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Can I ask what your warden/hawke/inquisitor look like in game? <3

I sadly didn’t take any picture of my Warden! But she looked nothing like my drawings. I tend to get a little frustrated with game character creators because I rarely can do everything I want with them

I wanted Elaheh to have a flat nose (because I REALLY love elves’ nose in DA2) and her hair is pretty specifc too (the right side of her head is shaved too). I would have needed to create my own mod so it would fit what I had in mind but I don’t know how to do that so…

As for Hawke, no problem! I went for default male Hawke (I totally fell in love with him the moment I saw DA2 trailer where he fights against the Arishok)

The only issue I had with him was his body but you can only change his face in character creator mode

It made me laugh to make him that way because mages are always pretty thin so there were a lot of jokes about him not looking like one. AT ALL. He was always mistook for a warrior or nobody would realize he was Garrett Hawke because they only heard about him and MAGES AREN’T BUILD LIKE BRICK SHITHOUSES?

So yeah my Hawke is default male Hawke + fat + muscle + some more inches (I’m talking about his height here)

As for my Inquisitor, ALLELUJAH! I have a LOT of pictures of her because she was super cute and lovely to look at!

I don’t have much to say about Oshalia since I’m satisfied with the result. Cheers, girl!

Reasons we love Scream of the Shalka

1 through infinity) Alison.

Infinity + 1) Electro Delgado.

Infinity + 2) Is short.

Reasons 1 through infinity for liking SotS are on the right. Reason infinity + 1 is on the left. This screencap is probably reason infinity + 3. Alison is one of the few people who meets his eyes from the beginning and doesn’t flinch.


“I feel colour all around you. A fantastic colour... strong and beautiful. And... a sad colour, too.”

  • *Hooper's flat*
  • Hooper: enters his bedroom, yawning; removing his waistcoat*
  • Holmes: *leaning against the wall; smirking* Hooper.
  • Hooper: *screams*
  • Holmes: *raises an eyebrow*
  • Hooper: *clears his throat; annoyed* What the hell are you doing here?
  • Holmes: Simple *sits on the edge of his bed* I need the space. Your space, specifically.
  • Hooper: *confused* What for?
  • Holmes: To think.
  • Hooper: *folds his arms* You have your own space.
  • Holmes: *nods slowly* Yeeees but they have an infant.
  • Hooper: *hesitates* You cannot stay here.
  • Holmes: *raises an eyebrow* Something to hide?
  • Hooper: *blushes* Not at all.
  • Holmes: *shrugs* There is no issue, then *lies down*
  • Hooper: *adamant* No, you mustn't stay. Think of the neighbours. We cannot share a bed. I have to change-
  • Holmes: *reaches beside her bed* Into this, perhaps? *lifts a nightdress*
  • Hooper: *squeaks* Certainly not!
  • Holmes: *looks up; amused* No, please do. We could do with a pleasant evening for a change *tosses her the dress; smirks* If you don't mind.
  • Hooper: *rolls his eyes* I do mind actually *approaches the bed; looks down at him* I prefer to sleep nude.
  • Holmes: *smirks*
vriska serket style variation ratings

0-10 0 being “she doesnt deserve this” and 10 being “i would walk into the mouth of a lion just for the illusion of her”

the sprite- understandable but could use some improvement. she looks like she has scene hair and her stress lines are blue like her eyeliner but its okay i love her anyways. rough and rowdy tumble girl! look at that devious little smile. 5/10

the talksprite- we dont talk about this ever. why did you do this to her. 0/10

<33333333- very gay, very good, very pure. look at her little bean smile!!! this cleansed my soul. i would do anything for her. 9/10

determined- doodly hottie. will fight anyones ass. will fight your ass, will fight your dogs ass, and will fight her own ass. how does she keep all of that hair in a hood? magic probably. 6/10


ded- dramatic. intense. very very round face i enjoy. shes gorgeous and i really love her. my personal favorite iteration of vriska. 9/10

glow aesthetic- nose is too tiny and not very necessary. TOO scribbly. not a fan of this one but its bearable. 2/10

WHOP- keeps getting punched. is she alright? does she need an icepack? youd think shed have a concussion by now with all of these punches but she just keeps on going. i am proud of her. 5/10

sleeby- i hope shes having good dreams!!!! i love her!!! sleep well my problematic discourse-inducing child. her eyeliner and lipstick are not actually the color of her blood though which is a little disappointing. still have no idea how she keeps all that hair in a tiny hood. 8/10

done with you- kicked hussies ass like he deserves. sick of you and your shit and your shit’s shit. beautifully shaded and colored, lineart is impeccable, expression is on point. i feel blessed looking at this image with my own two eyes and you should feel the same way too. 888/10

conclusion: vriska is very beautiful and i love her. i hope shes okay

Secrets. Brett Talbot.

I’d like to request an imagine! Could you write one where your Liam’s older sister and you’re secretly dating Brett and he finds out by seeing you guys kissing each other in school and he throws a small fit?

It’s kinda short, but super fluffy and adorable. I mushed the request and an idea I had myself together to create this. I hope you enjoy it.

*Gifs aren’t mine*

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Request Here!.

Brett and Y/N had been together for a few months, sneaking around behind Liam’s back. They both knew how he’d react, he’d go ballistic. Both were aware of Liam’s anger issues and they didn’t want him to lose his shit. They definitely didn’t want him to be expelled again, even though Brett and Liam were enemies. Brett deep down knew that if Liam was expelled, they’d be leaving Beacon Hills and going a new school in a new city and Brett couldn’t bare to be without Y/N. She was his anchor, his tether. She kept him grounded.

Since meeting Y/N, Brett had became a nicer person. He stopped causing fights, he only would fight with someone when they upset Y/N; he stopped sleeping around with random people, both boys and girls; and he stopped causing trouble in the pack. Everyone around noticed the change in him, but no one exactly knew why.

The only people that were aware of Y/N and Brett being a couple were Y/N’s mom, Brett’s sister and Scott and Stiles. Scott and Stiles had seen Y/N and Brett making out before one of the first lacrosse games of the season, however they didn’t breath a word as Y/N made them promise not to. Neither her or Brett were ready for the reaction they were going to get from Liam when he found out.

Y/N smiled up at Brett as he held her bag. She opened her locker and flipped her hair over her shoulder, her calming scent filling Brett’s senses. His shoulders slumped as he rested against a locker. He watched Y/N’s every move, how she sucked her lower lip in between her teeth and how a piece of her hair was dangling in front of her eyes and she kept blowing upwards to move it away. She pulled out her Biology book and grabbed her back from Brett, opening the zip and plopping it in. She slammed her locker shut, cringing when the sound echoed through the empty halls.

“I’m ready.” She turned to Brett, offering a kind smile that almost made Brett swoon and coo. She was so adorable in his eyes, everything she did was so perfect to him. “Brett, you’re staring.” Y/N giggled.

“Am I not allowed to stare at my beautiful, sexy, intelligent, amazing girlfriend or is that a sin?” Brett stepped closer, their noses brushing. Y/N’s cheeks flushed and she shook her head, making their noses hit. Brett stared down at her lips, causing her to pucker them up. He rapidly changed his mind and nudged their noses together, before sticking out his tongue and taking a long lick of her face.

Y/N cringed and shoved him away, wiping her face. “I thought you were going to be cute and you licked me, you mutt!” Y/N laughed, her delicate laugh echoing through the halls. “It’s a good thing I love you, otherwise I would’ve kicked your little adorable arse.”

“I’d like to see you try. Baby, in case you aren’t aware I’m a werewolf and you’re a human, I could easily snap you in half.” Brett challenged. “But if you’re so confident, why don’t you try?”

“Nah, I don’t have the energy. School is really draining, you know.” Y/N smirked, walking off down the corridor. Brett chased after her, wrapping her arm around her shoulders, pulling her impossibly close.

The two made it out of the school building, both laughing at something Brett had said. Liam’s ears perked up at the familiar sound of his sister’s laugh. He turned his head away from the lacrosse goal and saw Y/N and Brett hugging and giggling. Maybe they were just friends, Liam thought trying to calm himself. He could already feel his ears burning.

He nearly screamed when he saw Y/N and Brett lock lips. Brett was holding Y/N’s cheek and Y/N was holding his biceps. Liam crept closer to the pair practically making out in the parking lot. He saw Brett smile against Y/N’s lips and his blood boiled. That was his sister and she was kissing his enemy. As child and petty as it was, he couldn’t help but feel angered and agitated. He wanted to rip Brett’s head off.

“Y/N!” Liam yelled, causing the two to detach and Y/N’s calm and euphoric expression to leave her face and be replaced with horror. Brett instantly stood in front of Y/N, knowing Liam was going to react badly. Liam stormed over to the two.

“Why were you touching my sister? Actually, why were you even looking at her or breathing in her direction?” Liam hissed.

Y/N whimpered from behind Brett, she wasn’t ready for Liam to ruin everything. She loved Liam and he was one of her best friends, but she didn’t want him to find out about them just yet. She knew that he was going to either make them break up or completely lose his shit and probably get expelled, again. This would result in their family moving and Y/N having to leave the town, making Brett and her relationship almost impossible. “Liam, we’re dating. I love him. Why can’t you just put your differences to the side and let me be happy? Please, Liam, this is all I ask for.” Y/N stepped out from behind Brett, her eyes watering and her nose slightly red from the cold. “I really love him and we kept it from you so that you wouldn’t get hurt. He’s not a bad person anymore, I promise.”

Liam let out a huff. “I still don’t like him and if he hurts you, I’ll rip his head off. But I suppose you can continue dating, just don’t make out in front of me, it’s disgusting.” Liam jokingly gagged.

“Really? You’re one to talk. You and Hayden kissing is horrifying. It’s like watching to tentacles rub against each other.” Y/N chuckled, pulling Liam into a hug.

“Eww, don’t touch me.” Liam scrunched up his nose.

“Shut up, you love it.”

Y/N and Liam pulled away and Brett slipped his hand into hers, entwining their fingers. He smiled down at her, before sending a thankful nod in Liam’s direction. He was glad he wouldn’t have to hide his love for Y/N any longer. His gorgeous, amazing anchor.


Sorry for the huge craptastic photo-dump o.o these are several small updates that I was too lazy to post real time 😒

The first set are her torso after I raised her hips, which were too low after my jointing her torso and adding some length there. (Please excuse the polymer clay chips on the floor)

The wigged photos are after I slimmed down her chest area to be more flush on the sides. I’m still too scared to carve in ribs 😓

And the last bit are photos of a new head I am working on because I really enjoy making strange little eye-baggy faces 😁 I love her hooked nose

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Bellamy/Clarke fic based on this whisper story I just saw: "two years ago, I got on one knee and proposed to a stranger on the street as a joke. he leaned down and kissed me. yesterday, he proposed, but this time I was the one who said yes." (You can decide who is who). Thank you so much for doing this!

Clarke always assumed that she would get married. She also assumed that she would get married based on a proposal, and that, ideally, there would only be one proposal in her life. Because the person who asked her to marry her would be sure of the answer, and that answer would be yes. That’s how it’s supposed to work, right? It seems pretty straightforward.

So she’s not really prepared for two marriage proposals in one day, neither of which she saw coming. The first is, in a word, horrific. But it leads directly to the second, and that’s–well, at the time, it’s primarily very, very helpful. But it’s got growth potential.

Both proposals are in the park, during the city fair. She’d been persuaded to come, against her better judgement, because her ex-boyfriend said he wanted to make up, and it seemed like a fairly safe place to hear him out. Very public, lots of kids, and not at all romantic.

It’s always depressing, when you give someone the benefit of the doubt and they just trample all over it.

“I’m so glad you agreed to come with me, Clarke,” Finn is saying. “I hate how we left things.”

“How you left things,” she says, firm. “You cheated, I dumped you. I feel great about how I left things.”

“I know,” he says. “I screwed up.”

“No, you didn’t. That’s not a strong enough term for what you did.”

“I made one mistake.”

“Oh,” she says, letting her voice go sickly sweet. “Trust me, Finn. This is a nice, family place. You don’t want me to start counting how many mistakes you made.”

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How 'bout a pregnancy one-shot?

Oh god, you’ve hit my weakness for family au


“Hey, Armin. Check this out.”

Annie sat cross legged on the floor, leaning against the soft couch cushions as she rolled up her tank-top. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, was distracted by the headphones in his ears and the dishes that needed desperately to be washed.

The unfolded pile of laundry at Annie’s side beckoned to her.

Domestic bliss at its finest.

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