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It All Comes Down To You (Part 2)

Bucky Barnes x reader / Avengers x reader Two Part Series - Part 1 Part 2

When the love of your life suddenly dies in your arms, you don’t think of having children anytime soon. But in your case, the universe (or rather your uterus) decided for you. [~2500 words]

warnings: language, mentiones of death, conflics (I’m not sure if that’s an actual warning but Iget triggered by that sometimes so)

A/N: thanks so much on the feedback on the first part. that really inspired me to write the next one pretty quickly. it’s not as long but I hope you still like it

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Everyone says it about their child but James really was the cutest baby alive. Clint argued with you on that but he couldn’t stand a chance against your better judgment, even though his children were pretty cute, too.

Although he was adorable and you couldn’t stop staring at him, once it got to the sleeping part, you sort of wanted to strangle him. Not enough to kill him, of course, but enough to make him sleep for at least a minute.

It wasn’t actually that bad but your sleep-deprived brain had sort of unusual ideas.

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Fighting Myself (Steve, Clint & Natasha X Reader)

Characters: Steve, Clint & Natasha X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mention of violence, fighting, injuries and syringes

Request: Ok I really liked the Logan fight scene… ( we’re not gonna talk about the ending… ) Nat, Clint, Steve are trapped and surrounded fighting a Reader’s clone (obv. can’t defeat it ) Real-Reader is already injured (like Logan) but manages to fight off brutally (injected some of Tony’s/Bruce’s serum ) , I just love Logan one of the best Marvel movies. Is that ok? IF u want, u can add the when she calmed hulk, she calms the reader? idk just a thought.

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( if it makes it easier , u know what whatever u think is awesome i love ur writing :D , I’m just brainstorming rly xD the possibilities xDDD)

It wasn’t clear when, but at some point HYDRA had took a DNA sample of you, and they had used it to make an almost identical clone of you.

You had no idea about this, and neither did your team mates who were with you on this mission; Natasha, Steve, and Clint. It was supposed to be a simple take down of a group of HYDRA soldiers. But when you saw them line up, and you saw yourself, you knew this was going to be more than a normal fight.

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okay, now that it’s out in the states, i can post what i didn’t like about aou:

  • black widow is terribly mischaracterised
  • the romantic subplot between natasha and bruce was really uncomfortable and unnecessary.  it comes out of the blue and takes up way too much screentime.  it’s really cringeworthy and awkward
  • the entire film was really rushed, and while the main plot was pretty good, it was still rushed.  it shouldn’tve been ‘age of ultron’ it was more like ‘ultron tries to fuck shit up and dies right after he’s made’
  • joss whedon just like.  really really wanted to make an ultron film.  so they rushed it.  it wasn’t the time for an ultron film imo.
  • like hank pym hasn’t even been introduced, ant-man hasn’t come out yet, so they made it so tony and bruce made ultron.  which they didn’t.  it was hank.  but in this movie, they made tony and bruce make him.  even tho in iron man 3 he gave up ‘tinkering’ and started to move past his fear and from hiding behind his inventions.
  • god it like retcons so many motivations in iron man 3 and the winter soldier.  scarlett johansson had the idea to wear the arrow necklace because even tho she’s a badass spy “she’s a woman” and “has relationships outside of her work”… the russos okayed it, feige must have okayed it… but then in aou they throw in lines every two seconds like “oh they’re just besties :)  best friends :)  bros :)  bffs :)”
  • and like tony, who has severe ptsd and anxiety, was all happy to play around with the glowstick of destiny?  the sceptre loki tried to use to brainwash him, and failed only because of the arc reactor that’s no longer in his chest now?  and he was completely fine and excited to tinker around with it?  and we’re expected to believe this?
  • clint has a family suddenly?  even though they’re really adorable it’s just like.  out of the blue.  and really hard to believe.
  • they introduce a beloved avenger just to kill him off and not have that much repercussion.  clint and wanda are just like aw i’m sad :( for a scene or two.  then it’s all good.  
  • and like he’s dead in the first movie he’s been in… they didn’t even give the audience a chance to properly fall in love with him.  it was like ‘i’m gonna kill someone off but it can’t one of these big moneymakers everyone’s already attached to.  bye quicksilver.’
  • baron von strucker was killed off like it was nothing.  like all that leadup and we just see some security footage of a dead body.
  • the soundtrack was 99% reprises from the first avengers film.  like, there’s a difference between having a main theme/song and entirely recycling a score.  the soundtracks to im, im2, and im3 are distinctly different… same for tfa and tws… thor and tdw… meanwhile they literally put exact songs from the first movie’s score in aou.  lazy.  callbacks and main cues = fantastic.  entirely recycled = no.
  • it just seemed so rushed and lackluster.  tbh the first ten or fifteen minutes were better than the “climax,” if you could call it that

like, it’s wasn’t the worst movie ever.  i liked seeing my fave characters together again.  i liked seeing them work together in the beginning of the movie, teasing each other.  i liked the lullaby.  it was cute.  i liked the party, sans the awkward bruce and nat interactions.  i LOVED rhodey <3!  loved the pepper and jane mentions, like “sorry marvel couldn’t afford paltrow and portman lol.  we love them anyway.”  i liked natasha’s witch induced flashbacks.  i liked clint actually getting to talk.  i adored vision.  i loved wanda and pietro.  i was so happy to see tws captain’s orders cutie working on the helicarrier.  i liked science bros.  tony got a lot of fantastic lines.  and omg “jarvis is my copilot” yes

but the movie just wasn’t good.  it wasn’t good enough for them to slap the marvel name on.  it was really lackluster and didn’t fit the franchise smoothly.  tbh whedon seems to be getting frustrated with the confinements of working in such an interconnected universe, and he’s really taking it out on the quality of his work.  it’s insulting.

3 get together prompts

1. I argue with you about everything but I really like your taste in music so will you go on a date with me to a concert?

2.i keep steeling your pens so that I can pretend you dropped them and have an excuse to talk to you but this time I’m using the pen I stole to give you my number.

3. You didn’t have enough money for a taxi so i offered to share one with you and it turns out we live two doors down from each other and you’re really cute.


Hello, tis I, ragingstucky, and I need some blogs to follow! My dash is full of hipster pictures, and not enough Avengers fandom for me! (Not that I don’t like hipster stuff, but I just don’t get it.)
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Out of curiosity: in an AU where the paladins develop super powers, what would their powers be??

I really like a good Super Power AU. I thought about using the standard fare, Super Strength, Telekenisis, yadda yadda, but instead I found that post that gives you a random super power and went through that 1000 times finding cool ones that fit the Paladins.

I didn’t want to get ones that were too obvious for them (like Hunk ft Super Strength) but I still wanted them to kinda represent the characters a bit? So this is what I came up with

Hunk: Psychic Force-field Generation

  • The ability to create force-fields out of psychic energy to protect themselves, or a larger radius.
  • I like this for Hunk because of when he protected Lance from getting shot in episode 1 and he’s just such a protector of people he loves, especially as the Yellow Paladin

Pidge: Quantum Foam Manipulation

  • Quantum foam is basically the smallest form of matter and this ability would literally let you manipulate it into anything. Aka Pidge becomes super powerful
  • I toyed with giving Pidge something to do with electricity/technology/electronics but I chose to focus on her ability to just create crazy tech. So being able to manipulate matter and create anything is v apt for her

Keith: Future Embodiment

  • You can become the living embodiment of the future, understand timelines, or just peer into the future
  • I like Keith having a small version of this that he can use to look a few seconds/minutes into the future. He uses it to predict moves in fights and becomes an even more boss fighter. It’s super useful as Voltron bc he can see just that little bit into the future to give them an edge.

Lance: Environmental Empowerment

  • Being able to use aspects of the environment around you to become stronger/faster/etc. Basically manipulating aspects of the environment to help you
  • I’m just really stuck on that comment Lance made about missing the rain on Earth… it makes me feel like he’s actually really into enjoying and understanding the environment around him, plus how much he liked exploring that planet with Nyma. So being able to use parts of the world around him to strengthen himself could be really cool.


  • Okay, this may be a bit of a cop out, but I love headcanoning Shiro in a Super Power universe as not having a super power. Very Clint Barton. Being totally human, but still being so strong and capable, and such a good leader. He doesn’t need powers to be hella rad. but also, I’d really like him to have the power of Negation
  • Being able to nullify others powers.
  • It could be useful not only when fighting crazy bad guys but in trying to keep his team flying level headed. He’s the kind of guy who wants to protect people and even out the playing field and I think negation would work really well for that.

I hope this works for what you were looking for!

Feel free to send me HCs/Prompt/Scenario requests!!

Marvel Cinematic Universe... Alternate World's

Natasha & Cap stole the SAT’s

She became a nanny & he went to Harvard

Iron Man 2 ½???


YUMMM!!! Peter Quill is hawt!

Sam Wilson is gay

Captain America, all the way!

Bruce I would not get Hawkeye angry..

Peter Quill & Sharon Carter are siblings

The Maximoff’s…really love each other #GoSiblings


**i have to much time on my hands

His Unspeakable Mercies - betty days (sadrobots) - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: James “Bucky” Barnes, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, Tony Stark, Thor (Marvel), Vision (Marvel), Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Clint Barton, Darcy Lewis
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Tattoos, War Veteran Bucky Barnes, Natasha Is a Good Bro, Tattoo Artist Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes Recovering, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Tongue Piercings, Blow Jobs, Bottom Bucky, Top Steve Rogers, Alternate Universe - Tattoo Parlor, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Humor, Semi-Public Sex, Hipsters, Fluff

Natasha gestures to his shoulder. “The scars. The stump. Put some art on it.”
“Oh, sure. Great idea. Point me to the magic markers and we’ll make a day of it.”
“Cap the sass, Barnes. I mean like a tattoo.”


Natasha convinces Bucky to cover up his scars with a tattoo, and she has an obnoxiously, offensively perfect artist in mind for the job.

So, okay, real talk with Ship here.  This bettydays fic made me ship Stucky.  I had kind of dipped my toe into the water of the Bucky/Steve pool, but this…  Yeah.  I ship it so hard now.

Also I now want a tattoo like 400% more than I already did, but that’s not the point here.

I invite you to take a look at these beautiful gifs that are the best visual approximations of the characters that I can come up with.

(There’s also flailing and more reasons to read behind the cut–ten points to me for old-fashioned Livejournal terminology, by the by–but I figure the promise of pretty people will entice you.)

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softzindagi  asked:

I am looking for Clintasha fics that like shows how their relationship builds you know? and nothing really fluffy? can you help me out?


The Observable Universe by sarea
- Maybe a bit fluffier than you’re looking for, but a really interesting outside study of Clint and Natasha from Jane’s perspective

Is This Love? by shaneequa
- Natasha realising she loves Clint, but only after many people tell her she does

Playing House by chez_amanda
- undercover mission fic, one of my favourites

small acts of kindness by Bob5, inkvoices, SugarFey, workerbee73
- a series detailing the development of Clint and Natasha’s relationship from their first meeting onwards

Established Relationship:

Maelstrom by purple_cube
- a fic about the trust that comes with placing your life in someone’s hands

Principles of Fluid Dynamics by hannasus
- Post-Avengers fic, featuring the whole team

Making The Call by CheerUpLovely
- Clint and Natasha’s relationship from Coulson’s, from first meeting to present

Observant by eilund
- Short but well written look at Natasha and Clint from Tony’s perspective (can you tell I like these kinds of fics?)

Find My Way To You by eilund
- Natasha centric mission fic

A Dialogue of Self and Soul by andibeth82
- long and heartbreaking and wonderful series about an accidental pregnancy and a couple who try to figure out to be anything but spies

Highway of Diamonds by AlphaFlyer
- Clint and Natasha investigate a secret cult. If you read nothing else on this list, at least read this. One of my favourite fics ever written, from any fandom. 

Chosen Family by eilund
- another accidental pregnancy fic, by one of my favourite Clintasha authors

Level Up by andibeth82
- Budapest fic!

I don’t know if you’ve seen Captain America 2, but I’ll put the fics with spoilers for that film in a separate category, just in case:

But That Lost Home by andibeth82
- a really lovely established relationship post Cap 2 fic, about finding comfort and hard habits to break.

Three Conversations by sneakronicity
- another TWS fic, this time including Steve’s perspective. Very in character and well written.

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I saw your post, but I have a question. How exactly was Clint different from the one we've seen before? I mean he just had some witty oneliners and sarcasm, but that's not character development? He deserves more and better than tbvh. He deserves a plot, a background and character traits othter than being the family guy who is always late for the party. Honestly, the Russo bro's didn't save or do him any justice either. They copy + pasted him at best and he is still the same undeveloped Clint.

okay you saw my post but clearly you didn’t read my tags and you didn’t see the ten other posts i’ve written about how mcu has royally screwed over hawkeye and how wrong they’ve been so i’ll cut you some slack there anon. 

first of all in every other mcu adaption of hawkeye we’ve seen a lot of his delivery has been pretty stoic and cool and calm, which is… really not hawkeye at all. he has a bit of easygoing, awkward flare and he tends to bring bring up ridiculously unrelated topics in the middle of fights and stressful situations—which to me really showed when he was fighting black panther and he just suddenly goes “i don’t think we’ve met! i’m clint.” 

we also get to see more of his mentor side in this film—something i really liked in the comics particularly when he’s with kate bishop. i like that he’s sort of become that for wanda in this movie and he openly brags about how she could easily best vision in a fight and he knows she’ll back him up during that confrontation.

speaking of that particular confrontation, let’s look at the first thing that happens when clint walks in the tower. he starts setting up a trap. he uses his environment to fight. he knows damn well he can’t win head on in a fight because he doesn’t have superpowers but he is resourceful and competent to know how to trap vision and talk wanda into helping him because he knows his environment and he knows wanda. 

and there’s also the fact he really pulled his punches around natasha and when wanda flat out calls him out on it what does he do? shrug and smile. easygoing clint barton right there, still not taking a fight seriously when he ought to be. 

i also liked that the russo brothers bothered to show how much of a team player clint actually is in this film when he helps cap bring the team together. in his own way clint is very much the glue that helps hold the team AND he has the potential to be a wonderful leader—especially when he brings both scott and wanda to help in the fight. 

speaking of cap, it only makes sense to me for two reasons why clint would come out of “retirement” if we’re looking back at comic book universe clint—-one, he was on cap’s side in the original civil war comics, and two, in fraction’s hawkeye comics he flat out tells people how cap brings out the best in people and you can’t help but want to do good around him. it only makes sense that this would be the person to get clint to come out of retirement because he really does look up to him. 

and then the fucking raft scene. the one time we really see hawkeye get outright angry and tell tony off and tell him he’s wrong. he didn’t sugarcoat it, and while he was angry, he just fucking laughed at tony’s self righteousness. hawkeye is a lot of things—crass and brutally honest were two things that i really liked seeing him as in this movie.

hawkeye was only in three scenes in this damn movie and it was the most in character he’s been in the marvel cinematic universe. up to this point they’ve played to renner’s proclivity for stoic action heroes and completely sidelined the fact that clint is actually way funnier than tony and that he’s awkward and brash as hell. can they do more??? oh god absolutely. hawkeye is an amazing character who deserves his own movie or netflix spinoff, and there are several amazing things they definitely need to touch up on like:

  • he’s deaf
  • he loves dogs!!! 
  • he literally tries to pay rent for all the tenants in his building when the landlord tries to kick them all out because what else is he gonna use all that avenger cash for???
  • he was orphaned alongside his brother by the age of ten (something that would’ve made a much better link between wanda and pietro than his weird ass family imo)
  • speaking of his family the comic universe makes it such a point that hawkeye does not have a stable romantic life. he’s not suited for settling down and starting a family or any of that and that’s kind of a big deal for his character!!! can we just get rid of joss whedon’s little hissy fit insert family please?
  • he was then raised by carnies at a traveling circus who taught him how to shoot and fight—that’s where he got the name hawkeye.
  • what an awkward shit he is. he literally just blurts out whatever he’s thinking, no matter how obnoxious or inappropriate it is.
  • he tries really hard to be a good person, esp with regards to how much he looks up to steve.
  • his antagonistic relationship with hulk lmfao
  • he’s THE comedy goldmine of the entire group. i’m so tired of tony stark getting all the witty one liners and being the one-up man in the mcu because we all know if they even gave clint half of the comic relief he has in the comics he’d outshine rdj’s iron man anyday. sorry not sorry that’s just facts.

so basically??? yeah they could do more and they should do more because it’s such a disservice to a wonderful character like hawkeye, but goddamn if the russo brothers aren’t taking a step in the right direction from joss whedon’s clusterfuck of clint’s characterization. i really hope they do so much more with him because clint barton is definitely hands down my favorite marvel character and he deserves so much more.

I’m sure I’d enjoy being a MCU fan much more if I agreed with the fandom about pretty much anything.

Which for the most part I don’t. 

I don’t care about Bucky all that much, or find him all that interesting. Stucky does literally nothing for me as a ship (I don’t hate it and I’m not ‘against’ it, I just don’t get what everybody’s thing about it is). I LOVE Brutasha to the core of my being, and think there was actually a really solid set-up for them in Avengers (which was when I started shipping them). I think Natasha and Clint really are BFFs with no romantic dynamic in the cinematic universe (i know they have one in the comics, but to me it’s a separate thing). I don’t find Loki all that compelling as a character/villain. I don’t think AoU was some mass OOC retcon, as most other fans seem to claim it is (this accusation I strongly suspect has more to do with Joss Whedon contradicting a lot of fan and fandom created headcanons that people have come to believe are more text-based than they really are, especially since they are so widely shared). 

Like, I’ve literally never seen anyone give any actual explanation as to what in AoU is contradictory to previous MCU properties. It seems to have become this thing people assert, without having to provide any substantiating textual evidence, because everyone just seems to agree about it, even though I’m over here like, I have literally no idea what you are all talking about. I’d honestly love an actual example that isn’t “Natasha was clearly in love with Clint in first movie and Brustasha came out of nowhere” because I literally never saw any kind of romantic chemistry between Natasha and Clint in first movie, and to me, Bruce and Natasha’s romance seemed to follow quite naturally from Avengers. Also, even assuming that example made sense to me, it’s literally ONE example.

People’s hatred of AoU is so overblown and I just find it endlessly irritating. There are certainly things about it that I didn’t like, that I thought were poorly executed, that could have been done better etc. But people’s blatant hatred of it just feels so excessive, and I really don’t understand what it’s based on other than, I didn’t get the ships I wanted, and Steve wasn’t obsessing about Bucky the whole time, and therefore it sucked balls. 

So that’s my long-pending rant about that and I’ll say good bye now to the group of followers who no doubt will rage-unfollow me for daring to speak such horrid MCU fandom blasphemy. Go in peace. 


(Credit goes to GIFs original owner.)

Fandom: Marvel,Avengers

Characters: Clint Barton,Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff

Word Count: 771

Warnings: Cursing

A fandom hug for portable-imouto !
I wanted to buy just a Clint,but I got Wanda and Pietro 50% off,so enjoy them all <3
Thanks for all the support you give us,we really appreciate it <3

x Ryan

Ps. This is complete crack,so hopefully it will make you laugh :3


It was a warm and sunny day,perfect for the Avengers’ day off.You and the Maximoff twins have wanted to go to the beach for quite sometime,but you’ve never quite had the chance.Also,you all have needed some one to drive you there and make sure you don’t get into trouble.This was the perfect day for your little trip.So you all begged for Clint to take you out.

The first thing you and the twins do is drag Clint to the pier,ready to spend lots of money playing on the game stands for a while.The pier didn’t bother Clint,especially since you as a group haven’t changed into beach attire yet.However the games were quite difficult to win,and the games you scored points on had especially expensive,near impossible to win prizes.

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Sam, hands down - the President!Clint Barton trope is the best thing you have ever come up with. I laughed out loud. Can I ask - what does Phil think of our new President? I understand its a Clint/Bucky universe, but I would love to hear Phil's voice from you.

I haven’t really talked about Coulson much, because to my mind he’s still off running SHIELD. He’s pleased, of course, because it means SHIELD will get all the funding it needs :D But beyond that he’s taking care of aliens so Mr. President doesn’t have to.

(In all honesty sometimes it’s hard to track every character in a story, so sometimes I exclude characters simply because I don’t have enough brain to keep an eye on them along with everything else, and LotFW is straining that cast limit.)