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interrupted (m) part V

pairing: reader x ???

genre: idek anymore angst? smut?  (i promise there will be more smut in the upcoming chapters)

summary: part 5 of this trash i call a series

word count: 3.9k (specifics: 3,942)

warnings/triggers: fighting, swearing, sexual stuff…

I love you.

Jimin didn’t know what to feel. Did she mean it? Or am I just a second choice… 

The surrounding silence was nauseating, he felt her shift knowing he had to say something but what? He knew one thing for certain and couldn’t lie about it…

I love you too y/n.he couldn’t deny that.

A million thoughts raced through his head as he lay beside you patting the crown of your head gently, staring up at the dark ceiling. He wanted to believe you… but just couldn’t yet. He was always second place to Jungkook. If Jungkook didn’t fuck up, would you still have had said it to him.

He knew it wasn’t the best time to ask if you had meant it, but with his heart ringing in his ears and a tiny voice gnawing at the corners of his mind, he had to ask…  

Mustering up enough courage, he took a deep breathe about to tell you- but bit his tongue when you laid a chaste kiss on his chest. He couldn’t ask now…

Right now, he just wanted to revel in this moment with you; where he was surrounded by your scent, feeling your breath fan against his skin, letting his fingers tangle through the strands of your hair and laying in each other’s warmth as you both settled down to go to sleep.

Goodnight y/n.” He sighed, internally wishing that morning would never come, and drawing you closer.

Goodnight Jimin.” you yawned, nestling closer to him and shutting your eyes to sleep.


The early shades of dawn filtered through the curtains and the incessant buzz of your phone awoke you. If it weren’t for Jimin’s sleepy face being the first thing that you saw through heavy lids, you would’ve of been in the absolute worst mood, but seeing him soundlessly asleep with the amber tint, of the early rising sun, kissing his skin, made you lips curl into a small smile as you unravelled yourself from Jimin’s limp grip and grabbing your phone from your bomber.

From Hana:

Please tell me you’re not too hungover to work today…

From Hana:

I need you :(( boss gave me the whole 11 hours… BY MYSELF >:((

To Hana:

no no i’m completely sober… shoot me.

To Hana:

i’ll come in today, i have a lot to tell you…

From Hana:


Jimin stirred on the bed, you looked up to see him upright with furrowed brows and barely opened lids.

Morning.” you smiled.

It’s cold… what time is it?Why are you up?” he rasped, scratching the back of his neck.


It’s so early.” he groaned, “do you have work?

Mhmm” You hummed in reply, as you walked up to the bed, leaning over to kiss Jimin’s puffy cheek.

y/n…” he whispered scratchily.


He bit his lip, as you perched onto the edge of the soft mattress. His hesitation made your stomach stir slightly.

We need to talk about… this.

What do you mean?” you blinked, that feeling in your stomach become more prominent.

I don’t want to say this, especially not right now… But I can’t ignore it and I can’t let it go on.

What is goin-

Do you really love me?” He blurted. Instantly looking guilty.

Your stomach dropped. You felt the colour drain from your face. What? 

I want to believe you y/n. I really do. But i- i- just don’t know. Something in my head is telling me, that this happened by luck or chance or- or something. That if Jungkook didn’t…you know… you wouldn’t be feeling this way.” You bit the inside of your cheek, at his words. “Please say something so i don’t feel awful.

I-um…” You swallowed thickly. Were you really sure how you felt? Was what Jimin said true?I should get ready for work… Get some sleep okay” You smiled, but Jimin noticed how it didn’t reach your eyes.

I’m sorry.” he muttered, although it felt like a huge weight lift of his shoulders, a vacant look took over his eyes as he watched you disappear behind the locked bathroom door. He groaned as he sank back into bed. He felt so bad. what if he had just fucked up everything with you… But he just couldn’t take how it felt so… forced; Of course he wanted this with you, he always had… but not when it was like this.


Hearing the bell of the coffee shop door, you truly felt as if you could finally breathe. It was like you held your breath as you got ready and crept out the house, not making any possible noise that could wake Jimin up.

Happy birthday.” Hana grinned as she handed you a gift bag. You laughed opening the glittery bag and pulling out what was inside.

More alcohol. Love it.” you joked as you put your stuff away in the cloakroom.

6 slow hours passed, with barely anyone entering the shop. Which gave you plenty of time to catch up with Hana, in between serving the odd customer; and of course that meant telling her everything.

Woah… So… Jungkook and Jimin.” She slowly summarised, more to make sense in her head than to clarify.

Yep.” you sighed.

You hoe.” She joked, lifting up the mood in the empty coffee shop.

Shut the fuck up Hana.”  You replied as you both turned into raging fits of laughter.

Is that Minah as in Kwon Minah?

Um, yeah, why?” You asked, eyebrows arched.

I think I’m going to start working with her tonight…


Yeah, she works at a bar, not at all far from here. I just got a part-time there, and i’m starting tonight.

You slowly nodded, internally wondering how the world was so small that something like that would happen…

Y/n… I get Minah’s pretty and everything, but I don’t understand why Jungkook would do that to you… It just… doesn’t…  add up.

Minah’s a solid 10 and i’m a 2 at best.” You protested, “But i get what you mean, I don’t understand how he could just-

Well i think you’re about to find out…” She whispered, eyes bulging. Following where she subtly pointed at. You turned, your eyes flinching as they caught his. You swallowed harshly, your toes curling into your shoes. You didn’t look up at all, your eyes stood ground,trained onto the cash register.

Welcome to the mocha lab, can i take your order.” You curtly said, fighting temptation to look him, it wasn’t that you didn’t want to, but it was like you physically couldn’t bring yourself to look at him.


that voice. it just made you want to burst out in tears, as if the uneasy feeling you had in your stomach didn’t want to make to throw up and faint already.

Order something or get out.” you spat, out of the corner of your eye you even saw Hana backing away from the counter and into the cloakroom.

You have every right to hate me but I just need to tal-

Jungkook.” You warned. “I really fucking can’t right now.” You tried so hard to keep the tears at bay.

I’m sorry y/n-” You bit your lip so hard to keep yourself together that you could faintly start to taste blood. “-but please. talk to me.” His voice was so… so… broken. “please y/n i’m begging you. please… i miss you.

Although it was so painful to hear him beg like that, and you still needed answers. You knew you couldn’t. It physically hurt to be near him. Your mind was screaming for an explanation and wanted to just jump in his arms and forgive him… but the heart remembers what the brain forgets… and it raced inside your ribcage, like how it felt when you saw the mess of clothes on the floor, storming in on him and Minah…

I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” You could barely finish the sentence as your voice started to break. After a couple seconds of silence in his hesitation you heard his slow heavy footsteps leave the place.

You immediately sank behind the corner bawling. Hana sprinted over, taking your shivering figure in her arms.

sshh, its okay, shhh.” she whispered as you took deep breaths. “that was so brave. I’m so proud of you.

thank you” you whimpered as you steadily composed yourself. “I can’t even look at him.” you laughed, but inside your heart was straining, as his broken voice rang throughout your mind. “I don’t know if I could ever speak to him again…

As much as i hate to say it… and i totally get you, but you need to talk to him. You need answers y/n… it’s the only way you can really know how you truly feel for either of them. Because it’s not fair on you and it’s not fair on Jimin” 

she was right.

You bit your quivering lip, thinking about Jimin. You couldn’t deny that there was attraction there. And last night. Last night. He put you first in front of everything, he was hurt too but made sure you were the one okay. With him, it’s genuine. It’s decided. It’s real. It’s there. He wouldn’t change his mind or even think to ever betray you like Jungkook. With Jimin before and after the whole Jungkook mess, you felt loved, platonically and romantically. he was your safe haven.

y/n?” Hana said, snapping back into reality. By then you stopped crying. She helped you stand back up. “Are you okay?” she asked, to which you nodded in reply. “I’ll lock up, go home my love, get some rest.” She insisted and you thanked her as you both headed to the cloakroom to get your things.

Good luck with the new barmaid job.” you called out from the door before you left. She gave you small smile as you shut the door.


The sun had set ages ago because of winter, the street were dully lit with street lamps. You pulled your jacket tighter, sighing watching your breath condense and float idly upward. You began the walk home, pulling out your earphones and listening to music. A few steps in, you felt as if someone was following you, you pulled an earphone out and turned to look behind. Your eyes scanned the seemingly deserted street. You felt uneasy, so you abandoned the music as you cautiously continued home.

This time you heard the footsteps, growing faster and faster, and before you could break out into a run you felt a hand grab your wrist. On instinct you turned, and kicked the figure in the genitals. You watched as a familiar figure sink onto the floor bracing themselves in their affected area.

FOR FUCKS SAKE JUNGKOOK!” you screamed, heart racing, annoyed at the fact he had just given you one of the biggest heart attacks of your life.

Okay… I deserved that…” he rasped and he stood up again.

you huffed, but at least this time you could actually look at him without wanting to cry.

Please can we just talk again.” He whined. “I get you hate me. I get you never want to see me again. But please. I don’t want to never see or talk to you again on how things ended.

You felt his stare on you as you remained silent, with your arms folded. You did deserve an explanation.

You have 10 minutes.” You murmured.

A smile lit up Jungkook’s face. It felt so weird, like you hadn’t seen the Jungkook you fell so hard for until now… like he was someone completely different when he slept with Minah. Maybe it was your stubborn delusional heart that wanted to believe that he didn’t because you believed he wouldn’t. It made you just want to delve into his arms and forget that everything happened. But you couldn’t. Because it did.

He grabbed your hand but you flinched away.

This doesn’t mean we’re okay.” You warned.

His face dropped but still, he gave a small smile, “Just follow me then.

Although you looked down to the pavement, you felt his stare on you. He led you down some familiar streets and you couldn’t help but wonder where he was taking you, and why.

You do realise you have 7 minutes left right?” You tutted, finally rolling your eyes and keeping eye contact with him.

We’re here.” He sighed. And when you looked round, you were stunned at where he led you. How did you not notice? This was the park you, Jungkook and Jimin used to always play at when you were children. You subconsciously smiled and walked further in, as if gravity was pulling you there. You were drawn to the swings, and you reminiscently ran your fingers down the metal chain. “How are we for time?” Jungkook grinned, interrupting your flashbacks.

You cleared your throat, embarrassed that you got lost in your thoughts when you should’ve been mad.

Why are we here. This doesn’t change anything.” You spat keeping up the defensive facade, eyebrows knit together.

It’s obvious you remember this place.

Well done for stating the obvious. 5 minutes left Kook.” You scoffed.

Kook.” He laughed and you internally kicked yourself for letting that slip. “Okay, we’re getting somewhere.

You groaned in vexation, like a little kid throwing a tantrum. He sat down on one of the swings and signalled that you do the same. You hesitantly took the other one, but he smiled in victory when you did.

4 minutes.” You warned. His smile dropping once again.

I brought you here, because I need you to remember it.” You furrowed your brows, at his words. It wasn’t until you followed his gaze to the castle play structure, that you shivered. You remember it now.


It was your 6th birthday and you were here with Jimin and Jungkook, it was oddly sunny for a winter day and so the park was crowded with small children like yourselves.

Jimin was racing ahead, climbing up the the ropes to get to the top tower where Jungkook already was, and because you didn’t want to be left alone you followed them up, at a much slower pace, because of your scrawny figure and lack of upper body strength. You had always feared heights but you feared being alone more; and so you struggled and slipped your way to the top where they were.

It was when you got up, you had realised how high you were and panic began to set in. You burst out into tears and Jimin and Jungkook didn’t know what to do.

Go get y/n’s mum.” Jungkook nodded to Jimin, who set off instantly. He then turned to you, who was quivering on the platform. He crouched down. “It’s okay.” He smiled but you just wouldn’t stop screaming and crying. He himself panicked, it was your birthday and he didn’t know what to do and did something impulsively and without thought. He reached forward, grabbed your face and kissed you. You were in a state of complete and utter shock, you forgot about crying. You just stood bug-eyed with Jungkook smushing his face against yours. When Jungkook let go, a huge grin took over his small face. “It worked!” he cheered, while you just remained still, frozen in place as you realised: you just had just both had your first kisses with each other.


You remembered how after, it was like you couldn’t breathe, your heart was going more than 200 miles per hour. You felt a mad hot blush spread throughout your wind-pinched cheeks.

You remember.” He muttered spotting the tinge of red upon the tops of your ears and cheeks.


Look I know nothing I say will ever make up for what I did to you last night y/n. I don’t know why I did it and god I feel so stupid… I know that’s pathetic of me to say, but she was my first ever love, so she had this sort of hold on me and when she came to the house in tears and a blubbering mess and just kissed me… It felt like that moment on the top of the tower and I just didn’t know what to do and I acted on impulse, I forgot about everything like an idiot and ugh… And this-this is going to sound fucked up and unbelievable-but I swear, all I thought about was you.

You don’t expect me to just fall for that are you.” You scoffed.

Not in the slightest. And I wouldn’t blame you if you just left right now either. But I just wanted you to know it was a mistake and I’m so sorry and if i could tell my 6 year old self, I would’ve made you mine right there and then.” Looking into his empty eyes, it broke your heart. “I know it doesn’t make sense, and i fucked up beyond repair but… I love you y/n and I still want you.” Tears started streaming down his face and you felt so guilty that tears started to well in your eyes. In that moment, Jungkook grabbed your wrist, you excelled forward and he pressed his lips against yours; and just as you were about to give into the temptation of melting into the kiss, he pulled away. “I’m not going to keep you any longer.” He muttered, but held you a little longer. “Goodnight my love.” He whispered before he walked away. You bit the inside of your lip as you watched his back disappear into the night.


You groaned as you opened the front door to the apartment, tossing your bag and Hana’s gifted wine on the couch. The walk home was miserable. You were more confused with how you felt for either of them.

Jimin?” You called out, but was met with silence. You got your phone out and realised you had 5 missed calls and 14 texts from him. At least he didn’t just leave… Still you were overwhelmed with incoming feelings, you flopped onto your bed, you felt as if you could just bawl for hours just to release everything. You wanted to scream at how confusing and fucked up things were. You shot a text at Jimin saying you were home and if he could come back after Jaebum’s ‘guy’s night’, you took of your coat and threw it onto the floor, but it landed with a slight thud that made you jump slightly. The only thing in your jacket was your phone. Curiousity flooded your sense so you jumped up and fished something out of your pocket.

It was a small gift-bag labelled:

It was meant for yesterday - kook


Hana POV.

Hana had worried about you getting home, on her walk to the bar. She had just gotten out of one uniform and wasn’t at all excited to jump into a new one. The laid back buzz of the bar lifted her spirits slightly, as she entered, the overall decoration and atmosphere was surprisingly relaxed than what you would expect from a normal one. is this like high class level for a bar?

Hana Kim?

She nodded as she turned to the voice, finding Minah leaning over the bar counter.

You’re late.

She was taken back by Minah’s bratty attitude. It’s literally 7:17. i was 2 minutes late. For matter of first impressions and the sake of actually keeping the job, she answered with,

I’m sorry.

Yeah, don’t be late again.” Minah snapped. I’m going to kill her… Hana thought as she put up a tight lipped smile and nodded.

Here’s your uniform, change in the staff toilets for today, but we expect you to show up in that. okay?

And again… because her mother had taught her ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’… she just smiled and nodded.


The uniform wasn’t anything special, but it was formal: a white collared shirt, dress pants, black suspenders and a gold name badge. She fixed her hair and re-touched on her makeup before hanging her stuff up in the cloakroom and finally finding her place behind the bar counter.

It wasn’t long till Minah came back from serving a table, coming back to train her on how to make different cocktails, where the different glasses were kept, which tables were where and more on the job.

Got it all.” Minah smiled, more out of common courtesy, but it was easily readable in her eyes that she did not like Hana one bit.

Yeah, thank you.there came the tight lipped smile again.

Any questions, just come find me.” Minah added before slipping away to a table. As if… Hana rolled her eyes as she walked back to her place at the bar counter.

Can I get a- Oh my god, Hana.

She looked up to find Jimin with a half smile and half surprised look on his face.

Hey.” She smiled back.

You work here now? What happened to The Mocha Lab barista job with y/n?

That’s for the daytime, i work here at-

Jimin hi!” Minah sang, shoving herself in front of you. Where the fuck did she come from? she was all the way at the other side of the room??. Hana internally laughed at the scene. “What can I get you~” Minah carried on. This is disgusting, Hana thought, backing up, it was clear Minah didn’t want her there.

Um Hana’s already getting me a whiskey on the rocks thanks.” Jimin replied, making Hana stop with Minah shooting daggers at her.

Hana… darling.darling?Could you get some more Whiskey glasses from the back?” Although it may have sounded nice, her stare made it seem like an order. Hana glanced down and saw a whole row of Whiskey glasses by Minah’s knees. But to avoid anything happening, she just did as she was told.

Hana came back with a tray of Whiskey glasses and placed them on the counter by Minah.

Oh my bad, I forgot we had a whole row of them…” Minah faked laughed, making Hana sick… “Just stack them with the rest.

Where’s Jimin?” Hana asked, hiding her sarcasm, sounding like she actually want to start a conversation, whilst she organised the decorative glasses.

Back there with his friends.” Minah replied ogling at the table in the far right corner. “we’re like a thing.

Hana wanted to burst out laughing… Jimin was with you (well ish) only one boy makes that mistake and that just so happened to be Jungkook already. Jimin wouldn’t ever.

Really…” Hana gasped, secretly enjoying the fact Minah was oblivious to the fact Hana knew everything. Hana stood up again from crouching, readying her phone in her pocket to sneak off and tell you everything. “I need the loo, excuse me.” and when Minah nodded, she was off.

Hana rushed into the bathroom ringing you. Pick up, pick up, pick up, this is so funny…

I’m sorry but the person you’re calling-

Hana sulked as she tried again, but with no answer, she contemplated texting you but wanted to wait to tell you in person to see your reaction.

She walked back to the bar, surprised to find Minah not there.

Where’d she go?

And that’s when Hana heard her shrill giggle. She looked to where it came from and fell gob-smacked at the sight.

Hana didn’t want to believe it, but seeing the way Jimin’s arms wrapped around Minah’s figure as they kissed, Hana raised her phone…

To y/n:






and of course: stay horny, stay shook, and stay safe ;)

eliza out




Title: Massage

Paring: Reader x Pick Your Man!

Word Count: 606

Warning: It’s bathtub smut

 A/N: I could really use this right now. Anyone else?

Tagging some people I see on my dash a lot and suddenly got brave enough to tag in something :) Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged!!!!

Lowering yourself into the tub after a long day you feel your muscles slowly relax as the warm water surrounds you. The candle light relaxes your eyes as you let them close taking in a calming breath, letting the steam wave over your face. Your hands glide across your skin, loving the feel of the gentle soap and water.

Head falling back to rest on the edge of the tub, strong hands catch you, gently massaging your tight shoulders.

“Just let me take care of you.”

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messing around with the witch au lovesquare in some pretty color palettes from this


Request: can I get a sad imagine please?

Hope you like it!Xx


She’s in denial.

She cant wrap the fact that her parents are gone around her head. When she got the news, she dropped everything. Every single feeling she should have been feeling, she wasn’t feeling.

She felt numb.

Her uncle flew from New York to L.A to be with her and take care of her. She was the only child after all.

He was worried about her though.

It’s been a month and all she’s done is take showers and brush her teeth, then crawl back into bed and stare at her wall. She would decline the food and drink  her uncle would offer by pushing the tray away or throwing away the food.

Her friend came by during that month.

“How is she?” She heard her friend ask her uncle. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see anyone or anyone to see her.

All she wanted was her parents.

“Hey,” she heard her friend say softly, like if he spoke any louder, she’ll break. “C'mon babe, you have to eat. "When he didn’t get a response, he sighed. "At least drink some water for me. ”


“We’re all worried about you,” he hesitated before saying, “Harry’s been asking me about you. ”


Harry and Y/N go way back since sixth grade. Been friends for a year before they decided to try the relationship thing in seventh grade. They were doing great, held hands and hugged in middle school, kissed in high school. They lasted for six years before they broke things off during their senior year all because Carly, captain of the cheerleading team decided to kiss him in front of her and Harry not doing anything about it.

They also broke up because they were arguing more than they were talking and being all lovey Dovey like they used to before their relationship went downhill.

He still didn’t get a response or a head movement, nothing.

Before he could say anything else, the main entrance door slammed open against the wall and rapid footsteps were running up the stairs before a breathless Harry appeared on the door.

He looked at her uncle and started talking to him. “How is she?”

“She won’t eat, Harry. She’s unhealthy and unresponsive. She’s getting skinnier and paler and I’m worried sick. She hasn’t even shed a tear. "Her uncle exclaimed in a whisper.

Harry looked at the girl he loves and his heart broke into little little pieces. He was there when her cousin died three years ago and it wasn’t as bad as it is now. Yeah she cried a lot when her cousin died and didn’t speak to anyone for three days, but this was different. Her parents died.

"Can I..,” he cleared his throat and blinked the tears away. “Can I have a few minutes alone with her?” He asked her friend and uncle.

They both nodded and pressed a kiss to her temple and cheek before leaving the room, closing the door behind them.

Harry took off his shoes before crawling in behind her and wrapping his arms around her. He pressed a few kisses to the back of her neck before resting his cheek on her shoulder. She grabbed his hand that was wrapped around her chest and squeezed it before the first sob came out.

And then tears and gasps and more sobs.

He pulled her closer to him if that was possible and pressed more kisses to her neck and shoulder.

“I’m right here, baby. ’M right here. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay here with you for as long as you need me to. ”

He cried with her and held her.

When her crying stopped and her breathing was back to normal, she turned around in his grasp and buried her face into his neck. He laid on his back and brought her on top of him so they could be more comfortable before she started speaking.

“The last thing I told them was that I hated them. "She whispered, a whimper escaping her lips. She buried her head in the crook of his neck and he pressed a hand to the back of her head, pressing a kiss to her temple. "They wouldn’t let me go to the college I wanted to go to so I told them I hated them. ”

“Oh, love,” he sighed, pressing another kiss to her temple. “I’m sure they know you didn’t mean it. They know that you love ‘em. ”

She shuffled and looked up at him with wide eyes and a pout. “Please stay with me. "She whispered.

He smiled and looked down at her and pressed a kiss to her nose. "Always stay with you no matter what, yeah? I love you,” he whispered.

She pushed herself up with her hands that rested on either side of Harry’s head and smiled down at him- a genuine smile. “I love you too. ’M sorry about Carly and how much of a h-”

“Sh,"he chuckled, "lets talk about that another time. Right now though,” he groaned when he rolled them over. He got of the bed and helped her off the bed. “We’re gonna go on a walk and then we’re gonna go eat some really juicy delicious hamburgers, yeah?”

Her smile faded and the blank look came back. She let go of Harry’s hands and sat on the edge of the bed.

“I do.. I don’t want to go anywhere, Harry. I’m not that hungry anyway. "She muttered, starting to crawl under the covers.

But he wouldn’t have that. He pulled the covers off of the bed and chucked them on the other side of the room.


“I’m not going to let you starve yourself. ”

“’M no-”

“Yes you are! You’re skinny as a twig!”

“Does it make you love me less?”

“Wha…love, I’m just worried about you.”

She scoffed. “Great, the one person who I thought wouldn’t pity me, pities me. ”

“I never said anything about pitying you! My god…”

“Well, come back to me when your parents die and see if you want me to pity you!”

“Love, please just… can you at least come downstairs so you can eat?”

“I can’t harry. I just can’t. "She whispered, tears clouding her vision.

He sighed and sat next to her and grabbed her hand. "Why not?”

She looked at him. “Anywhere I go in this house, it’ll remind me of my parents. I don’t want to see them in pictures. I want them back, Harry. It’s been a month and I thought I’d get better, but I’m not. I.. I miss them. It’s like,” she clutched her chest and gasped for air. “It’s like part of me left. I didn’t think that the last time I saw them would be the last time cause you never think the last time is the last time. You think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don’t. ”

He brought her temple to his lips and pressed a hard kiss, letting a few tears slip down his cheeks.

“I don’t want to feel this way anymore, Harry. Please take the pain away, just make it stop. Please. "She sobbed, clutching her chest.

He let out a sob and closed his eyes tightly. "I would in a millisecond, Y/N. ” he whispered against her temple. “But I can’t and I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I can’t take away your pain. ”

Suddenly, she stood up and walked out of her room and down the stairs where her friend and uncle were. She walked past them and to the small hallway where there are family pictures before taking one of the wall and letting out a small sob before smashing it to the floor.

And she continued to do that until she reached the photos that were by the stairs. She lifted one up, but an arm stopped her and pried it out of her hands.

“Stop, don’t do that. "He whispered.

"The family in those pictures don’t exist anymore, Harry. It’s gone. They’re gone. I lost everything that mattered to me! I lost my cousin, I lost you and now my parents! They’re gone!”

He’s never seen her so..damaged and fragile and he wishes he could do something, but he can’t. All he can do is hold her until she’s calmed down and fell asleep in his arms.

He carried her to her room and laid her down before crawling in with her. He pressed a kiss to her shoulder and wrapped his arms around her.

“I’m right here. Not going anywhere. Didn’t lose me. ”

“Please don’t leave,” he heard her mumble tiredly. He grabbed her hand and brought it up his lips and pressed a kiss to her knuckles.

“Never. ”

the proposal | alfie solomons

anon requested stumbling alfie trying to propose and i did it in what i think would be typical alfie fashion: go big or go dig a grave. or both.



Alfie didn’t say anything else and you looked up to him, breathing heavy and sniffling. You raised a hand to move your hair out of your face but then realised how dirty your hands were.

“Can you- “you waved your fingers to motion and he knelt to push your hair back behind your ears.

“Thanks, love”


“I am”

“Yeah but, listen”


“Marry me”


“I-marry me. Please”

You flicked your eyes back and forth to either side of him, not much to focus on in the dark. Your mouth was wide open and you were squinting, entirely confused.

“Did you just say please after a proposal?”

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I got a real fidget cube in the mail yesterday and I love it so much and I really recommend it to anyone who has trouble focusing!! It’s great if you’re someone who’s always messing with stuff and needs like a constant stimulus in order to focus like me!

It’s very useful for class, AND as bonus it always was a bit helpful in the last two d&d sessions I was in, because it kept me from overthinking things that I and other people were saying/doing (so I was at least a smidge less anxious!)

My fav side is the joystick because I can flick it and also cause it has a really slight click when it slides from the center all the way to the edge and I love it and also it’s the quietest side to use in class for me!

If anyone else wants to get one, the official ones by antsy labs are the best imo, but some of the knockoffs are good too and they are much cheaper. They don’t last very long from what I’ve seen though (the one my sister got doesn’t click, and the joystick grinds a bit after repeated use) Antsy labs one is $20, and they’re available for preorder right now on their site!
Birthday Kisses

Word Count: 2961

Warnings: Ummm a little language? Too much love? Too many kisses maybe?

Summary: Sam starts a birthday kiss tradition.

A/N: Happy very belated birthday @aubzylynn !! You deserve all the kisses. All of them. 

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“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Sam ambushed you as you entered the kitchen, making you yelp in alarm as he lifted you off the ground and twirled you in circles.

“Sam, it’s not even my birthday,” you said, wincing slightly as he set you back on your feet on the cold tiles.

“I know, but since someone sent my girl out on a mission on her damn birthday, we have to celebrate it late.” He shot a disapproving glance to where Steve was sitting at the table with Bucky.

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You miss me? (Redemption Series: part 2)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count:1075

Warning: Smut

A/N: so.. this is the second part of “Redemption Series”
and.. surprise! there will also be a PART 3!
I hope you enjoy!

If you want to be tagged in my fics, just tell me!

Redemption (Redemption Series: part 1)

It’s late; It hasn’t gone far from the sound of the bell of the last hour. The guys went out hurriedly from the class, leaving me alone. My house is empty: my mother is once again in the hospital, while Scott now spends all his time with his ‘pack’, which includes Stiles, Allison, and partly also Lydia; they spend all their time together, still trying to figure out who is the Kanima, the monstrous creature that has already killed some people.
I decided to stay a few more hours in school, to correct some tests of my students.
Suddenly, in the silence of the room, I hear the door open and close again within seconds. I look up, expecting to find in front of me one of my students that maybe forgot something, but it doesn’t.
Derek Hale, in his usual black leather jacket, is fast approaching the desk, where I was still sitting.
I get up from the chair, and the sound of heels echoing in the classroom. I hadn’t seen him, since that evening.
I had thought a lot when he came into my room that night; how Derek had provoked me pleasure, and as I had felt, to the smallest touch of him.
Derek had said he wanted to make up for his mistakes; he would make sure that I forgive him. We haven’t seen during the last few weeks, but we had to send a text message: we hadn’t said much, just a 'how are you’ or 'what are you doing’. But one night Derek asked me if I missed him; I don’t really know what to say, and so I changed the subject. But right now, while he’s in front of me, I think back to that question.

You miss me?
Hate a person because he has hurt you is not easy, but hate the person you loved, and still love, it seems impossible. I still hate what he did to me, but I can’t forget the love I feel for him. And then, after what has happened between us.. just think of that episode, I feel a pulse right there in the midst of my thighs.
I support down on the edge of the desk, and I cross my arms over his chest.
“What are you doing here Derek?”
“I was looking for Scott..”
“What do you want from him?
Derek slowly approaches me, in small steps, as his eyes don’t come off from mine.
"I want him in my pack.”
His statement causes me a sudden laugh; how can only think Derek, that my brother Scott will become one of his doggies?
“There’s something scary out there, and if Scott..”
“If you’re talking about you, believe me, you don’t scare anyone.” suddenly I say. I know exactly Derek is talking about the Kanima, but I also know that in part he feels.. bad.
“Are you not scared of me?” asks Derek, now a few centimetres away from my face.
“I’ve never been scared of you.”
Derek puts a hand on my left leg, and begins to play with the fabric of my skirt. Continue looking at me in the eye when I feel his hand slip more and more into my panties. Suddenly I stopped him, pushing him from me.
“Derek, you can’t do this, again..”
“This what?”
“You come to me, we talk, you hope that I forgive you, and then..”
Derek takes my hands in his, and riding it on his body; first on the face, after on his chest, on his stomach, up to touch his cock. I feel my hand touch its hardness, while Derek groans, coming up to me.
“You feel how much I want you..” he says, leaving provocative kisses on my collarbone, “and I bet that you want it.”
Derek continues to torture the crook of my neck, while he continues to guide my hand on his cock, still moaning more.
He lets my hand go, which continues to torture the inseams, while Derek makes travelling his hand under my sweater, up to the bra. I bite my bottom lip, and I can no longer resist; I approached my hand to the face of Derek, and I attract violently his lips to mine. I kiss him with passion, desire. Derek takes the fabric of my skirt in his hands, and pulls it upwards, up to my waist. I remain with only my panties wearing, but not for long. He pulls me even those, leaving me naked from the waist down. I continue to kiss him, to bite him, and leave marks in every point of his naked body. I take off to him before his pants and boxers quickly follow the rest of the clothes on the floor.
Derek approaches his cock at me, and with one push, he’s inside of me. I feel he always push harder, louder and louder, making me groan. In that moment I think someone might hear, but I don’t care.
I want that Derek fucks me, I want him deep inside of me, and I want to hear his moans.
Derek kisses me, biting my lip; I moan more and more, until I feel my body trembles. After a few spasm, I came before Derek. He pushes his cock inside of me a couple of times, and he came.
I feel the weight of Derek’s body on me, now tired.
Suddenly his eyes meet mine, and his mouth collides again with mine. This time our kiss is calmer, without violence and in a hurry.
While me and Derek we put on, I feel his arms hold me from behind, hiding her face in the crook of my neck.
“I told you that you too you wanted it.”
“You think having sex with you, things come back like before?” I ask, when I left him. Derek tightens my arm and turns me violently towards him.
“You think it’s just sex? I know, I was wrong to leave you long ago, but a lot has changed, except one. I still love you.”
His statement leaves me speechless. When we were engaged, neither of them had yet taken the courage to say those three simple words. And is the first time I hear Derek say that he loves me, and this leaves me surprised.
He approaches me and kisses me again.
“I know you love me, and I will do everything that thou back of me.”

I’m the Alpha (Redemption Series: part 3)

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anonymous asked:

I'm soo sorry if this is an annoying ask but I absolutely love the way you draw the characters as dogs, do you have any tips on how you draw them? Again, sorry to bother you and have a nice day!

Ahh thank you!  😊 ❤️

Don’t worry, its not annoying! This is the first ask I’ve gotten asking how to draw dogs actually haha 

So to start off, just letting you know i’m not too good at explaining things so there will be mostly visuals. Here’s some tips that really help me drawing dogs. Also note that I’ve been drawing dogs for around 7-8ish years now- practice is very important and it doesn’t just turn out really good over night, lol. Here we go~

Image from here, i didn’t draw it! I find that imagining the leg like that really helps.

I’ve noticed a lot of canine artists draw hind legs where the hock (the ankle part) of the leg is drawn really high for some reason. It’s actually lower on the leg- and how I do it is that I make sure there is more leg above the hock, and less leg below the hock. When I need it, I look up reference pictures. Don’t be afraid to do that! 

I loosely sketch out what I see in the picture. Also don’t be afraid to sketch very messily and loosely. This brings me to the topic of life drawing. I’ve never done it, but I plan to in college. Supposedly it really helps when getting a feel for drawing a certain animal/person. What I usually do is use my dog for reference- not while I’m drawing but I look at her and think “oh that’s how that moves” and stuff. Also, watch movies with dogs in them (animated ones too) if you don’t have the chance to see dogs in real life. It’s basically like studying.. but more fun XD it really helps you to understand how they move and how their anatomy works. 

Oh, and circles really help! Start off with basic shapes. 

Some side view help there too. Position the eye in the middle of the circle area, towards the right. But not too close to the edge of the forehead. 

^^ If you’re having trouble with front view. Hopefully its straight-forward enough!

I’m not perfect at drawing dogs, I think I still have a lot to learn. But just keep practicing and drawing! If you really enjoy what you’re doing, that will happen. Its because of my love for drawing and dogs that got me where I am now. And I have yet to be perfect at drawing them (or anything in general lol) Hope this helped!

Perfect Distraction

Pairing: danisnotonfire x reader

Genre: Smut

Warnings: idk like swearing and friendship issues? 

Word Count: 3110

Prompt: Please write one where like at the start of your too much pressure fic the reader is stressed and angry and dan tries to seduce her and it works i dont mind if theres much smut but can you make the seduction part sexy and slow building and stuff if that makes sense thank you!! _________________________

Four times. Four times this month your so called ‘best friend’ had let you down at the last minute because of a boy. A dickhead of a boy too. The first two times she had text to cancel on your dinner plans it had been a few hours before you’d agreed to meet, so you’d let it go. Though you weren’t happy. The third time, she text you to cancel as you were about to leave your apartment. Giving the poor excuse of not really feeling well enough to eat anything, and then posting an instagram of her cosied up to this guy with a pizza and ice cream. This time. This time really took the biscuit. You were actually at the restaurant when she called.

“Hello? Where are you?!” You whisper harshly, not wanting to disturb anyone else but wanting to her to know you were irritated at the fact she was 25 minutes late.

“Hi Y/N, look I’m really sorry but Kieron’s suprised me with a takeaway tonight, he’s just got here with the food a few minutes ago I had no idea he was coming over I promise I’m so sor-”

“So you aren’t coming?” You say bluntly, not needing the answer. “Are you kidding me?! You realise I’m already here don’t you?”

“Oh shit Y/N look I’ll make this up to you we can g-”

You pull your phone away from your ear and stab at the red bar with your thumb. Typical. Standing from the table, you hold down the hem of your dress and walk towards the door, trying to remember where the hell you saw the taxi’s parked. This was one time too many. You could feel people in the restaurant staring at you, as if you’d been stood up. Humiliated and angry, you shove open the door and pace towards the little black cabs.


Stabbing the key into your apartment door, you swing it open and throw your bag into the hall, making sure the door closes with a noticeably loud ‘bang’.


Your boyfriend Dan appears at the end of the hall, wearing his loose pajama bottoms and black jumper. His hair was fluffy and his face was adorably confused and a little in awe of your appearance. You’d dressed up tonight as you’d chosen to meet her in a fairly fancy restaurant. Turned out to be a wasted effort on her… maybe not him. Dan hadn’t seen you get ready or leave as he was at a meeting for Radio 1, and as far as he knew, you weren’t going to be back until late anyway.

“She cancelled again didn’t she.” You say, shoving your palm out in front of you in a gesture of annoyance as you kick away your heels.

“Oh..again?” He says, taking bare-footed slow steps towards you but not meeting your eyes. Instead they were travelling down your body.

“Yes, again, I’ve told you about all this Dan.” You say, pulling out your messy bun and letting your hair fall around your shoulders. “She’s met this fuckboy who I know is sleeping around with other girls but she’s totally in love with him and she won’t listen to a word I say about it. Every time we’ve tried to meet up she’s cancelled last minute for him, and THIS time I was actually sat at the fucking table!”

“Yeah?” He continues to make slow steps, his lips parted in a small smile.

“Yes! What are you smiling at?!” You ask, placing your hands on your hips.

“You look really hot.” He shrugs confidently, sliding both hands into his pajama pockets. You let your arms fall to your sides again, stare at his face and sigh. He never put his hands in his pockets and weirdly it made him look really attractive in that moment.

“So do you. Stop complimenting me whilst I’m mad. It’s not fair. I need you to let me complain about this situation okay?”

“I haven’t seen that dress before.” He replies, his eyes wandering down your body again as he takes another slow step towards you. He had the glimmer in his eyes you knew all too well.

“It’s new. Stop changing the subject.”

“I think you’re a better one.” His voice had dropped lower, like it always did when he was being flirty. He was now only a couple of feet away from you and he smelled beautiful. You take a breath and glance at his chest, before running your fingers through the top part of your hair, flicking it to the side.

“Are you listening to me? Did you miss the part where I said I was sat alone waiting for her?” You try not to smile at your boyfriend who you could see had bitten his bottom lip slightly.  "I want you to be mad at her with me. Stop looking at me like that.“ “I am mad at her, of course I am, I’m just more in love with you right now.” He says softly, reducing the gap between you to about an inch and gazing down at you with his dark brown eyes. He expands his chest ever so slightly and his soft lips move closer to yours. You see his arm move as he takes his hand out of his pocket and you feel his fingers graze the top of your hip.

“I’m not sure what you’re after Daniel” You lie, slowly pressing your body into his, “But I’m going to go and order a pizza, and they best have garlic bread too or else I’m going to be really mad.”

“You’re sexy when you’re mad too.” He mumbles, his eyes fixed on yours.

“Am I?” You ask, leaning your head up and touching the very edge of your lips to his, “Well, right now I just want food.” You lie again. Dan was rarely this flirty, and it was already making you feel all gooey but you knew you could drag this out. You lean back from him and you see his jaw clench and his temple move, a sure sign he was frustrated. You loved the jaw thing, and you doubted he knew that sometimes you wind him up just to see it. What could you say, frustrated Dan was hot Dan.

You brush past him and walk into the kitchen, knowing he would be watching you.

You flick you hair over to one shoulder and pull open the kitchen drawer stuffed full of takeaway menu’s and random papers you find lying around the house, normally the ones Dan has conveniently dropped or ignored, and search for anything with a pizza on it.

“Do you want anything? We could get two if there’s a deal.” You suggest, pulling out a handful and fanning them out in front of you. You hear him pad down the hall towards the doorway and you close the drawer and turn around to lean against the sideboard, still shuffling through the papers.

“Yeah, I could eat.” He replies.

You lift your head to see him leaning against the door frame, his hands back in his pockets and his hair fluffed up as if he’d just ran his fingers through it. He gazes at you as you with his dark eyes and his mouth curls at the edge as you unknowingly stare back. He was giving you little tiny butterflies and all he was doing was looking at you.

“Daniel.” You say.

“What?” He replies, his smile growing.

“Stop it.” You say sternly, biting the inside of your cheek to stop you from smiling back. He knew exactly what he was doing to you, and he knew it was working. You were still angry about the failed evening and you weren’t quite ready to let it go.

“I’m just standing here!” He laughs, grinning at you and shrugging his broad shoulders slightly in protest.

“I’m ringing Dominos. You want garlic bread too?” You grab his phone that’s lying next to the toaster and type in the number. You lift it up to your ear, listening to the rings and wait for the answer on the other end.

“I really like that dress.” He says, completely ignoring you again. He takes his hand out of his pocket and raises his thumb to his lips, gently biting down on the very top, staring at you. He walks further into the room and leans against the sideboard opposite you, so you turn away from him and face the cupboards, trying so desperately to concentrate on the phone call.

“Hi, yes, hello.” You blurt out when someone finally answers. “Can I place an order for delivery? Yeah its Y/N Y/L/N, the address should be there… Brilliant yeah that’s the one. Okay can I have a large pepperoni pizza with a crap ton of extra cheese please… yeah honestly just throw it on there don’t hold back.”

You hear Dan laugh quietly from behind you.

“And a large Texas barbecue pizza. Both with portions of garlic bread… Yeah that’s it. We’ll pay on delivery… Alright, thank you, bye.” You hit the red button and slide Dan’s phone back on to the side, finally turning round to face him. He was still watching you, his arms crossed against his chest and his head tilted slightly.

“She said delivery would be about twenty five minutes”


You let out a sigh and rub your temple, closing your eyes for a few seconds. “I’m going to have to ring her Dan. I don’t care if she’s with that twat, in fact I’m going to tell her exactly what I think of this whole thing.” You reach for his phone again when suddenly he closes the gap between you, his hand taking your wrist.

“Or maybe you ring her tomorrow, and we spend the next twenty five minutes doing something less depressing?” He suggests, moving in close to your face, gently kissing your forehead. You sigh again, this time it had a slightly different meaning.

“Like what?”, you ask, placing his phone down and grasping onto the bottom of his jumper. He moves his hands to your back and you feel him smile against your skin.

“I’ll show you.” He whispers. You breathe him in, trying to forget the stress of the evening, and you feel his hands wind round your waist. He tilts his head and parts his lips, brushing them against yours, and you exhale as he moves one hand to pull a strand of hair from your face. You can’t hold back any more, he’d been teasing you from the second you got home. To be fair, you’d been teasing him back. You force your lips against his, and your hands grip his hips, pushing his jumper up slightly with your fingers. He kisses you back strongly and you feel your stomach twist, not just because you were hungry.

Suddenly, his hands tighten on your waist and he effortlessly lifts you up onto the sideboard, standing between your thighs. You take your hands and wind them into his messy hair, pulling his head forwards as you lean back slightly, deepening your kiss. It had been a long time since you and Dan had been like this with each other, busy schedules and all that. You were going to enjoy these next twenty five minutes for all they were worth.

You take your hand from his hair and hold on to his wrist, which was still on your waist. Wanting him to hold you tighter. Instead, he slows his kisses, and you feel his fingers move to touch the end of your knee. He breathes heavy against your mouth, and his fingers glide round the side of your knee. Your heart is beating heavily in your chest, with excitement. Only 10 minutes ago it was beating heavily with anger. Dan could do amazing things to you.

He continues to give you gentle kisses, and you feel his fingers graze up your leg, towards the top of your thigh. You roll your body into his, and he moves his lips from your mouth to your jawline, and then to your neck. Managing to find the tender spot instantly. His fingers push under the material of your dress and your body tingles in anticipation. His fingertips now so close to your crotch. You encourage him by wrapping your calf round the back of his thigh, pulling his own crotch closer to you. He was however still kissing your neck, and time was ticking.

“Dan,” you mumble against his hair. He pulls his head away and looks at you questioningly with his wide eyes, his lips still close to yours.

“Get a move on.” You open your mouth and bite hold of his bottom lip. Dan grins wickedly back at you, his eyes firey and his cheeks red. His hair unbelievably even more wild than before.

“As you wish.”

He grasps hold of your waist once more and holds on to you tightly, his lips crushing yours as he carries you through the kitchen door towards the lounge. You giggle at him as he almost walks you into the door frame, both of you not really concentrating on direction. You feel the sofa against the back of your legs and he lowers you down. You wiggle upwards and your hands grab at his jumper, desperate to remove it. Dan takes the material in his hands and pulls it over his head, lowering his bare chest back down towards you and resting on his elbows, either side of your head. Your hands run up his ribs and grip at his shoulder blades, his skin warm to touch. You run your hands back down his body as he continues to kiss you, his tongue against yours and small sighs escaping both your lips. You grab at his pajama bottoms and shove them with all the strength you can muster at that angle but they barely budge, so you push at his chest and sit up, with him kneeling over you. You feel his fingers pull at the zip on your dress and a cool breeze hits your back, contrasting with your heated skin. You yank down his pajama bottoms and twist your legs round to position yourself on your knees, so your face is right against his. He runs his hands over your shoulders, pulling your dress down and leaning his head back slightly to look at your increasingly revealed skin.

“You’re being gentle with this one.” You giggle, holding the back of his neck and placing your other hand on his rising and falling chest.

“I told you, I really like it.” He grins back, pulling it down your body. You let your arms fall and he pulls the sleeves down, the dress bunching round your bent knees.

You once again hold his neck and you move your mouth against his. That’s when you feel his fingers against your crotch. Small strokes at first that make your hips wiggle and you cant help but let out a small moan into his mouth. You feel him smile again and his fingers twist your underwear tightly, pulling them down over your hips to join your dress. He lowers you back down, hovering over you but never breaking contact between your chests.

You suddenly feel him grind himself into you, and your stomach knots and your back arches in pleasure. This is what it has been building up to. His bare hot skin against yours, soft and sensitive. You feel his hard length against you, as he runs his fingers up your ribs and under your back, where he unclasps your bra in a matter of seconds (he’d gotten good at this recently) and chucks it onto the floor. You take this time to wriggle your dress further down your body and over your ankles, kicking it away. You use your foot to push at Dan’s pajama bottoms too and breathe heavily against his mouth as you enjoy the few seconds of being fully naked with him, relishing every inch of his body against yours. You open your mouth and push your crotch up against his, creating the friction you were craving.

“Don’t go out with her again. Stay with me.” He whispers. You respond with a kiss.


He slowly pushes himself into you. A warm wave of pleasure rolls through your body and he tucks his head into your neck, letting out the sexiest groan you’ve ever heard. You roll your hips up to meet his rhythm and feel the heat build slowly and surely deep within your stomach. You wrap your legs around his bum and grip tightly onto his hair. Your moans grow louder with each minute that passes, as do his, until his rhythm changes to faster, deeper thrusts and the waves are now so powerful you almost forget to breathe. Your head tilts backwards and Dan’s teeth sink gently into the soft spot of your neck. His back and chest growing damp with sweat.

You both climax together, when you squeeze his hips with your thighs and bite down on his lip, as he thrusts into you one last time. You feel your thighs quiver and you wriggle beneath him, as he grips your hip with his hand and tries to control his own spasms. You let out a loud few sighs and softly kiss his neck as he breathes against your shoulder. You felt exhausted, but so happy, and had almost forgotten about the pizza when suddenly..


“Ah shit.” You hear Dan mumble against you. “They’re early.”

“Yeah,” you grin to yourself. “There’s no way that was 25 minutes.” Dan lifts his head up and opens his mouth wide in mock offense.

“In my defense, you did rush me.”

“Go get the pizza.” You giggle, kissing him passionately on the lips one last time, before planting a single gentle one on his nose.

He smiles down at you before lifting himself away and reaching for his pajama bottoms, shoving them on backwards and stumbling towards the door. You laugh after him, and sit up yourself, finding your knickers in the pile of clothes and sliding his jumper over your head. You feel your stomach grumble in hunger and realise how differently tonight would have gone if your 'best friend’ had actually showed up. In many ways you were still mad at her, but in many more you were glad of the way things had turned out. You were also glad you hadn’t spent the entire evening being grumpy about it. Mind you, that was all down to Dan. He was the most perfect distraction.


Hope you like this one! Didn’t want to make Dan too dominant because I feel like that’s a whole seperate fic ;) Let me know what you think/any advice. Thanks for reading! x

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Jackcrutchie with the Jesse/Crutchie theory????? Maybe with like Jack finding out about Jesse/Crutchie being immortal??

Hello, anon. Were you wanting something angsty and sad? Oh, good. ‘Cuz you got something angsty and sad.

Jesse stiffened when he woke up. Whose arms were around him? Who was touching him? What was– He paused, recognizing the familiar snoring. Jack. Jesse sighed, cursing softly. He had hoped that Jack wouldn’t have wanted to sleep together last night. It would make it all the more difficult to escape without alerting Jack of his attentions.

Slowly, Jesse extricated himself from Jack’s arms. He was dismayed at just how much colder it was away from Jack and Jesse was half-tempted to just lay back down and curl up against Jack. But, he couldn’t do that. Today was the day that he had been waiting for for years. Six, to be exact. And Jesse wasn’t going to miss it for the world.

“Crutch? What’re ya doin’? The bell ain’t rung yet; come lay back down.”

Jesse froze at Jack’s sleep-slurred words. He had hoped to have been on a train to New Hampshire before Jack even woke up. Jesse knew that he should have gotten up earlier, but it had been so nice to just lay in Jack’s arms and now he would suffer the consequences of his own personal weaknesses. “Jack, I– I gotta go.”

“You can wait. The sun ain’t even up. What’re ya gonna do? Just stand by the gate for eternity?”

Jesse snorted. “You don’t know nothing about eternity…” He shook his head, before continuing, “No, Jack, I really gotta go. I– I promised someone…”

Jack sat up. He slung an arm around Jesse’s shoulders. “Okay, then, I’ll come along. Where you gotta get yourself to? Please tell me you’re not meeting up from someone in the Bronx. I can’t stand those kids.”

“No, it’s… farther. I gotta get back to New Hampshire.”

“You’ve been to New Hampshire?” Jack asked in surprise.

Jesse smiled weakly. “I’ve been a lotta places,” he admitted. For years, he had wanted to tell Jack the truth, tell him everything, but he couldn’t. It hurt, knowing that he would just have to leave and Jack would die and they would probably never see each other again. Now, however, the words crowded the tip of his tongue, fighting for recognition, for someone beyond Winnie and his family to understand. “I… Jack, I gotta tell you a secret.”

Jack nodded, pulling Jesse close. “Of course, Crutch. What’s on your mind?”

“I can’t die,” Jesse blurted out. With that sudden truth, every other word seemed to tumble out of his mouth, without his own volition. “I can’t die and neither can my family. Oh, I got a family. I got a Ma and a Pa and an older brother. His name is Miles. Uh, my name is Jesse. I lied when I said I didn’t have one. I like Crutchie mighty fine, but my real name is Jesse. And I can’t die. And…” Jesse hesitated. This truth seemed sharper. “And, I ain’t ever needed that crutch. It was just… a disguise.”

“You was faking?” Jack asked

Jesse could detect no maliciousness in the tone, so he nodded. “Yeah. I needed a new life. Just for a couple years. Just until I could go back.” 

Jack gently kissed Jesse’s forehead. “That’s okay. I love you no matter what your name or your story is.”

“I…” Jesse stumbled. “I–I…” Suddenly, he couldn’t seem to get the words out. He did love Jack, didn’t he? Except, for some reason, all he could picture was Winnie Foster. She would be seventeen now. She would drink from the Spring. They would live together, forever. Happily ever after. Jack’s arms around him burned and Jesse pushed out of the hug. He stood up and started pacing, not even bothering to use his familiar crutch anymore.

“You… you really can walk just fine.”

Jesse was caught off guard. “Oh, yeah,” he said, glancing down at his perfectly good legs. “I guess that’s one of the perks of immortality. You can’t really get hurt.”

“So… you’re immortal?” Jack asked.

“Yeah,” Jesse said, but he could tell that Jack didn’t truly believe him. No one ever believed him. Winnie believed him.

“That’s… How? How are you immortal?”

“Jack, this really doesn’t matter right now. I’m going, okay? I don’t think I’ll ever be coming back.”

“And, like I said, I’ll be coming along.”

Jesse shook his head. “No, Jack, I really don’t think you should come.”

“Why not?”

He hesitated for a moment. The truth was edging against his tongue, clacking against his teeth. Just opening his mouth would release a deluge of words that Jesse just didn’t want to deal with right now. Jack watched Jesse patiently, waiting for an answer. “I… I don’t want you to come because I’m going to go meet up with the girl I love.”

There. It was out in the open. The words hung between Jesse and Jack, heavy and obtuse. Jack’s face registered surprise, before all emotion was wiped away. Jesse looked away as Jack asked, “You… You’re going back to find a girl?”

“Yeah, but, Jack, please understand. I’ve been stuck on this stupid planet for 108 years. And I finally found someone. I finally found someone. We had to wait until she was seventeen, the same age as me,” Jesse sang softly, trailing off. When he spoke again, the words were even quieter. “We’re gonna get married, Jack. I-I love her.”

“What about me? Don’t you love me?”

“Jack, I… Of course, I do, but Winnie…”

Jack snorted, roughly jerking his hands through his hair. “I was an idiot,” he muttered. “I never shoulda… You played me. Did you ever care? Did you ever care what I thought? Or was this always just about you?” Jack demanded.

Jesse shoulders slumped. Miles’ words from earlier, about how he was always selfish, swirled around his head. “I-I’m sorry, Jack. I did love you. I do, still. But… do you believe in soulmates?”

“I thought I did,” Jack muttered. His eyes shot up to Jesse’s, dark obsidian. “But, I guess that ain’t true.”

“No, Jack, you gotta understand. Winnie–”

“I don’t care,” Jack bit out. “Go, find your perfect girl. Get married, have a passel of kids. See if I care. Just don’t come back.”

“Jack,” Jesse tried again, but Jack waved him away. Jesse recognized that he was no longer wanted and started for the ladder off of the roof. “Jack, I do love you. I just…” Jesse trailed off, not knowing what he could say. He tapped the top of the ladder twice, before shaking his head and continuing down. He left the crutch with Jack.

Jesse felt as if his heart had been ripped, still beating from his chest. Winnie didn’t remember him. Or if she did, she didn’t care. She was getting married to the stupid little detective. Hugo, or something. She was just as beautiful as ever, but that smile that Jesse had fallen in love with, was focused on Hugo, not him.

Jesse turned away quickly, not sure where he was going. He wanted more than anything, to return to Jack, who actually loved him. But, he couldn’t. Jack had told him as much. Jesse contemplated if there was any way that he could explain to Jack just how sorry and how wrong he had been. He snorted, ignoring the tears that pricked at the back of his eyes. Jesse knew the answer to that. It was in Jack’s hardened eyes, in his shaking voice. 

He could never return.

Once again, Jesse Tuck was alone.

AN: If you guys really like this one, let me know. I’m considering a Part 2.

table 12 [bucky x reader]

a/n: this may turn into a series

warnings; none! romance!

words; a lot

prompt;  Hi I was wondering if I could bother you with  a Bucky imagine… anything really.. I just love Bucky a lot fandomlover2001 )


A busy night. The diner’s door didn’t seem to shut as one couple walked in right after another with their heels clicking on the cool marble floor and their voices ringing all the way to the kitchen, which was behind a meek door behind a counter and where you currently found yourself frantically searching for more napkins. Your yellow uniform was now layered with dust at its edges and a spec of salsa sauce on the side, but you couldn’t really see it. At least you hoped. The stench of oil and the crisp sound of frying started to hurt your head and your eyes watered, a sigh of relief escaping your lips as your fingers finally grabbed a hold of two packs of clean white napkins. You hopped on your feet – with a free hand you hurriedly dusted off the dirt and redness from your knees, then fixing a few strands of loose hair behind your ear – and with a smile directed at another friendly waitress you pushed the kitchen’s door open and found yourself standing behind the counter.

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Grounded Part 2

Remember when I promised to have this up by the weekend… this is technically a weekend even if I am a month late.

This is it guys. All finished! Hope you enjoyed!!

Part One

“I told him to take it easy.” Astrid was marching through Berk searching for her wayward boyfriend. He hadn’t been at his house that morning when she had gone to visit. “He promised me he’d take it easy.” She pulled her furs in tighter around herself. The wind howled between the buildings and the air smelled of snow.

Astrid spotted her target. Blue eyes narrowed. “But of course he’s not going to take it easy,” she mumbled to herself. “What was I thinking? It’s Hiccup!”

Astrid stomped into the forge. “Your dad is looking everywhere for you.” She leant against one of the pillars near the entrance.

Hiccup was sitting on a stool, a pile of leather in his lap. His crutch lay discarded on the floor.

“Astrid.” He raised his hands. “This is not what it looks like.”

“Really?” Astrid mocked.

“Really.” Hiccup put his work down. “I’m taking it easy! I am. I just had to get out of the house.”

Technically he wasn’t wrong. The sewing he was doing didn’t look particularly strenuous. Curious, Astrid walked over.

“What are you working on?”

“I’m making some adjustments to Toothless’s saddle,” Hiccup gestured to the parchment rolled out beside him. “The saddle itself wasn’t badly damaged, but I’ve got some ideas for some improvements.”

Astrid picked up the drawings.

“These look really good.” She sat on the floor by the stool going over the lines. “What are these?” She pointed at two of the markings on the paper.

Hiccup peered over her shoulder.

“Handles,” he explained. “They control the tail fin just like the pedals,” he pointed to another design. “I can lie along Toothless’s back and still help him fly.” Hiccup’s voice filled with excitement, the way it usually did when he spoke of flying. It was hard not to get caught up in it. “This lever here will switch between the pedals and the handles.”

“Have the pedals changed?” A few more modifications had caught Astrid’s eye.

“Yeah,” Hiccup leant down with a wince. Realising he was going for the other pile of parchment, Astrid gathered the pieces up to hand them to him. He rifled through the stack, looking for the right one. Locating the one he wanted, Hiccup showed the pictures to Astrid.

“This one here is for flying.” Hiccup waved the first drawing in Astrid’s face. “And this one is for walking, and maybe one more for walking on ice.”

“These are great,” Astrid’s brows wrinkled together in thought. “But are you really going to carry around all three of these?”

“That’s the beauty of it Astrid.” The parchment fluttered wildly in Hiccup’s flailing hands. “It’s one leg with interchangeable feet. See here-“ It was flapping too much for Astrid to really see the design. “-you twist this bit, and it swaps them over.”

It was always nice and warm in the forge. Today, with the wind howling outside Astrid was almost willing to forgo her chores for the day, preferring to sit in the warmth and watch Hiccup work. But she had wasted too much time with him already. Reluctantly, she got to her feet.

“Your dad wanted me to tell you,” Astrid tidied up the stack of papers, “Bucket’s been complaining, so it’s looking like there’s a nasty storm brewing.”

Hiccup put his work down.

“We’ll need to make sure the dragons are secure and close up the stables.”

“We’ve got this Hiccup,” Astrid put her hand on Hiccup’s shoulder. “I’ll gather the Dragon Riders. Between us, your dad, and the A Team we’ll get everything secure before the storm hits.”

Hiccup reached up to take Astrid’s hand.

“I can help. I can’t just sit around and do nothing. I could… I could supervise!”

Astrid narrowed her eyes.

“If I let you come with me, will you promise me you’ll stay on Toothless?” Astrid asked. She bent down to retrieve Hiccup’s crutch and hand it to him.

“Yes, I promise!”


“Hiccup Haddock you liar.”

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Liam Imagine (smut)

SMUT WARNING!  For anyone unfamiliar with the term, it means there is sexual content ahead!  Read at your own risk!!

“Okay,” you said as you looked down at the homework sitting in your lap, as you began to hit some buttons on your calculator.  “The longer side of the triangle is the hypotenuse, and we don’t have a measurement for that so we’re finding the tangent…”  You stopped talking when you realized that your boyfriend wasn’t even paying attention to what you were saying.  He was just staring at you with a smile on his face.  “Liam, we need to study.”

“Sorry,” he said, snapping out of his daze.  “It’s just that you’re…  So beautiful.”  He moved his homework from his lap so he could lean over, and he placed a gentle kiss on your lips.

“Solve the next problem and I’ll kiss you,” you said with a smile.

He smiled back at you before grabbing his work and quickly doing out the problem.  He finished it a minute later, then looked at you with a cocky grin.  “Done.”

You rolled your eyes and moved your work from your lap, so you could lean over to kiss him.  He put his hands on your waist, pulling you closer to him as he connected your lips.  

You kissed him back for a moment before pulling away to continue working.  “There, you got your prize.”

He looked at you for a moment, a smile on his face.  “I want a little more than that, y/n.”

You shook your head.  “We’ve never gone that far, Liam.  Besides, we’re working.”

“We can work after,” he said as he brushed a piece of your hair away from your neck, so he could leave a gentle kiss there.  “Plus, now’s a good  time to start as ever.”

You looked down at your work, not meeting his eyes.  “I don’t know how…”

“Let me show you.”  He moved your work again, then pulled you over to him and positioned him so you were straddling him.  “This is always a good place to start.”  He leaned in and kissed you gently.

You kissed him back slowly, pulling at the hair on the nape of his neck, but stopping when you felt the fabric of your shirt beginning to move.  You moved your hands to cover his, and gently pushed the shirt back down.  “N-no…”

He nodded slowly and let go of the shirt.  “I’m sorry, I took it a little too far.”

You shook your head.  “No, it’s not you.  I’m just…”  You hugged your arms around yourself, still not looking at him.  “Afraid.”

He pushed some of your hair out of your face, and his hand trailed down to cup your cheek and make you look up at him.  “What are you afraid of…?”

You sighed.  “That you’re not going to like what you see,” you said quietly.

He gently kissed you yet again, then looked into your y/e/c eyes.  “I’m sure you’re beautiful, y/n.”  

You took a deep breath, and slowly reached for the hem of your shirt.  You pulled it off, reveling your plain black bra to Liam.  

He smiled at you, and quickly removed his own shirt.  “There, now it’s fair.”  

You admired his body for a moment, smiling to yourself.  You’d never seen him shirtless before, though you’d been dating for months by that point.  You kissed him again, and you slowly felt something poking into your leg.  You looked down to realize it was a bulge in his pants.

He kissed you again.  He licked your bottom lip and you granted his tongue entrance to your mouth, and you immediately let him win dominance.  “Let me know if you want me to stop, if you think we’ve gone too far.”

You had a strange feeling between your legs.  You knew it meant you were turned on, as Malia called it.  “I’ll let you know.”

The two of you kissed for another moment, before he slowly reached for the waistband of your leggings.  He looked at you for approval, and when you nodded he quickly pulled them off of you.

You were left in only your underwear and your bra, and your face blushed pink.  You looked down at your body, then quickly hugged your arms to yourself again in an effort to hide it.

Liam gently moved your arms and began to kiss your neck.  “You’re so beautiful,” he said as he began to kiss downward, going from your neck to the valley between your breasts.  

You moved yourself slightly so you were even closer to Liam, causing your leg to brush against the bulge.  He let out a moan and pulled you closer by your hips.

He then pulled away from you, looking into your eyes.  “Do you trust me?”

You nodded slowly, nervous yet excited for what he was going to do.  “Y-yes, I trust you,” you said.

He flipped you over so you were laying on the bed, and kissed his way from your neck all the way down to your hips.  He gently pushed your legs apart and looked at your womanhood for a moment before inserting one finger into it.

“Ow!” you said as you looked down at his hand.  “That hurts!”

“You just need to adjust to it,” he said as he slowly inserted another digit.  His hand stayed there for a moment as the pain subsided, and you looked at him.  

“Okay, I’ve adjusted.  Now what?”

He smiled at you and gently began pumping his fingers inside of you.  You let out a moan as the great feeling of pleasure began to take over your body.  You tangled your hands in his hair as he quickly switched his fingers for his tongue, and he licked your core as you moaned.  

Soon, you felt some sort of a knot in your stomach.  “L-Liam…” you said, hardly able to get his name out of your lips before the knot disappeared, and you released.  You felt a sort of euphoria that you’d never experienced, and laid back on the bed.  He quickly licked you clean, then sat up to kiss you.  You looked at him as you kissed, then pulled away and looked into his eyes.  “What can I do…  To make you feel like that?”

He smiled at you.  “I’m glad you asked.”  He quickly removed his pants and underwear, which you’d forgotten he was still wearing.  

You slowly crawled out from under him and reached for his hard member, which was finally free from the cage known as his navy blue boxers.  You gently touched the tip of it, and slid your finger upward to the base.  You looked to Liam for approval, but he wasn’t looking at you.  His eyes were closed and his head was leaning back, with a smile on his face.  “What…  What do I do now?”

He slowly opened his eyes and took your hands, closing them around his member.  “Just pump it, okay?”  He guided your hands for a moment then let go, letting you do the work.  You remembered him using his mouth on you, and you decided to do the same.  You lowered yourself down to cock level and took him into your mouth until you felt as if you were going to gag.  You slowly bobbed your head up and down, causing him to moan.  “And you say you’re inexperienced,” he said with a laugh.

You chuckled, sending vibrations up his member.  He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could make a sound there was a hot liquid in the back of your throat.  Seeing as he ate the substance that came from you before, you swallowed it down and looked at him.

You were quickly beneath him again, and he was holding himself above you with one arm as he positioned his member at your entrance.  

“This is going to hurt,” he said to you quietly.  “Adjust to it, then let me know when you’re okay.  Okay?”

You nodded, and he eased himself into you.  Your eyes watered slightly from the pain, but he was quick to kiss the tears away, then place a kiss on your lips.  “I’m good,” you said to him after a moment.

He began to move, slowly at first then gradually picking up speed.  It felt even better than what he’d done before, and you tangled your hands in his hair as you kissed him again.  

“Faster,” you said, noticing how when he sped up the pleasure intensified.  He obeyed your command, and your head lolled against your pillows.  Soon you felt the same knot in your stomach as you’d felt before.  “Liam!”

“I’m close too,” he said, his thrusts becoming sloppier and sloppier.  Soon you released all over him, which also sent him over the edge.  He slowly pulled out of you and laid beside you, pressing a loving kiss to your lips.  “Did you enjoy that?”

You nodded enthusiastically with a smile on your face.  “We’re definitely gonna have to do that again.”

He smiled.  “I couldn’t agree more.  I love you.”

“I love you too.”  You laid there for a moment, then sat up.  “But we really do need to finish our homework.”

He laughed and reached up to pull you back down beside him.  “Later, okay?  Right now, we’ll rest.”

This is the first smut I’ve ever written.  Did I do okay?  I’m sorry if it isn’t that good

harunyandere  asked:

I see ur askbox open~ so if u don't mind can I ask a fanfic abt zen x mc , abt MC somewhat got burned so bad at her face that it leave scars, she's so afraid for Zen knows this so she always avoides meeting him since? (Yea ofc he ended up know) Ty!

This one may be a bit short since I’m also busy with a Jumin fanfic atm so I hope you don’t mind!

Finally you were done with work, now you could relax and talk to your sweet boyfriend. You opened your phone and saw that you got tons of messages and missed calls. “ Seriously Zen I’ve only been offline for 3 hours Oml”, you thought. You went online and saw that there was a chat room open. You entered it and Yoosung and Seven were spamming the room about some new video game that came out. Then you noticed that Zen was also there, “hey MC you’re finally back I missed youuuuuu” he said with his wink emoji. “ hey zen I missed you too how was your day?” Zen told you about his day, about his practice, Jumins new cat project that annoyed the crap out of him and about how much he missed you again.

Suddenly Zen asked when you were going to see him. “ I know I asked this before but I just really want to see you MC” yes he asked this question multiple times but the answer is always the same, it’s just a different excuse each time. Since Seven and Yoosung were still fangirling and spamming the chat room you used that as an excuse to leave the chat room. Not knowing which excuse to tell Zen now. You hoped he would just let it go, it’s not like you didn’t want to meet Zen because you really wanted to, but you didn’t think he would still love you if he saw what you looked like. When you were young you got into a accident and burned your face. There are some scars on it and you’re very insecure about them.

Suddenly Zen calls you. Since you’re kinda shocked it takes a while for you to pick up.
“Uh h-hi Zen what’s up?” You hoped to God that he wouldn’t talk about the meeting up thing. “ Hey MC, is…are…is there a reason why you don’t want to meet me? You just always seem to avoid the subject and get really on edge. If you don’t like me in that way you can just tell me you know, because I’d understand but I’m just a bit confused right now”, Zen sounds sad. You feel really bad and don’t know what to say. Of course you love him you never loved anyone as much as you love Zen.

You sigh. “ Of course I love you Zen. It’s just that I’m scared that you won’t love me when you see what I look like. I’m not like usual girls and since I really love you I don’t want to lose you. I’m sorry if I gave you that impression of me it’s absolutely not the real me”. It’s quiet for a while. You were getting more nervous then you already was. “Out of all people I understand the most how it feels to be judged by the way you look. I would never do that to you. Just your personality is already so beautiful you can’t possibly be ugly in any way whatsoever. You’ll always be my princess no matter how you look”. You almost started to cry, you could hear in his voice how sincere Zen was so you believed him and decided to meet up.

Finally it was THE day. You got all dressed up, did your hair, and walked to the cafe you decided to meet. You walked in and there he was even more beautiful than you thought he was. You were a bit scared at walk up to him so you just stood there next to the door watching him. Zen finally noticed someone staring and him and he looked up. When he did his eyes widen, he was amazing you looked so beautiful he thought he was dreaming. “. M-mc is that you?”, he slowly stood up still thinking he could wake up any moment. “Yeah… H-hey Zen” you say shyly. You’re still scared he’ll love you less now he’s seen you. He runs up to you and hugs you. He’s so happy that he can finally touch you.

After the two of you finished your drinks you went to the park and just walked, hand in hand, enjoying each other’s company. You found a bench and sat down. “ To be honest MC I don’t understand why you felt so insecure you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on” he says. You were kinda taking back by what he said. “ well I didn’t think you would think that since I have scars on my face” you say that while you look down. “ I think it only makes you even more beautiful, it makes you look like a survivor, a beautiful survivor”. You looked into his eyes and saw that he meant it. You leaned over to him and kissed him, and with that the day ended.

Lessons - Shawn Mendes Imagine (Smut)


WARNING: NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

Y/n’s POV

“I’ll be home in an hour is that okay?” 

I sighed as I read the text. I replied with a simple, “It’s fine, get home safe, I love you xx” to which Shawn replied, “I will, I love you too xx”. I was undeniably sexually frustrated and my boyfriend was in the studio. I’m not mad that he’s doing something he loves, just really sexually frustrated.

I play with the tie of my silky robe and start looking around the room to look for something to keep my mind off the ache between my legs. I look over at the wardrobe and remember my draw of goodies. I make my way over to the wardrobe and open a draw revealing all of my sex toys. Shawn and I like to try new things and a huge part of experimenting is toys. I grab the closest vibrator I had, a small gold one. I remembered the last time I used it. It was when Shawn was on tour he had sent a gift to me. You should’ve seen the shock on my face when I received a vibrator in the mail. I FaceTimed him that night and told him about his wonderful gift. That night he asked me if I could show him using it, I was hesitant but decided to give it a go.

I smirked making my way over to the bed, undoing the tie to my robe. I crawled on to the bed and leaned my upper body against the headboard. I unhooked my bra, tossing it carelessly on the floor. I decided to leave my panties on. I began playing with my breasts massaging them and flicking my nipples to make them hard. I then slowly made my way to my panties, I began rubbing myself through the material, imagining they were Shawn’s fingers. I then grabbed the vibrator and placed it on top of the fabric. The vibrations sending me into a haze of pleasure. I bucked my hips up at the feeling, my back arching of the bed.

A cough was heard from across the room. My eyes shot open and I removed the vibrator, hiding it behind me. Leaning against the doorway was Shawn, clad in a white top and blue jeans.

“Here I was, going to surprise you by coming home early, but I guess the roles are reversed,” he ushered for me to stand up. I stood up and made my way over to him, covering up my breasts.

Shawn’s lips instantly crashed on mine, his hands cupping my cheeks. My fingers roaming his hair, pulling on the roots slightly. I smirked as I felt his hard-on through his jeans on my stomach. His hands roughly grabbing my thighs lifting me up and slamming me against the wall. Using one hand, Shawn moved my hair away from my neck and began sucking harshly at the skin. My head thrown back and my hands gripping on to his shoulder tightly.

He moved from the wall and began making his way to the bed. Suddenly my back landed on the mattress, Shawn standing at the edge of the bed, smirking. His hands travelled up from my stomach to my arms. I then felt metal touch my wrists. I look up to notice Shawn, cuffing me to the bed.

“Shawn, what the fuck?” Don’t get me wrong I love this, but I’m heavily frustrated and all I wanted was his dick in me. I can’t handle teasing, not right now.

“Did you really think you wouldn’t get a punishment for touching yourself baby? Do you really think I’m that lenient?” He smirked as he took off his top and jeans. His cock, seen easily through the material of his boxers. I could almost see him throbbing, I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

Shawn began caressing my skin. First my stomach then my inner thighs. His fingers grazed the wet spot of my underwear. I bucked my hips at the slight contact. He smirked at me, deciding to continue his torture. He used his thumb and pressed my clit. I screamed at the sudden pleasure. My hips coming off the bed. I needed his touch, I needed him. Shawn let his fingers graze my entrance through my panties, then they were gone, his fingers making their way into his mouth.

“Even with underwear I can still taste you. You taste so good,” I watched as he sucks on the tips of his fingers, making eye contact with me. I moaned and whined lifting my hips up and moving around.

Shawn then leaned down and kissed my heat, letting his lips linger. I threw my head back, my wrists tugging at the cuffs, just wanting to run my fingers through his hair as he ate me out.

Shawn’s fingers then went inside my panties, rubbing me slightly. He then removed the fabric and threw it across the room. His fingers began gently rubbing me, the pleasure took over me and made me cum instantly. Shawn fingers moved away from me.

“I didn’t say to cum Y/n, oh well it makes it easier to decide your punishment; over-stimulation,” my head shot up and I began begging him not to.

“Please Shawn, you know I can’t do over-simulation, remember New Years? I couldn’t handle it, please Shawn just fuck me,” Shawn face showed a slight hint of concern, but soon that vanished.

“Baby, don’t you remember? You were screaming for more that night. The morning after you told me it was the best sex you’d ever had. You can’t trick me this time Y/n,” my cheeks heated up. He caught me, I’d thought he wouldn’t remember since we both were slightly intoxicated. He’s right, that was the best sex I’d ever had, but I can’t do it right now with my heat being so sensitive after my first orgasm.

Shawn went over to our wardrobe and opened one of the draws revealing all my sex toys. He pulled out my wireless vibrator. A black matte one, with a white head. It was the fastest one I had, the speeds making me come undone in a matter of seconds.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you use this love, how ‘bout we try?” Shawn smirked as he turned it on the lowest speed. He placed the tip of the vibrator on my left nipple, the vibration making them hard instantly. He smirked at the effect. Shawn then dragged the vibrator agonisingly slowly across my stomach and down my legs. He then dragged it softly along my inner thighs. The vibrations going straight to my core. My hips bucked up, my eyes closed taking in the sensations. Suddenly the vibrations hit my core at a higher speed. The jerk put the speed to its highest level.

I was moaning loudly as my orgasm approached, my body began moving around trying to get rid of it, but wanting more at the same time. My hands grabbing my cuffs tightly. I felt the rising feeling in my stomach growing. I screamed out Shawn’s name, as I came. He didn’t take the vibrator off causing me to go into overdrive. My head thrown back, arms and legs tense. The vibrations so high making me cum again and again, until I had cum three times. Shawn slowly took the toy away from my heat, smirking at my weakened body.

My arms were dangling form the cuffs, my legs worn out. I was breathing heavily. My eyes opened to Shawn, he smirked as he put the vibrator on our bed side table.

Shawn then removed his underwear to reveal his large member throbbing with need. He then moved to the side of the bed where my head was.

“Open up your mouth for daddy sweetheart,” Shawn instructed as he began stroking himself. I opened my mouth enthusiastically, excited that I could give him pleasure. He lined his cock with my mouth, placing the tip on my awaiting tongue. I moved my head and raised my eyebrow at him.

“You know, I could give you the best blow job of your life, if I wasn’t tied to the bed? Un-cuff me and I’ll give you the best orgasm of your life,” Shawn smirked but agreed, un-cuffing me. I touched my wrists to notice the red lines.

Shawn saw and took ahold of them, kissing them each with a sympathetically look on his face.

“I’m sorry,” I smiled at his concern and shook my head, touching his cheek.

“It’s fine Shawn, it didn’t hurt, you didn’t hurt me,” Shawn nodded before going on the bed, leaning against the headboard. He was slowly stroking himself, watching my every move as I turned to face him.

I kissed Shawn, with an urgency, taking him off guard. I then felt around ‘till I felt what I needed. I placed the cuff behind me where I had easy access to it.  I then ran my fingers through his hair, earning a low moan from Shawn.

I then felt around for the other cuff and found it next to my leg, I placed it next to the other cuff, making sure Shawn wouldn’t notice.

I started kissing his neck, sucking on his sweet spot. I began dragging my finger nails down his torso, feeling his abs tense by my touch. I began leaving kisses down his torso, until I reached his twitching cock. I wrapped my small hand around the base and began moving up and down. Shawn threw his head back and moaned loudly. I kitty licked the swollen tip, making him moan and his eyes to close. I then moved up from his cock to his torso running my hands up again. I began kissing his neck, he closed his eyes and moaned at my teasing. I then moved the cuffs in the small space between him and headboard. I then ran my hands down his back pulling him forward kissing him hard. I went down his back and grabbed the cuffs, carefully pulling them up. I then put my hands through one of the holes and turned the cuff around so it was on the back of my hand. I then went up his arms firmly placing them on the headboard. I kissed him hard, beginning to grind on his crotch. I then grabbed his wrists an flicked the cuff around him so it went around his wrist, taking my hand out of the other hole. I then puled away from Shawn and cuffed him to the bed. Shawn’s eyes opened wide once he realised what I’d done. he began pulling on his wrists but it wouldn’t move. I stood up and pulled his legs down the bed, forcing him to lie down. I smirked at his confused expression.

“Did you really think you wouldn’t be punished for teasing me baby? Do you really think I’m that lenient?” I teased with his earlier words. I sat on the side of the bed, dragging my nail across his torso. I then leaned down and began kissing his neck, moving my hand up and down his shaft.

“Fuck Y/n..” Shawn dragged out. I moved from my position and made my way to his dick, noticing how red it had gotten. I licked the tip watching as he squirmed underneath me. I saw him grasping tightly onto the cuffs, his knuckles turning white.

I licked from the base of his shaft to the tip, taking him into my mouth. I began sucking on his tip, always looking at his face. Shawn’s mouth was open wide and his eyes were closed, his head thrown back and turning form side to side.

Then I took as much of him as I could into my mouth sucking, I used my hand for the rest of him I couldn’t get in. I started deep throating him. A loud moan emitted from Shawn as he began jerking his hips up. I took my mouth off him.

“Don’t jerk up or I’ll stop,” I said sternly. He nodded, his eyes pleading me to go back. I smirked and without another word put him back into my mouth, I began sucking harder and my hand began moving faster. Shawn’s head was thrown all the way back and his breathing got heavier. I could feel his cock twitch and in seconds he had came in my mouth. I spat the cum into the bin next to the bed and got up from my position. Shawn had regained his even breathing and was now begging for me to un-cuff him. But I had other plans.

“Sit up,” I demanded, he pulled on the cuffs and sat up.

His cock was still stiff and erect. I moved to a straddling position, making sure to not touch his crotch. I then moved the tip of his cock to my entrance, placing it in slightly. I then slid down his whole member releasing a moan as I closed my eyes at the feeling. I looked at Shawn to notice his mouth hung open and his eyes were slightly closed. I began going up and down his shaft, bouncing slightly. I then began grinding on him, feeling how deep his member was going. I held on to his shoulders and placed my head in the crook on his neck, moaning in his ear.

“Un-cuff me! Un-cuff me right now Y/n! I need to touch you!” I obliged and un-cuffed him. His hands instantly going to the back of my head bringing me in to kiss him. The kiss was deep and loving. His hands moved to my hips and helped them rock against him. I moaned into the crook of his neck as he went deeper and deeper. I felt the familiar knot in my stomach.

“I’m gonna c-cum Shawn,” I whispered into his ear.

“So am I, cum for be Y/n,” As soon as the words left his lips I came undone. I was a moaning mess. I raked my nails down his back, moaning loudly.

Shawn came seconds after me. He began thrusting upwards riding his orgasm out. His mouth formed an ‘O’ shape and his eyes shut tightly, moaning my name over and over again. We both rode out our climaxes.

Breathing heavily, I got off Shawn and laid down on the bed next to him. Shawn pulled me by the waist closer to him. I rested my head on his chest, hearing his racing heartbeat. We were lying there panting in each others arms.

“Does that teach you a lesson about not touching yourself when I’m not home?” Shawn breathed out, smirking down at me. I nodded, leaning up and kissing him gently. My fingers going form his jaw to his cheek. I noticed the red marks on my wrists and traced them, they didn’t hurt but it looked like it should’ve.

Shawn noticed, he gently held my wrists in his hands, examining them. His eyes filled with concern, guilt and sympathy. I kissed his cheek whispering “it’s not your fault” over and over again.

Shawn pulled me into a kiss, his hands running up and down my arm, leaving goosebumps.

“I love you Y/n, so much,” Shawn said as he leaned his forehead against mine. I leaned up and kissed him softly.

“I love you too Shawn, so much.”

A/N: You’re taking the pill btw so that’s why he didn’t use a condom.

anonymous asked:

Can I have fluffy UF!Pap headcanons with his S/O? I know he's a Tsundere but I just love him to bits. -K

Awww yes gotta love the fluff.

1)  When he gets really comfortable in the relationship he likes carrying you.  It starts one day when you get injured, or sick.  He insists that he will care for you, and plucks you right off the ground.  And he just.. doesn’t let go.  This boy is strong and can hold you with one arm, using the other as best he can.  And now sometimes when he feels like it, whop, you’re off the ground and in his arms.  “WHAT?!  NO, OF COURSE NOT, I JUST… YOU WERE WALKING TOO SLOWLY!” 

2)  If you tell him that he is great, amazing, handsome, and strong his response will be, “YES OF COURSE I AM!!”  But the gentler and more lovey dovey stuff gets his cheeks lighting up scarlet.  “W-WHAT?!  I AM NEITHER GOOD NOR SWEET!!”  “I.. HAVE NEVER BEEN DESCRIBED AS GRACEFUL.. B-BUT I SUPPOSE I COULD BE DESCRIBED AS SUCH.”  “….. I …. REALLY MAKE YOU FEEL SAFE?  … WELL, I AM GLAD!”

3)  Bragging.  He doesn’t reveal any sensitive information obviously, like your weaknesses, but he could go on for DAYS about how wonderful you are.  He always looks upon you with great pride, so much so that even though he is against PDA nobody could mistake you for single when he’s around.  He is The Terrifying Papyrus and as his partner you are obviously the very best, the epitome of perfection, his Beloved.

I just realized that I’m right about on the edge of a nervous breakdown, so I’m going to blacklist #politics. Mutuals, if you aren’t already tagging for that or something similar, if you’re up to doing so I’d really appreciate it.

(It does not help that J got hit with some unexpectedly high dentist bills - apparently now we pay 20-24% in taxes for the privilege of a Finnish government that fucks around sucking money away from poor people and continually trying to pass laws that are blatantly unconstitutional. I bet they love Trump. :’)

In related news, anyone want to hire a writer?)