting for him to notice. Now, I’ve lost my chance and… I have no choice but to move on.” Lady Gaga came on the radio.

That night, Nishinoya couldn’t stop thinking about the wedding. It was like he had recorded it all and played it on repeat in his head. He could hear Tanaka dancing in his bedroom, but it was a muted sound. ‘I Do’ was the only thing he could hear. Over and Over, like constant torture. He wasn’t sure when exactly he started to cry, but it only took minutes before stray tears morphed into body-racking sobs.

Noya curled into a ball, wrapping his blanket around himself in an attempt to muffle the sounds he was unwillingly producing. So many alternate timelines flooded through his head. Every chance he had ever had to confess, each one could have changed the future drastically. He cried, sobbed, and whimpered for just short of an hour before he had calmed himself down enough to stand. He slinked into the bathroom that was across from his room, hoping that his roommate was sleeping. It wasn’t likely. Noya didn’t care that much.

He pulled out his phone, and his fingers seemed to fly across the screen without him directing them to.

‘Hey. Its me, Noya. You know that already… I guess I’m in your phone, huh. Well, yeah.. I just.. I have to tell you something. I can’t hold it inside anymore and for all I know, after I tell you this you’ll never talk to me again. It’s worth it. I’ve had to keep this bottled up inside me since you were a first year. I’ve always been terrified of telling you, and I missed my chance for years. Now you’re getting married and I’m watching from the sidelines like some cheap high-school basketball mascot… I’m getting off topic. I just want you to know…I’ve loved you my whole life and I waited for you to notice. So… here I am… finally telling you… I’m so sorry…”

It wasn’t until the next morning that he got a reply.

‘I knew.’

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I'm kind of new to the fandom and I'm having trouble really getting to know the members personalities. If it's not too much, could you write a little blurb about each of there personalities? If you don't want to do all the members (because dear god there's so many, rest in pieces Taeyong for having 10,000 kids), then could you do just the NCT 127 members? Thank you and I love you so much❤❤❤❤❤

aw welcome to the nctzen fandom!! hehe i hope this helps though ahh, if you want to know more go watch their nct life seasons, it’s help a lot or message me!! xoxo


- awkward bun since debut but he’s much comfortable now!!
- quietly looks over and takes care of the younger members
- he’s not good with expressing himself and through words (same bro) so he tries to make up for that by always joking around and teasing the other members
- his random outbursts are weird but cute
- dances randomly in public one moment
- and making owl impersonations
- gets aggressive when playing games
- won’t hesitate to do the things the others call him to do
- voice of an angel
- ravenclaw (stated in nct life)


- really really quiet
- awkward man 2.0
- but still jokes around with the members too!
- especially johnny & yuta
- more of a listener than a talker
- man from busan who forgot his busan accent
- similar to taeil he isnt that good at expressing himself
- which is why he probably loves dancing so much (damn his moves are always ON POINT)
- i miss him sm please bring him back i can only say this much about him im sorry dnndnd


- every member’s no.1 supporter
- very encouraging and loves to compliment them but when gets complimented he becomes extremely shy
- jokes around a lot to make the others laugh
- actual sweetheart who’d make your heart throb
- on stage he’s all manly and tough
- but off stage he’s actually really soft and sweet
- takes care of the members too
- one of the talkers in nct
- man who can speak many languages
- english, chinese, korean & spanish (there’s more but i forgot ksms)
- moodmaker of the group!


- mom material
- nags a lot at them and takes care of them like they’re his real children
- gets really soft towards them too
- dont get fooled by his rapping deep voice because when he talks to them his voice gets all high and cute
- another one who looks so intimidating on stage but off stage is a literal ball of softness
- cherishes the members a lot
- claims to be doyoung’s enemy when in fact they’re like best friends
- acts like a 5 year old
- randomly breaks into dances, jumps around excitedly and making weird faces
- thinks a lot but doesnt show it because he doesn’t want the members to worry about him
- Hufflepuff (stated in nct life)


- king of being extra
- really proud of himself and would take any chance to compliment himself possible
- which we’re not denying tho
- winwin’s biggest fan and supporter
- loves to roast the other members
- but also take care of them too
- gets jealous easily
- really straightforward and honest
- he says anything that’s on his mind
- but can be a sweetheart too
- kissing the camera 24/7 to melt out hearts
- and giving that smile wow
- sexy dance is his forte
- Slytherin (stated in nct life)


- looks out for the other members
- really polite
- laughs at everything they say
- an angel
- vocals that could sing you to sleep
- i feel like he’s actually very competitive if he needs to be? (nct life in seoul)
- man i need more videos of him dkdkd sm wyd


- 24/7 done with the older members
- but acts like the mom towards dreamies
- mark’s his ultimate bias (high five bunny)
- nags and complains A LOT
- whining is his thing ↑
- but it’s cute so-
- very intelligent and quick to react
- really really good speaker
- another one of the talkers in nct
- loves the group with all his heart
- supportive of every member too
- tries his best to get nct’s name out there as much as he can
- Slytherin (stated in nct life)


- actually clueless and unsure of what the members are talking about most of the time
- really funny
- makes weird faces too
- laughs at everything they say or do
- even though he doesnt show it he cares about the rest a lot!
- really polite and is an angel too
- king of predebut photos and videos
- one of the moodmakers too
- best friends with johnny
- super smol
- gets shy easily


- smile and laughter could kill you
- really supportive of the members too
- takes care of them especially dreamies
- also a really good speaker
- he knows what to say and not
- listens to the other members well
- confident in what he does but still gets shy when complimented
- another one who can make your heart throb at anything he does
- cherishes friendship a lot
- and is apparently mark’s soulmate (and winwin’s too hmm make up your mind jae)


- the actual baby of the group
- doesnt even need to put in effort to look cute
- does the cutest things
- clueless too
- but can be a savage if he feels like it
- quiet but can be talkative if he needs to be
- especially when he’s nervous or scared
- does aegyo just to get food
- seems awkward but it’d take him some time to fully open up
- and when he does he can get really affectionate and talkative
- gives an awkward shy laugh whenever he doesn’t know what to say
- all the members of 127 treats him like the maknae
- chinaline’s older brother
- gryffindor (stated in nct life)


- golden boy with endless talents
- gets nervous and shy really really easily
- stutters on his words and repeats them
- hesitates for a while when you ask him to do things but still does it perfectly how??
- is bad at receiving compliments (same bby same)
- king of reaction who laughs at everything
- weird kid
- when his wild side appears it’s hard to control and deal with
- spills out random english words
- and probably jumps around like crazy
- seems to always have energy
- always spreading positive vibes
- really easy to get along with but because he’s shy it may take him time to open up


- always smiling
- an angel
- but towards jisung and chenle he can get aggressive
- because he probably had enough of those two
- looks up to the older members
- gets shy easily too but doesnt make it obvious
- a good speaker too
- moomin’s biggest fan
- smol
- loves teasing the other members too especially mark


- really calm and quiet
- boring (according to jisung)
- doesn’t need effort to look good
- more of a listener too
- in charge of giving reactions too
- isnt that good with his words too but he tries his best
- really polite and nice
- supportive of all the members
- loves roasting jisung & haechan
- jaemin’s best friend but in mfal it was renjun hmm
- sunshine who gives off positive vibes too


- is always teasing the other members
- but it’s his way of showing his love to them
- mark’s best friend
- moodmaker of the group
- always trying his best
- competitive
- loves it when people compliments him but lowkey acts shy
- actually really soft
- wants the members’ attention and can get really clingy
- whiny too
- endless jokes and weird antics just to make the members laugh
- sunshine


- meme material 101
- w i l d
- loves teasing the other members and making them laugh too
- haechan’s sidekick
- but when he smiles it’s a different story because wow an angel??
- another moodmaker too
- can be loud
- and can also be really chill
- very easy to get along with and is extremely friendly
- tries his best to show off his talents
- i miss him sm please give updates thank you


- iconic dolpin laughter
- extremely wild and loud
- seems to be happy 24/7
- laughs at everything too
- jisung’s number one hypeman
- takes every moment to compliment himself too
- can be a savage too
- loves teasing mark
- looks up to the older members
- open minded and easy to communicate with
- fun to be with too
- gets shy but always laughs it off


- clueless and gets flustered and scared of/at the littlest things
- still shy when he talks but it’s better now
- good with his words
- especially making fun if the older members
- yaja time’s his favourite time
- chenle’s best friend
- looks up to the other members too
- quiet too but when asked to do things he would do it
- pure child
- grows very quickly
- is pretty laidback and relaxed most of the time

oh my this is so long im sorry

BTS reaction to you dancing to BST badly.

Lookie lookie yeat another reaction~ Enjoy!



Who we trying to kid?

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 The moment he saw you dancing he would start laughing but give him a few seconds and he will start dancing with you.

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Jin would try his darndest to help you learn the move but it would still turn out a little awkward but he would love it none the less.

“Jagi! I think you might be better than Namjoon!”

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This man would stop you from dancing just so he could show you how to really do it. But of course we all know he really did it to make you less embarrassed.

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Behind your back this boy would be making a face and thinking to himself “Really? After all I have taught her?” 

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Jimin is used to this because of Jungkook so of course he would just giggle and watch you happily.

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You didn’t know he was watching you at first but when you turn around and see him he would just give you a little wink of encouragement and make you keep dancing anyways.

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Come on now. He started in the first place. We all know he did as well. You and him would have a ball just making fun of Jimin together.

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hazelestelle  asked:

Hello <3 Firstly, I love your blog! And then: Omg, pole dancing Tony! I love this headcanon (partly because I also do pole dance :D I just started about a year ago, so I'm not very good yet...), amd omg, I would love you forever if you wrote a story about it :)

Hi and welcome, my fellow pole dancer! Hey, a year is already a long time and I’m sure you’ve already come very far! It gets easy to become so fixated on all the new moves you’re just learning or still can’t do, but remember when you first started and all you really did was walk around the pole? Even that felt so awkward! Or maybe that was just me xD 

Anyways, there is more to come (eventually) since pole dancer!Tony is not something I can see losing interest in any time soon, but for now I’ll hope this little titbit will satisfy! It’s basically a ‘how it all started’ ficlet. Enjoy :)

It was all Rhodey’s fault. Well, and maybe sort of Tony’s, in a tiny, utterly negligible way, but that isn’t important. The point is, Tony’s lost a stupid bet and his best friend is an asshole, and that’s the only reason he’s even here, attending a first time pole dancing lesson. Really. It’s not like he’s been whining to Rhodey about wanting to try it for the past two years, absolutely not. 

It’s… weird.

It’s weird because he’s very aware that in a class of eleven people, he’s the only guy–though their trainer, a tall woman with wild, black curls and a strict, no non-sense attitude has assured him that there are a couple of other men training at their studio, all in different classes–and it’s just odd. 

Nobody is being rude though and Tony ruthlessly squashes the urge to fiddle with the hem of his top. He really needs to get a hold of himself. There’s no reason to be weird about this. Also, the fact that he’s about to learn how to pole dance

And nope, that not excitement, that’s apprehension, thank you very much.

They start with a simple introduction, names, dance experiences, reasons for showing up here. Their trainer–Eve–explains some of the basics around pole dance, the studio and a couple of things for their own security. (Like, you know, don’t climb up that pole and do one of those upside down turns you’ve seen on TV without a mat, instructions or prior experience.) Then the actual lesson starts.

“Alright!” Eve calls out eventually, turning up the volume of the hi-fi equipment as she goes. “Everybody grab a yoga mat please!”

They start with a warm-up routine, a mixture of stretch and Kraft-exercises, that dearly reminds Tony how out-of-shape he really is–and it’s only been the first twenty minutes. Still, he builds an instant kinship with the strawberry blonde girl on the pole right next to his, who starts cursing softly under her breath after the third push-up, and they both exchange breathless grins over Eve’s sharp counting.

By the time they are told to put the mats away, Tony can’t deny that he’s genuinely looking forward to trying some real stuff out–and to the water that Eve regularly reminds them to drink.

And really, it’s a lot more fun than Tony expected. They don’t do anything really impressive, rationally he knows that. Which makes total sense because it becomes obvious immediately that none of them where lying–they all don’t have a clue what they’re doing. But that makes the moves Eve shows them all the more fun, the secure knowledge that you aren’t the only one who keeps stumbling and grips the pole with the wrong hand.

It’s mostly dance steps around the pole with little twirls at this point, as well as a crash course in climbing a pole the right way. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. You have to use not just your hands but also your underarms to keep a stable hold, and- 

“Don’t forget to stretch your feet!” Eve reminds them for the up-tenth time. “Remember it looks much more elegant this way!”

The session ends with a few stretching exercises and a last round of Q&A–

“What clothes are the most practical?”

“How long does a lesson typically last?”

“Is it possible to have more than one lesson a week?”

–before Eve asks them to please sign up for the course if they are interested in continuing. Swallowing, Tony stares at the piece of paper being passed around, flashes of What will Rhodey say and Am I really doing this passing through his mind.

But when Strawberry-Blonde hands him a pen, Tony doesn’t even hesitate to sign his name, a little shakily perhaps, but readable all the same.

He’s had a fun time and he’s gonna give this a shot, damn everyone else’s opinions. And if the thought of telling Howard about his newest hobby brings a brilliant smile on Tony’s face, well. That’s nobody’s business but his own.

Please let me know if you liked this little dose of pole dancer!Tony, especially if you have any headcanons or ideas for future drabbles with this concept! And, as always, have a wonderful day! <3

Btw, @hazelestelle I’m gonna cash in on that eternal love you’ve promised me at some point *cackles manically* ;)

there are tons of headcanons where lance is really good at dancing, yoga, and other activities that include being comfortable in your own skin and i love all of them,, but what about lance being the awkward lanky guy with two left feet??(perhaps explaining voltron falling down so often lol)

i can imagine him naturally standing with a slight hunch from having to bend over to hear people or see what theyre showing him

i can imagine him hesitant to move his arms around when he talks from all the times he’d accidentally slapped people

i can imagine him shuffling his feet when he walks to prevent stepping on peoples feet

i can imagine him trying to adjust to craning his neck up rather than down when he finally meets someone taller than him(like shiro) and enjoying the feeling very much

i can imagine him getting treated rougher as a child by other kids and adults because his height made him look older than he was

and i can definitely imagine him trying to use his height to help others- like grabbing things off the top shelf, spying over tall barriers, being the fastest long distance runner(with them long legs), etc- to compensate for bumping his head into their stuff, tripping people on accident, and having his arms flailing everywhere all the time

give me lance learning to love and be comfortable in his body, spindly awkward limbs and all

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I think J-Hope's having the same problem as Jin in the beginning: he's faking his character too much. I love him a 100% more when I get to see his serious, more mature and manly side of him. This overacted cute personnality is so forced it's almost a turn off. BugHit should just let them be themselves if they really want BTS to stand out, like previous anon said it's their concept after all

the thing with j-hope is that he loves to make other people laugh even if it means he has to make a fool of himself (in a way he’s a lot like jin). just look at bts’ english interviews they’re always a bit.. awkward? then hobi jumps out and does something funny and it really lightens up the mood. i think he genuinely enjoys being silly but sometimes takes it a bit far idk? it’s just his thing. “he’s our hope.”

other members have said that predebut hobi was veeeery different and not a “happy” person, so i’m glad that has changed. he has two different sides to him, his happy “hobi” personality and his more serious “hoseok” personality. i personally love them both, but i really like seeing him get all serious and mature too, especially when he’s teaching the dance moves to other members. you can clearly see that backstage he’s a lot more relaxed/quiet but still a very energetic person.

My story of how I met Julian Casablancas for the 1st time - March 10th, 2014

Prepare yourselves… this is quite detailed.

Here we go.

So, on Monday evening, I was sitting in my room around 6 pm working on a school assignment when my friend @hurtslikeheaven texted me saying that she heard a rumor about Julian + The Voidz possibly having a secret show in New Orleans that night. Of course I FREAKED THE HELL OUT. This kinda thing never happens !!!!! !! !!!1 Y'all, I’m seriously. N E V E R.
Like why New Orleans? Why Louisiana?
I don’t give my state enough credit.

   Anyway, I immediately searched online “Julian Casablancas in New Orleans” to see if the rumors had any validity and saw on the rumored venue’s website that Julian would indeed be performing that night at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans (French Quarter district) and doors would open around 9pm. Tried to find tickets (regardless of the price), but no luck. I had 3 hours to make this work and hopefully be able to get in, and I was absolutely determined. As soon as I heard the news, I knew I had to do everything in my power to make it happen. After all, this is the biggest dream that I’ve ever had–to meet the man who changed my life musically and more. WHO CARES ABOUT SCHOOL, IT IS JULIAN FERNANDO CASABLANCAS. I’ve been running a blog dedicated to him for 3 years. My laptop background is set to show every photo that I have saved of him (*coughcough* thousands) every 15 seconds. Why would I ever pass up this chance of a lifetime? He’s my man.
   Therefore, I began to call/text every friend that I knew in person who loved The Strokes (and also had a car, because, unfortunately, I do not) and told them all that it was an EMERGENCY. Many friends couldn’t make it, but the 2 people who ended up being able to go were my best friend Kristi and also Estephania, who told me about the rumor in the first place.
   As we all were getting ready last minute at our places, I knew it was important to pack things like sharpies, water, snacks, breath mints (hehe;), and so on. I also changed into my “All the time” tee that came with my copy of Comedown Machine along with the Julian Necklace that I purchased years ago but haven’t really had a reason to wear. [pictured below]

  It’s as if I saw this moment coming and knew exactly what I should do. And if you were watching me on twitter at the time, I was going insane. lol. But for some reason, I felt really calm and rational throughout the whole process of getting ready to leave to go see the most important male figure in my life like it was mean to be.
   We were all on the road before we knew it at around 7:30 pm, running a bit late sadly, but at least we still had a chance to make it there on time. We live about 45 minutes away from New Orleans across the causeway bridge that connects New Orleans to other parts of Louisiana (where we live). On the ride to the city, we kept talking about what we were going to do, how incredibly rare of an opportunity this was, what the plan was, if things didn’t go according to plan, and so on. We felt like we were in a dream. At one point, I even said “Pinch me, I am f*cking dreaming. This is not real.” And that’s when I looked on Julian’s twitter to see him say “See you at One Eyed Jacks tonight, New Orleans,” which suddenly made it all real to us and we squealed in excitement + anticipation
  We arrived at the venue around 9:05 pm. The doors were already open, but there were not many people there at all–25 to 30 at the most. Everyone in the small bar was dressed in leather jackets and vintage boots, some smoking cigarettes, discussing how they knew of Julian. It felt like home. We purchased our tickets for $25 a piece and entered the main area where the bands would be performing around 9:30-10pm. My friend Estephania happened to snag all 3 of us room right in front of the stage before the audience was full. And when I mean right in front of the stage, I’m serious. I put my bag down on it and leaned against it the whole night. It was a pretty small bar, although the temp was comfortable and cool. I really admired the interior of One Eyed Jacks because it was quite old-fashioned (red velvet tapestry on the walls) and reminded me of the set for The Strokes’ music vid “UCOD”, so I knew Julian probably adored the place
   The opening band, “The Yelephants” played a good bit of songs. They were aiiiight. [Below is a photo I took of the lead singer/lead guitarist]

Not really my style but they rocked out pretty good, which pumped us all up for main performance by Julian + The Voidz. The lead singer announced to the audience that their band found out about opening for Julian Casablancas + The Voidz at 2pm that same monday afternoon, so it really was a last minute show for everyone. They were about to play their last song of the set when Julian sent a message to the stage saying “Take your time, there’s no rush,” and the band members were so amazed by his patience and understanding (It was obvious how much they admired him like we all did).
   While the tech people were setting up the stage, I took this photo of the set-list right after it was taped down and intended to post it via twitter ASAP but had awful service, so I couldn’t :( this is Julian’s set-list from the show that I cockily snagged at the end and also the same set-list that he signed. Perfect, right? ♥

   After much anticipation and another hour of waiting while tech people set up equiment on stage, Julian + The Voidz came onstage at exactly 11pm. If you haven’t yet seen the video of when they first came onstage, here’s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps26GxIl47E

   There he was. My man. My Julian. He grabbed our hands when he first walked out onto the stage and greeted the audience for the first time. I latched onto his wrist gently as he took a step back. I melted inside. Could not believe that he was there, standing right in front of me, an arm length away. Never did I think I’d get to fulfill my lifelong dream of watching my favorite man in the whole world perform.
*heart eyes*
    The Voidz warmed up and then performed “Ego” with Julian, which was a tight as f*ck song in my opinion. It sounded so raw and 80s, sorta like Joy Division meets FIOE. Julian talked to the audience for a bit after performing the first song and expressed his excitement for being in New Orleans. My 3 favorite performances of the night were Ize Of The World, Reptilia, and Instant Crush by Daft Punk. Ize was lovely because it’s one of my favorite strokes songs EVER and JC + The Voidz covered it really fucking well. Reptilia was incredible just because of the audience singing every lyric back to Julian; the passion in the room was practically tangible. I love love loved the cover of Instant Crush (Julian called it a cover) because it’s just such a brilliant song. Julian also said that it was a surprise for us in NOLA and they weren’t sure they were going to perform it because their version was like 20 minutes long, but we all encouraged them to play it anyway–the longer, the better. I don’t remember the new Voidz songs specifically and how each one of them sounded, which makes me sad, but at last I got 2 of them recorded for you guys :’) The way that Julian performed throughout the night was exactly what we know him for: singing into the microphone sensually, lots of praying motions, awkward dance moves (love u bb), he even broke the mic in half at the end of the night and didn’t know what to do with it lol! Dem arms. Dem muscles. @_@ So he just pretended like it didn’t really happen. Gotta love him. The only thing that I was kind of frustrated with was how much Julian kept his back to the audience. I wanted to see more of that beautiful, flawless face. But dat azz was a nice view too, na'mean hehe.
   The band tried to leave without playing the last song titled Arabic and that’s when the audience began to cheer “ONE MORE SONG” over and over until Julian + The Voidz came back onstage to perform it for us, thank god. So sweet of them.
   Right before leaving the stage, Julian ran in front of the audience to grab our hands and say thanks for coming out, and luckily for me, I was the last person to hold his hand. Our palms were touching and he squeezed as he was pulling away, letting it linger longer than I thought possible (it was slow and sensual, lasted about 6 seconds), which was TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE so I was the first to let go. ahhhh my heart…

   The girls and I waited a few minutes for the audience to clear out before leaving, and we kept discussing ways to find Julian to meet him finally. That was a major goal of the night! We even went around the entire block of the building outside to see if there were secret exits. After stalking the tour bus out front…

[pic below features sticker on tour bus]

…and sitting on some steps waiting a bit (we witnessed a drug deal too, what a bonus), 1am rolled around and we couldn’t wait any longer. We were going to enter the venue one last time in search of Julian and then leave if he wasn’t inside.


We spotted him standing down from the stage, where the audience was during the show, surrounded by a few fans, so me and the girls rushed over immediately to hopefully get photos/autographs/one-on-one convo with him. We got all of the above :’)))))) ♥ It was… magical. I felt as if I was speaking with a friend because Julian was so chilled out and just friendly as hell. He kept joking around with everybody. No one was really bugging him too much, and that made me happy. I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable or pressured by people to do sh*t. When I finally got my chance to talk to him, I had to say how much of an inspiration he is to me. I basically conveyed that my life wouldn’t have purpose without his existence. I could tell that it was a little much for him, lol, but I just had to say it. My best friend Kristi explained how he changed her life by making her love music more and Julian joked back with her in a cocky but jokingly way, “Go on, go on… just kidding” *chuckle*

  After we finished with expressing our adoration to him, we asked him for photos and these are below.


[my best friend Kristi and Julian]

[Estephania and Julian-different camera]

We all just had chill friendly convos where we would ask questions here and  there, such as when I asked him "So how tall are you exactly?” to which Julian responded with “I am 6 foot 1 and ¾.” Me: “Damn. That’s specific and impressive haha” I also managed to bring up twitter and the fans, explaining how much we care about him online ♥ He was so gracious and sweet and kind about everything, but not arrogant one bit. He never rejected anyone when they asked for him to do stuff or take photos. I eventually asked if it would be too much to ask him if he could sign the setlist that I snagged, and of course, he politely obliged like the total sweetheart that he is. [Photo below]

While Julian was signing my set-list, I was talking to him about how beautiful his signature is because of the upside-down music note and said that I’ve practiced it a lot in my spare time. He said “Thanks, I’m glad you noticed.” I then proceeded to call him the “man of music” which made him chuckle. I asked about the rumors of him possibly playing shows with Albert soon and he said that he’s pretty excited about it, so that’s gonna happen I’m sure. I also wanted to know why he chose New Orleans for this secret show and he said that he’s wanted to play here for a while because he loves the city and One Eyed Jacks (I think he has a friend there). I then brought up that he’s been here before, during his solo tour and also with The Strokes for Jazz Fest, but Julian was like “Big festivals aren’t very personal. The crowd’s far away and it isn’t as enjoyable as small shows like this one,” so he’s a huge fan of personal shows, specifically private ones that aren’t announced until the day of. Sly one he is. ;) Julian was talking to Estephania about good places to eat in NYC, so I butted in by asking if he has a sweet tooth. Apparently not. I was like “BUT CHOCOLATE.” He didn’t hear me. haha

I forgot to show him the necklace that I was wearing of his face, although I have a feeling he saw it while onstage because at one point, he was staring down at my shirt and smiling. <3

There’s one more secret that I have no yet revealed and wanted to keep as a surprise…

Estephania told me later on that she talked with Julian about his birthsign when I was distracted. She asked what he considers himself to be since he is on the cusp of both Virgo and Leo. He said he sometimes finds traits from both signs in himself. He said that he’s a Virgo in the fact that he’s a perfectionist, then said “I was born at 11:44 if that means anything.” But he never specified if it was AM or PM. THAT IS VITAL INFO, JULES. I’ll find out one day i hope. I’m so glad that he cares about astrological birthsigns tho! That’s pretty major and super attractive. How could someone who’s flawless be even more perfect. jfc.

Ultimately, after we chit-chatted for a bit, hugged and chilled with him, we said our goodbyes. I told him “I wish you safe travels and good luck on the rest of your tour. Have a nice night” Julian replied with “Thank you very much, thanks.”

I think it’s safe to say that everybody at the show gave quite a good impression of our city and I really pray that he comes back again one day. There are so many things I still have left to say, but I am so grateful I was blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime to experience what I did. March 10th, 2014 changed my life.

Thanks for listening. I love you guys ♥ I hope this allowed you to be with me at the concert a little more than just in spirit.

Note: If you use any of these photos/quotes, please credit me and do not crop/edit! :) thaaaanks <3

For @notenoughgatorade, who deserves a little something to make her smile. You’re incredible Silvia and I’m so happy to have met you

“Move out?” Stiles cries, dropping the jar of sauce he is holding. It smashes, covering his shoes in a horrible shade of orange. Great. “Scott, I just moved in.

Scott winces, giving Stiles the kicked puppy look. Which, you know, is not fair.

At all.

“Isaac is coming back from France,” he says, ducking his head, looking up at him through his lashes. An evil tactic. “He needs a place to stay.”

“We have a couch.”

“He needs a home, Stiles.”

Stiles rolls his eyes, determined to fight this, even though he knows he’s going to lose. Scott has been trying to get Isaac to come home for months after the time he spent with him in France. “The couch is very homey.”

“Please, Stiles? If you’re here he won’t come.”

Stiles raises an eyebrow, deciding to be a mature adult and not make a joke out of Scott’s poor choice of words. (Mostly because Stiles is sure Scott is the only one in the whole pack who doesn’t know his own feelings for Isaac. Stiles wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, after all.)  “Fine,” he huffs. “But you’re in charge of finding me somewhere else to stay.”

Scott grins, hugging him. “Done!”


“This is not what I had in mind,” Stiles says, looking at his own personal wall of sexual frustration. In other words, Derek’s…everything. He really hates it when people almost die on him, triggering feelings and shit. He hates it even more when those people stay in your life after, reminding you you can’t have them. Not now, not ever.

“It’s not exactly how I want to spend my life either,” Derek grumbles, pulling Stiles inside the door, throwing his bag in the general direction of the sofa.

Stiles watches as it slides across the floor. “Polite,” he comments. “Also, don’t be so dramatic. It’s not like I’m going to be here forever.”

Derek stills, averting his gaze, mumbling something in response. It makes Stiles want to punch him.

“What?” he asks, not even bothering to make it sound like a question, purposefully trying to make himself sound bored, indifferent, even though he knows it’s futile. Because Derek always sees right though him, werewolf or not. 

“Nothing,” Derek says, shaking his head. It can’t be nothing though. Not with the way the tips of Derek’s ears turn an adorable- uh, pink. They turn pink.

Stiles rolls his eyes, maybe just a little too hard. It was probably just some lousy come back Derek’s too embarrassed to repeat.  Stiles has never met someone like Derek. Someone who can hold his own in any argument. Someone every bit as much of an asshole as him, and yet so…so…

The memory of Derek, naked and trembling in his arms, a whispered plea- don’t leave me- in his ear, comes over Stiles then like a punch to the gut. Or the heart. He’s not sure.  

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bts reactions/gif reactions from their crush/gf giving a lap dance :3

Honhon, spicy ;) I like it

BTS reaction to their gf giving them a lap dance

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Jin: He’d be very shy, very nervous. He wouldn’t really know where to put his hands, and he’d probably be laughing a bit nervously, especially if this was the first time you’d ever done this to him. He’d be quiet a bit awkward but very appreciative.

Originally posted by bwibelle

Suga: He’d be very much turned on. He’d lick his lips, watching the way your body moved against him. His eyes would drink in every feature, memorizing it. He’d be admiring quietly except for maybe a soft, occasional moan. 

Originally posted by huang-zitao

J Hope: He’d absolutely love it. Being a dancer himself, I could see him really appreciating this form of attention from you. However, he’d be the type to try putting his hands all over you and as you gave him a lap dance you’d have to keep constantly swatting his hands off in warning. “Only look…don’t touch.”

Originally posted by jeonjam

Rap Monster: He’d be really cheeky about it. He’d be saying dirty things in his deep, husky voice while he watched you. He’d be telling you how sexy you are, how he couldn’t stop thinking about the ways he wanted to bend you over and just totally take you. He’d be talking about how you were being a tease and you’d be paying for it later. 

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Jimin: He would be extremely turned on, but also extremely playful and cheeky, a mix of a lot of his hyungs. He’d be talking dirty, he’d be admiring you, he’d be rock hard, and he’d be trying relentlessly to touch you. In the end, it would probably result in you just giving up and having to ride him. 

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V: He would be totally dumbfounded. So amazed with the way your body moved, he’d just be staring, memorizing every little thing. He’d be wondering how he got so lucky. He’d also be horny.

Originally posted by jinkooks

Jungkook: Like Jin, he’d be shy and have no idea what to do. He wouldn’t know where to put his hands. He wouldn’t know where exactly to look. He’d be a bit embarrassed when you realized he was already rock hard when you’d barely just begun.

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hey um can i request svt reacting to you dating one of the other members pls x

S. Coups: he’d be like your dad, always wanting you to text him if you need a ride home after a night out or he’ll ask if you’ve had enough to eat while on a date and he’ll drop you off at the restaurant and ask you what time is pick up and just be really protective over you because he knows you mean a lot to all the members

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Jeonghan & Joshua: they would be your big brothers, bringing you lunch while you’re at work and making sure it’s healthy and that you have all your utensils in the bag. You would probably go to them to rant to if you ever needed it, and S. Coups too because they all just want their favourite girl to be feeling okay inside and out. And when it’s cold outside they’ll always tell you to dress warmly and bring extra gloves just for you so you don’t catch a cold and get sick.

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Jun: You would be really good friends with him, you’d ask him for advice or more like he would ask you for advice when he needs help trying to impress a girl and your contact name on his phone would be something cute with a heart emoji beside it because he loves you a lot and he’s thankful you’ve joined the family.

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Hoshi: when you first meet him he would constantly make jokes because he didn’t want anything to be awkward and since i feel like he isn’t the best with girls, he would be quite shy, so he would crack little jokes every so often to lighten up the mood, but eventually you guys would be really close and he would end up teaching you all the moves to their dances so you can help them when they practice and spot who’s not on time and etc

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Wonwoo: You don’t see him often, but when you are with him, you’ll always end up learning something. You’ll ask him about what’s happening in the new book he’s reading and his eyes will light up and he’ll tell you the whole plot, and when it’s a romantic book he’ll ask you about what you would do if you were in that kind of situation and then you guys would have this really deep talk about relationships and life in general and you’d end up being really close friends.

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Woozi: Since he’s quite awkward, you guys wouldn’t be too close, when you come over he’d give you a kind smile and ask how you are, but it would just be small talk, then he’d go talk to another member. You wouldn’t mind that he doesn’t talk to you often because you know it’s quite hard for him to talk to people he’s just met and you know he cares for you even though he may not show it as much. 

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DK: He would be your best friend, he’d always make you laugh and would invite you to come over more frequently than your boyfriend. And when you do come over he’ll show you funny videos and play games on the game system they have on the tv and while you guys snack on candies and popcorn. And when they preform and he spots you in the crowd he’ll make a funny face and laugh at you, probably wave lots too.

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Mingyu: He would find you really cute, always wanting to pinch your cheeks whenever you come over. And he would sometimes shyly ask you to read over his lyrics, making sure they sound good enough. While you read over his lyrics he would be looking through your work or your homework and try his hardest to repay you by helping you out in any way he can. And he would understand when you’re really stressed and probably make you coffee and buy you a cookie.

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The8: He’s quite shy when you’re around, you won’t find yourself talking to him much. Eventually though, once he gets to know you better and you get to know him better, he will warm up to you and open up more. He’ll tell you about his family and how he misses them and you’ll listen to everything he has to say and tell him that one day you’ll go back with him so he can show you around and he would get really happy and you would grow even closer.

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Seungkwan: He would constantly tease you, whenever he sees you with your boyfriend he would make jokes and tell you to get a room when you start cuddling or even just holding his hand. He would be so willing to go shopping with you and pick ridiculous outfits for you to try on and then he’ll send them on the group chat with the rest of the members, saying how you should wear that to your next date. Even though he would make fun of you often, you know that it’s all just playful and he loves you a lot.

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Vernon: When you’re lying around in the practice room he would always walk up to you and tell you to move over and hear this new song he’s listening to. Both of you would recommend music for each other and he would always ask for your opinion on his new lyrics that he writes. He’ll send you lyrics at like 3am and ask you if they’re any good even though he knows you’re probably asleep. He’d be very thankful that he’s got a new friend and supporter who helps him every step of the way.

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Dino: You would be really close with him because he’d always ask you so many questions. Whenever you see him, he’ll ask you something and always have something to tell you. And when you’re walking around the city he’ll point out how cute a dog is and both of you would get really excited and ask the rest of the group to buy the two of you a dog. And when he’s having any problems in his life, he’ll almost immediately tell you because he knows that you always give him really good advice and he’s always willing to listen to what you have to say.

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Can I request a Jihope smut? Where Jimin is feeling really horny & he is trying to seduce Hobi in practise room~~ (with Hobi being on top~~ I know that you don't really see him that way, but I need smth like this >.<) I really love your fanfics! <3

how many secrets can you keep?; jihope, 1.4kw, dance crew au, alcohol use

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Okay, but imagine Suga is a very beautiful ballet teacher and runs his own ballet studio where he teaches young children and professional dancers. The studio is right next to the gym that Daichi attends, and one day he passes by the studio and sees this stunning ballet teacher and is instantly in love. He waits at the gym until he sees Suga leave, and so as not to sound creepy (oh yeah, I waited here all day to ask you out) he asks Suga for private ballet lessons. Embarrassing dancing, awkward touching and flustered kissing ensues.


The two sides of Nobu during Kirafes 2014. I feel proud of him! 

I find it hard to screencap the good ones because he moves soooooo much. But my dream came trueeeeee FINALLY HAHAHA THAT COOL SIDE OF NOBU KYAAAAA I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! <3

Damn his song list killed me. It’s actually my top favorite songs of his! Shunkan BEAT, REC, and Seishun Time Machine on the first part then Love Searcher and Chronos no Furiko on the second! Gaaaaah it was sooooo perfect <3

Yey I was really happy about the second part! Didn’t expect him to have such a cool dance number! I really appreciated it! Hahaha I did feel awkward about it still because no matter what happens HE’S STILL ADORABLE!! WAAAAH EVEN IF HE TRIES TO BE COOL, HE CAN’T ESCAPE HIS NATURAL ADORABLENESS HAHAHA =))))) 

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Harry Styles is stressing the fuck out of me.One minute is a precious cherub all smiles and awkward dance moves and a minute later is one sexy beast with those wild curls and the dick grabbing and the fucking headband and I'm like how? How does Louis handle this stuff??


He goes from sweet baby cherub

and noodle dancing



I love WWA Harry. Louis really has his hands full ;)


Key: * - Amazing       
        Bold- Top 3

Bands I watched:


  • Gerard Way (He was the first act)
  • Hudson Taylor* 
  • Bill Bailey* - Fucking Hilarious, he did a reggae remix of Downton Abbey
  • King Charles (Only saw 2 songs in order to get good spaces for…)
  • Metronomy for his new song with Ezra Koenig
  • Queens of the Stone Age*


  • Pulled Apart By Horses* - To which I managed to scrounge a set list, they’re not a band I usually listen a lot to but they were great and I touched the leader singer when he crowd surfed at the end
  • Dry The River* - One of my favourite bands in existence so I was right at the front, I was super excited to see them but was one of the only people in the crowd who seemed to give a shit, which was a really shame cause it was just me dancing and screaming my lungs out on my own- quite awkward. Still great though.
  • Peace- Couldn’t really enjoy it cause I got squished to pieces.
  • Cage the Elephant* - Lead singer was fucking amazeballs crazy.
  • Imagine Dragons* - Really energetic impressive performance. Radioactive gasp was immeennceeee.
  • Jake Bugg* - Not known was his stage presence but the songs were all consistent and enjoyable. Everyone chanted: ‘Smile! Smile! Smile!’ to which he stopped playing and called us rude.
  • Arctic Monkeys- Words can not describe. I couldn’t move at all cause it was the most packed performance for the whole festival but my god I saw Alex Turner in the flesh and I almost cried. I almost lost my voice singing to every song and we were a few rows back from the front. ALEX IS EVEN MORE GOOD LOOKING IN PERSON. It was just indescribable. I will write a separate text post.


  • The Neighbourhood- Great band I listen to a lot but disappointing set. Might have been the mic or a technical error but it was a little off
  • Jungle- Nice. Groovy. Enjoyable.
  • Clean Bandit- Watched because my friends wanted to.
  • The Kooks* - Played their old stuff. Seaside was beautiful. Planning to do a cover.
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- I liked Macklemore before Thrift Shop came out thanks to one of my friends being obsessed with him and showing me Can’t Hold Us. I’m glad to see how he’s finally come to fame through constant work and grind despite producing songs against the social norm i.e. (Otherside, Same Love). I have so much respect for him and he was just a really down to earth performer who just loved and cared about music. The performance was incredible and he talked to the crowd the most out of any other artist. I can see why people wouldn’t like him, he’s a little cheesy and now admittedly mainstream and a big showman with a little bit of cockiness, but just look into this guy before you judge. Look at his lyrics, his song messages and his history, then you’ll understand my respect for him.
  • The 1975* - Packed so I couldn’t get good seats but Matt Healy took his top off so all was good.
  • Gogol Bordello* - Gypsy punk rock reggae folk blender mix. Small audience, buzzing crowd and a perfect finish to a wonderful festival. They were fucking mental.

Feel free to ask me any questions, thanks for the ‘reading’ (lol english language) all the way through. Much Love. Arran x

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It was colder than usual for April, a cold bite seemed to hang in the air and chill all those who ventured outside. So Peeta was pretty surprised to find Katniss Everdeen huddled on his front steps as he prepared to leave for an early morning run. It had been over a week since he'd last spoken to or seen her. He'd assumed that he'd finally managed to scare her off for good, had been regretting it ever since. She looked up at him from her spot on his steps, lips pressed together in a tight* (1)

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