i really love her this season

'Stranger Things' Star Joe Keery Knows Exactly Which Steve Moment Will Become a Meme This Season
The actor on his band and what's next for his character after Season Two.

Where Steve is emotionally in the end of Season Two, going into Season Three.

He’s kind of realized that he’s not necessarily the best thing for Nancy. And he really loves this person. He knows that the best thing he can do is let her move on and do what she needs to do. I don’t think he’s given up hope, but I think he’s come to terms with the fact that to do what’s best for her he might not be doing what’s best for himself. Obviously, he’s going to have trouble getting into college. Who knows if he’ll even get in. HIs entire social climate has changed. The friends that he had—he doesn’t really have them any more. He’s really kind of in this limbo, and he could go a ton of different ways. The Duffer Brothers and I have discussed a few things, but I’ll keep those secret in case any of those actually happen.

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All I see from this fandom is complaining and whining. No wonder Taylor doesn't spend as much time here anymore. It is exhausting to see. Fans complained about the merch being ugly before so she went to a different manufacturer to make it more nicer and of course the price would be higher. I even saw some fans on Twitter getting mad at Taylor for not giving them time to save before announcing the uk and Ireland shows. She had given as enough to time. I can't with this fandom. So entitled.

Personally, I feel like T is spending some precious time with her loved ones this holiday season.

About the noises. Sigh… It’s really tiring tbh. Nothing will ever be enough for some of y'all. Don’t be surprised if she takes a longer rest after rep era. The way some of y'all constantly whining is not a fun thing to see / experience.

My Thoughts - Arrow 6x07

You know that old saying, gag me with a spoon? That’s how I felt at the beginning of this episode. I know some people love Oliver, Felicity and William as a cutsie family but not me…it’s torture.

This whole season the only thing Oliver has really cared about is William - which makes this episode especially interesting.

What I liked:

Yes, I actually liked stuff!

- I liked Oliver being really mean to Diggle the first time they talked. Why? Because it was the first time in ALL of Season 6 that I was surprised by ANYTHING.

- I liked that Oliver remembered his sister EXISTED. Just in time for her to wake up. I’ve decided that Felicity had something to do with that new drug. I hope no one ever tells Thea that no one seemed to care she was in coma - that would suck.

- I like that Oliver went back to his true nature and lied FOR NO REASON. He should have told William that he was suiting up again and taught him a lesson that even adults can’t always do what they would like or what their children want them to.

- Felicity and Curtis arguing - so hope they change the name of the company.


- Quentin Lance being in the episode

- Oliver’s mother lawyer being his lawyer

What I didn’t love

- How hypocritical it was for Oliver to lie to William, after going on and on and on and on about how he would never lie to his son.

- Felicity not for one second thinking, shit I should have noticed something was going on with my best friend John Diggle.

- The stupid bomb scam just to they could chat

- That one of my favourite singers, Billy Joel, has been tainted for me due to the fact that I know MG likes him.

- Oliver only “temporarily” being the Green Arrow

So despite being spoiled for this episode, the second half was decent, so I guess you could say I thought it was okay.

Oh, I didn’t someone say there would be more shirtless Oliver in Season 6 - still waiting…

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So to recap, Adrien “Just a Friend” Agreste;

- Thinks Marinette is a really talented artist 
- Thinks Marinette is a really talented designer
- Thinks Marinette is a great gamer
- Thinks Marinette is a great dancer
- Thinks Marinette is a great baker
- Thinks Marinette is awesome and wishes he could be just as awesome
- Supported her through his father’s design competition
- Supported her when she ran for student council
- Supported and gave his spot in the gaming competition to her
- Didn’t deny when shown a picture of Marinette and asked “She’s cute, right?”
- Fumbled when asked if Marinette was cute
- Calls her “Princess” and “Little Lady”
- Cares what she thinks about Chat Noir
- Admired her for standing up to Chloe and her antics
- Admired her for defending Mylène 
- Admired her for trying hard to include Juleka in their class photo
- Was down with kissing her for a scene that just had to be in a low-budget, high school film project.
- Was annoyed when said kiss was cock-blocked by Chloé. 
- Because you know…art
- Nervously asked for her autograph on a poster of his favorite singer
- Took time to literally spend a day with her and her great uncle
- Because, after they quickly found out Wang Cheng spoke French, she totally still needed a translator?? Right? ……Art???
- Stood up to Chloé when she insulted Marinette and her uncle
- Stood up to Chloé when she accused Marinette of pulling the fire alarm
- Took time to spend a day with her at her house…because video games…yeah
- Was super nervous and blushy during that entire exchange
- Was super touched/happy she gave him her good luck bracelet
- Hangs out with her in the park afterwards because…video games?? art??
- Immediately worries about her safety when the akuma arrives
- Actively tries to find and bring her to safety during an akuma attack
- Like twice…the first person he went to defend was her
- Asked her to dance with him
- Literally dragged her onto the dance floor
- Was super happy about it
- Basically cuddled with her on the dance floor because…friendship…art??…she smells nice??…I love holding my friends close to my body and never wanting to let go of them?? 
- Puts time and effort planning her surprise party
- Gives her the most thoughtful gift he could think of, even though he had the resources to get her anything 
- Puts time and effort making a gift for Marinette Dupain-Cheng, hoping she’ll like it
- Because we really need matching bracelets…to show…our very platonic friendship…yeah sorry Nino and Chloé y’all don’t get one…because it’s exclusively a me and her thing…friendship???

Unappreciated things in the second season of Stranger Things (!!SPOILERS!!)
  • Eleven dressed as a ghost
  • Lucas’s sister. My new favorite character.
  • Dustin’s mother. She was the stereotypical ‘’cat lady’’ and it was so funny.
  • Jonathan talking with Will telling him that is better to be a ‘’freak’’ than being a normal boring person.
  • Steve going with Nancy to Barb’s parents.
  • Drunk Nancy. 
  • Steve care for Nancy, trying to make her stop drinking and keep her safe. 
  • Steve in general. 
  • Dustin stealing books from the library. 
  • Jancy showing their hand scars.
  • ‘‘Crazy together’‘
  • Both Eleven and Will caling for Mike when their in the Upside Down
  • “Why can’t there just be two Venkmans”
  • The boys dressed as ghostbusters when none else in school is dressed up
  • Angsty Eleven.
  • Terry’s backstory.
  • Mike staying in Will’s house 
  • Mike being beside Will in the WHOLE SEASON
  • Dustin screaming HOLY SHIT 
  • Steve and Dustin
  • That crazy detective. I swear he’s the BIGGEST JANCY STAN.
  • Steve giving advices to Dustin. 
  • Steve being a mama
  • “how do you know it’s not a lizard?” “because his face opened up and he ate my cat”
  • Eleven saying ‘’mouthbreather’’ in the same tone as in season 1.
  • Kali, Kali, Kali, Kali, Kali
  • Everyone is saying that the episode 7 was ‘’boring aff’’ and Kali was a boring character but REALLY Kali is my new favorite character. I love her, i loved episode 7, i love punk Eleven, i love Kali’s gang. I hope that we can see them more in the next seasons.
  • Bitchin
  • Eleven being MILLIE and not Eleven lol
  • Eleven asking to see Will.
  • Eleven looking at Dustin and saying ‘’teeth’’
  • Max standing up for herself and defending her friends.
  • Steve looking at Mike and whispering ‘’Nancy?’’
  • It was 99% Finn’s face in this scene and 1% Mike. 
  • Joyce talking to Will while he’s possesed, this woman warms my heart. 
  • Mike’s face when he saw Eleven this MADE ME CRy T0o
  • that intense scene when Jancy, is holding hands while Will is lowkey satan and Joyce is burning him 
  • Millie’s performance in the gate, wow just wow. 
  • Will being kinda freaked out when this girl asked him to dance. 
  • Eleven wearing Hopper’s blue bracelet. 
  • Nancy dancing with Dustin. 
  • That silly dream i had that the season ended with the creepy shadow monster.  It didn’t…. right?

Sense8 | 2.04

Lito and Kala being cute.


I’m emotionally unstable waiting for this next clip (probably on friday) so here’s some pictures of Iman looking beautiful and slaying us all with her dimples and gorgeous cheekbones!

I really adore the idea of Hiroko managing to get time off and coming to one of Yuuri and Vicchan’s events in season 2.

Just this nondescript, petite, delicious-smelling lady. She has no idea how competitions work. Minako was supposed to come with her and be her guide, but they got separated in the crowd, so now she is calmly trying to tell one of the people guarding the entrance to the skater’s area to give her access.

“My sons are in there,” she explains in her patient English.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” pleads the rink guard, who is having a breakdown over having to do his job rather than give this soft, sweet woman what she wants. Yuuri has Eros, but Hiroko has that Ultimate Mom aura. There are at least two passerby trying to convince him to let Hiroko in.

“Just let her go look for her kids, man.”

“You need a pass to get in this area. If you go talk to one of the managers, I’m sure they’ll page your lost sons for you–”

“Oh, there’s Vicchan!”

The small crowd that has gathered expects to see some lost, unassuming youth. This is not what happens. Instead, charmingly Japanese Hiroko, who on her tiptoes squeaks in at five feet, points directly at five-time champion, six-foot-tall and excruciatingly Russian Viktor Nikiforov. 

“Uh,” is the collective response to this, which basically translates to what the hell.

But Hiroko and Viktor Nikiforov’s eyes lock. “Mama!” He gasps, brightening, and breaks off from one of Yakov’s long rants to make a beeline to the edge of the section. He is followed, approximately six seconds later, by his also tall, world-record holding fiance, who already has his game face on and is hence TERRIFYING.

“Hi, mom,” Yuuri greets, while Viktor and Hiroko embrace, which involves Viktor essentially bending in half. “Where’s your pass? I know we asked for one for you.”

“I think Minako has it?” Hiroko says with a smile. “This gentleman was about to let me in.”

Both Yuuri and Viktor are already in their skates and skate guards. This adds another intimidating three or four inches and sharp blades to their lithe, muscular forms. They are also fricking NIKIFOROV AND KATSUKI.

“Please take my wallet,” the guard wants to say, but instead wordlessly ushers Katsuki Hiroko into the skater’s area.

Gentle, Best Mom Hiroko spends the rest of the competition wedged between her tall, outwardly intimidating but actually very marshmallow soft sons. IT IS A GOOD DAY

“Usually the kissing in the Kiss and Cry after Katsuki and Nikiforov’s skates is hot hot HOT,” one of the announcers reveals later. Hiroko kisses Vicchan on the forehead, and pats Yuuri’s hand. “This competition, it’s just heartwarming.”

voltron airline au

these dorks at 30,000ft 

  • pidge and hunk are engineers
  • pidge driving one of those little buggies on the tarmac: “look at that sign” hunk: “road work ahead?” 
    • pidge: “uhhh yeah i sure hope it does” 
  • allura is captain and shiro is the co-pilot
  • allura over the intercom: “excuse me ladies and gentlemen, mr shirogane just bet i couldn’t do a barrel roll in this plane so i’m about to shut him up real quick”
    • you can hear shiro hyperventilating in the background
  • keith, lance, and coran are flight attendants
  • lance: “let me out of the bathroom!” keith leaning on the other side of the door: “no, you ate all my thin mints. why would you do that?!” 
    • lance: “i wanted to annoy you because i love y- i mean thin mints!!!” 
  • really bad turbulence and keith and lance are screaming and holding onto each other. coran is a seasoned veteran and just glides around while the plane slips and slides
    • lance: “wow coran you’re so good at this!” coran: “yes my boy i’ve seen all 12 episodes of yuri on ice” 
  • allura has a really soothing voice and she forgets to turn off the intercom. everyone hears her singing softly and beautifully and they all pass out
  • coran: “and for lunch ma’am would you like the chicken or the beef?” pidge removing her sunglasses and big hat: “got any vodka?” coran: “miss holt, your disguise is terrible and you’re 5″
    • pidge: “5 foot a bitch
    • coran: “…” pidge: “i was trying to be cool but i just roasted myself”
  • keith: “you’re like a t-rex” pidge: “ferocious?” 
    • keith: “short arms” pidge: -__-
  • passenger: “can i get some water?” hunk: “i don’t work here but sure!”
    • annoying passenger for the 8th time: “this water tastes funny can i have another?” hunk swallowing the water, swishing it around in his mouth, and spitting it back into the cup: “here you go” passenger: >:0
  • lance: “;) hey there handsome” keith blushing: “me?” 
    • lance turning away from the mirror: “…well this is an awkward situation”
  • hunk: “captain?” shiro: “yup?” 
    • hunk: “i’m a huge fan!! can you give me your autograph and some words of wisdom?” shiro: “sure!”
    • hunk: “what are you gonna say? live your dreams? no no, i got it- work hard and be the best”
    • shiro looking him dead in the eye: “the FitnessGram™ pacer test-” 
  • allura: “coran. what are you doing?” 
    • coran passed out in the luggage rack, blinking blearily and looking around: “i believe i’m what the kids would say, lost in the sauce, allura” 
YOOO so imma pinpoint the exact moment when Lance stopped being overly flirtatious with Allura and actually started respecting her as a person and maybe even falling in love with her

Okay ya ready??  (oh and im ignoring the vlog completely lol i think we can all agree with that)

So we all know that the turning point was season 3, but Im wondering why exactly.  What made him think, “huh maybe my feelings are more serious than jst playful flirting, or trying to get a kiss? Maybe Allura means alot more to me then just a pretty face”

And I have the answer!

This moment.  Right here.  S2E13

When the castle blew up, and everyone thought she had died.  The moment Lance thought he’d lost her.  Look at his face

ahhh im crying  Everyone else was looking up at the castle completely dumbstruck, but Lance was already doubled over, in full regret mode.  (and we know how hard he is on himself)  

What could have been going on in his head?? Why did I waste so much time flirting?  I knew she didnt like it.  I could have spent that time getting to know her… asking about her father and mother and homeplanet.  I could have been friends with her.  I could have not been annoying.  I could have….. I could have….

but i didnt

omg im actually crying lolol








I swear i didnt photoshop or anything (i dont have those skillz lol)  I actually discovered this AS I WAS MAKING THIS POST lolol and I completely freaked out hahaha XD

So yeah I think it’s safe to say that was the turning point, because from then on we stopped getting looks like this

And started getting looks like this

also damn look at that great parallel

Movies I learned sugar skills from

We all know Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, and Halle Berry are some of the gems we have in movies now. But I’ve watched a lot of movies that helped me gain the sugar personas I had and I want to share some of those with you all.

Girlfriend experience

This is one of the more popular movies for sex workers and it is now a tv series. I personally liked it because I was ending a relationship while I was sugaring and I did feel some of the ways Christine felt.

Another thing I loved about this movie was the documentation and research this girl did on her clients. I use to have a notebook filled with all my POTs and SDs info, status, job info, likes and dislikes, turn ons, etc. My ex stole it a while ago but lucky for me I didn’t write down searchable info, even the names were in code.

I would recommend this as the first to watch before you binge watch sex work movies like I did.

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Memoirs of a geisha

This is one of my personal favorites because I love the Asian culture when it comes to beauty. The grace, the discipline, and the routine of these woman is really what got me.

When I saw that one look method I was determined to get it to work for me. The Kama Sutra movie below also helped me achieve this. But nothing gets a man across the room faster than an enchanting look from a beautiful woman in their direction.

From this movie I was able to learn how to move more gracefully which is very attractive for men who like “exotic” women. So if you got hips sway them, if you have long legs be swift with your steps, and if your hand are flawless move them like a water bender on avatar (anime joke).

The Treacherous

This movie is very gory so if that’s not your thing don’t watch it. But it does show some intense training for courtesans (old world Asia times).

The seductiveness of these women turned me on so I knew the same methods would turn any man on too. My favorite seductive move is the removing of clothes shown in the beginning scenes where the man challenged the woman to a strip game.

Another scene that showed me a lot of gems was the actual training of the women and how they were to taught to please. I even got some old school hoe tips for my Vag in this movie.

Kama Sutra

Yes it is spelled right and yes it is about using Karma Sutra. If you want a movie example of how some Karma Sutra techniques work then look no further.

This movie showed me how equally important foreplay is for men as it is for us. It showed little snippets of how even feeding can be sensual for men. My favorite tip from the movie would have to be the eye movements of the women while they danced. Those eyes have gotten me compliments from many dance teachers because they could see sexiness in my eyes.

Just look at these eyes:

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Etiquette of a mistress

In case you haven’t noticed by now I watch a lot of Asian movies. This one in particular is informative and funny so you’ll really enjoy watching it.

If you’re a sugar that deals with a lot of married men this movie is for you. It shows you how to be properly discrete with your time together and how to deal with the cons of a married man. The best part of this movie is it shows the perspective of a veteran and a newbie, so I know my vets will enjoy this if they or helping any newbies out there.

Wolf on wall street

This is of course on here because of the famous Naomi character that we love so much. Her sharp tongue is definitely needed when you are trying to pass through all the BS talk. But another thing to pay attention to is her physical presentation of herself. Her style with her looks was like devil in a red dress but with diamonds add.

Two can play that game

This one is mostly for my brown SBs who are close to their mid 20s.

In the 2000s this movie was like the black woman’s player guide. I’ve used many of these strategies to get men back on track to what I wanted. My little black dress is still in the closet waiting for the day my fiance acts up.

One thing from that movie I don’t do is flaunt another man because doing that in this world can severe ties real quick.

A lot of people focus on Shante in this movie but I also loved watching Conny too. Mainly because I love Gabrielle Union’s acting especially in Being Mary Jane.

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I didn’t learn much from this movie for my personal gain but I did learn a lot about sex work around the world. So if you’re just interested in a movie that shows you different kinds of sex workers watch this.

Breakfast at Tiffany

I love a good Audrey Hepburn movie because her white woman swag is just as awesome as Marilyn’s. She taught me how to be sweet and

youthful while also being mysterious and unavailable.

Being sweet and youthful is what kept my men feeling lucky to have me. But being mysterious and unavailable at times is what kept them on their toes and more willing do what was needed to “secure” me.

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Show Girls

I’m starting to think I should’ve tried stripping because sexy dancing is one of my favorite things to do. Expressing with my body is like art to me but I was probably right not to strip, I would get addicted.

This movie however made me more glamorous and aggressive when it came to my sexy looks. I never got a chance to see real show girls in Vegas but I’m pretty sure I would be in awe by them. I’ve never been a glamorous person but after this movie I started adding a little shimmer and glitter to my style.


Again with the dancing lol, I’m sorry ladies but these women, even with out the dancing were phenomenal. The He Made Me Do It song was an all time favorite for me.

But as far as lessons I started to see how competitive women could be when it comes to money and credibility/fame.

I learned on movies like this how to out smart them when it comes to whales.There have been many new girls who tried taking my main SD away from me but they couldn’t get to my relationship quality. Even when girls did get some dates from other SDs of mine they didn’t last long. So please remember ladies quality and good relationships always wins when it comes to real SDs.

Josephine Baker Biography

My girl next door persona has always got me the most money. So when I saw this biography I started mastering it. Her happy demeanor and tiny voice was so close to mine it wasn’t hard to practice.

What made me the happiest, was that even though she was sweet, innocent, and goofy she was also sensual. She knew how to express her sexuality without taking away from her innocence.

The end of the movie was sad and showed a lot of her flaws but she was still iconic.

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Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl

I can’t remember if this is based on a true story are not but it’s amazing. Especially with the online social platforms we have now, this movie has been very useful. This woman on here became a high class call girl based on online status alone.

She was also another person I looked to for glam sexuality and showed many women that even average women can dominate the sex world. There were bad parts like her cockiness and drug use but if she would’ve stayed in her grind she would’ve still been raking in millions. One thing this movie can show you (on the bad side) is that you should never try to “Keep up with the Jones” even in the sex world because it’s never greener on the other side.

Call Me: The Rise and fall of Hiede Fliess

If you don’t know Hiede Fliess, look her up now. She’s the greatest when it comes to call girls. The tactics she used to get where she was is amazing. She really knew how to keep connections with her clients and how to get other girls money.

I don’t know what she does now but I do respect the contributions she’s made to the sex work industry. If you’re in LA or Hollywood you should really watch this movie.

Some notable tv women I watch

Joseline Hernandez

She’s so unapologetic about who she is and will get money by any means necessary. Her and Cardi B are like alter egos I wish I had sometimes.

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Cardi B

She is one of the realest woman I’ve seen on TV and she used what she had to get her fame. Now that she got it she is doing here to the max and I’m happy for her.

Nene Lakes

I can see myself being like Nene when I get older and wealthier. She is a star in many forms and doesn’t let these women or her man interfere with her money. She went from housewife to breadwinner even outside of the show.

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Whitley Gilbert

I get all my bougie ways from Ms. Whitley lol. Really she was a good representation of a high class but down to earth black woman for me. She started out a little too much for me but after some seasons she grew on me. I’m always a sucker for tiny voiced women because mines is tiny too (Not as annoying as hers).

Tasha Patrick

Now I’m going to be honest I just started watching power but I love this women’s attitude. She’s sexy, ride or die, and also strategically vengeful. I might update this after I finish the show but for now that’s all I have to say.

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Phaedra Parks

This woman beats me in being bougie and extra. I’ve never seen anyone who goes all out like she does. When I was in college I always wanted to be a like southern belle with curves so when this show came on I was tuned in. If you ever wanted to see an example of a curvy southern belle that can still get a little ghetto, Here she is.

This list is just a few of the many women I’ve watched to perfect my personas.

Now, when I switch my persona it’s not to completely change who I am but helps me adapt to different environments.

For example: If my SD likes to watch football games from his box then I’m not going to go into my prim and proper mode, I’m going to bring out girl next door me.

Depending on what your daddy likes you’re going to be put in different types of atmosphere and if you’re black than your going to need to adapt. The way to more opportunities is by building your credibility which is usually based on how much people like you. You re like an undercover celebrity lol.

Now if you don’t want to change that’s fine but that’s what’s work for me.

I change up like a Johnny Depp Movie role

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Hope this all was helpful to you ladies.

Much Love T


skam month, week one

↪️favorite episode: Et jævlig dumt valg