i really love greek mythology


The Song of Achilles + character posters:

A C H I L L E S 

“Prince Achilles, son of King Peleus and the goddess Thetis. Aristos Achaion!”

i am made of war
and she is made of love

she mends
what i tear apart
the holes in the bronze
hammered into my soul

bruises blossom on her neck
evidence of my savagery
and she strokes my bones
and clutches close
my skin stitched together
the patchwork pieces

i would fight for her
die for her
again and again and again
tear myself to ashes
if only to fall between her fingers

my wounds are jagged
like broken glass
and she kisses them
and only when she rises do i see
that there is blood on my hands
and blood in her mouth

i am made of war
and she is made of love

but what makes war
if not love?

—  if ares is the god of war, why do we shrink so from aphrodite?  (l.d.)
Children of The Gods Ch.1 - Demigod AU [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: Here it is! The first chapter to my new series! I really am looking forward to what his series has to offer because I love Greek Mythology! I really hope you all like this and I appreciate any feedback you guys have! Love you all! Enjoy <33

Ch. 2 - Ch. 3 - Ch. 4 - Ch. 5 - Ch. 6

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Greek Gods. Stories of myth and legend. Almighty, immortal beings that serve as judges to the world as we know it. Could begin and start a life at the snap of a finger. Because of their immense power they try and keep from interactions with mortal humans. Yes they try, but what happens when they do not succeed? What happens if one grows affectionate with a human? What happens if they have children?

Questions all too known to humans who believe in these Gods and Goddesses. But questions all too answered for their offspring. Demigods inhabit this Earth, part God part human, half bloods. Relics to some and freaks to others.

Wandering prey if they’re unaware of their heritage, prey to those who despise the Gods and the reign they have had for eons. Unable to get to the Gods themselves, these villains target the offspring. The mortal offspring.

That is why the creation of the ‘Camp of the Gods’ was created. A safe place for demigods and goddesses. A place for them to grow, to accept their abilities and heritage.

The camp is hidden, tucked away in a forest away from civilization. The only people who know about it are the League and demigods and goddesses who have trained there. The League is a group of trained demigods and goddesses who save endangered half bloods. They bring them to the camp before villains can harm them. This is where demigods learn to harness and control their abilities.

It’s where you live. You’ve been at the camp since you were 12. Having lost her to one of those monsters, you were left on your own. In your mother’s final moments she told you who you are. Who your father is. Saying you must find a case hidden within your home and run away. That’s when the hunting began. However the League came to your rescue.

When they saved you, you were brought back to the camp. Where your father claimed you during the claiming ceremony. A claim that stunned every member of the league and every demigod in the camp.

You are the Princess to the Gods, the Daughter of Zeus.

As of today, you have become one of the strongest demigods, strong enough to become a part of the league. However, you had different intentions. The camp had become your home, the only home you’ve known for 7 years. Leading to your decision to stay and protect it in case any harm were to come to its defenses. Having both training from being on your own and training from the camp, there was no one better suited.

The camp is safe. It’s where untrained demigods and goddesses belong.

…However. Not everyone believes that.

Jason was not entirely fond of Bruce making him move to this camp. Him and the Outlaws could handle themselves, the last advice he took from Bruce led to proving Jason’s mortality. It was through the power of his mother, Athena, that brought him back. After that he vowed to take care of himself from then on.

Though, on their last mission to take down a villain target, there was a mishap that almost led to them and the half blood they were saving losing their lives, putting a target on their backs in the process. After that close call, the League demanded they all move to the camp. Where they would be safe and things could calm down. Villains often would draw targets but forget about them within a good few months. Finding new prey to stalk.

Kori and Roy were rather excited to be coming to the camp. They always wanted to know more about their immortal parents and even form some sort of relationship with them.

They eagerly stood outside the magic barrier that camouflages the camp. Jason standing there annoyed with his arms crossed. Bruce came up next to the three, “Are you ready?” Kori and Roy grinned while Jason simply huffed before Bruce led the way. They were in awe as the camp revealed itself once passing the barrier.

They approached the gate, being greeted by the sound of metal clanging and bows strings stretching, the yelling and talking of half bloods. Jason winced at the sight, this is NOT what he wanted. “Welcome to the Camp of the Gods” Bruce observed the three.

He watched as their eyes scanned over the place. His falling on three members coming their way. Noticing Dick, the first demigod he saved. “New Recruits, and Bruce what a surprise.” Dick greeted cheerily. Jason’s scowl only grew, great now he has to deal with the golden boy too? Dick’s eyes fell on Jason, “Jason, I see you’re finally joining the camp.”

“Yeah, well, not of my own volition” he bit back. However, Dick is used to Jason’s short temper, he knows Jason’s reluctance will pass with time.

“Anyway, who have you brought with you?” His attention turned to the two others. “I’m Roy and this is Kori.” Roy introduced the both of them. “A pleasure to meet you both. I’m Richard, or Dick as I prefer. Son of Apollo.”

Next the redhead beside him spoke up, “I’m Wally, Son of Hermes” pointing to himself.

The last one to speak was the girl on the other side of them both, “I’m M’gann, Daughter of Persephone. We’re kind of your welcoming committee. We will be showing you the camp and answering any questions you might have.” She smiled kindly at the three.

“I will leave you three in their hands. I have to get back to work.” Bruce said before turning and exiting the camp.

“If you three will follow us we can start the tour of the camp” M’gann smiled while gesturing for them to follow. Roy, Kori, and Jason did so, listening to the information they were being given. Being shown the dining hall, cabins, stables, camp borders, armory, and finally the training grounds.

When approaching the training grounds they noticed a group formed and the sound of swords clashing. Coming upon the scene they saw two people sparring. Continuously lunging and blocking the other’s attacks. It was graceful, like a sort of forbidden dance. Both swordsmen, or swordsman and swords-woman, were highly skilled. Proving how fighting is an art form, not brute strength.

Jason especially noticed the abilities and gracefulness of the demigoddess. He was infatuated by the way you moved; tactically yet instinctively. Noticing how you could see three moves ahead of your opponent. [H/c] hair tied back as your [e/c] stayed locked on your opponent, gaze never faltering for a second. The opponent a taller, tan, male with blonde hair and green eyes. He looked strong and moved just as tactically but it didn’t look as though it came as naturally for him.

“Who is that?” Jason asked looking over at Dick, catching the attention of the others. “The man is Kaldur’ahm, Son of Poseidon. Prince of the Sea some have come to call him. He’s one of the strongest warriors in this camp. The woman, [F/n] [L/n], Daughter of Zeus. Princess of the Gods. The strongest demigoddess and warrior in the camp. Both highly skilled and highly fatal.” Dick explained, eyes not leaving the match. Jason nodded before directing his attention back to the fight.

Before Jason could analyze their movements any further, it all came to an abrupt halt. You had a boot on Kaldur’ahm’s chest, sword pulled up over your shoulder in a striking position. Both panting before a grin broke out on your lips. “I win” you muttered before pulling back offering a hand to him. “Still the most skilled warrior in the camp.” He stated calmly.

“That was amazing!” one of the younger demigods smiled, who stood just in front of the newcomers. Your eyes fell on them all. “So you’re the new recruits” calling to them. Waving them over, “Front and center” tapping the ground with your sword. The three came and stood where you tapped. Swinging the sword to rest it on your shoulder while turning to look at them. Standing there you looked them over, getting a feel for their physical type.

“Well as the formal protector of this camp, Welcome. As I’m sure M’gann, Dick, and Wally told you I’m [F/n] [L/n] and this is Kaldur’ahm. We both are here if you have any questions on your abilities or the camp itself. However from what Bruce and the rest of the League told me, you all have quite a handle on your abilities, and outside experience. So I ask you to behave yourselves and act as role models for the younger demigods and goddesses here because they WILL look up to you. As long as you all follow the rules and keep that in mind, we’re more than happy to have you here. And one last thing, this is a home. We are all family here, please, treat it as such.” Looking over the three, you saw the eagerness in two but the third was wearing an aura of skepticism.

You walked over to Jason, “Trust me this place isn’t as you feel it is. Give it a chance, give us a chance before you cast your verdict. What I’m saying is lighten up, relax, learn. We might surprise you.” laughing while placing the sword hilt in his hands. Backing away you looked at them all, “As much as I’d like to stay, I have other things to attend to. I will see you all at the claiming ceremony.” Announcing before smiling at them all and nodding before making your leave.

“Claiming ceremony?” Kori asked looking at their three tour guides. Wally was the first to speak up. “It’s where your parent will claim you as their child, proving your heritage as a demigod and who your parent is. Then the camp will act and train you accordingly.” he explained. Them all nodding in understanding.

“Anyway there is a lot more camp to show you and people for you to meet before the ceremony. Let’s continue” Dick smiled before M’gann nodded and began to lead the way once more.

Though Jason was distracted by the words you spoke to him while analyzing the sword in his hands. The words ringing in his head ‘What I’m saying is lighten up, relax, learn. We might surprise you.’ How could he relax? Half of him kept reminding how he’s in a strange, unknown place, surrounded by other demigods. Though the other side of him wanted to train and take the chance to do as told. To trust.

Endless List of Favorite Characters (and Mythological Figures):

Greek Myths ~ Hera // goddess of marriage, queen of olympus 

“If I cannot move heaven, I will raise hell”

I don't understand why anyone would portray Hades as a villain I mean the Iliad is basically
  • Aphrodite: Let's see how bad I can fuck things up
  • Poseidon: FUCK YOU ZEUS
  • Zeus: NO YOU
  • Poseidon: YOU
  • Zeus: YOU
  • Poseidon: YOU
  • Hades: Can you guys please quiet down up there I'm trying to work

Endless List of Favorite Characters (and Mythological Figures):

Greek Myths ~ Artemis // goddess of the moon, goddess of the hunt

“Her hair was long,

Her foot was light

And her eyes were wild”

Queen’s Return

Pomegranate-stained lips
breathe out words like liquid fire,
molten pleasure across his skin,
and suddenly it isn’t so cold.

“Six months,” she says.
“An eternity,” he answers
and holds her close in a way
he’s wanted to since she left.

Her voice is a laugh, a song,
breathless and dizzy and home.
And off the walls it echoes,
and on her tongue it’s sharp.

Hands seek flesh like growth seeks
light, desperate for something to touch,
to feel this ever deeper,
to treasure being whole.

Tart kisses unending, unbridled,
“I’m yours, I’m yours, I’m yours.”
She willingly struggles for breath
with a thirsty, lust-drunk mouth.

And rhythm. And weakness.
And those few moments for a night,
for a lifetime. To see her, still.
To see him, found. And found again. Again.

Modern Mythology | Andromeda

Andromeda was a princess of Ethiopia who was offered as a sacrifice to a sea monster sent by Poseidon after her mother boosted she was more beautiful than the Nereids. However, Perseus, as he passed by, noticed her and immediately fell in love. He rescued Andromeda and then married her. Following her death, her image was placed in the sky as a constellation.

Hades is in love with a girl who has innocence in her walk.
She has flowers growing from her pores and always smiles when the weather changes.
Hades is in love with a girl who needs space and he understandably gives it to her.
Hades smiles when he looks at her. His teeth are rotting out but his heart is finally melting.
He does not know the word “gentle”.
But he is trying to learn.
He is trying to learn for the girl who makes the rain fall and has sunlight flowing from her dress.
He knows he will have to destroy her in order to be what she needs.
Hades lives in a world of darkest fears and she is not afraid.
When Hades saw Persephone, his heart crumbled into pomegranate seeds.
He dug them out,
Smuggled them past the spaces of his ribcage and handed them over.
Persephone swallowed them whole.
They took root in the pit of her stomach.
She sunk her fingers into her skin and squeezed.
Juices ran red like the Nile down her holy wrists.
Hades felt the knife twist in the center of his shadow chest.
She smiled and she knew her fate.
Hades is dark enough to see her light and he revels in it.
Persephone softly kisses the snow because she knows even the coldest things need love.
Her lips are hot enough to turn that ice into rain; that rain into plants.
Her love feeds us.
—  She does not know winter. Only that she is the reason for it.

MYTHOLOGY MEME → {02/16} The Primordial Deities

Νύξ - personification and Greek Goddess of the Night, daughter of Khaos and sister/wife to Erebus, God of Darkness, mother of all mysterious or inexplicable things. Nyx was a primeval goddess usually represented as simply the substance of night: a veil of dark, a veil of mist drawn forth from the underworld which blotted out the light of Aether and Hemera, her son and daughter with Erebus. Alone, she spawned a brood of dark spirits, including the Moirai - Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos -, Hypnos ‘Sleep’, Thanatos 'Death’, Moros 'Destiny’, Ker 'Destruction’, Nemesis 'Retribution’, the Oneiroi 'Dreams’, Momus 'Blame’, the Hesperides 'Nymphs of Evening and Sunset’, the Keres 'Death-Spirits’, Oizys 'Pain’, Apate'Deceit’, Philotes 'Friendship’, Geras 'Old Age’ and Eris 'Strife’.


I really loved Greek Mythology as a kid, even before I read Percy Jackson! I used Taehyung’s wings in the Blood Sweat and Tears mv as a reference for the picture on the top right, which is from one of my favorite myths :)

anonymous asked:

Hades is the most precious of them all

He doesn’t exactly have much competition.

On a completely different note, I would like to start the hashtag #hestiaexists2k17.

hungarianducks  asked:

I finally caught up with the Rivals AU, and despite the heartbreak, I enjoyed it very much! :) The scene with the pills made sense in Viktor's POV too, but my fav part was this: 'He was like Midas, with all the gold in the world and ruining every person that he touched.' it's so amazing!!!

Ahhhhh, thank you! :D And that line was my favourite of the whole chapter so I’m so happy you liked it too! I really loved greek mythology as a child and I couldn’t help but put a little bit of it in there when I thought of that line! 

“We can tell great, adventurous stories and talk about painful truths in a contemporary context. Racism and racial violence are still abundant today, and we need to address it in literature.” - Daniel José Older

BookUp faculty Daniel José Older recently published the young adult novel, Shadowshaper, to widespread critical acclaim. Shadowshaper follows Sierra Santiago, a young Puerto Rican muralist in Brooklyn whose paintings come to life. 

Shadowshaper received starred reviews from both Publishers Weekly and Kirkus. The NY Times praised it as an example of the “best urban fantasy,” portraying Brooklyn as a city under threat from gentrification and police violence.

Below, Older shares his thoughts on how the YA book industry has changed, the role of diversity in children’s literature, and the importance of listening in the creative process. 

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