i really love gabe in this ep

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oh my god i feel the same gabe pissed me off so much this ep. i know he's just a kid but like. cmon man. you are literally making everything harder than it needs to be please shut up for five seconds lol

Yeah. And it makes me kinda sad to be honest. I’m usually a really patient person when it comes to characters, like I’ve always loved Duck, Ben, Sarah, and especially Nick who was my fave in season 2. But like, Gabe is just… pushing my buttons too much. I tried in episode 4 (and previous episodes too) to be as nice as I could be and it made me happy because aww, uncle-nephew team, but after Gabe told on me about Conrad and just started being full of himself and stubborn af and kept being like this despite me warning him about things, I was just really irritated and started being mean to him just to see if he would react, but no. 

I hope he treats us better in episode 5. Because I went from liking him to disliking him a lot after this episode.


- SO THIS IS IT. THIS “ONE CASE THAT ENDS UP HAVING BIG REPERCUSSION FOR EVERYONE” - when i saw that FB-freaking-I sign i literally screamed, bc this is a really big case and it means that these last 3 episodes are going to be AMAZING

- this is the first time we saw rosa and pimentos’ relationship from emotional side and i gotta tell you - i really loved them. kudos to steph and jason for acting and to gabe for writing. THEIR LAST SCENE WAS SO FREAKING GOOD. and now i think i want them to get married?? idk, i just hope we’ll see pimento in season 4

- bachelorette parties! Charles, Amy and Gina know Rosa so well I wanna cry.

- every other thing that happened <3


I really loved Daisy in this episode. She was so supportive and she even encouraged Robbie to finish telling Gabe what happened. She showed so much understanding and concern when she listened to them and it was really great, she was perfect. It must’ve also taken a lot for her to be caring in that moment when she’s still aching inside, so I’m proud of her for being able to push aside her troubles for the moment to help someone else with theirs. It’s not an easy thing to do, and it really goes to show how selfless she is. She’s just a huge mama bear who deserves all the love.

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Useless?! Scout you may be the most powerful prophet ever! You called about 90% of this freaking episode. This episode was basically your blog. What kind of powers do you hold...?

what if…oh no…

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The new episode. IT’S MY FAVOURITE ONE EVER.


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As soon as I saw Metatron in the bar I was screaming because GOD ‘N GABE!!!! This whole season seems to be a love letter to the fandom what with the references to fanfics (into the mystic, alpha and omega), and answers to some of our lingering questions and gripes (sam apologizing to dean about purgatory) and I’m just so in love with this damn show. I’m literally still screaming about how happy I am for you!!!! AHHHH! This is the best!

it’s really great, and i am so so so excited for the rest of the season, and the next. for robbie’s last ep he went out with SUCH a bang, and i sincerely look forward to where everything’s going next!!

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i don’t even really watch spn anymore, but you’re SO HAPPY and i’m so happy for you that i just. might. start it up again now that i have Scout’s unuseless prophecies to look forward to.

THIS IS SO SO SO SWEET. but i only want you to watch if you want to watch!! i know some people follow the show through me, but i do tend to watch the show while blinded by Happy Goggles. but i have already rewatched 11x20 and i want to watch it again so