i really love her nose


Then one foggy earth-day eve, Pink Diamond came to say, “Jasper with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my palanquin tonight?” Then how the quartzes loved her, as they shouted out with glee: “Jasper the perfect beta, you’ll go down in history!”

AIRY ITS ONLY SEPTEMBER OMFG LOL also like, damn other quartzes shoulda been nice to her in the first place B^T im just sayin

I really hate the generic ¾-facing-left, eyes-to-the-right profiles but it’s so convenient, I can’t help myself.

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Can I ask what your warden/hawke/inquisitor look like in game? <3

I sadly didn’t take any picture of my Warden! But she looked nothing like my drawings. I tend to get a little frustrated with game character creators because I rarely can do everything I want with them

I wanted Elaheh to have a flat nose (because I REALLY love elves’ nose in DA2) and her hair is pretty specifc too (the right side of her head is shaved too). I would have needed to create my own mod so it would fit what I had in mind but I don’t know how to do that so…

As for Hawke, no problem! I went for default male Hawke (I totally fell in love with him the moment I saw DA2 trailer where he fights against the Arishok)

The only issue I had with him was his body but you can only change his face in character creator mode

It made me laugh to make him that way because mages are always pretty thin so there were a lot of jokes about him not looking like one. AT ALL. He was always mistook for a warrior or nobody would realize he was Garrett Hawke because they only heard about him and MAGES AREN’T BUILD LIKE BRICK SHITHOUSES?

So yeah my Hawke is default male Hawke + fat + muscle + some more inches (I’m talking about his height here)

As for my Inquisitor, ALLELUJAH! I have a LOT of pictures of her because she was super cute and lovely to look at!

I don’t have much to say about Oshalia since I’m satisfied with the result. Cheers, girl!

vriska serket style variation ratings

0-10 0 being “she doesnt deserve this” and 10 being “i would walk into the mouth of a lion just for the illusion of her”

the sprite- understandable but could use some improvement. she looks like she has scene hair and her stress lines are blue like her eyeliner but its okay i love her anyways. rough and rowdy tumble girl! look at that devious little smile. 5/10

the talksprite- we dont talk about this ever. why did you do this to her. 0/10

<33333333- very gay, very good, very pure. look at her little bean smile!!! this cleansed my soul. i would do anything for her. 9/10

determined- doodly hottie. will fight anyones ass. will fight your ass, will fight your dogs ass, and will fight her own ass. how does she keep all of that hair in a hood? magic probably. 6/10


ded- dramatic. intense. very very round face i enjoy. shes gorgeous and i really love her. my personal favorite iteration of vriska. 9/10

glow aesthetic- nose is too tiny and not very necessary. TOO scribbly. not a fan of this one but its bearable. 2/10

WHOP- keeps getting punched. is she alright? does she need an icepack? youd think shed have a concussion by now with all of these punches but she just keeps on going. i am proud of her. 5/10

sleeby- i hope shes having good dreams!!!! i love her!!! sleep well my problematic discourse-inducing child. her eyeliner and lipstick are not actually the color of her blood though which is a little disappointing. still have no idea how she keeps all that hair in a tiny hood. 8/10

done with you- kicked hussies ass like he deserves. sick of you and your shit and your shit’s shit. beautifully shaded and colored, lineart is impeccable, expression is on point. i feel blessed looking at this image with my own two eyes and you should feel the same way too. 888/10

conclusion: vriska is very beautiful and i love her. i hope shes okay

Lean In: Chapter Eight

Thank you all for being so sweet and amazing! This is dedicated to @milesislookingforalaska, who really wanted some fluff. This is basically cotton candy. A special thanks to @ailingnoor, @sc1525, @hurricaneawelia, @only-freakin-sunflowers, @mediterraneansummer, and @toevenexist for your comments, feedback, and support!

AO3       FFN

The next morning, Amelia walks through the door, stepping quietly as to avoid waking anyone up. She jumps when Owen startles awake, not having noticed him sleeping on the couch. She doesn’t understand what made him choose the small couch over their oversized, especially comfortable, bed, but that’s for another time. Right now she has to get her breathing back under control–he really scared her. “I’m sorry,” he whispers. “I didn’t think you’d be home.” He lets the words trail and it’s clear, in a sad, resigned way, that his statement didn’t just mean this early in the morning.

Her entire body slumps, her shoulders sagging, and she drops her purse on the ground. The contents come loose, but she can’t bring herself to care. She slowly lowers herself next to him on the couch and whispers, “Can I tell you a secret?”

He doesn’t understand what’s happening, but he nods regardless. He’s becoming accustomed to his wife’s surprises.

“I couldn’t sleep without you next to me.” Her voice is low, quiet, but not sad or scared. She’s not running.

“Can I tell you a secret?” She nods and he leans over, his breath tickling her ear. “I couldn’t sleep either.”

She chuckles at his confession, spurring his dark demeanor to crack and some light to shine through. He chuckles, too. “So you made it worse by sleeping on our couch? Which, by the way, is not as comfortable as the sales person made it sound.”

“Are they ever?” he asks with a laugh. However, when he takes another breath, his face becomes serious. “I don’t like to sleep in our bed without you.” He sighs. “Especially when we’re fighting.”

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Dear Drunk Doc, Tracer and Emily go on a cruise and one night are seated at dinner at the same table as Haruka and Michiru. What happens?

Michiru is not sure, precisely, how any of this happened. When one purchases a stateroom aboard a luxury ship, one assumes they will spend their time….alone. HEr class was generally content to do only the required amount of mingling. 

It is almost as if this bouncy butch, clad in the most horrifying hawaiian shirt (we are en route to to the Galapagos) cargo shorts (She told Haruka they were disallowed unless on hikes) and some strange glowing thing on her chest (her transformation rod brushed her hip inside her pocket, as if telling her to be careful what she called strange), did not seem to realize that they were not meant to be in the private pool lounge for the suite class, although her redheaded companion–tall, slim, and generally quite pretty–looked around nervously, leaning in her ear, calling her name (which was Lena, it seemed) but the girl was too excited, so animated she almost leapt off her chair as she talked to Haruka. 

Michiru sighed. Life was about suffering. 

“I like your shirt!” Haruka said. 

Okay but not about this much suffering. 

Michiru would not have called herself a good person, not in any capacity, and she was willing to own that terrible part of herself if it stopped this girl from talking to Haruka about where she could procure this hideous shirt, and let them in peace to their gentle canoodling. 

But she had a cocktail now, some horrifying carved out pineapple that matched too perfectly Haruka’s alcoholic milkshake they called a cocktail, and it seemed that no one would come to their rescue. She would have to alert the staff that they were in the incorrect class, herself. 

The redhead (whose name, in Lena’s slurry of language, seemed to be Emily, but Michiru would not swear to it) excused herself to go to the bathroom, and Michiru signaled the manager. 

Lena leaned in. “Saved up for 2 years for this ‘oilday, I did. Em’s always wanted to see South America.” She grinned, her eyes full of love, and she drew a small box out of her cargo shorts. “I mean to propose to ‘er, you see.”

Haruka’s eyes welled with tears as she displayed the ring–small, slightly oxidized with they years.

“It was me Nan’s” she added. 

Michiru suddenly felt very small, and very cruel, and she dared not look up at her reflection in the back of the bar for fear she would see her mother. This was a trip for her, booked last minute for time away with Haruka. It was Lena and Emily’s experience of a lifetime, and they would tell the story the rest of their lives. 

“Might I ask how you mean to do it?” The question suddenly seemed very important to Michiru. 

“Oh, don’t know, brought me suit, thought I’d do it by the pool, buy ‘er some champagne.” She smiled and gave a happy hum. “She’s just brilliant, really. I love ‘er.” 

haruka gave a sniffle, and wiped her nose. “My allergies on this…damn ship”

Michiru looked over at Lena. “Would you perhaps consider Prado Florido?” 

She gave a conciliatory smile “Ah miss, that’s the private restaurant, can’t get in there. Tables are all for the posh people aboard.” 

The manager appeared at her side. “Miss Kaioh. How may I assist you?”

“Yes, I would like to make a reservation for Prado Florido tonight, for Miss Lena,” she looked over at Tracer, “What is it?”

Lena looked at her, mystified, “Oxton.” 

“Miss Lena Oxton and her companion, please charge it to my room and do not allow them to order the cheap champagne, you know my tastes and I trust that you will ensure they are met.”

“Very good, madam.” He bowed and walked away, and Tracer just stared. 

Haruka wrapped her arms tightly around Michiru and kissed her temple. “I won’t buy the hawaiian shirt” 

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If you could re cast the Volturi, what actors\actresses would you choose?

Disclaimer: I’m terrible with picking actors/actresses (mostly because I’m not very people savvy). So, it’s going to be a mix of people I actually know and people I found in the deep recesses of Google images.

Anyway, here is my best shot (under the cut because I attached pictures, which made this post really long):

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“I feel colour all around you. A fantastic colour... strong and beautiful. And... a sad colour, too.”

  • *Hooper's flat*
  • Hooper: enters his bedroom, yawning; removing his waistcoat*
  • Holmes: *leaning against the wall; smirking* Hooper.
  • Hooper: *screams*
  • Holmes: *raises an eyebrow*
  • Hooper: *clears his throat; annoyed* What the hell are you doing here?
  • Holmes: Simple *sits on the edge of his bed* I need the space. Your space, specifically.
  • Hooper: *confused* What for?
  • Holmes: To think.
  • Hooper: *folds his arms* You have your own space.
  • Holmes: *nods slowly* Yeeees but they have an infant.
  • Hooper: *hesitates* You cannot stay here.
  • Holmes: *raises an eyebrow* Something to hide?
  • Hooper: *blushes* Not at all.
  • Holmes: *shrugs* There is no issue, then *lies down*
  • Hooper: *adamant* No, you mustn't stay. Think of the neighbours. We cannot share a bed. I have to change-
  • Holmes: *reaches beside her bed* Into this, perhaps? *lifts a nightdress*
  • Hooper: *squeaks* Certainly not!
  • Holmes: *looks up; amused* No, please do. We could do with a pleasant evening for a change *tosses her the dress; smirks* If you don't mind.
  • Hooper: *rolls his eyes* I do mind actually *approaches the bed; looks down at him* I prefer to sleep nude.
  • Holmes: *smirks*

Sorry for the huge craptastic photo-dump o.o these are several small updates that I was too lazy to post real time 😒

The first set are her torso after I raised her hips, which were too low after my jointing her torso and adding some length there. (Please excuse the polymer clay chips on the floor)

The wigged photos are after I slimmed down her chest area to be more flush on the sides. I’m still too scared to carve in ribs 😓

And the last bit are photos of a new head I am working on because I really enjoy making strange little eye-baggy faces 😁 I love her hooked nose