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ALEKSANDER (ALEC) | 6′3′ | 26 (792) | LXXIII

It’s easier to list the kinds of things he dislikes, but he’s got an aversion to emotionally driven people, and doesn’t like those who are nice with ulterior motives or for selfish reasons. He’s very distrusting of people who are kind and expect something in return for it, or whose charitable nature only extends so far. Although withdrawn he’s relatively easygoing, and enjoys being around others, especially when he can just casually observe what’s going on around him. 

That’s his natural hair color and he would really prefer if people didn’t mess with it, he’ll let you if you’re close to him though. When he does eat (human food) he prefers things that are really salty (he really likes french fries).

He loves praise or compliments, but hates being called “cute”.

hmm, that’s a bit of what i can think of for now!! but, the more i draw the more i’ll know, i’ll probs get into his relationship with darien at some point toooo


Marius Pontmercy  Headcanons (Modern)

In other words, I am obsessed with this perfectly delicious croissant called Monsieur Marius Pontmercy and this is written proof.


A quick disclaimer: All of these headcanons are based on my personal opinion of the Marius portrayed by Eddie Redmayne in the 2012 movie version of Les Miserables. Therefore, hard core Les Mis fans might not appreciate this. My only saving grace is that I AM currently reading the book and I plan on doing more of these in the future based on more “canon” versions of Marius. However, this is tumblr… and we’re all a little crazy here… so I think I’m allowed some liberties.

These are in no particular order. Enjoy!!!

Oh, and one more thing – my modern Marius still has his modern friends and modern Grandfather.

He also has YOU.

–The first time you take Marius Pontmercy to Starbucks he flips out on you.

“What would you like in your coffee?”

“Ummm… coffee?”

“I know, but… any flavors? Like vanilla, mocha, caramel, hazelnut?”

“Just coffee, dear.”

When you hand him his plain black coffee he smiles happily until observing yours.

“How come you get the frothy stuff?”

“You wanted plain black coffee.”

“Yes dearest… but… frothy stuff. No fair.”

–Marius loves tart green grapes and sweet red wine.

He loves a nice glass at dinner or in the evening but he refuses to drink as much as he did when he was younger upon having had too many embarrassing moments such as:

Being kicked out of a museum & almost throwing up on his Grandfather.

Knocking over a vase of flowers at a special event.

Crying like a baby in the back of a cab.

–Marius is all about pizza and a cuddle while watching Netflix.

–Loves to build barricades of blankets to snuggle up in with coffee and eskimo kisses.

–Adores breakfast in bed; especially assorted fruit - green grapes, strawberries, and kiwi. Loves waffles smothered in rich maple syrup and heavy whipped cream. Finishes it off with a steaming cup of black coffee or grape juice.

He might do iced coffee but heaven forbid you attempt to put a flavor in it besides vanilla.

–Marius will settle for French toast but it always turns into a joke.

“Mmm… what are you having my dearest?”

“I dunno.” You shrug, “I’m thinking the French toast looks good - get it? FRENCH TOAST??”

“Not funny, love.”

–He sleeps a lot and adores afternoon naps.

–Usually you will begin the night wrapped in his arms so tight you can barely breathe but come morning he is on his stomach, snoring loudly. You find it adorable. You love to curl up and rest your head on the small of his back until he wakes up.

–He is a human heating pad - always warm no matter where you are or what you are doing. This makes cuddling a completely satisfying experience.  

–All you have to to say is - “starfish” and Monsieur Pontmercy will sprawl out his limbs until you find just the right spot you feel the most warmth. Usually it is directly against his chest. You nuzzle your nose into his neck and breathe him in while he rests his chin on the top of your head. He envelops you in his arms tenderly and it is the warmest, most sheltered place in the world.

–He smells like sweet wine, freshly baked bread, and occasionally roasted coffee beans.

–And when you are on your period? Hello, comfort! That time of the month does not bother him at all. He is a very respectable gentleman who refuses to ask ridiculous questions. He knows you are hurting and irritable so he simply goes out of his way to be extra kind – pillows, red roses, chocolate, fast food, sappy romantic movies, and his warm hands on your abdomen. What more could you desire?

If you do desire more, just open your mouth to ask and he has probably already thought of it.

–Marius is all about wearing matching outfits and thinks it is adorable when you pick out his clothes although he HATES to be uncomfortable.

–Do not make him wear anything more than distressed jeans and a tee shirt while on a road trip.

In fact, avoid road trips altogether. He despises driving. If a car comes anywhere near him, he panics. He usually ends up pulling over, nearly hyperventilating, after you insist upon him allowing you to drive.

However, he is completely fine when someone else is driving. This allows him to stretch out or cuddle with you – bonus if you have a nice sized trunk. For some reason, he really likes them.

–He is disgustingly rich - and it shows. He has a spacious, well decorated home that is full of warm candle light and fresh flowers ALWAYS. Every room has a special Parisian touch that reminds him of his roots.

–He loves kissing…. and he kisses you… A LOT!! Of course his favorite place to kiss is your lips but he’s all about the neck, collar bones, sternum, forehead, and nose. If he is feeling particularly charming he will trail kisses from your knuckles to your shoulders. It tickles you and he loves the goosebumps that form on your skin.

–He LOVES Disney World. He loves taking your children to Disney and dressing up like characters and buying matching ears. You stay in the nicest hotels and eat at the most delicious restaurants. When you go to Epcot, he ALWAYS makes fun of the Eiffel Tower in the world showcase.

“It is way too small. Looks nothing like it.”

–Marius has the latest technology and is quite efficient while using it.

–He SPOILS you. If there is something you want – even if it just in passing thought – he is typically on his laptop or phone ordering it right away.

An example: You loved the bed you slept in at the Hilton so much that he went online and purchased a whole set without thinking twice.

You love that about him - even if it is RIDICULOUS!

–Marius loves making love. He blushes like CRAZY at every little pleasure but he is so appreciative and gentle that it is always a beautiful, special, and emotional experience - which leaves the two of you feeling wholly euphoric and complete.

–Marius loves being near you as much as possible - some would find this annoyingly clingy but you understand. He has always been a lonely soul and so having you near if he needs you is a great comfort to him.

–This means he is almost always touching you - even unknowingly.

On a car ride - he has his arm around your seat.

On the train - he holds your hand.

In his sleep, even when he is sprawled out - his hand is somewhere on your body; even if it is just one finger.

–Marius is your heating pad and you are his security blanket, it just works.

–Sometimes he is really grumpy - especially when he gets annoyed about waking up early or having to complete a task he does not particularly enjoy. He scrunches up his nose in disgust but you can usually calm him down by offering him a cup of coffee and a kiss.

–He wears a watch to tell the time.

–Marius will break into fits of giggles for seemingly no reason and you can’t help but join him.

–Loves to watch musicals.

–Showers you with roses even when there is no occasion.

–On your birthday he gifts you a golden locket with a photo of the two of you placed inside.

–Blanket forts are a must.

–Generally, any type of “hiding place” or “shelter” he loves.

–Sometimes he is a total nerd and will start speaking in several different languages at once.

–For some strange reason he really loves being on a sailboat… even though he does not know how to sail. This usually ends up as a super romantic experience for the two of you.

–He loves weekly dating - whether to a fine restaurant on the water or the occasional movie where you can cuddle up with popcorn in the back of a dark theater.

–He teases you and LOVES to be teased by you. Your life is full of never ending laughter and blushing. You can say one word and if it is in the right moment he will turn BEAT RED.

–Marius is an extremely loyal friend - and he would lay down his life for any of them.

–He secretly enjoys the opera but will NOT go with his Grandfather because he just complains about the performers the WHOLE time.

–He loves to read or be sung to and will constantly break out in song - even at the most inappropriate times.

On one occasion he had four coffees while you were shopping at Target. He went mental. He was so buzzed that he began singing ‘A Heart Full of Love’ at the top of his lungs on the toilet paper aisle.

Everyone around you quickly disappeared.

You posted the video for all your friends on Facebook.

–He LOVES Target. He can usually spend a solid three hours checking out the latest tech, movies, books and home appliances before he gets bored.

He loves clothes shopping and is killer at picking the right outfits.

Therefore, he ALWAYS looks amazing and dapper.

Except in the car.

–Little girls melt his heart - and he calls them princesses.

–Little boys make him laugh - and he calls them buddy.

–His favorite Disney movie is “Sleeping Beauty.” It is something about true love’s kiss…. and the sleeping. Mostly the sleeping.

“I know you - I walked with you once upon a dream….”


You love the way he smiles when he chews on his grapes.

He also loves croissants (of course) and even more so if there is chicken salad to go on them.

He’s a major fan of burgers and (dare you say it) FRENCH fries.

“Not funny, love.”

–Enjolras and Grantaire often come around for dinner and a movie. You really love the company until they all start playing army and your living room turns into a barricade of sofas and kitchen chairs.

–Enjorlas is like a protective older brother to you; even though you are basically the same age.

–Grantaire is always drunk yet you can’t help but love him.

–The two of them buy you thirty bottles of wine when they find out you are pregnant. You thank them profusely even though you won’t drink a drop for nine months.

–Marius rarely curses and when he does it goes something like this:

*gets punched in the stomach*

“Oh Sssshhhhhh - Sweet Honey Iced Tea!”

–Is an excellent and patient teacher when you ask him how to say a particular word in French.

–Generally patient overall and always happy to serve those around him.

–Marius can be oblivious at times or forgetful.

–He daydreams a lot, mostly about you.

–Loves to role play.

–Will dress up in period clothing; particularly with a cravat - because you love it.

–His hair amazes every beautician.

They are almost too overwhelmed to touch it.

–Love, Dearest, My Beloved, Darling and Dear are his favorite pet names for you.

–Marius loves to stargaze on summer nights. You often fall asleep under the stars together.

–Takes long walks everywhere: gardens, parks, mountains, the seaside.

–Long, lingering stares when you smile at him.

–Constantly amazed by the way you treat him and wonders how is he is worthy of such love.

–Completely faithful and devoted to you.

–Believes in God and prays for you every night.

–Handwritten notes are placed in inconspicuous places around the house and often times they are accompanied with a single red rose.

I just love him, okay? I do. I can’t help it. He’s perfect. Ah.

So, if any of you want more details on these headcanons – feel free to ask. :)


BIGGEST SHOUTOUT IN THE WORLD GOES TO @hiccuphaddockswife :) She deserves SO MUCH OF THE CREDIT for this!! Um, this girl has inspired by muse for Marius for probably over a month now and in that time she has really helped me to see this gorgeous man in a very “modern way.” I can’t take credit for all of these HC’s because SHE came up with some of them (like the sweet honey ice tea - that’s all her and it is PERFECT!) Just, thank you girl! You know why! I’ll never get over our madness! We are insane! <3 <3 But, I love it!!

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That’s perfect, my darling anon! Such an interesting ask! Thank you so much for the request and I hope you’ll enjoy the headcanons!

Tsuna McDonald’s Headcanons

  • Tsuna actually really likes McDonalds. It’s cheap and quick and he’s always had a weakness for junk food. He’ll eat there pretty often, when he’s not eating at home or at Yamamoto’s family’s restaurant. 
  • Tsuna is definitely very basic in his McDonald’s order - a quarter pounder meal with Coke to drink. He stocks up on all kinds of ketchup for his french fries though since he dislikes how salty they taste.
  • He always eats at the restaurant instead of taking it to go.

Yamamoto McDonald’s Headcanons

  • Yamamoto loves going to McDonalds with other people. If the people he’s with wants to go, he’ll be thrilled to go. Otherwise, it’s not somewhere he’d choose to eat by himself. He especially liked going to the ones with playcenters and playing when he was younger and he still likes to see if he can sneak in to play on them now that he’s older.
  • Yamamoto definitely has a small collection of Happy Meal toys that he’ll add to throughout his life.
  • He always orders a chicken nugget Happy Meal with milk to drink and apple slices. It used to be just a regular chicken nugget Happy Meal but he really loves the more healthy directions they’ve taken with their meals.

Gokudera McDonald’s Headcanons

  • Gokudera, in direct contrast to Tsuna, always orders his food to go. He’d rather take the bag and find a quiet spot somewhere outside to eat his junk than have to deal with an often crowded and noisy restaurant.
  • Gokudera definitely buys into the rumours that McDonald’s uses meat that isn’t actually meat and that their McFlurries have chicken feathers blended into them so he avoids both of those. He’s actually complete trash for their breakfast items though and their coffee and he’ll usually only eat there in the mornings and even that is very rare.
  • His father hated McDonald’s and he was never allowed food from there as a child.

crazy person speculates wildly on awkward relationship between people she doesn’t know

Part One: I can’t believe I actually made these gifs.

I’ve seen several posts around asking what’s the deal with Sakumoto? Why are they so awkward?

Awkward what? Awkward who?

So. Here’s an actual fucking essay on my sad creepy fan theories (including a sad gifset because what is actually wrong with me send help) about ~The Great Sakumoto Ice Age~ of 2002 to …2009ish? Kinda? I mean if I had to name this year for Sakumoto I’d call it “2015: Still Gettin’ Warmer.”

I’ve gotta start with this though: THESE ARE THEORIES. THESE ARE NOT FACTS THESE ARE NOT FACTS THESE ARE NOT FACTS. Hell, for all we know, Jun might have held a grudge against Sho for years because Sho ate his french fries when they were clearly labeled “MATSUJUN” - that’s just as likely as anything I’m going to say because I don’t actually know these guys.

I’m really not trying to be a shit-stirrer or bum anyone out, either - I love these two and I’m crazy about the fact that they’ve moved their relationship from “painfully awkward” to “adorably awkward and occasionally very sweet.”

I’m just creepily fascinated with Arashi’s group dynamic (as is most of Japan so hey at least I’m not alone) and man if y’all want to talk about it I want to taaaalk about it~~~ 

(warning - one reason I had to split this into parts is that there are 15 fucking gifs from That One Utaban Interview for you to scroll through.) (I’m sorry) (…or am I?)

You should see a “Keep Reading” cut here:

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anonymous asked:

11, 32, 51, 67?

11. Do you like someone?

I get crushes real easily, so if I see a really cute guy or girl I immediately believe that I’m in love and that they’re the one. If I’m being honest, though, I haven’t crushed on someone I actually speak to in a loong time.

32. What is your favorite color?

Yellow, like the simultaneously perfect and awful plaque jacket.

Originally posted by multifandomshippercl

51. Favorite food?

I love french fries. I’m a salty bitch, you could say.

67. Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?

Uhmmmm….. I guess irl I talked to my mom? I’m kinda lame.

I miss being carefree

Jean shorts in summer rain

Alone at three in the morning

Eating cereal by the Christmas tree

Making videos of my silly dancing

While sleep avoids me

Taking the day off school

To play video games

In the eerie atmosphere

Of an empty living room

Snow falls lightly outside

Headlights reflecting brilliantly

Against the rain soaked black top

Feeling powerful listening to

Strong poets who’ve long since died

Sitting at lunch alone with my thoughts

Waiting in the band hallway

Making clumsy conversation

With kids I don’t know

Falling in love with the chants

At Friday football games

Building a family behind curtains

Kissing crushes in red tinted rooms

Succumbing to the whim of pretty girls

Laughing over a dinner of French fries

Texting him in the middle of a party

Stealing prom dates even though

I didn’t really need to

Having fits over inside jokes

Rapping before show time

Hands up, we’re cheering

Dinner time at the local diner

Hands holding each other

Under the table

Fawning over people who

Couldn’t care less

Making a scene

Because she wouldn’t let you

Saturday night were out late

Rocky horror and breakfast after

Energy drinks and call outs

There she is she’s amazing

And we met those boys from Washington

God everything was so pretty

My past is every color

And every feeling

All at once

I felt it all and I wanna go back

“You’re kinda damn cute when you smile like that.” Dean remarked offhand as he picked at the last few French fries on his plate.
Cas, taken a little off guard by the forward compliment, swallowed down his latest bite of burger before mustering up his curiosity. “Like what?”
Shrugging, Dean met Cas’ eyes with a soft smile of his own. “Like you’re really happy. Not like… well, like when you think you should smile. I really love when you smile and it actually reaches your eyes.”
Something Cas, from spending his life as a celestial being, never thought would happen happened. His heart stuttered. He could feel it as though that stutter shook his entire being, his entire existence. “You gave me that smile, Dean.”
And that’s when Cas was greeted with his own favorite smile. The smile that curled Dean’s lips, dimples his face, wrinkled just the slightest around his eyes. That’s when the fallen angel knew that their love would last, not because of words spoken or kisses exchanged… but because they gave each other smiles that lightened the darkest parts of their souls.

Back To You (Requested)

This is a bit of a long one, guys…

You were sitting alone in your room, as you had been for the last few months. You hadn’t been the same girl since your boyfriend, Isaac, up and left for France and had never returned. You guessed that made him your ex-boyfriend now…

He had watched his ex-girlfriend die right in front of him, and that had left Isaac with even more issues than he’d had before. He and Allison had been apart for almost two months when she was killed, but you still understood why it affected Isaac. She had been his first love, and he had always thought that she was invincible, even more so than Derek or even Scott. Then, that Oni had stabbed her. Everything Isaac thought he knew had been turned on its head in that moment.

You tried to be there for him, but Isaac wouldn’t let you. He kept pushing you away, and you’d tried to just stick it out. You kept telling yourself that all he needed was a little bit of time. He’d come to you when he was ready. Then, you’d learned that he’d left. He had left you without a single word. You didn’t know if he was ever coming back. You didn’t even know if he still wanted to be with you. Before her death, you had never felt inferior to Allison, at least not where Isaac was concerned. You had been so sure that Isaac loved you and only you. Now, you had spent the last eight months wondering you had just been a placeholder or distraction for Isaac. Had he just been waiting for Allison to come back to him?

Your friends, like Stiles, Lydia, and even Kira now, had tried to cheer you up on so many occasions. They always came up with fun things to do or other ways to distract you, but nothing worked. You were still a part of the pack, representing for the humans, but besides pack business and school, you spent the majority of your time alone.

You felt pathetic, and you had tried to move on. For almost five months after Isaac had gone, you had pretended that you were fine. You went shopping with Lydia, and volunteered for stupid dance committees. You had even tried going on a few dates, but when one of those date had kissed you, it had felt like you were cheating on Issac. You hated that feeling, and it only made you angrier at the werewolf for leaving in the first place. He was the one that left, but here you were, feeling guilty for moving on from him.

That was when you stopped pretending to be okay. That was when you had started spending more and more time by yourself, closed away in your room. You loved your friends. The pack was more like family, but you didn’t want your attitude and borderline depression bring them down. You were the one having a hard time living without Isaac, not them. This was your problem to fix, not theirs. 

When you hear a knock on your door, you expect to find Lydia or Kira on the other side. They, along with Stiles, took turns checking up on you each afternoon or night after school. You knew they were worried, and you were grateful that they cared. You just didn’t think there was anything they could do to change how you felt. How did you make someone feel like they were good enough when they really hadn’t been?

When you finally get up and open the door, you are shocked to see Isaac on the other side. Your mouth falls open slightly, and you blink your eyes a few times. You had to be imagining this, but each time you opened your eyes again, Isaac was still there. “What are you doing here?” You finally mutter out, turning your back on Isaac.

“Stiles called me.” He leans against your doorframe.

“Well, Stiles hates you so that must be a lie.” Your turn back towards Isaac, training your cold, hard eyes on him, while crossing your arms over your chest.

Isaac chuckles underneath his breath, and seeing his smile again makes you want to cry. You had missed it so much. “It’s not a lie, Y/N.” He steps forward. “He was worried about you. He said that you haven’t been acting like yourself lately.”

You shrug your shoulders and let your arms fall to your sides. “Why do you even care? You left me!” You bite out at him, willing your tears to stay away and not to let Isaac see just how much he had hurt you.

“I had to leave. Being here… It was killing me.” Isaac’s voice is strained, but you try to ignore the emotion in it. He steps forward and is actually in your room. He moves to stand in front of you, but you throw your arms up to stop him. He was fine where he was.

“Well, I’m alive. You can go back to France now or wherever the hell you’ve been for the last eight months!” You know you’re letting your anger get the best of you, but you can’t help it. You hadn’t seen or heard from Isaac in months. He wouldn’t answer your calls or your emails. You didn’t have his address, but you doubt he would have responded to any letters if you’d written them.

Isaac lets out a sorrowful sigh. “I miss you. I’ve missed you since the second I decided to go to France.” He confesses, running his fingers through his hair.

“That’s funny, Isaac, because I haven’t heard from you, not a single word!” You shout at him. Damn, it felt good to let out all of your anger. “I called you, and I wrote you emails. I texted you. You never responded, not once!”

“I know!” Isaac’s voice suddenly booms. “I didn’t think I was good enough for you.” Isaac steps up right in front of you and makes you look up into his eyes by grabbing your face between his hands.

You shake your head slowly while stepping away from Isaac. You turn around, your back facing Isaac now, while tears start to fall from your eyes. “I promised myself that I wouldn’t do this.” You whisper to yourself.

“Do what?” Isaac’s face scrunches up in confusion.

You turn and look at Isaac. He knew you’d been crying, but this is the first time he actually sees your tears. He lifts his hand to wipe them away, but you shake your head, stopping his hand in midair. You wipe them away yourself. “I don’t want to cry, and I don’t want to make Allison’s death about me.” You hold your hand to your chest, feeling the tight pressure there that you always did when you cried. 

“This isn’t about Allison. I didn’t leave because of her, not really.” Isaac shakes his head.

You interrupt him. “It damn sure feels like it!” You yell at him. “All these months, all I’ve been thinking about is what I did wrong, and why you loved her so much more than you loved me!” Your tears start falling again, at such a pace that if you wiped them away, there’d just be more by the time your hand dropped to your side. “I tried so hard to just give you your space and let you grieve, but at some point I had to start wondering why you took her death so hard, why you couldn’t let me in to help you!” You voice threatens to break as you start feeling that familiar lump in your throat.

Isaac falls back on your bed, his elbows resting on his knees, as he covers his face with his hands. “I never loved Allison more than you.” He says so quietly that you almost miss it.

“Then, why did you leave me, and why didn’t you come back until now?” When Isaac doesn’t respond, you pick up the nearest thing to your hand and throw it. The clock shatters against the wall behind Isaac. He looks up at you now, his eyes wide in shock. “Didn’t you miss me?” Your voice finally breaks as your bottom lip quivers. You fall to your floor in a heap, your hands moving up to try and wipe some of your tears away. They were blurring your vision so much that you couldn’t even see Isaac anymore.

“Oh, Baby!” Isaac whispers out before standing up just to fall in front of you. “Of course I missed you.” Isaac puts his arms around you and holds on tightly, even when you try and push him away. When you finally just let yourself fall into him, Isaac begins speaking again. “I missed the way that you bite your lip when you concentrate. I missed hearing you sing in the car. I know you think you’re good, but Baby, it’s really not very good. It’s the way your face lights up though.” He smiles sadly down at you. “I missed the way that you always steal french fries off my plate. I missed the way that I could never buy you anything too expensive or fragile because you would, without fail, drop and break it within a week.” Isaac takes a deep breath while lifting your head to make you look at him again. I missed everything about you, especially the little things. All of them.” Isaac looks deeply into your eyes. “I love you, and I never stopped. I just… I thought you’d be better off without me.“ 

“I’m not.” You shake your head. At this point, there was no use in hiding anything. You had already cried and broken something. “I’m miserable without you, Isaac.”

“I’m miserable without you.” Isaac leans in and kisses your forehead. “I want to come home, Y/N. I want to be with you again.” He looks back into your eyes. “Can you forgive me?” He asks, and you can tell he’s holding his breath, nervous for your answer.

“Do you promise to never leave again? If you do, you have to take me with you.” You look just as nervous as Isaac.

“I’d promise you anything, especially this: I will never leave you again.” You let a smile leave your lips before crushing your lips to Isaac’s in a tender kiss. When you pull away, you rest your forehead on his, relishing the fact that your love is back in your arms.

It was going to take a lot to trust Isaac again, and things were not just going to go back to the way they were, but you couldn’t live without this boy. The last few months had proven that. Even Stiles could see that, and you knew it had taken a lot for the boy to call Isaac on your behalf. You’d have to thank him for that the next time you saw him. You owed him so much for bringing Isaac back into your life.


Shirokuma adventure 🍵🍶

Yesterday was my first time visiting shirokuma, japanese dessert house in jakarta. I heard many people says this restaurant are made for those people who really loves greentea or matcha. All of the menus are made of matcha. Either it is food, snack or beverages. Well the do have french fries though, and they have a greentea hot dog, too bad i can’t have a taste. But i’ll make sure on my next visit i’ll tried that.

Okay, those are shirokuma specialty.

1. tasting plate
Soft cream, matcha cake and shiratama anko

2. Matcha cake parfait
Soft cream layered with matcha cake, mochi, shiratama balls, chuncky red beans and matcha jelly.

3. Matcha shiratama float
Iced matcha latte topped with soft cream and shiratama balls.

For soft cream they have 3 variant: matcha, twist and something with i can’t remember.

Well, this is absolutely a matcha heaven house. Make sure to pay a visit here.

Located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, near P&B. have a taste, have a break, chillax 😁.


Careful What You Wish For Pt 8 (The End)

Before I finish this little project up, I wanted to explain a little something. This AU was part of a flash fiction challenge I made up for myself. Each part was written, revised, and edited in an hour or less (in case you were wondering why they were short and sloppy). Why did I do this? Because I could. I had fun with it. It was fast, it was hard, and it was a lot of fun to make. Thank you all for reading it and sharing it. I hope you like how I ended my 8 hour story. 

Genesis thought summoning a demon would be the key to gaining the wisdom he needed. Instead, he seems to have summoned a young, hungry, and contrary demon.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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Each zodiac sign described in a simple statement:

Aries: “I love to have fun with you all the time until you make me mad and then I will throw a tantrum.”

Taurus: “If we are in a fight I am always right even if I am very wrong, accept it.”

Gemini: “I just wanna have fun and make everyone pay attention to me.”

Cancer: “I really love everyone but I will cry if you eat my french fries and probably never forget it.”

Leo: “Let’s have a party in my apartment, but don’t touch any of my shit.”

Virgo: “I will criticize you to show that I love you but if you criticize me I will probably either blow up or shut down.”

Libra: “Everything is fine even though the car is on fire, look on the bright side.”

Scorpio: “I will make you love me in a second but I can destroy you just as quickly.”

Sagittarius: “I’m annoying as fuck and if you tell me that, I will be offended but still always want to hang out with you.”

Capricorn: “I’m a heartless, cold human being until you piss me off or make me cry.”

Aquarius: “Instead of just being who I am I try really hard to be who I want others to see me as.”

Pisces: “I’ll tell you how in love with you I am and then disappear for a week because I get bored every five minutes.”


When I was growing up, we ate mashed potatoes with gravy at least once a week. The Sunday dinner of a chuck roast that braised for hours in the oven with onions, parsnips and carrots provided the most amazing gravy on this planet. We had scalloped potatoes every Easter with the traditional ham. Hash browns were infrequent, but potato soup – ah, potato soup – it made an appearance every single Saturday for lunch.

I have always loved potatoes. Our family was active and athletic, but I remember when I was a skinny kid my dad told me that One Day, I might need to watch my potato consumption. Ha! He was right, but if I could, I would make potatoes an entrée any day.

Potatoes have appeared here repeatedly in one shape or form for the past four years. Even though I have brought you some decadent potato recipes, this is a first for French fries. I just can’t seem to justify deep frying potatoes. I rarely do fast food, but if I’m really in the mood for some great French fries, I’ll do the McDonalds drive through twice a year.

Sorry for the long segue. I stumbled across this recipe for oven roasted French fries a few days ago and they looked so good, I decided to give them a try. They were awesome. Not quite like your deep fried fries, but they were gobbled up straight out of the oven. I will make them again.

Oven roasted French fries, a recipe adapted only slightly from Cooking on the weekends. Two potatoes provide 3 servings, which is a totally subjective thing.


  • 2 large Idaho Russet baking potatoes (or more),  peeled, if desired (if you don’t want to peel them, be sure they are well scrubbed)
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper


Slice about ¼ inch off the sides of each potato to create a base. Set a potato on its base and then cut it into ¼-inch slices. Stack the slices on top of each other and then cut them to make ¼-inch sticks. Put them into an ice water-filled bowl to soak. They should be completely submerged. Set aside and let them soak for 1 to 2 hours.  (Soaking them in ice water removes some of the starch and helps to create more crispness.) About 15 minutes before you remove the potatoes from the water, preheat the oven to 450 degrees F.

Remove the potato sticks from the ice water and dry them thoroughly with clean dish towels.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Spread potato sticks in pan in single layer (they should not touch – it might take two pans).  Drizzle them with a little olive oil and season generously with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. Toss them with your hands to coat them evenly with oil and seasonings.

Place the baking sheet(s) in the preheated oven.  Roast until the bottoms of the potato sticks are golden brown, about 20 minutes. Flip them over and roast the other side, about 15 more minutes.

Remove the baking sheet from the oven and put on a paper towel-lined plate. Taste and add more salt if needed.