i really love gabe okay

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Context: Basically Gabriel is working small waiting jobs in order to achieve his dream of being a fashion designer. His future wife is a regular at the restaurant he works at, and he somehow snatched a date with her. Prior to this he showed his kwami the outfit and she’s just outright disgusted. She thinks it should be more flamboyant (because she’s a peacock and like flamboyant males lol)

somefreshnonsense  asked:

MORE HEAD-CANONING ( ft. socks bcs I can) • What does Sam get his boyfriend for his first Christmas as a human? SOCKS. Socks with toes, socks with patterns of sweets on them, socks with puns on them. SOCKS. •Sam constantly checks the temperature of his room (Gabe stopped staying in his own room shortly after he became human) so that Gabriel will be warm. His feet are STILL COLD. • "No, I DON'T have a foot fetish, Dean. Gabe just really likes foot massages, okay?!" I FLIPPIN LOVE SOCKS

Gabriel/socks = my new OTP