i really love david bowie

Season 3 is confirmed for september and i want to play more with Lotor’s design  


I never really liked this song until I heard this version and the story that he tells about Iggy Pop that goes with it. 


o boy


David Bowie’s music video for his brand-new single Blackstar.

Or Return to Labyrinth: Everything’s Gone to Hell.

Or Discount Jennifer Connelly Meets Major Tom’s Bedazzled Skull.

Or David Bowie Really Likes Eyes.

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Post 20 facts about myself.

1. My name is not Cha actually it’s Chanel.
2. I’m half Polish.
3. I really love dogs they’re so pure and cute I love them all.
4. Tbh I really think David Bowie is god.
5. The Smiths are my favorite band.
6. I’m starting art school in a month.
7. I can get very awkward and I absolutely hate it.
8. I’m really interested in space and the paranormal. Basically anything unexplained or mind blowing.
9. I don’t believe in ghosts or demons or anything like that tho. I’m not a spiritual or religious person. But I do believe in aliens.
10. Call me lazy but I love sleeping and eating.
11. My goal in life is to just make to most out of it. I want to travel the world and I want to learn and experience a lot of different things. I hate the idea of living an ordinary life.
12. I’m pretty much a fearless person unless it comes to bugs. I hate every single one. Even ladybugs or butterflies should just fuck off.
13. I’d like to make more friends in the tcc so hmu.
14. I like to explore abandoned buildings.
15. I’m obsessed with cute skin care products and vintage designer clothes I will never be able to afford.
16. I love nature.
17. I really don’t give a single fuck about Eric and Dylan or Dylann Roof.
18. Intelligence is my kink.
19. I basically live off coffee and cigarettes.
20. I hate it when girls act like they have daddy issues because it’s “cute”. It’s so gross.

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im like a random ass person no ties to the other anon, but like i really wanted to share that i just decided my killjoy name would be black star because i wear a lot of black, (also im an actual black person) i love space, and i also really like david bowie (rip)

i was just going to ask if it was a bowie reference until i finished reading your ask!!! anyway fantastic name, love the reasoning, 10/10 name

David Bowie, Self-portrait for “Heroes” album cover, 1978

In Berlin, Bowie developed his longstanding interest in German Expressionist art, which favored depicting emotions over reality. The album cover poses for “Heroes" and Iggy Pop's The Idiot were inspired by the work of Erich Heckel, a member of Die Brücke (The Bridge), a movement of artists whose vivid paintings often reflected modern day anxieties.

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Do u have any another favourite singer apart from harry? xx

I really love Declan McKenna, Blackbear, David Bowie, Jon Bellion, and Chris Isaak xx :)

I’m sure i’m forgetting others but those are my go-to solo artists for sure :) x